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  1. The Sun did this years ago. Boatyards pulled out all the old s......s and people hired them cheap. The boats were so bad (as I seem to remember) I am sure it put off new hirers for good. I feel sure it did not do anyone any good!
  2. Both my Jaguar xf and also the wifes Volvo XC60 have no dip sticks. I originally found this a pita but neither use any oil so not too much of a problem.
  3. I want to test ride the one in the middle!
  4. We had our boat in Beccles and sold it three years ago and I am sure Tesco's were there up to two years prior to that.
  5. The requirement of taking these cars to a DVLA centre has now stopped!
  6. The biggest problem with repaired cars is that as soon as they are catergorised as repaired it does not matter how well they have been repaired the 'marker' stays with them and the values are about 40% less than they otherwise would have been - plus it is illegal not to disclose the marker when selling the vehicle.
  7. I had assumed that the four repairable had somehow been 'rescued'?
  8. Does anyone know weather any have been recovered, or are they still drifting, or all now smashed to pieces?
  9. I assume there is an ex boatyard manager looking for a new job now?
  10. Is that Calm Waters? My dad hired Calm Waters when I was a kid and that was many, many years ago
  11. Whilst their pub is closed my daughter in law is doing 'traffic management' at our local Folkestone centre. On her first day she was offered a jab as they had one left, which of course she took rather than it being wasted. At the moment if they have any over it is being used at the Police Station which is nearby so no wasteage there!
  12. Ask Steve at Derby's Quay Beccles. He will know. He worked for them for many years.
  13. Thanks for the info. They were outdrives and alloy.
  14. I have got 2x used but good condition propellors to dispose of. They were fitted to my Fairline Targa 34 fitted with twin BMW diesels. (From memory I believe she was the 1994 boat show model and BMW engines were an unusual fitting?) The props were with the boat when I bought her and have been in my workshop ever since. Now for disposal, any idea of best place? Thanks. Happy. (aka Alan)
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