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  1. Hylander

    Mooring Up.

    move onto a windward shore or one with a higher bank. We did that one night at Cantley , luckily enough the wind (Gale) was blowing off the bank and keeping us well away from the side and from getting stuck. The tide was running very high and over topping all along the mooring. However, a boat further down from us was so tightly moored that in the end the inevitable happened as the tide went down. Luck was there was a load of them on board and they were able to give it a good shove to free it up.
  2. Hylander

    St Olaves Moorings

    BA moorings on the other side near but not at the pub/cafe. Make sure you are at the 24hr mooring. You can also moor at Polkys Mill. Good safe excellent moorings.
  3. We have a Direct Debit which goes out once a year.
  4. Speaking of fishermen, I am surprised we get from A to B at times, we always skirt around wide if fishermen are on the bank (where safe to do so obviously) and if other half spots a fisherman or men in a small boat then we crawl past so as not to knock them flying.
  5. Hylander

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Someone not feeling well but not enough to call the 'services' , just needing to get out of it. Again I say - I am on the Broads to get away from people not to be sat cheek by jowl as they were that day.
  6. Hylander

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Come off it - not full. What if there was an emergency. It is 24hr mooring for the sides of the Staithe not three abreast. As it happens we all know (up to a point) the crews on board these boats and they are decent chaps but if they allow it for them then a group of lads could turn up late and do the same thing so no one could move. In the colder days with heaters going not good at all and I personally would not like to be hemmed in like that, - bloody sardines come to mind. Certainly not the peace and tranquillity that Neatishead Staithe normally provides.
  7. Hylander

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Am I seeing this all wrong it looks rather pink and green.
  8. Hylander


    The light banter and change of subject is giving our Gracie what she needs ' a rest from the forum ' I am sure she will approve, especially of the posts regarding snuff.
  9. Hylander

    Another Weekend On Broom Captain...

    Whether a coincidence or not but at the moment down South it seems to be mostly Brooms hire boats that are out. Seen two Faircraft Loynes a few Richardsons two Pacific cruisers and a lot of Brooms. What with yesterdays torrential rain and winds we are still drying out now. Mooring was a real treat.
  10. Hylander

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Robin ,Remember it is not always your fault (your meaning all of us) it usually the other dozy buggers on the road. They are hampered by texting, talking on the phone, eating their breakfast, putting on make up etc or just plain dealing with kiddies who are misbehaving on the back seat. As soon as your attention is gone for a mini second from the road in front of you , then accidents happen. Coming home from Lowestoft on Saturday , I noticed in my rear view mirror blue lights and a flash of yellow so thought ambulance. I kept an eye and when it was relatively near to I slowed down (much to the annoyance of the driver behind me) and stopped. The other road users on the other side of the road also stopped. Well everyone except the 'tart' in the car behind me who just as the ambulance was passing him decided to indicated right and pull out. The ambulance shoved on his two tones and obviously frightened the life out of this driver who immediately pulled back in. What did he think we were all stopped for 'a chat'. My be Father Christmas should bring him a rear view mirror and teach him how to use it.
  11. Hylander


    and was he????
  12. Hylander


    Whiter than white. My God to get things white these days like your towels you have to go to such lengths. Aerial tabs , Vanish Crystal white, a descaling tablet and softener. I am sure years ago your OMO, Persil, Daz, etc whitened your washing without all of this added stuff. My Nan used to bung it all in the Copper as she called it. Mondays was wash day, whether it was snowing , foggy or pouring with rain, it was wash day. Genuine folk do not get offended it is only a sad minority in this country.
  13. Hylander


    Yes one of the same,.. Also known as Rickh His wealth of information , along with Strowies are sadly missed. .
  14. Hylander


    Speaking of folk who have left us. It would be good to see Rickh back in the fold once more.

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