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  1. . . . or stop having any more swigs from that bottle in the brown paper bag.
  2. So what can they find out about me from my photo's that they don't already know? By having an account with them and using your computer, phone, whatever, you're giving all and sundry access to your data. It's a trade-off, convenience v privacy. By signing up, you're giving up your on-line privacy. It's up to the individual whether to take that trade-off. I'm not overly worried over what Google or Microsoft know about me.
  3. Google Drive is similar to Microsoft One Drive. The handy thing about these cloud services is that as long as they're installed on all your devices, any photo's, documents, videos you take on one device, it's saved, and immediately available on any other device. And it's FREE!! How good is that?
  4. Cantley, next to the sugar factory. Now the Reedcutters, but will always be the Red House to me.
  5. We use sleeping bags aboard. Never been cold yet! But that won't help the OP now, will it!
  6. The post above gives anyone thinking of the move almost all the information required. That's all you need to do, Vaughan. Enjoy your retirement.
  7. I wouldn't consider Acle dyke for a 42 x 12 boat. I had my 32 x 12 there a few years ago, and it is tight at the river entrance. On passing it seems even tighter now!
  8. Oby is 01493 369233 or 07747 041153, again according to Googly.
  9. Regulo

    The Angel

    My uncle Jim used to live almost opposite. Been in there many times over the years, but it's been through a lot of hands since I was last there. There's a story that there's a tunnel leading to the church in the cellar. Probably some local thought it up to wheedle a drink out of the tourists!
  10. We had one for many years, did the job, BUT . . as others have said, unless you get one with an in-built battery (very, very expensive) you have to lug a battery in and out of your tender. We had an 85 Ah one and it is not an easy thing to manage. Even the ones that have inbuilt removable batteries will need a means of charging on board. The batteries are lighter, though.
  11. Well, that's asking for trouble!
  12. Surely no-one in their right mind has bought Nyx? Or are you using it as a tender? You'll be buying one of those gin palace things next!
  13. Electric outboards get a 30% discount off the petrol outboard rate (unless it's recently changed).
  14. "The National Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) applies to all boats with engines and/or cooking, heating, lighting, refrigeration and other domestic appliances, including open boats propelled by outboard motors with fixed electrical systems such as electric starts. It does not apply to open boats propelled solely by outboard motors and not fitted with any of the above appliances/systems." From the BA website. Bit ambiguous, but I think it's because of the fixed wiring?
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