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  1. Exactly as been suggested, helm hard over, throttle to maximum. A boats hand brake turn. If you have thrusters and (time) use them. Helm over to the side that gives maximum space to turn never mind the right or wrong side of the river. paul
  2. Thanks PM, I was getting worried but from what you say probably not as much as them! paul
  3. No updates from Griff or Robin? I hope everything is okay. paul
  4. The joys of a biodegradable boat. Enjoy the repairs, I'm sure you will despite the grumbles. It is nice to see someone willing to keep the old styles going. I have to repaint the nonslip areas this time or wear spikes on deck. paul
  5. My only concern would be how it could effect your house insurance, normally insurers want to know if the property is going to be empty for long/regular periods. We usually spend 2 weeks home 2 weeks boat and nobody bothers at Cove just accept we nearly live there. paul
  6. This was my favourite car. Re-mapped by the previous owner. 0-60 2.8 secs 0-100 7.9 secs 405 bhp in a car weighing less than a metric tonne. The figures were done by a racing driver at the Ring. Never worried about enough power to overtake but worried if I had the brakes to stop. An absolute doddle to drive in the snow. It stayed in the garage and I went brum brum! paul
  7. We have only crossed Breydon 2 and a half times. We bought a boat from NYA Horning brought it back to Brundall and handed the old one into NYA Brundall. Then we had a foray north, got to Acle and got a call to say the granddaughter had been taken into hospital came back the next day ready to come home if need be, she was ok the next day. Last foray we got as far as Thurne Mouth and boats were all over the place (high season) traffic lights were needed to control things, Jill was not happy so turned round and went back south the next day. So Breydon is not the problem for us it is what is waiting for you when you get to the other side! paul
  8. There you go Robin stop playing with 1 or 2 boats/cars get a boatyard to play with. Sanderson's may look a bit rough and ready but if you need help/advice be it hirer or owner it is always given. paul
  9. Really liked the tale but please don't praise the Southern Broads! The innocents from the Northern Broads don't understand that the dragons and goblins that like a quiet life! paul
  10. Cannot be an Essex duck, no white high heels! paul
  11. The boats go back in on the 3rd April, so next weekend looks like being busy around Cove. Don't forget the road works at the level crossing will be in full swing. paul
  12. The price of the North, hope the South does not get to hear but Loddon may start the ball rolling. paul
  13. Hi Ian/Marina, Everything looked ok outside SK, on Wednesday when I had a wander around Cove. We were down polishing the hull etc. Well I was polishing Jill was supervising. To be fair she cleaned the ropes in the washing machine in the chalet. Down on the 7/4. With the new heater fitted hopefully we will be warm. paul
  14. Only two stages of sea sickness. 1. You think you are dying. 2. You wish you were. paul
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