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  1. Hi Jim,


    That's a great offer thank you.


    Basically I need a neon transformer with a normal 240 input, from which two HT wires come out with crocodile clips or pins on the end, these are placed into the wood with a saline solution on the surface between the clips and the current is turned on so effectively the high voltage creeps from the contacts across the wood and burns the fractal images into the wood. so I need a transformer without the circuit protection.


    Please instill on the supplier there is no come back on them as I appreciate the potential risks involved and will not be using the transformer for the task it was designed for.


    If you have any luck you can reach me via 077950 577850 or stuartdoe@hotmail.co.uk I am happy to pay the going rate for a suitable unit, new or used makes no difference as long as it will do the job.

    I have attached the details of the current one which is not suitable due to the circuitry protection.

    Again my thanks




    1. Jim


      Hi Stuart,


      Now I can see what you want to achieveI  I did Google the art and most seem to be using old microwave transformers and the like which may not be safe.

      If I were you, I would give RS components a call and speak to their helpline. Tell them what you need and they should be able to point you in the right direction plus a safe and sound unit.


      All the Best




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