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  1. I hadn’t though to stop off at Gt Yarmouth...now thinking that might be a good idea!
  2. Me too ...August next year. Oh er!
  3. Thanks for the photos Warren. Lovely to see your dogs (can see why you won't let them on the furniture...you'd have to sit on the floor if you did! LOL) and it's always great to see a few photos of MS. Can't wait for our next jaunt in February. Helen
  4. Glad to hear you enjoyed your special anniversary...and the ‘cheeky’ gin and tonics. Helen
  5. Griff, I’m s sad to hear about Macie. Must be all the worse for you with Mrs G having to be away. I’ll always remember the kind words that you posted when we had to say goodbye to our dog Marvin a few years ago. Helen
  6. I had a call last week (an automated sounding voice) claiming to be our (unspecified) internet provider, saying that due to illegal (!) activity our line would be terminated in 24 to 36 hours unless I pressed 1 to speak to their executive. Of course I just hung up. It’s just another example of spam calls designed to get you worried enough to respond. I work on the principle that I can contact my ‘service provider’ separately, and not to respond to phone calls.
  7. Great tale Malcolm, including some really useful hints. Glad to hear you got over your tummy bug.
  8. So sad. One of the reasons Graham and I had fallen in love with Norfolk was villages like Ludham, that seemed to be bucking the trend of village amenities closing down.
  9. Stop! This thread alone will probably be responsible for Stalham Staithe getting really busy again. Sigh. Avoid the place...you’ll get grounded...there be dragons...awful place to be. Avoid at all costs!
  10. Ooh, that’s terrible! Always thought Ludham a really good example of a village that kept its core amenities going. What worries me even more, the reduced ‘footfall’ for the ex-Throwers might impact on the (excellent) butchers.
  11. That emoji just looks like it’s about to nod off.
  12. Well Breydon certainly seemed like a mill pond. Loving the tale!
  13. Oh, LOL. Maybe I’d better stay off line to make sure all the fun keeps on going on. Only kidding...
  14. Great cormorant photo. Liked the one of the rainbow too. 👌 Well, I should have admitted that I liked all your photos (as always). Looking forward to hearing more. I’ve already mentioned to Graham about Beccles electric not being available after 1pm in the winter. Just as well we weren’t able to get under Somerlayton Bridge a few weeks back. One of the things that I love about NBN Holiday Tales is the tips you can pick up. I’ve learnt a lot the past few years.
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