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  1. I can’t see why not. I don’t generally run any gas whilst on the move, but then we sail quite a bit.
  2. Polly


    Oh sad news. We moored next to him in the Joshie, Table 22 days, and had many a laugh together. I remember the birth of the NBF Grass Monster, he fell over (after a few) and said the grass had ' just come up to meet him'. A real character as has been said. Sincere condolences to Gill and family.
  3. Spotted in Waitrose today.
  4. Headed for Dieppe on Saturday’s race.
  5. Shirts are ready, now all they have to do is the race. August 3rd weekend.
  6. My thoughts: that bracket, the 'u' shaped one, will most likely break very soon. Have a look on Nearest and Dearest's Website for goose necks. We have one of these on The Whimp, and it fits into a hole drilled into the core of the boom.
  7. As a child I watched a narrowboat on the Severn at Stourport, I wouldn’t like to be there in similar river conditions to that day.
  8. I know Timbo does perfume, but MM has kept this quiet.
  9. No he skimped that. Great work Doug!
  10. Polly


    We all joined her!
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