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  1. Received mine today didnt notice anything new. Fred
  2. I dont think there is a great deal if any dredging carried out on most canals or rivers, nor free 24 hour moorings to lease or maintain, swings and roundabouts come to mind. Fred
  3. This is not strictly true as you can connect to the Grand Union canal from the Lea, Regents canal and Thames, however if you saw the state of the C&RT waters in London and the Lea you wouldnt complain about the way the Broads are managed let alone the cost of tolls. Fred
  4. I know what Griff means, I though you had to stand on one leg and stick a finger in the opposite ear. Fred
  5. Yes everytime, while we eat in pubs very occasionaly they are not an essential for us either at home or on the boat. Fred
  6. In most cases unless the vehicle is total wreck you have the option to buy the car back for a nominal fee if you dont want to take this up you are required to notify the DVLA as if you sold it to a dealer, insurance companys sell many of these cars through auctions as salvage. Fred
  7. Very true but its a far bigger industry than many realise and like so much these days exist because of the naive and gullible public looking for a bargain. Fred
  8. Or maybe not so delicate having partaken in physical activity in the past that years have now overtaken, some of us are not just navel gazers. Fred
  9. Sorry to disagree but I have a friend who specalises in wright offs and makes a good living from buying them spending a few quid and some man hours and then selling for a profit, insurance companys use the wright off option as an easy get out. Fred
  10. Some comments Sad very sad, for many in this lockdown sport on tv whichever variant is the nearest we can get to reality so if you dont enjoy it just suck it up and move on, as for the coverage as much as the family is not flavour of the month bring back Blofers and the sadly missed Jenners along with in other sports Allis amongst others sadly missed. Fred
  11. Part of the increase is for just that, there will be 4 additional Rangers to increase the amount of cover on the water by enabling all patrol boats to work more hours, all water born activities carry an element of risk over and above land based ones that are down to individuals own actions, most serious accidents are not truly accidents at all more a case of inappropriate actions on the part of one or more individuals and I am afraid no amount of training or legislation will change that, while any fatality is regrettable as far as I know there were fewer last year than in preceding years just
  12. While I accept that the attitude of some hirers is unacceptable that is sadly a reflection on today's society, so called accidents and sadly some fatalities are a fact of life, always have been and always will and no amount of training will alleviate this, in today's sue everything climate you can't blame the BA or hire fleets for trying to show they have done everything they can to mitigate their liabilities. Fred
  13. Just to play devils advocate in the interest of balance how many who object to any increase in tolls will complain at the lack of dredging, maintainence of 24hr moorings, lack of chasing non toll payers etc or Rangers clamping down on anti social behaviour be content that at least they havnt had to dig in their pockets. Fred
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