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  1. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    I cant believe those glasses survived on a shelf loose from the shed at marthams, through the launch, trip to the wet shed etc without getting broken. Lulu, a lot of hard work has taken place since you last saw her, both Dave (JanetAnne) and Doug (Brundallnavy) have been busy, not just at weekends like myself, but evenings and spare time to get her ready for Beccles. Now Tim, dont work too hard, we need you to get RT to Beccles, so no working yourself to exhaustion. I have a few bits to be fitted once I get to Beccles, the grab handles from the roof and the window catches.
  2. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    the 1974 version is very true to the book, as is the 1980's rendition of coot club and big six in the form of the tv series (swallows and amazons forever) set on the broads, both are available on dvd.
  3. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    Perhaps marrying Tolstoys secretary did not help his career
  4. grendel

    2016 Version Of Swallows And Amazons

    give me the 1974 version any day, I mean where do spies and seaplanes come into the books, or daring escapes on train roofs.
  5. grendel

    That First Coffee

    actually, no - looking at it that may be the one he has.
  6. grendel

    That First Coffee

    one of the guys here at work spent more than that on one with his bonus this year, just to get a good coffee every morning, his grinds the beans too - fresh.
  7. grendel

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Well I do hope they put their complaints to the pub first then. (or were they kicked out for dancing on the tables?)
  8. grendel

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    I hope that you have put your complaints to the pub first before complaining here.
  9. grendel

    Anyone Interested In Audiobooks

    if you read ebooks, there is project gutenberg.org, all sorts of out of copyright books for reading there. (they can be imported into the kindle format) https://www.gutenberg.org/
  10. grendel

    What A Difference A Week Makes.

    what flavour coffee does it make?
  11. grendel


    to remove the italics either click the I in the reply box or CTRL I might do the job pressed ctrl I and got this pressed it again and back to normal
  12. grendel

    Ant Warning!!!

    do they sell fishing nets at richardsons?
  13. grendel

    Where Might 2?

    a night club near the yacht station?
  14. grendel

    Where Might 2?

    so maybe not utopia the unexpected gallery at Creake Abbey then
  15. grendel

    Where Might 2?

    I dont think you can navigate that far up the wensum though.

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