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The map is not right, the property is not on the island but the edge of Reedham Marsh. Someone in the office must have looked on a map and seen Seven Mile House and picked the wrong one. Looks likes like it will cost a few bob to put right.

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Yes the Map is entirely wrong.     That should not be on there as incorrect.     Trades description and all that. 

It would be very bleak and as for showing the nearest primary school as 2 miles away , well is that a country mile I wonder.       Whoever concocted this has a very vivid imagination. 

As for the energy rating at the property,   I assume it has electricity.       I seem to recall seeing a Sky dish but may be I was wrong.       

As you have plenty of land , may be build a helicopter landing spot if you needed help in an emergency. 

Back up generators would be a must. 

So your fresh water is harvested from the roof.   I suppose if you run out , it will be down to the river for flushing the loo etc.    Assume that is on a cess pit. 

Oh it sounds wonderful to some but hell on earth to me.   I like my mod cons.    It would cost a small fortune to update. 

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Can you imagine it.   Heavy snow and having to slip and slide down to the river's edge to flush your loo.    !!!:shocked

It all sounds like heaven in the Summer.     Imagine if those water containers freeze solid (remember a few winters ago when we were all frozen up for weeks).     

I had to chuckle about the recommendations for the Energy Rating - the loft needs insulating.   Crumbs is that all.  Right then we will buy it.   :rolleyes:



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typical misleading estate agents.

When Karen and i first got together and started looking at properties in Christchurch, we looked at one which was registered as "Mudeford", not far from the Quay. The truth is, it was in a side road off the main road through, but in a local area of Christchurch called "Purewell", which is far less desireable.  On top of that, the photograph of the front of the property was taken from the other side of the road, yet when we saw the bungalow, there was a massive factory roof towering above the smallish trees in the back garden, something the agents must have edited out of the sales literature?.  I don`t trust estate agents, Unqualified, untrained, and legally alowed to estimate your proerty at a price it most likely is`nt worth, purely to gain a bigger percentage. Thieves and robbers all of them.

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Right so they are at the top of your Christmas Card list then along with the in laws.   :rolleyes:

I think these days they have to be more careful and especially if they have prepared documents for a property to be sold at the Auction.   Anything incorrect could come back and bite them on the bum big time.

I see there is interest in this property and I for one will be most interested to hear the outcome.

I love Polkeys Mill mooring.










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Hope this works


RESULTS OF BROWN & CO PROPERTY AUCTION HELD ON 4TH DECEMBER 2015 AT THE ASSEMBLY HOUSE, NORWICH LOT ADDRESS RESULTS 1 7 Paston Road, Bacton, NR12 0JA £116,000 2 Garage opposite 58 St Benets Road, Stalham, NR12 9DW £6,000 3 12 Garages to rear of 39-47 St Benets Road, Stalham, NR12 9DW £30,000 4 11 Garages between 8 & 10 Littlewoods Lane, Hoveton, NR12 8DZ £30,000 5 10 Garages to rear of 13-15 The Street, Swanton Novers, NR24 2QY £30,000 6 5 Garages between 19 & 21 Barnfield Close, Hickling, NR12 0YB £15,000 7 2 Eastways, Honing, NR28 9PG AVAILABLE 8 104 Plumstead Road, Norwich, NR1 4JX £125,000 9 Seven Mile House, Reedham £240,000 10 62 Armes Street, Norwich, NR2 4JY £95,000 11 Garage adjacent to 62 Armes Street, Norwich, NR2 4JY £56,000 12 124 Nelson Street, Norwich, NR2 4DS £90,000 13 Amenity land at Mundham Common SOLD PRIOR 14 The Old School House, 28 Church Street, Northrepps, NR27 0LG £226,000 15 The Brambles, Green Lane, Great Moulton, NR15 2JB £245,000 16 128 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RJ £204,000 17 29 Albany Road, Norwich, NR3 1EE £131,000

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