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  1. She will make her own place in your affections and will fill her own boots in time.
  2. Hope you both had a good time
  3. In Brilliant on a cold night I wear a fleece and pull up the hood, and joggers and socks! Have as much bedding under as over on the bunk if possible. Using heating when you are asleep on a boat is not something I would do.
  4. The quiz is deferred until next week on account of various gallivanting regulars being away enjoying themselves. 🙂
  5. I have not forgotten....what a suggestion! Quiz 9/10/20 Section 1 Who am I? Section 2, The Silver Screen Section 3 Pirates Section 4 Lockdowns Section 5 Great Escapes Section 6 A cloud of unknowing. Enter Username - no password required; https://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ The quiz is at 8.30 and everyone is welcome. j
  6. What? A crumbling ruin? Surely not! 🤪
  7. Basically ‘Yes’ to compliance Griff. The social media outlets are now increasingly held to account as ‘editors’ of the content. So ignoring that change might prove to be unhealthy.😷
  8. We came to the Broads and discovered sailing. We owned a boat on the Nene, and had many other boating holidays on the canals. Last year we had a Thames holiday and most years we make it to the Lake District. Of all these, the Broads has been the most rewarding.
  9. I don’t think I mentioned the day we spent mending Brilliant’s shelter. Phill has done his arm a mischief so I was up the ladder Some 12 to 15 ft replacing the rope lashing the gables of the shelter to the rest of it. UV had done for the original. Spiders up top and stingers below added to the joy of that job. I am standing on the stern of Brilliant to take the photo so about 5ft up. The wind and rain were all outside once the job was done so I am happy with that secure for winter job.
  10. Polly’s Caravan survived the tow relay home really happily with one mysterious exception...the loo roll looked like an Andrex puppy had got hold of it with a massive concertina on the washroom floor as a result. I will take that. 😀 We now need to solve the car issue, and no, Timbo I do not wish to hitch it to a pony. Our very good mechanic has been inundated with work so the car has been sitting waiting for his investigation since Monday when the AA dropped it at his garage. We either get a reliable fix or a new car, until then, Polly’s Caravan is comfortably sitting on our dri
  11. Thursday We looked at the worsening weather and decided to head home with Polly’s Caravan. All went well and we left Upton at 10. It didn’t last long!! The car lost power on the A47 and I just made it into Hethersett/Thickthorn Services where we called ‘International Rescue’, actually Mayday Caravan and Motorhome Club Recovery. Thunderbird 1 came and attempted surgery, the theory was that it was a coil. It wasn’t and current thinking, excuse the pun, is that it is the alternator+ other possible issue. We were now awaiting Thunderbird 3 to tow us to 5 Ways on the A 11 where
  12. Please get a Carbon Monoxide alarm. It costs peanuts and could save your life with that diesel heater. And yes take all the advice about ventilating really seriously too. I wonder if a load of cheap damp absorbent crystals packs would help as well, most people have them aboard in winter. Bilges you might think of a few packs of wood based cat litter to absorb moisture.
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