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  1. considering the push to get us all in electric vehicles surely their argument falls on the first hurdle, they would need to provide parking with electric charge points. add to that most people wont be able to get to a national park in an electric vehicle due to lack of range and the problem is solved in a heartbeat. as is their income for the next 30 years
  2. understandable, all those at risk from flu will have been protected by others wearing masks and by not going out as often, less visitors under better controlled conditions, all must be helping lower the flu incidence.
  3. a lot of things can stand in the way of new development, for example the eurolink high speed train link was moved to avoid a substation the planners had decided to build through, this was a primary substation supplying half of kent, and the 4 transformers were on a 12 year build program, in the end the rail link went to one side, passing under the A2 at that point, despite this they had to divert the feeders that passed under the A2 in a cable tunnel, digging them even deeper, i believe the cost of just the cable to do this exceeded 6 million, and that was the cheap option.
  4. maybe even a pygmy shrew or two, when they were building a road nearby my uncles home a rare pygmy shrew was found in the hedgerow, this moved the new road 50m further from his property.
  5. i think round here they will have to put traffic lights in the sky to mend all the leaks that seem to be up there.
  6. no prosecutions can happen if they dont have witnesses, whether it be for thefts, or just speeding boats, if you dont step forward willing to be the witness and stand up in court, they often cannot proceed with a prosecution, even then you will only be called for if the person tries to plead not guilty. lynch mobs are never the answer, because in that case the police can much easier locate you than they generally can the criminal, so they will soon be knocking on your door.
  7. but that doesnt follow, since the vaccine wont stop you catching it, then you can still be spreading it, whilst feeling well and on top of the world, thus it follows that those in the highest risk brackets such as the elderly are given the vaccine first, then those in the nhs, to keep them working, and then those who care for the old and vulnerable, reduce the risk of complications for the vulnerable first. vaccines are to give your body a taster of he virus to work on and start producing the antibodies to fight the virus, so that when you do catch it your body has a better chance to com
  8. my daughters boyfriend had the vaccine last week as a care home worker, i had the TB vaccine at age 3 months, so that i could be introduced to my grandad before he died from TB, this of course raised a positive test when we had the vaccination later at school.
  9. immune is probably the wrong word, as the jab wont prevent you catching the virus, it will (like the flu vaccine ) help your body fight the worst of the symptoms and effects, so you may still die from the virus, but you stand a better chance on not dieing, or dieing less severely. in future years it may well be added to the current flu vaccine as an extra strain protected against. the main reason for the vaccine is to reduce the burden on the NHS, personally I wont be doing things differently once I have had the vaccine, I dont see it as the thing that will end this pandemic, just make i
  10. is this any easier - the right way round
  11. if you mirror the picture you can read the registration number A217 which indicates Sally May a Belmore class owned by maycraft, which as you correctly note is the same class that Nipper belongs to.
  12. and of course Japanese Whaling vessels
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