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  1. Sorry to be a do gooder agree it was a friendly post and it was nice reading MikyOs story with his Dad but don’t understand what Otters have to do with the subject of a net packed with fish unnecessarily. John
  2. Hi Neil our last 2 boats were river water flush but the Fresh water flush so much better, we have a big water tank though which lasts 3 or 4 days which is recommended other wise you may struggle to keep up. John
  3. If you can’t get under Ludham you will have to have the Sealine ready to take over 😂 John
  4. Good to meet you Ray with your lovely boat Dakota. Sorry we didn’t get chance to have a chat Neil, noticed you could have had another week on Lightning as she was patiently waiting for her next crew at Brooms this afternoon. John
  5. Jbx5

    My Day

    Don’t give up now you’ve done the hardest bit ! Send our regards to Mrs G and family Charlie and hope to see you both on the water soon John
  6. Have a good week Neil, it was us that shouted to you around Reedham ferry just in case it does your head in thinking ! John
  7. Jbx5

    My Day

    Very misty this morning around Salhouse
  8. Another plastic scouser 😂 (sorry Jay couldn’t resist) Alan I didn’t get a beer the other week when I called round 🤔 John
  9. Jbx5


    Exactly my thoughts Paul about mud weighting. It’s just moved over us at Salhouse it was quite an amazing storm everything thrown at us. John
  10. No problem Chris I will be leaving Norwich at 11am just me myself and I if you want a lift John
  11. Logan air are quite good with baggage allowance compared to most. Im driving to Manchester this morning Chris I could have dropped you off at the airport John
  12. Hi Paul we will be doing the same journey on Friday, hopefully a couple of hours earlier. The LED sign on the bridge usually says opening in so many minutes if not as Mr Smoggy says let him know with a blast of the horn. nice photo of entrance to Rockland ? John
  13. Also changed our bulbs last year to LED from Brian Wards with great success and it was an easy job, ours were the 2 pin type. John
  14. I think your reading too much into the 8am time as there’s no time limit to start moving in the morning light permitting. It’s just giving you a guide so you get back before 9am John
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