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  1. Sailed at 1100 into H.W’s for pumpout, tackle shop and La’tharms sailing shortly for Womack Mild n breezy Griff
  2. Sailed at 1600 for Malthouse Broad. 6ft 7” on bridge. Slotted straight in on the front of quay at Ranworth at 1810. Proper lucky Griff
  3. Course you do it was MrsG Griff
  4. You were mentioned Griff
  5. Just booked him to take us from moorings to Wroxham Barns for 1200. I will endeavour not to lock t keys inside ‘B.A’ Griff
  6. Up early fishing just coz I can. Brill morning, mug of rum with a dash of coffee. Last night about 1930 a Richo’s bathtub came downstream, through the bridge, no pilot of course. The noise it made can only result in the bridge having a few thousands of an inch more headroom and the bathtub being a bit smaller we are booked for Wroxham Barns today for Grandson Charlie Griff
  7. Stern on at 24 Hr moorings in Wroxham. Lovely weather Griff
  8. Underway bound for Wroxham. Warm and sunny with a cooling breeze. Rum coffee in hand. Perfect Met Cerise Lady on Barton - Looking good Griff
  9. A long frustrating drive. Left home at 1500. Didn’t get onboard Till 1930 however with 17 days in front of us, so what? Departed wet shed at 2130 nav lights on. Then daughter points out that I have left on our led strip light. ‘About Turn Class Leader’ I then helmed ‘B.A’ astern into Richo’s basin, we had spectators for a stern on mooring which was going perfectly well until MrsG called out for me to stop as we were going to hit the jetty. Silly moo, she meant the finger pontoon which I was watching. That Pretty Flowered the approach and had to handball her in. Pegged it back round to wetshed and turned light off Magical night nav Alongside 2220 at Barton Turf just. Blocking a boat in the Dyke but will be away early in t morning It’s proper hot n muggy. Wroxham Tomorrow Griff
  10. Just checked - And yes it is. Apparently when in a public place a dog must display a tag stating owners name and contact details Seems I have been and will continue be a law breaker then. I have never yet seen any dog working in the filed wearing a collar, I wonder if there are exemptions for working dogs? Looks like we will have to get Purdey a collar / tag for when out in public and then remove it for when she is working, best I can do as I won't put her life in danger by having a collar on her in the field Griff
  11. We 'Do' Breydon and one of the southern rivers each year on the Lads Week, we hire from H.W's and take 'B.A' of course. Whichever southern river we are on we get to the head of navigation too, be it Geldeston or Norwich. We never seem to be in any sort of rush but then again there are six helmsmen on each craft so plenty of sharing it about (Wotch it you lot!) Going South next week for five days or so too Griff
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