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  1. https://www.newstatesman.com/2020/05/covid-19-pandemic-numbers
  2. So it’s ok as long as no one points out “they” are allowed to spew the usual Daffodils?
  3. Except JM is happy to admit he's campaigning, not reporting ....
  4. Since we're really getting into this... If you have a look at "the other place" you will see the same people making the same points, only the names seem to have changed. If you go to Facebook and look at Norfolk Broads News, you will find its administered by the people who administer Protect the Broads We are Not a Blah Blah. I got banned from Norfolk Broads News for arguing with them. Nowhere is safe!
  5. That's easy for you to say
  6. I'm curious if other members think that using the NBN for campaigning is a good or bad thing. Genuinely interested.
  7. Don’t at all. I wish JP would shut up about it because the Broads are a de facto NP already but the signs are a waste of money. But I’m not going out with with spray paint or trolling hotels because, as I have said above the signs in my view are both pointless and utterly harmless.
  8. JM. You are the master of Spin! In just a short time you have suggested I’m flogging a dead horse, being boring, and now fighting a rear guard action! I think the quote here is from our Lord Jesus about Motes and Planks!
  9. I understand what you are saying, but accept this: if the Broads are doing fine, then on some level the BA must be doing OK. If the BA are doing a terrible job there must be something wrong? You also have to accept that the anti group, and there is a group who all have the same aims, talk a lot about how terrible the Broads are under the BA, and how they (he mostly) is determined to become a NP in order to reduce/ban/ eliminate/prevent boating. You may say that is not your belief, but it is of that group of people, some of whom are active members here and who you are passively or actively supporting. I’ll put it the other way round, I get on my boat, which I did yesterday, and I go out to unrivalled beauty in a landscape which seems very well cared for. Whats the beef? The most common beef is the NP sideshow, and the great thing about that is that claiming the sky is going to fall in can never be proved wrong. Challenging the BA is quite right and proper, but be honest, for some it is an obsession that is played out here. As a last point, our local councils are probably equally important to the daily life of the Broads, but I don’t see the same obsessive poring over every document, committee meeting, public statement, and purchasing decision here, and I would comfortably bet my house they are as capable of waste, lunacy and general mismanagement as anyone.
  10. I think it's unfortunate that you see it that way. From my perspective, I open the site, which I enjoy being a member of, and I see threads which are framed in entirely negative ways about the Broads. I see lots of people agreeing with that, and I and the few remaining posters who don't agree feel we are required to put some balance. Things can get a bit heated, but hey ho, that's life. I would much rather that the many negative threads started by those who campaign against the BA, and specifically it CEO, did not even appear here, but were confined to campaigning sites like Protect The Broads We are Not a National Park. I'm sorry, but the nub of this is a rather childish, but unfortunately accurate, "He started it Miss" If this site is used as a vehicle to campaign, then there will always be push back.
  11. Vaughan, I think that is a very sensible and reasonable. Where the disagreement is, is if the sword of Damocles even exists. I think you are entirely accurate in pointing out that environmental issues are always to the fore these days. And crucially, that is exactly the same in National Parks. I don't believe that there is any real difference between where we are now and where the 14 NP are. Who is right will probably never be known, but all good fun discussing it.
  12. Mr Richardson is a member here. Are you going to take him to task?
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