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  1. Bella the easy way to attach pictures is just drag and drop into the box below the bit where you type your message. (that is using a standard browser rather than one of our apps.
  2. grendel


    Also think that some people might need that temporary employment at that time in the year, Norfolk probably has a large amount of seasonal work, even within the boating industry there are many, from the cleaners who only work while boats are being hired, to the ba rangers who man the yacht stations, so out of season these people will require employment.
  3. to be fair putting the roof up single handed wasnt easy, but it was doable, but most of the time I travelled everywhere with the roof down, just putting it up at night.
  4. grendel


    probably when the little man who types out by hand all of the toll emails, then manually inputs the paid tolls into the database retires.
  5. I get the choice of 6 berths to sleep in instead of just 2
  6. sit back, relax with a glass of wine and a tube of pringles
  7. eating a tube of Pringles maybe?
  8. well just got the phone call, please amend me to Judith (upgrade courtesy of Martham Boats) , Jayne wont be ready in time (again), at this rate if I book Jayne for the meet each year I may well get to try every boat Martham Boats have.
  9. would this be related to the recent edp article about ludham residents having to go dirty due to water supply problems
  10. grendel

    River Bure

    much the same as Candle / Kendal dyke, changes name through the years
  11. grendel

    River Bure

    a bit like the stour in Kent, depending where upon it you live it can be the stoor - or elsewhere the stower
  12. except the poster says saturday 4th of may and you say saturday 6th of may- according to my Calendar its the 4th, or are we talking Norfolk time again.
  13. just for proof bruise picture taken this morning, to be fair I didnt find this until later yesterday, I do know when I did it, when I missed footing on a beam across the engine bay with my elbow and managed to land on my shoulder (I was lying across an open hole at the time getting close up and intimate with the new heater.
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