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  1. Aah yes, that just reminded me of a favourite spot that I don’t think has been mentioned yet - Cockshoot Dyke. Have heard cuckoos and owls there - amazing. It certainly is not a quiet spot during the day, but sometimes it’s good to “boat watch” and the fishing can be good at the far end near the closed off broad
  2. That must have been a heart stopping moment. Mine was a strong tide at Berney a few years ago. As a frequently solo helm, even though Chiltern Lady is only 28’, I am going to look into fitting centre cleats, I like the look of the folding ones. Here’s to better weather soon.
  3. Based here in Norfolk we have escaped the worst and it’s really just been breezy and wet today - last night was windier and quite noisy, but so far no damage. I hope everyone else fairs well . Keep safe.
  4. Now that's just what I was thinking
  5. On Monday night I had a dream and alright I admit it was about a lady. The lady in question was, of course, Chiltern Lady. I was solo helming down the Bure on a strong ebbing tide in order to cross Breydon. I must have got my timings a bit wrong and arrived at Gt Yarmouth YS way before slack water. With the buzz of rushing past the YS at 8 mph on tick over, I attempted to turn at the yellow post only to be pushed sideways with both The tide and a strong wind (Ciara) on the starboard side. Pushing the throttle fully forward I managed to face the bow into the wind and tide. However, my top speed of 7 mph was not enough and I realised I was slowly being pushed sternwards towards the open sea. I dropped the mud weight with minimal effect on my progress. I wondered if it was dragging or maybe there was not enough rope to reach the bottom. How deep is it there anyway? The boat is not equipped with VHF radio so I called 999 for the coastguard… ...What else could I have done? then I woke up.
  6. Oops! Sorry about that🥴. Hope the buses work better .
  7. Bluebell

    High Water

    Not me - way too scared. Only time I’ve been through is in a dinghy!
  8. Hi Griff We’ve used them (Sanders) quite a bit and always found them very reliable.
  9. Yes, Calypso is there! We went passed her earlier - she’ll probably be at Ranworth in the morning
  10. Bluebell

    High Water

    Won’t be going through today then!
  11. Bluebell

    High Water

    So after yesterday’s lows - today’s high. Taken just downstream of Marina Quays.
  12. Also try Brian Ward (sponsors of this site and they offer discount to members) in Brundall - always most helpful in the past.
  13. “Spring is nearly here” Thats what we thought on Sunday when we tootled down the Thurne to Ranworth. A few others out and about enjoying the winter sun. Had a walk this morning - very cold, frosty and foggy🥶
  14. Better not get my hopes up just yet then
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