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Summer Trip

Guest Gretzky

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Hi to all, new on here.

We are looking to be takeing a run in our boat over the braods in mid July, we have a Bayliner 285 moored in lincoln. We will be taking a trip through the Gloy Hole (we had the Radar arch hinged) down the River Witham to Boston over the Wash to Wells then round the coast to Yarmouth. I spoke to the harbour master at Wells he tells me should be no problem, just got to get the timing right for the tides at Wells and watch for the crabbing pots round near Cromer. One thing that does concern me is the lack of bolt holes etc along the coast. Guess I am looking for any advice from anyone who has done this before.

Thanks in advance

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Gloy hole? Is that what Jonathan posted some pics of on here recently (Jonathan?) - if so I sure that's not what he called it.

I think lack of bolt holes is an issue anywhere north of Essex but I pretty sure Jonathan has done that route on a number of occasions, most of them in a similar sized boat to yours, and there are several forumites with experience of heading south from Lowestoft who may also have experience of that section too.

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I'm have no experience of that area at all but I did notice a post on a previous thread


that might be useful to you (here is an extract)

I am sure you will be aware of careful passage planning on this very exposed coast.

After Yarmouth with the exception of probably Wells which does not have all tide access (and not viable with anything with much strength from North or East) there are no real bolt holes until you hit the Humber.



User names and real names can get confusing on this forum at times as we seem to play mix and match with them , (e.g which one is Johnathon?)

Did a search on the Glory Hole and found that Johnathon is really mariotech, but his post is on a thread in a secure area so I can't give you a link to it but here is a precis of his comment on the Glory Hole

Coming out the glory hole that way the flow is with you so hard to stay slow in a 400hp boat a case of in and out of gear as not a lot of room. Nearly crushed a gaggle of geese outside wilkinsons on my exit one time as the flow pushes you to one side.


Might be worth dropping a PM (private message) to make contact with them if they don't notice your posting...

Sorry I can't be more help to you, and I hope you don't need to find a bolt hole!


(p.s. Make sure you have up-to date charts that bit of coast would give me colly-wobbles!)

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Welcome to the forum.

Which part of the passage are you looking for advice on? getting out of the Wash or from Wells to YH? I spent my formative years around the (northern) Wash and have done the Humber to YH a couple of times but that was a long time ago. Really it's no more of a challenge than most passages, just do your plan right and make sure you and your boat are well prepared. One of the other forums I frequent has guys who motorboat and fish that area still and on a regular basis. I’ll add the URL here when I get home this evening as I’m sure they can and will provide all the info you will need.

Aside from the actual passage, how long is it since your boat had a good shake up and is she petrol or diesel?

Ah, found the URL http://smallboatclub.proboards98.com/index.cgi

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You could do worse than have a chat with some of the members here:


I can recommend this book for some background

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Norfolk-Broads- ... 1898574065

And this site for some reading:

http://www.jim-shead.com/waterways/rive ... ke%20Canal

http://www.jim-shead.com/waterways/rive ... e%20Drains

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Thanks for the quick replies, the boat is petrol, and has just been out of the water to have the prop refurbished, outdrive serviced, new impeller and seals etc. new shift cable (reason for all the work! it broke!) I have just done and oil and filter change, fuel filter change and almost 400 ltrs of fuel on board. So touch wood mechanically she is sound. She hasn't been to sea for a couple of years but did regularly before we owned her. Never having done this trip before I am looking for any advise to listen to and take on board.

I know the Fossdyke and upper Witham thats fine, and we have hired boats on the broads and cruised the northern and southern rivers its sea crossing bit I would like to see if anyone has any knowledge of. I have been planning this trip for a while now, route, tides, fuel, timing, license, I have contacted both Wells harbor and Yarmouth port etc. I just wondered if there was anyone about with any "local knowledge" and any gotcha's so to speak of.



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Jonathan won't be back till Monday or Tuesday but have heard the tale a few times so can relay a bit of it, sure if you PM Jonathan he will give you the full story.

The basis of it would be avoid anything with an E in the wind direction and remember that the direct route will take you 13 miles offshore so real open water stuff, even then your nearest landfall is a rocky crag and not somewhere you could run it aground.

At 400 litres of fuel you probably have not got a vast amount spare for the trip so remember that heavy seas will zap quite a bit more.

No bolt holes to speak of so another reason why it should be a fair weather passage.

I think David was trying to point out that if you have only run around inland for the last 3 years there is a chance of muck in the tanks which will be shaken up once you get to sea, not so bad in a petrol but still worth while ensuring that you have a couple of spare filters with you.


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The basis of it would be avoid anything with an E in the wind direction and remember that the direct route will take you 13 miles offshore so real open water stuff, even then your nearest landfall is a rocky crag and not somewhere you could run it aground.

Hi Ian that was the distance when crossing the wash on the way from the Humber probably only a few miles off from the Haven.

Hi Paul might be worth doing the 2 hour before to the 2 hour after and have a play in the wash to get your sea legs. Ask the lock keeper about a guy called Colin who lived on a boat near Boston and came out with us the first time.

cheers Jonathan

ps I have replied to your pm

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