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  1. SwanR

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Thanks for the link RS2021. I've bookmarked it to check back to once they have more information and photos etc.
  2. SwanR

    Carousel Of Drone Images

    Wonderful photos. So interesting to see the Broads from above.
  3. SwanR

    Our Broad Scott

    Fond memories. Happy Birthday Iain. I was looking for something in one of my old holiday tales a while back and found posts that he had made. A nice way to be able to remember him.
  4. SwanR

    Hi Everyone, Im Looking To Purchase

    Welcome along Mark! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with your search and what you find.
  5. SwanR

    Here's To Boating!

    Welcome along! Look forward to hearing about your boat.
  6. SwanR

    Village Life

    Hubby and I lived in a village for a couple of years before we moved to the next town further out where we could afford to buy our own house. Charmingly it was called Little End ... and all it had was two pubs and a factory! At the time I didn't drive so whilst hubby gave me a lift either two or from work, the other way was a one hour bus ride and a two mile walk. That was my motivation to learn to drive. Apart from the price of houses, we moved away because we wanted to bring our children up somewhere where they wouldn't be dependent on us to get them everywhere. Little End had one bus an hour between 10am and 4pm or some such thing. Mind you, back in the 70s my aunt and uncle moved from London to a Norfolk village with nothing but a small village shop. There was one bus on a Tuesday to Downham Market and one bus on a Thursday to King's Lynn. It was a little place called Beachamwell if anyone knows it.
  7. SwanR

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    We have never moored at WRC but we do like Ferry Marina's boats ... yes even those that so many people fail to see the attraction of. Here's Silver Emblem ... so easy to step off the back when stern moored and how easy to get to the upper helm via the steps at the side. I know ... a losing battle with some people but there you go. I am really intrigued to see which boats become available for hire on the southern side.
  8. SwanR

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    Well we have GrandCats ... we're cat-sitting them soon. They sent us a Christmas card and we've bought them some presents for while they're staying here.
  9. SwanR

    Bb Webcam

    It does indeed, although ... the beam of the torch would be visible to everyone not just on the camera ... which leads us back to the original point as to whether the BB webcam is also shining a spotlight in the dark!
  10. SwanR

    Bb Webcam

    David that was exactly what I am struggling to understand. Because it did look as if the beam of light was moving with the camera as it moved round. Why wouldn't the whole picture look as bright as the central spot?
  11. SwanR

    Bb Webcam

    None the wiser I'm afraid!
  12. SwanR

    Bb Webcam

    I noticed that last night as well David. I had also thought that might be intrusive. Do I dare ask how it could just be visible to the camera Grendel? *Hoping for totally non-technical explanation*
  13. SwanR

    ‘top Of The Shop’

    Is that the same as the one about teaching people to cook with ingredients rather than relying on ready meals all the time? I saw that one last week. Not sure I can be bothered to watch the whole series but it made me realise that even the relatively small amount of cooking I do is more than some people. For me it's all about time ... I've never been that interested in cooking but perhaps once I'm retired I will feel more inclined as I usually cook fresh food at the weekends.
  14. SwanR

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    I'm glad you posted that Griff otherwise that was going to bug me all day because I couldn't remember where I had heard it. The only thing I could think of was 321 and Dusty Bin!
  15. SwanR

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    Lol, we have months and months to talk about everything else until it comes back ... we might even get round to some boating one day.

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