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  1. I was referring to Speed Triples post. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  2. Years ago (1959) I lived at Biggin Hill, Dad was in RAF and I sometimes wondered if some of the locals had been beamed down from another planet, so may be you have a point. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  3. Bit like being in Scotland, if its not raining, its about to.
  4. Very traceable I would have thought. Doesnt smack of Travellers as dont they burn theirs.
  5. Lovely Alan. Bless you. Tan is sorely missed. I am so pleased she is there in your Avatar. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  6. Just been watching you on your youtube channel and have hit the bell so I will know when you have a new vlog ready.
  7. One tip I learned in the week is to coat your chicken pieces in corn flour, just lightly. It really does help get a nice colour on the chicken and the chicken also retains its soft juicy ness (?) I tried it Saturday night for a curry and it works.
  8. Well I never did. Yes could work over here just as long as whoever runs the railways at Reedham Bridge and Somerleyton are not in charge , else it would not be running if the sun came out for more than 2 hours or it was under 1 degree.
  9. Wells this morning, 2 hrs to high tide. The tide is creeping across the car park much to this fascination of the local population.
  10. Staithes is beautiful. Especially if you like being 'christened' by SeaGulls at every moment. Our car was unrecognisable when we left. It was completely pebble dashed.
  11. I do think you are being unfair to Gt Yarmouth. it is the same old story once you get a bad reputation everyone makes sure it is maintained. Everywhere has its downside and I dont care where you are talking about. Lets face it even on the Queen's doorstep there are rough sleepers etc. A lot of people end up on the wrong end of the tracks through no fault of their own. Deprivation in this country is everywhere , that is where money should be spent. Some folk cant help themselves I agree but just because you are on a what is referred as a luxury cruise , at that price for a ticket I would doubt it was that luxurious, it doesnt mean to say you are going to visit the most exotic and luxurious places in the world. Lets face it on a cold and rainy day anywhere can be daunting.
  12. I know what you mean. It makes you want to crawl into a corner, especially when listening to some who have made the 'pile' and in some cases a very large pile. At one time you would not have got on the BBC for instance (only an instance) if you did not speak the Queen's English. Now I watch programmes and at time can no longer even understand what is being said.
  13. Typo - "we were playing with a very much different etc ...." not were were not. Sorry.
  14. Hello!!! - Norwich won the game , Norwich won the game. Let us not knock it, make the most of it. As said a long way to go and let us hope they keep their positivity going. (If there is such a word as positivity). From what I gleaned and I dont often listen to what is going on, were we not playing with a very much different team due to injuries? May be the more informed will let me know. Anyroadup. It is a joy to hear.
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