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  1. Great photos Ray. I take it the last photo is you and Gill on your way home after your hols
  2. We’ve just had a family conference (via FaceTime) and we have all decided we are not getting together at Christmas. We will be having a family Christmas dinner in the spring/summer instead if its safe to do so. Its too complicated to keep everyone happy with the limited bubbles/households or whatever is allowed. My parents are elderly, mum hasnt been in the best of health recently and we are not prepared to risk it for the sake of a day.
  3. Lulu

    Hampton 25

    For our Broom Skipper we base our costs per year as £3000 to allow for toll, insurance, mooring with a bit over. We have set up a ‘boat fund’ where we put in a certain amount a month which more than covers our basic costs. This is to allow for the maintenance side of things such as anti fouling and other projects which wont happen each year. By doing this, we dont dread the annual bills which all come at once. This year was a bit costly as we had anti fouling done and put in a heating system but next year should be bare minimum costs (fingers crossed), but we will still pu
  4. I’ve subscribed:) As I said after your first video, I look forward to more!
  5. Lulu

    My Day

    I moved into a house and soon found the loo was leaking. Found someone who was highly recommended by a neighbour. He proceeded to cut through a pipe by mistake which caused even more issues. He said of course he would fix that error. Finished the job after endless tea breaks. (Good job I only paid him for the actual job and not by the hour) A few months later I decided to have the whole bathroom ripped out as it was delightful 1970’s avocado creation. I employed bathroom fitting company to do the whole job. When dismantling the old loo, they found the waste pipe had been ‘glued together
  6. Great video. Hope you carry on making some more on your next trip :)
  7. Lulu

    My Dog

    So sorry about your hound :( there are lots of You Tube relaxation music channels for dogs. They run for hours so would easily cover overnight
  8. *Attention! Grrrrrrrr predictive text This thread reminds me of my childhood when i spent endless happy hours playing with Britains horses and farm toys. I had ‘acres’ of paddocks with all the fencing and masses of horses and jumps, little plastic bales of straw, tractors and trailers to maintain my show jumping estate. It took up the whole of the living room carpet. I won Hickstead every year and was olympic champion over and over despite the interference of my cat who liked to bat the horses over with her paw. Very happy memories and Im going to buy my granddaughter a set now. :)
  9. Looks brilliant Vaughan. The attendance to detail. I wouldn't have the patience or the ideas!
  10. Exactly, we should be staying at home if at all possible!!!! I freely admit my mental health is not in a good place right now. My dog died during first lockdown and finding it impossible to get another at the moment, especially now the rescue centres have shut again. My work is extremely stressful and I actually want to be furloughed to have a break but that wont happen. Going to the boat is my sanctuary. Even if our marina was open, I wouldnt go because the message is to stay at home. I will not interpret the guidance to suit what I want to do.
  11. These are a few photos of a fun day out on Oulton Broad on Water Rail for the first time a few weeks ago
  12. I was actually reading my own Luna’s Log the other day from the beginning. I realise now, even if it’s for just my own benefit how lovely it was to look back at the great times and bits I’d would have forgotten about if I hadn’t done my log
  13. We made the decision at 6.00am today to get to the boat to winterise after seeing the news. Seems others in the marina may have had the same idea as the carpark was really filling up this morning and now it’s nearly empty again. We’ve made a list of what we need to do in the morning to winterise then will go home tomorrow.
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