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  1. Worrying about the news about Boris, hope he’s okay (and I say that as someone who isn’t a Conservative supporter...but we can still wish that every individual is safe). However, can we please stop all the gossip about unfounded animal transmission theories. That’s just scaremongering.
  2. Just come me across this ‘Cruising the Cut’ vlog from a few years back. Before you view, and for the sake of your blood pressure, perhaps you just need to note the date it was first posted (hint...around this time of the year). Love the way he has his own ‘reporter’.
  3. Well we managed to get to Bournemouth today to pick up our youngest from Uni. It was terrible...the traffic was horrendous. Well, no it wasn’t, just the opposite. Probably a taste of what motorways were like when they first opened. There was quite a lot of freight, but interestingly I didn’t spot any non-UK carriers. Some cars, but pretty quiet on the whole. It’s the quickest we’ll ever travel to and fro Bournemouth, even keeping within speed restrictions. I rediscovered cruise control. We took a picnic lunch with us and lots of drinks so that we didn’t have to stop at services. I took the photo below as we were driving along the final stretch toward Bournemouth. Taken shortly before 11am and on a stretch where we’ve previously been in a traffic jam. Seren went mad with joy when Alec arrived home.
  4. I hadn’t been watching Dave Whitworth’s latest vlogs as it looked at a glance as if they were still gallivanting on the Broads during the lockdown (Dave, if you are reading, just think twice or more about the vlog title as idiots like me just take things the wrong way). Just the opposite, he’s using past footage to keep us all entertained, with good choice of music. Appreciated ‘Always look on the bright side of life’. Good on him.
  5. Thank you so much for posting this Mark.
  6. We had a virtual team coffee morning this morning. My boss made the mistake of mentioning that his wife was also in a team Skype call in another room, but had her video on as all her team had agreed to turn up in wigs. Apparently her's was a Dolly Parton wig, so we are all trying to egg our boss Gary to wear it for our next meeting,
  7. And on a lighter note Do Re Mi - Covid 19 version.
  8. Hunter’s Yard, as all the others, have closed.They have messaged those with bookings offering to change dates either to later in the 2020 season or to 2021, or failing that a refund. That seems a lot more flexible than a lot of other organisations. As we have a booking for early July we have asked to stick with that for the time being. Here’s hoping that restrictions might be lifted by then.
  9. Love this post Nigel (and love the Ludham archive).However, I must ask (tongue in cheek mode) whether the boozy Ludham refers to the number of pubs it used to have or are you currently having a (virtual, I’m sure) knees up?
  10. Completely empathise with your local store staff. We used to be people that popped into a store almost daily, but not now. We are staying at home and trying to limit shopping trips. I have a gripe though. My youngest wants to come home from Uni this weekend. I think he’s probably already had ‘the’ bug (three weeks ago he had a temperature and coughing, and a week later one of his friends was officially diagnosed with it), so we think it’s probably safe to bring him home. But I’ve been looking online for advice for parents of students who are at the end of term...can I find any? Nope. The UK.gov site only has advice for international students. I think that’s a big omission!
  11. We were shown around Moonlight Shadow back in 2015/6, having moored behind her in Norwich and we were invited aboard by Sue, who was chairperson of the syndicate before Jay. We fell in love with MS and the idea of the syndicate then, but we weren’t then in a position to join any syndicate as we were carers of my elderly Mam, so life was a bit unpredictable. Sometimes you just have to wait for the good times to come around. That’s a thought that keep recurring to me at present.
  12. Not at all, my comment was very tongue in cheek (though it’s true that I’m useless at quizzes).
  13. Hi GreenJack, you obviously have the right outlook for the Broads. Respect to all boaters, old and new, saileys and stinkies! Respect is how we all get along together.
  14. Well as far as quizzes are concerned, I have no compunction in declaring myself an idiot! Somehow I bumble along mostly well in real life.
  15. Hi GreenJack, we first hired in 2014 too. We have maybe had a slightly atypical intro to the Broads. Started out on a sailey then started on cruisers out of season. Love them all! Nice to hear from another boater from that 2014 vintage who has fallen in love with the Broads.
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