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  1. So never mind ‘Where’s Wally’, do we have a new thread of ‘Where’s Maurice Mynah?’ (I bet I’ve spelt that wrongly too!)
  2. Happy birthday. Trust you are enjoying some sailing! Helen
  3. Ooh me back! Graham got allocated an allotment a week ago. It’s just at the top of our street, so a lot handier (is that a word?) than the one I had a few years back, that was in a different neighbourhood (had to give that one up when we were looking after my Mam). We have managed to clear a few of the small raised beds during the last week, but not many. Yesterday (my day off work) it was torrential. We made good use of the time though...we were looking for some veg plants, as it’s now too late to grow stuff from seed. Finally managed to find a good selection of veggie seedlings in Buckingham Garden Centre, having tried a few other places in and around MK. Rain all morning today, but we had a good spell on the allotment this afternoon. The soil on the beds that have been cultivated recently is so much better than my previous allotment, so we managed to clear a lot more than we anticipated. Way easier than my last allotment. That was heavy clay and still difficult to work after several years of feeding the soil with compost. We’ve started to plant stuff! (Sweet corn, courgettes and squashes). Feeling stiff this evening though. All that digging was a good workout! (I don’t do gyms.) We do have a problem that the plot that was free is a corner plot, so overlooked by trees, and half seems to have been neglected. However, out site rep has checked that we can tackle the trees and there are lots of friendly plot owners around keen to help, some of whom are handy (expert) with chain saws.
  4. Sorry, I’m a bit muddled. Aren’t schools half terms at the end of May? I thought May Day was the bank holiday at the beginning of May, not the one at the end of May. (Happy to be corrected.) And there was me thinking that next year we’ll avoid the early May Bank Holiday by booking for the second week of May starting 8th. Huh!
  5. Love this vlog of narrow boaters negotiating the River Ribble. Helen
  6. Really love how Graham's collie fused glass has turned out. He's now working on a design that he hopes to make into a lamp shade, based on a Mackintosh rose design. I thought it might be interesting to show some of the process involved> Cutting out the pattern. Cutting the glass. Grinding the glass to shape. I'm working on this design. Being less creative than Graham I've found a design for a daffodil suncatcher on the internet. Have been busy cutting and grinding the glass.
  7. Appreciate the notice that you've posted Alan, it needed posting. I agree with Vaughan though that we don't need a re-run of last year's debate, especially as it got so long and fractious! Helen
  8. You can make wine from other fruit too! Might try that in the summer. It will make a change from trying to use the fruit up by making jam.
  9. Yes, I'm waiting for the berries! Currently they are all green.
  10. In reply to Jays post about 11 hours ago...gave us a chance! We’ve only just taken over the flipping allotment last weekend. Have already done a few stints of digging though and hoping to get something planted this next weekend. Found some strawberry plants struggling among the weeds and cleared some space for them. Have also inherited some raspberry canes and some red/blackberries (not sure which yet).
  11. Thanks Jay. Loved the Weatherspoons rant. I so much agree with you about their anti dog policy. Have ‘voted with my feet’ the last few years and avoid their pubs like the plague. Sorry, I meant to have posted about our early May County Durham holiday in the members section before now. Have got slightly distracted as we’ve gained an allotment! Helen
  12. Brilliant, can’t wait for more! In a word...heartwarming! Helen
  13. I don’t think you’ll have any problems...sounds like you’ve had a lot more experience of river navigation than we had before our first visit. The thing about ‘being a nuisance ‘ applies everywhere. Some people are considerate, others don’t seem to care. Sounds to me like you’re on the ‘caring’ side. Enjoy the Broads! Helen
  14. Great tale...more please! Love the Felties
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