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  1. We plan to do our once weekly shop at Lidl tomorrow. It is the nearest supermarket to us. Whilst there, if we see easter eggs on sale for the grand kids we cannot see, (and leave them on the doorstep on the way home) will we get a 'tug' from the old bill for buying what they might consider to be 'an unnecessary item'?
  2. Happy

    My Day

    Sorry all. Must have been me getting that B....Y spa out!
  3. Looks like you all had new jumpers by the end of the holiday!
  4. Happy

    What A Change!

    Even if circumstances permitted they would'nt get an invite!
  5. Happy

    What A Change!

    As reported on a different post, with our 3 month 'break', amongst other things decided to get our spa out ready for the summer, (now going to snow?!). Anyway, got it filled up and realised that we only had 3 chlorine tablets left. Could not go to the last supplier as 1) not allowed to travel and 2) they were near Ashford and now have a motorway slip road built over them. Went on e bay and ordered some. Delivered very quickly and good price. They arrived today and as always left feedback as appropriate on e bay. I was amazed to receive a reply from the supplying company thanking me for my order, wishing me well in the present world crisis and really showing true gratitude. I really felt very chuffed and would like to recommend them should you need similar products. They are stellalifeltd and can be found on e bay. If this breaks any rules please remove as necessary. I have no connection with this company but feel they really do need to be mentioned. Keep well. Be carefull. Alan
  6. Hi. Been there and done that! At the time a decking area at the back of a sloping garden complete with fish pond and summer house seemed like a good idea. 18 years later I am not so sure!
  7. Very important to show our support. Wife and I on the doorstep at 8.00pm. Next door neighbour came out (safe distance) and we clapped. Could hear a few also in the distance but not sure we got the message over where we live. Lets do it again soon with hands on our horns so that EVERYONE can hear our support?
  8. Happy

    My Day

    Griff. That was my thoughts exactly regarding the window cleaner. We were self isolating to do our bit like most others. Why was'nt he?
  9. I noticed that too. Seem strange. Only about 8 miles from you as the crow flies.
  10. Happy

    My Day

    Like the majority of us we are self isolating. The weather is good here so doing the garden etc. Just dug the spa from its winter hibernation and now up and running. However our regular window cleaner has just turned up to clean the windows. I told him that I did not consider his job to be an essential one and that he should have been self isolating too and sent him away. Was I right to do this, what do you think? Keep safe and keep well. Alan (aka Happy)
  11. Happy

    Winter Hire

    Come on Andy, keep up!! Happy (aka Alan)
  12. We have gone 'veggie' for three months to give it a try - that 'photo definately did'nt help! Enjoy. Happy (aka Alan)
  13. The boats were always Charisma and Fantastique. My son and his mates had Fantastique and we had Charisma. We had our own boat down south and the brothers used to allow us to bring our two inflateables and outboards with us.. - some great water fights were had - I still miss it - must have been 30+ years ago. We have moved a few times since then but if I recover any photos will mail you.
  14. We hired from Greenway three times. The last time when Charisma was brand new. We always hired two boats. From memory the boats were completely fitted out on site by one of the brothers. He told us that when sold on the Thames he would hire one there and look on in amusement when going into the locks at a fair pace seeing the faces of the 'gin palace' owners in panic, not realising that he, as the builder, could probably handle her as well as anyone. When the new regulations came out it was so costly to obtain certificates to build that they decided to stop.
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