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  1. Regulo

    Smart Meters

    It would have been much better if they had just supplied everyone with an electricity monitor (OWL, is one, as Grendel has). There's not much the energy-conscious can do to reduce their usage, I know I can't. So a smart meter won't help me. What it will do, is allow for "period" pricing, i.e. at times of high usage the rate per kW will go up, and vice versa. Good for us retired old farts, but not so good for the working population, who will find their rates from say 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. will go sky high. Make no mistake, the benefits are not for the consumer in this mess, it's for the companies.
  2. Regulo

    You Got To Be In To Win It.

    The thought of MM with 150 million to spend fills me with dread!!
  3. Regulo

    My Day

    Is there an engine management system on a 1952 Land Rover?
  4. Regulo


    The answer has already been given (I think). It's from St Benet's Abbey moorings, looking towards Horning. Isn't it?
  5. Regulo

    Tudor Reformation

    I'm thinking '60/'61. Don't recognise where, though.
  6. Regulo

    Marina Quays

    Got a look at the plans now. 200 metres of visitor moorings. Got to be good news! As long as the charges aren't excessive.
  7. Regulo

    Marina Quays

    Any chance of a sight of the plans, Wehlau? All power to you in your endeavours to bring this site back into use. Used to stop there waiting the turn of the tide if I got it wrong at Yarmouth.
  8. Regulo

    Marina Quays

    Interestingly the link to the BA planning page comes back as "Not available". And I can't find any other reference to it there.
  9. Regulo

    A Little Something I Knocked Up Earlier

    I worked for BT (previously PO, previously GPO). Our staff canteens could just about manage bangers and mash, or egg and chips - on a good day. How the other half live.
  10. No, it's true. If you lower the river bed, it's obvious to any idiot that the water must go down as well. There will be a definite dip in the river under the bridge. Oh, did I mention I'm an idiot?
  11. Expilot, are you forgetting your very own craft? Weren't Ripplecraft Broadland class designed "to pass under all Broads bridges, at any state of tide, with canopy closed", as I seem to recall in Blakes brochure?
  12. As opposed to your usual state of "Not all there"?
  13. Regulo

    That First Coffee

    After spending my working life rising at 05:45, and gulping down a scalding mug of Nescafe Instant, I can't stand the stuff in any form. Give me a nice cuppa tea, anytime. In fact, in my early teens, I used to have a pint mug of tea . . . and then a top up!
  14. Regulo

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    Probably the fact they're not too good? .
  15. Regulo

    Where Might 2?

    I cheated! Just Googled it!

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