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  1. Happy

    Winter Hire

    Come on Andy, keep up!! Happy (aka Alan)
  2. We have gone 'veggie' for three months to give it a try - that 'photo definately did'nt help! Enjoy. Happy (aka Alan)
  3. The boats were always Charisma and Fantastique. My son and his mates had Fantastique and we had Charisma. We had our own boat down south and the brothers used to allow us to bring our two inflateables and outboards with us.. - some great water fights were had - I still miss it - must have been 30+ years ago. We have moved a few times since then but if I recover any photos will mail you.
  4. We hired from Greenway three times. The last time when Charisma was brand new. We always hired two boats. From memory the boats were completely fitted out on site by one of the brothers. He told us that when sold on the Thames he would hire one there and look on in amusement when going into the locks at a fair pace seeing the faces of the 'gin palace' owners in panic, not realising that he, as the builder, could probably handle her as well as anyone. When the new regulations came out it was so costly to obtain certificates to build that they decided to stop.
  5. So another one bites the dust. Probably not helped with high business rates? A shame. At least they tried. Happy. aka Alan
  6. When we sold our last boat that was based at Beccles we could not wait to get back to Norfolk when we replaced the boat with a motorhome. First stop was the campsite in Potter Heigham and then a few days at the cl at Hippersons, Beccles. Both sites very friendly and the ride up to Beccles on our electric bikes memorable! Whilst it was enjoyable it did not live up to the boat so we sold it soon after! Have fun with yours. Happy (aka Alan)
  7. They did the same for us when we hired Absolute Freedom in September. They really put themselves out. Great yard.
  8. Thanks for that. Just been on the site and spent nearly £40. Not a lot I know but it all helps and goes to the right cause. Happy (aka Alan0
  9. Hi. What do you mean by hull needs emptying inside? Is it full of water? What sort of engine does she have and is it OK? Regards Happy
  10. Having said that, BBC 1 told everyone the result this morning at 8.00am which is bloody typical of them. They do't show the races but want to ruin it for all those that do!
  11. Looks like we did the right thing booking 'Absolute Freedom' last week. The weather was mostly warm and sunny.
  12. Happy

    Found It!

    I spent today going through all my now redundant boat gear looking for my NBN flag. Quite suprised how much stuff I had and forgotten about! After much searching, there it was, just sticking out of a lin bin. It has now been fitted to a pulpit mast which will be displayed on Absolute Freedom (with the owners permission) of course, from Monday 23 to Friday 27. Give us a wave if you see us or better still have a chat. Happy (aka Alan)
  13. Sorry - its Monday not Tuesday - must be getting too excited! Happy
  14. Having owned many boats, mostly on the Broads over many years we came to the same outcome a few years ago. Eve had got to the stage where she was finding if difficult to get off when mooring so we decided to give up the boat. I bought a motorhome which we used a few times (in Norfolk and Suffolk) we tried to convince ourselves that it was just as good at boating, but it was'nt! We now use cruise ships and let others do the work, but I still miss the 'Broads'. So much so that me and four other blokes are having 4 nights on Absolute Freedom starting next Tuesday. You just cannot get it out of your system!
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