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  1. No, the "Speakers Corner" is in full open forum
  2. Poppy, May I direct you to a thread called "Speakers Corner - Read this before you post here"
  3. I remain totally convinced that JP knows that the Broads is NOT a National Park. Vanessan's 'FAQs' tell me as much Thank you.
  4. Hmmm, Pally asks me what I would accept as proof,. I suppose I would have to reply, "Something that the Dr himself cannot deny." The BBC document says he said it, even quoting him but this could easily be denied by him saying it was a 'misquote'. I'm sure he could equally say that he has made it absolutely clear that he has no ambitions to make the Broads a National Park. I believe this is the case, but that nobody trusts him in this. I believe that too is the case. My confusion is that if he says it is a National Park then why state that he has no ambitions to make it one. If he says it is a National Park why are we trying to stop him making it one. Some time ago I asked if anybody here (on this forum) thought that JP actually believed that the Broads was a National Park. There was no particular response to that question. It is my belief that JP does not believe that the Broads is a National Park, but wants to make it one. I further think that the same belief is held by several members here. It is with that in mind I asked if there was any proof that JP had stated that the Broads IS a National Park.
  5. That's Griffs "Mates Rates"
  6. I have to be a pain here. Has the fine Dr. said it, in writing. The BBC says he has, but they may be wrong. This is not the same as him actually stating it. Come on Pally, you know the difference!!! So, is it on record that JP has stated that the broads is a National Park? ( and do we have documented proof of his saying it? )
  7. If I remember correctly, Honda used to make small gennies for recharging batteries. To wire one to an inverter whilst possible, would probably give enough umph to light a small LED light. Try to draw more and listen out for the small "pop" and smell of burning.
  8. And there's the rub of it. Yes there is a great deal of difference in calling the Broads "The Broads National Park" and stating that the Broads is a National Park. The former has been permitted by Parliament for "marketing purposes", where the latter is not correct as that same Parliament has stated that it will not make it one. I know not what the legal definition is for "Marketing purposes" is, but I suspect that it has a far wider scope than even you would dare to imagine. "Marketing to whom?" one might ask. Saying that the fine Dr has stated that the Broads is a National park, might be considered an inaccuracy... or worse!
  9. Yeah, that's what my girlfriend was always telling me.
  10. I agree totally, and wonder why this action has been taken. I suspect that the mod post was acting "proactively" rather than reactively. However the term "Liar" is somewhat of a legal minefield. If I know the time to be 8:32 and I reply "Half past Eight" when asked the time, am I telling lies? Politicians are experts in finding ways they can make a statements that are misleading, yet can be totally justified by using the "small print". They are not lying but perhaps quoting things out of context. The Dr. is a politician. (a game not entirely unknown to a few members here.) I do ask this if only for the sake of balance. Has JP ever said in writing (or even written verbally) that the Broads is a National Park? I don't mean "A National Park in everything but name" nor do I mean "A National Park for marketing" I mean "The Norfolk Broads is a National Park." I suspect not, as if he has then why does he insist on stating that he has no intention of making the Broads into a National Park? To the Mods, Please replace this thread back into the public eye.
  11. Sorry fred but no. If you believe a member is or maybe lying you nor I have any right to say so on open forum. This may sound unfair but is, in reality right and proper. You may PM people to raise your fears, but you may not call someone a liar on open forum. I may be wrong, but you cannot call me a liar for saying it.
  12. Seeing as we've been raking over the actual words used (or not used), is it relevant that it says "marketing" and not "marketing only"?
  13. Something for the fairies to ride on
  14. My take on it... National Parks are a good thing. The Norfolk & Suffolk Broads is not a National Park... another good thing.
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