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  1. Well done on changing your CO detector, they are not fit and forget and need changing every 3 to 5 years no matter what the makers say. paul
  2. Weatherspoons banned dogs after a member of staff got bitten. paul
  3. Tim, enjoyed the start of the tale. Enjoy the company of your granddaughter while she is young and teasable, too soon they grow into world weary teenagers were everything is tiresome. Although I don't allow mine to get away with that, she just looks to the heavens and says I'm older now grandpa. Now it's been 10 hours where is part 2. paul
  4. Samsung for me, although I avoided the S6/7 disasters. Did try a weewee once and that's what I thought of it. Now have a Galaxy note 8 edge great battery life at home, on the boat dire (02). I do not trust any photos to the cloud suppliers. I do not trust Cloud for anything!!!!!! My phone has 128gig memory that lasts until I can down load to dvd/sd card, I do both. I did have a Microsoft phone once for a month, I think, then sold it to my worst enemy (cheaply), revenge is sweet! First phone I had the deal was 10p peak, 2 p off peak, text 2p, the internet had not been dreamt of. paul
  5. We have a bathing platform and I looked at getting it shortened to ease stern on mooring but the cost made it a no brainer. Your platform looks to be about the size I would have ours shortened to! It is your choice/money so my only advice is, if you want it the costs would include lifting and make sure a reliable fitter does the job. paul
  6. You tease sir, pray tell more. paul
  7. JM only IF it is back dated a few generations! paul
  8. Vaughan, you are softie Liberal! Bring back keel hauling! Preferably lengthways on the new aircraft carrier. I have spent months building models, to spend 25 years building a train set and have some moron think it is fun to destroy that work, only makes me despair for the future. paul
  9. Well it was open on Monday when we had lunch there. A very good pint and 2 sarnies, sat outside in the sunshine. paul
  10. BECAUSE it is a 580 mile round trip for us!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE have just come back because of a reported problem with our boiler. 4and 3/4 hour trip home. Back on sunday for a week, our boat is like a holiday home not a simple pastime! paul
  11. A simple land line phone with an addition phone about £20, the base plugs into the BT socket and the second one just needs a power supply. We had to does this for my Mother who didn't understand mobile phones but could cope with and old type phone. BT should sort out the line pronto under the circumstances. Otherwise contact social services (with trepidation). paul
  12. do you need the post code and telephone number? paul
  13. The wildest moorings are Horning or Ranworth! Everybody goes wild bragging about get in either place!!!! paul
  14. Sorry, another word of warning. BBQs give off CO gas when cooling down DO not place next to an open window or door. Let them cool well away from the boat. paul
  15. Exactly as been suggested, helm hard over, throttle to maximum. A boats hand brake turn. If you have thrusters and (time) use them. Helm over to the side that gives maximum space to turn never mind the right or wrong side of the river. paul
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