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  1. Oh dear, dont tell other half of mine please? Not long had the new boiler and he needed to go and lie down in a darkened room when that bill came in.
  2. Now that is a comfort to know that we are not alone in our bungalow as far as water pressure is concerned. Cold water is really good but the hot , well there is another story. We have a bath (which I wont part with) but to fill it takes forever and the water is getting cold by the time you get in. The electric shower Aqualux is really good. In the kitchen if I put the hot tap on , I can get on with something else before it comes through hot. Think it must come the long route. Have considered a pump in the past but think it is too much of a faff. You get to a stage where you just get on with what you have. Oh the joys. By the way I wont part with my water tank in the airing cupboard. How people air their clothes these days beats me.
  3. That was cheap , down here it is about the £90 mark.
  4. Thank you Jean. Really interesting to read and good insight as to a boating holiday in March. Glad I am not the only one who wears thermals if on a boat. Wise move. So pleased to hear that the wildlife is getting on with what they do in the Spring. Lots of little ones to look forward to seeing shortly.
  5. Pumpmedic , nice chap. As you say it is good to put faces to names.
  6. Looks a nice healthy meal Jean. Good for you, take no notice of these darn do gooders. I believe in a little bit of what you fancy does you good, and no chaps that does not include the barmaid at the local.
  7. Back to Amazon Rant. Wondered what on earth I had ordered by the size of the box. Then remembered and thought , well that could have come in a padded envelope it is in its own plastic anyway for protection. It being just a kitchen timer.
  8. We found that the Captains are not that hot on batteries, especially in the colder months. The heating really needs the engine running. Mind you compared to the racket a Connoisseur makes they are (oh for God's sakes) P U S S Y cats. It got a load of stars for a word that is used every day of the week.
  9. Stunning photos Jean. Enjoy today. Not sure if this is your last day or not. No need for the bikini today but still a fab day in March. Betting than winning the lottery , getting some good weather.
  10. Weather looks fantastic today Jean. So pleased after that awful spell of weather we have had. Gets much warmer I think you will have to dig out that bikini!!!
  11. I thought this was going to be about the A47 or similar and roadworks!!! Durr..
  12. Just read my post. That should read slow on the uptake not update. My mind is on updating at the moment. Sorry about that.
  13. Thanks for that Mystic MM that is when we are on holiday - end of September. Dont worry DJB - September is going to be brilliant weather. Not a heatwave but just really lovely pleasant days. Do think though that Broads Direct are a bit slow on the update. They could be earning a few bob taking boats through. Not as if it would cut much into their day. Let the boatyards have a direct phone number to whoever is on duty and he/she can pop over and take you through, job done. With the lack of a pilot at this time you are bound to get one who will take the hire boat through regardless. Jean - enjoy your time on the boat. Have ordered you really good weather. Storm A B C or D can sod off and leave us all alone , we have had enough of storms.
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