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  1. Jbx5

    Pointy Fingers

    Not at all Mr Cheesy Thought you may want to look at her first week on hire May 1974 straight out of the box at King line cruisers Horning as the first hirers. I will dig the photos out if you wish? John
  2. Oh dear think I will give that one a miss 😂 John
  3. Jbx5

    Pointy Fingers

    Is your Tropical Gem reg no G750 ? John
  4. The smokehouse at Wroxham is open for takeaways and it’s was superb on Saturday. They are having screens fitted between the seats and were looking to open the restaurant as soon as this is done. Got a couple of pints to take away as they don’t charge the crazy £2 for a take away carton that some of the other local pubs are charging as the beer is expensive enough! John
  5. Having been moored in Brundall for the last 3 years and work all over East Anglia I would say it’s the worst place in the area for any type of signal. Tv poor, mobile phone poor.. Vodafone very poor bottom end of Riverside. John
  6. Ian from what I’ve read you are looking to retire to Norfolk next year. Start planning now, look for a few areas you would like to live. You have the time now to get it right. Don’t leave it till the last minute then move to the wrong place or village for you. Hopefully the restrictions on staying on your boat will relaxed in a few weeks and you can get the use out of it and enjoy it. I keep saying to my mother in law who has been stuck on her own with no visitors for over 3 months stop watching the bloody news every 5 minutes its not doing you any good. Look forward to seeing you on the rivers Ian😀 John
  7. Jbx5

    My Day

    Brundall to Horning nice steady run 7.5 hours John
  8. Jbx5

    My Day

    Early morning start but a nice run over Breydon as changing moorings today. John
  9. Jbx5

    My Day

    Yes Carole the Brundall Cuckoo is alive and well and lovely to hear again. John
  10. There is defiantly pent Up buying going on for how long I dont know. We are busy at work with people wanting extensions. People are buying cars (I ordered one yesterday as did a few people I know recently. ) Houses are moving, our neighbour put their house up for sale last weekend and it sold by Thursday with 4 offers over asking price! Called to the boat yesterday and people were looking, one young couple buying a Bayliner as we were there. John
  11. Must be the only syndicate boat out Matt as the Brundall ones were all sat on their moorings. Are you just using as a day boat? John
  12. I had a nice run out on the river yesterday. The weather was perfect as the wind from Saturday and Sunday had relented. It was quite busy at the usual spots Bramerton etc, even mudweighting it was had to get a spot. Empty at the Ferry house though! A bit of wild swimming in the broad (sooner him than me!) John
  13. Just found out this weekend a good mate of mine from school has died from Covid he was 57. We had a school reunion last year were we both spent the whole night laughing our heads off at our endeavours, so glad I went that night. John
  14. Jbx5

    Space Station

    Watched the space station go over us in Norfolk about 10pm followed by the Japanese rocket playing catch up to deliver to it at 10.50pm Perfect clear sky and interesting to see without a telescope. I believe we will be able to see it for a few more nights. John
  15. We are with nav and gen how does the breakdown cover work with them then if linked to Boulters? John
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