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  1. 0330. My lads partner now in Labour. Grandson number three on his way Griff
  2. Today is April 01st as we are all aware. It is also the day that Grandson number three is supposed to arrive. I'm hoping he will be at least a day late. MrsG is going to feel somewhat frustrated when he does arrive, as she won't be able to go and see him until this partial lockdown has been lifted. She should have been there in the maternity ward, that ain't gonna happen either. It could be months before we see him proper other than using Facetime and the like Griff
  3. Trials and tribulations eh? - Infuriating for you at least the issues are on 'Their' time The start to my day? - another lazy one, still in t dressing gown. Once washed n dressed I will get on with the pointing. The 'Mer' polish should arrive today - that means wash the van (Again) and polish the lot - still got some carpentry to do in the load area at some stage Griff
  4. Stage Two - Completed throughout I'll take a better photo in the morning. At present there isn't any sand of any description between the blocks. This time I'm not going to put any in either. I'm sick to the back teeth (If I still had them) of weeds and moss growing in the sand. Last time I had a 'Professional' clean the lot and re-sand it with that type of sand that's supposed to inhibit growth. In my case it must have been some sort of fertiliser sand as I had growth within a few months. It's infuriating What I have got coming for Stage Three in a few days is some 'Pre-em' from a farmer friend or to give it its correct title 'Pre-Emergence' It's a weed killer that farmers use on their fields that allows crops to grow but stop weeds and the like. I am going to spray the entire block area paying attention the the joints and leave them sand free. I will then monitor the situation and see how things develop. Today's job for me is to mix some cement and re-point the brickwork below the DPM down the to blocks right round the house and garage. Can't wait to commence with that one Griff
  5. Plain Brass? Perish the thought. There is very little brass onboard. Stuff polishing brass for a game of soldiers. I'd really like polished s/steel but chrome on brass will suffice Griff
  6. Thanks - Dials I'm ok with, its just the bezels could do with upgrading Griff
  7. Progressing steadily, I will / should finish stage 2 everywhere today. Stage three is the easy part for another day Griff
  8. This is going to be messy! It is now Are you on a water meter? Oh yes Fortunately though at least the electric is free coming off our roof - Solar Panels Griff
  9. Stage two, this isn't gonna be a five minute job Griff
  10. Coldham Hall used to have a resident parrot, but I don't think it was 30 years ago Griff
  11. Heyup Greenjack, welcome onboard, Griff
  12. Marshman agreed. I did not get that from any social media Griff
  13. Thanks, I'll look into it. The actual instrument panel / dash is just fine. Originally it was a bulkhead part of the fwd heads compartment, laminated on one side with Formica. We cleaned it up, cut it down to size then laminated the t'other side with a walnut veneer Griff
  14. Block paving - that's all 108 x m2 stage one cleaned. Ready for stage two Griff
  15. Hmmm, Didn't this whole virus thing start off at a market selling wild animals for food? It apparently did, Bats as I have been informed Eating wild rabbit in this country (As long as it is Mixi free of course) has never done anyone any harm whatsoever for decades if not centuries. Where it kicked off in China is right where their chemical warfare development facility is located Coincidence? Answers on a very large postcard Griff
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