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  1. Sounds like you’ve had a good few days afloat Alan. :)
  2. It has been one of those days with the rain stopping and starting. Hope you enjoy tomorrow wherever it takes you.
  3. I had noticed that both boats in front of Pen Lyric were gone last week. That is certainly a change on that middle mooring.
  4. I’m reading it in completely the opposite way. Reduce VAT so the consumer pays less, can therefore afford to buy more which boosts demand and stimulates jobs. And also increases profits for businesses to survive.
  5. I admit to being curious as to whether if a booking has been made that falls within the time period of the reduction, does the VAT change not just automatically apply? I think that the measures around this and around eating out should start to build people’s confidence in being able to safely start to pick their lives back up. We had coffee out this morning for the first time. Could we perhaps try not to throw doom and gloom over everything?
  6. I would go for Coltishall. I don’t think you would only go as far as Acle which is the other choice. Unless you went to Breydon Water!
  7. It is somewhat ironic that this first holiday week is turning a little soggy. At least we had some drier warmer weather earlier. But that wind over the weekend ... !
  8. Glad you’ve been feeling better Ian. Best to follow doctor’s orders. And if a test is available to you then I would be inclined to take it.
  9. Great to hear from you Helen. Enjoy the rest of the week. Definitely a very soggy afternoon and the rain looks set in for the rest of the day.
  10. Enjoy your stay Alan. Did you bring this rain with you?
  11. SwanR

    My Day

    Amazing skies on the Suffolk coast today. Hope all those afloat on the Broads have fared well with the weather.
  12. Wonderful to read your write up. We’re over at the coast this week and it’s still blowing a strong breeze this morning. Not long til you’ll be back.
  13. Sounds like you need a chance to build some confidence in how things are now Ian. I can’t imagine having been asked to be as shut away as you have been. It will be a real boost to get away to the boat soon. And I wish you all the best with your plans to move.
  14. Actually, taking a closer look at your pictures, you look as if you have a nice little step at the back rather than having to clamber on and off from the freeboard at side on moorings. That would be great for me.
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