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  1. Tried it, didn't like it. I learned exactly why they put engines in boats!
  2. Absolutely! I guess they found it easier to tick the environmental box by kicking the ic engine fraterternity rather thinking about it a bit longer and realising it will also become unfashionable to fly for leisure purposes. They have missed an opportunity to take advantage if/when more people holiday "at home". I will look into the workings of the BA in due course and also a National Park. I notice mention of a "National Park Grant" in the report. I would gladly convert my boat to electric if it were practical but it just isn't. The main drawback at this time in history is that the technology and marketplace has not developed enough to the point where most of us would be willing to spend the money. Caning fossil fueled engines is more likely to end with scrap boats as we turn away from boating.
  3. Excuse me as the new boy but we have the names of a couple of objectors and the Chairman but it says the rise was agreed by the members. So what was the process for voting and who were the members who agreed with the Chairman?
  4. I'm trying to stay on the fence here because until I read Peter's original post on this thread, I had no idea about this issue. It's fair to say though, if I had not seen it, when I saw the signs I and probably every other tourist would probably just accept the existence of the BNP. The original post doesn't come over as a call to arms, more a chuck it out there and see what happens. But it looks like there's quite a bit of emotion and strong feeling out there! Unfortunately though, from up here on the fence it's looking a bit 48/52, or even 52/48 which could be better, or worse. My earlier comment regarding a government petition wasn't me taking the p for once but I know, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes! https://petition.parliament.uk/ If someone could come up with a carefully worded petition it could actually get something done in a direct or subtle way. With 10k signatures government would be notified, 100k and it would be debated in the Commons. Of course if it contained reference to a “Broads National Park” and got rejected by the government because it doesn't exist.... Staying on the fence but getting splinters.
  5. On the side: I wonder if I can put this Gentleman's Yacht thing to bed. Has anyone here actually been to Grasmere? On google, zoom so you have the southern tip of Windermere at the bottom of your screen and the northern tip of Bassenthwaite at the top. You'll see Grasmere just below the centre; in Lake District terms it's just a large puddle! Ten 40 footers would struggle to line up across it. Now go on to Google Earth and zoom in to find the tiny slipway for rowing boats. Where are they going to launch and service 40 footers? They need buildings etc. Now drag the little man on to the road alongside the lake and you'll see why it shouldn't be spoiled. Her Majesty's Lake District is in good hands IMO. OK, said my bit now get back to deliberately misinterpreting each others comments for the sake of perpetuating the argument. Of course, if someone thinks the case is strong enough they could propose a government petition to get it sorted, or is that too practical?
  6. So now would be a good time to document the old place for the history books. Every detail including interviews with old employees, customers etc recorded on modern, high quality media. Then it will live for ever. The new design doesn't look too bad at all IMO. Better than these someone prepared earlier, 1960's: https://www.holidaylettings.co.uk/rentals/emsworth/304690 Hope that's ok, being an advert? I would just hope the materials weather evenly in the long term.
  7. I am seriously jealous of anyone who can work wood like that. Love the dresser. Wood is evil. It is alive. It hates me. You measure it 47 times and it still shrinks after you've cut it. Why is that? I must have been a Lumberjack (and I'm OK..) in a previous life and now the trees want their revenge! Metal is a lot more forgiving. All you have to do is get it hot enough, hit it with the biggest hammer you can find, and it will do anything. I may hold a design competition for a drinks cabinet for the Denham Owl, winner gets to build and install it...
  8. I can see your point clearly and to be fair, the dealers who participate in these tv programs are partly to blame. I spend a lot of time (and money!) in antique shops and I find it's always better to make the effort to be a good (polite) customer. But I hear others who believe they are doing the dealer a favour by taking the stuff off their hands. What you describe is a frequent senario on Antiques Road Trip but in that show, the answer to the dealers best price is often, "40?, I was hoping to get it for 30." And they settle on £35. They usually cave in to the lovely Christina! Sometimes though, the dealer just wants rid of the stuff: I found bubble sextant from a WW2 bomber at Hemswell. No price tag but I expected to pay between £40-£60. I asked the price and the dealer started to get it out of the cabinet. I told him not to go to the trouble because I didn't want to mess him about (good customer!). He said the price tag was £175. No point even thinking about it so I thanked him for showing me and said I wouldn't bother. He then said, "Well I've had it for ages and I need the space in the cabinet, how about £35? I've cleaned it, bought a handbook for it and if anyone wants to see it and have go, I'll bring it over sometime. I'll even growl in your earhole and shake you by the shoulders for a bit of realism!
  9. Welcome Jeremy. Thanks for posting this, I have fitted two of these, one for the tube heaters and the other controls a dehumidifier. I've shown the installations on my videos over here: but you have made me realise I'm not getting the RH readout figure just below the dial. Mine just reads, "%RH" with no figure. I've been on the website and it's a common problem to do with the latest firmware. I have the latest but can't see how to reinstall it. It's not such a big problem as the dial gives a good indication so I'll just wait for the next upgrade to come along. I don't trust the thermostats on tube heaters either; even the lowest setting is still a little above freezing making them wasteful for our purpose. Another alternative is a froststat which works more accurately down to around -5C I think but I'm glad I fitted the Sonoffs; now I just keep an eye on the weather forecast. Floyd.
  10. Best to check the installation instructions but I'm sure they are designed to be in a bathroom but not anywhere they could be directly splashed by the shower. If you are living aboard you may want to wire it through one of these: https://www.timeguard.com/products/time/immersion-and-general-purpose-timeswitches/7-day-fused-spur-timeswitch I was advised to and find it very worthwhile; warm towels every morning.
  11. The Repair Shop came along as a breath of fresh air; no false deadlines, no interpersonal dramas and no mention of monetary values. Unfortunately, it's gone the same way as DIY SOS and indulges itself in dramatic personal stories attached to the items being restored. I find myself not minding if I miss it, then I don't bother watching anyway. Salvage Hunters doesn't appeal, The Restorers does. I have to wonder how much DP makes from actually making the show, and how much of it is set up and scripted? The popularity of tv programmes showing how to make a profit on the side is amazing. But if they ever come up with a format where someone buys something, restores it then sells it for less than the purchase price, I could be famous!
  12. Yep, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pack the Nikon next time.
  13. Thanks for the response Smoggy, but I'm not pursuaded. Tails may be cheap but there's a bit of work moving the filter which would involve disconnection and diesel spillage. Then the cost of the kit and no guarantee it'll work. I've looked at the safety guidelines regarding the present water heater and the main concerns are with the flues, which need to properly sealed and in good condition. This is easily achieved and if I can pretty up the rain cover on top of the flue to be closer to the style of the boat, I'll be happy. At present, it resembles a periscope!
  14. Well I nipped over on Monday/Tuesday and near the top of the agenda but below exchanging fridges and lifting the diesel tank was looking for possible hose connections on the engine. I'm stumped. My information was that the original engine would have been the 2.3lt version but this is a 2.6lt and doesn't look 50 years old. So it's quite possible that my engine came from a source that didn't require any further connections. I'm putting this part of the project on hold while I do more investigation and in the meantime I'll look at other means. Here's the vid: https://youtu.be/1X8G8dbot1k
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