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  1. (Very) Nice clip, but how come we missed both the glam rock and the ballroom blitz?
  2. My wedding ring was getting a bit tight a few years back. I must admit that when my Mam died I took her wedding ring, and that’s what I’m currently wearing. Keep meaning to re-do our vows with it and get it blessed as our wedding ring, though a part of me thinks it’s blessed anyway, through connection with my parents. My Mam was so supportive of me and Graham. I also have my grandmother’s (Nain’s) wedding ring in a pouch, as my Mam kept that when her Mam died. I guess that gesture made it seem okay for me to take my Mam’s ring.
  3. I’m frightened. Full stop. How have we forgotten the lessons that were learnt after the two world wars of the last century? The populist politics that’s currently emerging all over Europe reminds me of the 1930s. That didn’t go well, did it? Sorry, I don’t normally comment on politics, and haven’t any faith in any political party. Just wish people were more aware of history and the destructive powers of distrust. please don’t turn this post into anything political...that wasn’t the intention.
  4. YnysMon


    I missed that one unfortunately. My Mum and I did manage to see Ian McKellan and Judi Dench in Macbeth at the RSC though. Way back again in the late 70s, but really made an impression. It was so good they did a TV version.
  5. YnysMon


    I had to google that, not having watched ‘An American Dad’. Obviously didn’t know what I was missing. LOL.
  6. YnysMon


    We loved ‘The Next Generation’, somehow none of the other Star Trek series since have quite lived up to it. Must be down to Patrick Stewart! The best thing Graham and I have ever seen on stage was his one-man show of Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’. It was magical. I never imagined that one person, with a minimum of props, could bring so many characters so lividly to life. I’ve been a fan of Patrick Stewart since he was in a BBC adaptation of Mrs Gaskell’s ‘North and South’ in the mid ‘70s (it’s also my favourite book). Recently found that some kind person has uploaded the series onto YouTube. It’s a bit slow (compared to book adaptations nowadays), but a lot more faithful to the book than a more recent TV version.
  7. Two co-ops! I find it bizarre that a village can have two co-ops. We’ve decided that we prefer the one that is furthest from our mooring.
  8. We had a good evening. Here’s a toast to old Pesky! (I loved the ‘Tis I, the pesky mod...’). Probably misquoted there, but the ol’ pesky was probably the main reason I finally plunged into the NBN.
  9. Chinese Burns night sounds weird. We’re going to the Burns night do that our church’s social group organise each year. Three courses plus wine and a dram for £10. 😀 Graham will be wearing his kilt.
  10. YnysMon

    Broom Boats

    Yes it was super helpful thanks (and not just a ‘tad’, LOL).
  11. YnysMon

    Broom Boats

    Sorry Jay! Sometimes I just feel a tad guilty at the number of questions about MS that I send you via email.
  12. YnysMon

    Broom Boats

    Thanks everyone!
  13. How about this one for a day boat experience? https://youtu.be/2i7qcf1zU3M
  14. YnysMon

    Broom Boats

    I need to work out how to get to Swancraft. We’ll be on Moonlight Shadow one of the weeks when Brooms are carrying out this work. 😒
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