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  1. Harnser pub at Stalham Green?
  2. Re: the Coronavirus Bill. What a load of gobbledegook! No wonder it usually takes years for anything to get done in this country, if that's anything to go by. And this is an emergency bill, that won't be opposed!!
  3. One of two possibilities: 1) an air lock, 2) A blockage. If you've removed the top pipe into the calorifier and water came out, It's unlikely to be 1) Which leaves 2). Remove both pipes into the calorifier, and reverse flush it. Without seeing the runs of the pipework, and situations of the respective engine and calorifier, it's difficult to be more specific. Got anyone local to assist in your efforts? Edit: Cross posted with Vaughan!
  4. Ah, yes, that's the one. Was it ever in Richardsons fleet? I'm sure I viewed it there. But it was 20 years ago!!
  5. Was there ever a dual steer version of these? I'm sure I looked at one with similar lines when I was looking to purchase about 20 years ago.
  6. Had to get shopping today, just essentials. Shoulder to shoulder in Lidl, and queue for 40 minutes to get through the till. If that's the government's idea of "social distancing" the population, it's the wrong way! But on the other hand I went to my usual establishment for lunch to find it empty apart from two other people. The staff, outnumbering customers by 4 to 1, were cleaning and disinfecting absolutely everything. I felt safer there than anywhere, especially Lidl!
  7. So will Rene and I. I am not (quite) in the "vulnerable" age group, but Rene definitely is (don't ask, she'd kill me if I told you!). She insists we carry on, supporting our usual lunchtime haunts. This virus is out there, and can't be stopped, unless there's troops on the streets. I understand the reasoning behind the advice, but I don't see how it will help. If I get shopping for someone, I have to leave it on their doorstep - contaminated with whatever I've picked up in the shop. If I touch ANY public door handle, I've got it. If I sit indoors, it will not help one bit in the overall spread of this virus. Our economy will be decimated, with businesses going under, and great loss of jobs. So, we will carry on, as we always have, come what may.
  8. There's the trouble. Even if you want to help the elderly and self-isolating, or get your own minimum of essentials, there's nothing on the shelves. What a mess!
  9. Looking to the longer future, when all this has run it's course, will employers and employees realise there's a lot of jobs that currently involve commuting that can be done perfectly adequately from home? We should be aiming at reducing the stress and hassle of commuting for those able to work from home. With today's technology, a lot is possible. But don't tell the Government, HS2 MUST be built, to get rich people to Birmingham 20 minutes faster.
  10. Please don't put anything other than toilet paper (and your doings) down the toilet. Other paper is not designed to readily break down in water, toilet paper is. You'll only block your drains if you put other sorts of paper (absorbent or otherwise) into the toilet.
  11. You're obviously a cheapskate - mine said I'd paid £149!!!
  12. The EA are giving up on protecting the Broads. Let the sea have them, seems to be the gist of it. https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/norfolk-broads-flooding-environment-agency-warning-1-6552418
  13. How long before some idiot suffocates themselves by wearing a plastic bag over their head?
  14. The present outbreak of this virus, while undoubtedly worrying for the more vulnerable members of society, will run it's course and eventually be beaten, or more likely die out of it's own accord. I'm worried what will happen when a virus with, say, 50, 60 or even 100% mortality rate develops. It's proven now that we can't prevent the spread of these viruses globally, so what hope for us? I'm of the opinion it will be a global pandemic that will be the end of civilisation, rather than nuclear war or climate disaster.
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