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  1. Hi As I am sure to need work on my engines eventually. Do members have some suggestions for decent engineers in the Brundall area. Also same question relating to marine electricians thx
  2. I need a new shore power cable and am wondering whether the cable I have for my caravan will suffice. However having looked around the marina some boats seem to have mega chunky cables, so am wondering if boat cabling is higher ampage for some reason.
  3. I need to disconnect my clipper depth gauge to remove a panel, If I disconnect it from the power will I need to re calibrate/ set it up again or will it store the data?
  4. Hi has anyone any experience of the costs involved and any recommendations for companies that offer the service to clean and polish a 33ft boat on the Broads. I am Thinking that after I have purchased all the gear required to do the job is it more cost effective to pay someone to do it. Thx
  5. Hi has anyone got any recommendations for a gas safe registered marine engineer in the Brundall area. Need a new cooker fitting in the future thx
  6. I am relatively new to the broads , but am I the only one who finds that anything to do with the broads authority is over complicated and entails reams of paperwork filling. I got registered for online tolls, at this point I thought it would be easy to add a tender onto the system to enable me to pay my dues on it along with my main boat. I Couldn't find any way to do it so called the Authority up only to be told I have to fill out all the forms again for a new application. Is it just me or does this sound ridiculously long winded and a waste of paper?
  7. Hi Has anyone got experience of a decent, reliable marine electrician in the Brundall area? Thx
  8. Thanks I suspected it probably wouldn't be efficient enough
  9. Hi just wondering if its possible to use my calorifier to heat a couple of radiators. If so what is needed? Or is there a mod to change eberspacher blown air heating to run a couple of rads? Thx
  10. Thats exactly the problem I am having so I agee I think 4g is the way forward. I am hoping someone on here has experience of the best network as my phone network 3, is rubbish. The online signal checkers give EE as having a good signal , but I know these are not that accurate .
  11. Hi yes have tried them all none of them gives me a great reception
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