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  1. With the experience of 74 years I have to say that my opinions have changed somewhat, it used to be a blanket lock em up and throw away the key but and a very guarded but , there are some people who a fresh start and with the correct guidance and education go on to lead very good lives that is not at the expense of others. Some unfortunately, psychos etc need to be locked up forever,, along with these really violent criminals. There used to be an honour amongst thieves at one time and good old London gangsters would soon sort out those who went anywhere near children or the old folk. What happened to all of that.
  2. I saw a card the other day (I wont scan it here because of copyright). It was for a birthday and the front of it had a heading WINE OFFER - DRINK ONE BOTTLE & FORGET WHAT YOU PAID FOR THE SECOND ONE!!
  3. When watching competitions on the TV I always say that the other sofa has the judge with the final say.
  4. It is a shame that the web cam is still not working.
  5. Good , keeps the riff raff away.....
  6. There would be only one way a huge hire boat would get on once down the dyke and that is reversing all the way back down again. There are some lovely private boats down there. I dont think I have ever seen anything tatty at all. A good mixture of sailies and stinkies.
  7. We have a BT phone but the bill goes to Sky. Does that make a difference with these numbers above.
  8. Can you use that on any phone? How do you go about using it please?
  9. You forgot , avoiding the British weather. Much nicer sitting here in the warm. Mind you it is horses for courses as they say, our neighbours go out every day shopping and I mean every day, come rain or shine , or even deep snow.
  10. Adopt my mantra - if you dont ask you dont get. They can only say no. From what I have seen down there at times there has been gaps, now whether it is just boats out and about , may be. I am sure there is a notice board down there, may be some info on there. I know one thing that on good days it makes a fantastic walk, your choice go left or right just as perfect. Well kept always well kept. No leccy or water but it is perfect.
  11. Something for Cilit Bang to tackle may be?? Such a shame but lets face it it does not take long for a boat to go green and look unloved. Wonder who the owner is, if this is in the harbour, surely the powers that be down there would have contacted the owner, he/she must be paying their dues. The Toll Office would have his/her address. Not rocket science. The owner may be ill , it is such a shame. Time for some of Iains kindness.
  12. Defo got a problem today with the web cam. Has been like it for a few days. Can you have a look at it for us please. Happy New Year.
  13. My one lingering memory of Iain is he was always but always kind. He went out of his way to help it didnt matter what the problem or query was. They say the good die young and it is true.
  14. https://www.jacquielawson.com/sendcard/preview?cont=1&hdn=0&fldCard=3502243&path=83554&pmode=init
  15. Oh dear i Oh dear I do not hope so. Still hopeful. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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