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  1. grendel

    What A Day Of Sport Today

    my problem will be avoiding watching any of them.
  2. grendel

    Nbn Quiz Night

    well I have a vague idea of the topics and a few questions scribbled down, there should be some easy ones and some not so easy.
  3. grendel

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    getting cooler, 30.5 deg, second roof support section added, wider beams have been split for the intermediate roof supports.
  4. grendel

    Broad Ambition - The Model

    Well I have been putting this off as a weekend job, but somehow things have been getting busy at weekends recently, Having got my laptop back up and running on windows 10, it was time to look at the roof, the Aft cabin roof is easier than the forrard one so I am starting there. 10mm x 5mm teak strips were cut to length clamped to the sides and then the curved beams were also cut to length, 1/2 lap joints were cut and then with a piece of paper at the outside (to stop the glue sticking to the wrong thing and to give clearance) the beams were glued in place. at the moment its 32 degrees out in the workshop, so it will be multiple short trips out there to fit up the frame in the next section back, once the frames are glued up, intermediate roof beams will be added, then the roof skin will be added. then I have the more tricky front one to do.
  5. grendel

    My Day

    Well you could have knocked me sideways, apparently even though it was a clean install, windows has activated itself, reading online it says it can remember the motherboard, and activate the licence based on that being the same - durned clever these machines.
  6. grendel

    My Day

    I did have problems getting it to clone the screen over to the tv on HDMI, but in the end I managed to update the driver from the generic ms one and it worked straight off. anyway up and running, important software put on everything else can be done at my leisure.
  7. grendel

    My Day

    the issue was that the hard drive trashed itself, so its a new install on a new hard drive, not activated it, but it appears to be working, I will probably get a reminder, but it gives me time to deep scan the original hard drive partition and try and extract the license information from it.
  8. grendel

    My Day

    my day today will be once again rebuilding a laptop, I now have the windows 10 media for it, I just hope to be able to recover the serial number off the old hard drive or it will cost me for a new licence. the problem was that while it ran perfectly it wouldnt run the software for my 3d printer. then once windows has loaded, I will need to add my software again.
  9. grendel

    Nbn Quiz Night

    unfortunately I forgot myself and got too many points.
  10. I know where there are some, but I dont think Griff will be parted from them.
  11. grendel

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    Sorry, I was just making a general point, not responding to your post, though I dont personally think you are safe from fakes even if you pay the full list price and go to a genuine retailer these days. I dont think anyone was attacking you, just disagreeing that it was just ebay and amazon. half the time I think the fakes come from the same factory as the real thing but are the ones that failed the quality testing.
  12. grendel

    Dodgy CO Detectors

    fake electrical cable has been found at such outlets as screwfix, and electrical retailers, this is cable with all the right stampings and markings, but where the insulation is of poor quality, with a lower fire rating, and the copper conductors are not as big as they should be (10% smaller cross section). this has been shipped into the country and distributed widely to the supply chain. If this can be done for electrical cable, then it can be done with anything.
  13. are they not the big things with horns up in the highlands?
  14. grendel

    Dodgy CO Detectors

  15. grendel

    Week On Jewel Of Light

    the cruisers are fairly basic, but the beds were comfortable, the instruments were particularly frugal, two voltmeters, a temperature gauge and an oil pressure gauge, but the boats themselves produce so little wash its not really a problem.

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