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  1. Me too! Avoid all media all day until I get time to watch. Never mind eh!
  2. Chiltern Lady also has a separate tank to flush the loo, so may be not so unusual.
  3. Have you tried the Hampton Safari Boat Club http://Www.hamptonsafaribc.org they have a lot of information on their site as well as boats for sale. Good luck, I love Hamptons, but swopped to an Aquafibre Opal last year.😎
  4. Another vote for Alan Boswell from me. (Well they do sponsor Norwich City as well as being a nice company to deal with! ⚽️😎😇👍
  5. Whoops! That looks nasty, you didn’t say how you managed to do that, I am assuming in the galley? Great pictures! Sorry not around at the weekend, hoping to be out and about in a week or two, subject to shore based admiral’s list of things to do ☹️
  6. There we are under way on the Waveney courtesy of young Dave.
  7. Hello Eddy Bear, good to see you at the Hampton meet at Acle Bridge. You certainly have a one off boat. We are members of the HSBC, but don’t actually still own a Hampton!
  8. I think I’d go for a 25kg myself. But that might depend on manual or powered!
  9. I would never consider going south on a weeks holiday, unless starting in the south and vice versa if that makes sense🥴
  10. Sorry to read your post. It’s something that most of us may have to face at some point. One couple we know have “crew” to help and that suits them. Good luck with finding a replacement for the boat. Jim
  11. Ray, I have some sympathy with you. The first time we moored there we were also a bit confused. It’s ok now we know, but until you...
  12. Bluebell


    Here! here! This is what happens when these organisation lose focus. I too, very regrettable, will consider my long held support.
  13. Bluebell


    Yes, I despair of all these organisations that lose sight of the original reason they were set up. They appear to become too PC. It’s not just the RNLI the RSPCA and other charities seem to concentrate on side issues along with paying large salaries and spending money that isn’t theirs on things they probably wouldn’t spend their own money on. So they have lost money and made UK staff redundant. I despair of organisations like this surviving the REAL world.
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