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  1. I think the main message so far from this is that people will notice and they are prepared to come forward as witnesses. Thank you whoever you are.
  2. DIY at the mooring is exactly what I do and it works very well. I was also very lucky that it all fell into place by accident! The agreement at Brundall Gardens is that DIY at the mooring is OK unless you're going to make exsessive noise or mess, in which case you have notify them and they find you a temporary berth around by the workshop. At least that was my agreement but of course it's always best to try and work out exactly what you will be wanting to do and checking with the marina first. That said, I would be very peed off if I went over to sit and relax on my boat, and the blo
  3. I asked the Nuns to explain this to me but they refused. However, one of the older ones commented that in her experience, half an hour was not nearly long enough??? ........
  4. The owners seem to think it's vandals. Emergency services called at 08.43. Blimey, your Norfolk vandals get up early don't they? And in winter. They need the guy from the original Italian Job to try and "blow the bladdy doors off". Should they rename it The Phoenix?
  5. Over 50s are most at risk from serious symptoms we are told. So a 55 year old delivery driver visiting quite a few locations every day is well down the list behind someone who has hardly any contact with the outside World.
  6. I've heard of a senior NHS worker who works from home getting the jab, and her husband who is over 50 but doesn't qualify. I've also heard of builders working in a hospital getting the jab, which I agree with. I'm surprised no-one has commented about the order of vaccine priority. At the risk of making myself extremely unpopular, here's my go: NHS & care workers - Teachers, police, firefighters etc. - Essential retail staff - Anyone unable to work from home - Students - the rest of those employed - as you were. I've probably missed out a group or two but that's generally the idea
  7. Mirror on the wing, whatever next!
  8. Looks like an amazing place to work, under cover with plenty of like minded company? Sorry for the digression but is that a Cortina estate?
  9. Mine is by far Ewelink which is an even cheaper version, and probably says a lot about my good self! Controls the dehumidifier and bilge heaters on the boat. Saves me more in a month than I paid for the whole set up. Also, I can have look around with the camera but that's just depressing at the moment!
  10. No money at all: How much does a hobby cost? Don't answer. You have a lovely secluded part of Leicestershire with a private parking spot, around 1/2 to 3/4 hour's very pleasant walk to Foxton Locks which is nice day out (2 x pubs and the inclined plane museum). From Foxton you can walk further either above the locks or take the branch towards Market Harborough. Of course the other way from Debdale takes you towards Leicester, another nice tow path walk. When you get back to Debdale after walking you have this shed like place where you can sit and relax, keep a stove and have nice cup of t
  11. I had two Ventora FD's, a Mk1 which fell apart, then a lovely Mk2 UBC 5H.
  12. BBC news: Boris went for a bike ride. Knowing the World's media would be watching and he was within the guidelines/rules. So over to our correspondant who is where? At home? In the studio? No, he's gone to Westminster to pose outside parliament for the benefit of us who may not be able to relate what he is saying to government. Within the law yes, but sensible? A good example? No. Then an article saying there were more deaths last year than in any year in WW2. Statistics then. Over to our head of statistics who starts his waffle and just happens to slip in, "it's hard to compare modern st
  13. Under a certain large airport nearer to me than the Broads I heard. The rumour was that it was in case we lost the last war but it's amazing how logic and facts can be twisted to make a good story.
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