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  1. Sorry, I think I’ve just repeated what Broads01 already said! 😂😂
  2. That looks like a very nice centre cockpit boat. No drawing of the layout available. Looks like very plush seating on the cockpit area and in the stern galley. But the only bed is v berths under the bow or converting the seating to a double. A bit pricey for me as well but looks like a great addition.
  3. We went down to the Riverside Tea Room this morning, the other side of Wroxham Bridge. Had a lovely hour watching the day boats and a few cruisers, also plenty of swans and geese. Most enjoyable … especially the lemon drizzle cake fresh out of the oven. 👍
  4. Thanks for that. We haven’t been to many of the non-chain restaurants in the Lowestoft area so I’ve got my eye on this for one of our caravan weekends. And good to know about the Falgate Inn given it’s not that far from where I live.
  5. Great post. Interested to know how you liked the Copper Smokehouse at Oulton Broad.
  6. I won’t be able to join this week as I have family visiting. Hope you get enough people and have a great time in the quiz.
  7. We had a problem with the electric winch as well. They came out and unravelled it all after we had to lift it manually to get to somewhere with land access! 😂
  8. Sounds as if everything is progressing with the move Ian. Hope you can keep the momentum and soon be drawing closer to a moving date.
  9. Aha … Sonnet 1. We had that boat for a short break a few years ago. Nice photo. 👍
  10. SwanR

    Road Works 2021

    Wow! That must have been really frustrating.
  11. I have found that if it’s too windy the bow thrusters become completely ineffective. That’s happened to me in a number of places including Ranworth and Beccles.
  12. Have a great week. Looking forward to any updates you can find time to post. 👍☀️😎
  13. That’s interesting. I had only ever thought about getting a boat that we could overnight. But a day boat is certainly more affordable to buy. However is it likely to need a lot of maintenance?
  14. Hopefully the Wroxham bridge pilot will still be available in October. I’m guessing they operate the service until after half term. But we always seem to get high river levels then and haven’t made it up to Coltishall since our one summer visit in the 90s. Most other times of year I can’t be doing with the traffic in Wroxham. And March is too early.
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