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  1. Hope to be doing the same this time next week great picture.
  2. All looks very quiet
  3. PAULG

    Fishing Bait

    Cheers Alan, was going to take some of those did he have any luck with them. Was going to get some Maggots and casters if possible but would like to get them just before we set off in Wroxham.
  4. PAULG

    Fishing Bait

    Hi All, Planing on doing some fishing whilst we are traveling around. Does anyone know if the tackle shops in wroxham sell bait as well, direct angling looks like tackle alone. Thanks in advance
  5. Hi all, Thanks for all the info much appreciated its the simple things like holdalls not cases pointed out in SwanR's post. I wasn't too bothered about mooring up at the popular pub's etc but your reassurances help with not feeling I will be up the creek without a mooring for the want of a better expression. I will ensure I take plenty of food/drink and a basic amount of fishing tackle. Regards,
  6. I can't cook while cruising around in circles OK from what you are all saying there will be somewhere to moor up even if it is using the Rhond anchor I'm just worrying over nothing. I did intend to put plenty of food and drink onto the boat. Begs another question how long do the 240v inverters give you on average (no hair dryers etc) Sorry for all the questions.
  7. Thanks, What about the ones on the river bank between the bridge and Arcle dyke.
  8. Hi, thanks for the info. I have noticed on the map just down river from Pedro's there is a lot of moorings on boat dyke lane, are these private and accessible for overnight with a fee.
  9. Hi all thanks for the responses. I did try and post again last night but for some reason it never appeared. We pick the boat up from Brinks on Sat 5th Sept so on advice IF we manage to get away Salhouse broad has been recommended. I am probably worrying about nothing but being new to this would like to know I will be able to get moored up at night. I was going to put plenty of food and drink on the boat as I did read/watch somewhere about not getting in where planned and going hungry We are so looking forward to it and just trying to gather as much info as possible from
  10. Hi All just a quick question. Can moorings be pre-booked at the popular destinations and boat yards. Thanks.
  11. Thanks Fred, Just me and the wife so should be OK for space. Didn't want anything bigger as we'll be first timers at this, anywhere else you would recommend. Regards,
  12. Hi all I'm an absolute virgin to this so any advise would be great. I have managed to hire the Ladymore 2 from Barnes Brinkcraft for the week commencing the 5th Sept and so looking forward to it. Has anyone hired this boat before and any info on it. We pick the boat up from Wroxham Saturday afternoon and if we manage to get away that day has anyone got any tips on where to stay for the first evening. Somewhere easy to Moore up preferably lol. Thanks in advance Paul
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