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  1. I was upstairs with my children building a make shift campsite and a tent out of old sheets when my eldest reminded me "Mummy don't forget we have to clap for the Nurses" So proud of him. Lots of people came out, lots of noise and cheering. Neighbours waving to each other too Good old British spirit Jay and Grace x
  2. I saw this today and thought I would share it under the circumstances No matter how good or bad you think life is Wake up each day and be thankful for life Someone somewhere is fighting for theirs Kind of appropriate I think. Stay well everyone Jay and Grace x
  3. Ian please do take care and every one else of course who have to completely self isolate, our heart and thought's go out to you. This thread is a good idea too for friends to come and share their situations and how they are coping. Good on you Ian Even if you are a Chelsea supporter Stay safe and well everyone Jay and Grace x
  4. My day has started with being a Teacher having to home school the children, I've talked with them about sticking to a routine. We're doing some work and then a break outside in the garden, more work, then a dinner break and so on. I believe they need structure to their day and I am so so hoping I can pull it off Wish me luck A terrified Grace
  5. Yes a very kind offer indeed, thank you Ian, I will need to know how not to burn beans on toast Jay and Grace x
  6. Sorry a bit late Ian but a very Happy Birthday to you from Jay and I Stay well and stay safe Jay and Grace x
  7. Thank you Mrs V I'll have a look later when Jay's at work Love the title by the way Jay and Grace x
  8. Nice one Ray Keep it friendly everyone, we need to pull together, be kind and nice to each other especially at a time like this Ray, any one walking in my shoes will end up in a wine bar Stay well and take care Jay and Grace x
  9. I meant medications
  10. Good luck with the shopping, I went into my local Sainsbury's today to pick up some essential items for my Dad, the queue's were unbelievable with trolleys over flowing and as a result the shelves were empty. I have never experienced anything like it and hope not to again in my lifetime. No bread, no tinned items and no mediations even the freezers were empty. Stay safe, healthy and look out for vulnerable people, I have a couple of elderly neighbours who I will make an effort to check on for sure Take care everyone
  11. Lovely post Old Wusser. And let's not forget how things can be so misunderstood too in the written word. I think we should all have a laugh and some fun especially at this time even though I haven't a clue what Paul is on about Grace
  12. Oh Ray she's a cutie, love the steps too Jay and Grace x
  13. Just as well I'm with a Firefighter then isn't it We hope you've had a lovely time Jean even if the wind has been a challenge, looking forward to the write up Have a safe journey home Jay and Grace x
  14. The Bridge Inn, Acle Jay and Grace x
  15. Yes you are, it's a gorgeous bubbly cheaper version of champagne just like Jay said and as for repeating myself when I've had a few as Jay mentioned earlier.....I do not repeat myself, I do not repeat myself, I do not repeat myself Hope you're having a lovely time Jean, get yourself a glass of Prosecco, it's yummy Jay and Grace x
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