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  1. YnysMon

    Zoe Sets Out.

    Thanks Polly. You've reminded me what we've missed this year by going to Anglesey in July instead of going sailing. Zoe looks lovely!
  2. Still too hot in MK...wish I was back in Anglesey with a lovely sea breeze! The past fortnight in Anglesey has been perfect.
  3. YnysMon

    Hunters Yard Womack Dyke

    Hunters Yard staff are soooo friendly. We have hired various boats with Hunters Yard over the past four years for the first week of July (check out the ‘Holiday Tales’ section for accounts of our adventures). It’s been really sad that we haven’t been able to book with them this year for various reasons (mainly to do with our eldest not getting his leave from work sorted, and the youngest abandoning the UK to go to the States for three months). As I have mentioned on another thread, we’re off to Anglesey instead. I’ll be posting on our time there on the ‘Week in Anglesey’ thread that I started in the ‘members out and about’ section, when we stayed in the same cottage in February. Sorry about hijacking this thread...am slightly light-headed about having a fortnights holiday off work. Haven’t done that for a while!
  4. Lovely video and stills Bryan. You and your wife really excel at wildlife photography and videography. Wish I had the patience to take such great photos. Glad you had great weather this time, after your last trip! Helen
  5. Yes, go for it Jean! Even with the restricted daytime hours in March/April we found that going ‘down south’ in was so very do-able and really added to our 10 day holiday. In May and September it was a thing we could do within a week. It helps though to check out the tides before booking! This last year or so I have planned the dates of our holidays around the tides. On a couple of our holidays we’ve been able to moor up at Stracey Arms shortly before sunset on our first day and then start out from there shortly after sunrise the following morning an hour before slack water in Yarmouth...seemed to work out okay both times, and then the tides back seem to work out too. Go south!!! Yes, I know! Here be dragons and monsters and all that😇
  6. Well we’re about to take a break from our watering regime as we’ll be going to Anglesey from the weekend for a fortnight (we’re planning on adding to our previous posts from February on Anglesey in the Members out and about section). Hoping that eldest son Harry will look after our tender plants and pots as youngest son Alec (previously engaged in the horticulture line) is still in California for the whole summer. How lucky is he to have friends who are happy for him to stay with them for 3 months!
  7. Thanks Jean. Good to have a glimpse of Somerlayton, it’s somewhere we would like to visit, but it’s not possible with the dog unfortunately. Lovely roses! Helen
  8. YnysMon

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    Not mundane at all. Lovely pics too.
  9. Great pics Jean. Looking forward to the account of the rest of your week. Helen
  10. YnysMon


    Great write up, thanks for sharing! We’ve not managed to moor up at Ranworth yet on a cruiser, though we’ve overnighted on a Hunter’s yacht at Perci’s Island (lots of goose poop) and mud-weighted on the Broad during a thunderstorm last year, using a dinghy to get ashore. Mooring at Ranworth proper is on my ‘bucket list’. Helen
  11. YnysMon

    Hello Fellow Waterpeople

  12. YnysMon

    A Spring Tale

    Umm...ocassionally you lot remind me of the Fintstones...
  13. Hi Russell, a belated welcome. (Yep, I’m late to the party once again!). Glad to see you’re vlogging again. Helen
  14. YnysMon

    My Day

    Yep, it seems to be open for most of the year, from when snowdrops appear and through to October. The tea room is only open weekends though. They had some very yummy looking cakes! https://www.evenleywoodgarden.co.uk/
  15. YnysMon

    Brinks Jazz 14th May - New Direction

    David, I’ve so appreciated your write up. It’s really helpful (that’s probably not the word I was looking for, but forgive me) to read how others are trying to cope with loss of a dearly loved one. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to your next jaunt. Best wishes helen

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