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  1. I am reminded of a line in a film. I'm pretty sure it starts "Frankly my dear..."
  2. Sorry to disagree Peter, but in this case, that is exactly just what it relates to. It is however, only fair to add that I am of the opinion that people withholding toll payments on the grounds of Covid, are being unreasonable, and should be chased by the authority, otherwise we will all have to pay that bill.
  3. A good and much debated point 750XL. I can see the advantages of the electric fridge (or rather the disadvantages of gas fridges) and of course, the microwave has to be leccie, but for the life of me I can't see why a loo has to be electric. Cooking has been done on gas for years, and whilst I do see the dangers of gas, there is no great history of exploding boats. Yes, it has happened but it is, and was, very very rare. One final point, I'm glad that the sentence I've quoted did not have both the word "Gulp" and reference to the loo!
  4. Works for me too now! What has changed?
  5. What I get is ... An error occurred (500 Error) We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. Try again Largely unhelpful!
  6. I honestly don't know if what you witnessed was from stupidity or selfishness. I accept that those medically exempt from wearing masks won't, but there's no reason or excuse for wearing masks wrongly. Also I do accept that wearing said masks can restrict breathing. I have become quite giddy in Tesco's on occasions. When that happens I either just stop and get my breath back, or, if I see a space, I'll move into it and lift my mask for a moment to get some air, always ensuring that nobody is close and that I'm not breathing on something anybody is likely to touch.
  7. Again, good point, I think the only effective counter attack would be to highlight that this is what is happening. It is a 'high stakes' strategy for both sides. However, it will be tricky to keep this line of thought, and party politics separate, so I will have to keep further replies restricted to the problems as being demonstrated by our general public's selfishness.
  8. I've put a "like" on that post Fred, because it does highlight a major problem, but there is a counter question. If Dominic Cummings played a round of Russian Roulette and got away with it, Would you? What should happen to high profile people who break the spirit of the rules? I honestly don't know, though I'd let the "Have I got news for you" team have as much fun with it as they liked, 'Spitting image' too. Public figures should be publicly ridiculed when deserved. A tempting thought tongue in cheek or not, but "sins of their fathers" and all that. No, I think ridicule and
  9. I'm just getting an error when I try to open the attachment. :-(
  10. I am really struggling to understand why people are having problems understanding what they should be doing. If you don't need to go out, then don't. if you are going shopping, stay as local as you reasonably can. Example. I live in Essex, now a tier two area. I was going to meet a friend in a pub in Hertfordshire (Tier 1 ) on Sunday. The new regulations/requests call it what you will, came in Saturday. I didn't need to go to that pub, so I didn't. I phoned him and had a brief chat instead. Job done. I am hearing so often people putting their own interests first, I see on
  11. If we take it as read that a "free" service will always be loaded with advertisements, then having them tailored ( or "targeted" if you prefer ) is preferable. They might even advertise boat cleaning services to me!
  12. I understand Jenny Morgan hired it when it was new, as soon as he worked out his pension would let him afford it.
  13. This might sound odd, but I don't know yet!
  14. Now there's a face that knows it's going to Yorkshire. Nice one Griff
  15. There was a question I asked a while back. Several answered a question I had not asked, but thought I would ask it next, and some thought (wrongly) that I had asked the wrong question, gave the answer to the question they thought I wanted to ask. A few even gave me the answer to the question they wished I had asked, but nobody actually answered the question I really did ask, which was... We know that the clearance under Potter Heigham bridge is diminishing. Is that also true of other bridges on the broads, if so which ones and by how much? I just wonder!
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