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  1. rightsaidfred


    You cannot compare tolls to the so called road fund licence, one is a tax that goes into the general government coffers the other provides the budget for the upkeep of the navigation and as such you need to know your minimum income before you spend it. While I am not totally happy with the executive you cannot compare the BA to CART, the EA or anyone else they all have different remits. Fred
  2. rightsaidfred


    Boats under brokerage in a sales marina are exempt until sold Fred
  3. The answer is in the word, classic doesn't mean vintage, any boat designed and built for use on the Broads is a classic Broads boat be it a woody, yacht, Bermuda or centre cockpit etc. vintage boats that have stood the test of time are something else and worthy of special consideration, just my opinion of course. Fred
  4. There is a considerable difference between the cheapest and dearest Broads moorings much the same as there probably is between Little Venice and Goole on the canals. Fred
  5. I think there may also be the difference between tidal and non-tidal waters to take into account regarding legislation. Fred
  6. As there used to be at Ranworth and the occasional volunteer as St. Bennets not a bad idea but who is going to pay for it there are not really enough Rangers now. Fred
  7. Simple answer is no, apart from issues with tolls and insurance etc it would be the equivalent of hiring out my house complete with all my personal belongings, added to that half the reason for owning my own boat is the freedom to use it at a moments notice or on a whim with an up-change in the weather or personal circumstances, at the end of the day it is my second home. Fred
  8. What seems to be overlooked here is that the Broads Authority have very limited powers, they cannot issue fines or clamp and tow vehicles away, the Broads are tidal waters so I don't think they can deny access subject to size restrictions as long as the boat is insured and has a current BSS, they can issue an enforcement notice as regards tolls and overstaying on moorings etc but then need to take recourse to the courts for any actual penalty to be imposed, while we are all aggrieved at any abuse of the system there is no easy answer without a change of legislation by Parliament and that could open a whole new can of worms. Fred
  9. Maybe its a generation thing but I find that really sad, I to live in London and while I accept most people don't acknowledge strangers I know my neighbours and speak to many locals and shop workers, but then I am of an age when good morning and thank you were part of daily life, loneliness and isolation are two of the biggest ills of modern society and maybe Robin you have unwittingly partially explained the rise in suicide rates amongst younger generations. I do use Amazon or other online companies when applicable we also do our general shopping in the local supermarket particularly fresh produce as we like to see the quality and dates before choosing not just accept the first thing someone else has picked up off the shelf. Should I loose my mobile or have it stolen all that anyone would find is a list of contact numbers that I have a copy of and unless you know me most of them are meaningless the rest of my life would be unaffected, what photos I have are on my camera card and laptop and that's not many but then I live a simple life that's more about people than technology or possessions. Fred
  10. What`s mid life crisis that passed me bye, old age crisis is the real one when you count every hair in the shower after washing your hair and try to find what you can see looking down at your feet. Fred
  11. Well said MM, Robin with a few exceptions Homo Sapiens are a sociable race living in colonies, interaction with other members of the race is a vital part of good mental wellbeing and also helps with physical health plus maintaining the communal benefits for all. Fred
  12. I dont think you need worry about what you have missed just enjoy what you have, it is a fact of life the older you get and look back the more you remember the good and forget the bad its called Rose tinted glasses, I loved my youth but equally enjoy what I now have. Fred
  13. I must admit this is an interesting thesis but where do you start from and what is natural or what is neglect?. How much of England is truly natural these days? very little I would imagine, when that photo was taken even large parts of what is now London were farm land or marsh to which you can add numerous other changes man has made to the natural landscape of this country let alone the world. One question that springs to mind is which has or had the greatest impact, mans interference with nature or natures interference with man and which is the most detrimental. Fred
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