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  1. Timbo

    Constellation 3?

    "Externally it has been protected by a West System technique applied during the rebuild." Right...so they have epoxied the wood? No thanks.
  2. Timbo

    Doctor Who

    I've been a big fan of Dr Who since I was small enough to hide behind the sofa. My favourite doctor? Has to be David Tennant. Great actor, great scripts. Will I watch the new series? Nah. The reason? It was the little missive from the show's researchers telling us how they will be using the show as a 'vehicle' to 'teach us a correct perspective of history'. Er...no. Was I bothered by the regeneration as a woman...nah, old hat, been done before in the previous series. Same old, same old. Now make the doctor black, asian...or even ginger...that would have put the cat among the pigeons! For the science fiction buff, there are some far better films and TV series about to hit various screens in the next year. There's Bird Box from the novel by Josh Malerman. Directed by academy award winning director Susanne Bier it's a 'post-apocalyptic movie that follows the story of a woman and a pair of children who are blindfolded and have to survive 20 miles of a river using only their other senses. One of my favourite science fiction books of all time is getting the film treatment. Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke. Stargate is going to be relaunched! Meanwhile in TV series land... I'm looking forward to the UK release of Castle Rock. A whole host of Stephen King characters lumped into one series! Good Omens..the bungling of Armageddon by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant. The Lord of the Rings TV series...will they butcher it...again? Currently in production is the War of the Worlds, set in Edwardian London...looks good! Outside of Scifi, I'm looking forward to the television adaptation of Umberto Eco's novel 'The Name of the Rose' into a mystery series due out in 2019. So...to be honest, the world of Geek is looking fine and dandy without the BBC's best efforts. You all did know I'm a geek? Just checking...
  3. Timbo


    Dear Cole, I don't think there is the need for Commotions, after all, Jennifer She Said that being sober results in Perfect Skin reducing the chances of a lost weekend. I have to admit that frequenting the occasional hostelry can result in A Brand New Friend. St John
  4. Timbo


    Dear Sir, *Cough *rasp *wheeze the correct modern terminology to use is 'vitally challenged'! A snuffist is a professional snuff-taker, although I can see how confusion can occur. My Aunt Maud was the captain of the Stalham Spinster Snufflers Formation Snuff Snorting Side in the late 1920's. Sadly she became vitally challenged during the 1929 final when she accidentally sneezed having consumed two vindaloos and three pints of Pernod during the semi-final celebrations the previous night. Due to her smoking a woodbine at the time of the incident the coroner had a hard time finding the cause of her being vitally challenged and therefore recorded it as a tobacco-related injury. The term 'snuffed it' was coined in his final report and refers to the 'means' and not the result. I hope this has given you some insight. Yours faithfully St John Goitscuttle Crene-Smith
  5. Not particularly my friend, antibiotics not working and I just cannot seem to shift this one. Back with the mountebank first thing this morning to try something different, then back to bed!
  6. Should we be using shina, birch or marine, and are we accepting the edict of the Council of Nicaea and going with the vernal as opposed to the autumnal?
  7. Cough* Splutter *Cough* I'm ill you know *cough *cough As JanetAnne says But just to clear up one or two technical bits and pieces that may be of help in the future either for taking photos for calendars or just for your own pleasure and posterity. Many phones and digital cameras come with an option these days on how the photograph is stored. My phone gives me a choice of jpeg, RAW, jpeg and RAW. I only ever shoot in RAW. Here's why. Imagine the photograph you are taking with your camera is an actual photograph on paper. To store as many photos as possible in your device the manufacturer uses the 'cheapo' jpg to screw the image up as small as it can go. Remember putting an old tenner or a lottery ticket through the wash? When you unfold the jpeg to then use it in print or online, just like the old tenner or lottery ticket, much of the information will be lost in the creases, folds or washed out in the washing machine cycle. There is no way that you will put that ticket or tenner back into its original state for it to be used. With a jpeg, the act of creating a jpeg degrades your images and permanently deletes information contained in them. You can take information out of a photograph in edit but you can't put information into the photograph. Now the RAW file retains all of the information of the original image. Like the transporters, onboard the USS Enterprise the RAW file can 'beam' the image back into its original condition. Software to deal with RAW files is not expensive. It is FREE. Nor is it a long drawn out process, it is quick and simple once you have it installed. Now you all know me, I don't like spending money if I can help it, and in the case of photo manipulation software, the FREE stuff is BETTER than the 'paid for' variety. All that has to be done to use a RAW file once you have the software is pop the card from your phone or camera into your computer. Click on the files you wish to download or view. If you wish to print your photo just print them. If you wish to convert them into a useable format and save them then do so. The thing is...nobody uses jpegs for anything. It's just a cheap method for the manufacturer to store more photos on the device or card. You can convert the image into a jpeg if you really want to, but it's like storing a video file in Betamax instead of an MP4. If you must convert your image to use online or in film or computer game you would use a png, tiff or Targa file. So best to just take RAW files if you can and eradicate the jpeg. Now if your phone or camera does not save RAW files then the best that you can do is make sure all of the settings in your device are set to maximum quality before taking any pictures and remember the old adage about the silk purse and sow's ear. Here's a link to Gimp software, RAW image software and a handy tutorial. https://www.daviesmediadesign.com/project/open-raw-images-gimp-2-10/ Now I'm off back to bed as the antibiotics are not working this time around and I feel battered with bits missing... like a jpeg I suppose *cough *splutter *rasp *cough
  8. Timbo

    Old Woodies

    I have noticed that commonly heard phrases before any job commences on an old wooden boat are 'Did you hang on to', 'where did we put the old', 'is there any of the old [insert boat part] left', 'we need to find a bit of old', 'if we had some of the old'...oh and 'if we can't find an old [insert appropriate bit of boat] it's going to be expensive'!
  9. Timbo

    Is It Just Me ?

    We don't call him the Misanthropic Maurice Mynah for nothing you know. We charge him 63p a time!
  10. Timbo

    Nbn Quiz Night

    Oh smeg! I'm brushing up on the aftermath of the battle of Rimmer World!
  11. Vaughan...you do know I'm going to be hunting for RT's tonnage stamp now don't you?
  12. If anyone can hear a distant thumping sound...it's Uncle Albert!
  13. Timbo

    Is This A Genuine Roach..

    Bang on as Big Bream says. Roach/Bream hybrid the number of scales on the lateral line is the giveaway.
  14. Timbo

    Food On The Broads

    I'm another that can say that in recent years I've not had a bad meal on the Broads. Including takeaways, the quality of food has always been outstanding. My favourite haunts include the Greyhound at Hickling, the Indian Restaurant at Stalham and of course the superlative Wayford Bridge Inn.
  15. Timbo

    Norfolk Men

    Ah because there's how you want the job done and how they are going to do it!

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