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  1. Thank you very much for all of your help! I got the mast down today with the help of two excellent friends, it wasn’t too bad! My conclusion is that a gin pole system will allow this single handed probably without an a frame and then the easiest thing will be to detach the mast from the hinged base. As always a bit of help from friends helped a lot. I would definitely be looking for a tabernacle in the next boat, but fitting one to the current one would mean compromising the seaworthiness, not something I want to do! Thank you
  2. This is an example of a metal tabernacle fitted on exactly the same boat, I think the advantage of aluminium masts means that generally a counterweight is not needed, rather an a frame and then using the jib halyard as a winch off the bow roller. Im really not an expert but hoping that someone knows who might undertake this work on the broads!
  3. New to the forum, looking for help! Newly purchased sail cruiser, modest, elderly but functional! Currently has a deck stepped mast on a hinge but only with a crude mast-crutch which was used to transport her to the broads. This is a pretty bargain basement bilge keep cruiser (Sunray 21) but as a family we are now happily on the water and looking to expand our range on the broads. I see many enviable a-frame, tabernacle, gin pole arrangements all around on similar boats. Im looking to get the hinge converted to a tabernacle. My question is - who should I approach to do such a job and does anyone have any idea how much it might cost? For reference the boat was bought for less than £1500, and although I’m looking to upgrade, any improvements have to bear in mind the value of the boat! If I don’t go for a full A-frame solution and tabernacle can anyone suggest a different one I may have not thought of? Thank you for any suggestions!
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