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  1. I only know the old boats made out of proper materials.
  2. so for a few days i have been working hard while awaiting delivery of some ebay purcases, some arrived, so i was able to do some painting, another coat is needed in places, then some detailing.
  3. is it a martham boat - jocelyn
  4. when i last visited the pharmacy (literally the week before lockdown) i was given 8 weeks of meds (normally restricted to 4 weeks) and told that when i need my next blood test to phone in, or alternatively they will deliver another 8 weeks without the blood test, depending upon the situation.
  5. why dont they follow the government guidlines and furlough the players - 80% of salary to a max of £2500 per month sounds fair, as they will probably still get more than the clubs cleaners. after all if they are not playing football they are not 'working'. any mortgage payments due will get the same benefits of a payment holiday as others, and its not like they havent been earning enough to have some savings.
  6. besides it was probably an english word before the americans adopted it, plus they probably spell it differently.
  7. its what the government are calling it
  8. so while the rest of our company has furloughed about 750 of our 1200 employees, I am busier than ever, though a lot of our sites are shutting down we are able to continue with emergency work and off site works (while the roads are less busy this is an ideal time for it) thus keeping the remainder of our teams working, as part of this we have a large project in hand that we have to complete, we are changing a whole lot of our fibre data cabinets over from BT to Sky, all the work for this can be done off site and within the government guidelines, so to keep them busy we are having to go in and reserve the BT duct routes from the sky exchanges to site (while some may not see this work as entirely essential it keeps some of our construction teams off of furlough and working so we have staff available to respond to emergency situations and keep people on supply, as we cant just furlough them and bring them back in then put them back on furlough) so my work situation (as I do these designs), has just ramped up from more than normal work, to flat out working while I do additional work to get these designs out - there are 6 of us turning out these designs and we have just received our second batch of 6 new jobs each (we have 500 to be done and I think to date we have 50 done).
  9. amazing the skills you find out about at times like this
  10. tut tut, politics, we shouldnt be talking politics.
  11. thats why i have been watching youtube for the last week
  12. dont they still have a big barge to get throuh, or has that already happened while nobody was looking
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