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Autumn Meander

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We had planned this year's final week aboard just after the Autumn meet in late September and so it came about. First thing, (well, ten o' clock), on Monday morning we arrived at the Norfolk and Norwich for Mary-Jane's annual check-up (She's good for a long while yet.). I junction-hopped around the Southern Byepass to the Sainsburys' turn off and duly stocked up with supplies for the week. Then into their cafe for an excellent cappuccino (Tescos take note, please) while I waited for my call. 12 o' clock and nothing heard so I drove back to the top of the hill car park just a few minutes from the out-patients department and only had 20 minutes to wait.

We drove slowly down the A47 and turned off to Blofield, where the King's Head is now our favourite nearby destination en-route to Friday Girl. Black Sheep, Ghost Ship and Doombar all at £3.30 a pint. They also happily give us a container of ice to start off the freezer part of the fridge, not to mention the odd G&T !

And so to yesterday which dawned bright, sunny and flat calm, idyllic! We slipped our moorings at Bells at 9am and trickled out onto the Yare at tickover... serene peace, we were going to enjoy this!

I set 1400rpm and we slowly made our way down river past all the boats at Brooms and then the numerous river-side dwellings; Coldham Hall was deserted and we were alone on the river. The sun was still quite low in the sky and I've tried to capture the serenity of it all.





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We saw our first fellow-traveller coming towards us as we approached Fleet Dyke; it was Calypso and they gave us a cheery wave as they bumbled past with barely a ripple abaft them.

Not long later, just before the Beauchamp Arms, we saw Brinks Quartet 2 coming slowly towards us, followed near Langley Dyke by Sunlit Horizon 1. Evidently the Autumnal air give a feeling of serenity as we were all barely creating a bow wave!


Approaching Cantley we saw Malvern Light ahead; they were going even slower and we gradually overtook them when we had passed the sugar beet factory.


The public moorings at Cantley were very busy with rib-training. About four youngsters with each instructor were bobbling about as they were talked through the next stage of training.They appeared to be associated with the four cruisers moored there; two modern and two older Alpha-FD types.


We were impressed with the relaxed manner of their instruction; I was sure that this October air has a calming effect on us all!


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We had just slipped quietly past Malvern Light, giving them a wide berth, when all this peace and tranquillity was to be broken, if not shattered.....

Coming towards us was a large (private) Broom-type cruiser with a noticeable bow wave. Not to be outdone a large, newish Broads cruiser was attempting to overtake him at displacement speed plus..... For the first time in a long while I forbade to acknowledge their (hand) waves and just gave them an exaggerated shrug, turning my hands upwards in despair.

Ah well, on towards Reedham for our planned brunch stop.

As we turned about to moor into tide just outside the Lord Nelson, the Quay Ranger popped out of his cabin to take our forward line; it was Keith from the Great Yarmouth Yacht Station. He was down at Reedham covering for another Ranger and finding it quite quiet!

After the regulation bacon butty and cuppas I strolled over to the Lord Nelson to enquire about their progress.


"You can't be in here; it's a work area" was my greeting as I looked in through the big front door. It certainly was as the next two pics show!



The worker then went on to explain that H&S bans anyone from entering the said "work area". He also (optimistically, I think) said that they hoped to be open for Christmas!



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Ah ha, elf n safety, I hope you had your hard hat and steel boots on John! :angel: That looks like new doors, so they may be further on than it shows.

Its good fun, not, when someone says, yes we will be open for Christmas, what they didn't say was, what Christmas! :naughty: 

If all the pipe work for the bar are installed, and the kitchen complete, maybe, just maybe they will open for this Christmas.



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Loving seeing your photos. Interesting to see all the smoke billowing out of the factory chimney at Cantley.

You mentioned two Broom-type cruisers creating quite a bow wave. I spotted two large cruisers that appeared to be together coming into OBYS one afternoon this week on the webcam, keeping up quite a speed and creating quite a wash as far as one could see.

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