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  1. Ok, in hindsight I should have put our Macie topic on a separate thread. Here’s where we are. My daughter Nadine collected Macies ashes today and brought her home to me. (Myself and my Dale took her to the pet cremation service yesterday direct from the vets) It was heartbreaking to see / hear my Grandson asking for Macie (He’s just past two) Macie will stay here until sometime in the spring. Once we have got over the trauma of losing MrsG’s Mum, (still with us - just) house n effects sorted etc and have got Laureen back home for good The obvious venue for Macies ashes is ‘Our’ special place on Malthouse Broad where my Mum, Dad and Dusty dogs ashes are. Macie loved the boat and the Broads, to be more precise she just loved being anywhere her family was However she really loved ‘The Field’ So in the spring we will spread her ashes here, locally on what was her favourite game drive. ( I will be on that drive on 27th this month without her that’ll be particularly hard ) I have cried buckets over Macies passing, still doing so. I’m a ‘professional dog lover’ always have been I knew it would affect me this badly, same thing happened for our previous two Retrievers. It’s particularly hard this time as me n MrsG are estranged so we have no one to hug, she is in bits but trying to be strong for her Mum Macies bed, toys etc will stay right where they are now till she gets home New puppy? New crew member on the horizon? Can I put myself and family through this emotional roller coaster yet again? Have our hearts ripped apart for a forth time? Yes. But not until the summer 2020. We need time to get over Macie. We need MrsG home. Lots to sort out for this family between now and the summer Rescue dog perhaps? This is the most noble and proper choice. However fully trained gun dogs are not available from rescue centres Both me and Son need a gun dog,?a proper un. The family need a new member they can love and more importantly trust around Grand children. That means our forth Golden Retriever. That means absolute £1:2k minimum. That means 18 months intensive training again. That means full on cooperation from all of us. Then there is the boat training too. Until then I’ll remain incomplete a penance I will bear again. I’m heartbroken and it’s the price I owe her and must pay back All that remains is to thank you the forumites for your heart felt wishes I’ve received stacks of emails, txts etc more than a hundred from FB too Thank you Griff xx
  2. Thanks all of you. So kind xx Griff
  3. Got in at 1845. I will get caught up with this thread in due course My home now feels like a house. It is too big, too quiet, no greeting. I feel so selfish, self pitying, so alone. But I need to be alone Griff
  4. 1035 - She’s gone. Lost her Very peacefully in my arms Griff
  5. Thanks. The only way we will be able to spend Christmas together is if her Mum has finally kicked the bucket. If not, MrsG stays up in Gourock, I stay down here. Her Mum is in such a poor way right now and deteriorating daily that allowing visitors other than immediate family is not an option. ---------------------------------------------- My immediate biggest concern is our crew member Macie Dog. I normally take her to the pub on a Sunday evening but not tonight, she is just not well enough. Macie has a doggy version of Breast cancer, inoperable. She also now has very bad arthritis in both front legs. Macie is 11 going on 12. I cannot and will not see her suffer any longer. I will not be going anywhere this evening as I want to be with her for her last night at home. The two of us home alone. Tomorrow I will take her to the vets for the last time, hold her head, stroke her gently and watch that spark go out of her eyes. This will be the third time I have had to do this for our Retrievers. I'm dreading it but it has got to be done. I owe her it. Macie, like our two previous retrievers has been the full on loyal companion, especially as she is the first full proper gundog we have owned as well as being a member of our family. She has been boat savvy too each and every year numerous times onboard, has attended 11 x Lads weeks and somehow survived them along with the rest of us Tomorrow - man down I'm so going to miss her. Griff
  6. Next 'Target' will be in 12 x days time, 100 x days and a cool £1k saved. Today is that day. My one hundredth day off the weed so £1k or one THOUSAND £'S not spent on them since 30th Aug. It is also MrsG's 58th consecutive day away from the family / family home, 156 days away in total and counting. Just another 26 days and she will break the 6 x month mark. I'm proper missing her Griff
  7. That's got the down force issue sorted out on Trevor at long last. At great expense I will add Griff
  8. Ah, but have the crew? Fair point - Well made. A = Probably - Yes! But that would lower the airdraft and assist passage - Sadly it ain't helping Griff
  9. Our 'B.A' has a 12ft beam with an absolute minimum clearance of 6ft 5" at PHB required for safe passage. I've taken her through at that height before now and it gives me a full inch of error room. 'B.A' was designed / launched in 66, back then through to the eighties she would have been regularly taken through PHB by the pilots as and when her hirers wanted. Nowadays it is a rare occurrence. 'B.A' has not got any bigger Griff
  10. Yes. Did a circuit of inner Broad a few years ago. Stirred up no end of sludge. Best head way was 3mph no matter how many rpm Griff
  11. Fantastic Photo's - Thanks Griff
  12. It might well be 'Old' but looks in proper good condition to me Griff
  13. But just what has Theresa got to do with it? Griff
  14. Wow! And I'm not a person that says Wow! Er, I beg to differ As it happens, I agree - WOW ! Griff
  15. As for JMs apparently personal vendetta that's total rubbish , many people feel the same way I've never thought of JM having a personal vendetta, more like championing topics that otherwise would not be brought to the wider attention of the membership. Some of the times JM is factual some of the times just an opinion - He normally says so. I'm glad JM keeps the likes of me informed. Yes, I do feel the same way too Griff
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