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  1. A couple of years ago the bit of footpath at the railway end of the boardwalk was almost impassible. I e-mailed the parish council, and got a very pleasant reply, to say thanks for letting us know, it's our responsibility, and we'll deal with it. Which they certainly did. I don't know whether the actual boardwalk is managed by them, but I can't see them getting involved with the moorings, especially as they are on private land, and constructed by the landowner.
  2. Glad we enlightened you in the end! A picture is worth a thousand tangled explanations from us lot.
  3. Thanks NN, I couldn't find my pic of them. The Brundall Gardens moorings are the ones to the left, with the fence behind them.
  4. Lynsey, you're confused! These moorings are nowhere near the actual marina, they're about 100 yards upstream (towards Norwich) from the entrance to Bargate Broad, usually referred to erroneously as Surlingham Broad. On land owned by the marina, I think?
  5. It's very kind of Brundall Gardens Marina to provide these moorings free of charge to all users, I wonder what their thinking was? There's no apparent benefit to themselves, so why do it? This is me with my suspicious, cynical hat on, now!
  6. Very handy moorings to stock up on a few bits and bobs. Nice boardwalk, cross the rail lines, up the hill, turn left and there's the Co-op. Just past The Ram, handily, for those that like that sort of thing (no names, you know who you are)!
  7. Work OK on flat surfaces!
  8. Griff's middle pic shows one "tile", I believe. The individual tilelets are affixed to a backing sheet, and the whole thing is affixed as one. As Griff says, lots of cutting involved if they're as shown, to get them to fit into corners! I used these on my boat. Much easier.
  9. No, No, No!!! That would drive me bonkers! OK, more bonkers than I already am! Each to their own, I prefer plain and simple - just like me.
  10. Power in = power out. So 800W at 240V is approximately 3.33 amps. 800W at 12 volts is approx 66.6 amps. Thus the rule of thumb is Amps at 12volts is 20 times the Amps at 240 volts. Does that help?
  11. Elevations here: https://planning.broads-authority.gov.uk/PublicAccessDocs/planningDocs.aspx?doc=/sites/planning/2019/Documents/Development Control/BA20190361FUL/00915b pre 05 b 2 bed holiday lets.pdf
  12. Think it's a bit strange to blame Tesco's for a fall in revenue! It's more a case of the general decline in eating out, except when on holiday. There are plenty of pub/restaurants making a good living in Broadland - The White Horse, Neatishead and Bridge Inn at Acle spring to mind, neither having what you might call a large local customer catchment, but they've obviously got their business model right, to bring in the revenue.
  13. I don't think it's significant. If you drive regularly through any large, multi-lane roundabout, you'll know to watch out for this "wrong lane to exit" scenario. It's OK if you use the roundabout on a day-to-day basis, but the occasional user might not be aware of when to change lanes.
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