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  1. Shouldn't worry. The rate the reeds are encroaching into Barton, it won't be there in 30 years time! (Wanted to put an emoji here, but it won't work for me).
  2. I have fitted two separate digital voltmeters and ammeters for the starter battery and domestic banks. Not a difficult job, and you can easily see exactly what's happening. Not the discharge current for the starter battery, of course! Battery voltage is expected to drop a few points while drawing large currents, but if it doesn't return to normal at rest then it's safe to assume there's a problem with capacity. Trouble with sealed batteries is, there's no way to check each cell with a hygrometer. My starter battery died, with one cell showing dead on the hygro, but was being charged to the correct voltage, and retaining that voltage at rest. Meaning the remaining cells were being overcharged. If it had been a sealed battery, I wouldn't have known, and might have assumed there was some high resistance problem in my wiring. Simple is best.
  3. Oh no she's not!
  4. We were stopped by River Inspectors at the Berney Arms (sometime in the late 70's I think) as there were "explosive demolitions" being undertaken of the old railway piers on Breydon. We retraced our steps, and went through the next day, but didn't see anything untoward.
  5. The A149 at Stalham was built on the disused railway track. Just past the small car park at the top of the high street, you can see this old railway crossing gate.
  6. The path of the railway in Beccles can clearly be followed. I believe the house arrowed is built on the bridge foundations.
  7. A common mistake (and one I used to be guilty of) is not letting out enough line on the weight. The more you let out, within reason, the more horizontal will be the pull on the weight, which in thoery, will drag it deeper into the bottom, rather than it "skipping" over the surface.
  8. Regulo

    River Bure

    Were Antingham ponds the water source for the N. Walsham and Dilham canal? I never new they were the Ant/Smale river source.
  9. You mean they didn't come out and helm for you? How very remiss of them. I hope you complained.
  10. See, that's something else I've fitted and forgot about! An advanced alternator regulator. Great bit of kit, easy install if you can use a soldering iron, and follow simple instructions.
  11. Oooooh, expense, expense, expense! . Why do we do it? Because we're all slightly mad, I suppose. Well, I know I am.
  12. I changed the fluorescent tubes in Sunbird for 12 volt pad type LEDs - reasonably easy, and cheap conversion. Nowadays you can get LED tubes for an almost direct replacement. Do this if you are going to be aboard for extended periods! Possibly the best thing I've done aboard in terms of "creature comforts".
  13. You're probably right. Restaurants were above our station in those days! Smart pubs made us uncomfortable.
  14. That was run by the guy who originally had the Wherry at Langley, can't recall his name (possibly Trevor?). At that time he was trying to get the Queen's Head up and running as a restaurant, but I don't recall it ever opening as such.
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