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  1. Lulu

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Paul! You posted my pitiful score, so embarrassing!
  2. Lulu

    My Day

    We spent the day taking the canopy off to take away for repairs, fitting electrical sockets into the front cabin, led lights throughout, got the water system working. Had a quick snack at lunchtime in the Ferry Inn. Will go back later for a proper meal. Productive day doing boaty jobs. (Well not me , but Selsie while i pottered around cleaning and watching tv) Marina coming alive with others cleaning boats and maintenance. Quite a few boats out and about on the river. New season is on its way
  3. Lulu


    Recently had a lone rat in our loft. It chomped through cardboard boxes and bubblewrap. We got the pest controller out who laid a load of bait boxes and Mr Roland Rat is no more. Hate rats, he wasnt invited
  4. Lulu

    Private Boat Hire Request

    Warm welcome to the forum. :) Yes, dont rush into buying otherwise you will end up joining the Buying Three Boats in a Year Club which a few of us are members of. Look at loads of different types of boat before deciding.
  5. Lulu

    Hi Everyone!

    Warm welcome to the forum :)
  6. Lulu

    Let's Drive: London To Norwich

    Ahhh, the delightful Thickthorn roundabout. Its especially delightful in holiday season on a Friday evening. Spent many an hour crawling up to the roundabout so we now choose to leave a lot later. We do that A11 /A47 trip every other week to check on the boat. Not once have we done the trip without seeing blue lights!
  7. Lulu

    Well Done Norwich Market

    I have to admit, the majority of our shopping is done online. Online Tesco or Iceland delivery. , Good old Amazon and Screwfix for boaty stuff etc. Its all cheaper and time saving. We both work very long hours so our weekends are precious, plus the cost of park and rides and parking around here puts us off. Maybe when we retire we will go back to going out shopping.
  8. Lulu

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Why has JA posted some of the most difficult questions for us relative youngsters ? I didnt get any right so guess I cant join in tomorrow :P Which cat likes lasagne? (a much nicer question)
  9. Lulu

    Hello Everyone

    Warm welcome to the forum . What sort of boat do have?
  10. Lulu

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Im not sure chasing the leak was my kind of fun when the wind and rain was at right angles and i was battling through two rolls of kitchen towel lol
  11. Lulu

    Wednesday Week

    Loving this story. Cant wait for the next episode:)
  12. Lulu

    Wednesday Week

    I can remember the massive excitement in the house when dad installed this on the tv
  13. Lulu

    Wednesday Week

    I do remember the television engineer coming out. We had a tv from Radio Rentals. It would take forever to warm up
  14. Lulu

    Historically Broads - Griffin Family

    What a fascinating thread. Thank you Griff for sharing my parents have so many photos of our hols on the Broads from the 60's onwards but the majority are on slides. I really need to get them transferred
  15. Lulu

    My Day

    Think Grendel has solved the issue Griff so hurry up and get it done as the dog house will be extra cold with the snow on its way!

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