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  1. Hi Malcolm, The one major improvement I have made to Zimbi (according to the boss) is fit an electric heated towel rail in the bathroom. Mind getting a wash and using a nice warm towel early/late season is quite a luxury. Also to my cost she has found it really useful for drying tea towels and the odd garment and if I am not alert leaving it on for those night time visits! It only draws 80 watts so not really expensive to run. paul
  2. What ever you choose get one fitted with an immersion heater in built for the extra cost it is a no brainer. Even if your marina has good showers, on a cold night it is worth it to save leaving a nice warm boat to get really cold after a hot shower. Yes been there done that. paul
  3. One question, what happens to WRC? The last time we were there (and it will be the last time) overnight fees £20 the award winning toilet block needed urgent refurbishment, the shop hardly had anything in and the pub was very expensive basic food. Ten years ago it was a fight to get moored, last time we were there only 5 boats in. That was early September. We used to book 2 nights at a time even had a couple of weeks when the kids were camping. paul
  4. We have just hired one of Herbert Woods apartments on 21/3, to do the end of winter/start of season cleaning etc, on Zimbi. With the weeks booking comes a day boat for 1 day free, not bad for £261. So what are the must do things, after getting under that small obstacle, on the otherside? paul
  5. Hi, we have a waeco it runs with no problems. If you have a battery charger there is no need for a rectifier when hooked up, the charger will take care of that! Thus saving £90 to spend towards a better fridge or one of those enticing drinks fridges. paul
  6. Today in the mail 10 pages dedicated to a bunch of Japan losers! 2 pages dedicated to a 6 times world champion! Of course the world Champion is not a posh boy. This country would rather celebrate second rate posh boys than a winner. paul
  7. You need a bigger bilge pump! Or more waterproof elastoplasts! paul
  8. Yes Neil, Zimbi has a telescopic aerial mast you saw it a while ago I got it from Norwich Camping at Blofield I only take the aerial off the mast for the winter otherwise it stays on all season because it collapses to lower than the cabin height. Now have you put the stainless steel tiles beside the cooker to protect the woodwork? paul
  9. Got one of them in the spare room. paul Okay it is only a model I made.
  10. If you are looking for a chalet on Riverside, try Herons View really recommend it. We usually have a week there while preparing the boat for the season. But be quick it books quickly. paul
  11. I miss read the title. I thought it was lapping lulls. I wonder if a half inflated fender a the water line would help but it would probably bang against the bow and sound louder. paul
  12. Moored there 2 weeks ago, for the last time. It doesn't seem the same without Alan & Muriel and £20 a night is not worth it for us, although we did charge everything up even if it didn't need it! paul
  13. The notices on the approach to Sutton Bridge say work starts on the 29/9 for 4 weeks. That was on Sunday (15th) about 8:00am. That's the 3rd change to start date that I know of, so anybody's guess is probably a good one. paul
  14. We came back on Sunday and the roadside displays showed work, would start on the 29/9 for 4 weeks. So that has changed 3 times I know of. We are next down on the 6/10 so will either use the A1/A47 or A1/A14/A11. All 3 variants seem to take the same time just different distances. paul
  15. ZimbiIV


    You cannot donate to a charity and expect the money to go to the cause they are supposed to help.. The money is chanelled into headline winners. Fund raising is now a very well paid job! for some. A local hospice ( small) has now a fund raiser so a national charity will offer paperwork support BUT they take a cut of the funds raised. Not from me anymore. paul
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