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  1. it still breaks the sussex council guidelines that specifically exclude national parks from signage and says such would need specific authorisation, so one must ask why they have allowed them despite their own guidelines.
  2. they were in the hidden cave just around the curve.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vLhcg_FU9g
  3. Griff of course was posing with his best profile on display for this shot
  4. of course the next problem will be the upholstery fabric, I need something to represent the upholstery with a similar pattern and colour, the best option I have figured at the moment is dolls house fabrics for the correct scale patterns, now the above upholstery has changed to a red with stripes, but looking through the scale fabrics available I have shortlisted 2 so far as being a similar colour with a small scale print to the original fabric, alternatively I will find a nice fabric then get Griff to re-upholster Broad Ambition to match the model.
  5. its just a question of getting a good recording when he doesnt realise. maybe at this years wooden boat show, or even the may meet.
  6. take the hitch off the trailer
  7. it really depends what that load is, as if it has a motor the starting current will be higher, generally the kVA is equivalent to kW, but its quoted that way as power factor correction comes into play, depending upon the load it can shift the phase off angle, changing the effective kW, but if you quote in kVA then this allows for that adjustment. (thats also where the starting current comes into play, you may need a 2000W generator to accomplish a startup - this may be why the genorator is rated at 2.2kVA as it may handle motor startup, but its worth asking the question before buying
  8. here are some pictures of part of the seating area on the real boat
  9. its being made from wood that was an offcut from repairs to the real boat - Broad Ambition, I have spent time aboard, measuring up and taking lots of photos, the wood used for the hull was lime from old ikea blinds this was before i got the burmese teak that all the main fixtures and fittings are being constructed from. I was given two pieces of teak, about 6"x1 1/2" x about 24" and the second 30", of these one piece is about 2" wide now as the rest has been cut down for cabin sides and to make fittings.. So i have now fitted the ships wheel to the bulkhead, and now for some pictures, the last few show the construction as the side bulkhead that covers the sliding sash leans inward accommodation had to be made for this, and then final adjustments were made with the vertical seat back. everything has been made to fit the space and the gaps round the edges are less than 0.5mm so its quite a precise fit. the front supports of the seat slope out just as the real thing does, so these seating parts were all precision angles, these were achieved using miniature precision squares markers and even tiny planes, acquired either at modelling shows or boot fairs, my only gripe with the adjustable square is the wing nut is too big and needs stopping in an exact spot or it sticks out and ruins the measurement of the angle.
  10. Well lets see how you like this then, the seat tops are on and trimmed, this whole seating area is attached to the removable floor piece, upholstery, yes, i will have to find some cloth in the correct colour, this will be formed round 1/4" dense foam, and then the cushions can be put in, this will come at a later stage though. meanwhile a section next to the 'door' will have a patch of tread added for entry and exit. (the tread may well be simulated by a suitable grade of wet and dry paper.)
  11. So, the whole floor section with seating fits nicely into its corner, this is the point model #2 overtakes (at least in this aspect) model #1 as that doesnt have any centre cockpit detailing other than the dashboard. the seat tops will be made (as in the real thing ) using thin sheet plywood (in fact they are receiving their edging trim as we speak.)
  12. electric vehicles are just the intermediate step until they get hydrogen fuel cells working economically
  13. seat support backs in placed and clamped, plus the openings for the under seat cutouts drilled out using a 20mm forstner bit.
  14. in the meantime we are investigating whether we can achieve it as an extra option in the latest posts drop down.
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