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  1. Lulu

    First Fire Of The Winter.

    Awwwww a chicken in a tank top!!
  2. Lulu


    Warm welcome:) what sort of boat are you looking to get?
  3. Lulu

    Nbn Quiz Night

    No, visiting family to drop off Christmas pressies. Popping up to boat on Sunday for the day :)
  4. Lulu

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Sorry, i wont be able to attend tomorrow to try and beat my score of 1 or 2 points (if I remember rightly) from last week.
  5. Just so sorry Alan. Sincere condolences and thinking of you and your family x
  6. Lulu


    Warm welcome to the forum and many happy days of boating. :)
  7. Lulu

    Advice, Please

    Her air draft is 6ft 5
  8. Lulu

    Advice, Please

    Well we love the name she has lol but maybe in small print underneath we should add money pit like all boats seem to be! Her name is Luna Aurora - a Broom Skipper
  9. Lulu

    Advice, Please

    Selsie and I have also become custodians this week of a boat with a fair amount of wood. We have a full cover, but like Ray, this is all going go be a massive learning curve! Huge thanks to JanetAnne for all his help and advice and being a constant helpline these last few weeks! We have a 'boat fund' or maybe we will rename it 'money pit' !
  10. Lulu

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Aurora is looking beautiful enough already but she may have some pretty fairy lights installed...... She is getting on a bit and needs to be treated with dignity so will avoid Jay's delightful Christmas tree suggestions lol
  11. Lulu

    Enough Is Enough Already!

    Thank you so much for the reminder. Pressies wrapped, cards done. Now I can sit back and relax. Im wondering if I can get away with not putting the decorations up ..... bah humbug
  12. Lulu


    Cant fault Jeckells. Would always go to them
  13. Lulu

    Britain By Boat.

    Got to admit I got bored but I will watch next week's episode and give it another chance
  14. Lulu

    Britain By Boat.

    Thank you :) ive now put this on series link
  15. Lulu

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Ok, I freely admit to doing this too. I also use the imaginary passenger side brake when i feel we should be braking sooner!

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