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  1. None at all, see bottom of page one; it works.
  2. I would like to thank Terry and Pam, owners of Bonnie, for their help so far, and also expilot for the introduction. I met up with Terry and Pam on Sunday afternoon and the knowledge gained was priceless; at the very least it's saved me hours and hours of chasing my tail. At most it could have saved me hundreds of pounds putting the right the damage caused by me chasing my tail in the wrong direction! (Does that sound like experience talking?) It helps that Terry has done all the work on Bonnie himself so he can relate fully to my problems. If you see their boat, admire the topsides woodwork; all terry's work and superb. Remind me never to moor alongside as mine will be in the shade! Thanks forum.
  3. Well I think I have found the solution: Grease. Apply to the rear at high tide, then apply to the front at low tide. Result: a quiet night. Thanks for all your helps.
  4. It's amazing what you see when you stare for long enough; I've just spotted reference to "map C or F" at the top of the first map so I think C/56 probably refers to a continuation map. I found this scrap in my Father's stuff after he passed away in 1996 and I was always fascinated by it. I think there is something in the DNA because one of my Grandsons has the entire London Underground system memorised. Dad and his brothers had a holiday on the Broads sometime between 1945 and 1952 when he got hitched.
  5. Crikey, imagine the health and safety issues that would cause today!
  6. Oh my word! I am going to play for hours on there! Thanks for posting this. Just as it is, it shows the tramway down to the quay but no bridge over Breydon. Fascinating.
  7. On the Berney Arms website there is a photo of the gate at the side of the White Swan, is that the one?
  8. Hmm, but do they smell of old lock gates? (aplogies for swearing on the forum).
  9. I think thats the stuff to go for unless... my friend has to get some silicone grease for plumbing purposes and if he has to buy a decent quantity it may be worth him squibbing some of that on as a first try. More research says that hornets are attracted to sweet foods and not grease anyway. Not mentioned so far but he is actually concerned that the wrong stuff may instigate deterioration of the wood? My friend intends staying there long enough for it to matter!
  10. Thanks for the suggestion. I had a quick look and it contains the magic words, "clean both surfaces" or something like. It's actually great stuff to have around though; it's excellent on plastics.
  11. Not sure about that Mark, I think where the hinge is penetrated it stays quiet most of the time. The problem is caused when the finger rubs underneath the bridge. My friend says.
  12. Looks like it according to Google. Painted over history!
  13. Thanks Howard, thats a vote for Teflon.
  14. Howard, I've just looked at the Berney Arm website and found there was a link line between the Beach station and the line near to Vauxhall station. It went alongside the White Swan which some oaf has now painted black! From 1994 to 2012 I drove for the famous pocket-slapping supermarket now in the Vauxhall goods yard. As the road goes behind the station next to the river, I remember seeing a flat bottomed, double ended punt like boat with what looked like a home made cabin. I have a time-lapse type memory of this boat slowly disintegrating over the years until nothing was left. It looks a bit cleaner round there now according to Google streetview. I don't remember ever going to any of the defunct stations. I never used the Beach station as a lorry park either but there are a couple of original canopy supports with the railway company's logo cast into them at the entrance. Floyd.
  15. I’m sure some of you well travelled people have experience of natural lubricants and I’m hoping you can pass on some wisdom to someone who had a more sheltered upbringing: a friend of mine. This friend’s boat is moored on a floating finger next to where the bridge from terra firma sits (the "bridge" which connects to the fixed jetty). There are two steel plates on the upper side of the finger and the underside of the bridge is wood. My friend was wondering if there is a good lubricant available to stop the finger making a noise during movement? Smell is important: he doesn’t want it to smell like a pair of old lock gates (sorry for swearing on the forum), nor does he want to attract insects like the Hornets which seem to grow to the size of small dogs around Brundall. Any suggestions will be passed on discreetly. Thank you in anticipation.
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