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  1. On a dual carriageway both lanes can go straight across the roundabout its only a problem if the nearside side try`s to go right or the offside lane decides to go left, if there is a problem its with the lane markings giving a false impression years ago when there was no lane markings nobody seemed to have a problem. Fred
  2. I am afraid the biggest issue with the NDR is quite a common one these days ie lack of common sense and ability to anticipate. Fred
  3. I think its straightforward, Ferry Marina accessible from the village and Richardson`s from the school end. Fred
  4. Sorry to disagree but in my opinion that was an unnecessary comment on another forums members both of whom it seems are also members on here so why mention the other forum. Fred
  5. I have always understood there is a gentlemen`s agreement between the forums not to attack either the other forums or its members, if you dislike them then why bother going on there. Fred
  6. Quick quiz When Jack & Jill went up the hill and then Jack fell down and Jill came tumbling after who fetched the water and who one the 100 meters? answers on a postcard please. Fred
  7. Unfortunately I have to agree with Paladin here, I will be among the first to criticise the executive when it iis warranted sadly it seems now some individuals just look for any excuse to attack the BA devaluing any legitimate issues, it has been said many times about the press not letting the facts get in the way of a good story it seems the same can be said about some of the post on this forum now days Fred.
  8. I believe there are in excess of 9000 private boats registered. Fred
  9. I don't see a problem with the sister boat above Fred
  10. We are going round in circles you have your opinion I have mine we will have to settle for that, it just seems unreal that a few cannot accept what the vast majority are happy to comply with.
  11. They would be there checking for tolls the registration no issue is a by product, I am not sure why all the talk of prosecutions at the moment as the notice is advising of a contravention something easily rectified it is not a notice of intended prosecution. Fred
  12. Do I take it then that you also ignore or treat as irrelevant the guidance notes that are provided with income tax returns, applications for planning or probate etc etc. guidance notes are there to explain and define what`s required for compliance they are not intended to replace the relevant regulation. Fred
  13. I believe this link clearly defines what is required and what is not permitted, in the picture above I would think the numbers fall within the 2mtr limit. www.broads-authority.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0008/888263/Display-of-Registration-Marks-2017.pdf for some reason the link didn't work so I have copied the relevant part below with main points highlighted Fred Display Where display of registration marks is required “on both bows and on the stern” (see overleaf) they must be displayed on each side of the hull of the vessel within approximately 2 metres of the bow so as to be clearly visible from other vessels or the bank, and on the stern of the vessel so as to be clearly visible from behind. Registration marks must not be wholly or partially obscured by fenders or fender lanyards or by dinghies in davits etc. It may be necessary to repeat the marks to avoid this. Registration marks must not be displayed on the superstructure, cabin sides or upper-works of a vessel or in cabin or wheelhouse windows. Yachts may display registration marks on a board securely suspended beneath the bowspit, visible both sides. Vessels with permanent guard rails round the deck edge may display registration marks on boards securely mounted on the guard rails near the bow. Where the registration mark is obscured by a protective cover (whether temporary or permanent) the cover must carry a facsimile of the registration mark clearly visible from both sides of the vessel
  14. I really don't understand a whole lot of this argument, guidance notes are applied to a whole lot of things to allow you to comply with the relevant regulations or forms or whatever else this is just nit picking, as the BA are now in the wrong for not issuing toll plaques I assume the DVLA are wrong for no longer issuing tax discs. Also why is Broad Ambition at the centre of this it is probably just one of a number of boats who have received similar notices all are equal and no one is exempt, there are many older and truly original woodies who display the correct registration it is not difficult to comply and when Broad Ambition or any other boat comes speeding up behind me or causes other concerns it is the bow where I will look for the reg no as many boats have the same name and its only the reg no that's relevant. Fred
  15. At the risk of upsetting a few there seems to be a lot of hot air about nothing here, as MM and Marshman have said there is no need to remove existing numbers and compliance is quite a simple thing to do. The Rangers have a legal right to enter marinas etc to check for compliance and have done so for as long as I can remember, it is the only way they can check all those boats that rarely venture out on the river. The requirement regarding registration placement is part of the byelaws and the guidance notes are issued to aid with that as are all guidance notes and they were always included with the toll plaque and are available on the web site so there is no argument for not knowing. As for the historical element very little in life is the same as it was 20 years ago let alone 50, regulations change all the time for better or worse and like it or not it is our responsibility to comply. Fred
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