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  1. batrabill

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Who are the group of experts who have the opposing view here? I don’t see one.
  2. batrabill

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Happy to be branded with this, but I think if you have eyes to see I have tried to get real information about what influences the water level in the Thurne. Perhaps, like Mr Gove, you have had enough of experts, and are much happier with unsupported opinions based on what happened in the past. Unfortunately, this ignores the many changes in the complex system which may render these comparisons moot.
  3. batrabill

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Dunno. I'd like to know more
  4. batrabill

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Flooding affects many things, which is rather my point, this is a complex issue where everything is connected to everything else. I would approve of lowering the water level at Potter by 6" (although every boat I've ever owned goes under now) , but I am not foolish enough to think, 1) its easy or simple, AND 2) anything you do to bring that about will certainly have impact on other aspects, some of them currently unknown.
  5. batrabill

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    It's not my job to defend JP. One of the most disappointing things is that the personalisation of debate about the Broads has been so successful. It always comes down to what JP is 'up to'. This serves the needs of a number of people who have a personal agenda against him. The opinion here is from BESL. It would be nice to talk to them directly, not because I don't believe what JP says, but to get it straight from the horses mouth, and drill into what their model says. I do believe it is wrong to believe that dredging the mouth of the Bure will definitely drop the level at Potter, but I also know and I suspect BESL would admit, that no one can be sure, but their model says it won't. MM The BA has a responsibility for many things here in Broadland, boating is one of them. It's quite fair and reasonable that people here who identify themselves as "boaters" defend their needs. But, don't forget that the BA have a wider remit and have to balance different needs.
  6. batrabill

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    From JP As promised we have followed up this matter with Broadland Environmental Services Ltd (BESL) and the company’s hydrological model addresses this issue. This is what it says ... "Dredging the River Bure Residents along the River Bure believe that flooding is aggravated by a lack of maintenance of the river channel. They propose that flood levels would be reduced if the river channel was dredged between Bure mouth & Three mile House. In reality, the bed level near to the Bure mouth is raised and currently prevents extra water (saline water) from entering the system at high tide. If the channel were to be dredged from the mouth of the river, flood levels would in fact become worse. Dredging the river further upstream from this point would possibly reduce water levels but by such a small amount that the overall effect would be negligible. Potter Heigham Bridge Anecdotal evidence suggests that flooding in the River Thurne is exacerbated by the presence of Potter Heigham Bridge. This is a listed building, therefore no real solution to the problem can be provided. However, the model has been used to investigate this query. The results of the investigation indicate that the water levels on the River Thurne are governed more by water levels on the River Bure than they are by any structures over the river, as the presence OR not of the bridge makes no difference to peak water levels. Whereas, significantly lowering or raising the River Bure water levels (e.g. through washlands or crest raising) lowers or raises the River Thurne water levels." Hope that helps. Regards John
  7. batrabill

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    From John Packman Add To Ignore ListDear batrabill, The lower Bure is a well-known ‘dredging hot spot’ – we get a large amount of deposited sediments on the series of bends between Acle and Marina Quays. We have targeted dredging over the last few years to remove these deposits. 2018/19 – 14,000m3 removed from Lower Bure 2017/18 – 5,000m3 Bure Loop 2017/18 – 5,820m3 removed from lower Bure 2015/16 – 12,500m3 removed from Bure at Stokesby. This focussed dredging has helped bring the Lower Bure up to river specification and removed many deposits which shallowed bends and also we have removed reed encroachments, giving a better line through bends for craft. As far as we know this work has not had any significant effect on water levels at Potter Heigham (or higher at Hickling where the EA monitor water levels). Passage through Potter Heigham (ancient monument) is not just restricted via height of the bridge and water depth, but also width. Water flows at this end of the system are less than the lower Bure, but this is affected by many factors, none of which are dredging related. Broadland Environmental Services Limited (BESL) has done some modelling on this system and from memory the sheer amount of tidal input coming in at Great Yarmouth is one of the biggest factors in holding water further up in the upper reaches of the River Thurne. We will check this understanding and re-post once we have specific information from the BESL model. Regards John
  8. batrabill

    Edwina The Pike She Say . . . . . . . . . . . .

    There's the rub, if you have evidence that it isn't coincidence then say so, I don't need proof, but if you say there is evidence I will probably believe you, if it is a coincidence then its 'fake news', or 'spin', or 'lies', and the Headline should read, Man Changes Job. Nothing To See!
  9. batrabill

    Edwina The Pike She Say . . . . . . . . . . . .

    Don’t think that’s actually true. The pike takes any new event and presents it in the most negative way possible. Frequently off the mark.
  10. batrabill

    Time To Comment!

    It’s winter isn’t it?
  11. batrabill

    Time To Comment!

    I think you may wear that phrase out before you are proved right. Didn’t you last use it about the doomed swimming event?
  12. batrabill

    Time To Comment!

    Lordy we’re all doomed!
  13. batrabill

    Time To Comment!

    It is confusing isn't it? But all you have to do is assume everything the BA says is a lie, and then everything becomes clear.
  14. batrabill

    Time To Comment!

    On a quick look it doesn't seem to say what you say it says. Will look closer later

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