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  1. Jbx5

    Road Works 2020

    Also traffic lights on the Wroxham to Salhouse road as they are extending the roadside path. So 3 x temp lights getting home from work in 3 miles😂 John
  2. You don’t want to be in there anyway as I’m lead to believe there is a Yorkshire man that thinks he is a comedian frequenting the place 😂 John
  3. Have you got a mooring at Stalham or Horning ? John
  4. We should have been on that boat at the beginning of October but it was cancelled due to strong streaming. John
  5. Fresh water flush every time after having the last 2 boats river water flush. Our current boat has a huge water tank and was built with fresh flush so may not work successfully with a smaller tank or retro fit. I know when we have been out with our daughter when they have hired a broom 30 (fresh water flush) they had to fill up a lot more than us. John
  6. The weather has been great in Norfolk since the lockdown started on Thursday. Really nice boating weather 😉 John
  7. All quiet at Salhouse broad this morning before the crowds arrive. John
  8. So Smoggy out of Yarmouth what’s the rough mileage to Wells and is it doable at 10kts bearing in mind there is a limited time either side of high water in one hit as I guess there’s no place in between. John
  9. You might have been better with the ex Richardson’s San Marino I have just passed on the A11 heading south that is green. Congratulations I hope you have many happy years with her.😀 John
  10. Very lucky if you can find one up north at the moment busy busy more chance down south . John
  11. Good luck Satchmo and thanks for the update.It doesn’t sound like a very healthy environment to be living in with all the damp take care with your health mate and all the best with your job search. You seem quite a positive guy though especially with what you have just been through so I’m sure you will be sorted sooner than later. John
  12. Congratulations Mr & Mrs G nice to hear some good news 😀 John
  13. Would be interested in knowing what battery bank they have on that to run that lot. I have 3 x 160 AH batteries through a master volt 2500 inverter and it doesn't like using more than 1 item at a time so if you try to run all that in one go I can’t see it working very well? John
  14. I believe this is more directed to a certain speedboat that has been involved with quite a few evening cruises on the plane all over the Bure recently. John
  15. And a lovely afternoon birthday lunch it was too on there! Gave you a wave Jemaki near Horning old water works around 1.30pm John
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