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  1. So what measures will the NHS have to put in place on an annual basis to administer circa 40 million booster jabs every winter? I can’t remember a year recently when they haven’t been inundated and under pressure due to winter flu through January and February in particular (which hasn’t been mentioned at all this year), which normally accounts for 15,000 deaths or more every year. Moving forward, this is going to be a massive logistical exercise and we are going to have to get used to additional deaths arising annually too.
  2. I’m not sure how much thought has been given to the ongoing consequences of Coronavirus. Obviously, everyone’s hope is that the vaccine will provide some degree of immunity going forward, however the virus will continue to mutate. Will we need to get some kind of booster jab every year, in much the same way as the ‘flu jab is offered? Not only that, but we are likely to see annual peaks of the death rate as the virus mutates and infection rates strike rise again? From the point of view of the UK’s economy, I can’t see any way that we can continue to lockdown for two or three months a year
  3. We’re staying near Kuggar - halfway between Coverack and The Lizard.
  4. There are worse places to be than Cornwall!! I wouldn’t mind being there myself just now. Cornish pasties, decent fish and chips and cream teas still taste good in the rain (but not all at the same time, obviously). We’re due to go to Cornwall for a week at the end of June (postponed from June 2020) and looking forward to it enormously.
  5. I’ve had my HGV (LGV) licence since 1978 and have also spent hours waiting for customs clearance in less than favourable conditions, going to either the Republic of Ireland or Germany. I spent 36 hours sitting on Dublin docks once due to someone whose mind was not on the job, forgetting to put necessary documentation into the ships bag and causing a delay whilst it was sent across on the next available ferry. I’ve worked in and around the logistics industry in both warehousing and transport as a driver and in management for most of my working life. We have become used to the convenience
  6. Might struggle to find a buyer in the UK:
  7. Stay at home, don’t travel . . . . . . . . . . . . Unless you need to drive over 100 miles for your vaccinations and potentially queue for sometime when you get there with your sleeve rolled up. Yep, I can see the sense in that.
  8. If only that were true. Walking our dog around the park behind our house the other day, two teenagers passed me so close that they actually brushed my jacket as they passed. I guess that you could ask why I didn’t move out of the way, but there was nowhere for me to go. Some elements of the population obviously don’t get it. On a different subject, I was chatting to a friend of mine (by phone) who is a keen golfer. He said that a leading British professional is planning to approach the government to allow golf to recommence as a form of exercise, in the same way as anglers have been
  9. Must have been something I said. Fishing from a motorised boat is permitted, even though the anglers concerned would probably have food and drink on board (picnic?), when having a walk around a lake holding a cup of tea isn’t. Apologies for droning on, but the inconsistencies in the application of the guidelines make me seethe.
  10. So am I. I’ll have my walk later, when I take the pooch for her afternoon constitutional. I’ve tried to tell her that she can only go out once a day, instead of three times, but she’s having difficulty understanding the concept!!
  11. I believe that I had the virus back in April. I had all of the reported symptoms and lost some of my sense of taste and smell. At the time, I was not able to be tested and it took about three weeks to recover to a point I felt fit enough to return to work. A couple of months later, the loss of ones sense of taste and smell were added to the list of acknowledged symptoms, which further cemented my personal theory that I had indeed had the virus. What I can confirm now is that there are still things I cannot drink, one of which being Coca Cola which tastes like mud (not that it’s a bad thing
  12. Still don’t get it. The guidelines state that time spent outside should be minimised. That accompanied by the questionable exercise derived from dangling a line attached to the end of a rod whilst sitting on a stool still baffles me. Even more so when one is allowed to fish from a boat, powered by an outboard motor, which surely limits the potential for exercise at all. On the other hand, we are told to open our windows to let Covid out and fresh air in when at home. More and more confused by baffling and contradictory guidelines.
  13. I don’t think that any vaccine will ever be 100% effective. To achieve 95% efficacy in such a short time in my opinion is truly remarkable. Surely that level of potential protection should be applauded and welcomed. I still think it worth remembering that less than 1% of people who are affected by the virus, die from it and if that is made lower by the vaccine, bring it on. The other thing that I have in the back of my mind is that hospitals always report being overrun at this time of the year with winter flu.
  14. I wonder how far anglers will travel to exercise sitting on a stool. I might buy a rod and reel and sit on a bench in the park behind our house to practice as there isn’t a river nearby!
  15. Is it not copper that goes green? 😁😉
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