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  1. batrabill

    Tolls 2020

    This is fun!
  2. The single greatest fault I have seen again and again, twice in the last 24 hours, is drivers in the wrong lane failing to make any signal about their intentions. This produces the simplest and quickest way to have an accident, the driver in the outside lane NOT turning off, while the driver in the inside lane IS turning off. If neither signal the result is a near-miss at best. This has absolutely nothing to do with the design - just incompetence.
  3. Also a very busy otter around Womack and Womack dyke - seen 6 or 7 times in the last fortnight.
  4. No pics, but, we started from Wroxham village about 8 am and motored to Coltishall. On the way saw 7 Kingfishers. Including a pair sat warming in the sun just 10 feet from the boat Magic
  5. John Packman was a member here and was insulted a fair bit. In the past I have searched back and read the posts from the time. Can’t be bothered to do it again I have messaged him directly and suggested he engage with this forum, last year I think, and at that time he wasn’t sure as he hadn’t forgotten.... I’m really glad the the BA have re-engaged and I think we are all better off with them posting here but it is still my opinion that they will not continue if they are constantly met by hostility. I’m sure that someone will say “where is the hostility?” but, exactly as on the other place, demanding answers to questions, while justifying it as “a right to know” is a DELIBERATELY hostile attitude by some members. That is exactly what happened on the other place. Can anyone guess who I am thinking of? If you demand answers from the BA there are official ways of doing that. This, this is a discussion forum which is better off with the BA representing itself here.
  6. I think you are being disingenuous. JM has made 19 contributions to a thread that he started. The question about Governance is a fishing expedition for dirt. If it waddles like a duck, quacks like a duck and tastes delicious with an orange source it’s probably a duck. I think it’s a good thing that the BA contribute, not least to correct “errors” but I think it has to be accepted that they might go away if it’s endlessly treated as an opportunity to kick them under the guise of “we deserve an answer” John Packman used to contribute but he gave up because of what I think he described as abuse. I will check that if any pedants need confirmation. There is a line.
  7. JM my personal opinion is that if you use the presence of the BA on this forum to fight your battles by challenging them to answer ANY question you see fit to ask: then they will go away again. And I would not blame them.
  8. I think there is a problem with your argument JM and that is that you talk of "balance" but that is only at any specific moment in time. Your gamekeepers only replaced a previous "balance" with a new "balance." As you say mankind has a lot to answer for, but once you accept that we are responsible for things like organophosphate decimating predator populations, then you can see why many would want to redress the balance. I think that most of us can agree that it is more complex than simply blaming otters for "poor" fishing. DEFRAS report from 2018 on bird populations is interesting. Here's what it says about Wetland species Birds of slow flowing and standing water Birds of slow flowing and standing water have shown the most positive trend, potentially benefitting most from wetland creation; in 2017 the index was 41% higher than in 1975 (Figure 4b) although the smoothed index has shown a 4% decrease in the more recent short-term period between 2011 and 2016. Over the long term there were marked increases in two duck species, mallard and tufted duck; mallard numbers have trebled and tufted duck numbers have increased 92%. The index for coot shows an increase of 64%. However, moorhen and little grebe have declined by almost a third since 1975. On thing I do know about these things, they are really hard to quantify and almost impossible to attribute causation.
  9. What is "natural" is a subject that can be debated until the cows come home but its worth remembering this: Otters re-colonised the British Isles after the last Ice Age, and they were widespread across the whole landmass during much of the intervening 10,000 years. More recently, otters were present throughout Great Britain in the early 1950s, but from the mid-1950s to late 1970s there was a dramatic decline. This mirrored what was happening across much of Europe. The decline occurred across Scotland, England and Wales, but it was most dramatic in England. By the late 1970s the only healthy populations were in parts of Scotland, although small populations remained in Wales and northern and south- western England. From The Angling Trust website If Otters could speak I think they might say, "We were here first and were doing just fine until you poisoned us."
  10. Good point, I was meaning the specific purpose of allowing passage of ships of a size that no longer use it. Ultimately there has to be a calculation between cost of dredging and the consequences, either intended or unintended. I have no idea what the cost of maintaining that depth over time is. Whatever your opinion of the BA there is ultimately a limit to the amount of dredging that can be done. Without any figures it seems almost impossible to make a judgment. The question I asked was Can I assume JM that you think the BA should restore that depth?
  11. Vaughan raises a very interesting point. But, IF that is the case, what would you have the BA do? Dredge the Yare to a depth that no longer has a purpose?
  12. I strongly believe from what I have read that this is much too simplistic an analogy and that water systems are vastly more complex and hard to understand than these “common sense” ideas would allow for. But to stick with this analogy, if you make the plug hole bigger you will run aground all over the bath. Meaning if you wish to change the whole system you have to change the whole system.
  13. If the mean sea level has risen by any amount, let’s say 4” for arguments sake, then to compensate the BA would have to dredge the entire system by 4” on average. This is a totally different thing from dredging in an area to remove ‘humps’ that build up over relatively short periods. Dredging in a small area is very unlikely to affect the river system as a whole and quite possibly will have unintended consequences.
  14. Isn’t there only one answer to the question of how to lower the average height under Potter Heigham bridge? You have to lower the water level in the whole system. That means from Yarmouth to Horsey. In in regards to Expilots point about not raising the banks, wouldn’t the “filling in” of gaps to the previous level have a significant impact? Is that what you meant Marshman? Like filling a small leak in a boat.
  15. batrabill


    Vaughan, the current Chief Exective was a volunteer for the RNLI until his appointment to a full time job. Maybe your toffee and mustard millionaires didn’t need the money?
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