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  1. Hi, I have a 17f mini yacht and I need a basic mooring n the southern Broads! any sugestions? cheers trev
  2. Hi I’m still looking for a very basic mooring anywhere on the Broads, preferably on the Southern, but would take anything. no facilities needed, just somewhere to tie my boat up between sails. thanks in advance. cheers trev
  3. Hi again, i did just that for years at Rutland Water before I moved to Norfolk. im now not strong enough, due to my increasing years and past health issues to either raise nor drop the mast, nor hitch up the trailer. ive considered caravan movers, powered winches where the winch is attached to my tow bar, and lowered into the water. the easiest way for me to continue sailing is either a side on mooring on the river, or a swinging mooring on Wroxham Broad, where all I have to do is launch my tender, start her 2 stroke engine, motor out to the mooring and bobs your uncle!
  4. Hi Alan, I'll certainly pass on your regards to Jon, he's a top bloke! not getting anywhere trying to find a mooring for our mini yacht, I've had some silly quotes of around £265 for 3 months, whereas I can pop her on a swinging mooring at our yacht club, on Wroxham Broad for £353, so that's probably where we will keep her next year! happy sailing/cruising cheers trev
  5. Hi Alan, thanks for that, I'm also a member of the Southern Crusader syndicate moored next to Ranworth Breeze.....small world or what?
  6. Hi Ray, thanks for that, I've tried replying via email but my replies bounce back to me, any ideas?
  7. How do I reply to a comment, as I can't seem to figure it out?
  8. Hi all, we are newbies, glad to be part of the community! we have a 17ft sailing boat and we require a mooring, we don't need electricity etc, just somewhere to moor the boat between sailings. Can anyone suggest where to start our search? many thanks in advance. cheers trev
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