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  1. Yes I'm pretty sure it does
  2. Another thing I was wondering you experienced boaters might know, if not I'm sure the boat yard will tell me but are you able to have the warm air heating running on the boat once you've stopped and moored and the engine is no longer running? Or does it only work when traveling along and engine on? Thanks
  3. So do the pubs generally take a booking for a table, for the mooring or both if I was to ring up in advance to book? Thanks
  4. We definitely intend on using the pubs for evening meals and we'll be sorting our own breakfasts out on the boat.
  5. Hi everyone. Wow lots of replies. Only just now had got the chance to sit down and read them all properly and reply. Yes we're going during half term week (that's if Boris doesn't lock the country down again). My two girls are 11 and 8 so not too young. Thanks for the many tips and advice. I'll look into booking a table/ mooring at horning and consider giving Yarmouth a miss. Maybe we'll taxi into there from somewhere else. We wanted to visit there to go to the circus at the hypodrome.
  6. Hi everyone. Thank you for accepting me to the group. Having only previously been on the broads as a child I have my first boating holiday as an adult with my family coming up in a couple of weeks. I have booked the prince of light from herbert woods Potter heigham for 4 nights. Its probably been asked a 1000 times but looking for any tips/advice for a newbie, especially for this time of year when its alot colder. I'm thinking of leaving Potter heigham and stopping at horning the first night. Second night stopping the the acle Inn after visiting Wroxham. 3rd night/day spendi
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