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  1. Wildfuzz

    Fishing Season

    I use a fly rod a lot on the Broads often with great results, but only in season. Makes a nice change from sitting with a feeder.
  2. Wildfuzz

    Ellie Smells!

    Hey I am an Old Spice fan, got a couple of bottles on the go from the local drug store, it gets more comments than me posh aftershave to (positive ones that is) and in my desk drawer is a bottle of Brut! they are back in vogue.... but it is Norfolk!
  3. Wildfuzz

    Relive The Fifties At Hemsby

    A great weekend was had by all, some brilliant groups on the stages from early afternoon till the early hours. All the cars and trucks up and down beach road, and a Sunday trip on the Mississippi from Horning with a live band and 50`s DJ. The whole camp site has been upgraded by Richardson's and is pretty darn good. Ended up in a lodge with a hot tub...... Result! No back to the present day in the office.............
  4. http://www.hemsbyrocknroll.co.uk/ If any of you love the sound of the fifties this weekend is the Hemsby Rock n Roll weekender. The little café at the bottom of the strip (Opposite the American diner) usually has live bands playing during the day. The rest of the strip also looks like a fifties film set with the clothing, hairstyles and cars. Something different if you like that era. S.
  5. Wildfuzz

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    What a fantastic group of people. This thread has put my faith back in mankind. Very moving.
  6. Wildfuzz

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Come on guys I need a fix of what's going on. It's 3pm here in Malta, that's beer o'clock and no updates!!!!!!!!
  7. Wildfuzz

    Diy Sos (forum Style)

    Well, I'm sitting here in Malta with a cool beer and a cigar, must admit I would dearly love to be with you this weekend. I hope you have an enjoyable an productive couple of days. Tonight it is Eurovision, nibbles and more beer. Look after Timbo and keep an eye on that suitcase of medication, and no parties
  8. Wildfuzz

    Wood Care-not Boats

    Sand back to good clean wood and treat with Danish oil, or osmo, reapply a required and defo store in the garage to protect it.
  9. Wildfuzz

    Horning Boat Show

    Nice to meet some of you. Had a quick chat with my colleagues then a cool beer on the riverside. Mrs W manged to buy some vintage seventies material so her day was made. I am off for a few days now so catch up on my return.
  10. Wildfuzz

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

    Makes me feel better that.
  11. Wildfuzz

    Horning Boat Show

    Best use my real name, otherwise it may be taken the wrong way....... and no key ring lol....
  12. Wildfuzz

    Horning Boat Show

    The Broads Beat boys and girls will be there, even the new sergeant is on duty, so drop in and say Hi, they are a great bunch and very helpful, mention my name and you may get a free key ring!!!!!! Lol. (Or escorted off site!)
  13. Wildfuzz

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

    According to the interweb I should be 12.5 stone, goodness at 6` 1" and "big boned" I would look pretty unhealthy. Makes you wonder how accurate this all is
  14. Wildfuzz

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

  15. Wildfuzz

    What Would You Do?

    I think my swimming shorts were those old knitted things which used to expand like an old nappy so you had to hang on tight when diving.....

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