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  1. Ahh, she obviously uses the same Recipes I do. Did she ever meet my mother? Seriously though. good to hear of their recovery.
  2. I told Taxi about your post Griff. He looked at me like I'm filth, and made holes in my leg. Apparently my training is coming along nicely.
  3. If you're going to quote me, then either quote me in full, or make it funny!
  4. Norfolk is too low lying to have very many wind mills, cos Flour and water don't go well together. ... Doh!
  5. I know exactly how you feel. I bought "New Nyx" at the back end of last year. I had a stark choice. Buy the boat that on paper, looked to be ticking all the boxes, or risk not getting it because of my delay. I am still yet to see my new boat but have owned it for approaching 3 months now. Hacked off? yes, very, but I still think I was right to buy. I was unable to view back in Oct/Nov because I'm caring for an elderly lady. On Wednesday, she had a fall and is, for the time being, back in Hospital. So... I'm freed up and can go and see my new boat... Whoops, no I can't... Lockdow
  6. Tragic to see such a fine craft being destroyed by snow
  7. I was told that all the hire fleets had to replace any boats they had, which had got snowed on. It was this that kept the boatbuilding industry in business, and that it has been the succession of mild winters that has caused so much damage to the Norfolk boat builders. </sarcasm mode firmly on overdrive/>
  8. Wrong Andrew, and sadly just the sort of misinformation that is so damaging to the national economy at a time when everything is so fragile.
  9. The on-line shopping business has only done to the chain stores what they themselves did to the high street shops back in the 60s. Boy are they whinging now!
  10. I keep reading the title of this thread and wondering why nobody has written... "And mountains very deep" So I thought I'd better.
  11. But it was a good clean fight. :-)
  12. I've just told Taxi about Holly. Taxi looked at me like I'm filth and made holes in my thighs. He's still training me. Nice one Polly.
  13. The very best gundog you can get is a Dachshund. Not particularly good at retrieving, but great for cleaning out the barrels.
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