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  1. There will be winners and loosers whatever he did, as they say you can please some of the people some of the time you cant please all the people all of the time. Fred
  2. Surely its a bit early to jump to conclusions, its easy for everyone to criticise when they don`t have to find the answers, not so easy when trying to overcome something as totally unpredictable as the current situation. Fred
  3. Nigel, While I understand that being the gentleman you are you have taken this decision can I ask you to rethink it as your contributions are a valuable asset to both this forum and Norfolk in general. Sadly someone somewhere is always going to be offended that is the way of the world be it on this forum or elsewhere in life, there are many things that I and I am sure others would find in their past that causes sadness but I have to accept that there will always be reminders and just have to deal with it so please continue to give us the benefit of your knowledge and library. Fred
  4. Sorry Vaughan while this may well be very distressing for you facts are facts history is history as many would do well to realise now, Nigel has done nothing wrong and I am sure you would appreciate his post like so many other posts and photos have been appreciated if it wasnt so close to home, I am sorry but you cannot censure stuff just because it brings back memories. Fred
  5. Sorry but there is no such thing, every boat is a compromise you need to prioritise your requirements in order of whats most important and then look at whats available within your budget. Fred
  6. Sadly there are the odd rogue dogs just as there are rogue humans etc and you cannot justify or anticipate their actions, however in most cases there is usually a trigger to attacks often of a protective or defensive nature, I have been bitten 3 times and in each case although I was not at fault there were other outside influences that triggered those attacks and in each case I didn`t blame the dogs. I have also grown up with dogs since childhood and although I had complete trust in the dogs we have had I would never leave a child alone with one or leave one loose with strangers especially on my own property where the dogs protective instincts will be at there highest. This is possibly another sad case where a dog has been destroyed for doing whats natural just protecting its territory and owners, I have every sympathy with MW or anyone bitten by a dog and while there are lessons to be learnt I hope it dosn`t turn into another witch hunt. Fred
  7. I think you will find their newer large boats are among the first to hire even for couples and familys Fred
  8. Personally I doubt the bigger yards will put all their fleet in service given they would have to pay a full years toll for a few weeks use plus the logistics of how many boats they can turn round with the additional requirements, possibly the reason there are so few that are still available. Fred
  9. Something on the lines of cowpat comes to mind with a lot of todays waffling. Fred
  10. Funny that I did when I was thinking of Thomas Fred
  11. Thomas springs to mind but I was seated at the time. Fred
  12. At the moment all sport is still restricted with no spectator involvement, the current relaxations allow enough why try and push the boundary's. Fred
  13. Yes water is safe but beer is better. Fred
  14. That is an intention not a fact and still subject to government ruling, there is to much speculating and posturing going on in all sectors, to many people trying to force the issue by putting out false statements. Fred
  15. Given his record of abuse of 24hr moorings at Wroxham, Sutton etc plus abusing anyone who fell foul of his self appointed sense of judge and jury not sure why your shocked. Fred
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