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  1. I saw one of the householders at Reedham using the "boat waste only" bins and got a mouthful of abuse when I pointed out their "mistake".
  2. Bluebell


    Yeah liquid engineering was definitely Castrol. Castrol was owned by BP and subsequently bought Duckhams.
  3. Bluebell


    Probably says more about me than I would want to admit to😇
  4. Bluebell


    In my childhood Duckhams supplied a lot of motor oil to the boatyards of the Norfolk Broads. This little known product “Adsil” was also sold to ease saw blades on damp wood. I remember as a kid Ernie and Alan Royall using it on timber for their wooden boats. I found this one today in the garage - must about 50 years old!
  5. Oops! It was such a long time ago I forgot that!
  6. What about this: https://www.watersidemarinesales.co.uk/boats-for-sale/bell-boats-lady-bew.html
  7. Airdraft = 7 ft! Probably won't fit under PH. I'm looking at 6'9" and struggling!
  8. This is very interesting. Does the ex pilot know the airdraft for the Aquafibre 28 Opal? It would great to go through that bridge.
  9. Hi Martin I need to return to you a plastic storage container formerly used for meat balls. Where are you planning to be over the weekend? I have to do some maintenance on Chiltern Lady Thursday/Friday a.m. so could catch up Friday evening/Saturday a.m.
  10. Bluebell

    Heading South

    A bit off topic I know, but we had a weekend in Whitstable and not knowing the area well saw two fish & chip shops - one with a lengthy queue and the other empty. We queued! And well worth it, the owner was like a cabaret act and handed out small cones of chips while we waited. Ate them on the beach, followed by a pint of Spitfire. Lovely.
  11. I think I'll get an eye patch
  12. Having moored overnight at The Ferry House Surlingham a couple of years ago, the crew i.e Mrs Bluebell (aka as the home based admiral) departed by road leaving me to return to Potter Heigham solo. I calculated that departing at 04.30 was the optimum time to catch the tides. So for the first time I used the nav lights and rather than disturb the neighbours, untied and pushed out into the ebbing tide - no engine - only firing up the Nanni once clear of the moorings. Probably not to be recommended on reflection, but nobody died! Once I got my night vision sorted I enjoyed running with the tide, but on approaching Brundall the number of properties with security lights either permanently on, or coming on when triggered really proved a challenge. Watching the sun come up around Reedham - priceless. Just one of many happy memories of boating on the Norfolk Broads (not a national park).
  13. So do I. It's just good manners!
  14. Oh yeah, I forgot about the no synchro, on first. Probably been driving autos too long ha ha!
  15. One of the things on “my list” is to watch a village cricket game on the Broads. One that I can get to from a mooring on foot, say a 30 minute walk. Anyone got any ideas?
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