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  1. Ray I havn`t and do not take offense at anything, I only mentioned bigotry because another poster had already accused some posters of it. I do not object to anyones opinion but mine has been developed over a considerable number of years associating and working with numerous people many of whom do not feel the need to be stereotyped or have others feel offended on their behalf and see exactly the same issues in the same way as I do. Fred
  2. I don't see any bigotry here just people expressing honest opinions but then everything is in the eye of the beholder, this is another instance of a business jumping on a bandwagon, in this case not because it will help alleviate something but presumably just to make itself appear more attractive to some. Unfortunately there will always be those that attack others whether it be on homophobic, racial, religious or political grounds often through fear or ignorance, waving a flag in their face or cracking a whip wont help stop this only ingrain it more the "right" sort of education may help to reduce it. Throughout my life going back to the Windrush generation I have been fortunate enough to work with and live amongst people of all persuasions and racial background and count myself lucky to have been able to call some friends, we have all got on well till someone who feels the need to be offended on their behalf has come along and told us we need to change our attitude and approach to others which has then created a situation of resentment and exasperated what was a relatively minor problem, where I have lived and worked anti-Semitism is a far greater problem than homophobia but dosn`t appear to receive anywhere near the same level of public or political outcry presumably because there is not the same political gain in pursuing this in fact to some extent the exact opposite. I am who I am and do not have the need to go round telling everybody, I treat everybody for who they are not what they say they are, there is no need for anyone to be labelled and even more to go around with a label on their forehead, no one should need to hide their lifestyle but by the same token there is no need for them to advertise it. One thing I and most of the people I know resent is that for many years politicians, local authorities and now the Mayor of London squander our hard earned money promoting various so called minority groups while reducing or removing essential services for all of us pleading poverty, if you want to promote hatred and bigotry then that is the easiest way to do it. Rant Over Fred
  3. Well there was me thinking we are in August when its actually April 1st. Fred
  4. While it is impossible to prove any of the comments as fact if you talk to enough people you can get a pretty good feel of what is of most concern, the two overriding comments are to do with cost and problems with the boats and how well or badly the problem is dealt with probably the biggest spoiler for those affected, hardly anyone mentions the BA or associated politics they are only interested in the experience good or bad. Fred
  5. True but even a mid range boat can cost about the same for accommodation only as a lot of all in cruises, while we enjoy boating on the broads for its own sake I think the majority of people these days want more than basic accommodation for their money. Fred
  6. I still think cost is a major factor for families high season, I have had several hirers comment on it and while its not my thing I have friends who do an all in cruise for a lot less than the hire of a top end cruiser. Fred
  7. While there is a difference in the format and reasoning now discounting is nothing new, back 40 odd years ago when it was customary to book next years holiday before leaving to ensure getting the boat you wanted you got it at that years prices, if you had 2 weeks together then there was a discount on the 2nd week of if memory serves me right about 10% and with Hoseasons if you booked a second holiday in the same year you got a substantial discount I cant remember the exact figure. Looking at the various discount offers available for the rest of August it would seem to be largely as a result of the current trend for short breaks, while the weekend breaks (Friday to Monday) seem to be holding up reasonably well the same boats are sat in the yard Monday to Friday not totally surprising when the cost is basically for accommodation only, there are plenty of cheaper options for a couple of nights away if you are not particularly boat minded. We have noticed how quiet this year has been with mooring easily available everywhere but it has been a steady decline for some time now, May and September have always been popular months with older generations due to the drop in price while still getting reasonably good conditions, it is the demise in families with young children that is particularly noticeable possibly down to cost and the change it what youngsters want these days, the worry there is where are the future generations of boaters coming from it is also normal to see just the same private boats out most weeks while the majority never move and the more boats that enter private hands or change ownership the more obvious this has become once the initial novelty has worn off. Fred
  8. While not having any expertise where batteries are concerned voltage is largely irrelevant its the drop in amps under load that's more important caused by either a dead cell or in some cases a drop through inadequate cabling, a proper drop test is the way forward. Fred
  9. A word of warning regarding wild moorings in strong winds is the numbers of crack willow lining the banks prone to shedding branches. Fred
  10. Easy solution sell the boat and get one with diesels Fred
  11. Sorry Colin cant help from that photo apart from the angle it was 3 or 4 months ago, I wasnt taking a lot of notice till the obvious happened but if it is more than a one off the evidence should be fairly obvious. Fred
  12. No Colin not the green but about half to 2/3ds of the way along the boats moored on the island and no I don't have evidence that would stand up in court and I am not likely to be there anytime in the near future to get the boat details, whether they don't have a toilet on board or could not be bothered or were incapable of walking to the facilities I don't know but I do know what I saw, as it was going to cause more of a problem to the island residents than myself I wasn`t rushing to get a camera but it wasn`t very nice for children or some one more sensitive than me to witness. Fred
  13. Colin I try not to generalise as there are good and bad in every community, however anyone living on an island must and should accept the limitations, I am aware of the commercial operations by the pub although using some of the moorings they are not a significant problem, my comment was that having managed to find a space I could fit into I then watched several runabouts come over spreading themselves out up to the far end making it impossible for any visitors to stop there, whether it was deliberate or not I leave to your conclusion I reached mine, that was then compounded by watching a couple getting off their boat and crapping in the bushes, if people want to be accepted then they need to behave in an acceptable manner. Fred
  14. Yes I would like them all maintained obviously, my comment was specifically in regard to the situation at Thorpe, talking of which following on from BuffaloBills observation while I do not have any issue with people living on boats some of those living there do not help themselves. Fred
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