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  1. Polly

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I belong to the 'Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre' tribe personally, regardless. (except when I forget of course)
  2. Polly

    Acle Bridge Inn

    We are at The Bridge now, just finishing ham and eggs. The service good, the food tasty. There were two reserved tables in the bay windows BTW.
  3. Polly

    My Day

    We took out a short while this afternoon to go for a walk at Winterton on Sea. Lovely! It was wild wind but the sun was warm. In terms of special interest, there was a huge baulk of timber emerging from the dunes, and a seal swimming near the shore.
  4. Polly

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    Opening tonight at 8.30
  5. Polly

    My Day

    What made my day yesterday was seeing a Spitfire banking and turning in the Kent skies.
  6. Polly

    Marine Electrician

    But the jokes are better than Griff's,...... don't tell Griff that though.
  7. Polly


    Welcome Angeou, do you get to visit the UK?
  8. Polly

    Norfolk Men

    And Yorkshire man?
  9. Polly


    Welcome. I wish you many happy hours boating.
  10. Polly

    Thieving Gits

    Sickening really.
  11. Polly

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Well they said it was a toughie but the scores were high and the race a close one. Bern (Retired) won on 16 points, Nik O was second on 13 Steve O and Tigerhawk were joint third on 10, Chameleon 9 and Grendel 8 so well done, and thanks to everyone who came in.
  12. Polly

    My Day

    Great way to spend time!
  13. Polly

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Did that hurt? Quiz statrs at 8.30 and all are welcome. There's no need to know any of the answers anyway cos Mike will Google them.
  14. Polly

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Looking at the pictures, it makes me want to ask; "How many Forum members does it take to change a lightbulb/ (crew Indy)?'
  15. Polly

    Tudor Reformation

    Brilliant does too.

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