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  1. And that will only get worse with all the additional housing development planned around the NDR etc. Fred
  2. Southern Comfort does use the day boat dyke at Ranworth for the annual Heather Club outing but not sure what the arrangements are for that. Fred
  3. I fully understand and respect your sentiments but we all belong to the forum for our own reasons many of them varied, while I have no problem with the social side of the forum that holds no interest for me nor do any other incidental sections that dosn`t mean others cant use it for that I just don't bother with or read those areas, for me the forum is a means to be up to date with everything Broads related and to debate and discuss any issues I regard as relevant, as I see it this is a public forum mainly Broads related and that is my reason to be a member but each to their own. Fred
  4. I would be inclined to agree with you if it wasn't that the driving force behind supplying these moorings seems to be the new Visitor Centre, if it is to provide additional moorings for boaters then why specify private owners and why has it taken till now to identify the locations potential. As for the demise of the BA I doubt anyone is looking for that just that it conducts its business within the terms of the Act as laid down in parliament. Fred
  5. Levels still very high at the moment with rivers overtopping at Wroxham, Horning and Potter Heigham, I don`t know what the Southern side is like. Fred
  6. Try Ranworth where they often take over the day boat dyke as well as on the main mooring. Fred
  7. Simple just don't open it there are many topics I don't read. Fred
  8. Sadly climate change has gone from a natural progression of the planet to a multi billion pound/dollar industry. Fred
  9. Sorry thought you was referring to Vaughan`s post Fred
  10. What smiley I don't see one Fred
  11. While I respect your right to your opinion I have to disagree on several points. Firstly the percentage of income the BA receives from tolls is almost double that received by the C&RT , the amount of moorings and services are far more extensive on the canals than the broads plus the canal network provides access to most of the Uk so there really is no comparison. Back to the OP the BA is a non political authority and the tolls are for the upkeep of the navigation, they are not and should not be a form of social-economic taxation and I wonder on the legality of this use. Fred
  12. Sorry if you think I was baiting the team that is not a level I would sink to but like others I am distressed that important open debate is being stifled again. As for my posts there is nothing I have said or wouldn't say again in open forum, I don't like and don't involve myself in topics hidden from public view and I am sure that applies to others as well. Fred
  13. I fully agree with your sentiment sadly this will now do what the mods seemed to be trying to achieve shut down the debate. Fully agree, despite the warnings from the mod team I can`t find any breach of the TOS or any abuse of forum members, all the main points of these discussions are validated by official documentation that can be accessed by any member of the public if they so choose so their is no breach of confidentiality or any libellous comments. If there is no forthcoming explanation as to why these threads have been moved then we will all draw our own conclusions as to what pressure has been applied and from where, sadly I can only think of one. Fred
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