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  1. Not sure how it works, as I've never had to use it, but my insurance comes with basic rescue with some outfit called River and Canal Rescue or some such name. I presume they farm out rescues to local operators?
  2. Wouldn't like to be stuck behind you at 38 to 40 mph.
  3. But at least you true fans can now see what your club's owners really think of you. You are simply a pile of pound notes to them. They have shown their colours, do you really want to carry on giving them your support? Look to lesser clubs who need your support. Don't bother with Southend, though, you'll be able to watch them in your local park soon.
  4. You should know, you were the architect!
  5. My cousin Melanie lives in an early Victorian house in Wanstead, London. She lives alone apart from Herbert, the occasionally annoying "presence". He doesn't worry her at all, he puts cupboard drop handles in the up position, lays picture frames down, moves things, and sometimes appears in her bedroom doorway at night. He's dressed in 1920's clothing, and always respects Mel when she tells him to leave her alone for a while! When she dog-sits for friends, no dog will go in the upstairs front bedroom, they just sit and tremble at the top of the stairs. It would frighten the life out of me, but
  6. Let out plenty of rope. It allows the pull on the weight to be more horizontal through the mud, with a better chance of holding. A short rope allows the weight to dance and skip along the top of the mud.
  7. I think we should all give a large vote of thanks to MM. At least when we're told "Your boat could do with a clean", we can always reply, "I know where there's one worse".
  8. Got £80 looking for a new home? Either send it to me or bid for this: Wards badge
  9. I can still name almost any car from the 50's to 70's as soon as it's in view. Now I can't tell one from another until the badge and name decal is readable! Designed by computer, most of them, that's why they all look the same.
  10. Don't know if this has been posted before . . .
  11. "Don't understand the logic in welding reedham bridge closed, it's a rural branch line and the bridge is used daily during the season, by river traffic from Brundall. Totally understand why you'd want to shut carrow road though." Where did you get Reedham from?
  12. It's OK, I let his tyres down.
  13. Walking from Pye's Mill, that footpath is easily missed. It's between the 30 mph sign and the blue car.
  14. Agreed. Just as you arrive at Beccles.
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