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  1. Citys are no different I am afraid ok if you want to fight through a shoping centre but not local high streets, I live in London and the high street is fine if you want a barbers, betting shop or charity shop all of which provide a good selection but not much use for anything else, as a pensioner I dont want to drive a few miles trudge around a shopping centre all day carrying a load of bags and thats the problem, an hour on the internet with goods delivered to my door is now the way to go. Fred
  2. Without wishing to be condescending there have been numerous warnings about responding to telephone calls and emails of this nature, as far as Amazon is concerned I have used them many times with no issues and the facility is there to sign up to or cancel Prime within the website or by email, as for reviews I don't take notice of them on any website there are fake reviews everywhere. I hope you get this resolved without any loss to yourself but hopefully someone will learn from this and not respond to phone calls they are not expecting or will call the company back from a different phone. Fred
  3. Maidboats also tried it on the Thames back in the 90s with limited success, I know it works with some success on the canals but if Len thought it viable here I think he would have considered it at Ferry Marine but only time will tell. Fred
  4. I am sure Leboat tried it without a lot of success. Fred
  5. Does this mean Sutton is full. Fred
  6. Agreed and I doubt there are many who would not accept that, the problem lies with the extreme demands being muted not just by the fanatics but in several instances by those who should have a more responsible attitude to what is realistic, all this does is distance the many who would accept reasonable steps that still allow them to manage their own lives to a sensible standard. Fred
  7. Climate change is the natural progression between two eras of ice age, global warming is the natural consequence of exiting one ice age and will reverse once we turn towards the next ice age. How about taxing all the hot air being expounded by so called experts on the matter and fining those in the media with a totally biased agenda. Fred
  8. Agreed but as there seems to be some mutual benefit a sharing of the cost dosn`t seem unreasonable, I did unintentionally omit that it is a SWT not RSPB reserve but I am sure the RSPB do have an interest here. Fred
  9. As this thread has centered on the proposed new mooring rather than tolls in general my thoughts have wandered to a different alternative. As it would appear the main purpose behind the location is to provide easy access to the new RSPB reserve and visitor centre then maybe they should be "encouraged" to dip into their coffers and provide or contribute to the new moorings, the ones at Hoveton Great Broad nature trail are not BA so it is not without precedent. Fred
  10. While the BA are entitled to take whatever measures they identify at a reasonable cost within the organisation to improve their performance they are not a taxation authority as such and should not be using the tolls system to try and influence how the public conduct their leisure time, the tolls are there to provide the income for the maintenance of the navigation not to penalise any one sector of its stakeholders. Fred
  11. The problem now is not so much climate change but that it has spawned a whole new industrial sector and become a political football both of whom disseminate the information in a way that benefits them most, we are now at a point where instead of adopting new technology rationally we are in danger of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Fred
  12. Winding-Up Orders BROADS BOATING COMPANY LIMITED (Company Number 10369550) Registered office: 14 Mill Street, BRADFORD, BD1 4AB In the County Court at Bradford No 36 of 2019 Date of Filing Petition: 9 May 2019 Date of Winding-up Order: 25 June 2019 T Keller 3rd Floor, 1 City Walk, Leeds, LS11 9DA, telephone: 0300 678 0016 Capacity of office holder(s): Liquidator 25 June 2019 It is Bradford County Court because that's where the company`s registered office is Fred
  13. Don't wish to be the bringer of bad news but this may provide some answers. https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3299203 Fred
  14. Not unusual to see the resident otter walk across the green when moored at Ranworth. Fred
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