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  1. Just read Catcook's post totally agree. paul
  2. Have just booked a cottage, today, near the 'capital' of the Broads for late May. Price not too bad but while looking for info about it on different websites, one site was asking £200 more for the same week! The other sites were all the price we paid. Boats were just too rare and expensive, for what we saved on boat hire will pay for a day boat for 3 days, also I am not sure I would want to hire at the moment. paul
  3. We had a call today to say our second jab due on the 12th of March is now going to be on the 10th because the vaccine we were due to have has to be used by the 12th! Blaydon on Tyne seems to be too good they have no vaccine this week. If you have not been contacted and are over 60, ring 119 you should have been contacted by now. If you have been contacted and not gone for a jab, stop reading the (anti) social media!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Remember wikipedia is edited by those that believe they are right but usually wrong. paul
  4. That looks like it would get through Potter bridge. I did say through not under! paul
  5. Well it's now over 4 weeks since I had the vaccine and to all the anti's out there, it's not a problem. My controller seems a nice robot with a sense of humour, it's just had me doing handstands and somersaults while humming the birdie song, mind I am not going in that supermarket again unless told to. paul
  6. Must be bad down there for no bin collections, we only have about 5 inches of snow but the bins were emptied today as normal. Not even enough snow to send the ploughs in advance of the bin lorry. paul
  7. Glass half empty JM? I'm more half full, but room for more if your buying. paul
  8. Well the flat hired from Herbert Woods is carried over from last March then we took the risk in November to book Shimmering Light for the next week. Still hopeful, it will be a month after the 15,000,000 are jabbed so we vulnerable ones should be protected and things can slowly open. Shows how life has changed, here we are hoping someone is going to stick a sharp needle full of toxins into us. paul
  9. Jean your maths are perfectly good. It is not 12 weeks but the 1st date he gave was 29/3 which also not 12 weeks. When I hesitated he asked why and I told him we had a holiday (theoretically) booked in the Broads for 2 weeks from the 20th but could come home for 2 nights. He then looked again and gave us the 12th saying it is probably better to have before we go. 12 weeks is the max but Pfizer recommend a 3 week gap. paul
  10. James as in NYA. paul
  11. We had a call yesterday to book our 2nd jab, 12th March. I don't know if there is another 3 weeks to wait after that, like there is with the first jab. We had Pfizer (3 weeks ago) they seemed to be keeping the Oxford for those with allergies or were on blood thinning drugs. That was how we were called, too many early morning appointments needing the Oxford, so the staff could propose 2 people that would hopefully require Pfizer so not to waste a drop. paul
  12. James is the one I would expect to be interested in Cove. paul
  13. Andy, Never mind your changed priorities. It is a fairly easy going place with only 1 or 2 awkward ones (we sold our boat) so 1 less, Cove would be best for someone willing to give that personal touch! You sound like the ideal to run it, unless you don't like mowing grass. David always tried to help everyone and everyone tried to help them, David is the name of everyone involved there, even my middle name is David. I can think of a lot friends there that won't be happy at losing David as an owner/friend. paul
  14. I am glad we no longer have Zimbi moored there. We were really sad when we sold the boat to leave so many friends that we had made at Cove behind. David is going to be a hard act to follow. David if you read this good luck for the future. paul and jill
  15. I am not allowed to do the ironing in fact I am not allowed to look at the iron. That's because 25 years ago she came in and caught me using HER iron as a laminator. Cost me a new iron that did. paul
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