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  1. I bought Aston Sunbird from them in 1998. At the time, the workers were perplexed as to why Astons were selling off boats that were solid earners, i.e. the ones that were booked solid every season. I suspect over-stretched finances might have had something to do with it. Their expansion had been quite rapid for a smaller outfit over the previous decade or so.
  2. Ah, yes, taken from the other side of the river! My mistake.
  3. It would have been taken from the end of the Public moorings at the time.
  4. He should have bought an Allegro, he would have felt at home with the steering wheel!
  5. Anyone got a Vauxhall FB? This has appeared for sale on my local FB marketplace. He's asking £295 !!!!!
  6. As an aside, when I fitted mine, I teed it into the existing discharge line from the electric pump, then couldn't fathom why it wasn't pumping overboard. Of course, you need a non-return valve on the outlet from the electric pump, otherwise you just re-circulate water back through there. I decided a y-diverter valve was a better solution, so that was my arrangement.
  7. I fitted a manual pump to my boat alongside the electric one - belt and braces, if you like. It's quite an eye-opener to see just how much water these hand pumps can shift.
  8. Ooooh! An optimist!!! Now, now, TheQ, we can't have that. . The default state on here is grumpy pessimism. If you want to deviate from the norm, please apply in writing at least 14 days in advance. Include a passport photograph and full bank details.
  9. A word of pessimistic caution from your Pitsea correspondent: The vaccine is only proven to be 95% effective in trials after 2 doses. I would treat your elderly and vulnerable loved ones as if they were in the 5%, if you want to be sure of protecting them. And now, back to the studio, where everyone is even more pessimistic than me.
  10. The cracks are starting to appear in the vaccination programme! My friend (90) had her first Pfizer jab pre-Christmas, with the second booked for yesterday, 6th. When the change in the length of time between jabs was announced, I went online to check if she had to attend or not. It stated that if your second jab was due after the 4th of January, you should not attend, but wait to be contacted. Her friend next door, with no internet access, phoned their GP, who said they should attend! I took them both to the vaccination hub, and jabs were jabbed. The staff said that they were worried that ther
  11. Don't know if anything has changed from my time at BT (and it's previous alibis) but there was a code an engineer could dial to get the line and various parameters checked without the line owner being charged. If a chargeable call was made, it had to be logged for a credit to the bill. But we are talking 40 years ago!!!
  12. Lesser men wouldn't have fought on with your beloved Dylan, Tim. There are hard times ahead, but we're all with you, whatever the outcome.
  13. How dare you?!!!!! That's a very rude thing to write in the obscure dialect of the interior Wanifrogo tribe of Borneo. Apologise immediately, or it might be your head shrunk on their loincloth belt next.
  14. Under the bridge looking from Woods side to opposite bank?
  15. You need two mudweights, MM. But take the back one up overnight, in case the wind gets up and comes at you broadside on. You'll probably drag if that happens. Barton Broad for me on the Northern broads, Bargate if South.
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