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  1. Jbx5

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    If you have to have 2 pump outs in a week with just the 2 of you on board there is something not right. I would suspect they have put too small a waste tank on them. It will be interesting to see if the fit out is done at HWs (on a Brooms supplied hull) which then could have a different set up? We have the same design Hull with an electric toilet and it lasts us 7 nights before it’s full. Also we tend to have just the 2 of us on board which is perfect for the design of boat😀 John
  2. Jbx5

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Looking good girl see you’ve been watching your dad on the posing front😂 John
  3. Jbx5

    Broad Beam Barge on the Broads?

    I think these widebeam barges are really nice craft a real home on the water but I don’t think the broads mooring situation (unless mainly permanently moored on a private mooring) is up to having a lot of these large vessels out and about permanently. The 45ft rule can’t be fully enforced as there are a few new additions much longer around Brundall area as I have noticed. Sorry to be a bit negative but good luck with your idea and let us know how you progress. John
  4. Jbx5

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Or your Grandads in these days of political correctness 😉
  5. Jbx5

    Eel In Thruster

    Whilst out on the canal the other day our neighbour was having a bit of trouble with his bow thruster making a noise, on inspection he found an eel had Found its way into it. John
  6. Jbx5


    A few weeks ago at Beccles there was a Jackdaw on the over head wires in the Mooring basin talking to itself first thing in the morning, I thought I was hearing things at first or had a few too many the night before. John
  7. Well that’s a coincidence just got back tonight from a first canal narrowboat holiday on the Llangollen canal. We did Friday to Wed (should have been till Friday but the weather was turning quite bad and also had a few faults with the boat). Our boat was supposedly new in 2014 but it had seen better days, the new broads hire boats put these to shame. I have just left the boat yard with a list of problems, TV / radio didn’t work, engine screamed at over 1000 rpm, toilet door latch and lock broken (door swinging open all week, toilet wouldn’t flush proper, it wasn’t to clean inside or out. The boatyard said nothing was reported the week before so they didn’t know any thing was wrong , in fairness we got free fuel and nothing to pay for the dog extra. We were told to run the engine for 5 hours min to recharge the batteries. The general fit out of the boat was very poor, more oak filler than a b& q warehouse, no gauges what so ever for water, toilet fuel.. But after the above we enjoyed the canal and area going over the aqueduct at Llangollen was quite stunning. We met some nice people from all over the world infact there were more Aussies than English. On the whole I would give it another go (I just wouldn’t tell the wife were we were going !) also choose our boat a bit more carefully. John
  8. Jbx5

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Great day out today first on Indy saw the broads from much higher up not quite as high as Charlie though! brucie bonus an unexpected trip to Yarmouth from Lowestoft on MTB 102 John
  9. Jbx5

    The Sound Of Silence

    What a great ignorant bit of mooring , I’m afraid if I would have found that On the back of my boat would have just untied it.
  10. Jbx5

    Beccles Wooden Boat Show

    Hi Martin sorry for your loss We enjoyed the Saturday night get together in good company. A couple of photos from plastic fantastic side John
  11. Thanks Peter but have the dog so need shore mooring any information on other moorings at Oulton would be appreciated John
  12. Book your mooring quickly for next weekend as I can’t get a mooring at Beccles or Oulton anytime Friday sat sun this weekend 😩 John
  13. Jbx5

    That First Coffee

    Good choice Chris ive topped up bean supplies this morning for the delonghi machine which is simple to use and makes great coffee. I got that for my 50th birthday, 55 next week now we’re did that 5 years go😫 John
  14. Jbx5

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    The Hains 32 is a lovely boat, very well fitted out but it’s a little small in length and width and with a £250k price tag much prefer the 35 Hull Hains, Broom, Westwood. A low hours 5 to 10 year old example for half the above cost would be my bet. Ive never bought an ex hire boat preferring low hours private but can see the attraction with a well maintained example from the likes a Richadsons but would stay well away from the likes of the recent old alpha models. John
  15. Jbx5

    Acle Bridge Inn

    Fair enough Chris enjoy don’t forget the recruiting seargent our favourite place at the moment John

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