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  1. It was the first boat I had hired in my own name Strange name for a hireboat eh? 'Davydine' Griff
  2. Lucky you, well done and congratulations Griff
  3. I've oh so nearly got a full day off from tiling today - One of these days it will happen, he says optimistically. I have to go round to yesterdays client to silicone worktop to tile, a five minute job that I knew would need doing today. That should have been it But no. I get a call from a client whose bathroom I tiled last week. He has just got round to installing the w/c only to find that he put the waste pipe in the wrong place. Also the hot n cold pipes for the shower were in the wrong place too. So, he has removed three tiles and re-sited said services in the correct locati
  4. Hylander - Your last post is just perfect - Nice one Griff
  5. The above topic doesn't concern the Broads of course seeing as it is not a national park Griff
  6. I see on the news this morning that the covid restrictions may now stay in place until the summer. The Summer! If I knew any rude words, now would be a good time to use the odd one (Must ask MrsG - She knows plenty) FFS. Tis getting somewhat trying now. We are not booking anything in advance that requires any sort of payment and haven't done so since March last year. (Apart from my Spitfire flight in September) I have booked oursens onboard 'B.A' first one is March, then another in April. Looks like they are both now going to Hull in a handcart again MrsG did st
  7. Agreed. Somehow need to try and commit his face and boat to memory so to be aware if he is in the vicinity. If he had been given a sentence that matched his crimes and made an example of then maybe, just maybe it would have deterred him being a repeat offender for the third time Griff
  8. Seems to me the amount of thefts and devastation he caused that he got off far too lightly Griff
  9. The Wetshed at Richo's is most definitely DIY friendly. Some berth holders have completed full in-water restorations in there over the years, there is some going on now or was till Covid stopped all of us. Each berth has its own elec supply, storage facilities and fw on tap, overhead elec lighting too. Of course being out of the cold / rain / blazing sunshine is a bonus when diying, not to mention it does keep the annual maintenance down somewhat Griff
  10. Another 'Griff-Inn' bites the dust Despite the pub having 'Our' name on it. I can't ever remember visiting the place, perhaps my Dad did in the 50/60's There was a pub a few miles away from me up here at 'Drakeholes' by a canal. For years it was called the White Swan and was of course referred to as the Mucky Duck. It survived and was popular but basic. Then came along a retired builder who we knew. He bought the freehold, spent a fortune on it, took it up market and renamed it the 'Griff-Inn' His surname being Griffiths (Paupers version of the more Royal 'Griffin' of cou
  11. Well, That's certainly a first for me. I am now officially a share holder (x2) of the Locks Inn. Not really bothered if I never see my initial share purchase ever again, at least I know I will have tried to assist I usually only get to visit the place once a year, maybe twice at the most. I shall certainly look forward to visiting in the future with guest crew onboard taking them for a drink in 'My Pub' Wonder if I will get that warm fuzzy feeling that has been previously mentioned? (Only if my zip get stuck ) Now to tell MrsG - before I forget? Griff
  12. Holly is in training for climbing the rigging on a proper boat 'Proper Boat' - Really? You taking 'B.A' out for a spin then? - Good, about time too Seeing as Holly can make the top of a curtain with ease, she will have no problems with 'B.A's minimal rigging on the mast then Griff
  13. I've just got back in from walking Purdey dog at 2145. (Didn't get in from work until 1930, then it was dinner and paperwork). Dark and raining or not, Purdey deserves a walk at least once a day, it's what I signed up for, just one of my responsibilities where Purdey dog is concerned We set of and it was drizzling then the rain cam down good n proper, not that I cared a jot I was dressed for the occasion. Purdey was sporting her night time LED that fits on her collar so I have an idea of her whereabouts when off her lead. We walked a way down by our local river and back. Our river
  14. I’m tiling a kitchen floor. Yesterday fitted 6mm insulation boards - I told the client to supply 10mm. Then 100w heating mat - I told him to supply 150w. Now I’m fixing ceramic floor tiles that are as cheap as chips, should have been porcelain of course. Thing he’s a shooting mate of mine and not short of a few Bob. He’s gonna regret he didn’t take my advice, you can’t tell some folk even when they are mates Griff
  15. I was invited forward for the flu vaccine in December which I gratefully accepted I hear on the news this morning that they are commencing asking forward the over 70's for the covid vaccine. I'm in the over 60's bracket so who knows when it'll be my turn Griff
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