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  1. Yes I remember Chablis, nice boats!
  2. The May date is too soon to do the NBN meet. Later in the year sounds much more realistic. What can happen now is that the planning can get going and give people something to look forward to. Watch this space.
  3. I have got started on tidying up the garden. Today, however, I just got out a chair on the patio and enjoyed the sunshine.
  4. How did Robin get aboard? 😋 Nice boat no sails. 😐 At 1000nm range how do you refuel mid Atlantic? I loved the Spirit yacht they took up The Grand Canal in the Bond movie, now that had proper stuff like masts and sails.
  5. I remember seeing the stuff in the British Museum and being bowled over by the beauty of the shoulder clasps and belt buckle. Phill and I went to Sutton Hoo a few years back. It’s very atmospheric
  6. Not a problem Griff. I think planning for some positive experience is good for us. Lads week (once you all recover) is no doubt one such time. 😊
  7. Yes I watched the Time Team interview it was very interesting.
  8. I watched this Netflix movie last night. It was brilliant, I thought. Sutton Hoo brought to life, and Rafe Feinnes producing a creditable Norfolk accent, apparently Diss was the reference.
  9. A write up, certainly, a BBQ with whoever is afloat by then, hopefully.
  10. I gather it may be possible so I am hopeful
  11. I think we all need something to look forward to in these times. My hope is to fulfil a long held wish and hire White Moth for a weekend. I really hope this can happen.
  12. Luna Rossa have a foil technique that is gaining them 2 meters or so every tack. That can’t help Ineos.
  13. Ineos have been awesome in the Prada Cup! Did you see the USA capsize?
  14. I used the CC at Eastwood Whelptons you book via the boatyard. It’s at Upton with direct access to the Dyke and a great village pub. The field is quite exposed in windy weather, so check the forecast. I saw CC provision at Hippersons Beccles too that is right on the river.
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