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  1. Timbo

    Tally Ho Restoration Films

    Just watched a couple, I think you guys have just run up against the Atlantic Divide in woodwork. It's a common phenomenon when you start watching woodwork videos on YouTube. Here in the UK, we have them Safety Elves. Safety Elves don't make very good sailors so they don't get across the Atlantic. Come to think of it, Safety Elves know nothing of woodwork either and go out of their way to make jobs difficult and dangerous. I think the table saw is the best example. I bought the best quality table saw that German technology could build. It's precise and it's accurate. I then fitted all of the 'safety features' the UK think it should have. The dust extraction and various blade guards. The dust extraction was good...will be better when my dust extractors come back from the boat. The blade guards...a nightmare accident waiting to happen. Especially if you only have good movement in one hand like I have. With the guard fitted you cannot see the blade and material. The guards deflect and catch on the material pushing it onto the blade at the wrong angle. This is not a fault with just my top of the range Bosch, it's a fault on all UK table saws. I intensely dislike that in the UK we are not allowed to use dado sets on the saws as 'the blades could fly off'. A dado set is a stack of saw blades for cutting grooves of various sizes in timber panels. Of course, there are many YouTube woodworkers with an almost suicidal attitude to tools! Have a look at Izzy Swann's channel. Although I think the chap must be half British with some of his inventions. The table saw bowl lathe had me cringing. But he makes some amazing things from wood usually powered with a battery drill! Here are some of my favourites! And this would be something we could use on a boat!
  2. Timbo


    Oh yes!
  3. Timbo

    My Day

    You go steady Mr Griff Sir...looking across the Trent I can see the cloud cover over Donny is starting to lift though!
  4. Timbo

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    I must add my voice to that of Maurice Mynah in affirming Hunsett is a carbuncle. One that needs lancing in my opinion. I really like his idea of opening out the competition yet making sure it was 'local'. Local firms, local materials and to designs chosen by the stakeholders in the Broads. Let's see these other entries? I do have to disagree with him though on 'slapping preservation orders'. I've never once 'slapped' a PO, I carefully ponder the merit of the structure before 'deliberately placing' my recommendation for a PO. I attend more than a few meetings with architects looking to make a statement on the landscape. I met one last year who seemed to be doing a good impression of Pablo Picasso complete with beret and Gitanes cigarette. He seemed to have taken my comment to 'have a word wi yer sen' to heart as he missed his own presentation. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against good modern architecture. But that's the point. 'Good modern architecture'. I think Vaughan hit the nail squarely on the head. Do we need a development in that location and is that development suitable? I can tell you that I passed the site on Sunday and it took me over three-quarters of an hour to do so. This was due to a traffic accident and queues of traffic backing up in all directions.
  5. Timbo

    Acle Bridge Vanity Project

    All of us at the NBN, all 2000 active members, are qualified to comment on the aesthetics of the proposed development. Why? Because all of us, whether you agree with the raison d'être of the development of this site, disagree with it, think the whole scheme a marvellous idea or the biggest waste of money since the last crackpot idea, whether you like the proposed structures or think they are superb works of art or a blot on the landscape...all of us are qualified to comment because all of us are stakeholders in The Broads! There are over 2000 active members of the NBN and we come from such a vast array of backgrounds. We are locals, holidaymakers, hirers, owners, motor boaters, sailors, canoeists, environmentalists, conservationists and have so many different careers and skills between us that 'yes' we do have people qualified to speak with authority on this and a vast array of other subjects. Yes, we have got a rocket scientist! My personal feelings...The Ziggurat made me chuckle. Smacks of brutalism and left me wondering if there was to be an altar on top dedicated to Quetza-quango, the god of 'bureaucratic visions'? Kids could buy obsidian knives in the gift shop below and play at sacrificing the kids on Clozaril. To be honest, all three have an air of the work of Le Corbusier, remind me of the Chapelle Notre-Dame-du-Haut de Ronchamp. The first two are both variations on the modern A-frame and smack of revisiting the mid-century modern style for the umpteenth time. Nothing new, original or of merit here. As an individual stakeholder, I would sooner the site was made suitable for boating traffic with a small gift/coffee shop and the hundreds of thousands of quite obviously available cash spent on providing refuse collection at key points around the Broads. To be honest, that would be the action of a responsible authority. But as I say, only my personal thoughts on the subject. I would like to hear everyone's thoughts on the scheme. Good or bad they are your thoughts and opinions and just as valid as anyone else's. For or against, it's your opinion and your landscape. It's not BA bashing, it's not having a row, it's called consultation. it's what 'we think'. It may not be something that gets pointed out often but....you see, The Broads Authority...shh, is supposed to work on our behalf. We are all stakeholders in the Broads. Our opinions do matter. There are 2000 of us. Over 40,000 individuals read our public forum every week, and we can make some noise if want to...of course staying within forum guidelines so that we don't give the moderators headaches. Please don't give them headaches? I need Grendel nice and fresh so he can finish my cabin doors!
  6. Timbo

    A Serious Question

    I know Charlie...it's because they are amateurs. I realised straight away you were building a guide rail to be fastened to the bed of the River Ant for a self-steering system for your boat. A log flume but with no wash, ideal for a Theme Park!
  7. Timbo


    Welcome onboard! Great to have you here!
  8. Timbo

    Hello Fellow Waterpeople

    Hello Phil, welcome aboard!
  9. Someone needs to buy it quick before it runs into those icebergs behind it!
  10. Timbo


    Nah...I think the Cuban Cigar I gave you turned you green before you got to the bar!
  11. Timbo


    Here's a sobering thought. Perhaps the Rangers, as do the police, publicans, moderators and bouncers, should and do carry those valuable tools of experience and common sense to the job. Has anyone witnessed a football match where a referee applies the exact extent of the rules and regulations? I have. There was nearly 45 minutes of extra time to play. Worst game of footie ever! I think your average Broads Ranger must see so many more degrees of partying boaters in a week than most people and just like your beat bobby will know when action needs to be taken and what that action needs to be. As for my good friend MM, you need not worry. I have seen you turn around at 9:30 pm and walk away from the bar and say 'I've had sufficient thank you'. I've never met anyone more 'capable' than you sir!
  12. Timbo


    Section 12 of the Licensing Act 1872 outlaws “every person found drunk in any highway or other public place, whether a building or not, or on any licensed premises”. Carries a £200 fine. But then a few other laws still on the statutes might be pertinent on the Broads? What about those sailor hats sold in shops and worn by quite a few holiday makers? Ah you see, them despicable criminals is guilty of contravening the Seamen’s and Soldiers’ False Characters Act 1906 and could spend a month in clink for doing so. But the real law breakers...are those despicable fiends that contravene the 1986 Salmon Act and commit the crime of 'handling a salmon in suspicious circumstances'. You know who you are!
  13. Timbo


    I tried to use that one in respect of the second marriage but it turned out I'd already used it in respect of the first one!
  14. Timbo


    They are called 'Professors' or 'students' pretty similar!

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