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  1. I remember the last time we visited with both beagles that dogs were made more than welcome as long as they were on a lead and owners cleaned up after them. There were even water bowls placed at intervals. I scraped my knees and cricked my neck getting down to them so I assumed they were intended for the dogs!
  2. Timbo

    Road Works 2021

    Bypass might be open Q, but every road joining it this morning was choked with road works, temporary traffic lights, temporary speed restrictions and random groups of men looking into holes.
  3. Looking good. Just one thing...have you done a Gibbs from NCIS? How you going to get it out of the conservatory?
  4. The river upon which the myth is based, the archaeology and the region is, of course, classified as a 'core' of one of the twenty seven National Parks of Greece. Under the legislation creating the Greek National Parks the area surrounding the core of a National Park should be equal or greater in area than the core. Thus Hades would indeed be a National Park.
  5. It's twenty grains or one scruple of silver...around one sixth of a drachma...placed under the tongue. Failure to pay the Ferryman will see your soul wandering around the riverbank for eternity.
  6. He more than 'did his bit'! Rest in peace, Sir.
  7. I turn my telly on periodically but I reckon it's broken. All I can get on it is thirty year old sit coms, a load of people that can't dance, can't skate, can't bake, trapped in a jungle and the feed from some copper's dash cam.
  8. Members are advised and reminded to follow HM Government guidance with regard to Coronavirus status and the ongoing changes to that status which is available to read and digest here. In addition, specific guidance with regard to boating on the Broads has been published by the Broads Authority in consultation with Defra, other government bodies and other inland waterway authorities and is available to read and digest here. Members are reminded that the easing of lockdown is fluid and subject to conditions and criteria being met nationally. Despite the rumblings of armchair politicians and
  9. After weighing all of the information available to me, from official and unofficial government sources, checking with all local authorities and landowners as well as members of the NBN Ents team members there will be no official NBN Meet this year. There are far too many 'ifs', 'possibly's', 'might's', 'should's' and 'could's' and 'thou shalt not's' to make a meet viable for the remainder of this year. Instead we will take the time to make sure that all permissions, precautions and conditions are in place and plan for a spectacular meet next year that will be open to all members.
  10. The best, the very best cricket coverage is of course on Facebook...provided you have the same large number of cricket mad friends on the Indian sub-continent as I have! The passion, knowledge of the sport, the excitement, laughs and banter, no matter who is playing, puts all other coverage to shame. As with most sport I listen to coverage on the radio, but when its cricket...I keep one eye on what my friends are talking about in India and Bangladesh.
  11. 'Scrawns on a ashtray' was my delicacy of choice...available from a number of stalls Donny Fish Market. An hour before closing on Saturday was best as you would get an extra portion, anything left come closing was bagged and put on ice to sell round the pubs Saturday night. Sunday morning I would always check the fridge in case Uncle Albert had been chatting up the 'fishwife' in the pub the previous night. A fridge full of prawns meant a 'black pepper and vinegar breakfast' for me. The addition of 'finny haddock' to the fridge meant Uncle Albert had been sober enough to feel guilty come closin
  12. It's getting to the end of an anxious few months. Two weeks before Christmas our grandson Arlo had to attend hospital to get a lump on his jawline checked out. After a trip to casualty and then a full ten hours of testing the following day he was referred to oncology at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham. A PET scan on Christmas Eve then a visit to the specialist the first week of January and he was scheduled for surgery last Thursday. Prior to his surgery, Arlo had to go into quarantine for a week and he has also had to quarantine for a week after for Covid related reasons. Consequently
  13. The long grain would suggest teak to me, going by the hefty lumps that Griff dropped off for me. Give it the sniff test, a slight whiff of leather and its teak Alternatively sand it back and do a water drop test. Mahogany absorbs water quicker than real teak.
  14. Like Griff, my way points have changed over time. As a kid in the very early 1970s, it was Donny Railway Station that was the gateway to The Broads. A couple of years later and sitting in a traffic jam with the 'improvements' to the A17 and A47 became the way point. As an adult it was the sight of Lincoln Cathedral sitting on the cliff that marked the beginning. Later, as the trips became more frequent, the marker would fluctuate between stepping out of my front door to pulling up at the boat yard. At one point it was the moment I rolled into the campsite at Hickling, pitched the tent and popp
  15. You mean...I can stop cleaning up in readiness for Scarlet Johannsen nipping round to congratulate me on my knighthood?
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