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Irresponsible Behaviour


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Last week I reported Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx to BA  for a coaching boat speeding when the boat its supposed to be coaching was 200 yards behind him , he was asked politely to slow down and flatly refused in fact he turned his head away .

Today traveling from brundall to Norwich the same coaching boat with the same person at the helm lead a 8 man rowing skull into a live water skiing area and very nearly got swamped , they then turned around and began following me but a long way behind , after awhile it was obvious they were catching me my speed behind a meer 4mph and approximately 20 feet from the bank because of the overhanging trees In the area , said rowing skull was now at speed 40 -50 feet behind me and gaining quickly , its oars were over halfway over the width of my transom meaning the skull was approximately 2 feet off the side of my boat , a collision was imminent hence I hit the horn , rowers look round and just in time pulled in their oars on that side the row locks hitting at least 3 Fender's on my boat , now being an 8 man boat there's a cox that's facing in the direction of travel and he can steer the boat , incidentally the coaching boat is all the time alongside them knowing full well what is happening as he is looking straight at them and me , I honestly believe if I had not hit the horn the guys rowing wouldn't have had a clue before they hit me .

All of this was reported to BA immediately and as luck would have it I got the same person who I spoke to last week , she took a very dim view on this latest Incident and trust me apparently I'm not the only one reporting them or so I was told .there will be an accident at some point on the upper yare that's for certain if this behaviour continues but I'm assured by BA that they are going to address these individuals asap and not a moment too soon , most of the rowers use common sense and abide by the bylaws including most of the Xxxxxxx rowing club coach's of which I'm on speaking terms with quite a few iv even towed one of there coaching boats back to whitlingham a couple of yrs back when it broke down so its not as if if got it in for them but Xxxxxxx Xxxxxx seam to think that nothing in the bylaws is applied to them , even Xxxxx Xxxxxx when he was head of ranger services told me that they think they own the river n that's yrs ago .

So take care traveling especially between bramerton and Norwich .

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