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  1. Yes Marina we don't intend to come home until the 19th then go back to our usual 2 weeks home, 2 weeks boat. If you are down on the 15th I may even have Zimbi back to white with a grey hood instead of probably green all over. paul
  2. Sorry not really conned I always expect to have to go somewhere or other but I HATE Wroxham Barns and Bungay is a nightmare for parking. The real con was wanting to use her car so she could disappear leaving me to have work on the boat! paul
  3. Yes I know them all. If you need brownie points here are some of Jill's favourites. Sew simple Taverham So creative Wroxham barns Gilly Bee Brundall One in Beccles near the library One in Bungay. I don't mind driving to the one in Beccles because the car makes a detour via Always Hobbies in Raveningham, for me to spend a little, but it is too far to walk from the marina. paul
  4. So we decided last week to come down Wed. Jill says can we use her car, it needs a long run. Yesterday she spent ages in her hobby room and came out with a bag of scrap material (good I think) and a list. This morning I see her loyalty card for Sewsimple at Taverham on the table. She is then talking about going out for the day with her friend down there, while I get on with a few jobs on Zimbi. Does anybody think there maybe a connection? Conned I tell you. paul
  5. I am not frightened of Marina! I know you are a kind man and would let me have a head start to run away. Marina you know this is just in jest ( I hope ). Anyway a cup of tea and she is just a pussycat. paul
  6. Ian get yourself (and Marina if you must) to SK, we are going on Wed so if you needed anything we could help out. OH you need marina to drive you there but if you load up the car for a few nights R&R you can shelter as safely on the boat as at home, just don't stop while travelling between the two. paul
  7. We have a Planar system, apart from it taking 2/3 minutes to start up after pressing the button it's fine and quieter than the old worn out Eber. You just need a simple part fabricating to match up with the Eber exhaust. Wish I had gone along with the remote control system, the idea of phoning the heater to start before getting out of bed on a cold morning does appeal. paul
  8. You pay the same to park a car, compare a mini to a rolls still costs the same. paul
  9. We had that one. An hour after they had just delivered a brand new one to replace the one we had, you know the combined washing machine/fire type of thing. paul
  10. The perfect boat for you will not be for someone else. The perfect boat is- Cheaper than you want to spend. Costs less to run than you hoped for. Is cheaper to more in your ideal marina. Never has a fault. Moors like a dream. If you find that boat. You then have another problem.... Where to stable unicorn that comes with it! Go do some fender kicking the right boat will probably choose you, don't just look at the broads the cost of transport can be less than Broads premium. paul
  11. Nearly finished. So whats next, a scale model of the model to display in the model when the model is on the full size boat?
  12. ZimbiIV

    River Yare

    Everett Park, Oulton Broad. Small play areas at The Ship, Reedham & the Rushcutters Cantley. A small park towards the village at Rockland. paul
  13. Welcome to my world. paul
  14. A few years ago I cancelled the auto renew when asked why I said it was cheaper with them through a search engine, they couldn't match it on the phone. paul
  15. I know the theory and can moor most times no problem but there is never an audience for that, get it wrong the world and it's mother is watching! Everyone on here says take it slow, they are right. Handbreak turns don't work on a boat. A gentle nudge on the boat next to you is acceptable a glass breaking shunt isn't especially if you spill my beer. I am always willing to take a rope but I will not tie it, I will hold it until you are ready to tie up. Relax you don't need to rush. When we get back to our mooring the meerkat heads appear then see us and disappear, no help arrives, others I am afraid to say, cause panic myself included. Pick a calm day and try mooring several timesat your base. I only use the bow thruster when the boat blown of target (cannot stand the noise). paul
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