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  1. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    The days of nose to tail hire boats are long gone even in peak periods and most unlikely to return, the increase in private ownership will be limited by the amount of available moorings with little scope for further increase of these added to the fact a lot of private boats get little used and even less use out on the rivers. The right to navigation is not specific to any class of boat and it would be very dangerous to try changing that, the only restriction is the one that is imposed by the size and design of boat in regard to bridges and smaller channels. Fred
  2. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Sorry but I am at a bit of a loss here, to the best of my knowledge this discussion and most forum discussions in general are in reference to the area within the control of the Broads Authority, tourism in Norfolk is a totally different animal and outside of the BA remit, within the BA area boats offer the majority of accommodation for visitors be they privately owned or hirers with most of the rest used by anglers some of whom also hire boats. Looking at your suggested list there is a historical right to navigation and a legal requirement on the BA to maintain it, I agree there is more to the broads than just boating but given how little land access there is apart from populated areas how would you access these areas other than by water. Fred
  3. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    I am not aware of anyone telling the populace of anywhere how to run things, yes we do try to hold those responsible for the administration to account as is the case with any form of administrative body. With regard to the Broads in particular not only do many on here live in the area or spend a considerable part of the year there the boating community either owners or hirers are the single biggest contributors to the authorities finances as well as providing the basis for a large part of the employment opportunities in the area, so I think we are well entitled to express an opinion and I would not call that arrogance. Fred
  4. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Now that's an idea Fred
  5. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    While I can appreciate what you are saying the problem there is that whatever affects the water levels at Potter also affects the water levels on the rest of the Bure network, you cannot treat the upper Thurne in isolation. Fred
  6. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    But there are always two groups of experts on every topic, those that try to prove a theory and those that try to disprove the same theory depending on which angle they are coming from and who is sponsoring them, that's why we keep getting conflicting advice about everything. Fred
  7. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    No I am not referring to the Ferry we all know the story there but various points in the moorings along Lower Street and Richardson`s Yard which floods up to the sheds with ground water at times and I am not saying the flood water is reaching higher but it is happening with far greater frequency, Wroxham Bridge has been around 6`6" all week and the springs are not till next week. The waters above Potter were as busy or busier 20 years ago with no detriment to the wildlife than they would ever manage to be now even if most boats could get through. Fred
  8. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    I agree none of us know but surely the evidence from when it was dredged regularly gives some insight and I am not sure where Natural England come into maintaining the lower Bure ie GY and the EA jurisdiction is in regard to flooding which is becoming more of a problem at Horning and above, if you don't believe that just ask those with cottages and moorings in Horning about the increased frequency of flooding and generally higher water levels. Fred
  9. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    I have long given up on Potter to me of greater concern is the increase in frequency of flooding at Horning and high water levels at Wroxham both above the flood alleviation works, this can only get worse as we build on more of the natural sponges if the run off cant escape through GY. Fred
  10. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    But doesn't all their areas of responsibility revolve around the navigation and do all those areas not benefit from a healthy navigation not just boating and given the make up of the broads doesn't that mean adequate dredging is necessary. As for the BESL model surely that is in reference to surge tides rather than normal conditions. Fred
  11. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    You are right if you are referring to the Somerset Levels 2 or 3 years ago. Fred
  12. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    I agree about climate change the difference in shape is more relative with regard to the width of boat and the point on the bridge at which the height is measured, one thing I can say about Beccles Old Bridge is the gauge on the downstream side of the bridge itself is about the most accurate one I have come across with no allowance the tolerance is only about 1/2". Fred
  13. rightsaidfred

    Google Chrome

    Both of the last two suggestions are good advice in general use another option if it has been corrupted is to uninstall it and then reinstall, Revo uninstaller is a good free tool for this as it gives a cleaner uninstall with a scan for left overs. Fred
  14. rightsaidfred

    Houseboat Sinks.

    The roof didn't look to healthy either as can be seen in the photos in earlier posts. Fred
  15. rightsaidfred

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    The big difference between the two is one is arched and one is square plus a bigger tidal range, I to can get through Beccles no problem and much easier than I can Wroxham as well, I don't think the bridge height charts have ever been updated they have been the same for years. One phenomenon I have noticed happening more frequently usually when moored at Potter but also at Horning is the river standing still for a whole tide usually on the ebb but a couple of times on the flood. Fred

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