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  1. Wow! Do post on here the next time you plan to go through as I’d love to pass you going the other way😎
  2. If only I’d been there🙁 I’ve never moored there yet🙁 Always full, thank goodness for Richos.
  3. Hear hear! So terrible for the ordinary people going about their business to be attacked in this way.
  4. Just checking with family working in the City that they are okay.
  5. Wow! Increased house prices due to the proximity of supermarkets. Who’d have thought? Well, we are now within walking distance of a Waitrose, Lidl and Morrison’s. When we moved here we just had a Summerfield. So our house must be worth a fortune 👍🤑😀 Any guesses as to where we are in Norfolk?
  6. Yes, your layout is quite unique, Chiltern Lady is very similar to Dutch Bounty.
  7. We are at Herbert Woods in Potter Heigham, where Edith Rose used moor. I see that another Opal ‘Dutch Bounty’ has just been sold by NYA, another lovely boat.
  8. Nice boat! Actually an Aquafibre Opal 28, a bit like mine. I'll give you a wave when I see you.
  9. Bluebell


    Me too! Long time ago, happy memories of the Sabbertons and the Royalls.
  10. I think that Cheryl on 07803 619015 manages the site on behalf of whoever owns it now.
  11. Couldn’t make it up could you? Left home in bright sunshine and just before Acle dark clouds and rain. Was planning on getting Chiltern Lady ready for winter and it tipped it down (yes, in Potter Heigham). Gave up after a couple of hours and will have to pop back, weather permitting, next week.
  12. Oops, silly me I suggested Battery Specialists when they were taken over by Multicell years ago. Should keep taking the tablets!
  13. There’s not too much to choose between standard leisure batteries. I guess you are looking at 100 to 120 amp/hour. Usual sources might be Boulters, Panks in Norwich, Battery Specialists also In Norwich, even Halfords. I always use Paul at Rotating Electrics in Yarmouth (01493 330404) as he has a wealth of knowledge and in a fellow boater! No need to change the starter battery unless it too is knackered. I reckon the cost is around £100 per unit. Hope that helps, but I’m sure others will be along with more help.
  14. Same here, mostly on my Tod. Have learned over the years to use the ropes quite effectively. The trick is use the wind and/or tide plus long ropes😀
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