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  1. I have to admit - I cheated!!!! Google Earth is a wonderful time waster, isn't it?
  2. Apology accepted. But I fear we are capable of ill fortune completely by ourselves, without need for external input.
  3. And on it goes. Just walked into an open door and ripped a hole in my arm.
  4. I secateured the tip of my index finger cutting back ivy last week. Cleaned and plastered it, then decided to use weedkiller spray. Ended up with a blood and weedkiller soaked plaster. Gave up before I really did some damage!
  5. If I were you, I wouldn't bother with crazing, it WILL come back. There's no quick permanent fix for crazing, it's due to underlying stressing of the gel coat. A permanent repair needs grinding off and completely re-applying. That's only my opinion, of course, if you only want to make good for a while, the stuff you're using would be fine.
  6. Sunbird is now sold. She will remain on the Broads for the summer, then the new owners intend to take her to Tewkesbury on the Avon/Severn. But don't worry, I'm staying active on here, if only to wind certain people up!
  7. The usual reasons - lack of respect for the countryside and other folks property, I suppose. Littering, upsetting the cattle with dogs unleashed, that sort of thing. If I owned that sort of land, I certainly wouldn't want the general public anywhere near it.
  8. There's no theoretical limit to how much you can draw BUT each socket/circuit will have a fuse, rated to the size and length of cable used. You won't be able to exceed that rating without blowing the fuse. Look on your fuse distribution panel to see what current each circuit can handle, and go by that. Using splitters won't be a problem, as long as the total current draw doesn't exceed the rating of the original socket you're using.
  9. Regulo


    I know someone who can get his boat to turn green without involving paint in the process at all!
  10. It's obvious to me that the boat was lifted by aliens, the crew subjected to analysis, and then dumped back half in the river. What's the problem?
  11. That's weird, it won't work for me now. It definitely did before. Bit worrying.
  12. I don't do Twatter, FaceAche, Instagrot or any of that rubbish, but the link works for me.
  13. Still there for me. https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/aquafibre-32-11/
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