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  1. Regulo

    Irons On Board

    A quick rule of thumb is a 12 volt battery will need to supply 20 times the amps required at 240 volts. Thus a 750w load at 240v (approx 3 Amps) will draw 60 Amps from your 12v battery. That won't last long!
  2. I would advise against using the Burgh Castle moorings. The metal quay heading is badly deteriorating, in some places the metal is peeling back and projecting into the river. If you can, I believe the Fishermans Inn moorings are better, but be aware there is a rise and fall of about 6' between high and low water.
  3. And these are the so-called environmentally aware young? After the scenes after the last weekend's parties and raves, I don't think the young give a hoot about the environment. Everything they don't want just gets dropped or thrown from car windows.
  4. I always use the Lime Kiln Dyke end of Barton Broad. Plenty of room to get out of the channel, either side out of the wind.
  5. Me too. But the call handler couldn't match their online price! He actually told me he'd not renew the policy, and I should go online and take out a new policy there! Crazy. So I did that.
  6. The pedal on these open the eyeball flap and simultaneously operate the switch to pump flushing water into the bowl. The only real problem with them is your "doings" drop straight into the holding tank. Which releases rather awful odours up through the flap. Also, the seals don't last long, especially with a worn plastic eyeball. I had to replace one immediately I acquired the boat, as some numpty had dropped a fag-end in there to lay on the flap and melt a nice groove into it.
  7. Faecal matter? Human manure? There's no easy term to use, they all bring up the same image in the mind!!
  8. Mine was a Sealand, I've just remembered. Like this (but older):
  9. Probably an old eyeball, drop-through type? Forget the name, but Peachments will probably have any parts you need. I spent many happy(?) hours on mine, before changing them for something from the 21st century.
  10. Couple of pics on this thread : https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/topic/16177-coaster-hits-with-hirecraft-moored-at-at-reedham-mystery/ They don't look too big on the wider stretches, but meet one on the bend just upstream of Brundall, and they're really quite large!! I know, because that's where we met one back in the 70's!
  11. Having sat on several juries, I can completely agree with that statement. One of those occasions left me pondering how, without the full facts, perception of an individual can get completely skewed. Without going into too much detail, the case involved a police detective accused of being in cahoots with a drug dealer, to the point of actually delivering drugs for him. The case originally presented seemed completely open and shut - the guy was guilty. However, over the course of the next few weeks, it became clear that this chap was, not to put too fine a point on it, being fitted up. For what reason, we never found out, but evidence had been planted, the traffic camera evidence was being mis-represented, to put the man where he couldn't have been etc, etc. The jury unanimously found him not guilty. Good job for him he had a good legal team, otherwise he'd be in jail, probably for a long time. Now, if you'd only read the reports in the paper, you might have come to the conclusion that the guy had got off just because he was in the police, whereas, in fact, it was the police trying to stitch up one of their own! This, of course, has no bearing on the present discussion here, but I, for one, won't believe every conviction is correct, any more than I believe every acquittal is correct.
  12. That seems wrong to me. The sucky-outer should be at the bottom of your tank, surely? Unless there's a drop-pipe inside the tank.
  13. Also, the inside of the white hose is smooth, to stop accumulation of the . . . bits!
  14. I've been to Norfolk and couldn't understand a word they said! Or perhaps they couldn't understand me?
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