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  1. Haven’t tried it yet but hoping to at some point when things feel a bit more “normal”.
  2. In case anyone is interested The Thai Way takeaway and sit-outside restaurant is now open at the bottom of Church Road in Hoveton, by the turning into Roy's DIY and some of the day boats area. Here's their website in case anyone visiting or mooring in Wroxham or Hoveton is interested. https://thethaiway.co.uk/
  3. SwanR

    My Day

    Hope your mum makes a good recovery Grendel and your dad copes ok. Sounds hard on you all.
  4. SwanR

    My Day

    What a difficult situation. The rules have been tough when you are one of those that follow them to the absolute best that you can. I hope you can find the right answers for where you are now.
  5. Herbert Woods late availability came up as an ad on my Facebook newsfeed yesterday. I took a look but the prices they wanted for a 3 night weekend were too much for me. And they were adding a £150 fuel deposit just for the 3 nights!
  6. Good luck Ian! All you need is one offer! We had lots of viewings on one day but it was hard work.
  7. Wow! What a beautiful boat. Looks really reasonably priced as well.
  8. Thanks for a great quiz Tigerhawk ... it's really interesting to see the different categories of questions that come up on a Friday night.
  9. Lovely photos. I’ve been noticing that there is a real clarity to a lot of the photos I’m seeing on social media at the moment. Great visibility. Maybe it’s the icy chill that’s been blowing the pollution away. But there’s definitely something about the vibrant colours and clear air. I bet that was a lovely run down the Chet.
  10. Please send my best as well. 😘
  11. A well deserved break I’m sure. Have a lovely relaxing time afloat. 👍
  12. That is exactly what we have done three times - hired a fly bridge cruiser in October when the water levels were high and stayed on the northern Broads to the south of Ludham Bridge. Still plenty to see and do, just no point chancing whether we would get through and whether we would get back.
  13. Please be careful with this kind of post. There are a lot of people hiring for the first time this year or inexperienced and looking for advice. In my view it’s irresponsible that we should ever be encouraging anyone to ignore the bridge height markers or disregard the information given by their hire yard.
  14. I think I read something about that hire boat on the Hemsby Lifeboat’s Facebook page. Probably the same call out.
  15. Unless we need the services at the Staithe we’re just as happy to moor at the Island even though we have to pay. It tends to be less crowded so you’re not crammed in. Then we might come into the staithe the next morning when someone leaves if we need water and shopping. Each to their own. But I definitely wouldn’t be heading for that corner!
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