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  1. I also made some fresh strawberry tarts this afternoon. They are just awaiting the cream to be piped on top.
  2. Dont really think that you would do this on a boat but you could make at home and they make a change from the normal run of the mill tasteless versions you buy. Pre: 15 min serves 4 1lb of pork sausages or whatever you like 4 hard boiled eggs - about 6 mins each egg. Bag of Panko Crumbs 1 egg beaten Some plain flour. Skin the sausages and make into 4 equal patties. Roll each hard boiled egg in flour to coat, place on sausage patty and shape sausage around egg. Dip each into beaten egg and then coat well with the crumbs. Bake in over 35 mins or until sausage meat is thoroughly cooked. No need for oil and all that frying. They tastes scrummy.
  3. Hylander


    Obviously the wife has summoned him home for his tea.
  4. Unfortunately, a modern day necessity. Sorry posted before I had seen the post from Cambridge etc. I was referring to the CCTV.
  5. Tell you what Dylan - you and me both. If had been there I would have been under the duvet with him. Wise dog.
  6. I am absolutely hooked and look forward to Fridays. Their presentation of the videos is excellent and you could practically be there with them. Must them a lot of time but worth it. Just love Dillon the dog.
  7. Watched this yesterday. Quite a trip. This is the return trip.
  8. Well done to The Butchers Arms and the good people of Beccles. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/chernobyl-children-visit-hailed-outstanding-success-1-6154453
  9. Welcome from me. Loved the photos, especially of the lads when they were a bit younger in their life jackets. You look a happy bunch, good to see.
  10. Well - deep breath - Morrisons in Beccles have now decided to have a whole bay dedicated to mother and child (what happened to Dad) parking area. 99% of the time when I go to Morrisons this is completely empty. I like Speedtriple have a disability which cannot be seen and yet I park the furthest away from the shop that I possibly can to avoid getting my car dinged (or whatever you call it). Only go to Tescos first thing in the morning before they (you know who) have got out of their beds. Now here I go - stop reading now - when I was first married and had two children I walked everywhere, there was no such thing as having a ruddy car. No home deliveries, one Tesco in the town and you walked to it and back from it with all of your shopping. All that has happened in this country is we have mimicked America, yet it is forgotten that USA has a lot more room than us. Finally, you will be pleased to hear, guys or gals like the owner of the car in the OP photo are a breed that think the whole world is there for their convenience. No consideration for anyone else, it is me , me, me.
  11. I think that is a perfectly respectable offer myself. Your hand should be snapped off. Just hope for your sake that it included in the sale is not the crew that we once met on her. A more miserable , less communicative bunch of whatsits I have never met until that day. So far up their own ......... (work that one out for yourselves) you could not wish to meet.
  12. Ditto which was such a shame.
  13. Thank you Simon will look out next July for info when the festival is on. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
  14. We live here and did not know about it, which is blooming annoying. Would have been a wonderful sight to see.
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