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  1. Alternatively dial 119 from any telephone conventional or not and ask for your pass to be posted to you.
  2. The short answer to your question is 'yes', Andrew. Temperature and UV light effects both wooden and fibreglass boats in different ways over both a long period of time and a short period of time. Doug, Dave and Vaughan will be the experts on this. The different materials used to build boats react in different ways to temperature. Wooden boats dry out, gaps can appear between the planks and the sunlight can damage the varnish. With fibreglass its usually the plastic and foam cores used inside the fibreglass for rigidity that gets 'cooked' and eventually warp. Once distorted, the cores cannot be repaired.
  3. It looks like my weekend is fully booked. I'm currently up to the eyeballs designing potion bottles and making magic wands. A Skelegrow bottle to be made tomorrow. On Saturday I will once again don my muggle disguise to attend Gracie's Harry Potter Party. I don't know whether to be pleased that at her last Harry Potter Party simply adding a bow tie to my usual mufti and my granddaughter instantly proclaimed I had come as Professor Slughorne...or annoyed and seek some fashion guidance for the over the fifty something that still has to wear 'robes' to work on occasion? Sunday? I will be watching the quidditch, I mean footballing. A case of Peroni and some of Honeydukes best Crystalized Pineapple by my side!
  4. One of the rare times that I sat and watched the match on television and the whole experience left me feeling...bewildered. For some reason, I don't think the commentators were watching the same match that I was! While studio staff waxed lyrical about England's prowess, I was sat thinking our right side was weak from the midfield up. Saka was out of his depth, Mount was effectively missing in action, our team (that scores most goals from the head) was being out-jumped by the Danes and if not for Walker and Stones we would have been hammered into oblivion. Grealish arrived and departed with little impact. English tactics seemed to consist of a lot of falling over and with the forwards on the floor there was no one to pick up the loose ball at the edge of the area. This morning I've read and heard reports on the quality of 'record breaking' Pickford in goal, where as I thought he was nervous, verging on shambolic. 'Who's our goalie?' Ellie asked as both Matty and I groaned every time he got near the ball. 'Stan Laurel!' the reply. Meanwhile, Ellie was convinced England would win. I have to admit I had predicted an Italy/England final after the first games of the tournament. But extra time saw Ellie join me loitering outside while I had a smoke, the tension was too much. Outside we could hear the roars from the crowd at Gainsborough Trinity in the valley below us as they watched the match on a big screen. An 'ooh' followed by cries of 'shame' had me scuttling inside to watch a replay on TV of the infringement that saw England awarded a penalty. The Trinity crowd was right, the 'shame' of such a soft penalty. 'Can he kick it twice on a penalty? But we won!' said Ellie, the Chelsea supporter...sorry Ian but she is, as the final whistle blew. Matty looked at me. We were both pleased to see England in a final but we both knew that as 'wins' go, that one was inglorious. Best to keep quiet and move right along, nothing to see here! As for the final...I'm torn. Yes, I would like England to win but Italy have played some beautiful football!
  5. Fascinating stuff! Leadenhall Street, where The Trident Magazine was published, was home to the East India Company, Lloyds Shipping as well as the P&O offices.
  6. Timbo


  7. That would be the 'Uncle Albert' Long Service Gong, followed by the Wussername 'Antequam Romam' plaque on the wall!
  8. An opportunity to visit Yugoslavia, dropping in for tea with Clement Atlee to discuss independence for India and Umberto II's plans for an extended holiday in Portugal?
  9. It seems that a metal detectorist has discovered Wussename's allowance in Reepham. He must have done his chores that week! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-57520248
  10. If the NHS ones are offered accept them. My father in law forked out for two of the £2K all singing and dancing hearing aids only to find...they were identical to my NHS programmable in ear hearing aid. In my experience, the problem with hearing aids is that whether they are private or NHS appliances, they will end up in a drawer and not used. All male members of my family are deaf to some degree or other. Like my Dad, Uncle Albert, this happened to me in my early thirties. I was fortunate in that I had been brought up in the non-hearing community, Uncle Albert was a BSL instructor, so I learned BSL as I grew up as well as lip reading skills. I much prefer to rely on my lip reading than I rely on any hearing aid. In fact, Ellie and I had been together for ten years before she realised I was indeed deaf and had a hearing aid. She discovered my hearing aid in my desk drawer and thought it was Uncle Albert's. "Why don't you wear it?" she asked. "Well, I'm deaf on my left hand side and I do all the driving!" "What's that supposed to mean?" "I've found that when I wear my hearing aid you talk about perfume, handbags and your friends. If I don't wear it you talk about football, boats, fishing and woodwork!" was my reply. Half the battle as my hearing has worsened, has been training those around me to avoid things like talking to me as they are walking away from me or looking away from me as they speak. Children's television programming has been a big help. The kids and many parents are now familiar with makaton signing as well as more effective communication skills. For example, both my grandkids, even little Arlo, automatically will touch my arm if what they are saying is intended for me. The familiarity with makaton in the young and their families has meant that I have hardly struggled recently with mask wearing. My ultimate advice is go with the NHS first. It gives you a baseline and a familiarity before you expend your hard earned. Then you have something to compare the expensive aids with and be able to notice if they are any benefit in the long run. The NHS have always been excellent for me.
  11. I love language and the use of language although, students of mine were more than aware that language I deemed 'too damp to be wearable' would result in a thesis that was neither read nor graded. Pet hates include Americanisms. So 'gotton' and 'fess up' I find to be irritating. I once had an American colleague tell me he was 'goated by the incorrect use of the English Language and its idioms'. As an historian the American use of 'ahead of' instead of using the word 'before' annoys me. But what gets me totally and thoroughly 'goated' is the ever increasing use of the Trumpism 'so-called'. It either is or it isn't, and if it is then call it that, if it isn't there was no need to mention it. My favourite misuse of language, a schoolboy error as this was from a schoolboy urgently waving his hand at his teacher. "Miss! Miss! I've gone and putton 'putton' when I should have putton put!".
  12. The drummer in our band was an F1 fanatic and amateur photographer. Post gig he would try to show endless pictures of empty tarmac. "Yeah you can't quite see it but Senna was there a second earlier. This is one of Nigel Mansell, you can't see him but you can see the rubber he left on the tarmac." Occasionally YouTube throws some weird video suggestions into my timeline. Why this particular video cropped up I can only guess it was due to me watching James May explain the internal combustion engine...but for 'Race fans around the world' I present the Diecast Racing League's 2020 Championship Race...
  13. Timbo


    Its what is known as a 'factice' bottle, often used in perfumery. My better half Ellie has a number of them in her perfume collection. The small 1:1 ratio bottles can be picked up quite cheaply but the giant factice bottles like this Mugler Alien factice can fetch a pretty penny.
  14. The eel is one fish I absolutely hate catching, can't stand the things, but occasionally I do catch them and I do unhook and release them. Over the years I've changed the pattern of hook that I use from a 'J' hook to a circle hook. This will help in avoiding deep hooking. If I know there will be eels about I will of course avoid bait which is meat or fish based as well as maggot and worms. I also employ a 'T-bar' in my rig if eels are around. I will also employ a more sensitive bite indicator (eels engulf food quickly) and fish to a tight line (eels will drop food when they feel resistance).
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