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  1. Look like it’s the same people from the pet shop at the bottom of Wroxham bridge which is now empty (any one for another take away )! John
  2. Jbx5


    Hope they dIdnt wake you up Boycee. No consideration for the Sabeth day of rest these Yorkshire men. Us Lancashire lads would be more considerate 10am to 5pm mon to Friday 😂 John
  3. If you run your car engine in Norwich now when you are parked up you can get fined., but it’s made out to be ok if on a boat i wonder what the rules are at Norwich yacht station ) . I’m a boat owner but wouldn’t dream of running the engine on a mooring just because we’ve no hot water! This needs looking at as after last years incident for us at Bramerton we’re our lovely neighbour in front of us thought it was ok to run his engine all night on a relatively new Broom boat because they were cold ! I asked him to turn it off 3 times in the middle of the night which he did but kept starting it again.😩 complete pillock he was too. Complaint made to Brooms the day after which fell on deaf ears. John
  4. Why wouldn’t it be every body’s is in bed at 2100 around here apart from a few dodgy Yorkshire folk knocking about😂 John
  5. ABC Taxis 01603 666333 I always use them, clean cars, good drivers and good rates John
  6. Fear not boat all re polished and I use the Kartcher round patio cleaner attachment that came with the washer on the Indian stone slabs. John
  7. I have a Kartcher K4 and it gets used a lot, the last 2 weeks it has done the boat, rear slabs and the cars. I had the last one 8 years then give it to my boy who still uses it. Can recommend 100% i can see the £80 one very tempting though knowing the Yorkie blood😂 John
  8. I see you are struggling to find a mooring again Jean this morning Big brother is watching ! John
  9. We also had the wet system on a narrowboat last September on the Llangollen canal which I was very impressed with, pitty the rest of the boat wasn’t up to a good build standard. If I was to have a boat built and specified I would go this way. John
  10. Jbx5

    Over Wide Load

    This came in the opposite direction to me yesterday around Beccles. I thought at the time it was a bit wide for these roads, only for it t be confirmed as it had been pulled over into a lay-by near Loddon.
  11. Yes Chris that’s the best way to join the A1 north, the junction there with the 2 islands just before do get extremely busy at peak times. John
  12. Just topped up with fuel and as advised by the garage who I called at this morning put in some Forte adatives as in their words supermarket fuel isn’t great. John
  13. Hi Robin if your going to Cooper bmw Norwich they are well over the top price wise. I had a service done last week (oil and filters) which I booked on the bmw website and said it would be £250. When I got there they said it was classed as a major service! and would be £550 so a bit of hagling brought it down to £400 which I thought was ok. My car has done 35k miles although it’s a 330d 3 series says the front brakes are ok for 8k and the rear ok for 35kmiles so it seems a bit early for yours ? Is it showing up on the veichle status that they need doing. Just going for 2 new tyres this morning another £450😫 John
  14. A late start to work today so had the girls out for a walk around Salhouse broad. I thought it would be fairly busy as it’s half term but lovely and peaceful. The calm before the storm in a few weeks. John
  15. Should have read Alpha crafts old boats as they had been left in a terrible state for a few years before the yard got sold off. Alphas, Aquafibres in general are great boats so long as they have been well maintained. John
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