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  1. Polly

    Loddon Staithe

    They are higher on the canals.
  2. Polly

    My Day

    This one is a Timbo Picture of a flying fish
  3. Polly

    My Day

    Crew shirts next.. it’s a BIG crew!!!!
  4. Polly

    My Day

    Yesterday was a marathon on the sail cover so as to finish it for the weekend. The zip went in, hooray for double sided tape, which also helps waterproof the seams, cool.
  5. Ohhh can I get the full race in Virgin?? I just thought it was C4 only for me. I am not paying loads extra to see the Season. The C4 coverage was good given their limited franchise.
  6. Our weekend aboard BA 'won' in a charity auction is still remembered fondly by the family members who came. Why? It is because Griff went the extra mile and more to make it a very good experience. Hats off!
  7. Great news about your hearing Andrew!
  8. Quiz night is at 8.30 folks, all welcome!
  9. Nah Granny Ogg, I swear I heard strains of The Hedgehog Song drifting out from under RT at one point.
  10. Soooooo, having accidentally won, I get to set the quiz for Friday. Sections will be; Famous Tims Star Trek Voyages of Discovery Roald Dahl Great Yarmouth General Mayhem. See you there? Friday 8.30
  11. Sad news, I have missed them on the Forum and at meets of recent times. Sincere condolences to Clive and the family.
  12. Polly

    Upton Dyke

    Great food at the pub and a well stocked local store too.
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