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  1. I will get these when I work out how to enlarge the hole without causing to much damage, https://www.sunshinesolar.co.uk/prodshow/Solar_Vent_or_Fan__Day___Night_Operation___Low_Profile/SSS224.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAnNXiBRCoARIsAJe_1cqDZ17ZpALtaDQ9YXXvKdZAEaKawzqxcPwv8kHUjQIAczQhkA0wdr4aAmxzEALw_wcB paul
  2. ZimbiIV

    Wednesday Week

    Great tale but I think you have stolen my youth! The only thing missing is playing with lego bricks trying to delay going to bed. paul
  3. ZimbiIV

    Boat Jumble

    2 kinds of boat owners. Those that do not know what a boat jumble is ie cost no option. Those thay cannot afford such prices! We used to visit them then the choice became expensive or tat. paul
  4. ZimbiIV

    Hi Everyone, Im Looking To Purchase

    Your choice of which arm and leg you want to pay with. paul
  5. ZimbiIV

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Just use a window vac. Then in the shower then for the cabin windows in the morning then you have to get one for home in case you leave it behind! paul
  6. ZimbiIV

    Is Your Dog Spoilt?

    The owner of the dog that keeps crapping at the end of our drive will be oh so split if I find them! paul
  7. ZimbiIV

    Omni Directional Aerial

    Griff This like the mast we have. https://www.visionplus.co.uk/shop/telescopic-4-section-mast.html It is fixed by brackets to the bow rails when lowered it is only about 6 inches above the cabin roof. paul
  8. ZimbiIV

    Omni Directional Aerial

    We have a bog standard aerial but I spent some money on buying a telescopic mast, we can get reception anywhere. The mast extends to 4 metres! paul
  9. ZimbiIV

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    Sorry Griff tried them, best used for blowing cool air into your face on that one hot summer day. paul
  10. ZimbiIV

    Syndicates, Thoughts

    Zimbi is like a syndicate boat, Jill and I share to costs. For various reasons we still have seperate accounts, she has hers and we have mine! Seriously taking out the purchase cost Zimbi does not seem dearer to run than some of the dearer syndicates and I don't do the engine work, a back problem rules that out. The biggest cost over the season is 14 round trips of 600 miles each trip. paul
  11. ZimbiIV


    About 3 years ago. paul
  12. ZimbiIV

    Ready Meals

    Mrs N, Those type of pouches are available at camping shops. Absolutely delicious. So long as you have not eaten all day and spent a long session in the pub first! paul
  13. ZimbiIV

    Never Ending Story

    Malanka, You may want to have a look at this:- https://magnummotorhomes.co.uk/shop/smev-appliances/smev-cu400-kabe-full-height-cooker/ It is 50mm too high for our boat otherwise it would have been in now, it is suitable for marine use according to SMEV. paul
  14. Sorry Alan, I posted that in shock. I have never met you or Tan but I always considered both of you as friends. There is really no words I can say only, memories are now to be cherished. paul

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