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  1. I believe there are a couple of spaces and quay heading at one of the drainage mills between How Hill and ludham, I have often seen boats moored up there, theres room for about 2 or 3 boats.
  2. grendel


    enough rain and we will be able to sail over potter heigham bridge
  3. its my hoover, its the pink version of a henry, (apparently is supposed to be better with pet hair,) i find its good on swarf, but dont have a wire haired terrier to compare to.
  4. grendel


    possibly, but that doesnt change the validity of the data, we may have a greater variance on the figures from the earlier data, but its still convenient to show the problem they want to highlight to start their graph at that point.
  5. I have a hetty, great at cleaning up metal swarf in the workshop.
  6. grendel


    we get shown a graph of temperature rising looking like this oh shock horror, but then they have cut the previous few hundred years off the graph hmm doesnt look so bad now we see they conveniently stopped showing the data at the lowest point on the second graph, and then you look at the scale where the average variance over the graph is 0.5 deg C either way. Then we get a week of warm weather, and this is cited as evidence of climate change. while I wont dispute that climate change exists, or that mankinds input has caused some of it , I do however dispute some of the 'facts' used to show it, especially some of those that state its worse than it has ever been, no, I think +14 degrees C is far worse.
  7. grendel


    climate change is a part of the planets cycles, its been hotter before now, it will be again, huge tree stumps reappearing from under receding ice sheets prove this, all we can do is minimise our impact on this, it is useless to think we can change it. for example 50 million years ago the average temperature was 14 deg c hotter than today, its all well and good people showing graphs of temperature rise over the last 100 years, but , thats just an eye blink in geological time, we are only just getting to temperatures last seen 2 million years back, which were dropping back down at that time. climate change is nothing new, in reality its as old as the planet
  8. grendel


    maybe thats their we dont want to do it price
  9. it will depend whether you are using any form of heating run off shore power
  10. Lulu, did you realise that is Water Rail B77- lovely, at least in some of the shots- looks like at potter heigham
  11. Quite often you can also get lucky and find credit left on the meters
  12. you can get the cards from the rangers, or the BA offices as well as some other outlets. I know the little office at ranworth does them, if you phone up the BA head office they will take a payment and send you some in the post. If you are hiring you would need to check that the boat has shore power capability and make sure there is a cable before leaving
  13. generally its sawdust, as the water rushes into the boat it picks up the sawdust, which bungs up the hole, as the planks take up, this will naturally squeeze back out
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