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Camara, on holiday

Guest chriscraft

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Guest chriscraft

hi all.

there has been some debate as to whether it,s worth taking your dslr and kit on Holidays abroad,i have just got back from hols in Turkey, and took my kit with me.We flew with easy jet so thought we would have weight issues with hand luggage,but not so,as now no limit on hand baggage(with in reason).The only problem we had was at security at gatwick,they had never seen a len,s as big as my Sigma 150-500,and made me un pack the kit and sniff it for drugs,but this only took 10mins so no real prolem.In resort and out and about the slr was heavy ,and sometimes was a pain,ie if we popped into a cafe for coffee it was on the talble ,in the way ,atracting curious glances for example.

On the plus side ,if your like me and like something to do on hols,it was great Sue could get her sunbathing in,whilst i wandered off with the Nikon,she also accumpanied me on some of my wandering around the area,and enjoyed the views and different points of intrest.

All in all i would definatly take it again and found it well worth the effort,

Now you know what comes next......a holiday snap :naughty:CLICK FOR BIGpost-1-136713520723_thumb.jpg

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Ooh, I could just go paddling that - well I would if I could walk anyway.

You took that Sigzilla on holiday? Brave man. Hope we can look forward to some more pics though.

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Olu Deniz or Fethyre are my guesses :grin:

Hope you had a lovely time and that Turkey was a holiday to remember.

My Dad Worked in Istambul for 3 years (or was it 6, can't remember) in the early 1980's. It wasn't very commercialised at all and we had some really great holidays there. I haven't been back since, although my parents have rerturned to Istambul a few times to meet up with old friends. The people were friendly and the resorts were great. ice slice

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hi trev

'I ve just found this............chriscraft!! wear did he get too!!'


to keep the forum tidy and fit, jonzo has been culling old members

that have not posted for over a year.

now we are trim and it keeps things running well,

the cull has stopped now and any old members that do return can

just contact jonzo and get reinstated if they wish.


these old members have not been banned.

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