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  1. Really enjoyed your write up and photos Kron.
  2. Lulu

    My Day

    We just got woken up by a crow or rook hammering his beak on the window which has been going on for weeks but never seen him up until now. This now explains the frequent times we think someone is knocking on the neighbour’s door but no one to be seen.
  3. Great quiz, thank you TH
  4. Warm welcome to the forum :)
  5. Is that a clue? Is it near to where he sank?
  6. Jeckells have been brilliant with the three jobs we have given them
  7. Thank you Carole and likewise, please feel free to pop round!
  8. 12th August continued We decided to see if there were any moorings at Ranworth but didnt hold out much hope and sure enough it was full. We debated going to Salhouse and walk to the pub for lunch but in the end decided to go back to the marina to top up the fuel tank and get a pump out. As we wound our way back to our mooring I patted Luna and thanked her for looking after us on this massive adventure for us novices. Selsie said she had been brilliant and hadnt missed a beat. He was just starting the reverse into our berth and the engine cut out! We managed to get her in using the ropes. We couldn’t believe it but Selsie said he thinks it was a dirty injector. He got it to start again thankfully. We worked out we had cruised for a total of 18 hours and had used 2.27 litres of fuel per hour. The holiday was amazing. We have learnt so much and cannot wait to get out and about again. I know we wouldn’t have pushed ourselves to go south this year so thank you Janet Anne for giving us no choice! It was brilliant and we met up with old friends and made new ones. Special hugs to Hazelgirl and Timbo’s Gracie (hope the ducks are happy in your butterfly room Gracie ;) Luna’s log to be continued......soon I hope
  9. 12th August I woke up at 6.00 and didn't want to waste our last morning so went and sat on my ‘perch’ to absorb the tranquility and sunrise We left Stracey Arms at 8.00am and basically had the river to ourselves. It was utter bliss. The weather was glorious. This was the first day where there was no timetable to stick to other than getting to the marina by sometime in the late afternoon. We had no plan on where to go so we ignored all the speed limits and pootled very slowly back towards Horning. We went to have a look at South Walsham. The river was so still and very calming. Because Selsie hasnt seen much of the Broads so far, it was a special moment seeing his reaction as the broad opened up before us, similar to when he first saw Breydon.
  10. Thank you Ray :)
  11. 11th August At 10.00am we left Beccles to aim to get to Yarmouth for 3.15. It was still very blustery and overcast so we kept the canopy up. We left in a massive convoy of ..... two, later to grow to four. We pootled along and had to go slower and slower as the wind and tide were obviously going to get us to Breydon way too soon. We ended up mooring near Goodchilds at 1.15 for an hour. It was nice to have a break and a bite to eat and a chat with the three others who had all got there too early. We left at 2.15 to cross Breydon and got to the bridges spot on at 3.15 and had a very relaxing cruise back up the Bure. We were pretty tired and decided on mooring at Stracey Arms for the night. There weren’t many boats moored up and we had a lovely peaceful night.
  12. 10th August Show day! Wow the gales and I think everyone was pleased they didnt have to move out of the marina. The marquees were held down with mud weights (which did a better job than ours on Luna at Oulton Broad....) We had a lovely day looking at the woodies. We were asked if we wanted to open our boat for visitors, which as we are plastic, (but oodles of wood on the inside ) I wasnt sure it was quite the thing to do but there was quite a bit of interest and we realised many people are fond of Skippers. After the show there was some very nice aromas coming from the boats as everyone started preparing food for the meal share party that evening. Selsie cooked curry and I produced a chocolate cake (RT and Finale’s wedding cake?) someone asked if i had cooked it myself. I was very tempted to say I’d cooked it on the boat with my fair hands but confessed it was from Mr Tesco. A lovely evening, great company, lovely food and a relief that the gales had finally died down. We had a fairly early night as we wanted to be fully refreshed for our trip back north the following day.
  13. 9th August We started the day with a stroll to the lock and was lucky enough to see a boat going through. Ive never seen the lock in action before. It suddenly got rather chilly and blustery and dark clouds looked ominous, not good for the photoshoot. We tidied and wiped down Luna, filled up the water tank. Janet Anne asked us to take Luna to the middle of North Bay to get ready for the woodies to circle around us. The photographer on board, we left at 12.15. We picked a spot we guessed was vaguely in the right place and dropped the mud weight. The woodies began to circle around us and the sun started to come out now and then. We took some photos too until I suddenly realised that the gusty wind and made us wander into the main ‘shipping lane’ without us realising. Mud weight hastily pulled up, we skulked back to the middle hoping no one has noticed (yeah right!). The woodies started off for Beccles and we tucked in at the back. After a while the photographer asked if we could move up the line which was ok until we got to the sailies. The convoy started to split up because negotiating around them was not easy, particularly one.... I admit I was a complete bag of nerves by the end of this and was glad to get to the marina. Selsie did brilliantly and I know he’s a lot less bothered by them than before. We
  14. Gracie is collecting ducks rather than shoes. :) Ive just spent ages on the next part and somehow managed to delete the whole lot argghhh!
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