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  1. So here we are, November, and the caravan is now closed up until next March. The site remains open but the caravan gets very cold in-between visits. And if we don't get it drained down and sorted out, then we risk invalidating our insurance if we get frozen conditions, burst pipes, any damage etc. Plus our journeys from home would be in the dark now that we're into those late autumn and winter months. All in all, we're very happy to consider the season as March to early November and leave it at that. We'll probably go up for a day at some point next month just to check things over before Christmas. To round off this season I have put together some more photos and short video clips. Avoiding copyright issues with the music can make it harder to find something I like and that I feel fits the atmosphere that I'm after ... putting these together is a new hobby for me now but it's all done on iMovie with music that I own to accompany the footage. You get to go along with my musical taste!! Whilst we only got out on a day boat this year, we have got our old favourite Swan Reflection booked for four days in March and I'm already looking forward to that. Before then hopefully we will have the Nogs Delightful December Tale to follow. Not to mention any lucky syndicate owners who might yet have some time afloat this year ... yes Jay ... I'm waiting for your next write up already ... and the video!! ;) My thanks to those who have been interested enough to read this topic and take a look at my videos ... here's the last one for 2018 then.
  2. SwanR

    Meanwhile, Back At The Bins...

    When we hired from NBD (or Faircraft Loynes!) they put a bin on the boat with two halves, one for recycling. It did take up quite a bit of room and we kept shuffling the bin around, but it did encourage us to keep as much as we could for recycling which we then put in the appropriate waste disposal bin in the yard when we went back.
  3. SwanR

    Meanwhile, Back At The Bins...

    I was thinking about whether the situation with regard to boat waste could be likened to any other leisure industry. With holiday camps and caravan sites, the owners pay for the collection of waste. That's the case at the site where we have our caravan. So is that what happens also at marinas where owners have their permanent moorings? Not that you could necessarily be out on your boat for an extended time and keep all waste for disposing of back at base, I understand that. As for facilities at public moorings, one could argue that this is the same as any resort where daytrippers come, spend their money in the local economy, and leave their rubbish behind at the end of the day, handled therefore by local rubbish collection? It's a shame the same commonsense can't be applied. If you want to attract visitors you have to provide facilities for them.
  4. SwanR

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Just as on the boat, we share the driving when we're out and about. None of this sexist nonsense in our house!
  5. SwanR

    New Web Cam Coming On Stream

    The question in relation to hire boats has come up before. After all, how do you know where the last person on the boat moored the night before you took it over. That could happen in many places. Plus, as happened to us, we moved from Ranworth Island to the staithe one morning just to get water and some shopping. We were only there about 15 minutes. By chance, not by planning, we ended up back at Ranworth that night and this time got on the staithe. The next morning we were asked by someone checking the boats registration numbers, to move on as we had been clocked there the previous day. Yes strictly speaking we were there twice in 24 hours. And anyone could claim the same story as we did. But in reality there has to be some trust and some allowance for use of services ... or maybe not! In one of the Rascal's videos some long while ago he moored briefly at Paddy's Lane, then went back onto Barton Broad, then moored back in the same place. Should he have done that? Strictly speaking maybe not. Did anyone care? Not on that occasion as far as I know.
  6. SwanR

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    At least having done the A47 you have proved that you can drive in a straight line! And it was a bit cheaper to fill up than Independence!
  7. Very pretty and very intricate by the sound of it. Do you have the perfect place to hang it at home?
  8. SwanR

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Congratulations Robin! Great news. It's one test in life that makes such an immediate difference if you pass.
  9. SwanR

    An Autumnal Tale

    Loved it Jay, brilliant! Very atmospheric. :) I will look forward to more.
  10. SwanR

    All Ready For The Spring Meet.

    Looks like a lovely boat. Happy cruising! :)
  11. SwanR

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Keep believing in yourself Robin and all the best for Thursday.
  12. SwanR

    Wass Haaaapenin' ?

    It was running slow for me earlier in the day as well, both on my computer and on my phone. Yes, I was checking the forum over breakfast before going back to work and over lunchtime from the office!!
  13. SwanR

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Maybe Mrs Nog is suggesting how our Rascal should persuade the examiner to pass him next time round.
  14. And how often are we told to stop fussing when as mothers we go through that inevitable check list before they step out of the door?! Glad that Security got you in!
  15. SwanR

    Goosander? No - Gooseandhim!

    Very much enjoyed your tale David. Looking forward to hearing how you get on in December. Goosander does look a lovely boat.

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