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  1. Broad Ambition / Broad Ambition / Griff & Laureen, hopefully more to come / Y / Y Paid the upfront mooring fee at Salhouse as instructed Griff
  2. Alternatively I will find a nice fabric then get Griff to re-upholster Broad Ambition to match the model. Many a true word said in jest. Hang fire on the fabric as we are indeed planning to recover the present soft furnishings in the wheelhouse. Out of necessity as they are worn through in places. Hope to get this done this year Griff
  3. Of course they do. Looks a Bobby dazzler too, complements the work top nicely. Easy to maintain as minimal grout required. Assuming they have been fixed with a highly flexible adhesive / Flexible grout should outlast all of us Griff
  4. And there’s me thinking those kind of tiles come in large sheets like a normal large tile. Wouldn't they be difficult to keep clean? Cleaning the face of glazed ceramic tiles is a breeze, as is in this case the face of glass and aluminium. What it more labour intensive (Slightly) is keeping the grout clean, a waterproof fine smoother grout is therefore easier to keep clean. Mosaics always present the issue of more cleaning as there is more grout to maintain. The tiles I am working with are fixed onto a flexible net backing, rigid they are not, in fact each sheet can be rolled through one dimension if one so desires - One should not desire. The tile that Regulo has shown are a copy mosaic and designed to make believe they are a genuine mosaic - they are of course nothing of the sort. They are also very easy to cut / fix and grout. A grout line should be maintained to keep the appearance of each small mosaic and of course to aid flexibility between each tile and make them waterproof throughout especially on the grout lines. The downside is that they don't adept to curves and non flat surfaces very well that we generally find on boats! I tend to specify a halfway house for tiling in boats, usually a 100 x 100mm tile or a 'Metro' tile (Small brick) works best as they can take up curves and irregularities quite well Griff
  5. Look great Charlie but wouldn’t like to pay that bill at £100 per hour 😂 If only - I wish. I reckon that when I left earlier, I had got about 5 x m2 stuck on. Decided I'm going to have to go there tomorrow for a half day to commence the grouting. Can't begin to tell you just how much I'm looking forward to that! Griff
  6. Correct on both counts, especially the second one Griff
  7. Today commenced a kitchen wall tiling job. There's about 10 x m2 to do. The client has chosen a mosaic. These beauties are a mixture of glass and aluminium. A real pain to cut. Pointless trying to score and snap, the glass strips will but not the Aluminium strips. Therefore every sheet / piece has to be cut on my electric wet diamond saw, moving them slowly through the blade by hand of course. Mega time consuming. Problem here is the cutting blade. One can use a blade designed specifically for glass or another blade specifically for metal. Swapping blades between tiles is impractical. So which blade to use? the glass blade but it'll wear it out in no time. Hey Ho, plenty of spare blades on standby then. I will be on this job for quite a while and it'll cost them an arm and a leg Griff
  8. I note that the three current threads related to the Broads Authority have been removed from public view to the Members’ Chat Area. As a matter of personal policy, I do not subscribe to discussions behind closed doors, so I will absent myself from those debates. Hmmm, why have they been moved into the members chat area? Without Paladin's input they will be much poorer threads imho Griff
  9. Both home safe and sound. Turned out the forecasted strong winds never turned up so other than some decent rain the drive home was a ‘Breeze’. Griff
  10. Hmmmmm, I’m gonna be driving Trevor today. Departing Gourock at midday-ish bound for home near to Donny. About 270 miles. The Wx forecast is far from ideal, no real problem, I’ll deal with it. My concern is that MrsG simultaneously will be making the same journey in her ageing Focus. Only slight comfort is she should not be too badly affected by the wind gusts, unlike Trevor so a steady hand on the helm will be in order Griff
  11. Well they are too early, we haven’t seen owt of any sort of winter yet Griff
  12. All done and sorted yesterday. All went to plan including the ashes this morning. A large family gathering for immediate family dinner out this evening. We hope to be home midweek Griff
  13. Oh yes. Yet another successful operation. Well done Griff
  14. Have you ever thought: “I’m fat.” “I’m old.” “I’m not enough.” I was young once. To all my friends from 40 years and up: Most of us are going through the next phase of our lives. We're at that age where we see wrinkles, gray hair, and extra pounds. We see the cute 25-year-olds and reminisce. But we were also 25, just as they will one day be our age. We aren't the "youth in their summer clothes" anymore. What they bring to the table with their youth and zest, we bring our wisdom and experience. We have raised families, run households, paid the bills, dealt with diseases, sadness, and everything else life has assigned us. Some of us have lost those that were nearest and dearest to us. We are survivors. We are warriors in the quiet. We are humans, like a classic car or a fine wine. Even if our bodies aren't what they once were, they carry our souls, our courage, and our strength. We shall all enter this chapter of our lives with humility, grace, and pride over everything we have been through, and we should never feel bad about getting older. It's a privilege that is denied to so many.” (Mums funeral tomorrow) Griff
  15. Gourock. Me n MrsG back up here once again. This time for Mums funeral, arrangements etc. The weather? For me it’s like I’ve time warped back to the early Eighties onboard HMS Attacker in Greenock Great Harbour. Strong winds, heavy rain all day. Mind you it will improve tomorrow, we will still have the heavy rain all day but the strong winds will have increased to gales. Don’t you just love the west coast of Jockland? It’s like I never left 💕
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