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  1. rightsaidfred

    Anyone For Hickling?

    Yes and flooded the bilge, watched them do it gave them an extra 3" they reckoned. Fred
  2. rightsaidfred

    Anyone For Hickling?

    I think the fact that the existing hire yards have or are disposing of the old style boats and looking at the new builds answers that, like any business they are customer driven and have to provide what the market requires. I have an ex hire boat that used to go under all bridges regularly, I now have difficulty with Wroxham Bridge let alone PH which is a no go as any extremely rare window of opportunity to get through doesn't guarantee getting back. Fred
  3. rightsaidfred

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Personally I prefer the breaststroke Fred
  4. rightsaidfred

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    JM I fully agree that's why without being uncharitable I have very little to do with charities or fund raising in general preferring to make any contribution in differing forms. Fred
  5. rightsaidfred

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    Unfortunately its a fact of life that we all suffer inconvenience for the benefit of others at some time or other and I am sure others feel the same about me, to put a monetary value on it just leads to bitterness instead of tolerance. Fred
  6. rightsaidfred

    So You Can Go Swimming!

    I was one of those that had safety reservations and I am pleased that everything went off without incident although like Grendel I still have some reservations about it setting a precedent , as far as money is concerned many people use the waterways for different reasons without a financial contribution, being a boat owner I pay significant tolls that contribute to making my experience enjoyable that doesn't mean I begrudge others having access for their own pleasures including anglers and the owners of holiday homes and their guests who don`t pay a toll but contribute in other ways, not all the Broads income comes from tolls and whatever I think about the swim itself their will have been some benefit to the area so it is time to move on and just be thankful that on the day the event was a success. Fred
  7. rightsaidfred

    Taxi From Brundall To Hoveton

    Apologise age seems to be getting the better of me lately. Fred
  8. rightsaidfred

    Taxi From Brundall To Hoveton

    I thought I read somewhere Lightning is now based in Horning. Fred
  9. rightsaidfred

    Fishing Week

    Its a parasite and has been present for years. Fred
  10. rightsaidfred


    Having sat back and digested all the wise words from our venerable members I now realise I know even less than I thought I did Fred
  11. rightsaidfred


    Vaughan I think you have a perfect understanding of the topic and obviously know about as much about nothing as I do although you may know a bit more about something than I do. Fred
  12. rightsaidfred


    As I only usually comment on a few topics I have obviously been missing out on what`s been going on, so rather than highjack another`s thread I have listened to what some have said and started a new one. Now I know very little about nothing so I would be interested in others opinions, I do know a bit about somethings so don't mind if the thread diversifies to cover that and although I know very little about everything I expect someone else will and I am willing to listen and possibly learn although there again I might already know more than they do so I am looking forward to a lively debate that could enlighten us all about nothing or something or maybe everything, on the off-chance the debate gets a bit to lively and people get a bit carried away the only thing I would ask is that all teddies have soft fillings, all dummies are new preferably from Mothercare as they need the income and any buns thrown are Belgium ones as I like the red bit in the middle. Should the thread expand to cover anything I would remind the respected members from somewhere that the original topic of the thread was nothing and could we please return to discussing that and whether there is a North-South divide on the value of nothing rather than the values of anything, should the mods decide that this topic is to controversial and lock or remove it I will accept their decisions and even if I am suspended I won`t comment on their decision or others opinions. Fred
  13. rightsaidfred

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    I am not going to comment on the designs as one mans meat is another mans poison and we all have differing opinions on what is aesthetically pleasing, I wont even bother with the initial cost as that is obviously a fait accompli, what concerns me most is the cost of sustaining the proposals as an ongoing operation, given the history of the shop/tea rooms over the last few years the income wont be sufficient to make them a profitable business particularly when you have the pub and Pedros just across the bridge and given the location with no particular attractions the rest is unlikely to prove a sustainable visitor centre so the big question is where does the burden of the cost of maintaining all this fall who pays the bill. Fred
  14. rightsaidfred

    Private Or Hire?

    Maybe one difference between S.O.B against other patrols is they don't get to know the boats that regularly use their patch, I still don`t see the problem though apart from possibly hurt pride. Fred
  15. rightsaidfred

    Private Or Hire?

    I have to agree with Vaughan here, I don't and I havn`t seen anyone else here display a flag or notice saying experienced crew on board, there are several "Private" boats each year helmed by novices as witnessed by those coming on here asking for advice. Although I have close to 40 years experience I would far sooner be hailed and given advice by a ranger than ignored where there is a possible risk of danger or a problem, as for the rangers they do a very difficult job under increasing pressure and I have every respect for all of them including the less qualified Auxiliaries, like the police we may not always appreciate their presence but would be in a sorry state without them. Fred

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