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  1. Regulo

    Anyone Got A Spare Couple Of Million?

    It's on page 368 of the Brexit document. Haven't you read it?
  2. Regulo

    Wayfarers Cafe

    Just a mention for those of you out and about, the Wayfarers Cafe at Ludham bridge is open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 0800 to 1600, until mid-December. I thought it was completely closed for the season, and was pleasantly surprised to find it open today. Of course, an Olympic Breakfast just had to be devoured!
  3. Regulo

    Happy Sunset!

    Aaaah! We can't have people disappointed, can we?
  4. Regulo

    Breydon Rescue

    So you need a fast RIB?
  5. Regulo

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    And lose his one source of pleasure?
  6. Regulo

    Coffee Anyone?

    Only by running my finger along the words, and silently mouthing them. I have to ask for help with difficult ones like "cafetiere" and "espresso".
  7. Regulo

    Coffee Anyone?

    You have taste?
  8. Regulo

    Cleaning Up The Lego

    Don't bother. I'll hear the bang in Basildon.
  9. Regulo

    Cleaning Up The Lego

  10. Regulo

    Cleaning Up The Lego

    They're the ones, Gren. Used to have a saucer of soapy water to hand, they were a bit tight when new!
  11. Regulo

    Cleaning Up The Lego

    MiniBrix for me!
  12. You've answered your own question. Yes, there aren't the small yards around, with a few exceptions, and the big boys are increasingly aiming their boats up-market. There doesn't seem to be a lack of hirers for these boats, either. But there are still a few smaller operators surviving on good customer care and standards. Richardson's and Woods still have a good proportion of "mid-range" boats to hire, well maintained on the whole, but not up to top range standards.
  13. Regulo

    Ahoy There!

    If it's ply, then I'd say its nothing to do with the actual hull - but I'm not an expert! For a fibreglass hull to fail, for any reason, it would have to be catastrophic. So don't panic, Cap'n Mainwaring! I think it will turn out to be cosmetic, rather than structural. Did you have any sort of survey done? Out of the water?
  14. Regulo

    Ahoy There!

    Can't quite see, but is it a layer of concrete? Maybe for balancing?

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