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  1. Probably my favourite canal vloggers. They always put a video up at 4.00pm on a Friday. Informative and great quality
  2. I like these vlogs, not all about the Norfolk Broads
  3. How much are all these signs costing?
  4. Lulu

    My Day

    And there’s me thinking those kind of tiles come in large sheets like a normal large tile. Wouldnt they be difficult to keep clean?
  5. Sadly in these days of litigation a lot of things have to be put in place beforehand, insurance, risk assessments etc to protect us members and the forum as a whole. It may seem petty at times but thats just how things are nowadays.
  6. Totally agree Ray. Without the team who are volunteers, there wouldn’t be a forum. Im sure a lot of work goes on behind the scenes that most of us have no idea about and this will be on top of them having full time jobs and other commitments. Its a valued resource for me for info, support and advice and thank you to the team for what you do to keep the place running.
  7. Seemed pretty busy to me when we were there :)
  8. It seems that with most of these upcycling programmes are that if you don’t know what to turn it into, turn it into a lamp, whatever the item originally was. If I watch them, I try and guess, will it be a lamp?
  9. Lulu

    My Day

    I've been to see my daughter in Gourock twice so far and I think there was every type of weather that seems to change every hour. One minute bright sunshine, next minute a full blown gale, sun, rain, fog and the last time it was so hot, her birthday cake melted. I take clothes for all seasons now for a long weekend!
  10. Warm welcome to the forum Jeremy. Im sure someone will be along to assist shortly with your query.
  11. Thank you! It does :) beautiful boat by the way
  12. Sorry, Im being a bit dense on this. What does ‘cut down’ mean? The length of the boat made shorter? If so, how much has it been reduced from?
  13. Then there shouldn’t be any misleading reference that it is one, it’s that simple
  14. We had the best Christmas ever. My daughter and her partner and my little granddaughter had to go back to Scotland last night (that was the hardest farewell ever) but to have both my son and daughter, their partners and my parents all together, even for a short time, was an absolute treat. Best present which produced hours of endless fun for myself (and granddaughter) plastic stacking cups
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