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  1. Have you identified the mobile ‘poo’ you found? 👍Possibly a ground beetle larva?
  2. Is the solar panel actually practical or is it decorative?
  3. This is a welcome advance notice of our Spring event. All members are welcome. We usually start with a Cruise In Company from Ranworth, to Salhouse Broad, with the main event activity then at Salhouse. There will be sign-up opportunity nearer the time, this ‘heads up’ is so that hirers can book their boats. 🥂🍷🍹🍰🍺🍔
  4. Peter, I thought I was looking at the real lettering! Awesome!
  5. We are planning a flying visit to Whelptons this week, but with Phill shielding it is a logistical nightmare.
  6. Nobody remember the Mods and Rockers fighting at Hastings then?
  7. The outer broad at South Walsham is a lovey spot.
  8. Polly

    Staying On Boats

    If you want a balanced and carefully researched view on Coronavirus stuff, check out Dr John Campbell’s daily YouTube offering.
  9. Polly

    My Day

    For the avoidance of doubt...we drove past! 😋
  10. Polly

    My Day

    We drove round Rushden Lakes on our way back from Waitrose. The queue for Primark was about 150 people. M&S nil, Boots 2, Clark’s Shoes 3. I am sure a lot of them were getting kids clothing as three months is a lot of growing time.
  11. Polly

    My Day

    Sewing again! NHS scrub bags done earlier in the lockdown check 100 or so face masks (sorry coverings) finished- friends and family. Check Saturday was operation dinghy cover. I threw away the Weathermax colour sampler about 8 days ago as I thought it was not required, so naturally the old dinghy cover split shortly after bin collection day.😑 The old cover, cheap and cheerful fabric from EBay had uv degraded at last-after a reasonable time, it has to be said. I rang the sail loft at our local chandlery. “What colour can I get to go with British Racing Green?” ”Not sure, someone has wandered off with my colour book.” ”You too?” We commiserated and checked the website. Steve recommended a charcoal grey with a lighter yarn woven in and I went for that. A couple of days later, he rang to say it was in. We drove over and he did a contactless delivery into the car. Result. I like Weathermax, it is light and very high spec, so the new cover went together quite fast. I just need to do eyelets tomorrow and job’s a good’un.. Spiderman and generally Marvel masks...sorry coverings.
  12. Ok by me. We have Zoe for the last week in September, if we can go on account of shielding.
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