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  1. Bluebell

    The Woolwich Ferry

    Ah yes I have fond memories crossing from Eltham to Essex for work in the 70’s. I used like waiting in the queue reading the paper and having a coffee from a flask (no Costa or Starbucks then?
  2. Bluebell

    Hampton Safari

    There is an owners club and they often carry adverts for Hampton Safaris for sale. Try hamptonsafaribc.org/for-sale.html
  3. Bluebell

    What Do We Want At Acle Bridge?

    I would like the moorings to be quality 24 hrs with water and electric, a seasonal shop for essentials (possibly run by the Bridge Inn owners) as they are “on site” . Maybe toilets and showers and a visitor centre.
  4. Bluebell

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    As I understand it, if the boat we are talking about is an old Broom by the water point, a notice has been issued. Somebody was onboard last night, but that is not to say there is not a valid excuse for overstaying. I don’t know all (any) of the circumstances.
  5. Bluebell

    Boats Far From Home

    Not strictly a "Broads" boat as built in Poland! We bought her new in 2005 and over about ten years explored most of the Broads. Sold her to buy a Hampton Safari and she ended up in Southampton. I'm told the 10hp engine was changed for a 90hp and she planed for the first time!
  6. Bluebell

    Winter Cruising

    Well this year we have installed tube heaters on frost stats. We will see how the cost of the electricity compares to the cost of winterising and de-winterising. The bonus for us is the occasional day out, like today. Priceless??
  7. Bluebell

    Winter Cruising

    More pics, not pro, but smart phone through saloon window
  8. So glad we decided not to winterise this year. Had a lovely day out today, cold yes, but bright sunshine from Potter to Horning and back.
  9. Bluebell

    The Ship - South Walsham

    Great feedback, will put it on the list to visit. Not sure it's all that easy to get to by boat though. There is no public mooring at South Walsham (as far as I know) and it would a goodish walk from Malthouse/Ranworth. Will have to make the effort to go by car (with driver of course)
  10. Bluebell

    Picnic Anyone?

    For just shy of £100K it should have at least a bow thruster . Had a look the other week at it and it is well finished, but it is essentially a day boat, I don't think I would want to pull out the bed into the saloon every night.
  11. Bluebell

    Northern Vs Southern Broads

    I too like both sides, we moored in Thorpe for several years, then Wroxham and now Potter Heigham. Vaugham said: "What I have noticed most, after a 30 year absence, is that the north rivers are every bit as overcrowded now, if not more so, than they used to be in the 60s. Why should that be, I wonder, when there are now around 800 hire boats, instead of 3000 before? " Is this because there are more private boats? or have a missed something?

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