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  1. Our rule is he stays in the saloon until we are moored up or on the move. Once moored up he now realises it is a fun thing as I immediately take him for a walk. We so nearly broke the rule but then decided anything could happen when mooring and we dont want him stressing, getting dangerously in the way or trying to leap out.
  2. He is a funny character. Very laid back mostly but becomes a quivering mess with new things. He now relaxes quicker on the boat and doesnt cling to me when we start the engine. I can also walk around the decks when mooring up without him jumping on the draining board. He kept doing this to start with but then couldn’t get down and stood helplessly in the sink. I’ve worked out as long as he can see me from the saloon, he’s ok.
  3. I wasn't going to post our weekend trips as we usually don’t travel far and end up at Paddy’s Lane to chill out and there’s only so many pictures I can take of the same place lol. Anyway to change things a bit, we decided to head for How Hill on the 9th July. Selsie managed to get some time off work and we got to the marina at around 10.30. By 11 we were travelling down the Ant. It was a beautiful day. We had the usual conversation “if Irstead is free…..” but it wasn’t so How Hill was the destination. We arrived at just before 12.30 and found a perfect Luna sized spot behind Hathor. It was lovely to see a group of school children learning about the stunning Wherry. We popped a donation in the box after reading their loss of income due to covid. I took Desmond for the first of three walks. I think the last time I visited Toad Cottage was in the late 80s. The dear place was just as I remembered. As a child I wanted to live there (still do!). Loads of people were buying tubs of ice cream but I managed to resist. We relaxed doing nothing but boat watching until the evening and I took Desmond off for another walk past the boat shed and then back up to the field towards the house. By this time ( 6.00pm ) there was no one around and we had the field to ourselves. Absolute bliss. Just myself, Desmond and the birds tweeting. (He didn't see the rabbits or squirrels thank goodness) We had a lovely night’s sleep. So peaceful and watched the many Richardsons boats leave early in the morning to take their boats back. It wasnt long before the moorings were virtually empty and we headed back to our marina as yet again we had more maintenance to do which included a thorough scrub of the whole boat and prep for our planned weekend last week of reproofing the canopy and varnishing the helm sides. (Got to look smarter for the Beccles boat show in a few weeks time) Just a few photos from the weekend :)
  4. We haven’t changed what we are doing. Still wearing masks when shopping and avoiding large groups of people. We will continue for the foreseeable future. Being selfish, providing I can see my parents, my kids and go to the boat we are not bothered by going anywhere else. I was fuming at the scenes of masses of people gathering for the Euros with the infections rising and continuing to do so. I completely understand we will need to accept covid will be around for a long time but not everyone is fully vaccinated yet and its early days with how the vaccinations are working. Just wish we could have carried on for few more months as we were and especially quarantine for people travelling in and out of the country.
  5. Have a fantastic time. We have a couple of small 12v fans. Absolute saviour yesterday for us and the hound on the boat.
  6. Just build a Nippers Nippers Nippers Nipper
  7. Before and after photos please!
  8. Are you getting a nameplate for Nipper’s Nipper’s Nipper and will the trio be available for judging at the Wooden Boat Show?
  9. We try to time it when we know the Richardsons queue will have gone back to Stalham to return their boats or before they all start coming down at the beginning of their holiday. For example on Saturday we were at How Hill and by 9.00 the moorings were pretty empty. I have to say, Ludham Bridge is where I get nervous and the thought of being on camera doesnt help my nerves.
  10. I know nothing about football but couldn’t understand why they kept kicking the ball back towards their own goalkeeper/end. Isn't the aim to keep it at the other end so more chances to score and less chance for the opposition?
  11. Hope you are feeling better soon
  12. Lulu


    Welcome and congratulations!
  13. Congratulations and looking forward to hearing about your adventures!
  14. Great write up and photos. Always lovely to read and you covered a lot of distance. Makes me realise what lazy boaters we are!
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