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Lidl Quailes


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well in Lidl the other day 4 quails for £4.99, mmm sounds a bit dodgy but hey ho give it a go

opened the box today, my god 4 little plucked budgies, right follow recipe, wrap in bacon, season, chuck in oven, cook roast spuds and veg make a bit of gravy And serve

bloody hell really tasty, a few bones too spit  out bit of struggle getting some of the meat off but sucking the bones worked well, really enjoyed it  worth £4.99 even Carole cleared her plate 

sorry forgot to take pics


Ray & Carole



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I looked for some in Cromer and North Walsham without luck. A few weeks ago their Escargot lasted no more than a few hours!

But one thing I have noticed whenever they have a "When it's gone it's gone" is that certain well known eating troughs in North Norfolk will have the same fare on their menus four to six weeks later.

A few weeks ago I was in Tesco Stalham I knew where the gentleman in front was from, the trolley contained the cheapest butter, eggs and various ingredients that Tesco sell! Their menu does make much of local ingredients. I suppose Tesco is local.

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Escargot these days are farmed commercially. Even in rural France the gathering in the wild has virtually died out. The reason is the land snail (and the slug) are carriers of Liver Fluke, one of the less welcome parasites.

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How can anyone eat snails, I mean, they are just great big slugs with shells on, yuk and frogs legs, really. I'm with Neil on this one, good old roast beef and Yorkshire pud with lashings of gravy. Fish and Chips is about as exotic as I get when it comes to food, thank you very much lol


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