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  1. Same as Jean didn’t want to wait to get Hoveton so Also booked in at North Walsham week on Friday, overs 55s now so they are getting through the age groups fast😀 John
  2. They will want their toll money soon so will have to let us use them or they will go skint. John
  3. I reckon the last photo must be the deck Totty off Broad Ambition in Griffs dreams 😂😂😂 John
  4. Don’t agree with the 10% theory Ian as a £150k river boat could have the same maintainance cost of a £25K example. Comparing the Haines 31 with 50 hp inboard engine around £300 if basic service only annually. Were as the twin engine outdrive Sealine could average £1000 easy if the outdrives need servicing every other year. But it depends if you can do the work yourself or have to have a boatyard to do it. Now updating this is were you can really get carried away ! John
  5. Be prepared for an increase in fees Ian if the usual suspects buy it. John
  6. Jbx5

    Broom Captain

    The Captain has a decent size sliding side door next to the helm which along with the rear doors fully open has a good through draft unlike other sedan types. John
  7. It seems a good price but only 3 year lease left (how much to renew if you can ??)£26 k rent Per year . John
  8. I went to do a job in Grantchester, Cambridgeshire in November and they were filming another series at the time with a lot of the locals involved, that is until one of them cane down Covid and they had to stop until all was clear. John
  9. Looks too cheap Clive put your hire boats up a bit and put your mooring down that’s a great idea for a Friday 😀😀😂
  10. Jbx5

    Road Works 2021

    Leaks every were, we have 3 sets of temp lights within 1/2 mile on Norwich road Salhouse. John
  11. Jbx5

    My Day

    Looks very quiet there John
  12. It can be a bit dodgy at times around there but mainly the speeds are low so as not to to too much damage. Now getting hit full on at Stokesby at full speed with the tide behind them which nearly put our boat on the bank has put us off mooring there for life. John
  13. Thankyou to you all who keep our great forum up and running, see you on the rivers in 2021 😀👍
  14. Wouldn’t go down the formica route for that job with its serious razor like edges as still got the scars from my apprentice shop fitting days ! John
  15. Jbx5


    That’s the point Ian I am at home haven’t left Norfolk all year ! Was it only a few weeks ago people from London were touring all over Norfolk ! That’s when people should have stayed at home. John
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