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  1. Welcome aboard the madhouse from Jay and I. You don't have to be crazy to be a member of this forum but it does help Happy boating to you too Grace
  2. A very Happy Father's Day to all you Dads on here. To my Jay especially, he's a fantastic Dad Not wanting to embarrass him or anything he will be lounging around today in his cookie monster Pjs and the Simpsons socks the kids got him Have a good one guys Grace
  3. I think you'd better stick to cooking Ian Glad you both had a lovely time Grace
  4. I know I'm a 'youngster' so to speak but so grateful for the freedom we have today because of the brave men and women who fought for that freedom I've just watched some of the coverage of todays events on the news, it brought a lump to my throat, what the Veterans must have witnessed and been through doesn't bear thinking about, bless all their hearts Grace
  5. He truly does take a beautiful photo, I keep on at him about putting some through for the calendar competition, I hope he does this year Oulton Broad was outstanding that night too, it really was This is very true darling Oi you cheeky beggar, I don't talk at you, I talk with you thank you very much, the way you carry on anyone would think I was a nag (don't answer that) Grace
  6. He loves cream teas too Alan and he'd happily sit in a pub with a lemonade...……...believe that and you'll believe anything Grace
  7. Never ignored babe I seriously think the Arsenal camp owe the fans a sincere apology for the time it took to get to the stadium and the money they had to spend to watch such a dire performance and some of the players earn three hundred and fifty thousand pounds a ruddy week Absolute joke but well done Chelsea Grace
  8. Love it, you go girl It's funny because Jay and I were having this same conversation this morning, he seems to think he's the boss, well I cried laughing That's a brilliant post from Paul, I bet his boss hasn't seen it Grace
  9. Hello Simon A very warm welcome aboard the forum from Jay and I Our favourites for mud weighting are Ranworth Broad and Salhouse Broad, very pretty Broads with lots of boat activity to sit and watch in the sunshine although I believe there is a charge for Salhouse. Look out for the ice cream boat too Have a lovely time Grace
  10. Gracie

    Locks Pub

    The very suggestion that my Jay and Mr N frequent pubs is ludicrous, I don't know where you get that idea from Go in for a meal, go in for a drink, use em or lose em I reckon Grace
  11. Good stuff cc, loved it but to be honest with you watching paint dry is more entertaining than Jeremy Kyle Beautiful, thank you for posting Grace
  12. Gracie


    Have a lovely time Mr and Mrs N Grace
  13. I haven't a clue but it looks a gorgeous mooring, Jay want's to know if there's a pub nearby Grace
  14. Oh Alan what an awful day for you, I'm so sorry You take care and look after yourself Grace
  15. Oh lordy am I the only person on the planet that finds him irritating? Sorry. I listen to Magic in the car, just before they played a Buble song a while back the DJ said something about him being such a lovely man, anyone who thinks otherwise must have something seriously wrong with them, I kind of sank into my seat in shame My children call him Michael Bubble Grace
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