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  1. I agree with Ray, but would addthat you need to make sure that all stowage areas have ventilation. This is something I'm working on a6t the moment.
  2. Andrew, Would you rather be sitting on a boat in the rain, or in your home in the sunshine?
  3. Please explain ? I shall be taking no action until such time as propelling my boat by diesel becomes illegal or impractical. I ssuspect that this will not happen in my lifetime. Globally, Diesel is cleaner than petrol (for the atmosphere ozone layer etc.) locally, petrol is cleaner than diesel, so work out whether your priorities are to save Norwich or the world ! Don't forget that the government of the day is only interestedin becominjg the government of tomorrow too. That applies to all politicalparties. Personally, I believe that Global pollution is much more important than local air quality but that is an attitude that wins no votes!
  4. Saw you heading into the wet shed yesterday so gave you a toot. It was still raining so toots were as good as it was going to get. :-)
  5. I had a simiar problem back in May. It was wateer in the ful tank. The Boulters engineer prooved this by loosening the fuel line at the injector aand turned the engine over. What came out was an emulsionof fuel and water. He used a Pela type vacuum pump attachd to a length of copper pipe to drain water from the bottom of the tank. he changed both filters then bled the system aas previously described. I have seen an engineer (from Whispering reeds) bleed the system using the Pela pump, which saved a lot of time. The symptoms of this problem were exactly as you describe. Good luck.
  6. When will people learn that some things in life have inherrent dangers? Boating is one of them. Water will drown you, prope4lers will mince youup and a sevral ton boat will crush you. Show water no respect and it may well kill you. If that concept frightens you, don't go boating. People should do their own risk assessments of all situations and act accordingly. We should NOT wait for legislation to keep us safe we should all take our own precautions or accept the consequences. Water is dangerous. Live with it!
  7. So, If I'm in Horning and permit somebody to lay alongside, am I giving berth?
  8. It's always worked for me. :-)
  9. Well, it just goes to show how rarely I go into pubs. :-)
  10. Favourites, North Sutton Staithe, South, Surlingham Ferry Most visited, North Sutton Staithe, South The Red House, Cantley.
  11. I think I have a problem! The first part of my problem is that I don't know what my problem is.It could be one of 3 or four things that I have noticed the symptoms of, or it could be something totally different1 The Symptoms. The fridge has gone very quiet, yet is still cold. My battery charger is telling me that my batteries are fully charged, and has been telling me that for about 18 hours now. The History. I plugged into shore power on Wednesday morning for the first time. I connected up my battery charger to keep the batteries tickety boo. Yesterday (Friday at about 14:00) the charger display changed from "Charging" to "Battery fully charged". I disconnected the charger from the mains, but not from the batteries. It still displayed "Fully charged" It has remained in that state, as I said, for about 18 hours. (while typing this the fridge has cut in and I can hear it, but it does seem quieter!). I am aware that alternaters do not fully charge batteriesso this is the first time that the fridge haws hat this full voltage. Coult that be a reason it's both quieter and I suspect colder ? So! this has me thinking. Is the fridge on it's last legs? Are the batteries on their last legs? (Age unknown) Is the alternater on it's last legs? Or is my battery charger telling me porkies? A quick note about the charger. Whenconnected to the batteries but not the mains, it usually displays "Charging" even though it cannot be. It is not in any way a smart charger, being only marginally smarter than it's owner. The reason I am suspicious of the batteries/alternater is that even after some extensive engine running, the batteries only seem to last for about 3 days before the fridge fails, the TV shortly after that. The domestic batteries are 3 x 110 amp-hour jobbies made by Stirling. The only thing I am quite sure of, is that the solution will involve open wallet surgery!
  12. It's PATINA dammit I tell you, It's PATINA
  13. Now there's an interesting situartion. My friends who have bought (old) Nyx, have a yacht for sale. (Pegasus 7) They wou;d like it to move away from Horning sailing club as they would like to moor old Nyx there. This would free up Nyx's current mooring at the Pleasure Boat inn. Perhaps you two should get together!
  14. At the moment I find it hard to be very sympathetic to him but I'm sure you are right.
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