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  1. Sorry Alan, I posted that in shock. I have never met you or Tan but I always considered both of you as friends. There is really no words I can say only, memories are now to be cherished. paul
  2. Just no, not fair. paul
  3. ZimbiIV

    Steering Question

    The big nut behind the wheel is called the DRIVER. paul
  4. ZimbiIV

    Advice, Please

    Adivice? If you are thinkihg of buying a boat, never mind a woodie, it is not advice you need but therapy you need! A fellow boat owner. paul
  5. ZimbiIV


    I am glad you are sorted, I nearly didn't suggest trying again but he deserves a second chance, nice bloke, that is if he fits our window covers. That is why I posted, having asked how he was getting along he told me his health problem, working on boats outside in the recent weather cannot help. He told me when they are fitted, because he has the latest tech, if we lose one cover we can call and he can make another one from computer memory as he saves all the new covers he makes digitally. paul ps it doesn't pay to visit his shop unless you want to spend money, there is always something you want.
  6. ZimbiIV


    Try Richard again (Snugtopz), I know he hasn't been well recently (bad cold) and has fallen behind a bit but is catching up again. paul
  7. ZimbiIV

    Broads Toll 2019

    To those who think electricity posts are surplus to their needs, how many nights aboard do you spend? We use our boat as 2 weeks home 2 weeks on the boat March to October. A round trip of 560 miles. Some comforts are nice, TV, Microwave etc. Or do you think the Broads should only available to those that can go home at night and sleep in their own bed? The supply of electricity can be looked upon as a luxury but then again, depth for a deep keel is also a luxury on rivers. Day sailors benefit from the tolls paid by those that like a bit of luxury, otherwise why keep the waterways open if the majority would not be there without them thus not paying any tolls. Without visitors spending money how are all the pubs and attractions going to survive? I know we do not spend as much in the local hostelries as we did when hiring. We use the engine on average 120 hours per year and that is not idling for warm water. Thus annoying everyone else on the moorings. paul
  8. ZimbiIV

    Nearly A Bit Of A Bad Day

    Me thinks your over night guest turned the bilge pump off because it was cutting in and disturbing (it's) sleep! I know one boat owner who's bilge pump does not have a switch ( you have to remove the fuse), because of a similar occurrence on another waterway. paul
  9. ZimbiIV

    Britain By Boat.

    Yes Ian and it was tedious, boring and hopefully the next episode is better or the series record is off. paul
  10. ZimbiIV

    Harvey Eastwood 37

    We have two water tanks on the starboard side, I could not understand why until I looked at the diesel tank on the port side ( a big boy) a quick measure and I understood when both are full the boat is level. When 1 is nearly empty and the other full, the drawers either open or close depending which one is full. The fuel tank is 150 litres the 2 water tanks 145 litres. The waste tank runs along the keel line of the boat in the middle, forward to aft, so it's level does not effect the balance of the boat at all. It is about 150 litre capacity so pump outs are usually every 2 to 3 weeks. Remember pump outs are pricy so the bigger the tank = savings. Tek-tanks are very good and will advise freely. paul
  11. ZimbiIV

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    For a change, the Ram deliver pizza's in Brundall, they are very good but 1 pizza does the 2 of us. paul
  12. ZimbiIV

    How Long ?

    The average person is too intelligent to rely on the variables of wind and tide, when there is are other means of reliable propulsion available, so the average person would never choose to be a sailor! paul
  13. ZimbiIV

    Wonder If He Owns A Boat

    Objection, you presume it is a man! paul
  14. ZimbiIV

    Wonder If He Owns A Boat

    Why do you think someone parking like that, has a boat. Are you saying boat owners cannot park a car? paul
  15. ZimbiIV

    Water Tank Into Waste Tank

    I certainly wouldn't fancy doing that job...………………………………..the other way round with the tanks, Waste to water!!! paul

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