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  1. Well I'll be spending this weekend trying to rescue bits of wood and other carpentry but here's something to wave your Union flags about: The front "wheels" of the canopy are these bearings. After cleaning I could just make out the markings "R&M" for Ransome & Marles. R&M bearings were made in Newark, Notts. They joined with Hoffman Bearings and Pollard Bearings to form RHP which I was pleased to find are highly rated, up there with SKF. NSK of Japan now own RHP but I was fascinated by the "England" stamping so emailed them. This morning I had a nice reply explaining the history and confirming that my new imperial sized bearings were made in Newark. Now, could I be as lucky finding a supplier of good Marine ply near the Broads? I'm thinking there must have been quite a few back in the day. I know of Tim Collin but that's all. Nearer to Brundall would be more convenient.
  2. Does anyone know the best way to check the Lloyds register? I've looked online but can't find anything easy and free! The boat was constructed during 1969 and completed 1970. To add to the mystery: she has been fitted with a motor and pulley for auto steering, an old style echo sounder and a compass which is illuminated!😱 Motor and pulley are now gone. The hull is a Broom Ocean 37 but the engine is a Thorneycroft_Layland_Triumph_Fergy Tractor jobby. Would you take that to sea?
  3. Johnny Ball never caused this much trouble when he asked about numbers.
  4. Here's No. 9 then. Nobody has mentioned the "off delay timer" in the bilge next to the freshwater pump. Since editing this video I have found out that it is supposed to do a similar job to the accumulator and is therefore now redundant. Not that it was doing anything anyway. This is just about it for the domestics and it's now full steam ahead on the restoration. They'll be more on the canopy soon. Floyd.
  5. Well as I already do the washing up: no hardship there!😉 Depends who's doing the flogging.😱 Wow. I think I may have a very posh handkerchief.
  6. I'm really grateful for this Vaughan; plenty to chase up there, I'll report back if I find anything. The last paragraph could explain the nice, blue ensign I found in a locker. It's in excellent condition on a nicely varnished pole and there's a socket for it on the stern. Unfortunately I don't do clubs. What's the penalty for flying an ensign without a warrant?
  7. Thanks for that: Does that mean that if I ring his number I'll be able to talk to the fish? I'll drop him a line soon.
  8. Wow! Thank you all for the replies and sorry for the late response. I do read your contributions during the day but haven't got round trying to reply with the phone app.
  9. Hi All, Probably a schoolboy question but I am new around here still, and probably will be for a long time yet! Reffering to the photo: you are right up the pointy bit at the front of the boat, looking backwards and upwards in the forecabin of my Harvey Eastwood 37. What's this number all about? I've tried Googling it but every search containing the word "fraction" produces page after page offering help with my A level maths exams. Bit late for that. BTW I'm not sure what the purpose of the copper pipe is other than decoration but see how it's tarnished with the heat of the recent weather. Floyd.
  10. Well here we go with D.O.8. Here's a little inside info on Youtube: when you first start posting videos you are on the bottom rung of some kind of ladder and as such, you are only allowed to post videos of 15 minutes duration or less. There is a threshold (so many viewings, subscribers or such) whereby you then climb to the next rung and your videos can go on and on. Apparently, I reached this mile stone some time ago. I want to reassure any potential viewers that while I was putting together D.O.8 I reached the 15 minute mark and still had loads of material left in the can as it were, so I made the decision to limit myself to videos of around 15 minutes in the future. If you think 30 minutes of me would be boring for you, I have to watch this cr*p over and over several times before you see it! Anyway, this content all predates the canopy video, not that it matters. I'm over again on Friday, armed with a couple of Acrow props......
  11. You would be most welcome to come and have a look around, as would be anyone else with time on their hands. It's very likely I'll be there during one of those weekends but it will depend as always on the weather and that other thing which seems to ruin everything: work. It's not worth viewing when I'm not there unfortunately as it has that blue cover which hides it completely. I'll let you know nearer the time and I'll PM you with links to the two videos not on public release.
  12. I think I've found the root of the misunderstanding here: Having looked at some old forum postings it seems that Trakmark was indeed a diamond pattern covering made by Dunlop but was discontinued a few years ago. It looks like someone has bought the rights to use the name and the reference to Dunlop to produce a faux teak deck covering. However, all is not lost I think; how about this stuff? https://www.treadmaster.co.uk/
  13. I think we may be at cross purposes here; I googled "Trakmark" and got a pvc deck covering originally manufactured by Dunlop, and resembling a teak plank deck. I'm interested in the Royal Tudor covering though?
  14. From the website: "This alternative to wooden decking can be used on a wide range of materials, Including Timber, Metal and Fiberglass. With its Non Slip feature continues even when the deck is wet with sea water." So it IS a covering as well. I should have said "coating".
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, I've just google it. Trakmark is an alternative to wood, not a covering. The stuff on my deck may have done a good job for a few years but now it prevents any breathing and holds the damp in. Still, one day....
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