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  1. Frankly, I wouldn’t ever contemplate hiring from a yard that has an ‘all inclusive’ pricing policy. In all my years as a hirer, I have never used more than the fuel deposit paid and have always had a refund. As Grendel pointed out, adding £150 to the price of your holiday that you pay and receive nothing back, must surely be a worse option than paying a fuel deposit and receiving a refund for unused fuel. Yards that offer ‘all inclusive’ pricing must err on the side of caution when calculating projected costs. As an example, several years ago we were moored at Great Yarmouth YS, waitin
  2. We had a leisurely chug to Pyes Mill. Although a few clouds developed, it is a beautiful, if somewhat chilly day. There are a few boats out, private and hire and even a couple from Herbert Woods that have strayed across Breydon!! Here are a few more photos taken today.
  3. I think next week is looking promising weather wise, so you could be in luck. Sadly, we have to go home in the morning (there is still much to do in the bungalow), but we will be back soon. There’s a lot of time to make up from missed breaks due to lockdown!! Enjoy your holiday. Have a great time!!
  4. Taken from almost the same spot, but just before 07:00 this morning. As can be seen from the frost on the walkway, it was a cold night, but what a joy to see a sunny, still, calm morning. Not sure how long it will last (depends what weather forecast you believe), but we’re enjoying it all the same!!
  5. Thanks Jean. A short break this time, but hopefully next time, we’ll be able to have a few more days on board.
  6. To get the thread back on track - just to say that we are taking a day off working on our bungalow to have a couple of nights on board Norfolk Lady. Not sure yet where we will go tomorrow, but it’ll be good to get back out on the river.
  7. Have a look at this list, Simon. Quite a few have already been sold, too. https://www.richardsonsboatsales.net/
  8. I used Menzerna compound on Norfolk Lady: https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/menzerna-heavy-cut-compound-400 on a microfibre cutting pad: https://www.cleanyourcar.co.uk/meguiars-da-microfiber-cutting-pads-6-5-in-2-pack finished off with August Race Smooth Opacity wax: https://www.baysidemarine.co.uk/august-race-smooth-opacity-uv---wax-polish-with-uv-protection---500ml-7186-p.asp?gclid=CjwKCAjw6qqDBhB-EiwACBs6xwCmt-y8ecj17rLmQzy66Csrn5Go3foZD4rmoheFtufuGFGwwIJZqBoCAJoQAvD_BwE
  9. Ooh, I don’t know about that. £395 against £295 is 25% less for what will essentially be the same part, but for the badge. All the parts on my Skoda have VW Audi marked on them.
  10. No objection to new businesses, however its not hard to imagine a group of alcohol infused youths, pedalling about five abreast at 0.5 mph along the Bure on a busy summer Saturday causing chaos. One can only hope that the company hiring these out have some strict criteria that hirers must follow. As with any group of people, the minority often tarnish the image for these many. There can’t be many motorists who haven’t been frustrated by a group of 15 or more cyclists spread across the width of a carriageway of a rural road and over thirty yards or more, causing it difficult and dange
  11. Sod’s law dictates that if you don’t have a spare, you will lose the original, but if you stump up the readies for another one, it will remain safe, secure and unused. Just imagine the cost of a new lock set, with two keys, fitting and coding if the worst should happen. Personally, I’d buy a spare, but it is a load of cash I agree. Got to say, though, buy a car with a prestige badge and expect big bills. That’s why I drive a Skoda!!
  12. It’s bad enough when you come across a ‘peloton’ of Lycra clad cyclists on the roads who feel that they are entitled to spread themselves across an entire carriageway and make it difficult for a motorist to pass. Can you imagine finding a similar situation with a dozen or so of these progressing slowly along a narrow river, all grouped together? I wonder if the term ‘peloton’ would still apply or if there would be something more appropriate.
  13. Not now! To be honest, after the events of yesterday, updating my profile was not at the forefront of the list of things to do!! Thanks for the good wishes folks. For the record, this was the fourth (and hopefully last) move since we were married in 1980.
  14. Thanks Ian. It’s been a stressful few months from putting our house on the market to finally getting here and I’m glad that bits over. Next will be planning the renovation so we can get it how we want it. Good luck with your sale and finding your next home,
  15. Thanks Jean. Yes we did move in one day, although we did get the lorry Wednesday afternoon and load most of it by the evening. It took a while finishing up this morning and cleaning the old house through, but we left around midday and got to the new property around 14:30. Unfortunately, the solicitors took their time with the legal bit and we didn’t get the keys until 16:00. But we’re in now and reflecting on a long, but satisfying day. The next few days will be hard work, trying to sort our possessions and thinning out what we should have done before we moved, but we’re happy to have arr
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