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  1. Where is the evidence that this is true ??
  2. We own a holiday cottage. We have double the bookings for next year than at the same time last year. People are wisely getting British holidays booked I assume because they think foreign travel may still be in doubt next year. It would be good if that were true of hire boats as it would give them confidence about revenue next year.
  3. I think you’ve rather missed the whole point of marketing. Perhaps you would be happy with truthful slogans like: The Broads! More fun if it’s not raining! Or: The Broads! Some people have a good time! Others.... not so much Or perhaps: Life is hard and then you die and your boat probably won’t break down!
  4. It always amazes me that people seem to believe what they read in the tabloids. A friend briefly worked at the Daily Mail 30 years ago. Day 1. Given a story. Made a couple of calls and went back to boss. “This story is wrong” Boss “You’ve been told what to write” Read your paper today and if it says “A close friend of the Princess said” that’s a made-up quote. If it’s “a neighbour said they were a quiet family” that’s a made-up quote. Tabloids have NO interest in the truth and if you complain they’ve lied about you, you get a call from a lawyer who points out that taking th
  5. They lured/towed it to between Acle and Stokesby where they parted with it as its continued on in the direction of Yarmouth last night. Lots of advice from lots of people, but it was a problem as it was jumping up on boats, SUPs and the like. Not being aggressive at all but lots of kids in rowing boats, inflatable boats and the like the last few days, so luring it out was considered a least bad option.
  6. It was we, when we were members of the EU that, quite sensibly, aligned waste policy throughout Europe. I for one look forward to a new deregulated free Britain where the rest of the EU countries are able to dump their waste on us. I think some of those sunlit uplands may work really well as landfill. Silver linings!
  7. I understand why the BA want to discourage swimming. But we’ve swum dozens of times this year in Womack, as have our neighbours, and also Hickling, South Walsham, West Somerton and others I’ve forgotten. I’ve had a terrible spell of finger cuts from clumsy cooking all summer. So have had a series of open wounds. I’ve also gardened all summer - and shhh... don’t tell anyone but rodents, birds, reptiles, dogs, cats, deer, foxes, voles and a million others, they ALL just poo and pee right on the ground! Don’t use loos at all! Hazard! I loath the snowflake term, but doing things lik
  8. It was dredged with a digger about 2 months ago. We approached drawing 3 foot 6 and very nearly ran abound about 20 yards from the entrance. Don’t remember the state of tide at the time.
  9. There are lots of exceptions to all sorts of rules. Who has right if way if you come round a corner and a boat is stern-mooring on “your” side of the river?? You wait or go round them on the wrong side. It falls into that common sense part of life. But, I’ll have one more go. I am sailing in my boat which has a lot of sail. The river is quite busy. I approach a corner where my only line of sailing without tacking is close to the wrong side of the river. I’m fairly easy to see and my course is constant. 30 yards from the apex of the cor
  10. Haven’t done a side by side comparison but as I have always understood it the Byelaws are the Colregs with a few exceptions. All the stuff about trying to avoid other boats is the same. The flying of a cone to indicate you are a sailing vessel under power is one of the exclusions.
  11. We were repositioning our Yeoman from Martham to Horning. Yeoman are 21 foot keel boats with no engine, although you can put an outboard on a mount. The wind died to nothing and we were drifting away from Horning on the tide with the sails up. We asked a passing hireboat if they could give us a tow, which they very kindly did, "Have you broken down?" the woman said. What can you say? "Yes," seemed the best answer.
  12. There is no right answer to this, and it is easy to understand why powered boaters are often confused, but I'd like to offer a few thoughts. 1. The river is not a road where you drive on the left. 2. The colregs do not say "keep to the right" they say, "On canal and river waterways, vessels should keep as far to the right as is safe and practicable (Rule 9)." 3. Passing ANY boat is a 2-player sport. On the road you can say "I was on the correct side, any collision must be your fault." That isn't the same on the river. The Colregs are clear that both skippers must take measures t
  13. Cobblers, is the Covid truce over??? It was great while it lasted.
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