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  1. hi everyone i was wondering if anyone can help me, i am looking for a mudweight stainless and heavy enough for 32' birchwood challenger. im guessing around 15kg may be enough? thanks mark.
  2. you have far to much time on your hands!!
  3. good advice boat builder would be obvious choice thanks.
  4. yes i am aware of possible problems but if its only 12" longer and made properly if poss, i think stern mooring should be still ok, just need professional fitting and design.
  5. Hi All, Just spent a lovely weekend boating and have found a possible upgrade for our boat, if it could be achieved? i would like to know your views and any recommendations for people or yards capable, if there are any and my idea isn't stupidity! We have a small access door on the stern of our boat and a small swim deck area, i would be interested on your views regarding extending the swim deck by a about a foot, i have attached a photo, i was thinking teak decking over the top of our original deck, with perhaps stainless brackets underneath as supports, any ideas on whether this is possible and any recommendations for people /yards capable? If it is poss it would make a much nicer access for elderly parents, if not we can't take them hmmmm maybe not such a good idea after all .
  6. Hi Alan, we are not entirely sure, sales site said 9'3" but we have the original build book which says 8'6" both with mast lowered. will measure accurately one weekend. which means cant do wroxham to coltishall, but used to keep our old boat in porter and hayletts yard so have been up down there a lot, and probably cant do ludham bridge, but again spent a few years at wayford so have been all over there. we spend nearly every weekend in spring,summer,autumn, on our boats as we have a love of the water, and love fishing bird spotting, wildlife and obviously the odd beer or three. cheers mark
  7. hi, finally managed to buy the boat my wife fell in love with, at last we are back on the water, lovely mooring at Acle all sorted, thanks to everyone who's advice i duly ignored, thanks anyway. its 32 feet long 12'3" wide single volvo penta diesel (2.0 litre austin montego engine) or perkins prima. we love it!!
  8. hi anybody know where i can purchase a stainless steel mud weight? i have just purchased a boat which originally was on the Thames, and has a normal anchor, i would love a proper posh mud weight. cheers mark.
  9. hi all, apparently Reedham rail bridge is closed on the weekend of 23rd march, i have just bought a boat which i need to move on that weekend, from brundall to acle, the air draft of said boat is 9'3" if the bridge is closed does it mean does it mean i cannot go under? or is it just that they cannot open the bridge, and will i go under it without it opening? anyone on this site able to give me advice about this, its closed for signalling works allegedly, and any information would be very useful. thanks mark.
  10. thanks fred, i have emailed Acle this evening i will keep you all informed. cheers.
  11. thanks, but i dont want to buy or should i say cant afford to as im buying a boat. i also think i saw that and was restricted to a 27' boat as its stern on. thanks anyway.
  12. quick update just discovered actual air draft 9'3" i am absolutely convinced that 3 inches makes all the difference, its a man thing.
  13. thanks great advice, already did the make it yours option, with a bounty 30, trouble is making it ours cost upwards of 20k, the boat we are looking at requires no work, if i can find a nice reasonably priced mooring i am going to make an offer, as i also think wroxham to norwich is a lot of river. im thinking my wife loves the boat and i like it a lot so its probably a keeper, just going to let them sweat for a few days while i check out moorings, then put in an offer and keep fingers crossed. thanks mark.
  14. yes i may agree with you, but would prefer it to be this side, i like the southern side, but would prefer this side if poss, i assume yarmouth bridges wouldn't be a problem at low water, hopefully!! would have prefered proper broads boat, but in comparison seem really expensive and most really tired ex hire craft.
  15. hi i thought yarmouth bridges wouldn't be a problem at low tide? or am i mistaken?
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