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Broom Scorpio Probably 1974

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Hi, there, I've just joined today. I've had many good times on the Broads, surprisingly (to me, at least) for the first time in 1966 with a bunch of friends in a wooden cruiser, rented I think from Reedham.

Anyway, the reason for this post is that I just purchased this Scorpio from a neighbour as a project. In general, it's in pretty good condition for its age, but it does need a new windscreen. Any help you could provide to source either an original or maybe you know a business who could make one, would be great!

I've done the Google searches of course, but not come up with much.

I live in Surrey. It's been on the Thames for quite a few years, I believe. If anyone has any history of this boat (unnamed, I believe, but I'll be getting the paperwork shortly) that would be very interesting to me.

Thanks in advance



Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 10.25.10.png

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Welcome Tony,

I recently sold my Broom Scorpio. I replaced the windscreen myself, a right pig of a job.

If you have the original it can be used as a template. I used a company from Cambridge, it wasn't a great fit.

A good source of advice is a facebook group, Broom Speed Boats.

Good luck.


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Well, thank you Mark, that was a quick reply! There is no windscreen unfortunately, but I do have the frame - and the boat of course.

I was hoping that I could find someone who can make on up, either in decent glass or acrylic. It's on a trailer, so I could go pretty much anywhere. I don't need an excuse to drive to Norfolk! I'll keep looking.

Thanks again.


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4 minutes ago, ExSurveyor said:

The rarest part is the chrome trim.

Sadly I threw the original screen away last year or you would have been welcome to it.

I noticed you have a teak deck on the bow of yours Mark, was that an optional feature or did you have it fitted?


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