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  1. Actually it was Grendel not Beowulf, just sayin’
  2. Where can the point be made yet again that keeping the navigation open sustains the landscape, so boating, subject to reducing diesel use, becomes ‘sustainable tourism’?
  3. Bringing new areas into NP status like the Cotswolds sounds good, but how will that benefit the area? Broad brush (sorry about the pun) of all areas equally could reduce their individuality....Sandford!!
  4. Mike has suggested I try a 20 questions, if anyone is up for that we can give it a go.
  5. Sanding and scraping again! Phill and I are down from today until the end of next week.
  6. We are down from today working on Brilliant and have your panels.
  7. My first stop for appliances is ao. They are online but happy to advise on the phone, they are also fast and goods arecompetitively priced..
  8. We stayed in a friend’s Mobile Home at Burgh Castle Marine, it is a private site and has lovely views.
  9. Is this on the Acle straight? We saw one transaction apparently taking place there, clearly a kid being bought a pony. Some of the horses were beautiful matched chestnuts and others were heavy horses. They all looked in good condition.
  10. Polly


    I think this thread would gladden the heart of the Mail journalist. I knew of the Bangladesh work, it was featured in their own publication. My regular donation stands.
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