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  1. Thanks for your messages. My wife is dropping me in Norwich (and then shopping [emoji16]) and then picking me up later as we live on the east coast. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  2. Thanks for your advice. After getting some quotes I plan to have a go myself. Currently swotting up on YouTube video's Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. Hey howard, thanks for the message. When I last kayaked from Norwich to Reedham it took me about 5 hours and that was with lots of stops as I wasn't pushing it at all. As a result I reckon I could do that first section in about 4 hours which would mean about 5 miles per hour (I think)??
  4. Hey everyone, On Thursday I'm planning to kayak from Central Norwich to Oulton Broad. I've done from Norwich to Reedham before. However, beyond Reedham I know the tides/currents start to have a major impact. Can anyone tell me what I should expect (current) if I'm going with an ebbing tide: A. when I turn right into The New Cut B. When I turn right from The New Cut onto River Waveney C. When the current changes and starts pulling you towards Oulton Broad D. Anything else I should be aware of. Thanks Adam
  5. Hello, I have a brilliant old sea kayak. However it needs a fresh paint and some minor repairs (spider cracks on the inside of the bulkhead ). I was wondering if you know of a place in Norfolk where I could get this work done. Also, any idea how much this will cost. I've attached some pictures .... Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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