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  1. Thats exactly the problem I am having so I agee I think 4g is the way forward. I am hoping someone on here has experience of the best network as my phone network 3, is rubbish. The online signal checkers give EE as having a good signal , but I know these are not that accurate .
  2. Hi yes have tried them all none of them gives me a great reception
  3. Hi based at Tingdene Brundall and struggle to get a decent WiFi signal to run a remote security camera, have asked the question on here re wifi boosters but it looks like best way to go is a separate mobile wifi unit. In which case is there anyone on here who currently uses a mobile device and gets a good signal in the marina.I am on 3 and its sketchy to say the least thx
  4. Hi can anyone recommend a WiFi booster, My marina has WiFi and I am not too far from a post, however the WiFi dips in and out on my boat. Is there anything out there that I can plug in on the boat to boost the signal from the marina WiFi to make the signal stronger and more stable? Thx
  5. Thanks, is there a model number as all the ones I have looked at dont seem to have the external aerial. Did you get it through o2 or on its own and then add a data sim?
  6. Hi can I ask what make and model it is as I am looking for one thx
  7. Think I am going to buy this from marine tech that someone has suggested on another forum, looks like might do the job. Marine tech Lalizas boat toilet disinfectant dispenser unit £13.25
  8. Actually v good point , I'm assuming that when they did the job they were careful but maybe not. When we can get up again will get the marigolds on and go for a delve underneath!!!!
  9. Yeh only this year, but the electric toilet and all fittings are brand new just b4 I bought it , hence why I am pointing the finger at the river water especially as its not even been used for a no 2 yet lol
  10. Tbh to try and get rid of the smell. If there was an option to pump in the blue stuff as per a caravan I wud take that. Agree its a boat not a hotel, but a caravan isn't a hotel either but that doesn't stink every time you open the toilet door.
  11. Its a Jabsco not sure of model, mind you the cynic in me wonders if Jabsco say that to ensure you buy the mod kit at £500 lol.
  12. Hi is there a kit out there to adapt a sea flush toilet to have the option to use freshwater from the tank to flush. Ideally I would like the option to switch between fresh and river water thx
  13. Thanks Griff will set it up the same tomorrow
  14. Hi going to the boat tomorrow to complete the winterisation before lock down. She will be on shore power with a couple of tube heaters and an oil filled rad on froststats. My question is while on shore power do I leave the battery charger on and charging both the engine battery bank and the domestics, or just the domestics or none? Hopefully this is my last dumb question of the season.
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