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  1. It has the versatility to be raised. Well before she is able to hop over it, she will be well educated Griff
  2. Introducing the MK1 Purdey stair stopper (Patent pending) Its a left over bit of gloss white UPVC ceiling board (I fit loads of this gear to bathroom ceilings) with some pipe insulation on the ends. It can be raised / lowered, easily removed / inserted and will not damage the decor This will stay in place whenever she is up and about until she gets the idea that the upstairs is out of bounds Griff
  3. Yes all is fine, thanks The house is under siege and constant attack. Anything and everything is a potential target. We just daren't leave her unattended for a minute unless she is having a nap, even then we don't know when she is due to wake up and recommence her assault. Purdey likes people that's for sure, follows around whoever is up and about, grandkids visiting are her very favourite and she loves children as they give her full attention play time. So far the battle is about honours even but only just. One piece of skirting has suffered, I'll change that down the road. We
  4. That statement that the Ba are quoting is advisory and not a law where fines can be issued. Maybe it should be? Griff
  5. Average increase on private boats being 4% and how to market this (lets call it less than a tenner, what can you get for a tenner nowadays sort of marketing). This really gets my bolt action, it really does. Each and every year the increase is above the annual rate of inflation, this in turn compounds the following yearly increase into being far higher when done by a percentage. Of course all private owners will 'Fall For' the line - 'It's only a tenner' as we are all to dense to add up year to year and being the 'Little people' what does it matter anyroadup ? When we first tolle
  6. Another two course of stone infilled below the waterline would be absolutely marvellous. It could be done too. If the Yanks can dismantle London Bridge and transport it over the pond then rebuild it stone by stone then raising PHB by a foot or so should be a breeze Griff
  7. Those 'whisper quiet' generators are generally very loud. You're not wrong, especially when one is moored right next you at Salhouse Broad through to after 2000 after all river traffic has ceased for the day and at 0700 in the morning Griff
  8. Want me to do it? Which? A long weekend afloat onboard 'B.A' or shifting the forum gear? Shifting the forum gear would be a huge help, Aunty Polly has all the contact details, its going to a location in Horning. Be aware though that the tent is heavy and large there is also a few other items. Mike knows exactly what TVMOM Griff
  9. Well, that's South Yorkshire (Part of the wider Gods Country) now in the high level tier three as from this Saturday. No surprise there then as we kinda knew it was coming Personally that has instantly cancelled the final social trip we had planned onboard 'B.A' for 30th this month, a four day weekend trip afloat. Not chuffed. I know I could probably 'Bend' the rules but I want to be part of the solution not part of the problem therefore we will not be visiting anyone UFN. Another snag there is that I can no longer shift the forum tent / gear to its new home as planned Griff
  10. Prep / Priming / planning, Cracking on Griff
  11. I see that the Tractor Boys are a bit quiet this morning Great win for Donny Rovers last night. 4 - 1 Griff
  12. Following on from those small herringbone floor tiles - my very favourite - NOT - glass mosaics Now to tackle small metro tiles for the shower walls, just to slow me down further as it’s a wet area they will have to be 2mm spaced as well Griff
  13. Why am I seeing so many holidaymakers posting on various FB groups / social media about travelling down to Norfolk for their holiday afloat? Nowt wrong with that until you realise they are coming from a Tier 2 high risk areas into a Tier 1 medium risk area. Is that allowed? Griff
  14. First day back at it. Herringbone floor tiling - typical. Not a five minute job Griff
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