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  1. Regulo

    Tudor Reformation

    Can't help but be amazed at all your hard work and sheer bloody-minded resolve on this project. Well done to all involved.
  2. Regulo

    Electric Boat

    These are the "easy access" people. But you might not get booked this year, they are very popular.
  3. Regulo

    WiFi Hotspots

    Gone DOWN by £30 a month? How much do you usually pay? Are you constantly streaming films?
  4. Regulo

    Keith Coo Wee

    How terribly sad. Only met him once, at a meet (elsewhere), lovely chap.
  5. Regulo

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    Yes, he's my hero. I am his understudy, and stand in when he's unavailable. Got a long way to go to reach his level, I'm afraid.
  6. Regulo

    Lowestoft Wally Trolley

    Anything that's not bolted down. And what it's bolted to, if it can be moved! . Scumbags.
  7. Regulo

    When Did The First Grp Boats Arrive?.

    I think I was 14 years young (1966, there that's me aged), when a Wilds Caribbean moored alongside us at Ranworth. I can distinctly recall my uncle Alf's words - "That'll never catch on, skating all over the top of the water. You need a bit of keel underneath". He was often wrong, Uncle Alf, bless him.
  8. Regulo

    Beware The Yare On The 31st May

    You've probably seen it before but: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tr4wNYWFI9M
  9. Regulo

    Thank God The Wild Boars Are Out!

    I hope the last person out leaves a few sticks of dynamite on a long fuse in there. Saves anyone else getting stuck, leading to brave people having to risk all in another rescue.
  10. Regulo

    A Diamond Week

    The trick with mudweighting is to let out plenty of line. The pull is then more horizontal, which tends to give the weight more resistance in the gunk. I've drifted a few times before this truth sunk in (geddit?). Sounds like you had a great time, WW. How could you not with this weather?
  11. Regulo

    The Last Post

    On another "moorings" gripe - why have BA put safety ladders in the middle, or not at the end of moorings? On short moorings, there's no logical reason to put them anywhere other than the end, but where some are, completely puts out of use a good mooring space.
  12. Regulo

    Somerleyton Bridge Not Operational

    Not at all daft, MM. Well, not for you, anyway. I don't think you'd be able to generate enough power to significantly reduce the temperature of steel rail sitting in the direct sunlight, unfortunately. I could be wrong. Anyone able to calculate calorific exchange rates (or whatever)?
  13. Regulo

    Norfolk Broads July 2016

    Don't be an idiot, MM. It's obviously Oulton Broad.
  14. Regulo

    Norfolk Broads July 2016

    I stand corrected - you get around a LOT!!
  15. Regulo

    Norfolk Broads July 2016

    Get around a bit, don't you?

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