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  1. Jbx5

    My Day

    Hi Neil this will do the trick if a little expensive though. We had the same type of blocks on a previous house , the joints are larger than the standard block paving. Regards john
  2. Hi Ian my sister in law has been told the same thing with Ssp as she also has copd. Quite unfair and stupid. John
  3. Regarding the dog Griff Mrs B was reading on Champ dog that there are quite a few breeders stuck with there puppies at the moment as people cant travel to view or collect them fun fun ! We were going to breed our youngest Lab this year but will leave it until early next year now. John
  4. Is Admiral 7 still still on the rivers ? John
  5. Here’s Ness and Molly, they love the beach at Waxham if I have a late start. Might have a few of them shortly 🤔 John
  6. So sorry to hear that, had a many a good chat to Alan at Sutton Staithe and last year we seemed to be at Beccles at the same time.. He will be missed. John
  7. £132 is a very reasonable price with all the insurance and risk involved. John
  8. Not good to have to clean the boat after someone else. Has MS been aground this afternoon, if so at least she wouldn’t have been rocking and rolling as much. Enjoy the rest of your week. John
  9. Just called to the check the boat at Brundall,Boats sat in the mud
  10. Jbx5

    My Day

    Look great Charlie but wouldn’t like to pay that bill at £100 per hour😂
  11. They can’t fix them fast enough, as soon as they fit new warning signs and new kerbs they have been taken out again. John
  12. It’s looked unloved for a few years I always felt it was a shame as it just needed a good scrub and it would have been a nice boat, with no electric on that side of the basin flat batteries and a flooded aft must have taken its toll. Hopefully it can be rescued. John
  13. Jbx5

    My Day

    So sorry mate, horrible job to do been there a few times. John
  14. Jbx5

    My Day

    Sorry to hear that Griff your having it a bit rough at the moment mate. Hope 2020 will start better for you, get your self down here and we can have a few beers John
  15. Oh yes the clever electric drop down bunk bed with an aluminium ladder such fun in the middle of the night with bear feet I remember it well😂 John
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