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  1. The memorial hits close to home for me. I had great aunts and uncles, survivors of the camps, who still bore their tattoo. Some of my uncles had joined the army to fight only to be sent to concentration camps after they were captured in action. I've written regularly on this forum about a dear family friend, 'Uncle' John, and his antics on The Broads. As a sergeant in the RASC he was one of the machine drivers at the liberation of Belsen. We remember those who died, but also those who fought and died so that the like should never happen again.
  2. There is a rumour going around that Griff has annexed it as an official part of Yorkshire!
  3. Girlington. I used to enjoy walking past the very first Morrisons shop which had been preserved and painted up in the original colours although the windows were boarded at the time. Sadly, last time I took a look the cityscape had changed so much I couldn't recognise the location and I think the original has either been demolished or is now once again a small corner shop, but no longer a Morrison's shop.
  4. Timbo


    Oh yes indeed! I thoroughly enjoyed that! I' was waiting for a 'make it so' to totally make my day, and there was two 'iffy' CG effects, but finally...so far...Trek worth watching!
  5. Just returned from an extended jaunt with the beagle brothers through the woods. I noticed last week that the narcissus and daffodils are already pushing their way through and some are almost ready to open!
  6. Royal Tudor/ Timbo, Dylan & Toby + Surprise Mystery & Celebrity Guests
  7. I like to keep the mod and tech teams on their toes and they worked through the night and lunch breaks to get things going again as fast as they could for which I am very grateful.
  8. Speakers' Corner is in the main forum Poppy.
  9. Evening Vaughan. No, that would mean I would miss out on our chinwags and that rather excellent wine you have on board! NorfolkNog has the hit the nail squarely on the head. There's a whole world of paperwork between 'we are meeting up for a pint and incidentally we are members of the NBN' and 'we are members of the NBN and are organising to meet up for a pint'. By the way, anyone up for a pint in the next couple of weeks? I've not had one since before Christmas. Just one more operation to go on Friday...send me a pm or I will post in the out and about thread my whereabouts when I get to Norfolk. I'm not all that keen on paperwork, and can do without it but if it has to be done, then it's going to be done correctly. Some good ideas for some official meets on the Southern Broads there JM. All we need now is for some lovely volunteers to step up and help organise them for next year!
  10. The NBN Spring Meet is in it's current location in order to accommodate those attending by boat, both owners and hirers, as well as people attending who are camping at the venue and those requiring disabled access. The object is to give access to the event to as many members as possible. The dates were chosen to allow inexpensive boat hire and to allow families with children to attend. Year on year the event is increasingly popular and I'm looking forward to this years fun and games. It would be wonderful to be able to just say 'we'll all meet here for an informal gathering'. Unfortunately any meeting or gathering under the auspices of the NBN organisation using the facilities of our organisation, be that the name, the website or Facebook group as a means of communication and coordination or any of our resources such as the marquees etc, whether described as an 'official' or 'unofficial' event for the benefit of our members would leave our organisation open to liability. Limiting that liability is part of my job as Chairman working with our insurers to ensure we follow all applicable legislation, rules, regulations, amendments and codicils that apply to our organisation and its events. In order to comply with the terms of our insurance anyone organizing an event will have supplied their full name and address, details of relevant qualifications and have undergone a DBS check and safeguarding training to comply with safeguarding regulations. Before any event takes place written permissions, detailed plans, confirmation of notifications to authorities and a full risk assessment have been obtained, completed and submitted to the relevant authorities and our insurers. It's a headache, a pain in the backside, takes a lot of time and effort but it has to be done. Members on the Events Committee work extremely hard to get the job done. There are no short cuts, particularly when I'm the chairman and it's my name on the dotted line. All of this is why the events team start planning the next event even while the current event is underway. I have no objection and would be pleased if members wish to look into the possibility of a meet on the Southern Broads in 2021. We have many members, both hirers and owners, who are based in the south. Many of us based in the North already attend the events of other organisations on the southern Broads in the summer and autumn...some of us take our time getting there and even longer getting back but save on fuel while doing it! However, potential locations will need to have access for all members to the event and any and all legalities will have to be addressed. Anyone wishing to volunteer to help organise an event on the Southern Broads, or indeed join in with the organisation for all NBN events please drop me a note via PM with your details and we can start the ball rolling.
  11. With my sensible head on for two seconds... At the symposium on conservation and management of wetland habitats held in Riga back in 2017 we were discussing the imprecise nature of STEAM as a tool for modelling tourism particularly sustainable tourism. Economic impact modelling is but one measure. It's a bit like the betatmax and VHS argument. Betamax is the better format, VHS is cheaper to knock out and more popular, yet on the horizon is the DVD, Blueray and online streamed content that will give you the content you are looking for when you want it. Many delegates were inquiring after better modelling tools.
  12. I know what you mean SP. You'd never catch me hanging around with these ex university graduate types!
  13. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their contributions to the Norfolk Broads Network this year. Our sponsors for helping to keep the lights on. The management team for making sure the bills get paid and I'm behaving myself, the technical team for making sure that everything is running smoothly, the moderation team for keeping all of us on our toes and behaving ourselves. Last, but certainly not least, each and every member that posts, reads and enjoys the forums, meetings, get-together's and work parties, it just wouldn't be worthwhile without you! I wish each and every one of you a happy, peaceful and prosperous new year and I hope to see you out on the water to make more fabulous memories very, very, soon. Timbo, Ellie, Gracie, and 'the boys'!
  14. Ellie always buys me a colander for Christmas but the days just drop through the holes. You don't half end up with soggy socks when a month of wet Sundays land on your feet! What day is it?
  15. Welcome to my world and a question I will ask my long suffering Ellie about ten times a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year. If you have spent any length of time in my company you will know that as a result of my strokes I have absolutely no sense of time. Yet as a historian and archaeologist I'm obsessed with it. My brain processes time and memory quite differently to other people. My short term memory ranges from appalling to nonexistent. I can ask the same question several times within minutes. I will struggle recalling a word, name or number minute to minute. At the same time I suffer from hyperthymesia which means I can recall in exact detail events and conversations that occurred weeks, months, years or decades ago. It makes for some interesting arguments. I might not remember what we were arguing about twenty minutes ago, but by hell will you catch it in a couple of weeks time! For someone that spends a lot of time with computers and technology my aids to memory are old fashioned. I rely on my analog wristwatches which I seem to accumulate like a dog does fleas. Even more numerous are my un-hackable notebooks and journals. I make copious amounts of notes in a day, written with a fountain pen in cursive, all in a shorthand of my own devising guaranteed to wind up Ellie when she sees pages titled 'Present ideas for Ellie's Birthday' and then she can't read the list underneath. Technology does come into play in the form of various alarms set on my phone. My new phone has a brilliant feature where I can set an alarm, give the alarm a title which is displayed and the phone will not only ring but the virtual assistant will tell me the time, the day and date and what I'm supposed to be doing. So, there's the 'Take Tablets', 'Take Ellie to Work', 'Pick Ellie Up', 'Pick Gracie Up' and 'Walk Dogs' alarms. Even though the alarm will have told me it's time to take Ellie to work and what day it is, I will still ask Ellie 'what day is it?' when she gets in the car. Five minutes later when I drop her off at work she will still need to remind me of the day and what time she needs picking up at. I will drive home, make a coffee and then I will ring Ellie at work to ask her what day it is. As always she will answer without sounding exasperated. Tomorrow is a fun day. "What day is it?" "It's your birthday." "I know that, but what day is it?"
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