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  1. If anyone wants sanctuary from all this boat cleaning going on, I'll be onboard New Nyx from about midday. :-) Guaranteed "free from boat cleaning" zone.
  2. I need the bottles to take up less space. Either way if I buy some bags do I need to buy a pump or do they come with one?
  3. Do they come with a pump or do they need a vacuum cleaner? Thinking of getting some myself.
  4. Just for the moment a cat is a responsibility I don't want. Maybe after I've a week or two chilling I may feel differently.
  5. Nope, the next door neighbour is looking after the cat. The long term future for him will be established when I know more as to what is going to happen to Rufus.
  6. I understand that Corsica 2 was sold too. Can't think who would buy that one. :-)
  7. I hope to meet up with lots of you. I am on the boat for about 3 weeks, short break back in Harlow then on the boat for the summer. Well that's the plan. Ever the optimist.
  8. Yeeeee Haaa ... See you there Griff !
  9. Bit of thread drift here, but it looks like Herbert Woods has a horse in the Grand National ! :-)
  10. How about you recommending to him that he joins the forum, I reckon he'd pick up a lot of business doing that.
  11. It is so difficult to come up with an itinerary for somebody else, especially for a first timer. I think the one you have chosen sounds very good but may I add some suggestions. Wroxham is a good shopping venue, and plenty of take-away options, but personally, I'd head further upstream, under the bridge to Coltishall.. Then Coltishall to Wroxham (short stop) and on to Horning. If no mooring available at Horning, double back to Salhouse. Generally speaking, that would be more or less where I would go to get the balance between cruising and relaxing.
  12. They're the big greasy things that make a lot of noise and push the boat along !
  13. Grendel, Cats are better than dogs for this purpose. If you have a dog, you have to take it out and walk with it, a cat you can just let out and it will do the walk for you.
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