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  1. How exciting, something going on that we are not allowed to see. Get real it is probably a technical hitch. I see the web cam at Horning , the one by the bungalows is out of action as well, perhaps they are cahoots with HW. I do really think we should all get out more....
  2. Received a moment ago in my email..... Delete please mods if on here before. https://mailchi.mp/visitthebroads/summer-2020?e=9fffd49a2d
  3. As far as bookings are concerned , we have booked with Hoseasons for a boat and I have been asked to wait 5 days for the documentation as they are up to their eyes in bookings at the moment.
  4. Come on - you have me beat, that is the translation I am getting.
  5. Dont be fearful of people using credit cards to book, very sensible under the circumstances as you do get a certain amount of protection.
  6. I must say that when we were out on the hottest day of the year along with the rest of the day boat hire boats we saw no anti social behaviour, everyone was behaving themselves. This element which should be in Spain by now will soon disappear. Boatyards should be more strict as to who they are hiring these day boats out to. Some boat yards have a policy of no more than 6 on a day boat and that is about right when you consider a normal family out for the day. These idiots who are for the most completely brain dead from the feet up should not be allowed on any boat. If the Police came on hard on the yard along with the Health and Safety people, yes they would be no doubt a few quid down on this year but at least they would still be operating and lets face it , once your reputation is lost it takes a long time to build it up again.
  7. I agree about the shortages, of all things thanks to Jamie Oliver, uncooked poppadoms were out of stock. Since March 23rd to the 1st of July it has taken me that long to purchase SR flour from Sainburys. I have now got 1.25 kg of SR flour at last. Can I ask all you budding cooks if you have any ideas for catering on a boat for 4 nights and 7 nights. I am bored stupid with my own ideas and need some inspiration. I dont mind making things before hand if i can freeze.
  8. Thank you for posting this, I did ask this question myself on another post, not that I am from Leicester but good to know you can book with confidence.
  9. You want to go there by road, when you get there you feel like saying, well you really would have to want to arrive here. In the photo one of the upstairs windows is open.
  10. Alan I took my information that Mr Weston was a member from the 'snip' below. He obviously follows the forum, as reflected in his thank you post which the forum allowed. Lots of folk are not members but still come and have a look see what is going on and it is good to know that what they are viewing is unlike 'Facebook' or 'Twitter' both of which I would not go near with a barge pole.
  11. the dog which attacked Mr Weston was seen out and about whilst wearing a muzzle Perhaps it would stand you in good stead if you did not try to make mischief out of every circumstance on this forum. Mr Weston is a forum member and each one of us should respect each other. You dont have to like or agree with other members of the forum but we can still all be respectful.
  12. For all of you that really dislike Miles W, he has just been attacked by a Staffy,. I am hoping that this does not bring you joy. He spent 2 days in hospital after an op to repair the damage. See his you tube video.
  13. Surely they cannot all go out at 5, I am sure it is the luck of the draw as to whether you are on the early afternoon shift, late afternoon shift, or even the midnight shift. What is good is that we are now getting away on our hire boats. Rather be safe than sorry. What the 50,000 odd folk who have died in all this, would give to have the luxury of waiting may be a few hours to go on holiday. I thank my lucky stars everyday that I do not catch this dreadful virus. The river will still be there the next day.
  14. Whatever the name they are all a pain in the posterior. Why do they have to make them so low on some boats and others you cannot reach the floor as they are perched up so high. Sounds like a Mansfield with the eyeball type but the Mansfield did not flush using the pedal.
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