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  1. Here near to Beccles the Rotary Club always came round with Santa. Even in my 70s I just used to love seeing Santa waiving and the lovely music, albeit, deafening at times, playing Christmas tunes.
  2. You are like my son, so busy , trying to employ extra staff but it is a joke. Just cannot get skilled people. So it is not all doom and gloom.
  3. The Management here thinks that everyone should be lockdown until the vaccine is rolled out. Believe me we have family in Kent in the worst area (Tier 3) and when I mentioned this I was told, oh well nothing has changed really, today said family member has been out running with a friend and tomorrow is going Christmas shopping with someone else. I mean , is it me or are some people just not getting it. As for this daft idea about Christmas and 5 days of Mr Covid not being around, is absolute ruddy nonsense. There will be more people die if it is allowed to happen. Christmas will
  4. Hylander


    That would be Grain Road, every house bar a couple were festooned with lights and indeed it was for charity, it later extended to other streets. When the kids were little we always took the short drive up their to see the displays but......... we did it the week before Christmas as not to over hype the kids who were already over excited with the school plays parties etc! We used to live in Sittingbourne, so it was close enough for a short run in the car via The Saver Centre usually, oh the good old days. Do you know if they still decorate for Charity?
  5. If I recall correctly it was me who posted a photo of the life belt that had come adrift from the picnic boat at HW. There was no malice aforethought there at all, Just pointing out that it had come adrift and it would be good if someone rescued it , they are not cheap. I certainly was not spying on people.
  6. Could well be engineers out on one of the cruisers that has an intermittent fault and there is only one way to find it and that is to spend a lot of time trying to find it. May be their tea break. Below is from the other day when the Barnes engineers were running one of their boats out and about.
  7. The only travel mention is below certainly not unlimited.
  8. Yes , I can see it from both sides. For example if illness struck and you could not use your boat, you would not be able to claim a refund of the toll. I'm with Smoggy here with regards to the morons who will be gathering for their Christmas parties etc and spreading this virus even further. At the start of this lockdown I really felt that if everyone pulled together then an end was in sight , albeit , life would still be very different but at least we had our freedom, now thanks to these plebs it is just as bad as at the start. Boris needs to just have the 13 a 11s to stand
  9. Hylander


    The house that is decorated looks like a Garden Centre. At one time in Kent at Wigmore near Gillingham, a street used to decorate every house and it was for charity and it was a joy to visit once a year , I used to take my old Mum when she was alive and did not have Alzheimers , she used to love it, and seeing the kiddies faces light up with it all was wonderful, but now if it is every street has more or less the same decs then it just loses its magic. Christmas is not about people making a quick buck or getting legless or making a pig of oneself overindulging it has a religion meanin
  10. Hylander


    I am tempted to say 'don't tempt me'. Don't get me wrong I love Christmas and the lights etc but just not in November. I just get bored with it all.
  11. Hylander


    Sorry, have to disagree by the time Christmas gets here you will be totally fed up with the Dec's. Dec 1st is bad enough, if I had my way it would be about the 10th Dec.
  12. I decided to write this silly poem just in case you do winterise on Christmas Day. I am no poet. Was the night before Christmas and all through the night Henry was contemplating the early morning flight up to the marina for a treat was in store instead of Roast Turkey it was winterising , such a bore draining, draining , waiting, waiting, in goes the antifreeze , sea cocks all open, dropping off for a nap when he is suddenly awoken thinking of the long journey home of the feast he had missed (yes you know what is coming now) imagini
  13. When we sold our Bounty 30 she went to Sussex, Very similar to this one except this one has no bow thruster , solar panels, S.s mud weight which was electric. Bespoke canopies front and back. The woman who bought it got a real bargain , was maintained by Phil at Moonfleet and the inside was a picture with everything updated. Sorry - just reminded me of our boat. - What makes you think I feel bitter. She went for £20,000 , she offered us £16,000 encouraged I might say so by a certain Marina from down South.
  14. Well said Gracie. I think we are all a little bit guilty from time to time of feeling 'poor me' but when you look around you and see genuine folk who are really and I mean really suffering our so called woes pale into insignificance.
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