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  1. I was moored at 'deep go dyke' when a ranger boat turned up to do some grass cutting. The ranger apologised for disrupting the peace and quiet as he cut the grass by my boat. I have nothing but positive comments to make about the BA's front line people.
  2. MauriceMynah


    This is a fine examples of the problems inherent with "Trial by forum" In another thread I said that a boatyard had kindly accommodated Nyx when I took my dog to the vet. I had been moored in Coltishall when I realised that Socs needed the vets visit. I cruised early morning from Coltishall common to Wroxham at pretty much top speed, only slowing for moored boats. Was I breaking the speed limit? Yes! Would I do the same again? Yes!! The circumstances were such that I believed my actions to be warranted. Nobody else on the rive was aware of my predicament so I may have been photographed/videoed by law abiding citizens and discussed on … say facebook, where I never go. We do not, nor cannot know the situation, so if you see a boat speeding, report it to the proper authorities if you like, but leave it at that.
  3. Yes prohibited, but in fairness I took Nyx in there and as I approached the bank a fellow called out that I wasn't allowed to moor there. I explained that I needed top get my dog to the vet, and the chap took my ropes, and tied the boat up whilst I carried my dog ashore. Ok, an emergency, but I reckon that if you have good reason to need a mooring, they will oblige. To my shame, when I returned to the boat (very sadly without my dog) I just got on board and left without saying thank you. My mind was elsewhere.
  4. Having owned a boat on the broads now for 25 years, and having had many encounters with various rangers I have to say I have never had a negative experience even when they've been pointing out some shortcoming or other. I have found both the rangers and broads beat to be highly professional and helpful on all occasions. I cannot deny the possibility that there can be bad apples in the bag, I have just never come across them. Ok, you asked for good points to be put forwards, there's mine.
  5. Genuine question MM, wouldn't "uncertainty in the economy" encourage British holiday makers to stay in this country instead of abroad?
  6. Is bags blowing off a frequent problem?
  7. I shall join the bandwagon of disapprover of too many webcams, however, in places of interest I think them fair game. Barnes at Wroxham bridge for example, a great facility and if anyone can ever talk them into reinstating the long shot to the bridge I would be delighted. That was always the best view for a broads fix. It would be great to have more views of the bridge at Potter. One showing the bridge clearance gauge would be handy too. (Preferably the one in the pilots office if that were possible.)
  8. One for the techies... Should a fan blow onto components or suck air away from them? I know that in computers, they suck!!!
  9. True !!! I should have specified that apart from a little food I find the off licences essential. After all, the pubs don't open till 11am
  10. 1st point, yes I agree. 2nd point, I do come south, but last year I became a little frustrated, especially on the Waveney, when I wanted some eggs and milk. I do prefer the northern waters even though I find the southern pubs to be (generally speaking) better. I'm not fond of cities, even Norwich, so never shop there. Beccles is a delight as is Loddon, but these places are not enough to be a major draw for me. I love Coltishall and Horning, Wroxham is useful (but needs more and better pubs) Stalham is good too, Tesco's is available but the high street is nicer. Potter Heigham is there if needed (not keen on Lathams, but it serves) Ludham bridge also has a useful store. All in all as I said before, I prefer the northern waters. In the height of the season it's full of people having fun and off season offers the tranquillity we so often talk about. Finally, as I seem to being told from all angles... It's a lot cheaper to moor up north. :-)
  11. I didn't say it was impossible, I said it wasn't easy. Yes if you went out of your way to do it, no problem, but I do accept that mooring down south is less likely to be free but to average £7 a night seems excessive, or at least intentional.
  12. I fail to understand how you can do that "easily". It means you spend an average of £7 each night !!!
  13. I now somehow doubt your gardening expertise Timbo..
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