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  1. so small details matter, and as the graphics company couldnt do the red shadowing for the name lettering, i got a fineline red paint pen for that task.
  2. grendel

    Keep Safe

    i think you have hit the nail square on the head there MM
  3. grendel

    Keep Safe

    the trouble is when Boris or his close company decide to flout all of the advice it sort of devalues the governments message, then all the idiots out there decide 'if they are allowed to do it then to can we'.
  4. so clean you cant really see the cabin sides they are that transparent
  5. which is probably another reason vagabond is still sitting at Cantley.
  6. do what i do, reassign pdf's to acrobat as well as all the other file types and then just ignore it, when i first tried it just about everything i viewed edge said it couldnt open..
  7. it seems my tv licence monthly direct debit fails to pay at least once a week, but i never click on the provided link to set up a new direct debit
  8. that really depends on how many of you there are and how often you use them, but we might have to do a pumpout on the lads week with 6 on board and 2 toilets, sometimes we can get away with it for a week, but, generally otherwise probably once midweek
  9. a dinghy is a good idea, usually towed as you would never get one on deck, most hire yards can provide them, if you get a sailing one make sure you dont tow it centrally as water can come up through the centre board and slowly fill the dinghy (only happens normally if in the direct wash of the propellor). we normally tow using a line to each stern cleat, but have one longer so it tows off centre, also designate one crew member to be responsible for the dinghy when mooring, as you will need to move it to the front of the boat when stern mooring, and to the outside cleat when side mooring
  10. not all single sex parties are as bad as that, you just have to look at our lads week for proof of that, 4 boats 24 lads, and the worst we got up to was 3 abreast up the river bure for a photo opportunity, and there was still room for the boats coming the other way.
  11. It is a possibility, but it will depend on what voltages i can use with various other components. if I drop to 11.1V then the top speed will drop, and the next option is 14.8V, so I will have to check the voltage rating of other components such as the speed controller and sound board.
  12. having said that I was helming a boat while a hole where a plank had sprung was being fixed and we had 5 bilge pumps pumping out at one point (the boat had just been put in the water and was still taking up, ditto a hire boat that pumped out every 10 minutes or so for 30 seconds (that too had just been relaunched) that had a fairly vigorous bilge pump if I recall.
  13. or get two, and set one higher so it comes on should the first be overwhelmed or fail.
  14. I am hoping to use these to get video as i travel on my holidays, recently there was a good deal on action cams at lidls, so i bought a couple, i got a couple more when i spotted they still had a few left, so i now have 4 4k capable cameras. now dont expect polished videos, about the best i can do is add music to videos, so all it will be is videos taken as i travel the broads.
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