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  1. rightsaidfred

    Mooring Up.

    As Paladin said hang weights from the bottom of the fender. Fred
  2. rightsaidfred

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Robin Without dissecting the various elements you mention a couple of things stand out, any experienced examiner will take into account your general demeanour he will also be aware of why people choose an area away from their normal location for the very reason you gave on here some time ago ie you were not confident dealing with London traffic when looking at your overall performance, if you can drive then you should be able to deal with all conditions, as for distractions they are around you all the time and something you need to be able to handle, with regard to traffic lights Amber means prepare to stop or prepare to go not stop or go, the only offence is going through a Red light although you can be prosecuted for causing an accident. Fred
  3. rightsaidfred

    Fishermen Without Boats Fishing On BA Moorings.

    I doubt thats somethinng we will never know as most Anglers on here are either boat owners or holiday makers and yes we do normally hear only one side of the story, at the end of the day there should be room for everyone with a bit of tolerance on all sides. Fred
  4. rightsaidfred

    Fishermen Without Boats Fishing On BA Moorings.

    They do Fleet Dyke being one example. Fred
  5. rightsaidfred

    Fishermen Without Boats Fishing On BA Moorings.

    I am a boat owner who fishes or an angler who owns a boat I don't mind which but I do find some comments somewhat typical of why there is conflict, the Broads are a national asset there for everyone to enjoy in their own way regardless of who pays and who doesn't, local anglers have very little access to bankside facilities compared to boaters so it is understandable they try and use what opportunities they have available that are accessible . I accept that boats do and should have priority on BA moorings and while I am not saying it dosn`t happen in nearly 40 years of boating I have only once had a problem with an angler on a 24hr mooring while there have been several occasions with boat loads of anglers, having told them I am going to moor I have been quite happy for people to fish in front of or behind my boat and often had an enjoyable time conversing with them and learnt much. Yes it is nice to be acknowledged for being courteous and I have had a wave from many anglers but it shouldn't be cause for annoyance if an angler is concentrating on what he is doing and doesn't wave especially in a match situation where every bite counts, if you pass wide enough and slowly he may well not even realise you have passed. There are good and bad in every sphere and instead of looking for areas of conflict it would be far better to find ways of accommodating all the different interests that use the Broads. Fred
  6. rightsaidfred

    Another One Bites The Dust

    I have read and re-read both accounts and there is not enough information on the original accusations to make a judgement either way. As Mr Knight is no longer bound by the BA perhaps he could enlighten us as to the facts regarding the original allegations, unless of course they could be construed as being libelous. Fred
  7. rightsaidfred

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    You can teach the mechanics of driving, you can teach someone how to pass a test, you cannot teach someone to drive, humility and aptitude are fundamentals that go a long way towards becoming a driver allied with experience, the accident statistics for new drivers is frightening and says a lot. Fred
  8. rightsaidfred

    Closed Season Decision In The Spring 2019.

    There are still Ducks, Coots and Moorhens around just depends on where you look, I am a nature lover but also a realist and when it comes to control of top predators in this country like Otters, Cormorants, Foxes etc having removed Wolves and Bears mankind is now the only controlling factor the same applies to Deer and will eventually be the case with other reintroduced species like Beaver, Red Kites etc it dosn`t matter how cute an animal is to maintain a healthy population numbers need to be kept within sustainable limits, you could even say the same applies to the human race as well when you look around at the countries that are unable to sustain thier population as unpalatable as that sounds. Fred
  9. rightsaidfred

    Closed Season Decision In The Spring 2019.

    I to have been an angler for over 60 years and I am quiet happy to retain the close season, one thing to bare in mind even if it is removed on running waters is that large parts of the broads area are SSIs or Conservation areas so may still remain closed, there are plenty of alternatives for those that are desperate to fish for 12 months of the year. Fred
  10. rightsaidfred

    Tube Heaters For The Winter

    Depends on how long you are prepared to sit there and how good your aim is. Fred
  11. rightsaidfred

    Marina Quays

    I have always understood hireboats are not allowed to cross Breydon in winter by those yards that do hire out. Fred
  12. rightsaidfred

    Marina Quays

    Sounds good but you are obviously younger and fitter than I and I am sure a lot of others are, not something I would dream of trying or recommending. Fred
  13. rightsaidfred

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    Very true, I don't have a stance but try to look at each issue on its merits, sometimes they are good sometimes not but nothing is ever all good or all bad. Fred
  14. rightsaidfred

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    At the moment there is no argument or counter argument just supposition. Fred
  15. rightsaidfred

    Special Addition Of Broad Sheet

    While I am not in favour of the Acle project this has been debated in other threads and its pointless to keep dragging it up, the words spent very little mean just that and don't have the same meaning as cost very little, at the moment none of us know the true cost of the project or where the majority of it will be funded from as some of the financing is coming from grants if memory serves me right, if the project is completed and we have a proper breakdown only then will we be able to say one way or the other. Meanwhile there are other subjects within the .Broad Sheet far more worthy of discussion and of importance to us all Fred

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