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  1. Bless em! you need to write a book on all these wonderful stories Vaughan
  2. And the bridge is special, its a major part of Broads history, its medieval and needs to be preserved. I accept we cant go through in our boat. We can always hire a day boat to see what is beyond it.
  3. Lulu

    New Crew Member

    Warm welcome to the forum Tina! Will look forward to hearing about your adventures
  4. Apparently 90% of the pipework and electricals are hooked up. Prop shaft connected. Its now over to JanetAnne to finish off and fire her up .... Selsie is now home and ordered a takeaway
  5. As I type, the engine is ready and about to be transplanted.
  6. Warm welcome to the forum Mel :)
  7. Lulu


    Absolutely, I find it quite therapeutic
  8. Lulu


    But isnt that gap for passing bacon rolls through? That’s definitely the design feature that was in Chloe Jane or are sailies that different?
  9. Lulu


    Boats need plenty of ventilation ....
  10. Hopefully next year we can make a firm plan. My new screensaver. Restful and brings back memories of my favourite early morning walk last week :)
  11. Amazing week and also sat back at my desk wishing it was last week again. :(
  12. Warm welcome to the forum:)
  13. Thank you! I remember seeing Evening Shadow but wasnt sure who was on board. I need new glasses lol
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