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  1. Now then Nigel we are firmly in Uncle Albert's domain here and I asked him the same question years ago. Here's what I can remember of his explanation. The 'snatch' (tow rope) between the 'oss' (horse) or 'hanimals' (donkeys or mules used in pairs) and the towing post on the 'oss boat' (canal vessel towed by a horse) is made of cotton so would sink to the bottom of the cut (canal) when slack. So one 'oss' would slow up, the 'snatch' would sink allowing the other 'oss boat' to float over the 'snatch' while the 'oss would step over the snatch. Once they had passed then the 'oss would 'take up the slack'.
  2. https://www.boatbreakers.com/end-life-boats-issue-marine-industry-cant-ignore/
  3. Sadly, no. It was the IP CCTV Forum for IP Video, network cameras & CCTV software. But I did get some of my other, more painful, security measures from the cat and the mouse and they were by far the best subjects to study when I was learning to apply forces in character animation.
  4. I leave Mr Skinny Legs (guess who watches too much Peppa Pig these days) where he is on account of him eating all the bugs that do bite. Especially in sheds...where he serves the purpose of deterring spider frit other halves intent on investigating the contents of said shed. Living with a family of spider frit is challenging. I'm slowly but surely training them as they realise that their blind panic and shouts of 'hit it with the paper' means that I belt them around the head with the paper and not the spider. Than goodness for grandson Arlo who not only likes spiders but goes actively hunting for them. I do have a running battle with one spider who insists on spinning a web across the front of the security camera every night. I've tried all of the various concoctions to deter him until I found the only deterrent that does work. Avoiding the glass lens I smear the case of the camera in a thin layer of Vaseline. Mr Skinny Legs is unable to attach his web so moves on.
  5. On Royal Tudor they are connected to flotation switches and each pump is positioned in a different section of the bilge. The shape of the bilge means one pump is higher than the other so there has to be a lot of water in the bilge for them both to turn on. Each pump is also independently switched at the helm and each pump can be individually switched between automatic and manual pumping. We also carry a good old fashioned stirrup pump and a bucket should modern tekelknowledgy start playing silly B's!
  6. Thanks Tom. Members should note that there's a very good reason for the inclusion of the 'no naming and shaming' policy in the NBN's Terms of Service. Several good reasons, but first and foremost of these are the sub justice rules of the UK by which our organisation can be found to be 'in-contempt' for interfering with legal proceedings in the UK. "There is no exhaustive list of what constitutes "legal proceedings" but it includes, for example, the main courts: Magistrates' Court, County Court, High Court and also Inquests, Military Courts and Industrial Tribunals." Statutory contempt law bans the media (The NBN forum is classed as a 'publisher' under the law) from publishing or broadcasting, including on the internet (which is us), any comments or information that might seriously prejudice active legal proceedings. In short, once legal proceedings become "active", it is a criminal offence for media organisations (which again is us) to broadcast material which would create "a substantial risk of serious prejudice" to the proceedings. Criminal proceedings become "active" as soon as one of the following has occurred: a person is arrested, a warrant for arrest is issued, a summons has been issued, or a person has been charged, and they remain so until such time as the accused has been acquitted or convicted. Who can be prejudiced? Jurors, witnesses and magistrates. Liability for statutory contempt is 'strict', which means that our knowledge or intention is irrelevant, as is the fact that no actual prejudice was caused in a particular case - the risk of prejudice is sufficient. If contempt is committed intentionally, however, it would be punished even more severely. Contempt of court is a criminal offence and carries severe penalties: an unlimited fine and/or up to two years imprisonment of the relevant personnel responsible for the offending publication or broadcast - normally the Editor or in our case ME. So please report incidents to the correct authority, send them your witness statements and photographs but please do no post them here as it makes their job and mine harder. Although members have offered to knit us a cake with a spanner in it, Ian and I would rather not do a stint in pokey as he snores, I have a flatulence problem and the squabbles over who gets the top bunk would be interminable.
  7. When it comes to historiography (the study of the study of history) there are two theories as to the nature or shape of history. From the earliest times history was thought to be circular, people and events constantly revolving and repeating over and over again. Since the development of Christianity the thought has run that history is linear. You start at the beginning and work your way to the end. Let's face it, you can't sell tickets to the big hurrah if history is circular. As a historian, I'm with the Egyptians who used the dung beetle to depict the cyclical nature of history. Same doodah, different day. So what prompted Timbo's brain towards thoughts on historiography this morning? It was Google Photos sending me a reminder of the pictures I took on this day three years ago. Then, as now, I was reorganizing my shed.
  8. TML's new restaurant 'Not Poodle' opens this Saturday, special offer one for the price of two!
  9. No Gainsborough Girl?
  10. So after days of rain I get a nice hot day. It's too hot. Too hot to work in the shed, I'm getting burnt in the sun working outside and Dylan the beagle just had a seizure more than likely a result of him over heating. We are all now in the shade with a fan blowing on beagles. We have had a chance to experiment with cat deterrence. Water pistols are good fun. Beagle deterrence works partially but I have found the ultimate anti crapping cat system. It's so easy, does your garden good and helps getting rid of kitchen waste. I read a report on this site which gave me my ultimate solution. Having deployed my system I have been monitoring all offending cats and refining my system. Results are astonishing and I'm having so much fun dictating the behaviour of the cats in my neighbourhood and restricting their movements to the gardens of their owners almost invisibly. The trick? Used coffee grounds! Collect your used coffee grounds and sprinkle them on your garden. Get a good mulch on well used cat paths. It will stop kitty dead in his tracks as he doesn't like getting coffee grounds on his paws. After a few days start to lightly sprinkle coffee grounds anywhere you don't want kitty to go, such as your lawn, under windows and under your car. Within a few days kitty is so sick and tired of cleaning the grit from his paws that liquid coffee can be sprayed on the ground and kitty will not pass as he now associates the smell of coffee with grit in his paws. It's the caffeine equivalent of the Smartie Tube! I'm just popping the kettle on for a Java Jive, so I can sit back, sip my coffee and listen to the neighbours moan about their cats and complain about the amount of money they are having to spend on cat litter recently.
  11. The beagles are chipped and tagged. One side of the tag has my phone number, the other side of the tag has the boats name and registration number. Being beagles, they have the potential to follow a scent wherever it will take them, although for beagles they are very well trained so will be off their leads if on a walk. You do have to keep an eye on them on the boat if you are moored up as they are great escape artists as the skipper of Malanka can vouch!
  12. You are not breaking the law Griff. Just like face masks there are exemptions. " Emergency rescue dogs and registered guide dogs are exempt, as are dogs being used by a member of HM Armed Forces, the police or HM Customs and Excise. Sheep and cattle dogs are allowed to work without a collar, and so are hounds and gundogs." When Purdy is 'working' you don't need the collar or tags displayed.
  13. Undisputed boat hook wranglers were Uncle Albert and Great Uncle Bert (Lock Keeper on the Stainforth). Watching the pair of them cajole a pile up of Tom Puddings with a boat hook and a fender each to extract black n white beasts (Fresian Cows) that had fallen into the cut was a thing of wonder.
  14. I was very recently advised to wash my new face covering regularly. This is causing me a few problems. I'm putting it on a hot wash and a 1600 spin in my Miele washing machine and I'm using Persil Biological Liquid as the detergent. I've noticed that I am finding it difficult to breath in my mask, I'm getting a red rash all over my head and a severe pain in my neck and lower extremities I wondered if it could be the wash cycle I'was using, so I chose the quick cycle, but at forty five minutes duration, breathing was still really difficult. Now, I am a light and restless sleeper so I do roll over quite a lot in bed but even still, I can't seem to keep up with such an aggressive spin cycle, would it matter if I reduced the RPM to nine or even four hundred? After some research online I did find reference to people getting a skin rash when using various different brands of detergent, although I have a sneaking suspicion that the redness on my skin is more a result of the temperature of the water. Any help and advice much appreciated.
  15. I enjoyed their recent articles on the Abyssinian Wire Haired Tripe Hound. I'd even go so far as to say 'Blamtastic!'
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