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  1. batrabill


    At a restaurant in the Broads I asked the waitress if I could add a tip on my card, she said, “If you do, I won’t get it” Fairly outraged as this is fraud really. When we add a tip we expect it to go to the workers, not the profit of the restaurant. I always ask now if the tip gets passed on and tip in cash if it doesn’t.
  2. I don't think this visitors centre is a good use of anyone's money, but please can we make the objections sensible? The turn-in to the Bridge Pub is almost identical in mirror image to the turn-in to this site. The turn in to Pedros/The BBC is very similar, and is arguably more dangerous because cars coming from the North and turning right into Pedros are blocking the road just after the bridge, so are not seen until the brow. If those traffic movements are acceptable now, then how will use of this site be different? Coaches visit the Bridge and Pedros, right now. Either, you lobby the Council/Police etc to do something about this CURRENT deathtrap right now, or you stop pretending its a big issue.
  3. I'm not in favour of the Acle Centre, but better to stick to facts. The BA said they would do, ’a full business analysis of the potential costs and income that such a facility could generate before [it] commits to approaching funding bodies for financial contributions.’
  4. The site they bought is 620m long. Can anyone tell me why they can’t put in more mooring? So if they can, then no mooring has been “stolen”.
  5. I actually don’t really want the Acle Bridge centre much, but every time I read the pike I want it more. Good place to start a Broad’s swim? Or do yoga?
  6. batrabill

    Anyone For Yoga?

    http://www.broadsnationalpike.com/2018/08/axlebridge-deb-acle-continues.html?m=1 The hilarity never stops. BTW, isn’t the site they bought 600m long? That’s from memory - so the suggestion that moorings will be lost is technically possible, ie that existing quay might be lost, but they can also be easily extended?
  7. batrabill

    Anyone For Yoga?

    As probably the single most prolific spin-doctor for the anti-BA cause - I believe I have seen your opinions on Facebook, the EDP and this forum just today, and trust me I was not seeking hem out - I would quote, And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?
  8. batrabill

    Anyone For Yoga?

    Badly-written, unfunny tittle-tattle of zero consequence. Tediously crops up everywhere I look.
  9. batrabill

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good B&b?

    Moorhen in Horning.
  10. batrabill

    Broadland Bridges - Lets Get Serious

    Addressed exactly how? The BA don't own the bridges, and don't pay for their maintenance. So their only course of a action is to ask/demand/force NR to fix them. In the real world NR can just do nothing and the BA can't do much either except bring pressure. If there were a clamour, with pieces in the EDP and reports on local TV that might exert some pressure on NR... Personally I don't see that clarifying the legal position is going to help, unless the BA would just say what they think it is.
  11. batrabill

    Broadland Bridges - Lets Get Serious

    Isn’t the fundamental issue here that there isn’t a single, powerful voice to represent the views of boaters? NYA are probably a lovely bunch, but cannot be a ‘leader’ because they have such a vested interest. The bridges is an issue where, contrary to the usual attitude here that “the BA should do something”, the BA might be grateful for pressure to be applied on NR by us if it was coordinated and had widespread support. Note, NR’s revenue is £6.5 billion It is quite possible they completely ignore bleating from the BA
  12. batrabill

    Broads Authority To Have A New Chairman!

    So, the choice is, a Conservative councillor, or a Conservative councillor. Hoorah!
  13. batrabill

    Monte Carlo Or Bust!

    Vaughan, may I share your pictures with the Ludham Community Archive?
  14. batrabill

    Waste Facilities For Boaters.

  15. batrabill

    Waste Disposal Northern Rivers

    Ludham has bins still?

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