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Fixed 2 problems for 75p

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Posted this here as it is realy technical but David sorry I have beaten you to the answer,

On returning from sea a couple of weeks ago I was lowering the legs back down when one suddenly decided to stop working, no panic it was at zero so perfect for the rivers. Then last week while ot on the boat My father rang me to tell me he couldn't start the starboard engine, strange I said has never failed before but then we had given it a good old bounce around a few days earlier so put that one down to a blocked fuel filter.

Last weekend I arrived at the marina armed with filters and extra oil for the leg (new the leel was a little low after having new trim rams fitted so thought there may be a level switch cutting the operation out)

Arrived late so didn't fancy trying to sort out the fuel as the pumps despite being petrol wont self prime but out of interest decided to try starting the engine for myself, put the key in in the saloon turned it and it fired up straight away. Went to bed safe in the knowledge that dad was an idiot who couldn't start an engine.

Saturday morning dropped into the engine bay to top up the trim pump, tried the switch, still nothing. couldn't get at the connections with a meter without removing the pump so as the weather was nice decided to leave it for another weekend.

covers off and time to start the engines for a run to WRC, popped the keys in the flybridge, port engine started, starboard was having non of it, went down stairs and turned the key, hey presto the engine fired.

I checked the fuses visualy and all looked fine so decided it must be a loose wire behind the dash upstairs, ignored it as the weather was nice and carried on.

Sunday morning curiosity got the better of me so I dropped the ceiling hatch down and climbed up behind the fly bridge helm, wires were all ok but it was then that it occured to me that the pump was fed from the ignition circuit on the engine. At this point I suspected a faulty fuse holder and connected the wires bypassing the fuse to check, the flybridge now started the starboard engine and the trim pump even worked. borrowed Marios meter as that was easier than digging mine out and it showed a failed fuse, don't think it had blown as it was not scorched but it was not making contact.

Quick trip to Jeckles, new fuse and 2 problems sorted for 75p this even tops my most recent triumph when the buttons on my flybridge trim tab controls were fixed for £12.

Ian :grin::grin::Stinky

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Always good to see a potentialy expensive (no pun intended) problem sorted without severe depletion of beer voucher stock Ian. Mind you, you shouldn't have needed to go any further than your cruising spares kit for the fuses. :naughty::naughty:

Excellent bit of fault tracing by the way.

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