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  1. Oh yeah, I forgot about the no synchro, on first. Probably been driving autos too long ha ha!
  2. One of the things on “my list” is to watch a village cricket game on the Broads. One that I can get to from a mooring on foot, say a 30 minute walk. Anyone got any ideas?
  3. I started with a Ford Anglia 100E (1956?) in 1967. No heater, 3 gear change, wipers, but no washers. Soon changed for a Mini van😎. Cars didn’t last long in the sixties, must have had about two a year! Company cars followed, Vauxhall Viva, Vauxhall Victor (column change, bench seat and yes, the gear stick came out in London having to drive back to Canterbury in second). Vauxhall Cavalier was the last before setting up in self employment. A mk 3 Cortina was followed by a Peugeot 504, then a Volvo 240, a Volvo 740 and a Volvo 960 estate. Bringing us up to date in 2000 I bought an Audi A4 avant, big mistake. Soon changed for an Audi A6 avant and another and another. In 2012 changed to a Q7 and updated to another in 2015.
  4. This was Gay’s Staithe on Saturday morning. It was full Friday night. So maybe Ranworth was photographed last week. Just saying... Can you spot “Billy No Mates” at the end?
  5. My first meet with NBN. Thanks for making me welcome, had a very nice time. A special thanks for cooking my burger ( with onion rings AND chips - you know who you are )👍 Looking forward to next year and hopefulily on the river soon.
  6. Filled in as if I was there today-weird really as I was in Brighton(well Hove actually)😎
  7. So does our 16 year old Garmin. Any advance on that?
  8. The last two or three times we’ve been to Stalham we have been unable to moor at the Staithe. There are two boats one named Pelican and the other with lots of flowers on the decks semi-permanently tied up there leaving little or no chance for a casual visitor to visit the town. We have taken advantage of Richardson’s kind offer to moor in their yard free of charge and have spent a few quid at the local shops and cafes (oh, ok and the pubs!). Cannot something be done to free up these moorings for visitors?
  9. I’m glad to hear that you avoided being hit over the weekend, unlike a certain boater on another site. Not wishing to be too controversial, I thought the standards of boatmanship were pretty good on our trip out, apart from the usual speeding. We did see the rangers warning boaters of speeding at How Hill. Roll on our next trip out!
  10. Just had a lovely three days out. Weather a bonus. Thanks to Richardson’s for allowing us to moor in Stalham for a few hours on Sunday as the Staithe was fully occupied. Can’t wait to get out and about again!
  11. Clive, so sorry. We had the pleasure of meeting at a couple Hampton Safari meets. Our thoughts are with you. Take care Jim and Sue.
  12. Looking forward to it in particular, and the longer days in general.
  13. Clearly, but I'm willing to learn
  14. I took it Marshman was being tongue in cheek.
  15. Haha, never thought of that
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