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  1. Would also be interested. We have just ordered one.
  2. Have a fantastic time Helen and looking forward to your write up :)
  3. Lulu

    Pointy Fingers

    Im going to take a guess at an ex Summercraft as the livery is so distinctive ?
  4. Well I’m obviously old and grumpy too. The Broads is an absolute haven for us to get away from the stresses of our jobs. We work damn hard so we can have a boat. The minute I set foot on the boat and look out onto the water, i de-stress. If it becomes the norm for antisocial behaviour with people getting away with it, the Broads would no longer hold the appeal and I’d want to sell the boat. Its that simple for me personally.
  5. Not so sure about the scantily clad ladies! , but thank you Dave for all the effort you have put in on these vlogs for the past 100 days and giving us a much needed Broads fix. Having not explored the southern Broads much, this one was very useful re the moorings.
  6. I shall look forward to settling down after dinner to watch this :)
  7. Thank you Arti. I cant remember what we did to be honest but will use your advice. Yes it was on Oulton Broad :)
  8. What is the general advice on how to mudweight? We had an embarrassing incident at the Beccles Wooden Boat Show last year when we were the photographer boat. We threw the mudweight in (yes it was attached to the boat before anyone says anything!) and didnt realise we had gradually drifted into the main ‘shipping lane’ We hastily pulled the mudweight back up and skulked back to the original position hoping no one had noticed... I seem to remember some advice on where we went wrong but I cant find it and think with chaos about to begin, we need to be able to safely mudweight
  9. We love our Broom Skipper. Best of both worlds in that you get the height in the helm for views and then the sides fold down to get under low bridges. We've been told by the bridge pilot we could get under Potter on a good day but I don't think my pacemaker could take that stress! With every boat there is always a compromise. Yes, we are also part of the three boats in a year club like Ray. Advice is look at as many boats as you can to see the pros and cons.
  10. Warm welcome Dave. Thank you for putting up the daily videos. A much needed respite from all whats been going on around us.
  11. Lulu

    My Day

    It was an intentional touch and go mooring..
  12. Lulu

    My Day

    And rarely an audience when you do the perfect mooring !
  13. Lulu

    My Day

    I remember the shame of our mud weight not fully out of the water when we had our Falcon on the way back from Salhouse.... so embarrassing
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