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  1. Dont the letters B and A stand for B.gger All as well. Saying that I have always found on contacting the BA office about electricity cards and other matters, that they have always been polite and helpful. I speak as I find.
  2. That is ok when you have plenty of years left, some of us, our hour glass is going through fast at a pace of knots'. We are grabbing whatever we can get and are grateful to just be able to get away. Things will be different for a while but they will get back to normal and all those that love the sun will go abroad as usual and all those that love to freeze to death on the Broads will still be there booking up.
  3. Oh right - met a few of these in my lifetime I can tell you, especially at work.
  4. Go on then - I'll ask - what is cockwomble? Have you noticed that all three boat's names have a certain ring to them "Disco Volante" Beaver Las Vegas" and "Yeah Buoy".
  5. I read that yesterday 43 Vietnamese landed on the beach at Walmer. Now all other considerations forgotten what happens to these people as far as Covid is concerned. I trust that they are isolated and tested.
  6. Driving back from the garage after taking hubby's car in for its service , we commented on the fact that everyone appears to have a dog nowadays and mostly more than one. I wonder what will happen when they all have to go back to work and school. Animals dont understand why all of a sudden they have no company.
  7. Oh that is so sad. As the owner has come to this conclusion is can only have come about by locals using the footpath because for the best part of a year most of us have not been able to get to do the walk as not classed as 'close to home'. I know when we went there last , the words ' beware of the cows' was ringing in my ears and I declined to walk the path, that was starting at the little bridge. I read this article, is the story true about the shopping? https://loddon.org.uk/loddonwp/pyesmill/
  8. I do that anyway. Each to his own. I am sure the pubs will re-open when safe to do so. I can sympathise with Howard as he does love to visit the pubs around the Broads. Darn Virus.
  9. Supposed to be 'bikini' weather on Saturday, you may be able to start your calendar sooner than you think. For us ladies is it going to be lots of months showing big hunky fellas or is it going to be like the Pirelli Calendars of old? Thinking about it that last sentence is wrong for the entire woke brigade.
  10. Thank you for posting. I read the whole thing and it is so true and could be written today (apart from the names mentioned) and that was written in 1949.
  11. I think when you have owned or do own your own boat you feel the pain even more. It was horrible to watch. How does a hire firm recover from a disaster like that insurance wise, would it be conveniently put down as an 'Act of God'. Usually a familiar 'get out' clause.
  12. The 'Well', can you drink that water? The walk looks interesting , dont so much care for yapping dogs around your ankles though. I did not realise it rained quite so much as you describe.
  13. You have forgotten John Arlott. Now only certain of us will remember our John.
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