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  1. I saw this today, it struck a chord with me and so true...…... Homophobia is like Racism and any other form of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their Humanity, their Dignity and Personhood At the end of the day we are all Human Beings and should be treated as such no matter our Race, our Colour or sexuality Grace
  2. Dunno about swaying but he certainly knows how to fall over low lying walls on the way back to the boat Now don't tell anyone I told you that Grace
  3. With comments like that you could very well find yourself overboard darling Grace
  4. I do believe you mentioned the C word first a few years back about September time I think and got a telling off from our Broadscot Oh my goodness Jean, Jay a good boy? You are talking about my Jay aren't you? The same Jay that mentioned the C word in June I did buy you a boat, okay so it's just a kayak but it floats none the less, we hope anyway Jean sorry for the topic wander. It's been lovely to read, the photos lovely as usual too and the video stunning, thank you so much for posting Grace
  5. I'm very good at getting things wrong but here goes....How Hill? Lovely old photos by the way Grace
  6. Oh Helen please, he needs no encouragement Sorry people I did tell him to change it and he did do as he was told (thank you very much babe) But I fear now it's even worse, I'll work on him Grace
  7. I think you'll find my roughtie toughtie firefighter wished everyone a Merry Christmas back in June Our Broadscot would be having ruddy kittens Grace
  8. He's not who you're all thinking he is, It's not our Grendel, it's Richard Attenborough Grace
  9. Stay in the South, go North, get the Captain's hat, the Pirate flag, drink wine and have a ruddy good time The North in the summer is just the best, loads of people out on the rivers having a whale of a time, sit with that wine and watch the goings on, it's better than the telly any day of the week Congratulations Helen and Graham Grace
  10. Oh I really don't think so babe and you're not getting the t shirt back You do a ruddy ale trail every time we go out Grace
  11. Would that be Ed Sheeran, John Legend? That sort of music babe? A very warm welcome on board Tom, it's nice to have you here Grace
  12. Gracie


    Knot a clue Pops Works for me Grace
  13. I find a straw in the wine bottle whilst I'm driving helps Grace
  14. Someone walked on the moon? Really? These two posts brought a lump to my throat I wish you both well and hopefully some peace and happiness in the future Grace
  15. They look absolutely gorgeous don't they? I love cooking too unfortunately cooking doesn't love me. I can burn salad Well done Mrs H, they look scrummy Grace
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