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  1. I have seen the yard staff there going round the hull in a dinghy cleaning down to the waterline.
  2. Yes, Wooden boat ownership is just that, a learning experience, with woodwork coming a close second to learning the skill of varnishing.
  3. HW engineers got to us and sorted the problems we had quickly and efficiently, and some of those problems they fixed could have been show stoppers. perfecly happy with the service we recieved.
  4. Martham Boats use a traditional Signwriter, I am sure they would be able to put you in contact.
  5. hunters yard have posted a video, some of their walkways and most of the grass is under water.
  6. very similar to the straw man argument, where the question raised is never answered but deflected into another question or topic.
  7. you say you went pretty much everywhere, did you cross Breydon to the south side?
  8. theres nothing else for it, you will have to come down to Norfolk, Stay for a week and visit as many pubs as possible to ensure you have a good chance of visiting the right one.
  9. the boat may be stationary with respect to the bank, but if the water is flowing past at several mph, then the rudder will take effect.
  10. I remember our first house, single skin brick wall, with damp problems, before we moved in the council got contractors in who drilled all of the walls 12" up from the floor and injected a new damp course, then of course every wall needed the bottom 12" plastering, once we moved in they told us the chimney leaked and we had to wait 6 moths while that was relined, then the first time we lit the fire, the concrete of the hearth exploded due to the residual damp still in it. the council were limited to what they could do because of its grade 2 listing (one of the very few grade 2 listed council houses on their books. the building dated from the 19th century, no way of insulating the walls with no cavity. (back then). no external cladding due to the listing, we had enough problems when it came to fitting double glazing, it had to be internal secondary glazing to suit the listing.
  11. if you include @BroadsAuthority they will get a notification
  12. This of course doesnt mean we should sit back and do nothing, but if each person takes responsibility for their own actions, reduces their reliance on single use platics and tries to avoid damageing our environment, then that will in my mind be far better in the long run than any enforced legislation might be, rather than setting unrealistic targets, or trying to rush things through. let us look back to look forward, take a cloth or string bag shopping for veg, just like my parents used to, when it comes to buying things I have more second hand stuff than new, I go to boot fairs, buy what I want there, if it breaks I fix it, not throw away and buy new (not that much these days is still fixable- but then I will buy older stuff that can be repaired.
  13. my advice is just to be wary of those who claim to know how to fix the problem, they are no different to those who in the past laid such claims and caused a great deal of the problems we are trying to manage nowadays.
  14. well i plugged mine into a usb outlet on tuesday, and used it off and on through the week without having to turn it on again, but then my tablet was on most of the time too, i think s long as it senses a connection it will stay on
  15. The huawei unit is the model E5785Lh and the antenna are bingfu 4GLTE 7dBi magnetic base TS9 antennae (2 off)
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