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  1. The chap at the helm is called Bernie (probably because that's his name) and he is normally with his fine wife Lorraine. One day he'll get around to joining the forum.
  2. Good to read that Nyx is out and about, even if it's not me on it!
  3. A guy goes into Tesco's and buys a bottle of Bacardi a bottle of Lambs and a packet of beef burgers. That way he had White rum, Dark rum and Red Rum!
  4. Oh, how I agree with you there!! It seems to be fairly new but I hate it already... know what I mean?
  5. Not following the sport but just out of idle curiosity, Who did Norwich City beat?
  6. Spot on! and I bet they can't spell either..... Whoops Sorry VC, I couldn't resist it.... Your not a Guardian reader are you?
  7. But not before I've given it a like.
  8. Good point Ray, Many times have I been nudged, rubbed or had other contacts of a gentle nature but these I discount. For me a "hit" is where damage is done or an unexpected expletive passes my lips. The broads welcomes novices and newbies and long may that continue to be the case. That's how the majority of us found the place!
  9. Not wanting to derail Speedtriple's thread (I wouldn't dare) I noted that after it became dark, he watched one of his favourite DVDs, the classic "Mark of Zorro". Now, In this country the weather can be pretty fickle, and having a few DVDs on board is handy for when the inclement weather coincides with Jayfire and Gracie having drunk all the booze the pubs had. So! what do you take? Think of this as the video version of Desert Island Discs. You are taking your 10 favourite DVDs. What do you take? (I'm still considering mine)
  10. My money's on Ludham bridge approach
  11. Have a really good time Neil. Sadly I'm highly unlikely to get up there again this month, too many things to sort out here, getting ready for my retirement. (how can I retire from being a self employed failed antiques dealer? (Oh, I know... Stop loosing money!! )) :-)
  12. Dammit, I missed that one! :-)
  13. Where is it? where is it? sounds like my kinda pub!
  14. A good butcher at Coltishall too.
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