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  1. A belated Happy Birthday from Jay and I Ray Who's the Beatles? Jay and Grace x
  2. Absolutely fudging right I think you men are very good at selective hearing It's like when I say to Jay "I need a new pair of shoes".....he hears...."Can we go to the pub" Grace x
  3. Awww Grendel, Jays jokes are the best, think yourself lucky, I have to listen to them every ruddy day Grace
  4. The Broadscot Lounge Non Broads/Boat related topics and Discussions...………..That's what it says on the tin and long may it continue That's what I love about this forum, we can discuss almost anything, if you don't want to get involved then don't read it Grace
  5. A very Happy and Healthy New Year to you all Jay and Grace x
  6. This thread's getting weirder by the minute
  7. You started it I read your post last night and thought you'd lost the plot
  8. Yeah, Jay and I are doing dry January Jay and Grace x
  9. Awww that's lovely Monica, thank you for sharing. Wishing you all the very for 2020 to you and your family Jay and Grace x
  10. How about the hanging from Acle Bridge, Old Wusser? Apparently on a quiet night you can hear the screams Grace xxx
  11. Jay's not arrived at Ranworth yet Grace x
  12. Oh it will, I ain't finished yet Grace
  13. So pleased to read you all had such a lovely time, we did too. Jay's afloat at the moment so I'm going to let you in on a couple of secrets He spent most of the morning in the kitchen where upon he wasn't wearing an apron with an image of the character from Family Guy supping a pint on it over a very smart shirt with lots of little Santa's on and he didn't put on his Simpson's pjs the kids got him for Christmas at bed time, very cute they didn't look too Have a lovely weekend everyone Grace x
  14. Ooops sorry Lulu I misread your post Happy first Christmas with your little Granddaughter, that's better Jay and Grace xxx
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