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  1. Polly

    Zoe Sets Out.

    So we are home after a super break on Zoe, very much enlivened by the RT saga and enriched by a quick trip to the seaside in between times! Happy days!
  2. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Stone the crows! That bridge transit was close!
  3. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    I deny all videos related to Dave’s legs btw.
  4. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Mike means thanks for the photo!
  5. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Thanks Ian
  6. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Ice Cream break
  7. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Yes loads
  8. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Sorry it went pete tong and Grendel is otherwise occupied
  9. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Puttying as they travel.
  10. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    She is on her way to Stalham. They passed Potter Bridge at 1. We are lurking at Ludham Bridge to see them go through.
  11. Polly

    Zoe Sets Out.

    Zoe is 127 having once been called Jubilee in honour if Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. She sails beautifully, has a very snug cabin, and as a woody, is really dry. Nothing out of the bilge pumps at any point....she left that to RT. I hope the next holiday tale will be from Brilliant, a mere spring chicken as a 1929 Boat.
  12. Polly

    Zoe Sets Out.

    This morning we got modded as Grendel arrived, he and Dave had tea/coffee and repulsed with loathing a suggestion of a healthy muesli brekky. We reluctantly handed Zoe back and are now sitting on the beach at Winterton. We may head back to Potter for RT ‘s transit of that bridge, if the engine doesn’t blow up or filling water tank don’t sink her.
  13. Polly

    Zoe Sets Out.

    We decided to blow back to Martham on the jib as we couldn’t be bothered to reef in the very fresh breeze. It was utterly peaceful ditch crawling until Phil spotted a very determined horsefly. Then the cockpit became a battle zone with me trying to maintain a sedate course while Phill leapt about cursing and the said horsefly evaded him. Finally it pushed off and we could settle back to the last sail of a lovely break. The evening was given to watching the free drama Poppy mentioned, it was really very good. Sailing, smuggling and song. Back at Martham, with no signal, (sorry quizzers) and a cuppa with toffeee cake with Dave and Ali ended the day .
  14. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Pondering pipes

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