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  1. I agree CC, but some of 'management speak' really gets my goat. The latest one is 'on boarding'. For goodness sake! I'm convinced that some people just use the latest favourite phrases to hide the fact that they haven't a clue what they are talking about.
  2. Take care Ian. One thing I’ve learned with my father-in-law moving in with us, it’s easy to contact NHS services wherever you are in the UK. We currently have Dad temporarily registered with our surgery in MK. Just as well, as Graham took his Dad for an eye test today. Result: optician is making an urgent referral for serious cataracts, so is sending the results to the MK surgery.
  3. That was lovely. Thanks.
  4. We had a week with my cousins back in 2017, we were two couples and a single, so five of us and the dog. We hired Fair Royale from Ferry Marina and found that the accommodation worked well for us. Everyone had their own ensuite and the aft lounge was huge and comfortable.
  5. Once they turn away from your side of the river scoot past. For some reason some people wait until the sailey is on the far side before making their move, which might mean they haven't cleared the sailey's path when the sailey in on their way back. From the perspective of the sailey, that's a tad annoying. It's okay on wide stretches of the river, like the Bure below St Benet's, but on a river with restricted width it effectively stalls the sailey as they aren't able to build up speed before the next tack.
  6. A warm welcome from me too. Helen
  7. Like SwanR, our experiences of motor cruiser hires were in March, May and October. We like that it’s quieter, but generally found the weather better in the Autumn, the nights during early Spring are generally colder than those early Autumn. We have now bought into a syndicate boat and enjoy all seasons on the river (except when it’s very windy...and that can happen any season). Also, if you like less busy rivers, consider hiring from a yard on the Southern rivers.
  8. Hope you have a great time. Enjoy!
  9. Sorry to hear of your wife's accident. Take care out there everyone...you know what they say about trouble coming in threes!
  10. Hope it’s recovered. We loved being offered the use of the canoe the first time we went out on Water Rail. Seren wasn’t quite as keen though.
  11. I love the trip up to both Neatishead and Dilham, especially the latter. Well worth the effort!
  12. Oooh...an indirect route..that’s a bit of a teaser. Lovely sunset photo. Thanks.
  13. Oh my goodness, what a shame. Hope your ankle recovers in record time so that you can be on Cerise Lady again.
  14. It's quite common for it to be out of action during hot weather.
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