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  1. That depends how keen you are on walking :-)
  2. Cheap, maybe! On target, definitely.
  3. Sorry but no Fred, That doesn't achieve what I want. I require an icon on the desktop screen. This can then be opened using whichever browser yo use at the time. Edge is my current default browser, but quite often I need to use a different browser instead. For example, if watching the Barnes webcam, I use firefox but I use Google Chrome for a vegetable oil forum. Yes, I could bookmark each browser with the websites I use them for, but it's easier to do it the way I do.
  4. I recently researched Ezekiel Blomfield and his historic meeting with Sir Humphrey Davey. It is odd that more is not known about this, but I hope my research will rectify this shortcoming.
  5. Just to add, I suspect that "bookmarks" are limited to each individual browser, where desktop shortcuts will use whatever browser your default is set at.
  6. Instead of "bookmarks" I have to go a complex convoluted route, mainly because the new fangled browsers don't do what the good old "Internet Explorer" used to do. SO... instead of setting a bookmark, I load the web page I want but in "Internet Explorer". Then I right click and select "Create shortcut". This gives me an Icon on the screen and no problems.
  7. Jay, Think of Nyx as a Christmas tree. Evergreen and an indication of much booze being consumed.
  8. A little harsh Marsh,,, but probably deserved.
  9. Well, you know what I'm going to ask don't you..... How do you clean the waterline marks off a caravan? Is the extending brush up to the task? Sorry about that but I resisted temptation for 50 mins, not bad for me, nearly a record.
  10. I shall let members here guess how often my car gets cleaned..... or even serviced!
  11. Might be the only way I get the other side of the bridge!
  12. I am delighted to announce that the Pleasure Boat has had it's chimney sorted and now boasts a working wood burner. I'm sitting next to it even as I type. Very snug.
  13. Thanks Ray. Hmmm the Pleasure Boat. Isn't that one of those "Public house" thingies?
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