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  1. It actually stopped raining for all of ten minutes Griff
  2. Update:- ‘B.A’ sailed Friday afternoon round to H.W’s to moor with the three Jewels. Friday afternoon - evening all crews present. Evening in the Falgate dinner for 22 of us Saturday - sailed to The Bridge Inn for the first mandatory DTS then over Breydon to Reedham for the night. The Ship Inn for the evening with a barmaid who was showing off a spectacular cleavage (apparently) One dog ‘Tally’ fell in at Acle, jumped over the transom onto the bank only there wasn’t one. Barney (huge Retriever) missed his footing at Reedham, that could have been serious if not for the slipway being right where he fell in. Macie dog more savvy but will insist on rolling on wet grass at every mooring and getting hersen proper mucky Sunday - sailed at 1000. Now at New Inn at Rockland. This evening intend to overnight at Surlingham Ferry It’s done nowt other rain / blow / grey since Friday evening. Not bothered a jot Last night I was duty chef for my crew - Rabbit Casserole enjoyed by all. On another Jewel they had a curry. Gnasher doesn’t eat rabbit, it wasn’t until they had finished he was told he just eaten Bugs Bunny - not happy! We did larf. Griff
  3. It’s probably easier to post where we are not going. A first for this years Lads Week is an overnight in GYA. Well it was bound to happen one day. It’s not like I can blame anyone else as I’m responsible for the Navplan Griff
  4. This was the commissioning ceremony at John Williams Boat yard October 2007. Sandy Williams breaking a bottle of champagne on 'B.A's bow, we scored the bottle with a glass cutter first, then held a landing net underneath said bottle to catch the broken glass. 'B.A' has a s/steel strip on the bow which received the bottle nicely Happy days them were Griff
  5. And I have just now glanced at the Broads tide tables April 2019 - March 2020 produced by the Broads Authority. It states for PHB HW central clearance normal tide 6ft6" - Really? - we can only wish. If that was indeed the case (And it very much is not) I could take 'B.A' through PHB on normal high tides and breezed through on low tides - If only Griff
  6. Cracking - Just what can We say? - We're not worthy Griff
  7. It ain't just the Bure Hump - Its the whole lower Bure, especially the corners and from Marina Keys down to the yellow post. If I get time this evening I'll post up 'My' evidence / reasoning yet again (MrsG due home today for seven whole days - first time she will have been at home since 28th Aug and I hope to be otherwise 'Engaged' ) Griff
  8. "something else" as the cause, Sigh - Really? Do we really have to explain it yet again? Increased river levels are down to the lack of dredging on the lower Bure and the 'Hump' or bottleneck in particular. IF (HUGE 'IF') the lower Bure were to be dredged properly as it used to be all year round, especially on the bends / corners right through to the yellow post, then the clearance would drop at PHB no problem. However - That would also show up the many square miles of silting all over the Northerns that the Ba has allowed to happen over the last 30 odd years and drop them right in the mire. It's a problem of their own making Griff
  9. 100% agree with wot JA said in all paragraphs. The same goes for 'B.A' - and she needs 'Only' 6ft5" Griff
  10. It'll do for a rag-n-stick Griff
  11. So varnish... that would be Brava from what I have seen. Brava - Yes, full strength but only for the final coat (Number six) The five prior to that should be Ravalakk increasing the mix strength as you go Griff
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