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  1. Garryn, am I following you about? Yep, you have it. If I wasn't full of steak, and apple crumble cake (very nice, as you ask), I would have been sorely tempted!
  2. Where did I find this cabinet of delights?
  3. Crimea, Eastern Ukraine? Or was that "repossession"?
  4. Regulo

    Loddon Staithe

    My best unit charge per kWh via the comparison sites is just under 16p. I believe that's what BA posts are set to? A kWh is the same wherever you are, you'll use the same kWhrs if you had all that running indoors, you just wouldn't be so aware of what it's costing!
  5. Regulo

    Loddon Staithe

    Who will police this? Even if there's a pay & display machine someone will have to check on who's paid and who hasn't. That someone will want paying. No-one wants to see widespread charging introduced, but moorings must be maintained, and a reasonable fee won't put off people. But it's becoming an extra expense to holidaymakers, that isn't spelt out when they book their boats."Plenty of free moorings" is the line, but that's not going to last for long, I think.
  6. Probably because most Lady friends have heard about you!
  7. And I'm a year late! Which makes you 3 years late, M!
  8. 2 years late on this one, M! Where have you been?
  9. MM is now scouring the countryside for a fox to set on fire.
  10. He's moved on from the stone tablet Griff, he's using chalk and slate now.
  11. If it were me, if you can't definitely pin down the fault, go for a new unit of your choice. At 12 years service things will start to go wrong, and if spares are going to become a problem, it's time to change it. What store do you put on peace of mind that it's going to work every time you need it?
  12. I'll get it if it's still there, MM. Anything else I can look out for? Nokia 3310? Polaroid camera? 8mm movie camera? Corby trouser press? Ford Cortina Mk3? Let me know.
  13. You really should update that IBM 286, MM. I know you loved your Commodore, but you had to get rid of that last year. So bite the bullet and lash out on something from the 20th century. There's a nice Pentium down at the council recycling depot. I could pick it up for you, if you like?
  14. My Ideal Standard boiler is now 38 years old - and still going as well as the day I first fired it up. Never had any parts needing to be changed in all that time. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. My neighbours either side have been through 9 boilers between them in that time, and one of theirs is now on the blink. Today's boilers are over-complicated, for what they are. Yes, you can readily get parts, but for how long? It doesn't seem that parts stay available for long nowadays - usually until the manufacturers decide it's time we all bought a new boiler.
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