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  1. everyone has different degrees of confidence, its much better to ask questions and learn from the answers than it is to ask none and go out there all gung ho and get things wrong.
  2. so your hypothetically 'trained' helsman knows better than the RYA advice give me an untrained helmsman following RYA guidance any day I fall in the water. for someone supposedly concerned with safety, you give out the most dangerous advice I have ever heard.
  3. ditto, if i see swimmers its into neutral and ghost past as far away from them as i can manage, ditto paddle boards and canoes.
  4. well we were told we should not just stand by and watch someone get into trouble, after all even experienced helms can get it wrong. After all the important part of this topic is people getting mixed up with propellors, so we wouldnt want the incorrect advice to be promoted as the right thing to do. even the RYA say stop the engine if someone is in the water near that part of the boat.
  5. surely if someone were under the hull, the very last thing you would want the helm to do would be to use that big choppy thing under the boat, out of gear and no prop turning would be my thought. my training has always been to make the environment safe first, then attend to the casualty.
  6. Timbos version of track and trace - Trace and Grace
  7. as i previously stated naming and shaming falls under the safeguarding section of the TOS, nothing stopping people filming what they want and posting wherever will let them post it, but that place isnt here. We have examined the current and up and coming legislation and comply to that. fail to comply to our TOS and you end up on pre-authorisation, carry on and it could lead to a ban, simple, everyone has signed up to the terms to be able to post here.
  8. which laws do you suggest we break to relax the TOS? the TOS are structured around the minimum necessary to comply with the law.
  9. grendel


    basically what you want to avoid is a sort rope that is tied too tight, so as a rule where there is a high tidal rise and fall, i use the ropes from the other side of the boat to the key heading, this allows more room for the boat to rise and fall without hanging from the ropes, to keep you in place front to back the rear line can be attached to the key near the front and the front line attached near the back. a bit like the image below
  10. the video is out there if you want to search it out, so not necessary on the Forum, as Meantime suggests what is being shown elsewhere is not the whole story, giving a different perspective to the incident.
  11. Thanks Tom, this thread has been busy over the weekend so the post concerned will be pages back now.
  12. the scenario is thus, you post a video naming and shaming on someones first day of their holiday, then all through the holiday people are coming up to you and saying - you are the idiots that deliberately crashed into that other boat. or they are at the end of their holiday and hand over to the next hirer, who goes out and is tarred with the same brush, despite having nothing whatsoever to do with the incident. would you then in either case come back next year. this is why the rule is in the TOS, it comes under the aspect of safeguarding. I am surprised it is being allowed elsew
  13. it breaks the forum naming and shaming clause as both the boat registrations and boat name of the offending vessel are clearly shown, what is allowed elsewhere is beside the point, its not allowed here.
  14. i always do the rushing after christmas when the tat is reduced to 25%
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