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  1. When I posted yesterday referring to front line workers being super hero's, JM your daughter was very much included in that as is vaughan"s They are super hero's in my book whether they like to be called that or not As parents you must be out of your minds with worry for them,, bless your hearts too x
  2. Too right it has to be recognised I heard on the local news the other day of parents whose daughter is a nurse working all the hours she can to do her bit. She came home the other night broken and exhausted. She had to climb on someone's chest in an ambulance outside the hospital to give CPR but sadly he died. She sobbed in her Mum's arms I can only imagine the trauma they face every day, they don't just leave it at the door when they go home either. Bless all the emergency services and workers, they really are super heroes
  3. He should be sacked I've said this before but there are so many heartbreaking situations from families losing loved ones to people choosing whether to eat or have heating It's disgusting and a kick in the teeth for all the decent human beings who are trying to do the right thing under dire circumstances x
  4. Life to get back to normal for my children. To be able to play with friends and go to school, things I took for granted growing up. To not be terrified of people getting too close for comfort in the supermarket. To have comfort knowing my family, friends and loved ones are safe Oh and one more thing, to browse the shoe section in Next x
  5. Jeez is all this necessary We're in this together apparently
  6. I agree Mr N. You would make an excellent pesky mod though. I was approached too a couple of years ago, good lordy I'd be banning everyone and deleting threads all over the place, it would be utter chaos, we wouldn't have a ruddy forum left I think they do a brilliant job and if anyone thinks they can do it better, put your money where your mouth is x
  7. Brilliant post Griff, I couldn't agree more My Brother tested positive for Covid on Tuesday and is quite sick at the moment. He was of the same attitude and followed all guidelines and rules so could only have got it at the supermarket I just wish people would think on, wear masks, keep their distance and sanitise. As for fishing, get over it, the sooner everyone follows the rules the sooner we can get back to some sort of normality x
  8. I agree, Jean you are a lovely lady and such an asset to this forum. Loving your walks, tales and pics, you keep them coming I'm definitely not jealous or anything x
  9. The scary thing is Ian, my Brother has stuck to the rules and only been to a supermarket and for walks. I'm so sorry for you having to shield again, you've been through quite enough already, bless your heart Take care
  10. Try telling all this to the people on New Years Eve who thought it amusing to demonstrate in a crowd, no distancing, no masks, to inform us all that the virus is a scam. I wish they would look at what's happening in hospitals and the heart wrenching stories of the thousands and thousands of people who have been affected by this and families torn apart and I don't mean not being able to go the pub or hairdressers either This is all so heartbreaking but people like this will never follow the rules or guidelines, they either don't care or don't want to because it won't affect them.....yet
  11. One person scammed out of £10 is one too many especially considering how vulnerable and afraid people feel at this time, it's unforgivable x
  12. After tonight's announcement people have had enough with out some low life trying to scam us out of much needed money. Unbelievable Thank you for the info OBB x
  13. Gracie

    Not Good

    I'm so sorry scrumpy for your loss I know of someone who lost a dear friend at the beginning of this pandemic and I wasn't there for them, something I will regret forever. All you can do is be there with a virtual shoulder and hugs Take care and stay safe x
  14. Gracie

    Not Good

    As always it's the negative that gets reported and we all jump on it (me very much included) but we are in the midst of a pandemic. As for shopping alone, I understand that but it's not always easy, there are very few Grandparents that can take care of their Grandchildren because of this dreadful virus and single parents have no one else. Please try and remember that when you see children in the supermarkets and the like, don't judge too harshly on this one x
  15. They also have to remember behind every nagging woman is a man not doing was he's supposed to x
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