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  1. oi, leave potter heigham bridge alone, cant have all and sundry up there to witness my boating actions and maybe film me taking my submarine dinghy for a trip.
  2. if you know from how far away the electricity comes you wouldnt even consider it,
  3. I do love the atmospheric mornings with the mist.
  4. yes in a way that is true, but when the regular users of that bin then have nowhere to put their rubbish, it just moves the problem onwards.
  5. and then you cant claim for punctures on all the nails left lying around.
  6. actually a very good wood for wet environments is greenheart, it resists rot and beetle attack by being poisonous and is nasty stuff to work, many years ago myself and a mate got given a couple of offcuts from where they were replacing the groynes at a local beach, i have a raised bed made from some of it that has been out in the weather for about 20 years now and still as good as ever, the big problem is that it gives you splinters like nothing, and within a few hours (if you havent got them out) they begin to fester something horrible (trust me you can get splinters from this stuff by looking at it too hard). the sawdust is poisonous, and its heavy (doesnt float). it is generally used for piling and groynes.
  7. we once had an issue with our council when our bins were not emptied, after phoning the council and being told to 'take it out of the bin and take it to the tip myself, I pointed out one minor hiccup. as it had gone into the bin, it was now deemed as waste, if I took it out of the bin and put it into my car i would require to be licenced to transport waste, as i didnt hold a waste transport licence I wasnt legally allowed to transport the rubbish that had been in my bin to the tip, an hour later a grumpy council employee turned up with a van and loaded my rubbish into the back. of course if they had emptied the bin in the first place it would have been much easier.
  8. perhaps one councils employee is dumping the waste from their boat bins into another councils bins
  9. we had something similar at home, we put the recycling bin out, someone threw a black sack in the top, and the bin men refused to empty it, we had to manage our recycling for another fortnight with a bin almost full already, the black sack someone had thoughtlessly dumped in our recycling bin had to go in our normal bin restricting the available space for our own rubbish. fortunately with 4 weeks recycling in the bin there was absolutely no space for anyone to consider dumping anything else in it.
  10. for mechanics I use a firm on the same industrial estate, as most of the companies on the estate use them for their commercial vehicles they are wary at upsetting anyone who works on the estate and do a good job for them (as long as you mention you work on the estate, and exhibit some knowledge). after one MOT where a new suspension arm was required, and I ordered it- next day delivery - then replaced it in my lunch break, then drove straight to their workshop - still wearing overalls over my work clothes, they know that they cannot Bulls**t me and I get good service and reasonable prices from them (as they put it estate pricing for working on the same estate) not the cheapest available MOT's but they dont find extra work that needs doing either.
  11. it will be the oil pressure once the engine is warmed up that you want to check, on a recent trip with a marthams hire boat, just after starting the pressure was 70 psi, but after a while it levelled out to about 40 on normal revs, and about 20 on tickover. that was in a boat freshly refurbished.
  12. if you dip the dipstick, get the oil on your fingers and thumb and rub them together, if it feels gritty then you may have metal particles, a magnet on the side of the sump can help stop these floating around in the engine. do you know how many hours it has on it?
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