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Our Weekend on the Prisma


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IT was a real pleasure turning on a pin head in front of Wroxham Bridge and also Potter Bridge.

Being watched by many onlookers.

I took my time it must have looked like a elegant swan spinning slowly on the spot

The Engine had been restricted alot

I had many hire craft coming past me.

I think it revved up to 1800 RPM which was too noisy for a conversation.

So kept at 1200 Rpm all of the time ( this is when many others caught us up and overtook )

Operating from the Fly bridge was like nothing else i had experienced, My Daughter kept me company.

She loved the view overlooking all the other boats.

I must admit i also felt King of The Hill up there



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I've always liked the look of the Prisma with it's flybridge. The only things that has put me off is the restricted cruising area because of the height, as I tend to come down for at least a week but most times for a fortnight. But she is a beautiful looking craft.

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She was a boat we were going to hire before we bought our own, as to restricted cruising well we are 8'7 and have not got through, Ludham, Wroxham, Beccles or Potter this year, in fact we wont get through potter even if the broads are drained, shame because the upper Ant is lovely but if we can only get through Ludham occasionaly then we may as well have 10'3 and enjoy the space on the boat. Our next one will be a flybridge and we are not expecting to get board on the Broads.


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We need 8ft 5 Ian and I've taken Silver Dream up the Ant both this year and last. I couldn't have got up there during the high water levels in late June but that's the only time I've wanted to but could not. Barton Broad is lovely. But then access to the Ant was one of our tick boxes when we were boat shopping anyway so we deliberately looked for a boat that wasn't too tall.

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Well we have at least got her under when it said 8ft 4 on the site boards. How much clearance there was, I don't know as I was driving. Susan was posted on the bow to relay information back to me and all I got was a distorted face which didn't really tell me a lot but did make my cheque book nervous. Fortunately no impact resulted. So the sight boards are a little optimistic anyway.

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i don't know about that simon shes a hire craft alltho shes a beast i think round 30k mark as there not a lot of gear on there.

i was moored at potter and was talking to the couple and there kids while they where on Prisma only thing i noticed was that she had a CD player and maybe heating apart from everything else realy nice people shame her dad had a heart attack he was only down for the day

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Prisma was up for sale last year as well when they were asking around 50k for it.

Jonny is dead right with the fit out, virtually everything is stripped out as far as boating bits are concerned.

Apparently it started life on the Thames before making it onto the Broads, North always seemed a strange choice for a boat with 11' plus airdraft, would have been better suited to the south.

Engine If I remember rightly is 5.7 litre ford mermaid normally aspirated diesel and was fully rebuilt 2 years ago, it is heavily restricted and with the restrictor off will rev to over 3500 RPM.

Nice boat but even the combing is missing around the flybridge, no nav gear or lights, no shore power and a fair few badly done patches where bits have been ripped off in the past.


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