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  1. I was just watching the web cam in Shetland. Quite a queue of traffic and much the same traffic as normal. Also saw two people walk down the road and go into the same corner shop, no tapes out there showing you where you have to stand. Has Shetland not got the same restrictions as us. https://www.shetlandwebcams.com/taxi-rank/
  2. Oh dear I quite enjoyed the programme. I thought the guy who did the French polishing, brought the musical box up a treat.
  3. Especially when you think of their so called talent at Spitting. Having to be quarantined at home I should think they will all need Counselling before long, poor little things. I have an 81 year old sister who lives along and on the phone yesterday she said to me, I wish people would not keep assuming that because you are older and live on your own you need permanently entertaining. Most of us are just fine. Except she has been unwell for the last week with shall we call it waterworks problems , on antibiotics now that she drove in her car to collect from the chemist. As she said I have always been on my own so whats new. Again the old adage comes to mind, without your health you have nothing. If only some people would be more careful and take it all seriously, although I am beginning to feel the penny has dropped. Nice weekend coming up, we will see what happens when the brain dead decide to go out for the day.
  4. Snap , have been thinking when the time comes and if we get offered the chance we will move it to the next year, God willing we are all still here to enjoy a holiday. Waiting to hear from Richardsons regarding May's holiday.
  5. What you saying ? Just my sense of humour.
  6. For anyone needing clarification this was all I could find. https://www.salhousebroad.org.uk/
  7. Fat cats and I mean that in more ways than one can go without their wages for a year and still be ahead of the game. Shame on them all.
  8. The problem is at the moment I think we hang on the the word of everyone and everything in the hope of hearing or seeing a glimmer of something positive. You just never know what to believe now which is dreadful. Sounds like a genuine idea but then so does so many scams out there. Just be careful. Does anyone personally know the Cators and can phone them and find out if this is kosher. I used to have one of those flyers they gave you when you paid your fees , on there were several contact numbers. Anyone still got one.
  9. What next.... Goats on the war path .... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-52103967?xtor=ES-211-[30955_PANUK_SOT_13_CNV_Send3BS1ANDS2Openers]-20200331-[bbcnews_goatstakeoveremptystreetsofseasidetown_newswales]
  10. As long as you are practising self distancing or whatever the term is today I dont see any problem with what you plan whatsoever. You will bring a lot of joy, which is desperately needed at this time and also it will make you feel good. Go for it. Just stay safe. Edited to say 'on the way home' isnt via Glasgow I assume.
  11. Good thinking Batman. You are so right.
  12. The term Food covers not just consumables but things like washing items for personal use, antibac wipes , and toilet rolls are hardly a 'food' item. I think it would mean that the clothing departments would be closed off for folk to do their weekly shop.
  13. I wonder if the food side will stay open for people to do their shopping that live in the homes there?
  14. Got to thinking last night. I have not seen a post on here for quite some time from Geoffrey Austin and crew. I am sure he could come up with really good ideas to make simple meals at home. Do miss The Corsicans.
  15. David H Would you assume that even if you booked direct with Richardsons they (as they have in the case of the Beast from the East) refund all our monies and offer a further holiday in the future. We were due to go on our boating holiday in early May. Thus all monies have been paid in full.
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