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  1. BroadAmbition

    England V Panama

    Er there seems to be sommat up wi our goggle box ere at om. I have just watched England put FIVE past the opposition in the first half? Griff
  2. BroadAmbition

    Boat Being Untied.

    Yes - Happened to us whilst onboard a Jewel of Light one year in Horning. by the Ferry Pub. Discovered oursens in mid river when one of the crew got up about 0300. He simply lowered the mudweight over stern end and we then sorted oursens out in the morning. No harm done and not scary either as all asleep bar one and he went back to bed. Griff
  3. BroadAmbition

    My Day

    I shoot regularly clays at a neighbouring village 'Wroot' We organise ourselves for special days out at various shooting venues throughout the year. Friday was at Grimethorpe estate near to Bourne an 'Omex' clay shoot. We are planning to visit the Mid Norfolk shooting ground at Taverham off the A1270 sometime this year. Game shooting October to Feb locally near home Griff
  4. BroadAmbition

    My Day

    Dark cloud seems to have been driven off by the Sun. Clay shooting on Friday went well. Van is now running with new turbo / pipe fitted but not back with me till Monday as there is still some residue oil left in the aft part of the exhaust system that they want to clean out, then my wallet will no doubt get a clean out too. Tiger - I am informed that by Monday I should have a list of parts / labour / time estimate to rectify - Which the guy that dropped it will be paying for of course. Jeep now with new owner, just gotta transfer reg number over to van. Me and MrsG went looking at a Discovery 4 HSE and Jeep Grand Cherokee 'Summit' yesterday. She prefers the Jeep to the Discovery and seeing as she will be driving it more than I, it looks likely we will be purchasing a suitable example in the coming months. Right what's happening today - Tiling en-suite and bathroom floors, watching England beat Panama. Griff
  5. BroadAmbition

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    Certainly a memorable year for me and I do remember it well. It was my last year of full time school, I left in the late May at 15 years very young. I was working too, morning and evening paper rounds, Clay pigeon shooting centre all day Sat/Sun and Thursday evenings. A cobbled together scrambler for use in our local quarry area, flying / sailing radio control models. I was loaded and happy (Had not got distracted by girls then). Me and my mates were constantly out of the house being as busy as we could be cramming every day to the full. Come late September (Now just turned sixteen) the family and friends were afloat on a couple of Broom Admirals. This was my sixteenth consecutive Broads holiday since 1960 and my last one before catching a train in October down to Plymouth where the main gates of HMS Raleigh greeted my naive eyes. The rest as they say is history Griff
  6. BroadAmbition

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    Griff would probably know what Jewel's air draft is, From memory - which is of course highly dubious nowadays - we accurately measured two of the Jewels for self pilotage through Wroxham bridge. They are 7ft or 7ft 2" making Wroxham and the like a breeze - PHB ? - Not likely unless the Ba adopt the former GYA Port Commissioners ethos and re-commence dredging the lower Bure Griff
  7. BroadAmbition

    Tudor Reformation

    Wtere are the sails? Used in many clean up operations - they are normally referred to as rags! Griff
  8. BroadAmbition

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    They are ideal for our Annual Lads week. Bags of room and offer the capability of accommodating six Lads without using the communal saloon bunks and all in separate bunks. Dog friendly too. Plus the huge well deck area ideal for fishing gear and the like. Yes they are not what one would call 5 star but we don't need 5 star. Getting under PHB - Realistically - Not a prayer nowadays but they will pass under Wroxham and Beccles old bridge quite happily. They will answer to the helm going astern quite happily too and are a breeze to handle. Towing a dinghy will increase the stern wave but otherwise they produce little wash at normal cruising speeds. Tip If stowing items on the fwd and aft coach house roofs - i.e Fishing rods and the like use bungy straps as the hand rails are inset and won't stop gear rolling off. Being shaft drive they are quiet and economical for their size. We winter cruise with these craft and manage quite happily although the quarter berth aft is the coldest onboard (The one I usually end up in). Turning in close quarters is also do-able we have taken them up to the head of navigation at Geldeston village, the Locks, Wayford, Coltishall locks, Neatishead too. Reversed them all the way back down the dyke from Geldestone village, the same at Thurne Dyke with no issues. Spent nights on the mudweights. We always get a second mudweight from H.W's to hold them steady for fishing. Side dyke at Ranworth staithe is do-able too. Flat out over Breydon no matter how rough - they will handle that too.. Large saloon area is good for entertaining guests. What's not to like? Griff
  9. BroadAmbition

    Wanted - Period Cabin Light Fitting

    Correct. I may know of some more brand new in wrapping, not sure if they are the fronts and backs though Griff
  10. BroadAmbition

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    Enjoy. We have all three Jewels booked along with ‘B.A’ for our annual Lads Week in October Griff
  11. BroadAmbition

    My Day

    That's three days plain sailing now so thing might be back on an even keel. Van should be back with me tomorrow at the latest all being well, no idea of the cost though Tiger is in the vets - just waiting on word re the cost and timescale on that one too. Getting collected in half an hour or so for a days (FREE) Clay shooting so a day off from the tiles. It's a cracking start to the day up here in God Country. In an ideal word I would be riding the Tiger down to the boat anytime soon. Have a good one Y'all Griff
  12. BroadAmbition

    Justice Is Done!

    Haven bridge getting stuck and inconveniencing road traffic could well be the best thing that could have happened. I suspect Peel ports will be inundated from not just drivers, but pedestrians, bushinesses and the like, councillors will feel the heat too there will be a large number with volume at Peel Ports door. Far more grief coming their way than if the odd boat is inconvenienced. It just might result in some serious maintenance being carried out on the bridge as a result. Then again Peel might be that nervous of ever opening it again ever! Griff
  13. BroadAmbition


    20th? We are onboard 'B.A' 16 - 28th so might see you. Enjoy Griff
  14. BroadAmbition

    Justice Is Done!

    I saw that thread on the NBN FB esterday but it was early doors so missed all the digs / nastiness I heard was aimed at him. Anyroadup, I digress, back to wedging up Haven Bridge until they promise to get some preventative proper maintenance done, not fix and make do / bodge it! Griff
  15. BroadAmbition

    Justice Is Done!

    And a huge fine to prove it that post Smell's of sour grapes to be honest But of course - deadly serious I was RC despite the inclusion of a - Still am! You can choose to smell it in what ever way pleases you most Griff (or even CHG if you prefer)

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