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  1. It is indeed an ex-swancraft boat renamed. We had a short break on her two or three years back of which you will find my holiday tale somewhere on the appropriate forum. We were lucky, weather was amazing and just right for that kind of boat. Sat out on top all the time even when moored up. The view from the inside helm was poor and the galley area tiny. It steered well and was comfortable enough. We had a lovely time because we had the good weather but I wouldn’t personally hire it again as I’ve enjoyed other boats more. Just my opinion.
  2. Leyton Orient are in the FA Trophy final at Wembley today. Hubby and Son will be there cheering them on!
  3. Definitely need to put this on my list of places to visit this year. :)
  4. We love what Ferry Marina do, or have done ... haven't been with them since they changed ownership. But you never saw discounts with them previously. We always compare prices and we know that we have potentially paid more with them than we would if we hired elsewhere and only paid for fuel used. It is nice, though, when you come back and haven't got to wait for the yard to fill up the boat and then queue in reception to sort out the monies ... just load up the car and straight off. But seeing these discounts available now does make me think that next year we might wait and see what's about if we want to hire rather than booking in advance. Although we do have specific requirements and I'm limited for time off work so ... it's the chance you take. However I do like the winter discount combined with the early booking discount on Herbert Woods website for February. Haven't quite persuaded hubby yet that it wouldn't just be far too cold!!!
  5. Agreed, it's an interesting addition Alan. Here's a screenshot I just grabbed of feeding time in the nest.
  6. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing week at that idyllic slow pace that characterises the Broads. Will keep an eye out for your video as I'm subscribed to your channel Bryan. :)
  7. SwanR

    My Day

    Glad you enjoyed it. There’s nothing quite like live music. We’re down there in a couple of weeks time to see Michael Buble.
  8. Great read. Glad your share in Goosander is proving to be money well spent. Love seeing your photos. :)
  9. It’s certainly an unseasonably cold day. We’re at the caravan and the showers are blowing in so fast there’s not even been a clear spell to get out for a walk. Such a shame. We’ll see what tomorrow is like before deciding whether to stay to Monday or go home sooner. Glad to hear that you’ve had some company on board.
  10. I feel for you with relegation. I'm not really a footie fan but my home team is Barnet and they clung on somewhere in the middle of the National League at the end of the season. Well done with being chairman of the supporters' club and organising travel. I'm sure there's a lot of people grateful for someone to do that. It was when LO nearly went under a couple of years back that I understood better how much the club means to the supporters and why they won't just change allegiance when the going gets tough.
  11. Lovely photos and another great read. :)
  12. I'm very tempted to splash out and hire from WRC next year perhaps, a great chance to get back out on the southern rivers. Their prices are probably above what we would usually pay but that's to be expected with a brand new boat! Thanks for the info about the tearoom too.
  13. Lovely photos. I seemed to recall that someone had mentioned recently about a tea room at Reedham. Is that a new addition this year do you know? And is it by the quay or up in the village please? Might drive over there one weekend. And that looks like one of WRC’s new cruisers moored up there too. :)
  14. Easter weekend, Saturday mid-morning, traffic jam northbound on the A12 through Suffolk because ... two portacabins were being moved! Have to admit that we thought it incredible that anyone would think it was ok to do that on the Saturday of Easter weekend at around 10.30am. Of course we don't know where they had come from or why they had to be moved or where they were going. I think that we got stuck behind them at Darsham and didn't get past until the dual carriageway after Kessingland. Miles and miles. There was an escort vehicle in front as it was such a wide load. Traffic coming the other way often had to pull over onto the verge to let them through. There are some tight bends through the villages on that route so it was very slow going in places. And with them being so wide there was no chance that anyone was getting past.
  15. We do like shopping in Morrisons when we're in Lowestoft. I should have put my order in for collection from you at the weekend!
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