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  1. Hi Seagypsy We are on a 'Boys Jolly' for 4 nights on Absolute Freedom out of Thorpe. Looked at Richardsons but did'nt fancy the croud that would be leaving to go down the Ant. Two of the guys have not been on the broads before so I reckon they will be addicted too. Have a great time.
  2. Hi Paul, welcome to the forum. I hired a Seamaster 27 from Aston boats in mid 60's (when I was in my prime!). After hiring I longed for a 27 for myself and eventually managed to fund and purchase one I found on the Thames. Whilst I loved the boat I then really fell in love with the Seamaster 30. I had three in total, all on the Broads. The last one ("My Panashe") we kept at Beccles was a great boat, one of the last factory built, but we really did not have the time to use her properly and with a three hour journey to get to her decided to sell. However, still cannot get the broads out of the system and hiring a boat in September. Good luck with your new purchase. Regards Happy (aka Alan)
  3. Happy

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    Not very full, is it?
  4. Likewise. But I am off to the pub................................................................ to clean it! Alan (aka Happy)
  5. Hi guys. Is the pub on the staithe still open? Be going on a 'boys jolly' (well old men really) end of September and propose to stop here on one of the evenings. Have not been for some years and it did tend to close quite often then! Any advice would be welcome. Cheers Happy (aka Alan)
  6. Yes, tell me about it! On the way home from the boat at Beccles a few years ago. I thought it was a 40mph limit and was doing 36mph. Apparently it had changed without me being aware. (Did not get up to the boat often enough, thats why we sold it.) He was hidden behind some trees and could not be seen until 'on top of him' . Took a speed awareness course and saved the points but still cost me £86, a dear cup of coffee!
  7. Happy


    No! Could not catch it!
  8. Happy


    Some years ago we had a garage in Dover. One morning my son was carrying out an MOT on a people carrier that had been parked on a farm. Whilst checking under the bonnet he stated that it looked as though a rat had chewed some of the wiring and as he was speaking the rat jumped out from under the bonnet, over his shoulder and ran out of the garage door. He was pretty shocked. The owner of the vehicle (which was a wreck) could not understand why he refused to carry on with the test and only pacified when I did not charge him!
  9. Happy

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    Sorry! Assumed (wrongly) that you had purchased new! My apologies. Happy
  10. If the person in charge of the lead boat was a senior cadet it did'nt show much about his/her training?
  11. Happy

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    I assume you went to a dealer that far away to save money? Lets hope that if you have a warranty problem then local dealer 'won't be too busy with his own customers' to deal with it? Just speaking from past experience! Regards Happy
  12. If it can be 'thirded' I do too! Glad you are back. Happy - (aka Alan)
  13. We went to our local garden centre yesterday to buy some rubbish bags after a hard days gardening, This was taken over a couple of years ago and has changed what had become a run down and tired place into something quite spectacular, but .................................... on looking round as we always do we came across their Christmas displays. Lights, trees, decorations and the rest. Three months to go? Much too early I think. Easter eggs in mid December? Just my opinion of course. Happy
  14. Another person to try would be Steve based at Dereby's Quay in Beccles Good luck. Happy
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