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  1. MM if Timbo suggested a bar, get him to build it! paul
  2. I am no great fan of Hamilton the man but in watching F1 for many, many years I do think he is the best so far. He plays fair like an English man is supposed to, saying that he is 1 point away from a ban! The claim he has the fastest car is just like saying the best footballers play for the best teams. Hamilton's advantage is he races himself no one else, he wins through skill in not giving up unlike his team mate. The only one I can think that was like that was Prost. They never crashed into someone to stop them winning. they never had a team mate crash into someone
  3. In my defence. I will say, it would have entailled pulling the fuse (illuminated/heated mirror) takeing 8 screws out disconnecting the supply and then the reverse proceedure. I know because I had only fitted it 2 days earlier. Then the executive decided it would look better with the sides tiled. Anyway shower room refitted. paul
  4. 'cos I was too lazy to take down the mirror that was restricting access to the corner! It was only 10 tiles above the sink. paul
  5. My day, I cut my left index finger needing a plaster, now I cannot unlock my phone unless I use the pass code. 3 things learnt. Do not use index finger when grouting, it can hurt. Avoid doing any more DIY during any future lockdowns. Must program more fingers into phone. A big plus Jill is very happy with the re-done shower room, new units fitted sink etc. paul
  6. MM we were based on the Southern Broads. We were 8ft 6inch with the canopy up. The low bridges are mainly Thorpe rail bridges and Beccles old bridge. There are some low bridges in Norwich. Never tried Beccles but at low water we would have to drop the canopy down 7ft clearance. The only other bridges causing a problem with the canopy up were Somerleyton or St Olaves but these were passble apart from 2 hours either side of high tide no problem with the canopy down. The canopy was a pain in the backside so it was seldom lowered and anyway the front part was separate
  7. When we had Zimbi, I was told it held 70 litres! When I did a full tank fill, after the tank was removed for steam cleaning (a long story) It had 10 litres put in. We went round to Brooms to fill up. 160 litres later, a groaning credit card was put back in my pocket. I did check halfway that the bilges were not filling instead of the tank. The moral, MM, is try filling it first before you change the tank. paul
  8. Smarty is a rolling 1 month contract, Jill has been on the basic contract for a while. The base line is you pay for internet, as all calls and text are unlimited. I am tied to Tesco for 18 months then may change. paul
  9. Dog guards. When I had a Bearded Collie, I bought one of those for the car. I fitted it into the hatch, pulled and pulled it stayed pit. I put the dog in the boot and walked to the drivers door, opened said door and the dog was sat in the seat! The guard was still in place, unmoved. paul
  10. That's the new section that says. Rule 1 The government is always right. Rule 2 If the government is wrong rule 1 applies. paul
  11. OO'ER Konfessions from the Kitchen. paul
  12. I thought this section was for site internet/computer problems, not for boat problems. Maybe the mechanical/electrical section needs better titling? What is, what does this do? I am not having a go but when I see posts here I think the forum has another melt down coming as happened a few years ago. THAT really caused panic and nearly closure. paul
  13. Ian, thats geat to hear. BUT remember all exercises have to begin slowly. So just a very wee dram of the finest malt to start with. You could also try my favourite, Grand Marinier but take that very slowly. Marina, look after him and yourself, please. I still can not believe we are not going to Cove again and miss our friends there. paul
  14. Don't worry Griff, Purdey will soon have you and the Mrs trained to do her bidding. Then you will know which parts of the house needed repairing. The hardest thing training for a dog, is bringing those that think they are the owners under control although she seems to be winning! paul
  15. So Ian thats the wallet opened, next task is keeping Marina away from it. Glad to hear you are well and the wallet has had it's controlling operation successfully done. Now exercise. That does not mean pulling on a mooring rope it is worse than that. paul
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