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  1. I am thinking possibly worst case would be diesel bug (thinking how long boats have sat idle over the past few seasons (but yes blocked fuel filter or water in the tank)
  2. as its football i have no opinion one way or another.
  3. is it any less fair than adding £150 to the price and saying no charge for the amount of diesel used. one way or another you will end up paying
  4. how about BG, short for beegees, - stayin alive
  5. or that it just makes everything simple when the client returns, if the same fuel deposit is made then the hire company dont have to look up the amount that was paid, just pay back any remainder depending on fuel usage, after all the boat starts with a full tank every time, so if they know that £150 has been paid, its easy to calculate the refund.
  6. well back to the sandals today and i managed 2 miles as usual with no issues, so there is definitely something needs doing with the boots. I have to say the sandals I have are probably 3 years old or more now, but considering they had a years respite due to lockdowns, i still think they have lasted well.
  7. I believe they have made enquiries in the past and their stairs are unsuitable for a stair lift, I will suggest it again to my father, but the stairs turn a right angle at the top and I believe the issue was that at the top somewhere would be needed to park the stairlift, and that would be right in front of the bathroom door.
  8. worse still she cannot stay with myself or sister during the recovery as i dont have the space downstairs, and my sister currently has builders in cwith a ground floor extension that once finished would have been ideal for mums convalescence, with a downstairs room and toilet/shower.
  9. my mum is currently in a care home, she had a pacemaker fitted after her third visit to hospital in a week, she isnt allowed to use her arm for any heavy lifting for a few weeks following the operation, and as she relies on hauling herself up the stairs by mostly her arms cold not come home until she can manage the stairs,so has gone to a temporary care home for a few weeks to regain her strength. dad is distraught, as he hasnt seen her for two weeks, and now the prospect of not seeing her for another two weeks due to covid quarantine in the care home, he has managed to deliver some clean clot
  10. strangely enough the boots i was wearing were Karrimor mid 8 weathertites. The comfortable sandals I wear are the karrimor K2 ones, and I have several pairs of the shoes, I think though that these boots may just be too new and need wearing in, I do have the exact ones you show in a shoe, even a brand new pair still in the box (bought during the sales some 5 years ago, I spent a few hundred and came out with about 6 pairs of shoes and boots as its rare they have them in my size. in the meantime I have 2 new pairs of the sandals on order, as the sandals are my daily shoes. In the
  11. todays was a quick walk, a short 2 mile one, I was trying out some newer walking boots that i have, as the walking sandals I have been using do let thorns come through the soles, so a newer pair of boots was tried, this was not a great success, I came home with aching feet, and a limp, something wasnt keeping my feet happy, maybe the soles dont flex enough on the rough ground, who knows, so its back to testing a different pair of shoes again tomorrow. anyway I got my exercise in for the day, which is what counts.
  12. please send my best wishes too.
  13. Ask Ian what happens when you raise your head too soon at Ludham bridge, and that has a fairly smooth concrete structure. two of the really low bridges have pilots there to take you through, all hire boats should use them (some private boats do too) The only yard I know that dont advertise their boats Airdraft is Marthams, and by their rules, if they can get you under potter heigham bridge, then you are not going to be too high for any of the other bridges on the broads. The boatyards and bridge pilots know what individual boats need to get through Wroxham and Potter Heigham, for the rest
  14. and what would have been the maximum size previous to the white area given consideration for manouvering past another boat moored in the next bay out?, i am pretty sure you wouldnt get a much bigger boat into and out of that space given the width of the basin at that point.
  15. while weight is not such an important criteria to measure fitness, i have found that i have lost half a stone already through my efforts, yesterdays exercise was nearly cancelled due to a delivery notification coming through with no timeslot mentioned, the notification was sent out at midday, meaning it would arrive sometime in the afternoon, fortunately it arrived in plenty of time so i could still get out. more path exploring today, the heath land at the top of the woods is covered in areas of gorse, vicious stuff with thorns, so i have taken to carrying a pair of leather gloves and secateur
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