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  1. I think that reminding people to follow the Government instruction is fine. But the emotive language of telling people they are not welcome is unfortunate. When this is all over the local economies of these areas will surely need our support. We spend a significant amount of money in the Lowestoft area when we come up to our caravan.
  2. SwanR

    My Day

    I’m sure Mrs G must be very pleased with all these jobs getting done.
  3. Shame it didn’t work out this time Ian but good news about your pay, only right and fair.
  4. SwanR

    My Day

    Lovely news. I’m sure they will be glad to be home with lots of good advice if needed on the end of the phone.
  5. A worrying time indeed.
  6. Foxes Afloat, Floating Our Boat and Well Deck Diaries are the three canal vlogs I watch. The Foxes are my favourite. :)
  7. Aha, you were one week after us. How lucky were we to get that time in before all the restrictions.
  8. Thank you for sharing these photos. We love Paddy’s Lane as well and were there on Thursday 12th March. Reading your tale back that looks as if it may have been the same time as you? I didn’t even get off the boat as it was so cold and windy so I have to admit that I didn’t notice that part of the moorings had been done!! They were still working round the corner as indicated in your map. That’s the stretch we usually choose.
  9. There is a book, Great Canal Journeys: A Lifetime of Memories on Britain's Most Beautiful Waterways, which Timothy West wrote which I think includes some incite into the making of the series. It would probably be an interesting read. I did see it in our local library one day but had too much else to carry to borrow it at the time.
  10. I went for a walk this morning. We live on an estate with no parks in walking distance so it’s just a walk around the streets. That has to do for now. It’s the equivalent of the exercise I would get in my normal life when we would go out on a Sunday morning or when I would leave the office at lunchtime to go to the shops. But I wouldn’t dream of driving to anywhere else to take a walk. There might only be lots of other people doing the same thing. It has become acceptable to cross the road as soon as you see someone else coming!!
  11. SwanR

    My Day

    Jay sometimes there's no words ... I know how tough life can be for our emergency services, as you know. I'm sure that you are all in a lot of people's thoughts and prayers.
  12. And I can understand garden centres being annoyed when supermarkets are still selling flowers. Those are sadly the unavoidable inconsistencies of a situation that I don't think anyone saw coming.
  13. Now that the tv schedules have been turned upside down including there not being any sport, we do find that we are spending more time together in the evenings finding things that interest us both. We do spend a lot of time watching YouTube, a number of narrow boat channels, Broads vlogs and outdoorsy bushcraft channels.
  14. Perhaps they are just trying to make everyone think about what they are doing. Personally I'm concerned about the amount of online shopping ads that constantly come up on my FB newsfeed and in my emails. In my book we should only be ordering essentials online as every item has to be picked, packed and delivered. Shouldn't online operations for non-essentials have been shut down? It's not work you can do from home and therefore aren't you needlessly putting lives at risk?
  15. Thanks for sharing these. How strange to see the Broad with no boats coming and going. I wonder if this is having any effect on the wildlife. The ducks at Salhouse are always straight over to any boat that arrives!
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