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  1. There is one consolation in all of this. They will all grow up and all this namby pamby pc nonsense will come back and bite them all on the bum. Shame I personally wont be around to see it. Bet discipline in schools and the home will come back toot sweet as soon as it affects them. Bit like the bosses at work, if it affected them , something was done about it.
  2. What I would do is unprintable. This country has got to stop being so darn soft on the criminals.
  3. You have my sympathy here. We generally book up a year ahead but think next year will wait around before rushing in and booking and paying a lot more in the end. Just had a weeks holiday in a holiday lodge near to fishing lakes (it was absolutely fantastic) but were a bit miffed to see £200 knocked of the same week's price a couple of week's before our booking.
  4. How did they get to the costing of £45 per grab?
  5. Do I spy our new Gazebo ? Looks very flash.
  6. Hylander

    Locks Pub

    Why? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  7. Hylander

    Locks Pub

    Dont worry some things never change - it will still flood in the winter. Curried fish indeed. Bet that lingers for days.
  8. Me too, thought may be it was the Wifi connection here but obviously not. Do miss this camera.
  9. For goodness sakes if that is the reason for the ultimatum there is more to this than meets the eye. Best of luck. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  10. Hope so and enjoying themselves. This is a good web cam.
  11. The little boat seems to have disappeared from the web cam picture.
  12. Yep certainly appears that way and the more of a wrong doer you are the more you are likely to get away with it. What the Law to rock up , forget it , too busy doing Royal Protection duty and managing protest marches. All of which attracts overtime.
  13. When it comes to stopping a boat it is not necessarily the fault of the water or the wind or the boat skipper. I take all the blame for what happened to me many years ago on the canals. I was daft enough to think that I could stop a canal boat with a rope , and to boot with it wrapped around my hand which was in a glove. The boat came alongside and no I did not stop it , all that manifested itself was the rope got tighter around my hand and my hand with the rope eventually tried to go through the mooring ring. How I did not lose my hand was a miracle. Hubby immediately banged the boat into reverse before any more happened and I lay on the tow path my face firmly wedged into the stones and earth and poor hand trapped. I was seen by the ShropDoc and I was very very lucky. So I agree with Grendel it does sometimes involve limbs if you are daft enough like I was to try the impossible.
  14. Doesnt even bare thinking about, how awful for that family and a stark reminder how easily accidents happen whether on the water or land. Poor little kiddies and that poor husband , he will never forgive himself. Such a tragedy.
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