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  1. BroadAmbition

    Ant Warning!!!

    Sorry - Meant Morrisons, we have walked it there and back before now but with heavy items / large shop it's a bit of a pain in the hand Griff
  2. BroadAmbition

    Geldeston Lock - Repair

    If you want to help out with the ongoing restoration work at Geldeston Lock, you can sponsor a brick, details as per below. I have opted for the £45 option with R641 Broad Ambition on two lines Griff ---------------------------------------------------- From: Andrew Mackney Sent: 09 August 2018 13:02 To: Charlie Griffin Subject: Fwd: Geldeston Lock - Bricks Dear Charlie Thank you very much for your enquiry and for your interest in supporting the Geldeston Lock Project. Firstly we need to know what inscription you would like on the engraved brick. On each brick we can fit 16 characters per line (spaces have to be counted) The cost is £35 for one line and £45 for two lines of text. When we have agreed on the text, you can pay for the brick using the myDonate online payment on our website (I will send you the link). The next batch of bricks is being ordered shortly and so please let us have your choice of text as soon as possible. When we receive the engraved bricks, they will be put into the wall, hopefully in late-September. If you have any problems or questions, please contact me by email or phone. Thanks again Andrew Mackney andrew.mackney@googlemail.com
  3. BroadAmbition

    Ant Warning!!!

    F-to-M - My MrsG could do with a lift to Tesco's and back as we won't have had time to victual ship before sailing later today TVMOM Griff
  4. BroadAmbition

    Ant Warning!!!

    Ah yes TP - Know it - Tks Griff
  5. BroadAmbition

    Ant Warning!!!

    Anywhere in Beccles I can source one on Saturday forenoon? Griff
  6. BroadAmbition

    Broadland Bridges - Lets Get Serious

    James Fraser of NYA recently issued a letter updating where they are as of now. He has kindly given me permission to print it as per below. It would help the cause if skippers both private and hire could take a note / log of any issues / holdups at any of the Broadland opening bridges and email details to his secretary Louise as per below. Thanks, Griff ------------------------------- Subject: Broads Bridges Update Thank you all for your offers of support regarding our Broadland Bridges. We have had just over 100 pledges to date. I have had several interesting & informative meetings with regard to these structures and their history, including a meeting with Network Rail & the Broads Authority and other interested parties. My impression at this stage is that the Broads Authority are taking this issue seriously and have been putting pressure on Network Rail, who accept that these structures require replacement. There are moves afoot within Network Rail to attempt to raise the required funding for the replacement of Reedham & Somerleyton Bridges (circa. 80 million). This process will take a long time but is a very positive step in the right direction. I do not intend to spend any money on legal assistance at this time but will keep you abreast of developments. In the meantime, please keep a log of any issues you encounter with the bridges and email louise@nya.co.uk. With Kind Regards, JAMES FRASER Norfolk Yacht Agency Ltd - Agents for Haines ‘Custom Built Luxury’ Brundall Bay Marina Brundall Norfolk
  7. BroadAmbition

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    Hmmmm, Have I got a spare few hours over the next 12 days or so? Griff
  8. BroadAmbition

    Please Don't Shoot The Messenger!

    I wonder who amongst you really feels it is appropriate to be drunk in charge of a boat? I thought it was compulsory! Griff
  9. BroadAmbition

    Ant Warning!!!

    But does anyone have any idea why hot water would be coming from both hot and cold taps? Sorry - Shouldn't laugh That's just gotta be an easy fix. If you have not got it sorted by Beccles, remind me to have a look-see Griff
  10. BroadAmbition

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    It'll be looking like old stonework with plenty of grooves / scrapes various colours of paint scars, varnish and gel coat markings. Of course you won't have time to view all the above so now as requested you know what its looking like under the bridge. Hope this helps, Griff
  11. BroadAmbition

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    Seems a load of betty swarlocks to me Griff
  12. BroadAmbition

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    We stopped for a lunchtime hour or so. Sat outside had a hot snack. All seemed good Griff
  13. BroadAmbition

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    What's occurring then? Donny played their third game of this current season last night against the Iron (Scunthorpe) in a league cup game and managed a win. That's three on the bounce now! We currently sit second in the league table and will soon need oxygen and start suffering from nose bleeds. Most Donny fans are scared of heights Griff
  14. BroadAmbition

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    Donny Rovers for me 'The Vikings' Been going on and off ever since my Late Grandad took me as a nipper to Belle Vue in the early sixties. (Since moved to the Keepmoat Stadium) They are my local team, about 6 miles away. I also know one of the 1st team players whom I sometimes shoot / socialise with. I'm most definitely not a 'Glory Fan' you can't be supporting Donny Rovers. Supporting Donny is easy as we never get high expectations so when we do win it's an added bonus. We have had a great start to this season beating Southend at their place (Sorry Matt) and a win at home last Saturday too. I am not a season ticket holder as I have to split mysen three ways between Shooting, Tiger Riding and 'B.A' of course. Beside rarely are Donny at home ever sold out but it does happen now and again. Most memorable matches that I have been to? - Gaining promotion back to professional league two at Stokes ground, then winning the St Johnstone paint trophy at Cardiff. But the real biggy was actually seeing Donny play at Wembley in a match that really mattered, - Promotion to the Championship against the 'Mighty' Leeds and Donny won! I have been dining out on that one forever and if I live to a hundred will still do so (If I can remember) Years ago in the Late 70's I got fed up with my mess mates onboard harping on about their teams (Most of which they had never actually seen) so on a weekend leave I went to the club shop at Belle Vue to purchase a tea/coffee mug (This really happened) Me to the lady behind the counter 'Have you got any mugs'? Reply - 'Yes, we have eleven and they generally play on Saturdays' ! Griff
  15. BroadAmbition

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    We visited the Beauchamp last month and was impressed with the internal re-decoration etc. Hope it does stay open. Re dancing on the tables - I nearly got into bother a few months back, there was a rather large shall I say, lady dancing on a low coffee table in our local. A passing remark from me 'Nice Legs' the lady smiled and said 'Do you think so'? - 'Most definitely, other tables would have collapsed by now' Griff

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