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  1. While I largely agree it is really a question of balance, while a lot of us oldies may see things differently to the younger generations and can still learn from them there are a lot of things that only experience teaches us, it was on tv this morning how much at the moment reflects on war time experience, yes the younger generation have moved on and are better equipped to deal with change while in reality many think they know it all while they really know very little, not everything from the past relates to today's world not everything new is better we see that all the time from the influence social media has now. Fred
  2. If wishes were fishes. Amen is said at the end of a Prayer. Fred
  3. My sentiments exactly Fred
  4. Sorry but the initial reply's related directly to a misrepresentation within that press release and in all walks of life we should be able to report inaccuracies within public press releases nothing to do with BA bashing, the only fault there was within the BAs PR department, the thread was taken away from the press release by many of the posts that followed. Fred
  5. I am sorry you feel that way but if you are referring to me you couldn't be more wrong, I live in London the epicentre of the current crisis and am of an age etc that puts me in the at risk category, I also have family and friends who are the same, my only trips outside the house are for a weekly shop and a scheduled weekly hospital visit so I am very aware of the seriousness of these times, while I may be restricted in my physical movements I refuse to let my brain stagnate or engage in navel-gazing, life goes on regardless of whatever it throws at us. Fred
  6. Thank you for a wise and mature appraisal, as intelligent beings we are or should be capable of dealing with more than one issue at a time. As for myself age and infirmity will most likely curtail my activities long before anything the BA or any other organisation can but that doesn't stop me caring about the legacy we are leaving for others, the one thing I hate is being in a position to say I told you so, hindsight is not such a wonderful thing, being wise before the event not after is what counts but that is something everyone will have to make their own judgement on. Fred
  7. I am sorry if people feel offended but just because I keep my personal life private it dosn`t mean I am anymore immune from the current situation than anyone else quite the contrary, however if we are to remain sane and keep our mental health then we need to maintain as near normal life as possible not retreat into shut down, as for broken records I am as fed up as anyone it just depends which record you think is broken. Fred
  8. Tom, I like I am sure everyone else appreciates the difficulties you are all working under, all we ask is that you stick to reporting and updating the facts and leave the spin and misrepresentation for other times if you consider them even worthy of repeating then. Fred
  9. I would totally agree with you if and I say if the BA and other organisations also refrained from playing politics, , at a time when we should all be singing from the same hymn sheet and supporting the government there are still to many public figures trying to make political gain from the situation. Fred
  10. Would be a definite yes from me if it wasn`t for the blatant reference to a national park, what sort of mentality have these people got unnecessarily antagonising the very people they want support from, there was no need or justification to include that it adds no value to the statement. Fred
  11. I wasn't going to comment on this topic as most of what can be said already has been, I am just as wary of some of the decisions made within the BA as anyone else and fully understand a lot of the argument being made and appreciate the factual appraisal of the Paladin`s posts. I am also saddened that like everyone else I cant access my boat for the foreseeable future, none the less I have paid my toll in full as would have been the case in any other year, I do not expect a refund or rebate, my loss is insignificant in the context of the sacrifices many are making and the country is as a whole, I am sure what ever duties that can be carried on safely will continue to do so. With regard to the suspension of tolls from the hire fleet whatever the legalities and I am sure there is some conflict here, we will all need to retain as close to the current status quo as possible for the future well being of the Broads, it is going to take a massive effort to rebuild once this is all over and every business that can be saved will be vital to the recovery of both the Broads and the country as a whole. It seems to me that what ever course of action is taken by the BA and like most I am not confident that they will get it right there will be a shortfall in revenue that will either have to be addressed next year or a reduction in the services they can provide, I would hope that they get their priorities right although this is by no means certain but I do think that nothing will be gained at the moment by engaging in semantics to the point of curtailing what can be done to preserve the infrastructure we are all dependant on. Fred
  12. Best bit of advice but most wont be sea going. Fred
  13. Sorry but you have jumped in with both feet again, you brought the subject up I was merely responding to your post and I didnt say all but those that dont, in that context I dont see where compassion comes into it, my statement has nothing to do with current circumstances just an ongoing perseption you have of others. Fred
  14. Largely I quite agree with you, the problem is as always because of the irresponsible behaviour of a minority of people the majority have to suffer as well, if everyone had followed earlier requests this may or may not have happened sadly the only option now is a blanket ban. Fred
  15. I don't think there has ever been a problem between private boat owners and those livaboards who have a marina berth and behave in a responsible manner just the opposite, it is the livaboards that don't play by the rules where people have a problem. Fred
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