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  1. Entirely inappropriate for a family forum Grace
  2. Gracie

    Thought For The Day.

    Why do we have to have flappy thingies at all, ought to be banned, the lot of em Just kidding of course. When safely moored up I love the sound of the sails flapping on a gentle breeze, just don't like trying to pass one zig zagging all over the ruddy place Grace
  3. Gracie

    My Day

    Lovely pics darling, love the trees Have a lovely time babe Grace xxx
  4. I really don't see what the problem is here, a bunch of like minded people getting together on the water, catching up over a drink and a laugh, unofficial or official. I hope the person who had to step back is okay, nothing too serious, I wish them well I also don't see how the forum name has been sullied across Broadland because a meeting between friends has become 'unofficial'. Attempts at causing friction is more likely to sully reputation Have a great time everyone Grace
  5. Gracie

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    I agree Mr N. I also believe any pub Harvey chooses he will be on to a winner, Having a drink in a pub on the Broads over looking the river is a win win situation in my book Never been in a bad one yet but Surlingham is a safe bet, if you go in on a Sunday have the Roast, one of the best on the Broads in my opinion Grace
  6. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    Jay Of course I do, I know everything about you don't I? I'm sure I will, give me an hour or so I won't allow you to get tired The write up and photos have been brilliant as usual, thank you for allowing me with you babe, I've loved every second Grace xxx
  7. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    Sorry Mr N, duly noted and taken on board I knew the pub but Mr N just beat me to it We are aren't we? I'll try not to in future, thank you darling Where's all the heat gone that I've been constantly whining to you about? Grace
  8. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    Jeez, that's why the more decent minded of us didn't get it, thank you for the explanation Ian Sorry Jay darling for the thread hijack Now can we have the photos of the rain? We haven't seen rain in so long Grace
  9. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    They are Herbert Woods day boats, You can see them moored up on the Potter web cam, the doors open inwards Perhaps it's you who needs to go to Specsavers Grace
  10. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    Definitely and a duvet Grace
  11. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    The pictures of the Ant are stunning babe, thank you for posting I love the wild moorings there if you can bag one this time of year, lovely and secluded Grace
  12. Gracie

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Lynsey, I could win first prize in a dance competition if one comes near me Grace
  13. Gracie

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    I totally agree, it's like when people say about spiders being good for us, they keep other nasty insects at bay etc but when you've got one of those big hairy buggers the size of a small tarantula walking across the carpet headed right at you, thoughts of anything good they do for the environment goes right out the ruddy window Grace
  14. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    A pink one too, I love pink but then you know that, thank you darling Mike, I'm sorry I can't help with that pub, I'm not much of a drinker really Grace
  15. Gracie

    A Summer's Tale

    Aww Howard you're back, Jay and I were getting worried about you Yay Mr N is back Now all we need is Mrs Nog Grace

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