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  1. ‘B.A’ currently underway down the Bure heading for Gya and Breydon with Jonathan as skipper - unsupervised, intending to cross Breydon for his first time ever What could possibly go wrong? Griff
  2. Monday 19th July 0300-ish and I was woken up by a constant beeping alarm. Now just what was that? on investigation the inverter alarm was sounding. I checked the Sterling display panel and it was showing a low voltage of 11:8v Well I wasn't fault finding at this time in the morning so I turned the inverter off. This meant the fridge and large cool box was off too, back to bed then said Zebedee On arising at a more respectable hour I checked the battery condition, the banks were showing above 12v so I turned the inverter back on so the fridge was operating but left off the cool box. Hmmmm, have we a rogue battery going down perhaps? I would look later. After Purdey walk we decided to try for Malthouse Broad and Ranworth Staithe, arriving at around 1000 there were plenty of spaces. Once the crew departed with Purdey dog into the Maltsters in the blazing sunshine for the last DTS of this trip I got set too down in the engine space. Six leisure wet acid batteries, I checked all 36 cells making sure the electrolyte levels were ok - they were. Then individually drop tested each one which meant taking each one out of the circuit - they all passed. So why the low voltage last night then? Having discussed the situation with Bro and Robin, it turns out the culprit is our back up large cool box, apparently these items are very power hungry, ours is a compressor type with a fan that runs consistently. We should only have it turned on when either plugged into shore power or when the Beta is running. The problem was solved, whew that was a releif We enjoyed Pizza and drinks in the sunshine at the Maltsters, back onboard prior to sailing we 'Lost' Purdey dog for about five minutes of sheer panic before discovering that next door, their girls had 'Stole' her and she was onboard enjoying a girly fussing, panic over. Talking of the next doors craft, it was one of those Richo's RC45 swish jobbies, it had stern moored next to us earlier, the skipper made one of the best stern moorings I have ever witnessed, he commenced his approach way out in the Broad, giving him plenty of time for corrections and ever so slowly and gently in between two boats perfectly and I told him so too - Well done that man We sailed just before 1500 whish was a shade too late really as we needed to get back to Sutton boatyard for our obligatory pump out and diesel. Thing was, we were really enjoying the sunshine and just being afloat a bit too much. We made Sutton Yard by the skin of our teeth - They waited for us. We passed Nyx coming down river at Irstead with MM at the helm, earlier on we had passed the smaller previous version, two Nyx's in one day! You don't see that very often Our diesel tally was 70 x Ltrs, a lot for five days but then again we had been down south and most of our transits had been against tide - It happens By the time we had completed the clean through, packed up the cars dried Purdey off again (Naughty dog had sneaked in yet another swimming session yet again at Richo's - got a proper telling off for that one) we didn't leave until 1900. A tad too late really as we didn't get home till 2200 and I had work booked in Tuesday morning So ends yet another stint afloat with some really hot weather to boot, it was as good as August 2020 Griff
  3. I’ve never been ‘Pinged’ to date which is good going bearing in mind how many clients I attend to, plus long weekends afloat, shooting etc The safest place out n about would be on the mighty Tiger but not had leg over for ages now Griff
  4. Heyup and Welcome from 'B.A' and her crew Griff
  5. When underway she spends as much time on the upper deck as inboard if not more so Griff
  6. Sunday 18th July A lie in! Purdey dog left me till after 0700. We walked up t hill to the local shop for the Sunday paper milk / bread as one does. I had been looking at the tide times and at last today we would be cruising with the tide for probably the first time since we crewed up. We sailed about 0930 just above tickover we were managing 6mph as we approached Berney Arms I knew we would be too early at Gya bridges so we berthed up, gave the dogs another run, sat and read the papers to while away some time Crossing Breydon in glorious sunshine once again, Breydon this time was busy with plenty of craft making the crossing as we were approaching Gya at low water, up the Bure and we arrived at Acle Bridge Inn with a garden mooring available. Bonus as we got to watch the F1 live, first time this year for me We sailed late afternoon, destination was to be Salhouse - Never made it, came across a space at St Benets abbey moorings, we were in. BBQ on the bank and at last the day started to cool down Griff
  7. Sat 17th July Purdey got me up before 0700 yet again, after her walk I did a spot of fishing, not a single bite but that was to be expected as I wasn't using the correct gear / set up The previous afternoon / evening we didn't eat at the pub (Surlingham Ferry) or for that matter use the bar facilities either. This was making me feel proper guilty what with having taken a mooring for yesterday afternoon / overnight. So I trooped off to the bar and offered £10 as a self imposed 'Fine' / mooring fee, they did try turning it down but I insisted. After topping up with f/w (And putting a £1 in the box) we sailed up river yet again against tide to Thorpe Green, arrived before low water, easily cleared the rail bridge and got oursens along side the Reedcutter pub for a DTS in the sunshine. We then sailed yet again against the tide, this time for Reedham, I rang ahead and secured a mooring and an outside table for dinner. The wx was yet again stinking hot all day long Griff
  8. We are both continuing with masks in confined busy areas. Purdey of course is not having any of it Griff
  9. Oh and Btw, we got to watch the whole race live in Acle bridge inn pub Griff
  10. If I’d of known I would have maintained listening watch on Pmr Ch4. As it was I never got one out of the cupboard Griff
  11. My Initial thought would be to try and ‘ground it’ then throw the mud weight over but that might be very foolish! If your engine has failed then you won't have the option to try and ground it. My course of action would be to use a headrope or even two tied onto a mudweight and rhond anchors and chuck the lot over pdq. On 'B.A' we have a second mudweight and a sea anchor they would be used pronto Whilst al the above is going on at full speed, straight on the pmr/vhf/mobile asking for assistance Griff
  12. Ants - White vinegar, much better than ant powder or boiling water Griff
  13. We sailed mid afternoon for Brammerton which on arrival was toppers. About turn class leader, back to Surlingham Ferry pub. We were berthed up for about 1600. A lovely afternoon / evening spent on the lawn. Early lights out by 2230 Griff
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