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  1. Hi

    I’m looking for some ideas of where would be a good spot from Coltishall? We’re in a 42 foot Voyager from Richardson’s. 3 teenage boys and a dog.

    So far we’ve stayed at Ludham bridge, Salhouse Broad and tonight Coltishall.

    Boys really want to be in the water! We’ve rented a SUP first thing tomorrow (7-9am!) but apart from that all kayaks and SUPs are booked out everywhere! Kicking myself that we didn’t bring an inflatable.

    We’re planning to head off after breakfast and would really appreciate some tips of where to go as the temperature rises! 33C on Friday! Boat to go back Monday.

    Thank you! 

  2. Thanks all! Decided against the dinghy which was probably the right call but really wishing we’d brought our inflatable kayak (couldn’t fit it in the car!)

    We stayed at Ludham bridge which was perfect. 

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  3. Just here just now and it’s taking forever!!!! Husband doing the safety check at the moment but we’ve still to load the boat with stuff and food shop (plus 3 kids and dog!) Thought we’d just go with the flow but think we need to be organised tonight. All very CV friendly but downside is no one really to ask and all regimented queues! 

  4. 30 minutes ago, Cal said:

    That's just not good enough for a holiday breakfast.


    Has to be sausage, bacon, black pudding, hash brown, toast, scrambled egg, mushrooms, grilled tomato and beans.

    Don’t forget the haggis slice- we are Scottish! 

  5. Thanks again! I think it will be good to switch off the technology a bit, so no laptops or dongles. They’re all really keen on the boat idea and love jumping in and generally being buffoons so hopefully it will all go swimmingly. :default_party0001: 

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  6. 45 minutes ago, RumPunch said:

    Crikey - that's my annual berth, insurance, BSC and toll, then my dinghy berth, club membership, tax and insurance  and still a bit left over ! ( Canoe licence ? )

    Makes you realise how lucky those who can afford ( just ! ) their own boats are

    I know, shocker!!!!

  7. 34 minutes ago, stumpy said:

    Good choice of boat and cracking advice from all. Another handy hint,especially as there may be restricted access to pubs is to have a stash of tinned/ packet grub for a couple of meals,just in case you can't get a mooring near enough to your hostelry of choice. Of course you'll already have supplies for the obligatory bacon banjo breakfast!

    Yes definitely pasta and pesto! Another tip we were given when motor homing was Marks and Spencers tinned curries etc... are actually really nice. They’re quite pricey but  could come in handy. I would never normally eat a tinned curry but its not just any tinned curry... :default_biggrin:

    ps what’s a banjo breakfast?!

    pos we have an Iceytek coolbox we may bring if we can fit it in the car. Keeps cool for a week, handy to sit on too.


  8. 2 minutes ago, CambridgeCabby said:

    Martham are a fantastic yard and their boats truly wonderful , more basic certainly but they go under all the bridges so give you a larger cruising range particularly on the North they are also exceptional value compared to the newer grand offerings .

    If your boys are happy with a more basic (but comfortable) boat then they are most definitely worth considering but be quick there are not many left 

    Thank you! They do look beautiful. In the end we were seduced by the sliding canopy of the Richardson’s Voyager!

  9. 15 minutes ago, NeilB said:

    Personality I would say you picked the best boat out of the 2.  Hope you have a great time !


    Thanks and phew as I had to make a quick  decision! It was a bit spendy  at £2K. I think we’ll book a dinghy too, I’ve to call back in a fortnight to book.

  10. 22 minutes ago, grendel said:

    tow it along behind and get one of the lads to move it to the front when approaching a stern on mooring, we take 3 dinghies each year on our lads week with 4 boats and 24 lads. just tow along slightly out of the prop wash or it will fill with water washing up the centreboard case.

    Wow - would keep them off their phones anyway 🙈😁

  11. 8 minutes ago, CambridgeCabby said:

    Don’t worry , yes it’s narrow and twists but it is beautiful and a marvellous journey to Loddon basin , which ever boat you hire I’m sure you will love it .

    when deciding on your boat it is always a good thing to look at boats that are two berths bigger than your needs (budget permitting) that way you should be able to have a boat where you don’t need to make up a temporary berth every night .
    One bit of advise , if you decide you want to visit Gt Yarmouth with the family I would recommend mooring (if on the north) at Acle and catching a bus or cab into Yarmouth as opposed to Yarmouth Yacht Station .

    you don’t need a planned itinerary , just go where you feel like when you get up in the morning , there is a free paper called the Broadcaster you can pick up from your boatyard that has a useful map that lists facilities .

    Yes bigger boats can be harder to moor / manoeuvre, just make sure you always take things slowly and remember the stern swings out when turning , if budget permits the newer large Richardson boats are very very good they also have the benefit of stern and bow thruster plus a reversing camera  .



    That’s great, thank you! Torn between the lovely wooden Matham vintage ones and the bells and whistles reversing camera. I’m not sure we want a 7 berther?! We managed 2 weeks in the Outer Hebrides in a 6 berth motor home, mind you the kids were a lot smaller then. They’re all man sizes these days 😁

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