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  1. It would be very good. I think that while a lot of members are digging in to the whole BA thing, there are a lot who come to the Forum for more light hearted discussion.
  2. Steve got the ‘blue ribbon’ with 15 Bern second and Mike third. It was close at the top.
  3. We begin a colourful quiz at about 8.30. All welcome!
  4. I guess the current FOI trawl was what I had in mind , also the Glover Report.
  5. I'd expect that to be where it lives? You and Pally might consider starting our library?....If you can spare the time from Maggot Drowning? I would certainly like it . if we could find stuff more easily.
  6. There has been a LOT of good research done. Can we use this section to post the text of relevant documents so that it acts like a library? Commentary can then go on the main section as desired but we can sort the wood from the trees a bit?
  7. It was not a small bit of paper either!
  8. Sorted thanks! It took a long ruler and a lot of patience but the offending paper is now in the bin. Advice much appreciated.
  9. I will investigate tomorrow and report back.
  10. Not in this case it just creases up behind the rear access hatch. I will get a led light on it and an air cleaner.
  11. Yes thanks Grendel, it does use under the tray, but it isn’t getting that far, it is crunching up at the back as soon as it starts feeding back. I will look again for a fragment.
  12. I have a Brother DCP-9020CDW Colour Laser Printer and it has worked well for say 18 months. Now double sided copy or print jams as it takes side 1 back through for side 2 to be printed. I have updated the firmware and reset the whole thing but without success. Any ideas? Help!
  13. Polly

    My Day

    Nope the wind was pretty lively here in the Midlands though. Good to hear you both travelled well.
  14. I caught this on BBC2 tonight. Guy Martin style biker and car stuff. Very enjoyable.
  15. Yes we have done that on Brilliant, but it was already overpainted several times. I think I wouldn't have done so if we were down to base layer. We have had a bit of flaking and it is really hard to keep clean.
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