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  1. Will Desmond be allowed in the gardens?
  2. Think our first trip out with him next week will have to be to How Hill now!
  3. We think our new crew member is going to take to boating life. He was a nervous wreck when we started the engine but very quickly settled down once it was running. We started it again a few times throughout the day and he was fine. We decided to stay in the marina and just get him used to getting on and off the boat, the general sights and sounds and moving around on board. He wasn't fussed about the geese thank goodness. We will probably go up next weekend and stay. He’s a tired boy now we are home. It’s been a busy day. Meet Desmond, our two year old whippet
  4. Lulu

    My Day

    Good luck with the move! Im so jealous. Our sale fell through and it all got too stressful with all the faffing so its on hold for a year or so. The good thing with the process is we were ruthless, got a skip and got rid of so much as we were moving into a smaller house. We also made use of Gumtree and sold a load of stuff which has paid for the boat’s electric bill, so the downside, we didn’t move but the upside we have loads more space! Keep us posted how it goes
  5. The ensign was so faded it looked like we didn't care! There you go, a good excuse for a new one! Will post crew photo soon :)
  6. 29th March 2021 Well after much anxiety worrying about what we would find wrong when we got to the boat yesterday, the only thing was a lost NBN burgee that must have detached itself from the mast and a rather tattered bow rope. We cleaned the boat inside and out. Only one spot of mould in a cupboard and general dust. The dehumidifier had done a fantastic job. We put on the new ensign, swapped ropes around, and the engine started first turn. Good ole Perkins. Got to admit, we both got rather emotional. Yep we are soppy but this last lockdown has definitely been the worst for us a
  7. We are going to get there as early as possible armed with cleaning products, bring back all the soft furnishings to wash as we didnt have a chance before, hopefully get the engine to start, put sterilisation stuff in the water and come home. If we can get it all sorted in a day, that will be it until the 12th onwards, otherwise we may have to do one more trip to get the boat sorted out.
  8. Selsie had an NHS letter sent asking him to book online as he was in the next age bracket to be called. He was able to book both appointments. I was sent a text via my gp as I have an underlying health condition so had mine a bit earlier than others but haven’t got a date for my second jab. We were both allocated different vaccination centres to go to. So we are in the same household with the same Gp but different circumstances!
  9. Still not got my taste and smell back either. Coming up for exactly a year on after catching Covid. Like Mouldy has said, there are a few advantages, not being able to smell nasty smells anymore but oh to be able to enjoy what I’m eating instead of thinking of food as just fuel. The smell of tap water makes me wretch so it’s only bottled water for me now.
  10. Exactly my memories! I miss those days with mum, dad and my brother together . Very, very happy and special times
  11. I had the AZ vaccine on Saturday lunchtime. During the night i was shivering then sweating, took some paracetamol and felt generally pretty rubbish on Sunday. Tbh I wasn’t expecting a reaction as I had Covid last March and still had antibodies in July. I felt fine by Monday apart from my arm which still feels like a pulled muscle sort of discomfort but nothing bad. Just so happy Ive had the first one and roll on the next one!
  12. Just had the AZ jab. Very impressive set up and really quick.
  13. Got mine booked for Saturday. Certainly surprised me getting the text. I’m 52 in May
  14. All I want to do is check on the boat. It’s a hard earned , expensive piece of property that I’m worried sick about. Ive honestly got to the stage I don’t care about even staying on it.
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