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  1. Polly

    Nbn Spring Gathering

    Keep the bookings coming folks!
  2. Polly

    Nbn Quiz Night

    The quiz was well attended, thanks all for coming. Mike won with an outstanding 18 points, and showed a unsuspected familiarity with the Bible, bless!
  3. Polly

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Who said that? In the Bible Winter Heroes Villans and Antiheroes Made in?? General Confusion
  4. Polly

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Quiz nite to nite!!! 8.30 All welcome!
  5. Polly

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    We will be open tonight, ALL welcome!
  6. Polly

    Good News Had To Share

    It would be on my list too.
  7. Great thread Helen!
  8. Polly

    Pubs Open

    Yes it’s easy to look strange in there
  9. Polly

    Pubs Open

    It’s open
  10. Polly


    It so depends on the boat and where you moor her. We have always been lucky with mooring, good people giving an eye on a more or less daily basis. Our first boat was plastic and low cost, we spent on extras as we chose. Now we own Brilliant, it’s a costlier process because she is a wooden boat; she is lovely, but a higher maintenance lady!
  11. Polly

    Winter Cruising

    Maybe it’s been fixed by now?
  12. Polly

    Well Done Lewis

    I loove Kimi Raikonnen, he is so much his own person and let's the circus go on around him without being too bothered. I recall David Coultard saying that he's a real party animal in fact, 'just add alcohol'
  13. Polly

    Well Done Lewis

    I followed up the Anthony Hamilton angle. He's on record as saying he thinks he should have stopped managing Lewis as soon as he got the first World Championship, but hung on too long.
  14. Polly

    Well Done Lewis

    MM. The top 5% of earners contribute 26% or so of tax revenue, we can't afford too many non Dom earners. For the record, I think Lewis Hamilton deserves his 5 th Championship win.i also think that he conducts himself well as a driver and is a pretty good role model.
  15. Polly

    Well Done Lewis

    He is a great driver, he knows he owes his family and team and says so. All good, so far, however, the private jet tax loophole reported last year, is unworthy if he wants to be respected as a British sports leader. I am cool with him having homes anywhere he likes, but think the primary home for tax purposes should be the UK.

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