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  1. Yep, received ours today too, just a tad under 3% rise for us as well. I can live with that I suppose. Last years crewed up days onboard 'B.A' was our lowest yet since we recommissioned her back in 2007. That worked out at £8:49 per day for the toll alone, our best year that I have records to hand for was 2017 - £4:63 per day for the toll used. Need to get out more and we will this year. 2019 was an annus horribilus for us at this hovel, particularly for me and MrsG. Griff
  2. We lived in Norway for 3 x years, October through to April, winter tyres were a legal requirement. Over there, they didn't muck about the winter tyres had steel studs in the shoulders. I once remember driving down the Dramensvien (a motorway)on hard packed snow comfortably sat at about 80mph quite happily. Three winters driving over there, I learnt more about winter driving than a lifetime of it over here. We could also volunteer for the Marines winter driving survival course - which I did, great fun and very surprising too Griff
  3. Quite surprised to see low profile 50 sides fitted to a working Transit. You and me both Griff
  4. Tired of Tyre talk yet? The front two boots on Trevor are approaching the wear limiters. So off I went to my long trusted tyre outfit. The tyres fitted all round on Trevor are Goodyear F1 Eagles, 235/50 x 18's for goodness sake. they are the extra load capacity variant due to being on the van. I was expecting £200 each - but no, pleasantly surprised they are 'Only' £135 fitted and balanced. However, me n MrsG are due to be taking Trevor (Well, to be factual - he will be taking us) up to Jockland, Gourock next month for a week. They have that snow / ice stuff and lots of rain up there at present, they always have lots of rain up there at present. Driving in those conditions with extra wide soft summer tyres is asking for trouble imho. Winter snow/ice type tyres is what is called for. I always intended to get a set of winter tyres for the previous van but never did. Ideal opportunity to get it sorted once and for all for Trevor. Having conversed with 'my' tyre outfit, they advise me that I need winter tyres 215/65 on a 16" (commercial rated) to maintain the same tyre diameter as the presently fitted tyres that I reckon they fit to Vulcan Bombers. I did want to go for 205's but they will be short in the diameter department. I have sourced a good set of second hand original 16" Ford Transit Custom alloys. By tomorrow they will be shod with the new winter tryes - All to the good then. The present huge alloys - I'll take off all four tyres, saving the two good ones, then treat the rims to powder coating (Black n red) re-fit the two good tyres and buy two new uns. Sometime April / May these will go back on Trevor The upshot is that for six months of the year I'll be running on wide low profile sticky summer tyres, t'other six months I'll be on the sensible winter tyres on smaller rims. Bit of a hit financially in the short term, but what price on not having a RTC? Griff
  5. To date I have not been caught once, There is always a first time though, Hopefully as previously stated,. if we keep sharing them, then all of us will be up to speed Girff
  6. Got another one, this time txt to my phone supposedly from EE (I do have an EE account) stating they could not collect my payment, I clicked on the link and it took me to a very convincing 'EE Site' The sit wanted my email address and passowrd which didn't input. I rang EE they confirmed it as a scam and could I forward it onto them along with the number that the scam came from which I did of course Griff
  7. Hydrographic Surveys? Really? At high tide no doubt? Cynical I know but the Ba over the years have done nothing but make me cynical almost as much as 'Our' politicians Griff
  8. Oy you lot! I will have you know two things, 1) I have feelings 2) I strongly resemble some of those remarks Griff
  9. Then you Have to build the air pump. Erm, considering the original full size versions are 12v DC However, stop winding him up, otherwise he probably will Griff
  10. got to build the mounts next. What? You mean you haven't done them yet? Griff
  11. www.hardleywindmilluk.org Newsletter Late Winter 2020 The beginning of the year and some of us have been at the Mill over the late autumn-winter period. Towards the end of last year, we had some of the teaching staff who took a look around the Mill as part of the inset day. We also took some children, a total of ten in all, who acted as carers for their families;around the Mill and gave them a small change for part of a day. This year we also took a larger group of children from Somerleyton school who, in their various groups, were looking to compose the various musical themes around the Mill and the river Yare as organised by The Water, Mills and Marshes group. It was quite a windy and wet sort of day but the children and staff faced the conditions without complaint. We are still waiting for the bronze bearing at the bottom of the shaft, to be regenerated by John Bone at his foundry, to connect to the turbine. The brickwork on the tower still needs repointing with some of the bricks to be replaced. The engineers have been working over the winter period ensuring the Mill, Visitor centre and moorings are in good condition. Extra support has been given to the upper platform and is in good order now. In March we will use two weekends to Spring Clean the Visitor Centre and Mill including a refresher course for volunteers to re-fresh the various functions for the use of the Mill. You may remember, in the last Newsletter, that a film company (Camouflage) were producing a short film featuring the Mill as a promotion for Norwich City and suggested that we could have some of the video for our own use. Well I’m pleased to say that is now on the website (www.hardleywindmilluk.org) and shows stunning shots of the Mill and the surrounding area from last August 2019. We have another busy season coming up this year with all the usual suspects. The AGM takes place onThursday 2nd July, with guest speaker Rob Bylett, who will be introducing Romans on the Doorstep.Please visit the website for all the events. Finally, we will hopefully be part of the Chet B-Line (please see the next page for more information) Anyone who feels they may be able to offer help, a few days a month, mostly at the weekends, please contact Frances Kirkpatrick on 01508 – 520331. Griff
  12. Understood, however true Broadsmen will state that the river levels at PHB have slowly been increasing ever sine the port commissioners stopped regular dredging the lower Bure when the Ba took over. Some coincidence that is for there to be no truth in it just why then did they have crane dredgers on each bank especially on the bends ready to go into action all year round? what a waste of time / money / resources that was eh? Griff
  13. Get a smaller boat! Really? So those of us that own or hire craft originally designed to pass through PHB, paying a full toll as per the norm should now accept that we can't make use of the whole system? 'B.A' was designed to go under PHB at low tide, she used to do so regularly. I've taken her through a fair few times but it is rare nowadays and getting worse and I 'only' need 6ft5" or more to get 'B.A' safely through. So I and 'B.A' are affected. We purchased a boat designed for the whole system and toll her accordingly. Beccles old road and Wroxham bridges are rarely a problem although it happens. In the 70's & 80's (Me as a teenager) we used to take Broom Admirals / Supreme Commanders regularly through PHB and they need 7ft2" ! (Ish - I could be an inch or so out here) I have plenty of old photo's of our family on various hire craft up river of PHB Griff
  14. That's sealed it then Wishing you all a great week afloat Griff
  15. Mind you I’ve got a bit of a crick in my neck now after viewing it. Agreed, I ain't ever gonna get to Captains Blog standards, that's for sure You do realise that you’ve now made Irstead an even more desirable mooring, if that’s possible. Apparently according to the Lady that lives in t house t'other side of the hedge, it's a regular occurrence, especially early Wednesday mornings Griff
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