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  1. Close, it's actually BA R641 Not so much loosing it overboard as I reckon due to the lead weight in the bottom rung it would sink. You have highlighted a fair point there, I've never checked to see if the whole lot would sink or float - I'll have to try it in some clear shallow water now. I put the Morse lettering in the end of the rungs as an anti theft thing as I did with our deck mop after the first one got stolen and replaced with a knackered one Griff
  2. Thursday 21st last week and I am cock a hoop. I got word that 'My' local clay shooting ground was to open at last. First time since the lockdown back in March. The owner had been proper busy sorting out social distancing, taping off areas, putting down markers and the like. The shooting ground was to be open to members only to keep the numbers sensible Friday - less than 24 x Hrs later and he rang me to say Sunday has to be cancelled. - Gutted or what? The reason? The peat moors around Thorne are on fire, the fire has got hold of the peat underground. The fire brigade have commandeered the shooting grounds car park. Command vehicle (Lorry) satellite link ups, Tenders, Helicopters the whole shebang Griff
  3. That was a shock to the system. First full week back at work, a six day-er, and 64 x Hrs. I'm glad it's Sunday Griff
  4. That's a surprise, I can't seem to find a photo of the MOB ladder I made for onboard 'B.A', the photo's below were taken during the making process, can't seem to find one of the finished article. I made these hardwood rungs, the bottom one has a lead insert underneath it. Thick white rope with a knot and s/steel washer under each ruing. Above the top rung the rope is is just looped over a cleat and then chucked overboard, it can be deployed in seconds and lives in a deck locker so is easy to get to. It has been used in anger and works very well Griff
  5. One word for lots of reasons ‘Agree’ but mainly wind resistance, getting least resistance to the wind so less chance of blowing the boat along and dragging ground tackle. Both mud weights over t sharp end with the weight evenly between both mud weights Griff
  6. Yeah me to. When onboard all types of RN vessels the deck calls / orders were always 'Ropes' i.e 'Check away headrope' 'Down slack stern rope' and the like. The springs however were just fwd or aft springs, no mention of 'Rope' with those Also on the small patrol boats I was on, the ships bells were small so the 'Bell Rope' was referred to as a lanyard Griff
  7. Homeowners are going to be doing up rather than moving until next spring, that should help you Griff. Hmm, I'm cautiously optimistic, that's assuming those same homeowners still have jobs / incomes to spend on their homes Griff
  8. Monday - Left home at 0615, Home at 1800 - Altringham Tuesday - Left home at 0615, Home at 1800 - Altringham Today - Left home at 0645, Home at 1700 - North of Leeds Both venues were unoccupied refurbs with many different trades attending. Social distancing on site is just not possible and is failing big time Griff
  9. When we have crew onboard 'B.A' for trips out on the rivers I try and always give a 'Safety Brief' I don't do this for regular crew that have been before unless their visit was ages ago. I always do it at the start of a lads week however as a refresher. The first part is the usual welcome onboard and how to operate the macerating w/c and importantly what NOT to put down it i.e only if its been through you and the supplied toilet paper - NOTHING else, followed by hob / oven operation, turning taps off, not leaving lights on, how the shower works, water extract pump, fans, windows / curtains / cabins / Heating system / etc etc followed by not touching owt you don't know about and ASK if you don't know or are not sure. Firstly Fire - on discovering a fire bring it to the whole crews attention by loudly shouting 'FIRE' 3 x times. The four onboard escape routes. How to fight a fire, the location of fire extinguishers, fire blankets, where to turn off the gas supply, where to turn off the diesel supplies and main elec breakers. The importance of saving life before the boat and not being a dead hero Secondly - Flood, bring it to the whole crews attention by loudly shouting 'FLOOD' 3 x times then how to stem a leak and what actions to take if not possible. Location of buoyancy aids Man overboard - Again firstly bringing it to the crews attention, especially the helm. The importance of maintaining a visual contact of the person in the water at all times by one crew member with hand raised pointing to the man in the water and doing nothing else. Other crew deploying the ladder over the transom, where the ladder is stowed and how to deploy it (It's long with bottom rung weighted). How to recover a man using berthing ropes and making a loop to hold them safe alongside in readiness for getting them back onboard. This situation happened on day one of a Lads week at Reedham one year. The recovery operation worked perfectly and he was out of the water in minutes unharmed. The MOB and crew were mightily impressed how quickly and seamless the whole operation went First Aid and where the first aid kit is stowed, anyone onboard who is a qualified first aider (Me as it happens) Then its deck safety that is not running, one hand for you on the boat - handrails, deck gear, berthing ropes stowage, why we cheese down ropes not primarily to be ship shape and Bristol fashion, that is the third and last reason. Fenders etc There is another brief ref Dinghies, safety, towing, berthing etc Then it's the standard - Any Questions? I like to inform crews that there is no such thing as a 'Daft Question' where safety and operation of 'B.A' is concerned. I would sooner have to answer the same question times many rather than not be asked and an avoidable accident / situation occur. All the above is concluded prior to casting off for the first time Griff
  10. It would be of interest, of benefit, to us all if this man of experience would be willing, to give us an insight to his knowledge and experience. Perhaps in the fullness of time he would give it a shot! I will. It's just that I'm now full on busy with work last two days have been out of the house for 12 x Hrs each day and 10 x Hr days in front of me now to Saturday inclusive. Still lots to do at home so evening time is currently limited, Only now just sat down to catch up with the Forum and need to get to bed pronto. Re setting Rhond anchors, the attached should help Griff
  11. That's the pit clear out completed as of this forenoon. Found all sorts of gear down there. Sadly a lot of it has gone to the industrial burner. Although the pit is water / puddle free, it was somewhat damp and over time has degraded much of the gear. However there were six 1 gallon glass demi johns, lots of home brew / wine making gear - All will be sold / given away. Ski's / poles / sledges. Children's games, nick nacks, ornaments etc etc. Also a set of four rather tired original Ford Granada MK2 rims with Norwegian studded winter tyres on them. The tyres are in surprisingly fine fettle, probably due to lack of sunlight. What was surprising is that those rims are nowadays selling for around £200:00 on Fleabay - Result So, the whole house inside / outside, garage, pit are now complete. Got to sell some gear now to keep the clutter down. Finished just in the nick of time too as tomorrow I am working on a tiler mates project for the next six days, he needs a hand, the renovation project is unoccupied and I have been assured I will be in one room on my todd for the whole week so can maintain being anti-social. At last I'll be earning some rare and much needed beer chits Griff
  12. The front and rear brake pads change was completed t'other week, Bedded in, no squealing from the fronts at low speed as they used to do due to the lack of carefully applied coppaslip. After I had painted the nearside (Port) front and rear callipers / hangers / hubs bright red, I had just completed the front offside (Stbd) caliper when MrsG stated, 'Well that's a surprise, seeing as you have the Port / Stbd circles on the door mirrors, Port and Stbd shadowing on the graphics I thought you would have done those two green' Me:- MrsG:- Why didn't I think of that then? Onto Fleabay and promptly ordered some green heatproof paint. Then we had a disagreement as MrsG quite rightly pointed out that I had enough red paint to finish the front / rear offside (Stbd) items and ordering green paint was extravagant during the present situation. One nil to MrsG (It's normally more than that but we had recently reset the counter). I had still ordered the green paint though unknown to her. The day before my paint arrived I was hanging up numerous hanging baskets as ordered and casually asked her how much she had spent on the triffids within? MrsG:- £30:00 Me:- Heatproof paint £9:00, inc delivery - 'Gettin' One all it is I believe referee? - Brave, possibly foolish I know chaps but sometimes one has to make a stand The awkward messy bit was yesterday having to apply nitromors to remove the red paint on t front calliper only. Followed by first application front and back in green. Today, second application - Jobs a gudden Griff
  13. There's one good thing about this, there will be no double mooring even with permission, stopping at Yarmouth should be fun. It will if it gets busy - yes I quite enjoy double mooring, meeting folk etc. Strangers are just friends I haven't met yet Griff
  14. Agreed. Surely though crews would have the common sense not to sit / occupy the same sides as the neighbouring boat? Maybe there is a lack of common sense about hence the side on mooring only Griff
  15. I've just read this morning on FB (So it must? be true) that the rangers at Ranworth Staithe are putting signs up stating 'Side on mooring only' Apparently it is to encourage being anti-social or social distancing as we now refer to it. So, two 40+ footers and the staithe will be full! I would have thought stern on mooring with crews being sensible you could still maintain the 2m distance or 6ft in real money. I wonder if other stern on mooring venues will be adopting the same practise or is it just Ranworth? Of course this new directive from the Broads Authority will only be in force until social distancing is relaxed Griff
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