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  1. https://www.hamptonsafaribc.org/for-sale.html The Hsbc (Hampton Safari Boat Club) sometimes have members boats for sale. Good luck!
  2. I notice that when we start talking about bridge clearance, people often talk about quite precise measurements e.g. 6’10”. The gauge boards are in 3” increments and often look a bit “skew wif” anyway. I always think it’s about 6’9” or 7’ (but not at Potter lol).
  3. Sutton Staithe boatyard is on the the northern broads, its friendly, got parking and a slipway (which I think is a parish one operated by the boatyard). Have fun!
  4. The RNLI in North Norfolk seem to overcome the problem. They’ve been involved with a few tide dodgers!
  5. Okay, understand now, makes sense!
  6. Excuse my ignorance here, £366 for hire sounds good, but £150 for fuel??? Or is that a deposit with refund for unused litres? Just thinking I use about £50 worth a year!
  7. I don’t think you will be disappointed.
  8. Compared to others how sad is my memory of the 1966 World Cup final. I went to my girl friend’s (Now Mrs B) as usual on a Saturday. Her dad worked on Saturdays, and she (Mrs B) and her Mum went into the city shopping. So I settled down to watch the game, after about 80 minutes the telly “blew up “ so I missed the end. And yes I got blamed for the breakdown ☹️⚽️☹️
  9. Funny that, having just read your post Griff, I just checked our gutters here in Norfolk as earlier this year we had a man round to clear them and fix the seals. We’ve had virtually no rain since then so it was a good time to check they were okay.... and they are 👍
  10. My favourite silicon spray (as previously mentioned!)
  11. I was interested to read this, my grandad also worked at the Woolwich Arsenal as an engineer, they lived in Eltham at Congreve Road. As a child I had many happy days there and at Glenlea Road, and Elstow Close.
  12. Bluebell

    Sad Loss

    Sorry to hear this sad news, only knew Jim from mooring nearby occasionally. Lovely boat hope it continues to flourish under its new custodians.
  13. Same here, nice not to have to have a survey😎
  14. Showing the “new path” at Stalham.
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