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  1. Swan Reflection is only 31 foot. Very cosy with the heating on in March. You don’t need it turned up very high for very long. Give it a boost during the evening, cruise for 3 hours each day and you’re fine.
  2. We were of the same opinion. Had hoped prices might have come down a bit but of course they don’t need to do that to get bookings this year.
  3. I did wonder whether there was a loss in income once they had to let hire boats moor overnight for free when they became a hire yard themselves.
  4. We haven’t visited Southwold yet although we’ve driven close by there many times. It’s on our list for next year, depending how things work out.
  5. Hope you’re soon feeling much better. Sometimes cutting short a holiday is the right thing to do. At least you kept going longer than you first thought you might. I think there were quite a few of us here who enjoyed being able to follow your journey and offer friendly words of advice or help where we could.
  6. Love reading your tale and seeing your photos. I'm another one who likes Great Yarmouth with fond memories of family holidays at Caister. We also stayed at Scratby, Hemsby and Great Yarmouth itself over the years. I also know the North Beach area very well at Gunton. The waves can be quite spectacular down there.
  7. Carole you might need to see if there is a computer firm locally that can look at whether they can recover anything. This is why backups are so important. I backup my photos and videos and other documents to an external hard drive regularly. I did get some photos printed out from my digital copies a few years ago. Might have to take a look at choosing some of my best and doing that again. And although I share my videos on my YouTube channel the main reason I do them is because they are a lovely memory to watch of my holidays.
  8. I have had boats, even relatively new, where in October and March I have had to run the engine for 5 minutes or so to get the heating going. And there was one where the skipper’s manual even said to only run the heating for one hour without running the engine again. Needless to say we tried to get hooked up to electric posts overnight on that one. We do try to resist putting the engine on too early and having the kettle and the grill on for toast does generate a bit of warmth. But if no other option then I consider that once it’s past 7am on a cold frosty morning then it should be expect
  9. Or this one for a look at Hickling Broad.
  10. Try this for a look at Horsey and Winterton.
  11. Ha ha ha ... I realised it read like that once I’d posted it but couldn’t be bothered to edit it!
  12. This thing about water everyday ... yes we top up if we pass somewhere convenient whether we need it or not. But we wash up once, maybe twice, a day, depending on whether we have been cooking on board. Showers are kept brief and water used sparingly ... too cold to want to take too long in March! 😂 And if we’re in a pub we use their facilities. Basically we really do keep water consumption low. When we come to the caravan I have to remind myself that I can use more water.
  13. What a shame but possibly the best plan under the circumstances. At least you aren’t moored elsewhere with a long cruise back to base at some point. Could be a relaxing couple of days. I’m sure there will be lots of comings and going’s in that time. Hope you feel better soon. We’ve had good food at the Sutton Staithe Hotel over the last couple of years.
  14. Love those moorings. No shops but it is possible to walk to Neatishead. I haven’t done it but it looks like about a 30 minute walk according to Google Maps. Your other option would be to move on up to Richardson’s later and pop across to Tesco.
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