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  1. Warm welcome to the forum, great history :)
  2. They could go into business together!
  3. Nipper looks stunning. Amazing work Doug
  4. I was totally fascinated by this boat when we were at the DIY SOS so will really look forward to seeing her
  5. Lulu

    My Day

    Saturday - It was a very mixed bag of weather this weekend . Even the solid lump that is Luna was being buffeted around in the strong gusts on Saturday and the rain lashed down but no leaks at all (forever grateful to Janet Anne for discovering the source of the leak when we first bought her) . As much as rain is a nuisance, its so reassuring to be on the boat occasionally at the time so you can see if there are any leaks. Shore power 99% done, windscreen wiper fixed, water pump issue fixed. Sunday - Sunshine, lots of it and we took the opportunity to start varnishing. Never done this before but how satisfying! (almost as fun as puttying Chloe Jane!) The windscreen was in the worst state and will take many coats but at least its slightly more protected. We then took the canopy off and cleaned all the green and detritus from the areas you dont see when the canopy is up. Next job is painting Luna’s tatty areas and on a dry weekend.
  6. Lulu


  7. What an absolute joy to read! so cute!
  8. It would be hard to top this lol
  9. Cant agree more. Very warm welcome to the forum GrahamP and FenlandSkies.
  10. I remember hunting for mussel shells. I thought they were treasure
  11. I try and do the Friday quiz each week. I certainly don’t regard myself as a professional quizzer. Its loads of fun, and it was great to meet a lot of the other regular quizzers at Salhouse. The questions can fall your way and other times, havent a clue but I thoroughly enjoy each week. We have a chat about all sorts of stuff before and after the quiz. ( The majority of us dont want to win! ) Id encourage anyone to at least pop by :) Thank you Mike for running the meet quiz
  12. Very fond memories of wonderful family holidays and always being terrified when dad drove over the bridge to unload our luggage!
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