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  1. Thank you Jay. Lovely photos and write up :)
  2. Saw this boat today. Absolute stunner. The wood is such a beautiful colour
  3. We are trying to keep our Broom Skipper as original as possible, even the 1970's light fittings are staying. The original fridge sadly is going to have to go as we cant get it to work.
  4. I have a pacemaker and wear a medi alert bracelet as well as carrying a 'pacemaker passport'. Because I am left handed my pacemaker was fiited on the right hand side. There is a scar
  5. You really are not helping matters JA lol
  6. My horse in the work's sweepstake is Lake View Lad.
  7. The right layout that will suit you both. View as many boats as you can to get different ideas on what you like and dont. What will be practical, how you will use the space for day to day living rather than just a holiday. (The right mooring - has it got good facilities. Is there a launderette nearby) Storage Heating - hoping one day we can fit some to ours. I hate being cold
  8. Congratulations! My dad was a keen amateur radio enthusiast. I'm not sure if he still does it but i can remember learning morse code with him when i was a kid and he got a new call sign after passing his morse code if I remember rightly.
  9. When I was a kid in the 1970's I do remember my dad saying I had to stay inside the boat with my life jacket on when crossing Breydon and on no account go out of mum and dads sight during the crossing. Fear was installed! We did witness some awful crashes when people were trying to moor up at the yacht station and many boats grounded on Breydon . If you get the tides wrong ....... Just watching Robin's video of him fighting the tide and nearly stopping doesnt look like fun. We havent been across Breydon yet ....
  10. We didnt risk it and went to Horning via Acle and Ludham as suggested. it just took us about 10 mins longer than usual but no hold ups. I really enjoyed the different route. Ive never driven over Acle bridge so it was interesting seeing the river from a different view. We think we are going to be using that route from now on until the end of the season.
  11. There will always be a compromise. Ours is not having rear access for the dogs which is proving an issue but the positives is the layout, low airdraft when the canopy and sides are down but height when sitting in the helm. If it had rear access that would have equalled pretty much perfection for us.
  12. Actually that would come in use also to lift our very heavy winter cover off the boat!
  13. I was going to ask which is the best way to get to Horning from the A11 currently, but guess there is no best way looking at that map
  14. Warm welcome to the forum. :) What a fascinating thread. Hadnt come across it before
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