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  1. Is the animal still inside the receptacle, or have you let the cat out of the bag?
  2. I can recommend one of these, shop around for the best price: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Milenco-MGI-Plastic-Double-Step-Caravan-Motorhome-Camper/271881042230?hash=item3f4d5f7936:g:v84AAOSwoQ5fjJ3F Note the feet. My boat came with one of the metal caravan steps and the narrow feet kept getting lodged between the planking of the pontoon, making it a bit scary at times. The one above is stable and there are holes in the feet if you wanted to tie it down for extra security. I also tie-wrapped a couple of empty plastic bottles underneath just in case it falls in.
  3. Diesel used to be a lot cheaper than petrol because it's cheaper to produce and there's more of it. The a government decided they didn't want us to use diesel and loaded the duty to make it more expensive than petrol. So why not just give notice and ban it altogether? Probably because it's not such a problem after all but we'll have the duty thanks. Electric cars were around in the 1970's but all the technology was bought up and hidden away for fear of doing harm to the established car industry by forcing them into investment. The oil industry probably had an iron in the fire too. LP
  4. No, but it can try: 2014. Derwent water, Lake District. During a period when the water level was exceptionately low, exposing normally submerged areas, some bright spark thought they would get a photo of Giles Academy's brand new Transit minibus in the middle of the lake. Got the pic but while stationary, it sank in the mud to it's axles.
  5. The tiddly car behind the motorhome would be zero rated road tax. Servicing would be minimal if the mileage it does during the year is low, like it's only used for holidays? Unless one is daft enough to let a main dealer charge an arm and a leg for changing the oil and ticking a load of boxes on a service sheet, oh and a free wash. The insurance could be very low, again, linked to low mileage. Overall, the cost of the tiddly car could well be less than the cost of all the accumulated site seeing travel costs of the year's holiday trips. And then there's the convenience of not having to rely on
  6. Ah, but did you hit owt? My best scores were always just after a long lay off, then next time, full of confidence, couldn't hit a barn door stood next to it! But nice to hear the bangs again and have a dirty gun to clean!
  7. You lot, honestly! Search on St Bennets and when it says "results for St Benets" click underneath for "St Bennets" and you'll find quite a bit of stuff like this: https://www.artgallerysw.co.uk/product/st-bennets-abbey/ They're probably using all the old spellings and names? The map is based on the London Underground style which itself is based on an electrical wiring diagram style. The stations on the underground map are on alternate sides of the line. Just buy one and enjoy it!
  8. I'll shortly be able to see the practical side of electric cars: One of my sons will soon get his new company car, a fully electric Audi estate. Family is a wife, three kids and a dog. No charging point at home yet but free charge at work. They live in Leicestershire with a static caravan holiday booked in Dorset later in the year. The onboard computer/satnav tells you when and where it's best to recharge. First calculation says there'll be a 45 minute stop either way, and Audi supply a 3 pin converter for when you're there. It'll be interesting to see how it works in practise. Tax breaks
  9. I'm about to experience the second hand market and wondering which way it's going to go; I have my Father in law's Kia Venga to sell but I'm wondering if there is going to be so many cars for sale that prices may drop.
  10. I would think they can if they want to but a decent firm wouldn't want you to. As the vaccine hasn't been established to be 100% effective anyway I doubt any rights about working with unvaccinated people could be established, yet. And by the time it could we will all have been jabbed anyway. I would think you could only express your concerns and hope for a sympathetic ear. Shouldn't be much of a problem anyway so long as all the precautions are taken with regard to social distancing, wearing masks etc. My wife has been working at home for around the same time but has recently started goin
  11. Will Kirby here: https://www.freshwatermarine.co.uk/ He's based in Blofield.
  12. floydraser


    Fair play to the bloke for not being afraid to get out and be seen.
  13. And Ben Edwards has moved on from Channel 4 so we have another voice to get used to.
  14. For the life of me I'll never understand why people have to post anywhere that they are going to do something which may be against the law/guidance or whatever. Why not just get on with it and keep quiet about it? We don't need to know. Unless someone can can give me a constructive argument for doing so, apart from the right to freedom of speech of course. It's the same old same old: 29th March, 12th April and 17th have been clear from the start. Once again as before, people are now interpreting soundbites to justify the agenda that we all want, to be able to go where we want, when we wan
  15. Can't do the 140 mile trip until after 12th. Unless of course, someone would like to get married onboard the Denham Owl next Tuesday? Ok a funeral? Damn, I thought not. Or I could join the list of confused people by claiming to be very confused over the issue of whether or not travelling 140 miles accross 3 counties could be counted as staying local? Looking at the weather forecast for next Tuesday I reckon all the rules will be chucked out of the window. Brace yourselves seaside towns! What do you mean the toilets are closed?
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