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  1. Jbx5

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Independence and her crew just passed us on Oulton dyke looking very clean and smart even with a few dodgy Donny boys on the front ! John
  2. Jbx5

    Norwich And Swan Roamer

    It depends what system is fitted I guess, we have a Vetus toilet / flush system with 2 buttons an eco and longer flush and will get a week with 2 of us without needing to empty. It seems to be a pretty big tank which obviously helps. John
  3. Jbx5

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    My pleasure, about time you met up. John
  4. Jbx5

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Have you got the upper helm controls sorted. John
  5. Jbx5

    Waters Edge, Brammerton

    It says on their website they are only doing the bar menu this season due to chef shortage, which seems to be a recurring theme around the area. As the misus use to be a hotel chef it is defiantly a case of bad hours (split shifts ) and poor pay so I guess not enough trainees are getting through to fill the shortages. John
  6. Jbx5

    Waters Edge, Brammerton

    They were doing a couple of weeks ago as we had a nice meal there. Not the cheapest place around but nice food and great setting. One of our favourite places after a stress full day at work, nice run down the river from Brundall and back. John
  7. Jbx5

    A Word Of Warning

    Might just do that Mark as going to Brundall tomorrow to look at boat, last day off before back at work Wednesday . John
  8. Jbx5

    A Word Of Warning

    Hi Mark we saw your boat on the hard standing at Nya, have you been having her super charged ! John
  9. Ah a new sedan give us a clue Clive is it going to be like the Broom 35 sedan (aquafibre hull)? John
  10. Jbx5

    What Would You Pay Extra Tolls For?

    Well if all the fishermen stayed on the environment agency land were they think they pay their money to and give us all a smile Broadland would be a happier place, but alas it’s the boaters that have to pay the tolls and the fishermen resent them being there who pay nothing. (How much is a fishing licence again ) John
  11. Jbx5

    Afloat And Not.

    Gunton arms is on the way up to Cromer, nice quality food place worth a visit. John
  12. I had a drive on the new finished part this morning (missed the turning day dreaming on the way home this afternoon ) All looks good, a great asset in my opinion. John
  13. The last section of the NDR from the Poswick junction to the Wroxham road will be open on Monday evening, so the road home from work should be better. John
  14. Jbx5

    It Is My Sad Duty

    Really sorry to hear this as others I was only fearing the worst having not heard from him for a while. He was an honest and sencere person who will be greatly missed. John
  15. Jbx5


    Hi Clive has the new C405 gone over to Northern Ireland for the fit out ? John

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