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  1. I loved Mr MMs post (well, I had to, didn't I ), but at heart I do have a problem with the whole idea that men are good at some things and women have a completely different skill set. Aren't we all individuals?
  2. You're sure to be fine. I'm the most unsure person around and even I have realised it's just a matter of practise, and proper planning. oh...and also having the confidence to tell your partner what you want them to do (like undo the bow/stern rope first). Nothing worse than miscommunication when setting off or mooring
  3. Yet again Jean, why can't I both love your post and respond with a laugh.
  4. Don't know why you are the one hiding behind the sofa Liz. I would have thought that should be LondonGuy.
  5. Er hum! Is this a troll post? In our case I do the helming and my husband looks after the mooring ropes. Also, I take exception to the implication that women are worse at parking than men.
  6. Also, if you are thinking of traversing Yarmouth, it would be a good idea to check the tides beforehand. Sometimes during our winter breaks we've decided not to attempt it as slack water at Yarmouth has been before/after sunrise/sunset. If you have a fortnight I expect it will be doable for about half that period.
  7. Making our way up the Chet just now. Poor visibility due to the drizzle but not met anything going the other way. We saw Lightening earlier, well Harry did (and waved) but I missed it, having my head down until too late. (Sorry!)
  8. Wish I could put multiple likes on your post Jean.
  9. Glad we came back south when we did! Sounds as though there’s a huge difference between river levels north and south today.
  10. Wow, that was interesting Jean. On the Yare, the opposite seems to be the case. We went to Norwich and back today. On the way the river levels looked as high as they have done the past three days. We just about got through Trowse bridge late morning. When we returned mid afternoon we had about 9 1/2’. Loads of room, and by the time we got to Brundall water levels looked about normal.
  11. She likes anything that moves. Just about trained her not to bark at ducks and swans, she whines when she sees rowers and canoeists. She prefers being on a busy river, with lots of boats passing. She got so bored on the passage from north to south last Thursday she just went to sleep!
  12. Harry on board and helming on our way to Norwich. Seren is keeping a sharp eye out for rowers.
  13. Unless we get another spell of high winds or another downpour, I would imagine that the river levels will return to something like normal within a few days. Not being local I have limited experience, but we had high river levels after storm Ciara in February and then unusually low levels, with some boats grounded on their moorings at low tide.
  14. Harry is now on board, so we are free to go cruising again this morning. (Yippee!) Graham drove back to MK to fetch him yesterday evening, as we didn’t want to waste a day hanging around Brundall again waiting for him to arrive by public transport.
  15. Or, you could opt for the assumption that they were struggling as newbies in controlling the boat in strong wind. .As such their primary concern would be to try get get on course, and not attempt to go back to apologise and perhaps get into further difficulty. I should add that I opted not go cruising about these last few days because of the wind and, from our mooring in Brundall, we have observed that there are very few private boats out and about.
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