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  1. overturned? those that were going are still going, they will still meet up, chat and share a drink or two, those who planned to attend by car can still do so, and join in, there just wont be a forum team member in attendance, we tried to replace the organiser, but people were not available due to prior commitments or inability to change their plans at this late stage.
  2. grendel

    A Serious Question For Jayfire And Wildfuzz

    MM if you light a fire - dont set fire to the umbrella.
  3. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    walk to the car park, and you are half way to Morrisons. Dont forget though that half the roads in the area will be shut for the carnival procession at some point in the day.
  4. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    Travis Perkins - not a long saunter from the moorings
  5. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    what about the diy place opposite the entrance to the car park in fern lane
  6. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    I have several sets of the books, the puffin paperbacks, and the jonathan cape hardbacks, plus ebooks and audio books.
  7. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    more like calling people galloots, or saying Barbequed Billygoats
  8. grendel

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    perfect trip for someone with a small williams rib I would say
  9. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    well there are 11 pages of 'mucky words' in the filter guy gibsons dog has nearly 3 pages of variants that will be **** out, and yes most of them are of american origin. (though if we happen to catch you using good old british swearwords in context you will be in trouble
  10. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    probably got away with that because I used an english spelling. or proper punctuation.
  11. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    there is some degree of how shall I put it 'mucky word' filtering built into the forum software, unfortunately it (like many other pieces of software) only recognises american mucky words and tends to replace them or star them out accordingly, thus it is you can probably no longer say bobs your uncle and fanny's your aunt.
  12. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    well when we heard he had put his foot in it - we assumed it was the door, but it transpires it was the tin
  13. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    and clean too
  14. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    I cant believe those glasses survived on a shelf loose from the shed at marthams, through the launch, trip to the wet shed etc without getting broken. Lulu, a lot of hard work has taken place since you last saw her, both Dave (JanetAnne) and Doug (Brundallnavy) have been busy, not just at weekends like myself, but evenings and spare time to get her ready for Beccles. Now Tim, dont work too hard, we need you to get RT to Beccles, so no working yourself to exhaustion. I have a few bits to be fitted once I get to Beccles, the grab handles from the roof and the window catches.
  15. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    the 1974 version is very true to the book, as is the 1980's rendition of coot club and big six in the form of the tv series (swallows and amazons forever) set on the broads, both are available on dvd.

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