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  1. He only sold the hire fleet and marina he retained the riverside property's. Fred
  2. Not a case that they couldn't as such just nothing in the proposal to object to. Fredp
  3. Ok so now we have it clearly defined, on one side we have the I am all right Jack tough luck brigade and on the other side those who are prepared to put others first in the public good. Fred
  4. It appears to have been a lot worse this year with the number of newcomers plus a large part of the increase is the reduction in income from the number of boats no longer tolled. Fred
  5. Dont know about the clip but Seals have been in the Thames for years including breading colonies towards the estuary. Fred
  6. I have no interest in justifying or criticising the reason for this but if you listened to the various meetings the impetus has come from the increase in anti social behaviour this year and complaints from private owners about the lack of visible patrols, so I guess its another case of what do the public expect and want without dipping linto their pocket. Fred
  7. Hi Andrew there are various parts to this increase, there will be 4 additional seasonal rangers on the patrol boats allowing aditional patroling hours on all the rivers, there are also other proposed improvements regarding hand overs plus the shortfall on tolls from reduction of boats tolled this year both private and hire and additional anticipated reduction next year, the increase was 7.5% but reduced to 4% by making up the shortfall from NP reserves, hope this helps. Fred
  8. Sorry but to me the thread title is political. Fred
  9. Answers as far as I understand them are. Tiers 1 and 2 back to prior lockdown status including overnight stay and travel, the same with hotels and holiday accommodation, Tier 3 still restricted on overnight stays and travel. BSS and maintenance as above, for tier 3 not a problem if you can arrange access to the boat (keys etc). Tolls the proposed 4% increase was approved at the meeting on the 20th November and given the above there should be no reason to withhold payment. Hope this helps. Fred
  10. Seals have been in the Thames for years and even up the Lea nothing new there. Fred
  11. Sorry but I thought this forum is non political, given that the thread is still running all I can say is thank god Corbyn and Trump are not running the country, if you want to blame anyone then point your accusations at those that nick picked the law or those that think they are above it, they are the ones spreading covid not the government. Fred
  12. I dont see landowners who dont allow mooring or fishing now suddenly opening up to hoards of anglers and you can fish on your own property or as a guest as long as you have a rod license. Fred
  13. Quick questiom, as neither the EA or BA own the fishing rights on the tidal broads who is going to authorise the granting of said permits. Fred
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