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  1. It unfortunately could affect any D40 model Navara from 05 to 15. Shame as otherwise a good all round vehicle. Bought mine new in 2013. Noticed rust on chassis welds after about 18 months. Treated inside and out. Since been inspected by Nissan and had their treatment. Have welded something strengthening plates to the weak area, so hopefully bought some time! Thought I had given up welding motors (especially new ones) when I sold the Land Rover...,
  2. Things haven’t changed with Datsun! Has been Europe wide chassis issues with the Navara-poor quality steel and inadequate protection. But in fairness Nissan offered a goodwill campaign of buyback, repair or treatment. Thread drift again......
  3. Oops, sorry I missed this one earlier and reposted the same under a new topic! Must pay more attention.....
  4. Firstly, the link below is to Facebook. Don’t open it if you don’t like Facebook! very sad sight of a whole pontoon of boats broken away in floods. Appears to be in France, don’t know when. https://www.facebook.com/christine.sanderson.3591/videos/781983502413568/
  5. Despite being a sparky, some domestic appliances like the iron and washing machine are way way too technical for me to possibly operate......... current kitchen refurbishment has turned into a bit of an epic though, now involving lounge and dining rooms too. Strange how one thing seems to lead to another (expensive) one!
  6. Woodie


    Unfortunately it’s sailing days are far behind it. Bought it a couple of years ago as a plant pot, for far less than you would pay for a plant pot! it was on eBay, completely stripped of all rigging, fittings etc and no mast or sails looking very sorry for itself. But on the bright side, it is now bringing pleasure again in its new role. Besides, it doesn’t have a screen, comfy seats or large outboard........
  7. Woodie


    Soo, Christmas has partly arrived at Wodie towers. Day and nighttime piccies hopefully show the proper use of those flappy things IMG_1536.MOV
  8. Pesky? Not even close. Could of coped with them looking up trouser leg. Quickly learnt to wear tight legged trousers. Different times eh.
  9. Thanks Chris. Not sure why they appeared side on. They were not taken or uploaded that way!
  10. As a young apprentice back in the late seventies, I was loaned to our companies tv/radio dept to help install a tannoy system in a very large local hosiery company. Large floor full of female machinists. Scared the bloody living daylights out of me. And going up the steps was mighty risky!
  11. Thanks Carol, much appreciated. We will probably never know now, but they must have had some significance for mum to have kept them for this time. Steve
  12. Carol, would you by any chance know approximate issue dates please? one is marked twelfth impression. Mum and Dad honeymooned in Yarmouth in 1951. Might explain why she kept them if dates match.
  13. Thanks for that information Carol, nice to have the history on what was, to us, a surprise find in my mums things. Mum and Dad spent a lot of time in Norfolk from the late eighties onwards, but predominantly Blakeney. I would love to know the story behind how she came to have these, and why she kept them.
  14. Came across these little leaflets today at my Mums. Unfortunately can’t ask her about them as she passed in September. Obviously quite old, as priced 2/6! Although titled the same, some subtle differences. The smaller one has an introduction and short piece on the author. Not read one yet, but some lovely colour drawings of bygone times.
  15. Quite understand the benefits of this fuel. Have used it in my chainsaw in the past, but went back to draining it down for winter and using petrol! my point, like others, is it’s perhaps not the fuel for an engine with the consumption of a 25hp . Normal fuel with the correct oil should be fine if the engine is in regular use.
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