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  1. Mine is the same. Nothing worse than going to sleep in silence, to be woken later as the tide has turned! It's absolutely deafening in the front cabin, and not much better amidships. Of course, when mudweighted, there's nothing to be done. Slightest ripple across the Broad and . . . bang, bang, slap, bang slap, bang ......! I did wonder whether some sort of "draught excluder" type thingy, laid around the bow on the water might help. But never got round to trying anything.
  2. No, Polly, mainly around the New Cut area. The Acle straight ones are probably from Broad Farm Shire Horse centre.
  3. Just back from our two-weeker (good, thanks for asking), and noticed a large amount of fields that were previously full of cattle are now full of horses. Is this a diversification for our livestock farmers, does anyone know? Where do they all end up? France? Just curious.
  4. Ah, I see! Moral of the story - never make previous arrangements. Works for me.
  5. Why would you be pushing the tide across Breydon? If you arrive at the Yacht Station at slack (or a little before on the last of the Bure ebb), the tide is already flowing in across Breydon.
  6. Won't stick to algae, MM.
  7. I'm trying very hard not to be such an idiot as I used to be. Trouble is, the more I try to be serious, the worse things get for me. So I'll happily carry on being an idiot. No point entering the competition, I couldn't fill out the entry form. I did manage to walk into a door the other week - does that put my idiot level up a bit?
  8. Glad you have walked from this one! As has been said, are you only going to use it on the river? If so, I can't see that twin engines are any great advantage. Apart from having twice the worry of maintenance, you'll never be able to use them to full potential. Of course, if you plan going coastal, that's a different ball game entirely.
  9. In the 60's a Dutch correspondent to one of the car magazines of the time, wrote that he was so pleased that our worst drivers identified themselves with stripes on their cars!
  10. Why are you even considering a boat with mechanicals held together with G clamps? In my opinion, it's the sign of a major bodge-up, and doesn't bode well for what you might find later!!
  11. Before purchasing Sunbird (ex-Astons), I looked at Pacific Princess. At the time the yard was in a change of management/might be/could be/will it, won't it/who knows sort of situation. I do remember seeing that plaque, and at the time wasn't greatly impressed by the dark wood interior, not helped by the lack of roof lights in the saloon. I did holiday previously on "Doubloon" from Buccaneer Boats, another 37 footer, and it was that experience that convinced me to look for that style of boat when I was in a position to purchase.
  12. A Sterling X-split is the one I used. They come in different ratings, depending on Amperage of your charging circuit.
  13. That happened a long time ago! Could it be a plug of mud on the water intake? Had that happen when I first got Sunbird at Loddon. Low tide left her sitting in the mud. Soon cleared, but had us guessing for a bit!
  14. Personally I'd go for a modern electronic splitter. No switches to worry about, completely fit and forget.
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