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  1. is that further along after it drops to single carriageway
  2. yes compare leasing to buying a second hand car and running it, and the maths just isnt there, the leasing accounts for all the depreciation on the car, and as you say buying second hand you avoid all that anyway. back in the 1970's my dad won a Vauxhall Viva in a kellogs cornflakes competition (K reg?) He sold it for a loss on the new price for around £2000 and paid off his mortgage, so one of our neighbours got a cheap Vauxhall as new for less than the normal cost and we got our mortgage paid off (at the time my dad didnt drive - working on the railways he got all his tickets cheap (plus so many a year free) anyway.
  3. Alan, there was a time when I thought nothing of swapping out an engine in the evening after arriving home from work, prior to heading back to work the next morning, I have even re-built the odd engine a time or two, but like you I stick to the simpler jobs nowadays - like replacing the suspension or steering components, also these volvo engines seem to last a lot longer than the renault based engines in the old 340's, they only seemed to be good for around 150,000 miles.
  4. Robin, it looks like the old road is still there, even with a nice hard standing parking area at the end.
  5. That would be my opinion too, there seems to be a solid enough foundation that the building is on, its just the supports under that foundation structure that appear to have failed. new piling seems to be the option used elsewhere in the area.
  6. I have looked into this 'new' leasing car ownership and have to say that if you do a high mileage its not for you, most have some kind of penalty payment per mile if you are going to be doing more than 12,000 miles in the year, this means I would be paying additional fees on over 20,000 miles every year, that puts the costs well above the overall purchase cost and paying for your own running costs. plus there is the point - is running a brand new car greener that running an old second hand car, the second hand car spreads its eco costs for scrapping over a longer number of years than getting a new car every 3 years every time, even if it does kick out additional pollution by being older. its biggest environmental impact comes when it is scraped and dumped in landfill. it is my thought that cars should be made to be 100% recycleable.
  7. ah a low mileage one then at barely more than 4600 per year, thats under 2 months driving for me (37 trips to work and back)
  8. Added, I would imagine that is in case of something like suspected avian flu
  9. I think I get away lightly with my Volvo
  10. this is more a response to the thread we had trying to help a duck at acle that had fishing line tangled (I do hope that has now been successfully resolved by the way). thus we now have the contact details needed available on the site in case of future occurrences.
  11. for reliability I have settled on Volvos, the only issues I have ever had were due to high mileage and old age, and those were generally electrical, aside from the one v40 2.0 litre Turbo, where first the turbo packed in (I then drove it another 6 months until there was a misfire on several cylinders that the engine management didnt see and acknowledge up to the point it ceased to run (still no error codes), when I went out and got another V70. my volvos are always bought at around 100,000 miles for under £1000 and then run until they drop with only the necessary maintenance done by myself, the V70's are always good for 250,000 miles, which I can get them up to from 100,000 in about 4 or 5 years.
  12. well the list as far as it currently goes is here - https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/handy-information/vets-and-wildlife/ if anyone has any more to add, just add the details to this thread and I will add them to the handy info page. there are other vets in the vicinity, but I did try and pick the ones that had reasonable access from the waterways for those that are on holiday and find a need for the services.
  13. ah, that was by design so it could be used as an emergency hull patch
  14. ok so this shows the normal flow and where I come from and need to get to.
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