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  1. Yes, tell me about it! On the way home from the boat at Beccles a few years ago. I thought it was a 40mph limit and was doing 36mph. Apparently it had changed without me being aware. (Did not get up to the boat often enough, thats why we sold it.) He was hidden behind some trees and could not be seen until 'on top of him' . Took a speed awareness course and saved the points but still cost me £86, a dear cup of coffee!
  2. Happy


    No! Could not catch it!
  3. Happy


    Some years ago we had a garage in Dover. One morning my son was carrying out an MOT on a people carrier that had been parked on a farm. Whilst checking under the bonnet he stated that it looked as though a rat had chewed some of the wiring and as he was speaking the rat jumped out from under the bonnet, over his shoulder and ran out of the garage door. He was pretty shocked. The owner of the vehicle (which was a wreck) could not understand why he refused to carry on with the test and only pacified when I did not charge him!
  4. Happy

    My Day

    Sorry! Assumed (wrongly) that you had purchased new! My apologies. Happy
  5. If the person in charge of the lead boat was a senior cadet it did'nt show much about his/her training?
  6. Happy

    My Day

    I assume you went to a dealer that far away to save money? Lets hope that if you have a warranty problem then local dealer 'won't be too busy with his own customers' to deal with it? Just speaking from past experience! Regards Happy
  7. If it can be 'thirded' I do too! Glad you are back. Happy - (aka Alan)
  8. We went to our local garden centre yesterday to buy some rubbish bags after a hard days gardening, This was taken over a couple of years ago and has changed what had become a run down and tired place into something quite spectacular, but .................................... on looking round as we always do we came across their Christmas displays. Lights, trees, decorations and the rest. Three months to go? Much too early I think. Easter eggs in mid December? Just my opinion of course. Happy
  9. Another person to try would be Steve based at Dereby's Quay in Beccles Good luck. Happy
  10. Hi. We hired one of these - Santa Caterina - in around 1965 - must have been one of the first? Can you keep us all up to date with progress on here as well? Good Luck. Happy (aka Alan)
  11. Can you build me a real boat Mister?! Happy. aka Alan
  12. Good Luck. Looking at the time you wrote this I assume you are tucked up in bed now. We are about to drive to Stanstead for a flight to Southern Ireland for a ten day break - Ryanair permitting! Happy aka Alan
  13. I have been going to the 'Broads' for over 45 years, originally on hire boats and then like a great deal of people on my own boats. In all that time I did not realise that you were supposed to wait for the ferry to dock. I have always let it get at least half way accross and then passed astern. It appears that I have been bloody lucky!
  14. Oh no its not!!.........................................................?
  15. 'I wanna tell you a story'. In the early 60's my dad bought a timber boat, she was called "Useful" and I believe had previously been the Whitstable harbour launch. She was about 30' long. He bought to use as a fishing boat in our free time off Herne Bay where she was kept on a wet mooring. She had a Kelvin petrol/parraffin engine and the starter dog was so worn that when I tried to start her the starting handle would fly out and smash your knuckles on the engine bearers. Anyway we used her for the first summer and he decided to have her out the briny, fit a new engine and totally re-vamp her. She was taken to a large building about half mile from the sea. Work began. A brand new BMC Captain was supplied and fitted by a local garage and a lot more work carried out by carpenters and painters (who happened to work for dad as he was a builder). When the work was finished she would have passed for a new boat, she looked magnificent! Time came for re-launching on Easter weekend the following year. She was towed to Neptune Jetty at Herne Bay and at high tide she was slowly pushed into the water - I will never forget that day - it was quite sunny, bit of swell and loads of people watching the launch. When we got to the stage that the water intake was below water the engine was started and we came astern off the trolley and headed for the mooring which was the other side of the pier. It was not long before water started to be flicked up by the prop shaft as it passed through the new floor boards that had been fitted. We were about 450 yards offshore. I said to dad 'they have not connected the water outlet' how wrong I was! There was a massive brass hand pump fitted which I tried to use but that did not work. By this time we had sea water over our ankles and were obviously going to sink. I headed back to shore and we started waving and shouting at our launch crew who were still at the jetty, to which they and most of the other onlookers waved back! Now the water was up to our knees and it was getting a bit frightening. I aimed for the beach next to the jetty and beached her, just in time I think. One of the local boatmen came over and said - 'How long did you soak her for?' Puzzled looks on both our faces and we said, what...............................................? About 10 or more 50 gallon drums with the tops cut out, were taken to the beach and pumped full of seawater on the next high tide and my dads yardman stayed with the boat and kept filling her with water as far as the lower part of the engine until she took up. In that time the hand bilge pump was repaired! Anyway, after I think around a week she was re-launched and taken to her mooring and probably only made about a gallon a week thereafter. For those that read this, I hope you enjoyed it. A lot was learned, and yes, we were very lucky and I will never forget it!
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