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  1. Brilliant video. We watched some of the others on the channel as well. There’s a look at holiday camps on Hayling Island in the 70s as well which is quite amusing.
  2. Don’t forget that logistically there’s way more people needing the Covid vaccine than would usually be called for the flu vaccine. They extended the flu vaccine to over 50s this year but I only just had mine a couple of weeks ago.
  3. That is so sad, and I agree. We do need to look forward to better times, and naturally our thoughts turn to the things we all want to be able to get back to. But that has to be when it's safe. And we have to hope that, as I saw on tv the other day, this is just a moment in our lives, and there will be time ahead for us to return to everything else if we do our best to keep ourselves safe.
  4. SwanR


    I don't think it has snowed that much, about one inch in our garden. It's been a few hours of light snow so far, blown around a bit in the breeze, but definitely not a blizzard or even pucker large snowflakes. Took this earlier but it's not changed a lot.
  5. Hmmm ... we are also booked for March and thinking it less and less likely that it will go ahead. However if it does, given how many people have posted on other social media about March bookings, I don't think it will be as quiet and tranquil as other years at the same time.
  6. SwanR

    My Day

    Lots of changes on the travel front with negative tests required to come back into the country and self-isolation. I haven't ever been to Benidorm but do like Spain. I'm not that widely travelled though ... and I don't think I have any desire to be anywhere other than at home right now. My day today? Staying in and keeping warm.
  7. SwanR

    My Day

    Looks lovely. What kind of temperatures have you got out there?
  8. SwanR

    My Day

    Thanks for the photos Griff. Hope you can get where you need to be. I’m grateful that I don’t have to go out if the weather turns bad. But so far only rain here with some snow forecast for tomorrow perhaps. That’s the joy of working from home in the winter.
  9. Andy my thoughts and prayers are with so many people like your wife. I shed a tear reading your post. All I’ve got to do is to stay at home and try to keep safe. That’s not much to ask compared to those who have been on the front line so selflessly for almost a year now.
  10. That is a very interesting idea. I love it.
  11. What a fascinating topic. Firstly MaceSwinger how wonderful to be a musician. I grew up with a passion for music that I keep to this day. I am a lapsed clarinettist as are probably a lot of other people who never pursued their hobby after leaving school. And JM what a beautiful picture. As for a piece of music for the Broads ... I have one overriding thought .... the tranquility and bird song ... the owl in the trees at Womack Water and the cuckoo calling across the fields of the Waveney while moored at North Cove.
  12. It was interesting to hear Chris Whitty say yesterday that you could tinker with the lockdown but it wouldn’t make that much difference. All it needs is for everyone to keep to the rules. I heard a radio presenter this morning talk about his intention to go to the supermarket today for one item. Allowed but not what I would call sensible or in the spirit of the guidance.
  13. SwanR

    Road Works 2021

    There have also been temporary traffic lights for a few days now on Horning Road, just past St John’s church going out of Hoveton. Didn’t seem to be causing much of a hold up.
  14. I only caught part of it but he seemed like be coming across well, probably better than at the press events.
  15. I agree. It does appear that way from the media coverage. I heard a good point though, on the radio. The rules are the limit not the boundary to be pushed. It’s like the speed limit. It’s the most you can do not what you have to do.
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