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  1. I thought that it might be nice to write something about the holiday I had this week even though not strictly speaking on the Broads. It's our second full season as the owners of a static caravan on the coast at Lowestoft. Pennies being a little tighter this year we are making use of the caravan not just for weekends away but also as a base for our holidays in the area. There is so much to see and do ... and I thought there might be folk who would find it interesting to read of places to enjoy on and off the water. It's a relatively short drive from Essex. We went up early on a Saturday morning, shopped at Morrison's on the way in, and were happily settled and unpacked by 10.30am. Let me set expectations on two fronts straight away ... the weather was changeable and I can't remember which were the grey days, the windy days or the hot and sunny days, my pictures will tell that story! And of course with the World Cup on, and England playing one evening, it was accepted that the football was going to be our tv viewing most evenings. Not to worry, with the long daylight hours there was plenty of time for a walk once the match had finished if we so desired. Sunday was the second day of the Great Yarmouth Air Show and we had planned to get ourselves along there. We drove into Great Yarmouth with no problem at all, no traffic holdups either going in or coming away later in the day. We got parked easily a short walk from the beach and the main viewing area. It was a fantastic day out. The flying started around 1pm and was almost done when we left about 4.30pm. The seafront was packed which I hope was good for local traders. There were many families enjoying being on the beach. And the highlight for many was the Red Arrows around 3pm. Hopefully any boaters moored at the Yacht Station were able to get themselves along for a look. The morning sunshine turned into very grey skies with an odd passing shower but mostly dry if a little breezy. Here's a few photos, as best as I could get given how fast some of them fly!!
  2. SwanR

    My Day

    We always enjoy a visit to a garden centre, whether we need anything or not. Happy Birthday to Marina ... hope you have a good week and get that trip in next weekend.
  3. We've been in Lowestoft all week and the sea certainly looked rough at times ... high tide looked very high to me and it was a case of avoiding getting wet as it splashed high over the sea wall yesterday.
  4. SwanR

    Justice Is Done!

    Update on the state of Haven Bridge. It may or may not be able to be opened on Sunday to get the old naval vessel out from Norwich. http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/traffic-delays-caused-by-broken-bridge-affecting-gorleston-1-5573248
  5. SwanR

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    Update on the state of Haven Bridge. It may or may not be able to be opened on Sunday! http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/news/traffic-delays-caused-by-broken-bridge-affecting-gorleston-1-5573248
  6. SwanR


    We've managed to get on the staithe mostly out of season. Made our minds up last October that we would have a short cruise day leaving early from our previous mooring and arrive around 10.30 to 11 and then stay all day. It worked out really well but we still got one of the last spaces until people left after lunch.
  7. SwanR

    My Day

    "Liking" your post wouldn't have felt right Griff! That's certainly been a rough couple of days. We made the decision a few years ago to share one car instead of having the expense of two.
  8. SwanR


    Wonderful write up. Thank you for sharing. Ranworth is certainly so popular that people will do all sorts of strange things to try to get moored there. Personally unless I am desperate for water or shopping I prefer the quiet of the Island to playing sardines at the staithe!
  9. Would you like issues with apps reported in this forum? I noticed yesterday that on the iOS app the unread content feature seems to have stopped working. It tells me there is nothing to show. I definitely haven’t marked all as read. And if I load the forum on my iPhone on a browser and go to unread content it displays as usual. I don’t know whether anyone else can confirm the same problem.
  10. SwanR

    Good Evening

    Welcome to the forum GT51. I think a lot of members probably start the same way. I know that I found a lot of useful information here and then one day decided to join and share my own holiday tale. Looking forward to hearing about your trips out on the rivers through the summer ... if you can get down to Norfolk. That sounds like a long trip from Cumbria! :)
  11. SwanR

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

    Link to a video ... all three birds have fledged. :) http://upp.hawkandowl.org/the-norwich-fledgings-video-2018/
  12. SwanR

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

    Saw a short video on the Trust’s Facebook page yesterday of one of the birds taking flight.
  13. SwanR

    Hello Fellow Waterpeople

    Always like seeing photos of boats. Welcome along. :)
  14. SwanR

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

    Some great views of the birds on the webcam at the moment. They do look as if they will start to leave the nest now. Checked the webcam a few minutes ago ... only two birds there and then the third one flew in.
  15. SwanR

    A Few Photos From The Weekend

    Great photos. Thanks for sharing them. :) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app

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