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  1. Not wishing to be contentious, theses were on hire on the Southern rivers and were in the Alpha hire fleet for several years, so they must have been okay. With regard to the height, surely the new fleets on hire from Ferry, Richo’s and NBD are taller, so there is no real reason that it couldn’t be used on the Northern rivers. After all, aside from Grendel’s beloved Martham boats, not much other than day boats, ducks and swans safely negotiate Potter, which only prohibits cruising above Wroxham and Wayford. Even with a refit at say 20k, it remains a lot of boat when compared to what is on sale through the various agencies for the same money.
  2. The Aweigh app does this and its free. With gps activated, the tides can be shown at your current location, or elsewhere on the Broads. I was doubtful about it’s value, but having used it, am a convert.
  3. Also, download the Aweigh app for either Apple or Android. Great app with gps speedo, tide times, bridge heights and mooring details. Best bit is its free!!
  4. I forgot about Cockshoot, too. Stopped there and had a wander when we were up north in November.
  5. The old Alphas always seemed to chug along quite nicely. The ex Royalls Alpha 42cc currently at NYA only has a 38hp engine and they always seemed to go well too. Would it not depend on the gearing and prop? As Howard said, there’s a lot of boat for the money and with some money spent, could be brought up to a decent standard.
  6. Southern: Bramerton Common, Short Dyke (Rockland), Langley Dyke (agree with Neil, horrible place), Pyes Mill, North Cave and The Ferry House for the pub. Northern How Hill, Paddy’s Lane, Johnny Crowes Staithe, Thurne Dyke, Womack Dyke, Fleet Dyke (South Walsham), Stokesby (BA moorings).
  7. We’ve experienced the same issue with fuel on MS as far as cost is concerned. We had a short break last February and hardly used the the heating due to it not working and stayed on the southern rivers, than when we went north in April, covered more miles and used the heating more and paid less for fuel. I’m not entirely convinced that uniform standards are applied when refuelling at Brooms to be honest. Paul at Swancraft is very helpful. He has given us loads of good advise since we bought Norfolk Lady and his standards of workmanship are second to none.
  8. Mouldy

    Sad News

    I can only agree with the other posts on here in as much as his demise is a sad loss. I’ve never met Craig, but did communicate with him when we bought Norfolk Lady, to update the listing on the database. I would also like to think that it can be maintained in the future in his memory and add my condolences to those already expressed.
  9. I did wonder if Pacific had bought Gainsborough Girl when I first read this, but the pictures are clearly of another example. Judging by the rubber strakes at the bow, it may have been on the French waterways.
  10. I would have thought it would be okay, Helen. Here are a couple of pictures taken just before Christmas comparing river levels at The Ferry House and Brooms moorings.
  11. Neil, I’m not certain that Moonlight Shadow has been used since winter maintenance was completed. If it has been, then then owners should be reminded of the requirement to clean her thoroughly before leaving, bu if it hasn’t, it would explain it being left in a less than ideal state, with the water not filled. MS has had work done to the sliding canopy to strengthen it and correct the roof spread that had caused a few issues over the past couple of years, which would potentially explain the condition, as I’m sure that Broom would not have valeted the boat to the required standard following the work. Just guessing, perhaps Jay can answer.
  12. Simon, it’s towards the back of the beer garden, near the overspill car park on a red fire hose reel.
  13. Hi Warren. We’ll be on MS from 4th April and intend to head north for the first few days. We’ll keep a look out for you. If you see us, don’t be afraid to say hi!!
  14. Brundall, but you’re too late. It was very nice, though.
  15. Ah, The Ferry House - great pub and with water and electric hook up, too. The hose at Broom by the boat lift is a bit of a challenge even without the ‘breeze’. Having the hose by the boat turned off makes cleaning the boat down externally more difficult too. Good suggestion by Marty and a cheeky beer as well.
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