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  1. My last contribution to this part of this topic. Vaughan /Andy stop rising to the baiting. Ecipa if you have a complaint take it up with the relevant authorities. ALL I know is that 7000+ and rising and their families would love to pay the toll even if they do not have a boat! paul
  2. If the lockdown is lifted in a couple months and the flight restrictions are not. There won't be enough boats to hire or space on the water as everybody takes a holiday except those poor souls that have lost jobs or having to work to get us out of this mess! I have already informed where I worked I will go back if they need helping out through staff shortages, it takes 6 months to train printers up for the job. paul
  3. Video killed the radio star. the buggles paul
  4. My first thought was Reedham, around where Crown Cruisers were. paul
  5. I have watched Repair shop from series 1 episode 1 on afternoon tv. It has now become a mockery of those first programs if you didn't see the first series try and find them online and see the difference. I will probably still record it and watch it with a trigger finger on the fast forward button of the remote, should only take 5 minutes to watch, avoiding the mushy stuff. paul
  6. Never again will I trust the BBC. I have just had to endure a recording of what was my favourite program. The one where experts used to show you how to restore items with little titbits of tips on how to do things. I loved it!!! Now the main thing to get on it seems to be the ability to cry when ordered. YES The Repair Shop is now The Tear Shop. paul
  7. Ooops no backing out it now. Unless you find a way to put the grime back on. paul
  8. the fact that Mercedes f1 team are world champions and hopefully their ventilators don't go as fast! paul
  9. Ian, Do you really want to breathe that fast? paul
  10. I really hope that they accurate to life and they don't run on time! If you are looking for odds and sods have a look at alwayshobbies.com Based just outside of Beccles. paul
  11. Well my list of jobs to be done is finished! The list that is, it got too long and went through the shredder. I feel a whole better now that's done. paul Ps if Jill begs for a pen and paper don't give her any. She's trying to write another list.
  12. Well the tin of paint I bought to paint the kitchen walls, about 4 years ago, has suddenly reappeared from somewhere! I guess that's a not very subtle hint!!!!! paul
  13. Andy, hope everything goes ok. I hope when we are given the all clear in this country the borders to going abroad are kept closed for a long time until the world is clear, Thus creating a home market for holidays. paul
  14. A nice Aran sweater size large would be welcome. paul
  15. Do you expect those confined for 12 weeks to get a rebate on their road tax? paul
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