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  1. The best feature of this story were the comments below. e.g. ‘It’s clearly a Devon ship. Down here in Cornwall we prefer to put the ship down on the water first and then the air on top. I bet it’s top crimped an orl!’
  2. Retirement to an area where you have kept up an ongoing connection sounds like a good plan. When Graham and I were younger we just assumed we would go back to Anglesey when we retired. I’m not sure about that any longer. I’ve grown to love Milton Keynes, especially it’s multicultural vibe. So maybe settling down back in Anglesey might not be as straightforward as we might hope. A while back I was manager to a woman who had previously worked in my organisation but been in the US for about 10 years before returning to work in the UK and she found it quite difficult to settle in. My own ‘
  3. It wasn’t just that. Remember we had a new lockdown imposed in early November. Brooms had a few boats booked out. We were on Moonlight Shadow the week the new lockdown came into effect and we were keeping in touch with Brooms to check out how long they were keeping their refuelling station open that week.
  4. That all sounds very sensible Malcolm. Good luck with the move to Norfolk.
  5. We love cruising in winter on our syndicate boat Moonlight Shadow. A crisp sunny winter day’s cruising with hardly anyone else on the rivers can be idyllic. However, we have had a few weeks in our allocation where the cruising has been limited by the weather. February last year we had a week that coincided with Storm Ciara, so the wind was just too strong for us to cruise through from the Sunday to Tuesday. That would have been much more of an issue had we been renting a boat though. Less of an issue when you have four weeks allocation per year. We quite like being on our home mooring in bad w
  6. This is a really interesting topic. Graham and I have vaguely thought about either relocating after I retire to Anglesey (where we both grew up and met) or Norfolk. I wonder how we would adjust to the move though. It took me several years to adjust to the move from Anglesey to Milton Keynes. I don’t think it really felt like home until our kids started school (over 10 years since moving here).
  7. Depends whether you mean permanent moorings or temporary.
  8. But in the summer... I found this vlog a while ago. Though I love hiring Hunters Yards boats, I can’t imagine how challenging it would be to take a baby and toddler along for the sail.
  9. My advice is to book with Hunter’s Yard. Same price throughout the season. What a fair deal. Mind you, there’s sailing involved.
  10. Lovely to have an update. Any recent photos? We are getting Purdey withdrawal symptoms.
  11. The occasional day boat sounds like a great idea Jean. Especially if you book somewhere accessible to ‘the other sides’ above ‘the bridges’. The weather really seems to be perking up...at least for us in the East. (My cousins in Anglesey have been suffering still.) We had a wonderful (summer) day a few years back hiring from a boatyard in Hickling. We managed to get to Horsey and West Somerton and even up Catfield Dyke between a 9am pick-up and 5pm hand-back. If I was thinking about a day boat in future I would probably consider a boat from Wroxham (sorry...teaching Granny to suck eg
  12. Well today has been busy, work wise and planning wise. Despite most of the day being taken up with online work meetings, I managed to book our Covid jabs. First one week on Saturday, second one toward the end of May. I had a message from the company I’d booked with for a self-catering holiday. This holiday was for our extended family (seven of us including us and my cousins). They confirmed we wouldn’t be able to take up our 14th May holiday. How frustrating...seems that we are just a few days short of when that would be allowed! On the other hand we were offered the option of an e-v
  13. A work friend of mine tipped me off that friends of our age (just past 60) have managed to book Covid jabs via the NHS website, even though the website says you are not eligible until 64. The website asks for your NHS number and birth date and whether you have any health conditions (I declared I hadn’t any). So, I have managed to book my first jab week Saturday but have to go to a pharmacy in Buckingham, even though there are centres in Milton Keynes that are inoculating people who have been contacted by their Drs surgeries. I did fleetingly worry whether I am somehow queue jumping, but assu
  14. Both White Horses (Chedgrave and Upton) get a thumbs up from us.
  15. Sorry folks, but I'm confused. I know it's not an easy site to get to, and I would think twice about living there myself, but I got the impression there was at least one other building occupied nearby when we walked past Berney Arms last November (just before lockdown). I think it's called Ashtree Farm on the OS map, though it looked like it might have been divided into more than one property. There were several cars parked outside that property, plus the cars of the people who were occupying the caravan(s) on the Berney Arms site, so presumably access must be possible and services available..
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