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  1. Regulo

    Never Ending Story

    Aaaaargh! That looks terrible. Seeing that, doesn't it worry all you woodie owners that you could, how can I put it . . sink, at any time?
  2. Regulo

    Broad Ambition - TLC Time Again

    What error? I thought that was the whole point of splitters? How can you get it wrong? Input from the alternator, two outputs - one to the domestic bank, one to the starter battery. Or is that too simplistic? Seems to work on my install that way.
  3. Regulo

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    You forgot the underwater camera, to check it's all clear to operate.
  4. Regulo

    Bow Thruster Fitting

    Rene is at a point in life where jumping about is a no-no! Therefore when we are aboard, I have to do the shoreside stuff. With Sunbird having a high profile out of the water, a stiff breeze can make things tricky in some situations. The bow thruster is invaluable at these times, Rene can keep the bow in, while I attend to the rear line. Saves a lot of dashing about on the bank! Also it makes manouevring in our particular marina situation a doddle, without it I have to admit, I'd struggle. I COULD manage without it, but it makes our boating a whole lot easier, and safer.
  5. Regulo

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    That's how he used to sign off -"This is your quiz inquisitor Michael Miles saying Goodnight". Not forgetting Bob Danvers Walker with his gong in the Yes No Interlude. "So you're Bert Bloggs from Basildon?", "Yes", Bong. Next!!!! Oh, how we laughed! No wonder I'm a bit simple now, our brains were addled with this nonsense.
  6. Regulo

    It's Early January, No Strictly

    Who said, "This is your quiz inquisitor . . ."?
  7. Regulo

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Yep, I understand the driving techniques, but what if you're doing everything right and some numpty forces an emergency stop on you? I can't see a space saver contributing to good control under those circumstances!
  8. Regulo

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    Just to digress a little - how would you stand if you had an accident whilst using a "space-saver" get you home spare? Really, these things make a mockery of all we're told about mixing tyres and tread construction, surely?
  9. Regulo

    A Winters Tale

    Just follow roughly the right hand bank, and you'll come to the Yacht Station, with the Waveney Hotel directly ahead of you. Keep following the bank, and there's the Commodore moorings. As for sailies, treat them as you usually would on any other broad - ignore 'em!
  10. Regulo

    Royal Tartan Interior Plan

    Everything looks a darn sight cleaner than Nyx!
  11. Regulo

    Rascal's Learning to Drive

    If you have a spare in the boot, please ensure it's well strapped down, preferably to somewhere solid. In an accident it will become a (very heavy) missile.
  12. Regulo

    Low Tide

    When I first bought Sunbird, she was moored at Aston's yard at Loddon, on the river side quay. We were regularly in the sticky stuff, and twice had to open the weed filter to de-plug the goo from the bottom of the fitting. But we did find the raw water impeller was missing a few fingers, so that might have not helped! Still, not good to have that mud running through the heat exchanger, though, so if you've been grounded, it might be as well to check that out when you get back to floaty business.
  13. Regulo

    A Winters Tale

    In that case - I give up!
  14. Regulo

    A Winters Tale

    It's a pub in Norfolk.
  15. Regulo

    Why Is It?

    HI, John (annv), using the second calorifier feed as a heat exchanger was my original thoughts on achieving this, but I then installed an eberspacher hydromatic diesel heater, so that used the second feed to heat the hot water. That's why I used a car matrix. Do you find it takes a while to get heat, using the second calorifier feed? Just for my own interest, I always wondered if that might be the case.

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