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  1. ZimbiIV


    0 paul
  2. ZimbiIV

    Jabsco Toilet

    Alan, if it's an old one and the screws are rusted (like Zimbi's were) I found I needed to be fully conversant with old Anglo-Saxon! Followed by knowing how to use a bottle opener. paul
  3. ZimbiIV

    England V Tunisia

    Football nearly as boring as watching fishing, only not as much diving in fishing. paul
  4. ZimbiIV

    Nav Lights Not Working

    If it is the 1st time this season you have tried them, try flicking the switch a few times to see if the contacts are dirty, repeated switching can clear a little dirt off them. paul Ps I have to do this on mine must get round to cleaning them properly.
  5. ZimbiIV


    Mr Nog, Jill thinks you a mean husband and should buy your wife more shoes! paul PS Jill has just found a pair of unworn shoes EVEN she cannot remember buying.
  6. ZimbiIV

    Old Windows Version Partition.

    Trawl a few boot fairs and get an old xp machine. paul
  7. ZimbiIV

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    I think something is happening this weekend that requires a lot of trains to run on the system! Don't want them to risk any hiccups anywhere about the broads rail system do we? Just seems too coincidental to me. paul
  8. ZimbiIV


    Anyone wishing to get to Riverside, Brundall by car this weekend, be aware there are going to be 8 trains per hour going to the air show. It does say disruption will be kept to a minimum. How? paul
  9. ZimbiIV

    Advice Please

    That looks like an old double glazed door opener. You could also try Norwich camping at Blofield paul
  10. ZimbiIV

    Pumpout Adaptor

    If you just want the deck outlet Wards or Norfolk marine have them. paul
  11. ZimbiIV

    Pye’s Mill

    One way to start fighting this is to mention to all the local traders that unless waste disposal facilities for visitors is improved. You will not be coming back! Our local council accept visitors cause waste but the local shops rely on said visitors so the clean ups are done by the parish council, ignoring the great Northumberland dictatorship. Keeping the local shops going appeases those that pay there wages. paul
  12. ZimbiIV

    Bbc News

    It is happening everywhere, in the village we live in permission has been granted to double the amount of houses but nothing about schools, doctors, drainage etc. The water board and electricity grid said there was not enough spare capacity for that many further residences. Still we will become a town now. paul
  13. ZimbiIV

    Bow Thruster Guidance

    Vaughan, it was sarcasm. I have a bow thruster but seldom use it. What is never mentioned is if you use an electric one a lot when mooring, is to leave the engine ticking over for quarter of an hour to replenish the battery. paul
  14. ZimbiIV

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    Mobile phone signal, try Loddon even 2 tin cans and string don't work. paul
  15. ZimbiIV

    Bow Thruster Guidance

    I bet all those that decry bow thrusters have power steering on their cars! paul

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