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  1. Sorry I should have been clearer (story of my life!) I was referring to the general public and not specifically forum members.
  2. Market Harborough is a nice place with a nice lock free run of canal to Foxton locks. Nice pubs at both. Nice looking day boats from MH end, we've had a look but never taken one out. Worth a bit of research. https://www.unionwharfharborough.co.uk/ http://foxtonboats.co.uk/ Have a great Birthday and make it last a year!
  3. I don't agree. Once again the media and those opposed to the government are stirring things up to look worse than it is. The only mistake has been to trust the general public to have some common sense instead of banging the table and making yet another rule to be enforced. People still seem to be obsessed with rules and regulations rather than the virus itself.
  4. She's safe for a bit longer.... We've just been away in the caravan for a long weekend and we reckon the situation is not as bad as it could be. The only difference within the campsite is that we both use antiseptic wipes on door handles, toilet flushes etc. and don't use the showers.
  5. I was just going to start typing in my thread about the Denham Owl when the phone rang. It was a pre-recorded message claimed to be from BT. There has been some dodgy traffic on my broadband and they want investigate so I have to press 1 or they'll cut me off. The only dodgy traffic has been on this forum.... I didn't press 1 by the way.
  6. If we're not careful we'll be too scared to post anything! It's called life! Maybe we all need a yardstick for comparison: my own is someone who witnessed terrible things in the trenches of WW1, came home and raised a decent family without compensation or sympathy for mental health. If he could cope with that I reckon I don't have a lot to bleat about. And what about Lockerbie/Grenfel Tower etc etc. Imagine how the relatives feel when they are dragged back onto our screens for some seemingly justifiable reason, and without warning. Ironic they warn you about upcoming football results though; well they wouldn't want to upset anyone would they?
  7. It has been suggested I need it, but with a Ragman's Trumpet.
  8. It's achievement was to add to the knowledge of the history of the Broads on this forum like countless other posts. I wasn't going to reply but you left a question mark and while I'm here: The photos came from an archive. Where does the archive get it's photos? Are they given to the archive with publishing rights? Who supplied them to the archive and did they give permission for them to be reproduced? And who was the photographer? A carefully worded PM to Nigel may have got you some answers and some closure on the situation.
  9. Agreed. And any objections could be better expressed by a PM in the first instance.
  10. Good Lord! There's a chance I could give birth to identical quadruplets!
  11. Nothing has been decided yet, the jury is still out. It's nothing to do with boats or the Broads but more about our choice of lifestyle and the post covid situation. We have a touring caravan in which have a weeks holiday in the Lake District and several long weekends away during a typical year. We also enjoy long days out. Watching the way people are ignoring social distancing advice I can only assume, or should that be, "it's only safe to assume" that people are just as lapse at cleanliness with regard to santisation. So that puts me off buying a coffee or a meal out, then there's public toilets. So we're back to picnics in the car just like when we couldn't afford anything else. It largely depends on how the rest of the summer pans out; we have a couple of caravan holidays booked so it we'll see how they go. And also whether the marina re-open the toilet block. One use of the boat was as a weekend bolt hole for us to use as a base to visit East Anglia but they day out situation could knock that on the head also. We may consider replacing the caravan with VW T6 based campavan which would then make the boat a bit pointless.
  12. So now we have gone from mooring fees to housing and two people have posted that they have become irritated. Don't you just love forums?
  13. Here are the latest 3 vids: Dependant on the post-covid situation, Denham Owl could be on the market anytime from when I get the poo pipe changed, to next April's renewals. But we'll have a few nice weekends until then... By the way, anyone panicked by the presence of oxy-acetylene bottles in my garage can relax as they're gone. I think I posted something about that before? It's my age. What did I come upstairs for?
  14. Was it like "Puppet on a Chain" comes to Norfolk?
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