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  1. Welcome Chris I hope you all have a wonderful time! We are on White Moth for the first weekend in September. I can’t wait!
  2. The Whimp is a 13’6” dinghy. We had her built in 2000 at Southgates Horning (then NYBC) by Mike Barnes and Alan Lee. The mould was taken from a 1900 Broads dinghy. She is British racing green GRP and oiled Wood with EEC approved built in buoyancy, a LOT of buoyancy! Whimp has a Gunter rig and Jeckells tan sails with a black cat on the mainsail. This is a proper ‘Swallows and Amazon’s’ boat. The trailer and launch trolly was serviced by Indispension in June 2020 when new wheels were fitted. There is a one year old Weathermax cover, a pair of oars, ropes and rig
  3. I think Jay has it right. JA
  4. I agree Helen, The White Horse is a very good pub.
  5. I took the opportunity to check out The Whimp before heading home. I wanted to give her a clean with Polytrol and get some Deks Olje on the wood but the chandlery was shut when we were in Wroxham so the time was not right. Reluctantly and in the first sunshine of the weekend we packed the car and headed home.
  6. We saw lots of swans, herons and marsh harriers. There were a few ducks and geese, but most of the wildlife was sheltering in the reeds. The rain was like icicles belting down at times and the wind was fierce enough for two reefs, three was an option we didn’t need. With apologies to the many that know already, that’s a way of making the giant sail driving the boat into a more manageable size when the wind kicks up. We had a great sail down the Bure, I was surprised that Thurne Mouth didn’t prove a bit too exciting, the wind there being usually ‘interesting’. Back at the boaty
  7. The next morning Jessica and I pottered around the Village a bit. There is a very nice cafe and cake shop just down from the bridge. I think it is called Number 14, we got sausage rolls and brownies for later. Both items were well above average for quality, a bit like Horning Deli. Sailing back was again a double reef experience. Bootlegger sails well and responsively. We dropped the sails on the approach to The Ferry as there were a few boats going in. It was good to see Gus on duty there, so we had a brief shouted conversation as we passed by.
  8. We headed up to Wroxham and moored for the night at Barnes Brinkcraft. I have to say that the whole thing about being in a hirecraft as opposed to Brilliant made Wroxham mooring oh so easy. This was to be our limit of navigation for the weekend. Originally we had planned on Coltishall with a first overnight booked at The New Inn Horning but the weather had limited our plan already. After discussion we went for a second night dinner booking at the Hotel Wroxham. I tried to book a mooring there too but they have changed to a ‘first come first served’ setup and said it might be double moori
  9. Saturday was a bit less stormy so we layered up, Dave and Jess were glad of their offshore fancy pants gear. We had a talk about the boat by Frosty, who I believe skippers Albion, it was a pleasure to meet and talk and then we were off. Sailing where we could and motoring against the wind and tide ‘hossing’ down the Bure when it made more sense. We visited South Walsham Broad passing by St Bennett’s Abbey. The stormy skies were quite a feature of the weekend! The river was quite busy with hire craft.
  10. Friday was (hoooray) hairdressers and Jessica for her jab and then we, David, Jessica and I set off. The forecast was pretty dire and indeed, we got to Eastwood Whelpton to find the fleet confined to the yard for the night. Ohhh dear!! We had to go to the pub! Shame that. The White Horse at Upton was a treat, the meal provided was delicious and being back in this local pub most enjoyable. The weather was so bad we actually took the car instead of walking the short distance between yard and pub. Bootlegger is a classic Broads Sailing Cruiser four berth and gaff rigged, so suitable
  11. Polly

    Cats Aboard.

    Norfolk forecast is wet and gusty. I think Holly would be happier at home this trip. Had it been sunny and light winds forecast, I would have gone for it. Disappointing, but the sailing itself should be lively. I can’t wait.
  12. I will be there Griff! Where did I put my catapult? 😋
  13. It’s machine embroidery Helen, so not more than a couple of hours. No to running stitch G. It’s all done by machine so an interlocking too and bottom thread straight stitch.
  14. I agree with the idea of working for the enjoyment of it. I sew stuff. Some jobs are quick others take many hours. Basically you make unique items and that is the pay back. This running pouch for phones was fun to make and it was even nicer to give. It does hang straight, it’s just the way I was holding it! 😋
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