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  1. I'm pretty much with you there Mark (Psychic Surveyor). I often wonder at people who say that boatyards "load" the high season prices rather than make the observation that out of season and lower season prices are discounted. The "glass half empty" syndrome Now, imagine you owned a set of stern on moorings. (not just you Mark, everybody!) and you were letting them. Would you charge by the foot (and be accused of profiteering by disadvantaging longer boats) or would you charge a flat rate (and be accused of profiteering by disadvantaging shorter boats. Mooring posts would have to be set at a regular distance so charging by "beam footage" really isn't viable.)
  2. MauriceMynah

    Keep Safe

    Open question to all (cos that's what open questions are)... If an MP from the party you support has committed this faux pas, would you be complaining and calling on police action?
  3. Well I must be mind numbingly thick but over there I can find a thread with about 5 replies that say nothing and nothing else.
  4. I have looked, but I have not found. :-(
  5. Thank you Chris, at least there's now some "news".
  6. Ahhh, so we don't actually know where it happened either. The plot thickens.
  7. More incisive reporting from the EDP there. We don't know what happened, we don't know to whom it happened, we don't know what boat it was and we don't know what time it happened. Let the speculation begin. I reckon it was a dawn raid on someone who arrived on their boat Friday and went to bed before 23:59
  8. MauriceMynah

    Keep Safe

    Yes. Just as annoying as it was predictable. There was always going to be a "party atmosphere" when the pubs reopened. I went to my local with Rufus. The bar itself was closed but drinks were being served out in the beer garden. We sat at a garden table then shortly after, one of the other regulars joined us keeping about 1.5 metres distance, then another and then a third. Still distance was observed but Rufus and I could see that the social distancing was reducing with each beer drunk, so we supped up and left. I expect and hope that this was just the first day and that things will become easier as time goes on, hopefully quickly and equally hopefully without creating a spike.
  9. I question the accuracy of that. especially as I think the BA have a 24hr mooring there.
  10. There was a link in a thread a little while ago that lead to a list of which pubs were opening today. I can't find it. Can anyone lead me back to it please.
  11. Suggestion to Mike (Chameleon). Change the name of your boat to Crab. Its only 11' long but always goes sideways. :-)
  12. I notice you're shooting down the questioner rather than suggesting an answer. I can see no other reason than to maximise profits myself, but I welcome being corrected. I would add that there's nothing wrong with a business maximising profits.
  13. Oh dammit! I'm back on the naughty step. :-(
  14. Or... there's no evidence left from whatever it was they didn't want us to see. Conspiracies theories are immortal. (and never go to bed.) :-)
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