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  1. I'm far from the expert Ian is but this is what I do.. Having let the carcase get cold, I strip off the skin and put to one side. Then using my fingers, I peel off the remaining meat. There is plenty. I use some of that to make a chicken curry. The skin, the remaining meat and the now bare bones, I put in a saucepan with about a litre of water and simmer the living daylights out of it. I use a pressure cooker for this but if you use an ordinary saucepan keep an eye on the water level. Strain the liquid off and add some noodles then Bobs your uncle.
  2. I understand the word is of German military origin.
  3. It would make people happy if I never left home...…… except the others who live here. :-)
  4. I might be wrong MM but I think the problem is the "unnecessary journey" Motoring accidents with subsequent hospitalization is the issue. I believe they hope that fewer journeys helps the NHS. that's my take on it.
  5. Farrington's phone number is: 01603 666545 Meant to put that in the other post.
  6. Kingsley Farrington The Boatyard, Whitlingham Lane Trowse Norwich Norfolk NR14 8TR Might be worth a call. He moved my earlier boats (25' Seamaster) from Milton Keynes to Wayford Bridge at a reasonable cost
  7. and if it's the BA that chooses to "save a bob or two"? I can't see that being uncriticised !
  8. I agree with you ECIPA, though there may well be many instances where the situation is far from "black and white". I shall take Lathams as an example but this may apply to many other businesses in holiday resort areas. The "lockdown" has been in place for just over a week now. In that time have the Potter Heigham locals supported Lathams in that period? It is possible that locals have treated Lathams as " the grockle shop" and shop at Tesco or Roys. Just a thought!
  9. That doesn't sound like an essential journey to me. !! :-)
  10. Hmmm, Didn't this whole virus thing start off at a market selling wild animals for food?
  11. That's never stopped us in the past.
  12. On the subject of motorcycles, If a biker is riding a Norton, Is he safe from viruses?
  13. That's a shame, after all, your shot normally stays 2 metres away from the clay. :-)
  14. Mike, If you look at Google streetview, you will see the original building (with the orientation as the photo) then you can see the new build (1990s) with the new gable.
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