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  1. You can always varnish someone else's woodwork We'll have plenty of woodwork requiring sanding back and varnishing come next April if you're not doing owt Griff
  2. Sadly no Spitfire flying this Friday - Hopefully fingers crossed, therefore having to work Saturday as a consequence. 'B.A' is out on the rivers till about this Thursday Griff
  3. Wroxham Bridge is easy Of course it is, especially when you know your own boat intimately, try taking someone else's pride and joy through that you have not helmed before, then see how easy it is. Any bridge is easy with sufficient airdraft available. Wroxham bridge stating 6ft3" on the board, 'B.A' should have had a whole inch to spare. She had more of course as we all know the height indicators are incorrect, it was still close enough for JT though as this will be only about the fifth time he has done it Is it correct privateers us the bridge pilot there? Not a scooby doo, as I'll never need to use them. Nor will I need their services at PHB too, thank goodness Griff
  4. Blast! Just over my budget. Show off I not even in the same estate let alone street Griff
  5. JT cleared Wroxham bridge at around 1130 reporting it as being somewhat 'Tight' In my book, clearing a bridge by one whole inch is the same as clearing a bridge by a whole foot. Now safely alongside at the Locks, Coltishall Griff
  6. He informs me that he arrived with Nav lights on at Ranworth, the staithe was full but two craft kindly budged up for him Today trying for Coltishall dependant on airdraft at Wroxham Griff
  7. It’s Jonathan and family onboard. They didn’t get there till late. Got alongside no problem Griff
  8. 'B.A' is crewed up and underway, Yesterday evening on her way to Malthouse Broad Griff
  9. Norton Priory game shoot yesterday just north of Donny. Me n Purdey invited along for a day spent picking up, observing & training. Another good day out in the field. Purdey continues apace and is doing very well, not the finished article yet though. She charged off at lighting speed yesterday after the drive had finished after a hare that presented itsen to her at close quarters. I could have stopped her with a whistle / voice command instantly but let her go to burn some energy off. First time anything has outrun her. Came back dragging her tongue, that'll teach her at least she knows now it is pointless chasing hares Griff
  10. Is that a bathtub with a couple of oars in it? Didn't realise they had reached these standards Griff
  11. Dropover - Well you can surf the net or hope for help in here. I got set to and made out own drop over, mainly to act as a recovery for MOB situations, yes they have been used in anger. I made them long with the bottom rungs weighted. Now seeing as you are a Bio degradable owner, I would hope you can make them yersen or have a suitable chippy make some up for you? Griff
  12. Wooden steps - Nice choice, fixed or drop over? 1952? - Intrigued - Photo per chance? Griff
  13. Signal flags - All over the internet at various outlets Swimming steps - S/steel, Bio degradable or Tupperware? Griff
  14. I have just bought a wooden boat Really? You poor deluded romantic fool you. Welcome to the club - You will do for me Griff
  15. If I had been on the BA Lads Week recently, I know where I would be wanting to change the future booking to! Really? I have looked at other yards other than H.W's out of interest. If you can find me a hire yard that offers the following, I would have a look at them:- Three identical boats, Centre cockpit, Capable of sleeping six male crew without anyone having to share a bed, Not using the make up bunks in the communal space, Large well deck area for fishing gear storage and stern access, Accepts pets, Shaft drive, Free car parking, Free dinghy, Free pets onboard, Sensibly priced, Two lap dancers per boat per week (Ok, I admit it, the last one is a wish list) Griff
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