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  1. I’m glad to hear that you avoided being hit over the weekend, unlike a certain boater on another site. Not wishing to be too controversial, I thought the standards of boatmanship were pretty good on our trip out, apart from the usual speeding. We did see the rangers warning boaters of speeding at How Hill. Roll on our next trip out!
  2. Just had a lovely three days out. Weather a bonus. Thanks to Richardson’s for allowing us to moor in Stalham for a few hours on Sunday as the Staithe was fully occupied. Can’t wait to get out and about again!
  3. Clive, so sorry. We had the pleasure of meeting at a couple Hampton Safari meets. Our thoughts are with you. Take care Jim and Sue.
  4. Looking forward to it in particular, and the longer days in general.
  5. Clearly, but I'm willing to learn
  6. I took it Marshman was being tongue in cheek.
  7. Haha, never thought of that
  8. Another email received today (just in case anyone is trying to get in or out!) Saline Barrier at Potter Heigham This email is to notify you that the saline barrier at the entrance to Herbert Woods boatyard will remain closed until Friday 11 January. The high tides of recent days are taking longer to drain out to sea than usual, so salt concentrations remain high within the river system. Kind Regards, Norfolk Land & Water team.
  9. Hi All Not been to a NBN get together before so am thinking about time to sign up, so here goes: Jim (probably solo) Chiltern Lady Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  10. Received this email: Saline Barrier at Potter Heigham This email is to inform you that the saline barrier at the entrance to Herbert Woods boatyard is likely to be closed on Tuesday 8 January. We are expecting that it will remain closed until Thursday 10 January. A further email will be sent if the situation changes. Further information can be found in the attached leaflet. Kind Regards, Norfolk Land & Water team.
  11. Ah yes I have fond memories crossing from Eltham to Essex for work in the 70’s. I used like waiting in the queue reading the paper and having a coffee from a flask (no Costa or Starbucks then?
  12. There is an owners club and they often carry adverts for Hampton Safaris for sale. Try hamptonsafaribc.org/for-sale.html
  13. I would like the moorings to be quality 24 hrs with water and electric, a seasonal shop for essentials (possibly run by the Bridge Inn owners) as they are “on site” . Maybe toilets and showers and a visitor centre.
  14. As I understand it, if the boat we are talking about is an old Broom by the water point, a notice has been issued. Somebody was onboard last night, but that is not to say there is not a valid excuse for overstaying. I don’t know all (any) of the circumstances.
  15. Not strictly a "Broads" boat as built in Poland! We bought her new in 2005 and over about ten years explored most of the Broads. Sold her to buy a Hampton Safari and she ended up in Southampton. I'm told the 10hp engine was changed for a 90hp and she planed for the first time!
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