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  1. Go for it. Arthur sometimes does music/picture questions on the Friday one.
  2. Hi again, just tidying ends up here. Cators changed their policy between last year and this and they now require payment in advance. The knock on effect this year was that the non-attendees, excluding 3 medical emergencies, were paid for at £10 each. Next year we can adapt to this by paying for Salhouse to the Forum Paypal when we sign up then the money is sorted ahead of time.
  3. Mike goes to endless trouble to do this and yes its really very hard to pitch the quiz. If he still wants to set it after reading some of the above (not sure I would) , then multiple choice should help. It will also allow for a few spoof options, reflecting a bit bit of the daftness that goes on on Fridays with some competition for the silliest answers; and nobody much caring who wins. In fact, there is a bit if trying NOT to win ‘cos the winner is penalised by having to set the next quiz! BTW there was no plan to get together as a team, we were just sitting nearby before the start. Happy to be spread amongst other teams in future.
  4. So... next year!! CinC. I suggest we either convene at the free moorings at St Benets or raft up on Malthouse Broad, which could be fun. Sally and Richard have promised an evening music slot and we have a growing band of Forum’s Got Talent to draw on too. Quiz for sure, can we have some multiple choice answers to aid the wild guesswork, Google being a bit slow in them parts? Any more ideas?
  5. Ranworth Island just asked for their mooring fee. Thanks to all for £7 each boat that I collected on Sunday am, but actually they want £10, so a £3 to Forum Paypal would be oh so welcome. Thanks Px
  6. Next year? The date is now in the Calendar May 15th to 17th 2020. We usually start the sign up thread around New Year.
  7. Polly

    On The Broads

    Get well soon, what a think to happen! Did you identify the spider?
  8. “If you pass through Horning which I suspect most of you will ........... WR is moored on the river side between the New Inn and the Swan. Currently looking pretty smart thanks to winter work.” She looks lovely!
  9. What a great group of friends!! Thanks to each and every one for helping to make it a relaxed and happy time. The only thing wanting was our missing Timbo, John and Seagypsy to whom all good wishes, you were really missed.
  10. Robin, I was hoping Simon would anyway
  11. Hope all goes well Seagypsy.
  12. Just read your post John, i second what Martin said and hope all is well and you make it to the meet. We will be above ‘that’ bridge until Thursday so will clean your numbers for you!
  13. Whooo hooo! Good news! I have just been talking with Kelly, the Ranger who says there is another event at the Broad on Saturday from 10 to 3. This is the 50th Birthday of the Great Hoveton Nature Trail. There will be a steel band, probably playing as we come in ...cool? There are exhibitions from various and a Dog Water Rescue demo. there is also a ferry running across to the Reserve and a coffee trailer, which is a new feature at the broad. We still get our preferred mooring at the bottom of the hill there and can put our tentage on the flat bit as we decided after last year. I have paid £10 per boat so will collect that on Sat PM. Robin, I think that gives us a bit of leeway on setting up our music for later, and I have called Sally and Richard to say the timings no longer work for them, they will give us extra time next year instead.
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