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  1. Timbo

    Ant Warning!!!

    Scrubbing today! Galley cleaned from top to bottom! I am exhausted! Too much hard work for Dylan!
  2. Timbo

    Ant Warning!!!

    There's supposed to be floorboards? It's all the dust generated by these plastic boats in the shed that's affecting what's left of my brain! Gets everywhere does plastic dust!
  3. Timbo

    Ant Warning!!!

    Poor Toby, although he has been a pain today! I've been a busy boy today making handrails, putting the canopy on and starting the cleaning! I had a visit from that chap, you know, thingy, wotsit, oojamccallum, you know Wussisname? Smacked my head on the cabin sides countless times! But now having a coffee after walking the tripe hounds! Discovered some archaeology while cleaning! Right, early night still lots to do! Night all! Mankini indeed!
  4. Timbo

    Ant Warning!!!

    Lost... One Makita drill. Last seen bottom of wetshed!
  5. Timbo

    Ant Warning!!!

    You'd like to think so... Indiana Timbo and the black foot! So Dylan gets off the boat while we are still in the shed. Instead of going out like he asked to do, Dylan spies another rat. He's 'deadded' two so far this week. Deciding to pounce on the rat, the fat lump jumped and landed with his back leg inside the canister of stain I was using. So Dylan has one black leg now and we have black paw prints on the quay heading! On the boat however, Dylan has assumed his usual post on the bow, ears flapping in the breeze!
  6. Timbo

    Ant Warning!!!

    Must report sea trials a complete success, managed to get RT in and out of shed... Twice without mishap. Steve had his first time helming a boat down to Barton and enjoyed it so much we now have a boating convert. Two days on my own now fitting bits and pieces, laying lino and cleaning! Time for a beer first!
  7. Timbo

    Sos Lost Dog

    Morning! Dylan has been found thanks to the very nice couple who went out of their way to not only make sure he was safe but to bring him back too! Returning to the wet shed at the end of the day's work, Dylan simply vanished. One second he was trotting in front next second he had gone. His absconding and capture seconds in total. The hunting high and low and worrying and looking for dog wardens and returning beagle several hours. Thanks so very much everyone. Dylan is safe as am I, not so much in the doghouse as the wheelhouse and being ignored by Toby!
  8. Timbo

    Sos Lost Dog

    My beagle Dylan has gone missing from the wet shed at Richardsons Stalham. Apparently a couple has picked him up (chap has a large red beard driving white or grey Galaxy) and reported they had found him to Richardsons staff. Please could members help get the word out on Facebook that we are on board Royal Tudor in the wet shed. Dylan is chipped and is my medical dog. Im having trouble contacting the dog warden for the area could someone please pop the phone number in a reply?
  9. Timbo

    That First Coffee

    Coffee is one of the main food groups, along with chilli and bacon. I've been a coffee addict for years. I have two sizes of espresso coffee engines but use the filter on the boat and camping. Coffee of choice is Old Brown Java blended with Blue Mountain from Stokes of Lincoln. However, this morning I discovered that I left the coffee making hamper at home! Do I drive back to Lincoln or drink this Costa stuff from the garage?
  10. It's nippy this morning in Norfolk! Hot beagles kept it toasty on RT last night. Glorious sunshine at 5am but contemplating putting the body warmer on now!
  11. Timbo

    Now And Then

    I think a more accurate and truthful presentation might be well received? We need to get Vaughan and the cohorts of the 'Old Coots Club' on film. For the sake of posterity if nothing else! Vaughan, how are you fixed? Historians are dangerous people you know. They tend to write 'stuff' down and tell the story 'how they see it'. That's why Mi5 keeps tabs on them.
  12. Timbo

    Now And Then

    Reaches for camera...thinking...
  13. I used the NDR for the first time a couple of weeks back. It certainly saved me some time, I must say I think it was designed on the back of a beermat after a heavy session on the Wobbly Bob. I'm with you on the Hoveton double mini roundabout Fred...and the 30 mph on the 50 mph roads and I will add another two that have been annoying on the last two trips down. There's the motorist travelling at 30 mph in the 50 mph limit that indicates a mile from the turning and then slows to 2 mph for 100 yards to negotiate the turn. These are increasing. And there's one that had quite a few motorists beeing the horns the last two weeks. The three people on mobility scooters using the road in a convoy between Stalham and the turn for North Walsham. Three times now I've been stuck behind these three.
  14. Timbo

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Charlie, I know you have driven through Gainsborough and are well aware we have not!
  15. Timbo

    The Reed And Rhond Anchor

    I managed to get in but it frozzed on me! I was on my tablet though.

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