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  1. rightsaidfred

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    You pay your money and take your choice, there are some rubbish ex-hire boats around and some extremely good ones, likewise there are good and bad amongst boats that have always been in private hands, its up to you to make sure what the condition of the boat is before you buy regardless of where it comes from, the difference is that ex-hire boats are built for use on the broads, they are generally sturdier and fit under bridges and easier to maintain, many private only boats have come from other waterways where they get knocked about in locks, you also tend to pay a premium for a privately owned boat that doesn't necessarily reflect its condition and the amount you can spend on it bringing it up to scratch. Each to their own but for me for use on the broads its ex-hire every time for value for money and versatility, they win hands down for maximising usable space and ease of access when mooring as generally they have a lower freeboard and wider sidewalks, important considerations as you become less agile. Fred
  2. rightsaidfred

    River Chet And Ongoing Problems

    Perhaps we should send her round to the EA after all they are the ones responsible not just for this but for desicrating a lot of the river banks. Fred
  3. rightsaidfred

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Not a criticism just an observation, batteries can be dangerous things with an incorrect installation. Fred
  4. rightsaidfred

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, far better to leave it to those that know what they are doing, also there seems to be a lot of overkill going on for a rather small boat. Fred
  5. rightsaidfred

    The Broads National Pike / The Answer Is! I Really Don't Know!

    Which part of the extract I posted do you not understand? Fred
  6. rightsaidfred

    The Broads National Pike / The Answer Is! I Really Don't Know!

    To date the Authority has spent very little on the project; each of the shortlisted architectural practices were paid £1,000 to develop their Stage 2 submissions. The next stage is the development of a full business analysis of the potential costs and income before the Authority commits any significant expenditure or submits bids to funding bodies which will be crucial for the project to proceed. In the meantime we have been investigating other immediate practical measures for the site such as maintaining moorings and the installation of electric charging posts. https://broads-authority.us16.list-manage.com/track/click?u=b957c2a429d58a35f9137b9c7&id=026b3f21a7&e=2a805e384f Perhaps we should wait for the outcome before getting to excited. Fred
  7. Ad infinitum, 60mph in outside lane of motorways, can`t go through a gap 2` wider than their vehicle etc. problem is there are to many people holding driving licences who don't really have the aptitude or ability to do more than pass a test often after multiple attempts, driving is a skill not a right and that applies to all age groups and both sexes. Fred
  8. I am not saying the NDR couldn't be better designed but part of the skill of driving is adapting to the conditions and there are many far worse roads across the country. Fred
  9. Being a Londoner so am I but don't find it a problem using it or any other roads I am not familiar with, while there is no excuse for aggressive driving I find the general standards in Norfolk poor for example the number of drivers who don't know how to use the 2 mini roundabouts in Hoveton or driving at 30 mph on 50 mph roads causing tailbacks that then encourage frustration. Fred
  10. Maybe its time the people of Norfolk learnt to drive, having used the Wroxham roundabout and the NDR numerous times there is no excuse other than bad driving. Fred
  11. rightsaidfred

    The Broads National Pike / The Answer Is! I Really Don't Know!

    When I passed through Saturday evening all the moorings were full to round the bend including the BBC and Bridgecraft yards. Fred
  12. rightsaidfred

    The Broads National Pike / The Answer Is! I Really Don't Know!

    JM If that were the case I would agree with you and I am not in favour of the development either, however regarding moorings unless they have bought some of the farmland and it is kept within the existing shop boundary then it won`t extend that far along the bank and logically it seems unlikely to be built within a yard or so of the rivers edge. Fred
  13. rightsaidfred

    The Broads National Pike / The Answer Is! I Really Don't Know!

    JM I appreciate what you are saying but from what I could see it would affect one boat length at most if at all as given the lay out there I doubt the building would be positioned right up to the waters edge, at the moment there is a BA barge in that spot. Fred
  14. rightsaidfred

    The Broads National Pike / The Answer Is! I Really Don't Know!

    While I am not a fan of the visitor centre I don`t understand what the problem or argument is here with the moorings, the only bit that is unusable at the moment is the short piece being worked on outside the shop, there were plenty of boats moored there when I went passed at the weekend. Fred
  15. rightsaidfred

    What Might We Reasonably Expect Of Nbn?

    As a dinasour I have to disagree, regarding new members I think Google is far more pertinant than facebook and for the NBN or any other forum to survive its position when people do a google search is first priority. Fred

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