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  1. What? And step out through the back of the wardrobe into the real World! They only deal in facts out there. No thank you, I'll stay here in "Twist the facts round to suit my own agenda World" if it's all the same. Take the p*ss, me? Yep. Any offence will "automatically" be removed.
  2. Because you have to then buy fuel which involves distance risk. Buy more than £30 worth and you have to touch the pad.
  3. Reelstreets compares stills from the films to fairly modern photos of the same locations. As Griff says, the airfield was Leconfield but the village scenes were Norfolk and the Broads.
  4. And I do have an understanding of the relationship between submitted accounts at companies house and the day to day running of a business, which some here clearly don't.
  5. Well said Sir! I haven't been following this thread but I had a quick browse of the last couple of pages and the references to accounts seem to have a lack of attachment to the human side of business.
  6. Filmed Norfolk, airbase in Yorkshire. I missed the start, was it supposed to be in Norfolk or the West Country? The accents were from all over the place weren't they?
  7. So true. There's a narrow road in North Walsham were the locals have put up 20mph signs; it works better than the law and makes you slow down.
  8. I wondered what all the fuss was about so I checked up here: WARNING: this website is addictive - https://www.reelstreets.com/films/conflict-of-wings/ If you've never seen it before, click on the tabs above the photos. Maybe someone can help fill in the blanks when we can get out?
  9. Open it up and get the drinks out and it'll soon cool down. I check it when someone mentions crime, when I'm bored or when I can't find something I last used in the boat.
  10. 27.8 degrees to be precise, lovely!
  11. I take that back, it was done automatically.
  12. No offence intended. No venom here either. Oh look, my post has been removed. now the balance of the thread more towards BA bashing, just for a change then.
  13. And everybody is called Jeremy and Jemima and the garden is full of lovely roses. Furlough causes exactly the same resentment being voiced within this thread: "It's not fair, why me not him/her?" It is still hardship to some poor human being. Two members of my close family are Managers of people and have had to decide who to furlough etc and then tell the poor souls that they are going to be 20% down for an unknown period. Not easy for anyone. It's one thing to reckon the hardship against "We're all in this together" but not against poor cashflow caused by some rich bloke refusing to pay his dues, which JP will surely be quick to exploit.
  14. Quite, but do you know how they select which staff to furlough?
  15. Not at this time of exceptional circumstances, which is the basis of this thread.
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