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  1. It doesn't matter how many times you get out on the rivers, there's always things to do and things to see ... and you come home every time looking forward to the next time.
  2. As all those before me have said, welcome along and what a lovely boat. Will try to remember the name and say hello if we see you anywhere next year.
  3. Wonderful write up Helen, and beautiful photos. It was really lovely to finally manage to be close enough to meet up, we certainly must do it again next year. I'm sure we'll find somewhere. Thank you to both yourself and Graham for making me so welcome. Not forgetting Seren who is absolutely adorable! Hope the agility class went well yesterday.
  4. Loving seeing all your photos and reading about where you went. Glad you managed to get in at Irstead. Having experienced how busy it is in the summer months it always seems so strange to come past empty moorings but that really is the joy of being out of the main season. It's a toss up in the end between the daylight hours and the chance of warmer weather against the delight of having popular moorings to oneself.
  5. Agreed. Great write up and so interesting to hear how you feel now you’re in the syndicate. Loved our holidays at Caister many years ago at the Haven holiday park. As for Hemsby, we drove past a couple of months ago and I can’t understand why the Pontins site is just sitting there derelict. Strange place.
  6. Beautiful photos and what a glorious start to your week. :)
  7. So this appears to be an ongoing issue. Seemed to be resolved by clearing my cache on Chrome a couple of days ago but today I had to sign in again, despite having ticked the "remember me" box. And once signed it it gave me the error message before loading perfectly normally once I clicked on my saved view.
  8. SwanR


    Our first hire was Gracious Girl from Summercraft back in the 90s. There was a long gap until we returned in 2012. We would have gone back to them if they had a boat that suited us. It will be a shame if this is true as their boats still look so distinctive out on the rivers.
  9. Lovely photos. Enjoying your write up. We were fortunate to get onto a mooring at Irstead in March as there were so few boats out, that was one place that I wanted to tick off my list.
  10. I do love the John Lewis advert this year. Almost made me cry. Poor Edgar.
  11. We really only go to the pubs for a meal mostly at lunchtime and never just for a drink! Each to their own. But we also rarely use electric hookup when we’re out in March or October. We don’t like restricting ourselves as to moorings. With a good 3 to 4 hours cruising each day we run the heating on board for an hour or so in the morning and evening and find that mostly that’s ok.
  12. Interesting to read your thoughts Simon. I think it has felt colder sooner this autumn. Even in October we didn’t have the kind of weather we’ve had other years. But I think the darker evenings are a disadvantage too. Once you put the lights on and pull the curtains or cover the windows it’s a long evening.
  13. Clearing the cache and all the browsing data does seem to have sorted this out. Thanks for the advice. :)
  14. I’ve been having the same issue on Chrome on my Mac but it’s been fine on Safari on my iPhone. Will have to try clearing the cache although I’ve not had a problem with any other sites. Has there been any kind of software upgrade recently?
  15. Take it easy and have a safe trip home.
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