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  1. MauriceMynah

    Documentary Penlee Disaster

    Hmmmm, don't get me wrong. The guys were without doubt heroes, but I suspect the tale that is to be told shows another side to this tragic incident. A massive amount of money was collected after this event in pubs and bars across the land, so much so that the3 "diviing" out of the dosh caused much anguish. I think that this is a program I shall avoid this time around. Many names were dragged through the mud
  2. MauriceMynah

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    I'm not going to be a deviant on this thread.
  3. MauriceMynah

    Back To The Summer Of 1976?...

    That was the first year my parents owned a boat, so no broads for us, we had 76 on the rivers Lea & Stort. Our boatyard limited water to 10 gallons per boat per week. that was a really fun year. I seem to be a year older than Kingfisher666
  4. MauriceMynah

    Jack Fellows And The Missing Boatyard!

    I've told you before FTM, Karma Sutra isn't the only book.
  5. MauriceMynah


    Right you lot, You've really annoyed me now, really got my gander up. In life there are those who know nothing and talk about it endlessly. there are others who just sit there and think about nothing. and to be honest you're all bloody pests to those of us who don't hide behind words, don't sit and think about nothing, we roll up our sleeves and get on and do nothing. I've been doing nothing for years. I started doing nothing as soon as I started school, and have been at it ever since. So all you talkers and thinkers, get out of the way of us actual dooers. Rant over.
  6. MauriceMynah

    England V Tunisia

    In fairness Jayfire, only the first point (wandering threads) was aimed in your general direction, though I accept that I might not have been clear about that. My second point and your reply I rather think we're in agreement. Now, go and enjoy your bottled Eurofizz and the game.
  7. MauriceMynah

    England V Tunisia

    Any thread can wander off topic, some faster than others, so not reading a thread because of its original topic can be short sighted to say the least. I am far from a soccer fan, but might watch the later matches if we are still in it. anyway, be that as it may, If someone starts a thread on whatever subject in whichever forum, if I am a member I think I have the right of reply to the original post and to any that evolve from it. This is a forum for broads lovers to discuss any subject, as I understand it!
  8. MauriceMynah

    At Last

    Seeing as your other thread for some obscure reason became hijacked by a bit of a spat, I'll use this one to welcome you to boat ownership. I hope you have even more fun on yours than I've had on mine over the last 25 years or more. The freedom of being able to go to the boat when ever you can and want to is worth every penny the boat costs. I look forwards to seeing you on the rivers..
  9. MauriceMynah

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    I bet you're grateful that Gustave Eiffel never picked a fight with anyone.!
  10. MauriceMynah

    England V Tunisia

    What if it's a draw?
  11. MauriceMynah

    Time And Tide

    Same here Peter.
  12. MauriceMynah

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    Sorry Peter but again I must lock horns. What the quoted post rather implies is that any modern design is fine as long as it's similar to the bits you like! That ain't gonna cut the mustard with anyone at Dragonfly house, and ultimately, they're the people who will be making the decisions.
  13. MauriceMynah

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    Go to Acle bridge and look at the "surroundings" and whilst you might feel sympathy, I douibt you'd want a new build to be in "harmony" .
  14. MauriceMynah

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    And there it is, there's the problem... Do we want something in keeping ( all the same, ticky tacky etc. ) or not in keeping ( Modern, different leading edge etc.) Yes there is a middle way, "new but with homage" though as with the first two options, as many dislike it as don't. I would imagine that the majority of the readership here are of … shall we say... mature years. This by it's very nature will mean it more inclined towards tradition. Just my view.
  15. MauriceMynah

    England V Tunisia

    Try it my way Mr Q. I shall be recording all the matches and going out when they're live. Then I play them back. and go out again. That way I get to miss them twice.

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