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  1. Congratulations Mr & Mrs G nice to hear some good news 😀 John
  2. Would be interested in knowing what battery bank they have on that to run that lot. I have 3 x 160 AH batteries through a master volt 2500 inverter and it doesn't like using more than 1 item at a time so if you try to run all that in one go I can’t see it working very well? John
  3. I believe this is more directed to a certain speedboat that has been involved with quite a few evening cruises on the plane all over the Bure recently. John
  4. And a lovely afternoon birthday lunch it was too on there! Gave you a wave Jemaki near Horning old water works around 1.30pm John
  5. I have a business you can’t collect vat at 20% when the rate is 5% And pocket the difference this is cheating the customer at least Kris cruisers on the Thames automatically sent me a revised bill for our forth coming holiday without asking. John
  6. Bang out of order, greedy people. One of labs will be hopefully having a litter of pups early next year and to see this done is disgraceful. John
  7. 2 places I pass most days Viking storage (inside) near Wicks on Sweet briar road or Cann Storage (shipping container type) at Stratton strawless both I would think a 15 / 20 min drive from Wroxham.
  8. Jbx5

    Taxi Hoveton

    Bet I know who brought the subject up 🤔😂
  9. Jbx5

    Taxi Hoveton

    Cheeky Charlie 😂
  10. Looking good going through Horning sat at the front with your Granddaughter😀 John
  11. Jbx5

    Taxi Hoveton

    I’m off next week so give me a call Mrs B hasn’t stoped laughing yet so I’m used to it 😂 John
  12. Jbx5

    Taxi Hoveton

    No never said you were 😉
  13. Jbx5

    Taxi Hoveton

    A bit of useful information for a top taxi bloke. Having had a bit of bad luck on Sunday night, it could only happen to me as I managed to lock myself out of the boat putting the external side sliding doors covers on the latch dropped slightly with no shoes, no phone or car keys etc. Sitting on the back of the boat with my head in my hands I came up with the idea to phone a taxi to take me back home to Salhouse for a spare set of keys. I saw movement and a light on on Evening Shadow across the marina (the gravel paths are very unforgiving with no shoes) to see if they would be so kind
  14. Just gone past this idiot just past Horning. He did slow down as he passed me though. John
  15. Ha ha good to meet you even it was brief enjoy your quiet spot party party boat coming in your direction from Horning by the way John
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