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  1. Some of the prices are eye watering. I mean to say you dont want to purchase a share in the boat just want to hire it for a week. We used to hire for 14 nights. You would need a small mortgage on some of the boats to do that now. For us it is 4 nights. No wonder folk go abroad.
  2. Strangely quiet here near to Beccles and I gather the Beccles area - no internet if you are with Sky. I am using the mifi and 3.
  3. MM you are not alone. Fellow sufferer here. I cannot stand the way they are all so full of themselves. I might be nearly 76 but I am as fit now as I was when I was 18 , and that was totally unfit.
  4. I tried Morrisons own Marmite and it is lovely.
  5. Hylander


    Our gardens are gasping for water, every night we ponder , shall we water, well it looks like we will have to at least water the toms etc.
  6. Hylander


    Well has anyone got thunderstorms , torrential rain etc. We have been expecting Armageddon all weekend and nothing not even a drop of rain here in the East.
  7. More's the pity that they can be so picky. Reading the posts, the country always managed to makes a bad situation even worse by listening to rumours and reading social media. This will sort itself out, we have our forces to rely on and when have they ever let us down - never.
  8. This is terrible. Frightening folk like this. How are old folk supposed to compete with a load of people, not keeping their distance scrabbling around for items that they dont really need , just because some Twit comes out with this rubbish. This has been an oncoming problem for weeks, for weeks the Transport Industry has been saying they needed for drivers, in fact I would say at least 2 months now. As far as I am aware they are training drivers as quickly as they can. Bring in our troops again please and someone give Downing Street and its occupants a month off so normal people can get this country moving again. Iceland is advertising for more staff. Life goes on.
  9. Nothing as it use to look, completely overgrown.
  10. It is really frightening. Wonderwall I can see you are from Bonnie Scotland. Do hope that Scotland has some of this glorious sunshine. It makes a change of us in the East of England to get some decent weather. Usually a blast from the Russian Steppes most of the time. Definitely an overcoat colder most days.
  11. It is terrible to see all those picturesque villages just washed away.
  12. I just hope HEM and family are safe.
  13. I want me money back. We certainly had no curtains and only discovered this when we moored at Berney Castle the first night. We searched high and low but nowt. We had to put up with that for 14 nights. Oh for the days when you could afford to have 14 nights.
  14. Snap - and from what I recall it had no curtains at the front. Whoever buys this will have to do a lot of work on the road to and from the main road. It is one huge pot hole.
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