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  1. Happy

    Learning The Ropes

    Hi. You can bet your life that the first time you get it absolutely right ............. there won't be anyone looking! As others have said, enjoy, take it slowly and don't panic.
  2. The brewery that own my son and his partners tenanted pub are delivering their first order, next week, since lock down. Will just have time to settle before July 4th? Guess I will have to try a pint , prior to opening, just to make sure its OK! Busy re-painting garden tables at the pub at the moment but rain has stopped play. Stay safe. Regards Alan (aka Happy)
  3. Happy

    Sold Boat

    We did likewise for the same reasons a couple of years ago, even down to replacing with a motorhome. Whilst we enjoyed the m'home have to say it just was not the same for us and soon sold it! Enjoy.
  4. A mate and myself hired 'River Ant' in the early 60's. It was the first boat I had actually hired on my own (no parents). We could only have been around 17. Fairly inexperienced regarding speed etc. Looking at the posted 'photo and seeing the bow wave it could have been us on it?! Learnt my lesson VERY quickly.
  5. I have 8 of the following fenders for sale. New and Unused. Majoni Star 3. Black. Approx size 8" x 24". On the Marine Scene website they are reduced to £16.99 each. I bought these for a boat project that I started and never finished. They are inflated so collection from Kent would be neccessary. I think they are good value at £80. A donation to the forum funds will be made if sold. I also have a number of other used fenders in different shapes and sizes in anyone is interested. Please pm me for further details
  6. I have carried a donor card since they first came out. If they can find any bits to help someone when I fall off the shelf good luck to them! I am not sure where we go when the time comes but I am sure if we needed them they will be replaced! Keep safe all of yer. Alan
  7. To be honest we had the same thoughts a few years ago. We wetre both working even though I had passed retirement age. We were not using the boat enough and when we did go spent time on board cleaning and maintaining and just when it was time to enjoy it was time to go home! Been around boats all my life and never thought the day would come when I would not have one. I still miss the life and sometimes the boat but find a few days hiring gets it out of my system for a while. Good Luck. Keep safe all of you.
  8. Just done it too. Good Luck
  9. We used to go there - once. Probably about the only time I don't miss owning a boat anymore. Keep well everyone.
  10. In a slightly different vein. We are self isolating being over 70 but fortunately feeling/acting more like 60! Just received a 'phone call from Age UK. Apparently my doctor had supplied 'phone numbers for all their over 70's clients. He asked whether we needed any help of any kind which included shopping, delivering medicines etc. He even said one of 'his girls' would walk the dog if neccessary! Fortunately we don't need any help (at this moment in time) but what a wonderful gesture.
  11. We plan to do our once weekly shop at Lidl tomorrow. It is the nearest supermarket to us. Whilst there, if we see easter eggs on sale for the grand kids we cannot see, (and leave them on the doorstep on the way home) will we get a 'tug' from the old bill for buying what they might consider to be 'an unnecessary item'?
  12. Happy

    My Day

    Sorry all. Must have been me getting that B....Y spa out!
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