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  1. Interesting Alan, I have just changed to N&G, Haven were £50 more but Craftinsure were £10 dearer than N&G! paul
  2. Don't have tinted windows but do have outside window cover ( can't see in/can't see out). The main advantage of them is when leaving the boat, is it stops that damned leak (in heavy rain) that I have been chasing for 6 years! paul
  3. Saw it yesterday, not for me, it looks like a double decker bus! paul
  4. Planar do a system that includes it's own dedicated fuel tank and costs about half of eber/webasto. We have one fitted and is better than the eber was before it died of old age. paul
  5. Bad luck Alan, and to find yourself so far from Brian Wards as well. You need to fit some isolation valves on all the tap tails saves problems later on. paul
  6. Alan, I think I could find RB, by following the well warn trail from Brian Wards back. The other trail leads to Zimbi. paul
  7. ZimbiIV

    The Locks

    Agree Ian, all the cheapest bits, tarted up by franglaise language. The last pub I went into with a menu like only served keg beer, all fur coat and no knickers! paul
  8. ZimbiIV

    The Locks

    Ian we will be down in couple of weeks, so the Monday night I expect delivery of said wellington. paul
  9. Living on the edge of Northumberland National Park. The initials NP stand for NOW PAY paul
  10. Thank you Alan I was reluctant to say anything about eyes. Will you get to the proper quiet side or stay up on the Blackpool side? paul
  11. English Heritage the builders of said boat. Have alook at NBS they had one for sale. paul
  12. Enjoy Alan, Wish we could get down but Jill is having cataracts done Friday and Saturday, so when we get down again I don't know. paul
  13. Boats do not take any money from you. it's that hole in (*******) the water they make that costs a fortune! Where do you moor in Brundall? not too far from Brian Wards to tire you, when,walking back with something you didn't know existed but simply must have for your new bank account drainer, don't forget your forum discount. paul
  14. W, I am retired. Sadly to annoy a lot of you I am only 63. paul
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