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  1. Looking at the pic I see three black wires not connected to anything. That would be my starting point with a meter to find current. I don't see a float switch anywhere?
  2. Forget Britbox and have a look here: Just a shortie at 13 minutes, it covers some of the things relating to the BSSC. D.O.19 will cover the solutions, and may be quite long. Not shown in the video is the attention Will showed to the engine's fuel supply, particularly to the pipework, filters and shut off valves. Thankfully he was happy with all of it. As an aside I asked him if he could see where to connect a calorifier to the cooling system and he couldn't find anywhere. Well if an experienced engineer can't find anywhere, there ain't anywhere!
  3. Don't include me in "us punters". Maybe a decline in the relationship between the BA and those who sign on the dotted line then decide not to conform, but once again I thik you're seeing what you want to see and not what's there.
  4. Ooh, that's spooky, probably: click on the video link and there's a series of short vids of the boat in St Katherines Dock, one of which shows David Suchet (Poirot) switching on the Christmas lights. So a Broads boat in St Katherines Dock and a famous actor - I'm fairly certain Ewar Woowar had a boat in St K's.......
  5. Nothing new about stand up paddleboards then? And I hope those nets are knotless or there'll be trouble.
  6. There must be something about this video that makes more people want to watch it; could it be a fascination with human waste? The other videos in this series usually get around 60-70 views but this one is nearly double that! I wonder why some are watched more than others but just to help those who don't know: If you click on the Youtube text at the bottom right it opens in Youtube, then under the video bottom left you see "Floyd Raser". Click there and you go to my channel, click on "videos" at the top and you'll see all my videos. The weather forecast looked good for Wednesday and T
  7. floydraser


    What is your speciality, whacky headgear, orange skin or mis-matching shirt and trousers?
  8. That's actually a more reliable method than looking at the BBC weather app. I was over Weds pm and yesterday when the forecast was dry. It pi**ed down most of the time. In fact it was pi**ing down at 09.30 yesterday as the app was say it should be a sunny interval! Water levels were extremely low Wednesday at BGM when I got there at about 17.00 and a neighbour says low levels forecast?
  9. I've just got back from Brundall Gardens and two boats have recently departed and another has been sold so there should be at least two moorings in the 37 - 40 foot range available.
  10. I think you mean mopo? I have no right to know the answer as I am well over 50 and have Grandchildren, but I'm going to guess "my own personal opinion".
  11. Oops, sorry. Make that Baked beans, bog rolls, Adnams Broadside, whisky and Copper House gin, and a fruit based drink for the girls. Better?
  12. Get out the "Protect and Survive" leaflet, turn the settee over and get the family underneath, panic buy baked beans and bog rolls; it could last all winter!
  13. A respectful point of order Vaughan: As far as the BA is concerned I remain on the fence. I don't see the videos as a threat in themselves. What I will always highlight though is what my mind interprets as dishonesty bordering on corruption of a body who, I presume are funded partly by the taxpayer, putting out propaganda in favour of (presumably) one or more of it's supplementary funding sources. If I get more time on my hands I may investigate the funding of this academy. Either way, if they want to make a video promoting paddleboarding then I don't have a problem with that, just call it "Pa
  14. I use a Sonoff but I don't know if it would record the temperature in a log. It shows the current temperature and humidity and I use it to switch on a dehumidfier between 02.00 and 06.00 using a timer via the dedicated app. This shows the installation: I'm not sure if I say I don't use the timer in this vid, but I have learned now anyway.
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