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  1. But if the objective (I assume) is to stop people thinking the Broads is a NP, doesn’t this have to be solved??? This is a genuine question. How can you ever stop people thinking it’s a NP if the NP website says it is??
  2. Sorry, I’m really thick, but which of the above is an answer to the question?
  3. What is the obvious conclusion. JP you do love a nudge nudge wink wink. An answer would be better.
  4. No one going to answer the question ?
  5. Genuine question: if you are serious about all this stuff, don’t you have to sort this.... The National Parks website lists 15 NPs. Since the objective I assume, is to never have anyone refer to the Broads as an NP, aren’t you on a hiding to nothing is the UK National Parks does exactly that?
  6. I would have thought you were in favour of not wasting your toll and Council tax money. I think saying its a joke is a bit thin...
  7. And what happens then? Someone has to go and remove the "bit of plastic". That someone has to be paid. There's a cost to jolly japes.
  8. I am aware of that Vaughan, but I am banned from using his real name as he is banned from using mine. It’s a long story.
  9. Fred I respect your view and have no beef with any individual - I rather admire the Jenny woman for her relentless work on one side of the debate. But we ALL have prejudices and biases. I heard a fascinating report that those with the highest level of education - PhD and Masters were found to be most blind to their own biases. (They thought they were right because they knew they were clever) So yes I’m biased and have my prejudices. But for me, that is actually the point, and why I enjoy putting an alternative view here. I live on the water here in the Broads and it’s wonderful and beautiful. I go on my computer and I read on here and on Facebook and elsewhere, that the Broads are in a terrible state, in the grip of one mans megalomania, and that if we don’t all rise up boating will be banned! My bias is that I look around and that view appears to be just wrong. If you don’t notice that many, many, many threads here are started with a negative view (spin) of the BA, then that is a bias. Because life is short, I don’t want to go back and do the research, but I would stake my house on being able to demonstrate that there is a marked tendency for news to arrive about the BA in negative form. I enjoy, as Marshman also said, putting the alternative view. Why?because I like this forum - it’s a local news site, but I don’t like seeing things I think are wrong go unchallenged.
  10. Grendel, yes you are right, but you introduced Gentlemen’s Yachts! This was all about a harmless sign a long while ago.
  11. That doesn’t really make sense Paladin(e). What you have said there is ‘I’m happy with my prejudices, and I don’t like the fact you don’t agree with me’ Didnt your attitude to the BA change greatly when your tolls went up a couple of years ago?
  12. Absolutely the BA, not JP, (another "spin" is "it's all one man, the people on the frontline are great") are Spinners. So is every single institution in the world... To accuse the BA of presenting the facts to suit them is to be a child - of course they do. But there is a ton of spin on here. If you cant see it it may be that you are suffering from confirmation bias.
  13. Cambridge Dictionary Spin: a particular way of representing an event or situation to the public so that it will be understood in a way that you want it to be understood Spin isn't untruths, it's presenting things in a way that supports your case. Like talking about the speed restrictions and not mentioning that Sandford wasn't invoked.
  14. Good luck with proving there in no “anti-NP” spin from many on here. See Fred above with the old Sandford stuff.
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