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  1. October the something or other until this morning. Days are beginning to blend and run together as I lose track of time. Clocks going backwards doesn't help my temporal dislocation at all. Neither does Dylan who had a seizure the other night and now wakes me up every hour to either go outside or refill his water bowl. Dylan's method of alerting you to the fact he wants his bowl filling is to pick up his metal bowl and bang it against the wall. Eventually, he will settle down but it does mean that I'm awake at some really weird hours of the night and catching up on sleep during the day. B
  2. Friday 9th Inside my head I'm still in my early twenties. I'm fit, lithe and run marathons for the hell of it. Outside my head I'm old and decrepit, possibly in my seventies. In reality I'm only in my mid fifties...but decrepit all the same. I wake up with a banging headache. Dylan is laid by my pillow his nose millimetres from mine. Toby is on the floor with a paw lifted to tap me on the shoulder. This is not going to be a good day. I walk the boys through the woods and Ellie sends me back to bed after taking one look at me. Saturday 10th The headache is worse, compounded by Tesco
  3. Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th October Wednesday and Thursday are Gracie and Arlo days. Days spent picking up from school, driving to Lincoln to deliver shopping and visit Nanny and Ben Gunn as well as organizing and conducting Gruffalo hunts, feeding sticks to owls and foxes in the Gruffalo Tunnel, dodging crocodiles in the shark infested custard and watching the miniphrants dance down slides. There's also a fair amount of stoat wrestling and laughing at T-Rex's in bed making competitions goes on as well. Shed Firkling is limited to the early morning and late evening when boards are remove
  4. Thomas Edison said 'To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk'! Monday 5th of October Wood is a material that has a mind of it's own. Enven when it's been chopped down, chopped up, milled, drilled, drawn and sawn it will still twist, bend, wobble, wave and split contrary to any shape the woodworker wishes. When making the rear cabin doors for RT I worked out that you need to sneak up on the timber while it's still dazed and confused from the milling process and press right on with defining the woods new shape before it has a chance to reassert it's morphic field! I had
  5. It's a bit like playing backgammon, it all depends on where you start your move, end your move, how many pieces you have on a point and if you unable to make a valid move then your move is forfeit. So, for folks in a Tier 2 area travel is permitted to amenities that are open, for work or to access education, but people are advised to reduce the number of journeys where possible. Tier 3 folks Travelling outside a very high alert level area or entering a very high alert level area should be avoided other than for things such as work, education or youth services, to meet ca
  6. Sunday 4th October The sun is up, the sky is blue, there's such a lot for me to do...before it starts raining...raining in my yard. Other half dropped off at work, dogs walked and watered. I pause briefly to make sure I did those things in the right order and the beagles are not running riot in a perfumery while my other half sprawls on my duvet covered in mud. Hope is eternal, apparently. Disappointed once again, I got on with building the safari bar before the rain started again. I'd spent a few minutes the previous day trying to draw a plan and cut list, but I was damned if I cou
  7. *Reaches for his notebook
  8. It depends how close to kicking out time it is! I see you've met my ex-wives? I've not been picked up for a long time...they just tend to leave me where I'm lying and step over me! Ah, that's cos you just bought a boat...you can't afford me now! It's Maxwellian you've got to watch out for. We've weened him off the chianti but he's still at the fava beans!
  9. Hi, I'm Timbo. I drink beer and Jack Daniels. My interests are boats, woodwork and archaeology.
  10. Morning, I mean afternoon all. New legislation with implications for the forum and our organization as a whole seems to pop out of the woodwork almost weekly. Ian and I have the mind set of getting out in front of any and all new legislation and not only putting in place all legally required procedures in a timely fashion but also taking an active role in the discussion and development of that legislation. It's not just legislation targeted directly at online forums and social pages that has an impact on us as an organization. Everything from the Equalities Act to the Data Protection
  11. Friday I'm going to be making a Safari Bar of a type the Victorians and Edwardians would have taken with them on their trip to massacre unsuspecting lions, tigers or natives come to think of it. An Oxbridge education taught me one thing, if anything. When you are chinless and gormless the social niceties requires the consumption of large quantities of alcohol. Because you are chinless and gormless, of course, means you can only swill said alcohol from the correct glass served on a fancy tray, the bottle resting on a drink coaster and your shiny boots resting on the back of your manservant.
  12. YouTube old chap. I watch a lot of woodworking content, VFX critiques and I'm more than a bit partial to my science fiction series for which Amazon Prime is one of my providers. Current favourites are Doom Patrol and the Umbrella Academy. I have to admit I'm also a fan of Finnegan Fox!
  13. The Mail was always a little 'behind the Times' in grasping modernity, but it's still sad to see it go. The Times had a good forward thinking editorial team behind it, even ten years ago. I do miss the old style of angling press and literature. From Walton's Compleat Angler (I have the 1676 fifth edition in my collection) to Bernard Venables' Mr Crabtree comic strip (still essential reading). On TV A Passion for Angling, The Great Rod Race and these days Mortimer & Whitehouse Go Fishing are frequent watches.
  14. Live! From Norwich, OK Lincoln, OK just outside Lincoln, OK not quite live but upright...it's Daft Question Time! I'm sure I already know the answer to this but I just wanted to check what the Brain's Trust think? I've been asked to make a 'portable bar' in the campaign furniture style to replace a damaged one someone had bought and to repair the original. This will be a box that is 9" in length, 10" in depth and 17.5" in height. I've taken a look at the original and it was constructed from 18mm plywood wrapped in leather. The box was split into two and hinged in the middle. Both halves are
  15. The same flaps to the right of the image may give the game away. I suspect the roof either leaks or drops flakes of rust onto the boats below and the sheeting was put in the roof to catch the drips but has since fallen down? The things they hang in the roof of boatsheds never ceases to amaze. It took me ages to work out why a bucket was hung in the sheds at Wayford and even then Doug had to explain the concept of the 'rat bucket' hoisted into the roof space to stop the rats getting at the milk, sugar and tea bags!
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