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  1. We got as far as Belaugh yesterday evening.[emoji16] Today was a bit soggy! We were intending to wild moor near Acle this evening, but we were starting to feel a bit cold as well as wet as we neared Thurne Mouth, so we have ended up mooring at Hunter's Yard again instead. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  2. Today started out soggy but dried up as we were setting off, good timing [emoji106]. We decided not to go under 'that bridge', but we did go under a different bridge. Guess where we are? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. No worries Malcolm. I knew you were just kidding. Meanwhile...rain, rain go away, come again another...oh no! Looks like a few showers are forecast for the rest of the week! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  4. Sorry I've been trying not to use mobile the last day or so as to conserve battery We had too much wind Sunday and also Monday morning, we waited until midday before setting off. To be fair Malcolm, you were moored in a particularly wooded stretch (lovely mooring by the way). I don't think you spotted us motoring past this morning before 9. Winds were very light today, though we did manage to sail most of the way down the Bure and up the Thurne back to the Yard. Reasons for going back to the Yard: rain forecast for the rest of the day, need to get plugged into the 'lekky' to recharge mobiles etc., but also, we are thinking of getting under 'the bridge' tomorrow, and the Yard isn't that far from Potter. [emoji16] Mind you, the rivers seem quite high. We might not get under. [emoji53] Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  5. So far, it doesn't look that busy. Granted, we haven't left the Yard yet, but on a walk along Womack Dyke we only saw 5 boats moored on the BA moorings plus one hire, and that was a Hunter's boat. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. We love that stretch up to Geldeston. Special!
  7. We do, but we have an American couple who own a share and can only get ‘over the pond’ once a year for a fortnight. So, as our summer allocation in June was the week adjoining theirs we swopped our summer week for an autumn one and, through another swop, ended up with a fortnight’s allocation toward the end of September. Everyone happy, or would have been had this Covid crisis not intervened. Unless we have another lockdown in September, it will work out rather well for us. We prefer out of season anyway.
  8. That takes me back. The papoose, or whatever you call it, got a lot of use when our kids were little. This one's from May 1991. Yes, my eldest is almost 30! Eeek!
  9. My inclination is to back up Regulo’s advice. Although perfectly doable once you’ve gained some experience and confidence, I wouldn’t advise that a novice moor at Burgh Castle. Barney Arms has similar strong tide, but there’s normally a bit more room there.
  10. Nooo! Well, not in strong winds anyway. We had been thinking that sometime Sunday morning would be an ideal time, low water being around 7.30. We’ll have to see what the wind is like. I’m thinking strong wind, low narrow bridge, not good combination. Going through on the Torqeedo is pretty boring anyway, from an ‘audience’ perspective. From an ‘on board’ perspective it’s a lot easier than quanting through the bridge. That can be quite hard work, especially as you have to get under two bridges before mooring and raising the sails. Just taking down the mast and raising it again is quite a palaver. We love it though.
  11. Yeh! Cheers! Have a great time! p.s. watch out for strong winds on Sunday!
  12. YnysMon

    River Yare

    I love walking along the bank from the Hardley Drainage Mill moorings, either toward Hardley Dyke and the river Chet, or along the bank opposite the Cantley sugar plant. You are asked to pay £5 for overnight mooring there, but it’s on a pontoon and only has room for three or four boats, so nice and quiet.The money goes toward maintaining the mill, so a good cause.
  13. Crossing my fingers! The last few days forecasts have been a relatively low % chance of rain, and we’ve had so many showers! I’m packing my waterproof trousers as insurance. I’ve taken them with me on visits to the Broads for several years and not used them yet. Mind you, I did get pretty wet on a couple of occasions from sudden downpours. We haven’t yet had to sail in persistent rain though.
  14. Can’t recommend The Wherry enough, really friendly and great food. I’ve considered doing that circular walk a few times, so will be interested to hear how you get on. The short walk that Graham and I did across the fields from The Locks was very soggy, but then I guess you have to expect that in March. Helen
  15. It’s quite a nice and interesting spot, with lovely views toward Breydon water, but we’ve never moored up there. The tides are quite strong the closer you get to Yarmouth. We visited it by car last February when storm Ciara kept us from cruising.
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