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  1. I would have scarpered at the phrase ‘doggie hospital’ infantile!
  2. Every little helps. And he does inspire youngsters.
  3. As long as her name is not Emma.... I think the honour should be given, maybe when he ‘retires’ and is able to do more for youngsters...?
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p07sls58 ’Vicky Pollard’ explains Brexit. Enjoy!
  5. It was fun, it was high-scoring and really close: Mike won. Thanks to all who took part. Anyone seen my broomstick, err paintbrush?
  6. Disappointing. SA were able to gain repeated penalties from our weaker scrum. Given that this was a foreseen risk, maybe not enough was done in setting up a response. Strength trumped elegance in todays match. Of course the early concussion didn't help.
  7. Ahh now the varnish would be a thing ...
  8. We are on! Where? Chatroom . What? A spooky Halloween quiz with a few Saintly appearances. Who? ALL welcome, it is strictly for laughs...unless you win, then you have to set the next quiz When 8.30 tonight. Why? For fun! http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/index.php
  9. No G. If you put the current chaos as a joke, nobody would think it credible enough to bother to get to the punchline.
  10. Er....? Politics??? Now I am a total politics addict, just ask him indoors, but I think the TOS says I can’t get into it here??? All these years not sounding off.... and then this! Snot fair! I will write to my MP!!!
  11. Goodness me! This is going to look the real deal.
  12. Thanks TH, it was enjoyable. Second maybe, but I had only half the points of the winner!
  13. The Dunes Cafe in Winterton is a favourite haunt, They run the Acle Bridge Cafe also, we must give it a try. I think it's a shame the project has foundered over costs, and probably location, the drawing looked brilliant.
  14. Griff is a big believer in reducing weight on a saily; witness removing the not too heavy outboard on a 4 ton boat on the 3RR
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