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What a relaxing week

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It all started at 2:30am on Friday 19th June.

That is when I woke and could not get back to sleep. The plan was to set off at about 6:00am but at 5:00 I had had enough, I woke the kids and with the car packed the night before we set off at 5:30am.

I will not bore you with the tarmac bit, but as mother was travelling to WRC on Saturday I decided to take a detour until I came to the brown signs for the WRC so that I could relay the route back to her and hopefully she would not get lost. This put another 45 mins onto the journey as I hit the Yarmouth rush hour on the way up to Potter.

We got to Potter and stopped for laddo to visit Lathams tackle shop to buy two rods (he had two with him, but hey ho, that’s kids) and some other bits and bobs. We had a coffee and sat and watched the world go by for an hour.

We arrived at Richardsons about 10:30 let them know we had arrived, got told the boat would be ready just after 1:00pm and set off to tesco for supplies.

When we got back to the yard, we had forgotten the dog food for Lady and more important brown sauce for my full English tomorrow morning. So a decision had to be made Tesco or Lathams. Lathams won as laddo wanted to get some maggots, so

Off we set again.

As we had about an hour to wait I decided on trying the Broadshaven, now I know this pub has its knockers (steady on, you know what I mean) but it looks like they are really trying to make things better, I only had a quick JS but it was OK.

Arrived back at the yard about 1:00 got the life jackets, loaded the boat and parked the car (it had made it without problems).

A member of staff came up to show us the layout and safety aspects, such as gas , engine, cooker etc. And then said “have you been before†to which I replied yes, last year.

His next question was “Do you want a trial or will you be OKâ€

Guess my answer………..

Off we went at about 1:30


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So there we were tootling down Stalham dyke and thinking of how close we could get to the WRC before we stopped for the night. This is a very peaceful part of the system and no other boats were about.

Onto the Ant and heading south I thought it would be a bit busier but even the large open expanse of Barton only had a few sailys on it. The stress of the working week was wearing away very quickly. And at 4mph, even my heart beat had slowed down to an acceptable level after the childish excitement of picking the boat up.

The sun wasn’t doing a bad job, it was hiding behind a few clouds but the roof was back.

While cruising Ryan decided to set his rods up, he only hit me on the head a few times.

As we came to Ludham bridge we gave way to another cruiser coming through and a friendly wave was returned. When through the bridge I think I saw Andyfish’s dad mooring his boat.

We continued onto the Bure and past St Benet’s Abbey. Turned right and on towards Acle. I thought about stopping here and in hindsight should have, but we continued on.

We had had a very nice drink in the Ferry at Stokesby some years ago so decided that would be far enough and when we arrived moored for the night. It was now 6:30pm, 4 hours + in car 5 hours cruising, time to stop.

We got changed and went into the Ferry, to find every table had a reserved sign, but when I asked if we could eat outside they said yes.

Now I had a pint of Adnams Regatta which was nice and we ordered the meal. Fish and chips, ham and egg and two salmon salads £37 which I thought not bad, but I was not over impressed with the portion size and thought that the chips could have been better. The fish was a nice size and the ham tasty but overall value for money 6/10.

Please note that the value for money that I give on all off the pubs visited is only my opinion.

Back to the boat for a restful well needed sleep.


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Saturday 20th June

Woke up to what I thought was a fairly dull overcast day, got out of bed and put the kettle on, then I looked at my watch 5:15am. So not really a dull day just too blinking early in the morning, but as I was up I had a caffeine intake (along with his friend Nico Tine) sat in the front well of the boat, listening to the morning chorus. This is the life.

The OH was now awake so another coffee and look at tide times to see when to set off. Passage time through Yarmouth according to the table was 3:00am so no chance of that. Decided that high tide would be about 8:30 - 9:00ish so would set off about then to use the outgoing tide to Yarmouth (saving fuel, canny Yorkshireman). So after taking lady for a walk, feeding ducks and swans having a full English, we set off.


I went a little further on the walk and turned round and saw OH feeding the ducks so I tried to zoom in, didn't really work, but not bad


here are the greedy beggers



I was leant over the boat to take this one and the greedy blighter tried to eat my camera.

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Sat 20th June continued.

So off we set, tootling along with the outgoing tide. As soon as you get past the Pontiac and mill this part of the river system is not as interesting as the rest, in fact the highlight before Yarmouth was seeing the boots still attached to a post.

We arrived at the bridges and had no problem getting through as they showed 8 feet. Round the dolphin and heading for Breydon.

Now the canny Yorkshireman who thought he would save fuel going with the tide, realised that he had a longer journey against it. (I saw fuel pennies flying away).

I always like crossing Breydon, don’t know why, just do.

As we passed the fishermans, I felt a little upset, as it was a very friendly place to relax and have a drink, but alas no more. We headed down river and decided that we would moor at the Bell at St. Olaves for a quick pit stop and refreshments before continuing on to the WRC.

This got interesting as the tide was running quite fast under the bridge. When we got through I went to stern on at the moorings and as I turned, the boat decided it wanted to go faster sideways towards the bridge, than I had driven on the way down, so change of plan, power on and moored in the only side on mooring there. Had a little drink sat outside in sunshine before continuing the journey.


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Guest stevie varnish


Could not resist temptation mate.Was going to save it, and read it in all in one go,but one

little peak the other night got me hooked.

Keep it coming pal.....and dont forget the juicy bits.........lol.



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Sat 20th Continued.

After the pit stop, we set off down towards the WRC. The sky had clouded over a bit, but it was still warm.

Mother had phoned earlier to say they were setting off at 10am, so leaving the Bell at 1:30 we should get there about 2:45. giving her a good 4 1/2 hours drving time ( I thought she would need to make some stops on the way, her passengers were a 9 year old girl and my nan who is 96).

We arrived at the WRC at about 2:30 moored and went to the pub, sat outside waiting. waiting. waiting. 3 o'clock came and no sign, I was getting a bit worried but thought, give them until 3:30 then worry. The phone rang and it was my little girl.

Dad we are lost

Great, what is the next question you ask someone who is lost. mine was......


The little monkey said "HAHAHAHA we just passed the sign which said WRC 4 miles

I could have killed her. Anyway 10 mins later they arrived

We all sat outside for another drink before Mum went to book in.

When she had, we unloaded her car into the lodge, (LODGE, it is bigger and better than my blinking house)

Three bedrooms, one onsuite, balcony, well decorated, roomy....thats enough I'm jealous.

But seriosly, the accommodation was fantastic, well worth the money.

We went into the Inn and had a very nice meal. the kids played pool, air hokey, went on the crane things.

Now as I have said the ratings I give for pubs/meals are only my oppinion

I had chicken and stilton pie, others had steak and ale, two kids meals, and can't remember the rest, but very very nice.

9 out of 10

and the st edmunds beer wasn't bad either.

Mum took nan back to the lodge and we went back to drop a line over the side of the boat, a few roach and two nice bream later, one on sweet corn and one on bread, it was bed time ready for the trip to Geldeston in the morning.


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Sunday 21st june

It was a hot morning but still a little overcast,

After breakfast mum, nan and Ems joined us on the boat at 9:00am for the trip. Now nan had a little problem with the height of the boats steps but a quick carry and she was on. Of we set.

Nan can't see much or hear but when other boats passed by she could tell them from the green reeds while looking out of the window. It was a pleasant trip to Beccles and quite warm.

Now I hoped to make the bridge and go through, as we arrived the height board read 7' 3"

our air draft said 7' 1"

Do I risk it. Looked at the tide tables I got from the intrnet and worked out that it would get lower at 12:30 ish, only an hour to wait, so we moored in the Beccles moorings.

Went to the office to see if I had to pay for short term moorings (put on all the Yorkshire charm) and asked how long before a 7' 1" boat would fit under.

Got charged £2.50, I think and then he told me probably about 3 o'clock as the water was still rising (bugger, plan B needed).

The problem was I did not have a plan B.

My eldest just said, should have made it under with 2 inches to spare, I just thought of Clive hitting me if I bent his boat.

Plan C, back to WRC for their Sunday carvery.

One good thing though, Nan enjoyed the trip out.


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Sunday 21st june Continued

as we left Beccles nan had more colourful things to look at.


With no wind, they were trying to rock and roll, skulling with the rudder. I was giong to ask if anyone wanted o tow, but I can't do that in a hire boat.

Again we had a pleasant chug back to WRC moored and carried nan off of the boat.

We had the carvery, which was brought to us as the serving unit had broken, the choice was Lamb or Turkey, both very nice apart from the turnips could have been taken out a little earlier. score for this 7 1/2 out of ten.

We had another drink and then it was time to say good bye to Ems, mum and nan as myself, OH Tim and Ryan headed for Oulton Broad for the night.

Now you ladies out there with your special sign language. DON'T USE IT, if you don't want a Sunday carvery because you want an Indian takeaway from the place just off of the broad (can't remember the name now) just say it.

Anyway, as we pulled into the Yacht station moorings I saw a nice big space to stern on into, then some guy in a uniform (great guy actually) waved at me to come between two boats, well I did it ok so that was good.

Over to the Wherry for a couple, then the Lady then the takeaway. It's great how a few beers can get your appetite back.

I didn't use my special sign language, I just went to the bar and got another drink.

Now this Indian takaway was very nice, back to the boat fed our faces and to bed.

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