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  1. Is it really lying in Yorkshire? Better get them to put that right. Edit: Sorry, see now it's an old listing. Good luck with the sale.
  2. How is it that every other topic on here ends up with an in-depth discussion of the merits or otherwise of beers and lagers? I have serious doubts about whether certain folk are on their way to alcoholism! You know who you are!!
  3. Regulo

    Fridge Engineer

    Mine was easier than that, as the fridge had it's own auxilliary fan connection. It turns the fan on whenever the compressor runs. But it checks that it doesn't exceed a certain current draw, so when my fan stalled, the fridge didn't run! The light gave the correct code to tell me what was up, so a quick clean of accumulated dust, fluff and spiders web, and all was well. Just a 12 volt computer fan, same as StillCruising's above.
  4. On a very informative trip up the Thames on the "Pocahontas" boat some years back, the skipper pointed out an enormous open-fronted warehouse/shed, stacked to the roof with animal bones. "Where do you think they end up?", he asked. After a few seconds to give us a chance to ponder, he said, "Camay soap". Several of the ladies went very quiet, for some reason!
  5. I don't wish to know that, thanks!
  6. Who? I watched Halep beat Serena.
  7. Regulo

    Fridge Engineer

    You definitely need an engineer then. Sorry I don't know of one.
  8. Regulo

    Fridge Engineer

    Are you sure it needs re-gassing? I only ask as there's a lot of things affect whether a fridge works or not. Do you get a flashing light when it's on - or trying to turn on? The flashes are a code as to what the fault might be. Mine wouldn't start due to a faulty auxilliary fan I'd fitted (to aid air flow at the rear of the fridge).
  9. If your paintwork is not up to scratch, don't wash your boat with water contaminated with this stuff. It can get under the surface and the only recourse is to sand it right back and re-paint. I know, I've been there.
  10. Leave 'em alone, Jaws, you know they'll only burst into tears, take their goalpost jumper in, and not talk to you ever, ever, EVER again. Unless you lend them your one and only roller skate.
  11. That one was "Wavemaster". We hired her in the early '80's. Was very sad to see her deteriorating beside Toad Hall for so long.
  12. Missed that one!
  13. We're not all local, so wouldn't have seen most of that, Simon. Perhaps a mention on here, and the other forums would help? A lot of us old f**ts will have nothing to do with FB, for various reasons. And if any locals on here hear of something going on that us non-locals might be interested in, please post up.
  14. Issued you with your stab-proof vest yet?
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