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  1. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

    Prety certain he was in the Ronseal woodstain adverts a while back..
  2. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

    They are beautifully lined up now
  3. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

    Wow what a difference to the last time I saw RT
  4. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

    So I was lied to!!!!!
  5. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

  6. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

    Timbo's list of Lost and Found is building steadily: Shall we keep a tally? Lost - 1 beagle, 1 floor board Found - 1 beagle, 1 floor board Lost - one Makita drill, one new drill, marbles
  7. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

    The water it soon came in, it did, The water it soon came in; So to keep them dry, they wrapped their feet In a pinky paper all folded neat,
  8. Lulu

    Sos Lost Dog

    Dylan's going to be in the doghouse ;)
  9. Lulu

    Sos Lost Dog

    Thank goodness!
  10. Lulu

    Lager But No Lime

    Apparently there was a fire at the factory.
  11. Lulu

    Ant Warning!!!

    Has anyone spotted him and the beagles on their travels?
  12. Lulu

    Now And Then

    Certainly by reading Vaughan and Expilots comments I now see the film in a very different light. Thank you both. When i watched the film this morning, the boat speeding past the reporter creating wash was the one bit where It was pretty obvious it was staged, didnt think that re the dead wildlife though. Hated seeing that :(
  13. Lulu

    New To Forum, Not The Broads!

    Warm welcone to the forum :)
  14. Lulu

    Tudor Reformation

    Its a thing of beauty!
  15. Lulu

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    My elderly mum got stung twice last night while asleep. Wasps are not in my good books and never will be.

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