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  1. You mean...I can stop cleaning up in readiness for Scarlet Johannsen nipping round to congratulate me on my knighthood?
  2. My apps fall into three categories. Archaeology, filmmaking and woodwork. Archaeology My bestest app is a map app connected to the small finds registers nationwide. It can pull up details of archaeological finds along with the map reference of each find. Invaluable when I'm out in the field and need to check a find against the existing register or look at find distribution. Joint second bestest apps are the LIDAR apps. One allows me access to my own more detailed LIDAR renders and the second is Bevel which allows me to scan an object in 3D. Third bestest app is the OS Maps app, wh
  3. Here we go again! An early night was needed as both Ellie and I were shattered. I read the forum while I made myself a drink. No sooner had I pressed 'submit' on a post on 'weirs' than my phone rang. It was Ellie and the store had been broken into for the second time in less than 24 hours. It was 10:20 pm. I scraped the ice off the car and put on my coat, Ellie joined me in the car and once again we set off to pick up Jodie. This time things were a bit different. The criminals had been caught in the act by the police. Two guys had been spotted by the CCTV operator who rang the cops. This
  4. Sorry, late to the discussion as usual. The term 'weir' in a historical context is different to the modern engineering context and may be leading to a bit of a misunderstanding. The modern interpretation is of a dam across a river to control the upstream water level. What we are talking about here is the historical meaning of a weir between the inner and outer broads being a series of fish traps. 'The Weirs' is a description of 'what it is'. The Weirs at South Walsham are mentioned in the Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici a collection of Anglo Saxon Charters (copy in the British Library). You c
  5. Fun and games this morning when the alarm company rings Ellie to inform her of a break in at the store. Marvellous! Two days previously we'd had the thieves at home trying to break into the shed, failing and vandalizing my neighbours car when they left empty handed. The night before last Ellie rang me at 2 am to wake me up to tell me that I'd left a window open, I hadn't. Of course I couldn't get back to sleep and was beyond grumpy in the morning as a consequence. "Unless it's a booty call don't ring me in the early hours this time!" I'd instructed as I went to bed last night. S
  6. Archaeologists spend a lot of time under canvas in the middle of nowhere...when there are no pubs, of course. Consequently there's a lot of sitting around, drinking, and playing board games to be done. Games with over six participants tend to get unwieldy and very long. You also end up with loads of bits missing, from the game and from each other as tempers flare. We usually ended up splitting into 'schools' for games of Uckers (RN version of Ludo no WAFU rules please) as more often than not 'Our Man in Wherever you happen to be in whatever far flung corner of the world' would be RN. We would
  7. Firkling 2021 has got under way with a team engineering effort! Cars, I've been driving for thirty eight years and know knack all about engines. I'be been driving boats even longer and still know knack all about them. Tractors? Well, tractors I've been driving for over forty years and although I know knack all about their engines I can fit side plates and front and rear hydraulic linkages very quickly. Today I helped Daddy and Arlo, with some help from Toby finish putting together Arlo's JCB that he got for Christmas. Daddy had done most of the work already and was just in the final proc
  8. Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, did you all enjoy International Timbo Day? Boris (no relation) kept the country's celebrations muted this year, nothing to do with the pandemic but in deference for my advancing years. Timbo Day Eve was a quiet family celebration with our bubble minus the grandkids. Ellie made cocktails...which we all promptly watered down and I filed away her recipe for future use for removing stubborn spots of yacht varnish. Youngest son Matty was then easily cajoled into making mojitos...now Matty can mix a cocktail! The evening was punctuated by the sporadic bom
  9. The Chairman's New Year's Message This last year has been a year of shocks and restrictions. There have been sad losses along the way, family members, friends, and members of the forum. Faces, voices, wisdom and kindness that we will dearly miss on the Broads in the years to come. Indeed this year has been one that most of us will be glad to see the back of. But before this year slinks off into infamy I would like to express my thanks to those that have put others before themselves to stop the wheels from falling off. The doctors, nurses and key workers all, from delivery drivers to shop
  10. Just back from sTresco after doing the weekly shop. Stood waiting for a taxi to arrive outside the store was a couple with a trolley piled high with multiple packs of toilet roll and twelve large bags of cat litter. "It's not what you think!" said the woman when she saw me looking. "What you think he's thinking will not be what he's thinking and what he is thinking is probably ten times worse than what you think he's thinking or what he should be thinking and if he thinks what I think he's thinking he'd better think again!" said my better half. "Next slide please!" I replied.
  11. Just gone into Tier 4 this side of the Trent. As a Newcastle supporter I can appreciate how Sunderland felt dropping from Tier 1 to 4 in such a short space of time. The better half has just been called into work on her day off to start mothballing the premises for closing tonight.
  12. I don't so much have a bucket list as a toilet roll or two of a list. On the very first sheet on the bog roll are the following two items. Visit Rome for a lengthy stay As a classical archaeologist I've travelled most of the classical world and dug it up, but I've never been to Rome. I've never been to Italy. That said, if you were to ask me directions to somewhere in Rome I could probably take you there after spending years poring over maps of the city. I'd like to stay long enough to be able to pick up the language. New Years Day Concert New Year's Day is National Timbo Day
  13. Bearing in mind that turning my television on yesterday evening was only the second time its been used since it was installed two years ago, I'm at a loss when it comes to the type of crud and claptrap that passes for entertainment in the twenty first century. I can and can't understand people's frustrations with TV programming schedules, but the channels only serve up more of the programming that people are watching. The more you watch it, the more they serve up. I had to chuckle while I was holding a couple of video meetings the other week. The first was while I was firkling in my shed. I
  14. have you been reading the label on your tin of pea soup?
  15. Thanks everyone, I have to admit to feeling somewhat raw, a little numb and thankful for the hard work Dylan did over his life. Over these past couple of days I've come to realize how much I relied on him to get me through the basic tasks of daily life. From the dab of cold nose to get me out of bed to the constant nudges he would give with either his paw or his nose or physically shepherding me around the flat so that I did the tasks I was supposed to do in the correct order. Nose Dab = pay attention Paw scrape=pay close attention you forgot something Bark=something is wrong Push aga
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