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  1. That must have been such an emotional time Steve. It’s a testament to your ties to your family that you were able to sort it out together. I’ve heard from too many people how going through such difficult times just caused arguments, which is why I was glad that, as an only child, I was able to sort out my Mam’s household effects myself. Mind you, hearing your account makes me think that having siblings would have made it easier, not harder. I have mentioned to my boys that when Graham and I pop our clogs that getting on together and loving each other as brothers is more important than quarrelling about ‘stuff’.
  2. We like Ferry Marina too. Have hired from them on three occasions. Lovely boats and very friendly staff. Mind you, I hear good things of Silverline, and I like being on the Southern Broads. Welcome to the forum! Helen
  3. So, can someone enlighten me on what spider poo actually looks like? Or is this thread just a big leg-pull? (Of course that never happens on NBN!)
  4. Thanks for the lovely tale and photos Malcolm. I’ve always enjoyed tales of her adventures..doubly (or more) now we’ve joined the syndicate. Looking forward to our next week on Moonlight Shadow (more thanks!).
  5. Love the photos, especially the ones of Sydney.
  6. That’s really good news. It’s so easy to jump to conclusions. (Sorry!)
  7. I wasn’t suggesting we avoid Stokesby. Haven’t heard of any incident there previously so, as Ray said, probably someone passing through. Not sure about the mud weight , probably not in the areas with stronger tides. Yes to tying back to the boat though.
  8. Hmm...two runaways in one day. Coincidence?
  9. Looking forward to hearing about your October trip! (More!)
  10. I don’t think the ‘report’ sufficiently addresses the possible impact on The Bridge Inn and Pedro’s. They talk about making the food offer distinctive, but the examples pictured suggest not. The current cafe fits in well with the other two establishments.
  11. Tina looks a lovely girl. I agree about the puppy farms comment. Our previous dog was from a dog shelter and he had a lovely gentle nature. After we lost Marvin we had planned to get another rescue dog, but a work friend knew some farmers who had some collie puppies, both parents working dogs. As they hadn’t bothered with pedigree certification and all that nonsense Seren actually cost us less than we would have paid for a rescue dog. Mind you...we think she is priceless.
  12. We used a wireless doorbell as a panic button for my Mam when she was with us. The trouble with baby monitors is they pick up so much sound. If you are concerned about the person at the other end of the monitor it can result in disturbed sleep.
  13. Just rechecked the BA website. It says ‘Moorings at Barnes Brinkcraft are not fixed, if you wish to moor here please speak to reception to be assigned a mooring.’ And there are 6 moorings apparently.
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