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  1. YnysMon

    A Week On Bronze Emblem October 2018

    Thanks Jean...we booked Bronze Emblem on your recommendation! She was lovely, very responsive engine (we were told it was replaced last year) and responsive steering and we had a really lovely week on her. Seren was a bit frustrated though, she couldn't see out as easily as on Fair Regent, but you'll see from some photos much later in the week that she found her own solution! Helen
  2. YnysMon

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    Just back from our own break on the Broads and very much enjoyed your account. Spectacular photos! Helen
  3. Saturday 13th October Me, hubby Graham, our eldest son Harry and collie dog Seren on this trip. When we originally booked we thought it would be just me and Graham, but Harry has managed to book the week off work and is intending sleeping on the sofa-bed. We left MK just before 8am, and stopped off at our usual Costa’s coffee break at Caxton Gibbet – toasted teacake for me this time as I’ve decided that having a toastie messes up my appetite. Harry had a wrap of some sort and Graham a Danish and a muffin. (Now that’s just greedy!) Once on our way again we had a very good journey. Lovely weather today too, sunny and a very pleasant 21°C even before 10am. We got to Wroxham and Hoveton around 10:30. Graham took Seren for a walk and then joined us in Roy’s for the fresh food shop. After we’d stashed away the food in the car we went to check the bridge – 7½ ‘, which sounds like plenty for the boat we’ve hired this week – Bronze Emblem, which has 7’1” air-draft with canopy and screens down (well, that’s the ‘official’ figure). I emailed them a few weeks ago to ask what the air-draft is with canopy up – they kindly measured her for me – 7’9”. We toyed with the idea of going to the Station Smokehouse for lunch and started off in that direction. However, none of us were very hungry, so as we were passing Massingham’s butchers we changed our minds and popped in to buy a pie/pasty each and some water, which we ate sitting on one of the benches facing Hoveton St John moorings. They were very tasty…lovely pastry and good filling, but slightly salty for our taste (probably because we have been trying to cut down on salt). By this time, it was getting on for noon, so we thought it would be worth phoning up the yard to see if we might pick up the boat early. Not only was she ready, but the receptionist said that she’d been trying to contact me earlier to say that we could pick up the boat early. (Note to self…make sure the boatyard has your latest mobile number!) We had the usual very friendly welcome at the yard. The receptionist insisted we bring Seren in so she could make a fuss of her. Ian (the guy who had done the handover for our first trip with Ferry Marina in 2016) gave us a quick and very efficient handover, so it wasn’t long before we were on our way. I took the helm to leave the Marina, and handed over to Harry just after Cockshoot Dyke. Harry has sailed the Broads on several Hunter’s boats, but he’s never been on a motor cruiser before, so this was a new experience for him. Don’t know whether it was the fresh oncoming breeze, but the steering needed a lot of input initially to keep in a (relatively) straight line. We stopped at St Benet’s for Seren to have a run. I thought it would be more sheltered inside the old mill, but it was remarkably windy inside it. The wind was blowing directly into the doorway and then blowing around it. When we got on our way again the wind seemed to be strengthening. Once we passed Thurne Mouth the river became much quieter (boat wise). I was surprised that there weren't many boats moored at Acle and when we got to Stokesby there was a space on the BA 24hr moorings, and 34p left on one of the electric points. We were tickled to find we were moored in front of Fair Regent 3, which is the boat we hired last Autumn. Finished unpacking and then sat for a while watching telly/reading until almost 6pm before making our way into the Ferry Inn. Seren got a lovely welcome from the landlady (who also has a collie). Graham thought Christmas had come early – he was offered a low alcohol Ghostship (also a 0% Bitburger Drive, which he also likes). Harry had an IPA (can’t remember which) and I had a full-fat Ghostship. The meals were enjoyed too – standard pub food, but done well. I had a lovely Pork and Apple Burger, Graham had Scampi and Chips and Harry had their Fish and Chips. We watched the first hour or so of ‘The Fellowship of the Rings’ on ITV when we got back to the boat (how is it that every time Graham and I are on holiday one of the Lord of the Rings films seems to be on ITV2?) but my eyes started to droop and we were set for a dawn start tomorrow, so we settled for an early night shortly after 8pm.
  4. YnysMon

    Malanka Out And About Next Week

    We’re on the Broads next week too (on Bronze Emblem). Hope to see you!
  5. YnysMon

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    If the whole mooring fee is redeemable that casts a different light on it. We stopped there for lunch the first year they opened and enjoyed our meal there very much.
  6. YnysMon

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    Thanks for the lovely detailed tale...have taken note of the expensive Pedro's moorings at Acle, which we'll try to avoid when we are afloat next week. Like you, we're planning to go through Yarmouth on an early slack tide. Lovely photos too - especially the one of the heron. Looking forward to hearing more! Helen
  7. YnysMon

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I’m convinced I failed the first time because the examiner thought I was too confident. Just make sure you put it behind you for the next test, don’t over think it, and you’ll sail through! (Yes sail!)
  8. Jean, you’ve no idea how chuffed we felt when forum member Sue introduced herself whilst we were at Norwich last year. If you see an NBN pennant or poster I heartily recommend introducing yourself!
  9. YnysMon

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    I failed first time too, was really miffed when Graham passed first time as he was far less confident a driver when he took his test than I had been when I took mine. I failed on going too near parked vehicles and not looking into my rear view mirror, which I didn’t think had been the case. Second time I made sure I moved my head slightly when checking the mirror!
  10. p.s. lovely choice of music too! Very relaxing vibe!
  11. Lovely Jean. Really enjoyed your video. Helen
  12. YnysMon


    We need more Holiday Tales!
  13. YnysMon


    I’m missing Gracie too, though I must admit to having been a bit sporadic in engaging with the forum recently, so sympathise if she’s taking a break from posting.
  14. YnysMon

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    We are indeed Jean. Only a fortnight Saturday, so we’re really starting to get excited! My eldest son is hoping to join us, so I expect he will want to do a lot of the helming. He’s been sailing on the Broads on Hunter’s yachts several times but it will be his first trip in a motor cruiser. We’re hoping to spend most of the time on the Southern Broads as Harry hasn’t been anywhere downstream of Acle. Have started making lists! The only thing I’m worrying about is what to do with the cat. I’m hoping our neighbour will feed him, but I’ll have to first ask her how she would feel if he ‘popped his clogs’ whilst we are away. He’s so ancient (20) that we’ve started keeping him indoors. Helen
  15. YnysMon

    A Week On Gainsborough Girl

    Enjoy! Looking forward to your holiday tale, and lots more tales in the future from your Moonlight Shadow adventure. Wish it was us that could sign up for the syndicate!

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