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  1. YnysMon

    A Winters Tale

    Loved the photos from Langley. Am trying (but failing) to ignore the rest of the usual madness. Glad the Tolkieness resonated!
  2. YnysMon

    A Winters Tale

    Ooh Gollum! Did you know that I’m a Tolkien nut?
  3. YnysMon

    A Winters Tale

    Love this thread...it’s just...
  4. YnysMon

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    I’ve been a bit under the weather this week and was disappointed not to be able to make it to the class yesterday, especially as it was the final class for this term. Still, I’m looking forward to next term’s classes that start up mid-January. Graham popped to the Education Centre after work today and picked up the two pieces that I made last week. There was the ‘inclusion’ which was a copper foil bird and cherry-red frit...and also my first attempt at ‘kiln-carving’.
  5. Alan, so sorry about Tan. Just losing a partner suddenly must be so, so much of a shock. One thing I know though, Tan would want you to look after yourself...our thoughts are with you. God bless, Helen and Graham
  6. YnysMon

    Wintertime Cooking

    Flipping ek...I take my eyes off a really good cooking thread for a few days (or so) and it goes so downhill...Fray Bentos! Drinks! Burnt offerings! (I blame Jay...but then I always do.) Well, pretty standard thread deviation I guess.
  7. YnysMon

    My Day

    Well, my yesterday really... My cousin came over to stay for the weekend and we were looking for Christmas markets/events to visit. Sandra has been to the Birmingham Christmas market and most events within striking distance of Milton Keynes seemed to be booked up, so we went to St Albans. The Christmas Market there wasn’t great, but not that bad either (I was interested to see a couple of stalls selling stained/fused glass items and the prices they were charging). It was more than a bit drizzly to start with, but luckily for us the cafe at the Cathedral was being worked on and there was a temporary cafe in a marquee. They had some portable heaters which helped dry off our slightly damp jeans. (We stood in front of them, steaming slightly.) After that we visited the Cathedral (Abbey?). We joined a free guided tour around the Cathedral, which took about an hour. Very interesting it was too, covering the history of St Albans as a town and the development of the Abbey from a Saxon Benedictine monastery through to becoming the town’s parish church to becoming a Cathedral. Also the building is an example of architectural development from its original Romanesque (Norman) form with additions from early, middle and late Gothic (medieval) architectural styles. You can see on the right how early gothic architecture (pointy arches) was used in place of earlier Norman style (round arches) after that side’s walls had collapsed. Oh, and the Guide said that that the Norman walls were built using material ‘recycled’ from the nearby Roman town (Verelanium or something, which I can’t be bothered to look up at the moment(!). After our tour we had a lovely lunch in a cafe called ‘No Moo Moo’ (vegan). It was right next to the Cathedral and the menu sounded good...the food was good too and very tasty, even for us meat eaters. In the afternoon we had a wander around the very good and varied street market and we popped into the St Albans Museum and Gallery. The cafe there has seating in the old court room. The loos are down in the prison cells below the old court room. We returned to the Cathedral for the 4pm Evensong service. Lovely service and beautiful music from the Cathedral Choir. As we returned to our car we passed the town clock and were very impressed with the animated Christmas Tree lumination (the snowflakes were falling).
  8. YnysMon

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    I know that only too well Jay!!
  9. YnysMon

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Ooh, and I forgot to say that I’ve signed up for next term, and even better, persuaded my Graham to sign up too!
  10. YnysMon

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Lol...I know other people will know what I meant Jay!
  11. YnysMon

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Another delay in writing up my adventures from last Thursday’s class. Whoops! My excuse this week is that my cousin arrived to stay with us from Thursday until today. My fused glass tile emerged safely from the kiln. Sea looking a bit more clumsy than I’d hoped. Oh well.. I started on a design for an ‘inclusion’ glass today, deciding to keep it simple. Inclusion is where your design is sandwiched between two glass tiles. I cut out the shape of a bird in copper foil and used cherry red frit around it. The tutor advised keeping the design away from the edges. It will go into the kiln this evening. As that had taken up less than half the evening, our tutor suggested I try ‘kiln carving’. This is a technique which allows you to impress a pattern into the glass without using any coloured glass. Well, I hope it will anyway! I had a pattern for a cat which could be used to make a stained glass cat using the same technique we had used to make our butterflies. I asked the lady on reception if she could make some photocopies of the pattern for me. I then cut these out, the first being the complete cat, the second the cat without it’s tail, third without tail and main body, and so on. I then used the paper templates as patterns to cut out the kiln paper. The first couple of layers were thicker paper. Finally I glued the lot together to end up with a layered cat. Our tutor will cut a piece of glass to fit. Hope it turns out okay!
  12. YnysMon

    Stained Glass Lessons - A New Adventure

    Sorry for the delay in posting this week’s instalment. We started work on fused glass tiles today. We were each given a 11cm square piece of plan glass and had the freedom to come up with our own designs. The tutor had a good selection of different coloured glass and different colours and grades of ‘frit’ for us to choose from. Frit ranges from fine powder to small gravel. I had decided on a design featuring stylised waves and a boat. The evening was spent cutting and grinding out the glass to our design then fixing it to the glass tile using a small amount of PVA. My cutting didn’t quite go to plan. The top and bottom waves were supposed to stretch across, but the broke in two whilst I was cutting them. Rather than start again I just reshaped them. I’m hoping that the two grades of clear colour frit that I used will help give the appearance of waves and cloud. Before the end of the session we carefully placed our tiles in the kiln for an overnight firing. So we won’t know whether they have turned out okay until next week. Ooh, exciting!
  13. YnysMon

    Broads Toll 2019

    All I can say is...phew...not getting into any of this at all...just that on frosty early/late hires we are glad we can plug in!
  14. YnysMon

    Britain By Boat.

    Well it didn’t start off well, but there were some good stretches of sailing just before the end of the programme and I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt and see if it’s any better next week. Somehow it seems like it was John Sergeant’s idea and Michael Buerk sounds a bit dubious, but maybe that’s part of the ‘hook’. Not impresssed with channel 5 production values anyway.
  15. YnysMon

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    Ooh, Mouldy, you are just increasing our jealousy of not being in a position to take up a part ownership in a syndicate! However , we can’t tear ourselves away from holiday blogs (and this one was an especially good one) so the least you can do is continue with the excellent standard of relating your journeys on Moonlight. More next year please!

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