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  1. Current boat 1994, previous boat 1976, never had an insurance survey!!
  2. Interesting, thanks for the update Mike.
  3. Yes, its who I insure with, and no survey required... hope that helps.
  4. Isn’t this a GREAT post - sums up what a good friendly forum can be like😀😊
  5. I suppose you’ve tried Herbert Woods, as in Waterside Marine, not top of the Ant, but the right side of Potter H bridge🥴
  6. I, very optimistically, went through Wayford Bridge yesterday to make my annual pilgrimage to Dilham. It showed 6’3” and a bit on the marker board and I went through with maybe an inch to spare! Today, the marker board shows 6’ and a bit, so I think I’m 3 inches short. But when I got up close it looked doable and decided to walk Chiltern Lady through. Phew!
  7. Yep, but not this year for obvious reasons.
  8. Have amended the Wikipedia to refute the Broads are part of the National Parks.
  9. Chuck it out and give it plenty of rope!!!!!!
  10. https://www.hamptonsafaribc.org/for-sale.html The Hsbc (Hampton Safari Boat Club) sometimes have members boats for sale. Good luck!
  11. I notice that when we start talking about bridge clearance, people often talk about quite precise measurements e.g. 6’10”. The gauge boards are in 3” increments and often look a bit “skew wif” anyway. I always think it’s about 6’9” or 7’ (but not at Potter lol).
  12. Sutton Staithe boatyard is on the the northern broads, its friendly, got parking and a slipway (which I think is a parish one operated by the boatyard). Have fun!
  13. The RNLI in North Norfolk seem to overcome the problem. They’ve been involved with a few tide dodgers!
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