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  1. Oh no it’s not mine, just really nice picture! And ditto! No intention to mislead
  2. And day to day transport (well used to be) and will again be hopefully!
  3. Mmm.... I think they learned how to remember things that may have happened years and years ago that you had no memory of 😂
  4. Not a big football fan then Jeff?
  5. As chairman of Fulham Football Club, it was Tommy "you lucky people" Trinder who broke the wage cap in football by declaring something along the lines of - footballers are entertainers and should be paid as entertainers. Sometimes I do wonder about the entertainment side though
  6. Norwich City’s playing squad, Head Coach and Executive Committee have agreed to donate a percentage of their salaries to help those negatively impacted by COVID-19. The club’s owners and directors have also contributed to the goodwill cause. I just picked this up locally here in Norfolk. So maybe the start of something good.
  7. I'll probably watch it again, if I have time Oh yeah, course I will, won't be at the Emirates after all
  8. Well yes and no. Many businesses that are bigger than football clubs are eligible and are furloughing their employees. As a result said employees are getting 80% of their wages, with some (lucky ones) having the balance made up by their employers. There is a lot of money within football, but outside the PL there may only be a handful that that make a profit. This won't make me any friends, but footballers on high wages will also have high commitments, large short term mortgages, finance deals on cars, school fees etc. They do also pay a lot of tax. Let's hope this finishes soon.
  9. Smitch6 Have pm’d you. Pictured below are the items.
  10. Smitch6, got your pm, but my response bounced back undelivered!
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