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Broads Archaeology

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15 minutes ago, Gracie said:

This should be interesting, seeing as we've got quite a few old Relics on the Forum, don't you think? :naughty:


p.s Just kidding :kiss:hiding:

JM Do you read what that young wench is saying about you!:naughty: As for calling Timbo a relic....words fail me....for once :shocked


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I don't mind being old...it's looking it that is annoying!

Some advice on metal detecting for MM:

Avoid carrying out this activity whilst wearing steel toe capped boots. An undergrad was once let loose in a cowpasture with one of these things. Over fifty test pits dug before I got back from my liquid lunch and pointed out the obvious errors.

But to start the archaeology ball rolling here is a film by the University of Birmingham regarding the work done at Beccles and Geldeston on the discovery of an Iron Age walkway...which incidentally hammers more than a few 'posts' into the vampire of the Great Estuary Theory.

And for those that really must here is the grossly flawed archaeological overview adopted by the Broads Authority.http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/506421/The-Archaeology-of-the-Broads-A-Review.pdf

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Tim, if you think thats bad, try using a cable locator, of course on site you have to wear steel toecaps - the best two things I ever found was the sensors for a prison fence (which made finding the cables rather tricky between 2 20 foot wire fences, and the security sensor wire around Mohammed Al Fayeds country estate, also when trying to find the supply cable.

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