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  1. The Polaroids faded, just like my memorary now!
  2. When I was young - yes I can just about remember - I was quite keen on photography and took a lot of slides for a while which would have been mostly 'Broads' related, no not that sort, we used Poloroid for that! Anyway, the last time I saw them was when we moved 20 years ago and they were stored in a loft I created in the garage. As far as I know they will have been dry and kept in the dark. I am thinking of delving into this space to find them (not an easy task) and putting them onto a DVD but am unsure whether they will have survived enough to make this worthwhile? Appreci
  3. Happy


    Hi Gracie - It worked then!?
  4. Happy


    Well I gave in and we put them up this morning - best news now would be that the pub can re-open!? Whatever - Keep safe all of you, try to be happy and have a good one.
  5. Happy


    Lights update. My son, who is the Landlord of our local pub came round to help put up the lights..Whilst having a quck coffee before we started it came up on tv that Kent will be 3 after lockdown. Did'nt put either of us in the right mind so lights still in garage which is where they will probably stay now. He had decorated the pub with lights ready for re-opening on 3rd! I think he is taking them all down at the moment. What is there to be cheerful about witjh that news?
  6. Happy


    Hi ya Gracie. To be honest - not yet! I did wonder if people might not take it as intended - so leaving until tommorow! So I reckon the weather forecast for Hawkinge will be raining and blowing a gail, but who cares. I will try and send a 'photo but there 'aint that many, its the thought that counts! Keep safe, keep well and have a good one.
  7. Happy


    This confirms the reason for my original posting! Still not sure what to do.
  8. Happy


    Sound like we should ban them altogether then?
  9. Happy


    Hi Gracie, thanks for that! If people moan I will blame you! I will sort them over the weekend and put them up on Monday. Might even post some pics - may have started something. Whatever. Stay safe and try to be happy.
  10. Happy


    We normaly decorate the outside of the house with a display of lights about 2 weeks before the 25th. There has been a lot of talk in a few places regarding putting up lights early to cheer everyone up. Not sure whether this is a good or bad idea. Your thoughts please.
  11. Look at Hylanders 3rd comment 5 hours ago- all will be revealed.
  12. Thanks. I belonged to the original Seamaster Club years ago when I purchased my first Seamaster 30 and they had a wealth of information but seems to have changed now. I know Viking are using some of the old moulds but not sure they would have, or need to have, the old build records but maybe worth a try. Thanks again.
  13. Hi guys. A freind has just purchased a Seamaster 27. Originally factory built as it has the Seamaster Factory plaque at the helm. The number is 3111 and I have said I will try and find the original build date. Any ideas please? Thanks in antisipation.
  14. My mistake! No wonder I thought the 'pump out' sign was very good!
  15. IMHO that would have been too over the top! Looks just right as you have done it.
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