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  1. I know my place!! I helm, the wife knits, does her cross stitch or plays games on her tablet. If I ask nicely, she will take the helm to allow me a few minutes to take a couple of photos, or to answer a call of nature, although whilst I’m up, I usually have to make a cuppa as compensation!!
  2. My thoughts, too, but I didn’t want to be ‘rude’ and say!
  3. Not rude. Just asking why you persist in continuing to suggest that your idea makes sense and carrying on trying to find ways to justify it. There have been several posts from other members with relevant experience detailing why it wouldn’t work, yet you carry on. The same happened with the electric boats thread. By the way, you’re now suggesting that a first time hirer should hire a bigger boat. Does that not contradict some of the earlier debates about larger and larger hire craft and the additional problems they create? I could be rude, but enjoy being a member of this community
  4. There’s a significant difference between double mooring with a stranger and sharing a boat, potentially with a family including children of varying ages, including sleeping, toilet and shower facilities Clutching at straws springs to mind.
  5. Tom. I mentioned that there were marker posts missing on Breydon . As far as I could see, only one had been replaced by a green buoy. One one side of the channel there was some considerable distance between the posts that were still there.
  6. Let’s do the maths. I don’t know how many hire craft there are on the Broads, but let’s say that there are 500. Half of them start on Saturdays and of those, 25% are first time hirers. That means that you would need 62 ‘skippers’ to stay on board for at least a Saturday night. There will have been boats going out on a Friday, too, so say 125 craft we’re involved and 25% of them were novice hirers as well, so another 30 plus ‘skippers’, who wouldn’t be available to train on Saturday. So far, we’re up to almost 100 ‘skippers’ required for a weekend even if they were only on board for 24
  7. It was reported on Saturday at 7’6”. The tides have remained high over the weekend and I would be surprised if they’ve dropped much yet. It will take a few days for normal levels to be restored. I suggest you ring George at Ludham Bridge Boatyard, when they open, who is very helpful.
  8. So are we saying that an on board skipper, paid for by the hirer at great expense and who has suffered a holiday with a complete stranger will experience all extremes of weather, such as high tides and strong winds and learnt how to deal with the effects all in a week? I suspect many experienced skippers will have struggled in the weather conditions that prevailed over the past few days. No amount of explanation will prepare someone for 50mph winds and how to deal with them, in my very humble opinion. Unless a trainer skipper is made compulsory, being hit but another novice crew wil
  9. Webasto diesel heater fault codes listed on here: https://www.jpcdirect.com/webasto-heater-fault-codes-a-guide/ Along with some other information.
  10. So I refer back to my earlier post. What would the cost be to Mr Hirer for the services of the Pilot for a few days? Where would the Pilot sleep, would be eat with said hirers, who would pay for his food? Add circa £1000 for the cost of the Pilot’s self employed services and it will put a Broads holiday out of reach of many potential hirers, the majority of whom probably wouldn’t want to share their holiday with a total stranger. In my opinion, you are either too blinkered or unwilling to see the flaws with your idea. Definitely not a win win situation.
  11. As is ours on Norfolk Lady. Unfortunately, when we had a new one fitted last year, several options were offered to the syndicate, who elected to have a Dometic unit fitted by Broom. To be honest, it’s the second time it’s failed in less than a year and as far as I’m concerned, given that like most (if not all) syndicated craft, Moonlight Shadow was moored up and unused from March until the beginning of July, is extremely poor.
  12. I cannot imagine that the BA will be looking at anything as drastic as imposing rules to force holidaymakers to increase the cost of their holidays by upwards of £1000 by enforcing ‘skippered’ cruises for novices. Killing the hire industry would have a massively negative effect on their income. Get real - some of the large Broom boats already cost in excess of 3k a week in high season. Can you imagine folk adding another thousand pounds plus to pay for a skipper. You can have two weeks on a cruise ship, catered for less. As I said earlier, some of your ideas may be sound, but ill thou
  13. Not a bad idea. Worth a try, I think. Is the box of fishing gear still under the settee? At the AGM last year, it was mentioned, but no one owned up to owning it. That could be the first item to hit the bin.
  14. Sure fire way for disagreements. There’s bound to be someone who wants to keep a 15 year old tv ‘just in case’ or mis-matched crockery as spares.
  15. We’ve been MS syndicate members for over two years and didn’t even know about the wi-fi.
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