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Disapointing Start


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Ok, has anyone found any fish yet?

We put a couple of rods in at Pyes Mill over the weekend without so much as a touch in 3 hours, even after groundbaiting 6 hours earlier. Another chap set up camp with his son for the night and fished through 24 hours to be rewarded with nothing more than 4 average roach, despite being a long service fisherman with all the gear. From this I managed to conclude that the stretch wasn't fishing very well, a story repeated the whole length of the Chet if the success of the fishermen on the banks was anything to go by.

Has anyone had any success yet? if so what wish are feeding? are the northern rivers any better? are the fish making the most of the quiet foriegn beaches and shipping out?


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I don't know about the Chet at present Ian but I suspect the high temperatures will have raised the water temperature and reduced Oxygen levels which tends to make fish lethargic and inclined to feed less. Fish also are not keen on very high light levels so a combination of these two factors are probably in the mix.

With this weather night time is probably the best bet unless you can find a stream feeding the river or faster water where Oxygen levels might be a bit better.

There is of course an easier explanation but it would be rude of me to suggest it :naughty:Fish2

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Guest stevie varnish

Another thing that comes into play with this sudden hot weather is spawing.

If the fish in my pond are anything to go by....am on second spawing this year.

When things cool down sure the fishing will improve.

Tight Lines.


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Hi ,

just had 4 days fishing on the thurne and barton, not great fishing to say the least, best catch was 30lb of skimmers,and a 25lb catch of roach from barton on the waggler, best skimmer was around 2lb but no sign of the bream :cry

Spoke to a number of local anglers and they all said fishing had been poor, All the good catches had been taken by those with a fish finder, ( not my cup of tea ) but as they say if you cant beat em join em....... :teddy: good luck

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we fished week 20th -27th June best catches on Bure at acle first mooring r/h bank coming from thurne mouth we caught Bream 8lb, roach,rudd and eels this was on the monday and tuesday night. Ferry yard (new moorings emblem fleet) moored stern on and casting between a quarter and half way across,groundbait (bream mix) sweetcorn and maggot fished until 4am, bream to 6lb, roach (1 x 21/2lb), perch to a 11/2lb and rudd only 2 eels all night approx weight about 70 - 80lbs,we decided this was a good weeks fishing but we only come for 1 to 2 weeks a year.

happy fishing


PS fished Sth Walsham very poor.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Caught a nice mullett on Oulton Broad late June just at the start of the hot spell ,must be close to 2lbs, wondered what the heck it was!


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fishing trip to Rockland start of July produced some decent Perch up to around 1 1/2 lbs nice Roach to just under 1 lbs 1 good Bream of around 7 lbs along with a few skimmers and a few nice Rudd, would also wager that a Carp took off with hook and bait but there was no stopping it on 2.5lb hook link.

Still not setting the world alight but improving


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My wife had a good hour or so at Womack water on Sunday, with some decent Roach and Perch. Then she hooked into something very big, which didn't want to give up, I can only guess it was a big Bream. Whilst her 4m pole and tackle held together okay, the elastic couldn't take it and snapped after a few minutes. :cry

She was very calm about it all ...... NOT !

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