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Guest Jonny

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Five blinkies Two Helper's & 46ftr With No Bow Thruster

Broads Holiday 2009

Saturday 27th June

I will not boar you to death the small details

Late Friday night we pack the car & let for the broads at 4:00am we arrived in good time at 9am at Stalham. I rang up Herbert wood to let them know we were in the area they said ok the boat would be ready for around 2pm.

We parked the car next to Lady Linda Brian a friend of ours who moved with us from ower previous yard. He was up having a smoke told us to come aboard for a cuppa which we kindly took up his offer.

Dropped off his smokes picked up some milk & cider for him. He then asked do you want to go for a cruise round to Sutton staithe for a pint. We dint refuse an offer like that so we went to check on Curlew turned the engine over made shure everything was working. Then come 1pm we slipped Lady L out of her mooring & went to the Sutton hotel. While approaching the dyke for Sutton staithe I noticed Andy fish’s boat but no sign of life once moored up saw him coming back to his boat.

I was thinking should I go over & introduce myself or should I just leave it but I plucked up the courage & went over I have to say I am glad I did.

All three of us had a pint each supped it down nice & refreshing once it had been supped we went back to Lady L Andy’s boat was still moored there but must have gone back out. We slipped Lady L out of the staithe then I took over ad Brian needed a leak & I also moored her up. Once we moored Lady L up for Brian we shot off round to Herbert Woods & booked ower selves in. They gave me a PS2 but what good is that without any games lol.

Once all the paper woke had been sorted I went round to find the boat & there she was stunning all ready for us. So dad pulled up in the car & we started to unload the car once all was unloaded he left to pick up the other crew from wroxham station.

While we was off picking them up I sorted out the luggage into where people was staying & put all the food wine & beer away ready for a quick getaway. I had got the entire luggage sorted so I chill out in the sun with the canopy down & a smoke.

Once dad had picked them up he was a total of 45 mins has there was a delay on the Manchester to Norwich train. They all arrived he safely so we decided on dad taking the car round to Curlew so while he was taking the car I set off on Jewel of light 2. As she was round the back where the lodge’s was loads of boats but dint hit any while manovering out of the mooring.

Then we went through both bridges in Herbert woods yard piece of cake dint even touch the bank one lol. It was a real smooth trip the sun was beaming out really hot we had a couple of Martham lady rite up my back side for at least a mile which dint bother me.

We reached St Bennett’s plenty of boats moored there we came up to the Ludham bridge turn so we took it. A couple of boats coming down but no bother really we them came up to Ludham bridge around 40 mins later lowered the windscreen & went through & again nothing to it straight through.

Kept going up towards Barton broad all the moorings at how hill were all full in all we passed around 15 boats on the move. We came up to Barton broad where I opened her up to 1800 rpm nice steady pace & she glides across. Once we got over Barton broad the mist started to roll in & again boats moored all over the show. We came up to Richardson’s & took the turning to the right for the hire side plenty of room took me about 15 seconds to moor stern on lol. We was hoping there might be some spare tickets left for the charity due Richo’s had put on but the office was closed.

But we could here the music from where we were moored we all got sorted out on the boat as we arrived at 9pm so they all decided to get chippy in for tea. As the broadland chippy at Stalham was shutting they came back with loads of food. I dint have any of it even though I wanted some I just had a butty for my tea. We all had a cuppa everyone went to bed by 11:30pm but I was still watching tv in bed in the saloon I turned the tv off at 00:30am turned over & went to sleep I awoke at 3am as it started raining & I could still hear the music so I tried again I rolled over & this time I stayed asleep.

More to Come Soon!

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Sunday 28th June

Me & Dave (Dad) were the first to awake we had no idea what time it was till I looked on my mobile 06:15 the rest of our crew are lazy as they were counting ZZZZ. We made our breckie of a nice cup of coffee & bacon & mushroom butty YUMMY! We sat outside on the stern well enjoying the sounds of nature & then it sunk in I am where I belong & was holding the tear back as I am an emotional person.

We munched down our breckie washed it down with our coffee I had a smoke while outside. Once finished I looked at my mobile again it was 09:20 so it was time to wake those lazy sods up as we was getting the shopping from Tesco. As they were getting ready Dave (Dad) made them all breckie & I made the coffee & tea they all sat round the table & were quick to munch the lot it hit 10:00am & it was time the went to Tesco .

All of the crew went apart from me Emma (Sis) Kate & Jack (Boyfriend & Girlfriend) Emma was getting on with here work for UNI & Jack & Kate were just doing what lovers do. I gave Colin (Newf) a call as we brought down some burgers & bangers for him to try he pulled up in his Volvo at around 10:40am. I think as he got out of the car he opened the boot to find Pebbles rushing out to get some affection from our crew which she got tones of but have to say pebbles is huge me & Col warned Kate about the drool then all of a sudden she got a chest full which was funny to watch.

I went into the fridge to retrieved Colin’s Burgers & Sausages once I had passed them over Pebbles nose started to act funny & followed Colin’s hand as it had the food in lol. We said our good by & he left but as always a pleasure to meet even though he only lived down the road. I was outside watching some of the boats leaving Richardson’s so I watch while having a cig once finished I went back on the boat while collecting a glass of coke. Everybody was doing fine keeping there selves occupied I looked at my mobile to check the time it was 11:20am then as I put my mobile away Dave(Dad) pulled up in the car with all the shopping.

Once we had all the shopping aboard Dave(Dad) parked the can new Curlew as he was doing that we unpacked a little of the shopping. As he got back to the boat I started up Jewel & what a rumble at 2.2 Narni makes I brought up the mud weight while Dave(Dad) untied the stern ropes two mins later we slipped away. The sun was beaming out the reports were for 28c but it felt like 35c the canopy was already down while trundling along through Richardson’s at tick over I got Dave(Dad) to run in some sun cream on my back for what little good it does. Once done I put on a cd turned it up & began to enjoy being afloat as a family.

As we just got past broads gate a little freeman approached I looked at the name dragon fly I am shure that’s Mowjo’s boat only to find out later it was lol. Then about ten mins later I couldn’t be leave it another little freeman which as soon as I saw it I knew it was only one man Lord Paul I slowed down to have a little chat had boats behind me so couldn’t chat long lol.

We had around a 30min trip along the river we seen all type of lush cruiser hire & private we then hit Barton broad nice & wide only a few cruisers about I open Jewel up a little to 2000rmp she runs smooth. We then came to our turn don’t know what its called loads of posh houses I must admit they are nice but I only love is boats as its been in my DNA since I was born. We came to a little starch of free mooring just round the corner around 80ft of it which was all full we came to how hill loads of cruisers .

Our next stop was Ludham Bridge free mooring for some water I was astonished how many gaps were left between boats & if people just moved there boat up you could get around another four 30ftrs in. A Bounty 28 from Ferry marina was filling up so I went through the bridge spun back around & went back through the bridge. Went back up on tick over came to the end of the free mooring I attracted a small crowed people looking out the boat he cant turn that big thing around there is to big. But I like showing off & of course I did swing he round with easy lol went started to go back down river to the bridge when all of a sudden this small cruiser left dint say I am moving off he watch me for 15mins then just thought ill push off.

So full reverse no messing around lined up tops 20 seconds & we were moored Dave(Dad) went down to the hoses & said ill whistle went somebody is ready to go well less than five mins later a loud whistle did one hear. So I turned over Jewel untied the bow first as the tide was coming in the current would push the bow out then untied the stern rope manoeuvred out then on tick over came up to the hoses Dave(Dad) turn round he’s not far from full. Rite so back through the bridge & two boats are coming up river so came to a full stop there was a slight breeze nothing to worry about.

I swing Jewel around with ease like always I later found out Barry was at Ludham Bridge Services at the same time lol. Swung Jewel around then back through the bridge the fella on the bounty 28 from Ferry marina so came to a full stop & hovered for around five mins while waiting for his tank to fill there were cruisers all over the place but only came to within five feet they did look rather scared went I got close but they don’t know my handling skills lol. Around 30seconds later he started up the boat & pushed off a quick wave & a thank you I put Jewel in her space with around a foot to spare at each end. I then turned the engine off opened the water hole Dave(Dad) passed the hose over the bow & began to fill. I then looked to one of silverline’s Alpha as I noticed an NBF logo in the stern window after a long look I noticed it was Johnboat so I said hello had a nice chat & around ten mins later the tank was full.

I passed Dave(Dad) the hose back while he put it pack I locked the water tank & started jewel back up Dave(Dad) untied the bow & stern lines. I manoeuvred out slowly then spun Jewel round where the water hosed were took me around 20seconds to turn here around then back through the bridge. Once we was through the bridge & past all the cruiser that were moored I let dad take the helm. While he had the helm I went & poured myself a glass of coke with plenty of ice & notice all the crew was chilling out. I picked up my glass of coke went to the saloon/helm I had a quick sip of my coke & sparked up a smoke.

While I was an unhappy passenger as I wasn’t at the helm I just waited then s we came to the last couple of bends before we hit the main river I noticed the Aquafibre approaching the opposite way. I grabbed my camera ran through the centre of the boat slowed down as I got to the galley reached the patio doors but cause I am to tall I have to duck & step-up at the same time & forgot to do either & wacked my had of the patio surround. After a break shock of pain while a quit F*****G ***L! I composed myself went out to the stern stepped up onto the walkway & took a wicked shot of HP2 they approached us I said GUESS WHO they Col & Lou shouted JONNY & we all waved lol.

We came to the main river & turned left toward St bonnets again I noticed all the gaps moorers were leaving not thinking of those people who might want to moor. We were coming to the turning for Acle & I spotted SoCo in front & she was slowing down ready for turning. Then when I turn around to make shure nobody is getting to close a San Francisco come tare assign up my backside looking like he was in a massive hurry. SoCo managed to turn round 10 mins later we came to the turning for Acle & headed that way that San Francisco is still hugging my backside.

I was doing 1600rpm so I slowed rite down to tick over & let him pass me which he did & gave me a wave & said thank you I thought why don’t people do that more often. We had a nice cruise for round 45mins before we hit Acle it was nice to see all those Horizons moored up & as we went under Acle bridge that San Francisco had just nicked our spot so no worries. I went a little down river & spun Jewel round & headed back up we decided to moor opposite horizon craft so I took a wide approach swung jewel round so her bow was facing the bridge a moored nicely.

Once we had moored up I turned off the engine made every one drinks & while dad unloaded his finishing tackle I tackled setting up our new BBQ I poured a glass of coke as I knew it was going to take ages. Two hours later got was fishing Emma(Sis) to the well at the stern how you getting on next time you want a sodding BBQ were getting a gas one (Even though I payed for it lol) 30mins later & it was erect lol. (Who ever made these BBQ should be shot)

I asked what time it was the reply 07:00pm rite pass me the coals let get this baby lit loads of coals on plenty of lighter fluid & she was away Dave(Dad) was fishing the rest of the crew was playing cards while I was cooking. It was great being a family once again it felt good to know everybody was happy & this is why we come to the broads. I got out the burgers, Sausages, Chicken while I was cooking Emma(sis) Sarah(Friend) buttered the muffins & made the salad. Once they had finished set the table while Jack & Kate were doing what they did best checking there fillings were fine.

Once I got the all clear I brought the food in Dave(Dad) rite its ready be in five there will be nothing left in five as we had nothing all day other than breckie. Dave(Dad) came in two mins later so I made shure nobody touched the food till then we approached the saloon sat down with a glass of coke & we all started eating our tea. The first thing I reached for was a burger that got devoured in no time & after that I dint reach for anything else I just watched everybody eating having a laugh it was great the little things make us happy.

Once tea was finished I took the empty plates & washed up as nobody felt like doing them which dint bother me. Once I had finished I poured a glass of coke plenty of ice sat down in the helm seat reached for my cigs sparked up, then I got somebody shouting Jonny is there a pub round here my reply yes just a short swim over the river lol. Two mins later its only a short walk round 300 yards Jack asked any chance you could take us over lad as your dads fishing. Yep mate no worries get your gear on & cash five mins later we closed all the windows closed the patio door & said dad these lot want to go pub for a drink ok no worries see you later.

We reached the pub around ten mins later walked into the bar one Stella three aspalls larger & black & a pint of coke same again for another three rounds. then before you know it last orders are called. So we headed back to the boat we cross the bridge & there is a gentle mist starting to roll on the water. We turn left down a little hill on to the bank after a few mole hills a little hill we reach the boat I hopped aboard opened the door while helping them all back on the boat.

Once everybody was on the boat Dave(Dad) asked would I make him a flask of coffee which said course no worries. Everybody started to peal off to bed so while my chance was good I pulled out my bed made it up while the kettle was boiling turned the inverter on to see what was on TV as we picked up a good signal. Then the kettle boiled as the started to while so I made him the flask would you like anything else a butty of anything no but a lighter that works would be great.

So said one min went to the helm pick up a smoke & a lighter went outside in the stern well & had a smoke then passed my dad the light for his cigars. Once I finished off my cig I closed the patio door shut the curtain poured a glass of coke with plenty of ice & made a butty. I turned off all the lights had a look what was on TV as the norm nothing so I stuck in Harry Potter & the goblet of fire watched it for around 30mins then turned off the inverter rolled over & feel asleep

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Hells bells Johny I wouldn't like to pick up your tab for coke, keep it coming, good blog

I think for the two weeks we went through a gestimate of 14 liters of normal coke then we had cherry coke diet coke coke zero lemonade which i dont touch

Good write up, I hope you have some photos?

some but not loads

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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While we was moored opposit Horizon craft at Acle Bride & once the BBQ food got demolished i played around with my camera while we had a nice sunset & had a little place with the adapture.

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice sliceice slice





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Great read Jonny but I need more why I am on my sickbed. Tammy got me a narrowboat book from the libary and I might have to read that :cry actally I have read a little and it's not bad. I must bee ill. :lol:


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One thing though while you are drinking so much Coke you are keeping me in a job :lol:ice slice

something your not telling me Paul??? anychance of a loyalty discount card :lol::lol::lol:

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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Monday 29th June

I awoke to the sound of wildlife as my alarm clock which I love to hear everyday I looked out the window no boats around sun beaming out what a morning. I quickly got dressed put away the bed & bedding then took off the curtains what a panoramic view first thing in the morning. There was nobody up so I put the kettle on ready for a cuppa got the bacon & mushrooms out when I thought I better see what time it was looked at my phone it was 06:30 not bad a bad time.

I opened the curtain that was covering the patio doors & low & behold Dave(Dad) has been out all night “Have you had owt†his reply “Only a few bits†he carried on fishing then the kettle boiled. I made us both a nice cup of coffee are you making bacon for breakfast yep my reply would you like some his reply I wouldn’t say no!!.

So I continued to make breakfast 20 mins later food was cooked me & dad sat in the well enjoying our bacon & mushroom butty & our cuppa. Couldn’t have wished for anything more lit up a cig & watched the world go by. Once we had finished I washed the pots cleaned up & sat in the Saloon with all the windows open.

Looked at my mobile & it hit 8pm one after the other in synchronisation they all got up before Dave(dad) got there breakfast ready. I lifted up the engine hatch which happened to be in the middle of the saloon I checked the header tank weed filters & the oil everything A OK. They all came in the salon not a pretty sight first thing Dave(Dad) made the breckie once they had all eaten supped there brews we was ready for the off.

I looked at my mobile to check the time & it hit 10:35 Dave(Dad) came into the saloon are we ready for the off ready when you are. As Dave(Dad) went to untie the bow line I turned the engine over I said untie the bow first but push the stern off first with the tide going out it would swing the stern out so I could swing her out. Even though there was only one boat moored near up but was moored to our stern around 20ft away I just wanted to show off what I can do lol.

We had a chat while we was at the bridge Inn as to where we was going we thought we might stop off at stokesby wind pump so we could see the miniature horses. But when we came up to the place Dave(Dad) had crashed out & gone to bed so we continued onto Yarmouth we seen a couple boats approaching but only one from faircraft making the crossing.

We just hit Johnny’s Dinner when the tide turned & was coming in which wasn’t to bad even though I dint plan anything out. We his Yarmouth yacht station around 12:30 which was good timing even though we was doing 1600rpm just shy over tick over. We needed 7.2 with everything down the sign was showing over 9ft which wasn’t bad is was not one of my best runs over braydon as it wasn’t choppy nobody opening throttles nothing like a sodding mill pond.

We hit half way & dint exceed 2000rpm no need for to really so I hand the helm over & let Kate have control for a while as it was clear 20 mins later I let Jack have a spin. We hit the Burney & we decide to moor at Reedham as Emma can use the shore power to get on with her UNI work. We came to Reedham marina I take over the helm dropped back down to 1600rpm went through the bridge plenty of room.

It was utterly jam packed we seen a nice spot right next to the shore power point & seen a broom360 coming down rived going a little faster than he should be & nicked our spot I hovered around on the spot neva losing control. He gave me a great drift smile then laughed I couldn’t control my rage span the boat round he was watching as I came close to the side of his beloved broom he did start to worry but all in control. As I was heading down river he was still watching so I gave him a smile & a wave back PRICELESS.

After taking a min to karm back down we were talking to see where to go next Emma asked is there any other moorings with shore power just one in reach which was st Olaves. So st Olaves it is went back thought Reedham Swing Bridge knocked her back up to 1500rpm & headed for the new cut. Nothing really much coming down just a train that past us & a seagoer which was coming towards us.

But it was nice to be back south again coming to the road bridge towards the end of the new cut I glanced over to my left to see all the boats on dry dock some stunning boats. We came up to the turning for st Olaves where Nuttal’s is sounded the horn for a good eight seconds & went for it then all of a sudden a bloody day boat. Dint see me then when he did he slowed down I went to pass him from his stern then he soon opened the throttle.

Once I was clear off him brought her back to 1600rmp then we came up to st Olaves marina all those stunning boats on dry dock not seeing the day plenty of boats. that would be perfect so I could fit the whole family on & you see people who own boats like that & don’t use them winds me up rotten. We then came up to st Olaves Bridge nothing to it showing over 8ft we came up to the free mooring & only one boat Jeanneau prestige. I slowed down to tick over approached the mooring quick burst of reverse all stop Dave(Dad) stepped off first with the stern rope then followed by me with the bow rope.

Once we got moored up I poured a nice glass of coke with plenty of ice & lit up a cig while enjoying the sun. Now at this point in the day it was approaching 4pm & it was scorching we winched up the roof & we new something was wrong it looks like the winch was only pulling one cable as there is one for each side of the canopy. Then it started lifting the canopy of the runner at the top this was not looking good & after Dave(Dad) getting frustrated as to what’s caused this I rang up Herbert Woods told them the problem & what was happening told them where we was moored job done.

Dave(Dad) its all sorted Woods is going to sent out an engineer to sort it out job done they said it could be anything up to two hours ok no problem. Dave(dad) Jack & Kate & Sarah & Daffyd all went to the bell for a couple of drinks. While Emma was doing her UNI work me smoking a cig while talking on the phone we got somebody popping through the windows saying hello it was the engineer from Herby woods . no worries come aboard he took boards out looked at all the cables 10 mins later every thing worked slides down fine comes back up fine.

So we leave the roof up with the windows open & the windows screen down as it was scorching 10 mins after the engineer left the rest of the crew arrived back from the pub told Dave(dad) everything was fine just a simple fix. Dave(dad) “well least that’s sorted shall we get some tea on†everybody agreed with Dave(Dad) 30 mins into cooking Dave(dad) hit the roof the sodding gas has gone checked the bottles & yep there gone,

The only thing cooked with the gas was the breakfasts for those three days plus teas & coffees so while we was waiting for the engineer to ring me back I picked up my camera & went over to Ziggy & asked the owners if I could take a couple of photo’s they said yes no problem so I did once I did that I gave Herbert woods another call another ring to Herbert woods to find there offices are closed as it was approaching 5:30pm. so I rang the after hours number told him what’s happened he said he will come out to us so while we was waiting Daffyd went for a walk 15 mins later I saw what must have been army cadets’ only round 15 to 16 years of age. After just putting out a cid my mobile rang if was the fella from Herbert woods he said can you bring the boat to castle craft on the other side of the river I said yer but that would mean shifting the boat.

I told him can you park up near the Bell inn if you have a troll or not I don’t mind walking to & from with the empty. No I don’t have a troll after picking my hear out I had no choice but to move the boat. There was only me with full sight & Kate will little sight so I turned over the engine told Kate to stay in the stern well & when we got the near the pub to throw the roped to the man on the bank she said ok.

The engine was ticking over the canopy was down I untied the stern as the tide was going out to kick the stern out a little untied the bow & off we went. I got clean or Ziggy then spun Jewel round with easy while two lads fishing were watching. Heading towards the Bell doing 1800rpm the gauge was showing 8ft again so went through but when wanting to moored stern on with the tide at full strength pushing us out before I got close. I noticed the fella from Herbert Woods & he did have a bloody trolley & that wound me up so with more throttle I got her moored stern on with just a slight tap to firefly with the side of jewel when the tide was swinging the bow in.

I said I was sorry to the chap on firefly he said no problems I have had worse but they dint apologise. Once tied up the engineer replaced the gas with one full bottle & one half he said to me I asked you about the side of the bottled I said no you did not I told you on two occasions over the phone jewel of light takes 11kg not 15kg.

He said where will you be in the morning once you leave here we will be going to WRC (Waveney River Centre) he said ok give me a ring once your there & we will sort you out with another full one ok no worries. I untied the stern ropes I walked the boat out then went it got the last ten feet we was clear I was watching the stern as there was another prestige moored there & the owner watching my every move. We cleared the boats at the Bell no problem I kicked her up to 1600rpm then in the distance I spotted the rest of the crew on the bank I waited till I was passed Ziggy before swinging Jewel round not bad finding it really quick to manoeuvre such a big boat with no bow truster. While approaching the moorings I notice Dave(dad) taking a pictures so I bring the bow into the bank straighten up a quick blast of reverse & were in.

We got tea back on as the gas was sorted jack wounded up the canopy while I sorted out the window screen & the canopy for the roof hatch. Once the roof was up we sorted out the TV picked up quite a good signal here good so I could watch Big brother it was now going dark so I though I would grab a quick cig before tea which I did lol . Two mins later rite you lot tea is ready everybody was sat at the table awaiting burgers sausages chicken salad baps coleslaw & before you could say one two three it was all devoured. Me & Sarah cleaned up while I washed the pots & jack dried once the pots were finished & I just got sat down Emma & daffyd does anybody want to go to the pab!!.

Well that will do me by the time everybody got ready it was dark we took a nice walk round the back of the houses. when we noticed two cats a black & white & an all black the black out white came up & jumped on to the wall I gave it a quick stroke Went it jumped on the floor & went in-between my legs. Then it stared getting really playful it rolled over then bit me & broke the skin & that’s the last time I play with cats.

So we carried on before we hit a gate in the middle of a narrow path (WHO COMES UP WITH THESE IDEAS) then we see a nice couple of horses in the field really nice. We carried on & came to the bridge we saw Dave(dad) walking away form the bell I shouted where are you going were going to see what’s down here wont be five mins. So me & Sarah carried on & waited in the beer garden while having a couple of smokes looked at my mobile 20mins later still no sign then all of a sunned we hear big gobs in the distance for shure its them. Then I ask where is Kate & Jack in the pub now that dint impress me much & dint improve my mood then the barman says were closing up I said its only 11pm what’s going on.

Or nuts I am going back to the boat cant be doing with this five minuets later I hit the boat walk onto the walkway open the patio door I though what a waste of time that was. So I pulled out my bed got everything ready put up the curtains & put on the TV. I have a little browse on TV stuck it on channel four then went into the kitchen poured a glass or coke put the glass on the sink & went out for a cig in the well. Once I finished my cig closed the patio doors picked up my glass of coke & went to watch TV five mins ten mins later then all came back.

When they all got into the boat they dint last long most of them went to bed although Sarah who went for a cig outside. I made a quick butty poured myself a glass of coke with plenty of ice turned off all the light & watched harry potter the goblet of fire in bed for about 30mins then turned it off as I was nodding off.

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

P.S more tomorrow

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Tuesday 30th

I woke a little later than the previous days but as it had just turned 09:00 on my mobile but when I rolled over on my bed & was looking at the roof all I could see was the sun reflecting of the water & hitting the roof. From then I new it was going to be another scorcher of a day so ten minuets later I decided to get up as I was the first to move. I did the normal thing packed away the bedding took down the curtains pushed the bed back in job done.

I opened the windows to let some air in ahh we have a little breeze today the will do me I decided to put the kettle on so I picked up my cigs went into the galley filled the kettle up & a nice cuppa was underway. I pulled back the curtain opened the patio door sat down in the well & as soon as the sun hit my cheeks I new it’s going to be not a good day for me.

Neva the less I lit my cig a few boats past looked as though they were taking the trip back over braydon. Just as I finished my cig the kettle started to whistle made my self a nice cup of coffee as nobody else was up. Picked up my coffee & went into the saloon I picked some crapes that were in the fruit bowl nothing better to enjoy first thing in the morning.

I heard Dave(Dad) & Sarah moving about so they were on the move I looked at my mobile it had just hit 09:45 so I picked up my empty cup & put it in the sink as you do lol. While in the kitchen I got some kitchen roll & filled up an empty water bottle. Went into the saloon put the stuff on the floor & lifted up the engine hatch. I carried out the normal checks header tank weed filters as jewel had two checked the old nothing wrong just the header tanked needed some water.

So as my dad was up we winched the canopy down still had trouble as we winched down the roof was bouncing off the runner which wasn’t a good sign so couldn’t wait to meet the engineer today. Then out of nowhere everybody started to emerge from there pits Sarah went straight for the well to have a smoke the rest of the crew were still in stall mode.

But while I was getting the table out Dave(dad) had all ready started on breakfast so while he was doing that I would make brews for everyone. one by one every body had the breakfast of bacon & mushroom butty & coffee or tea as I washed the pots for two days on the trot Emma & Sarah decided to wash up & on that note I started up jewel the sound of a diesel when you start them up first thing is sensational but that’s just me lol.

As we was facing st Olaves bridge it was easy tide was whipping out I untied the bow line first & gave jewel a gentle push out with the tide it pushed the bow out quite nicely. While that was happening Dave(dad) was ready & stepped on the stern & were off the radio went on I received a nice glass of coke with plenty o ice & I lit up a cig what more could you ask for.

All in all it wasn’t a bad trip took 20 mins to get to somerleyton couple of boats moored on the free mooring & a few people fishing two mins later we hit somerleyton bridge which was reading over 8ft which will do me nicely. I got jewel through no problem then I noticed an Elysian 34 centre cockpit I doo lie the design of there cruisers even though there old give me one any day.

Coming towards u tide with him flooring it the wake was unreal I think it was Hi Endeavour most of it was while with red I think one of old high craft boats but don’t know who own it now. The person at the helm gave a cheeky wave as then went past I though what a complete load of smucks. Anyway sun was out only passed a few boats then one boat I did noticed was the sister ship to my friends boat Lady Lynda as there was only two ever made. my glass of coke was nearly depleted so I lit up a cig & started to think about past family holidays before I was in a world of my own before I new it we came up to the fork in the river straight on for oulton broad right for Beccles.

So right it is ten mins up river we came to the WRC (Waveney River Centre) could see freddy from the river & the place looked full so we carried on up river seen a lot of day boats that mad been rented out from the WRC that were coming from Beccles. Few nice places we spotted that you could moor up & just take in the surroundings we carried on I seen a nice couple of cruisers a nice looking canal boat a stunning carver.

We carried on up river not long about ten mins & came to a nice stretch of free mooring to the right of us & I noticed a sunken cruiser which I took a pick of. It started to get a little quit on the river as we approached a road bridge I new we hit Beccles it was a little packed but we was able to moor side on next to a water point. Once we was moored I tied off the bow line while Dave(dad) had the stern then I turned off the engine & opened the water inlet & filled up with water.

Not long after we was moored the harbour master came over £3 for six hours not bad we gladly payed him. As it hit 12:30 Dave(dad) Emma & Sarah decided to go with Dave(dad) to Morrison’s so they asked what people wanted before getting on there way. I picked up my camera & took a couple of photo’s of where we was moored then I hear a slurping noise then loads of water the water tanks full.

I put my camera on the dash turned off the house closed the water inlet & wound up the hose then I noticed a nice bounty struggling to moor it looked like radiant gem from Richardson’s they were glad of the help & said thank you which was nice. Went back onto the boat & the rest of the crew was starting to get a little hungry so I asked what would you like.

As we was getting some more food the ask for there microwave meals Jack Kate Daffyd stayed on the boat so got the meal out of the fridge got spoons out. I then went into the saloon set up the table switched on the inverter & nuked there meals once everyone was happy made then some bread & butter a nice cold drink job done. I poured myself a nice glass of coke with plenty of ice & had a smoke on the helm seat ahh heaven.

Once they had finished I put the empties in the bin wiped the table & put the glasses ECT in the sink. Now they was full I put some nickelback on the stereo & started to clean the inside of the boat. I swept up cleaned the kitchen cleaned the stove all the sides puts pans dried the pots & put them away finished the sweeping in the kitchen then once I finished out my backside in the helms seat had some of my coke which was at a cool temperature & had a cig.

Once I had finished I looked at my mobile to see what time it was it had gone 14:30 so daffyd gave his fiancé a call to see where they had got to her reply were on our way back. So I decided to give Herbert woods a call about getting the engineer out to sort out the roof. your in look one is in your area & can be with you with 20mins that will do me were at oulton broad yacht station no worries we have your contact details incase the engineer needs to get in contact with you.

Ten mins later the engineer arrived he jumped aboard pulled out the same cupboard & pulled out the sofa checked all the winch equipment & the something has happened again when winching the canopy down. we dint get told to push the canopy back to keep the cable tort so as its winding back one cable was getting wrapped around the drum which was causing the canopy to lift & jump the rails.

Dint take long to sort out but now we know what should be done it shouldn’t happen again it was a quick job but with there being manual winches it happens all the time. After he had double checked everything he said goodbye enjoy the rest of your holiday & left. I still had some coke left so I had a smoke & finished my coke off I then went on the bow of the boat to see what boats I could recognise & there makes when I noticed how clear the water was you could see the weed in the water.

I noticed Dave(dad) just starting to walk near the bridge so I lifter up the engine hatched checked the header tank & filters as when I was mooring up we was churning up the mud so not fast off bottom but nothing all clear. So once I had done that I noticed dad had stopped as he was talking to a fisherman so I stepped off the boat & walked to him picked up four bags of shopping not the

polaphine bangs these were huge. Guided Emma & Sarah back to the boat with the shopping plus they had two bags each.

Once Emma & Sarah got on the boat I passed the shopping to daffyd then shortly Dave(dad) with a box with about two pints on maggots in. then I noticed he had picked up a bottle of Ale I got him to say thank you to the fella who was fishing as he was going to throw them in anyway. Once Dave(dad) was on I told him that the engineer had popped round sorted out the canopy & we should push it back while winching the canopy down to keep the cables tort.

Dave(dad) then picked up the shopping & took it in to the galley then said we right for the off son yep ready when you are. I untied the bow line & gave the bow a big push off then sat in the helm seat & turned the engine over dad swing the boat round a touch then jumped on. I noticed for a good couple of hours a little rib looking to moor up while leaving Beccles I noticed it found a spot. Once we got past the little sailing club thingy. I got Dave(dad) asking where we off to I said we all agreed on mooring at the WRC (Waveney River Centre) so I found there number in the green book.

When I looked at my mobile it 4:30pm so I woundered if they was open so I gave them a call to see if I could reserve a mooring for a 46ft but it went straight to the answering machine anyway I left a message & hoped for the best. As it was quit on the water I let Sarah have another spin of jewel for around 40mins as we was in no rush I noticed we was only doing 1100rpm which is tick over. So I took the helm again Sarah asked if I would like another glass of coke I said yer with plenty of ice when she returned I lit a cig & enjoyed the cruise & notched jewel up to 1600rpm.

I had just finished my cig when I hear a loud whistle looked through the walked way to the patio doors where Dave(dad) was sitting in the well & said you have a boat coming up fast. So I stood up & looked at the stern & I noticed that little white rib coming up fast he must have been doing 10knots so I moved jewel over as far as I could without putting the crew on the bow & stern in danger of being hit by braches. Then when he new he had enough room he manoeuvred to the right & gunned it on the plane & he was away he must have been doing 20knots at least but watching what I was manovering jewel I forgot to take a photo the wash was unreal it lasted for aged bouncing from one side of the bank to the other.

I looked at my mobile it approaching 18:00 & I could see WRC approaching I slowed do to 1100rpm I did notice a reserved mooring side on where the day boats are moored. So we went for it with 1minuet we was moored I took the bow line Dave(dad) took the stern. No problem mooring up but the concrete mooring posts with the plastic on the outside don’t really help they wind you up more than anything. Now that was sorted me & Dave(dad) went over to the office but it was shut & a notice in the window to ask for Luke at the Waveney INN & he will sort you out with a mooring.

So we went to the Waveney inn asked for Luke the gent behind the called Luke over the two way radio then we noticed a Newfoundland behind the bar who was crashed out due to all this hot weather he was lying down in front of the fridge which was blowing cold ait out lovely dog called Max. I noticed Max had a small water bowl which was suited for a small jack Russell & though he needs a bloody bucket not a tiny bowl lol. Then as we turn around a little Lad who introduced himself at Luke sorted us out with our mooring.

Once we got the moorings sorted I asked the fella behind the bar do they reserve tables nope we don’t come in & pick one. So we went back to the boat asked the rest of the crew what were doing tonight they all said were eating out. Fair enough that will do us everybody got shower & glammed up when they got finished it was approaching 20:00 so come on you lot get a move on. While they were getting the last of there things together I wound up the canopy went onto the bow to put the window screen up the Dave(dad) winched the last little bit & while I was outside we sorted out the TV so we won’t need to sort it out when we got back.

We dint get a perfect signal but it was ok so the rest of the crew was outside ready to go I went back into the saloon picked up my cigs closed all the windows picked up the keys & mobiles & locked the patio door. Rite lets go get some food so we did little five min walk to the Waveney INN looked at the pamphlets that were up karaoke Fridays. So we went into the pub found a nice big table for all seven of us. I read out what was on the menu then we ordered & got a round of drinks.

While we were waiting for our food we got playing air hockey little disappointed as it was the small kid’s version not the really big table. Also got suckered in by the 2p machines which were fun then we went back to the table to finish off our drinks. Not long before we sat down our food arrived it all came out at the same time which was a plus nice sized portions fair prices. Was a little disappointed with my stake it could have been bigger but I am a big lad & need more than the skinny sods you all are lol lol.

But it all went down fine we had four rounds of drinks so while the rest of our crew went playing air hockey me & daffyd went to have a game of snooker while he won the first game just I won the second which was a white wash. Once we had finished our drinks we went into the main bar & collected the rest of our crew n10ot forgetting to say goodbye to Max.We headed off back to the boat once we reached the boat I unlocked the patio door & helped the rest of our crew aboard while me & Sarah had a smoke outside.

Come 8pm we went to the pub for a few drinks & a meal each.

I had 8oz rib eye with chips onion rings mushrooms & salad £10

three had stake & ale pie with boil new potatoes & veg £10 each

two 8oz Gammon stake with egg onion rings salad £10 each

one giant Yorkshire pudding 6" filled with mash veg two sausages & veg £10

I went back in to make my bed as everybody had gone to bed once my bed was made I plug in the laptop logged in to the forum started a thread about the WRC then logged off shut the lappy down & switched on the TV. I went into the galley make a quick butty poured a glass of coke with plenty of ice went back in to the saloon had a little browse on TV. nothing much on so I put harry potter on again I devoured my butty & while watching TV my glass off coke started to diminish once finished I turned off the inverted rolled over & fell asleep.

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice sliceice slice

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Perhaps next time you go on holiday we should ahave a forum sweepstake, guessing how much coke you'll drink! :dance

Hi Pete

i am realy fussy when it comes to drinks

Jonny ice sliceice sliceice slice

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