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  1. That is so kind of you.....
  2. That reminds me, I was expecting loads of stuff from Saga when I turned 50 in May but I didn’t get anything. I feel left out now :(
  3. Congratulations! I hit the big 50 this year. I hated turning 40, but from then on I don’t really mind , although the retirement age will probably keep going up so I will end up sitting behind a desk till I’m boxed
  4. What a difference in the weather compared to yesterday
  5. Warm welcome to the forum and congratulations on your purchase. :)
  6. To go out in winter, it’s vital we have electric posts as we have no heating on board. I thought the cards were readily available all over the place. I had better stock up!
  7. I work 8.30am to 5.30pm so by the time Ive finished work the shops are shut. I hate food shopping and tesco deliver. It frees up our weekends to go boating my elderly parents live in a village with no amenities and are always ordering online. When they get to a point where they can no longer drive, I think they will still be able to stay in their house as everything can be delivered to the door.
  8. Lulu

    My Day

    Griff, I am so sorry. Our male greyhound King collapsed in July. Selsie called me at work and said i needed to come home immediately. We got him to the vet within an hour and had to make the decision then and there to let him go. It was totally devastating and a real shock. He was my baby boy, we had such a bond and I’m still not over it. My thoughts are with you and will be tomorrow. King will look after her in their dog beds in the clouds
  9. My own rule is if I don’t recognise the number I let it ring. If its that important they will leave a message and then I will try and work out if its genuine. I always google the number to see who called me. If there’s no information I still ignore the call. If googling shows up its either a scam or sales call, I block the number.
  10. Lulu

    Tolls 2020

    It will get to a point where some private owners can no longer afford the extra cost and will sell, thereby less revenue again ....
  11. We like The Ferry. Good basic pub grub. We don’t want anything fancy. We often have the carvery. Love the gravy!
  12. Now my boss has brought the office decorations to my desk for me to do. ITS NOVEMBER!!!!!
  13. Ive very reluctantly bought a new tree after Mr Rat chewed up our decs last year when it was in the loft. The new tree is still in the box and I suppose I will have to put it up mid Dec. Cant stand decorations. Bah humbug
  14. Lulu

    Over The Moon

    That is stunning!
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