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  1. That's another item which needs to go in the manual.. Shore power trip switch Together with the WiFi instructions As I knew where it was ....only because the same thing happened to us in February... Sorry, I didn't document it in the journal at the time as this may have helped you..
  2. Still way too much focus on hirers in my opinion, which is extremely blinkered when the facts show many incidents and sadly deaths in and around the Broads have nothing whatsoever to do with the hirers
  3. Hopefully us newer members can bring some fresh ideas to the fore, which may or may not be right, but at least we can see things with fresh eyes instead of long term loyalty when sometimes that loyalty isnt warranted...............
  4. We have been on the Broads 3 times this year and are due back in November The vast majority of people I have come across have been superb and even the novices I have encountered, they have listened to advice and been thankful when I have offered guidance Also I have been coming here since I was a child and sadly I have always known isolated incidents I have been driving cars since I was 17 and have always known incidents on the roads also and I could go on about construction sites, crossing roads etc, etc, etc So some perspective needs to be had
  5. We love reading the holiday tales, which as others have said always have something different and I also like to read opinions expressed, even if they differ from mine
  6. I would also be concerned about the electrics as water can easily get into the plugs which are very low....
  7. Yes we stumbled across it as I tried to read everything I could to know all things associated with MS I did note there is a new "New Marina WiFi" which appeared to have a very strong signal so was going to call at the office to see if it's available for berth holders, but never got round to it. Maybe worth a try if the Brooms one keeps dropping out like it did for us too
  8. No issue whatsoever.... Can't wait for your carried away by a Moonlight Shadow blog
  9. You have our permission to throw away anything you deem useless or beyond its sell by date! Just need 11 others to agree...............
  10. You and everybody else stay safe! Wise choice heading back to the mooring I can assure you the cuddly toy isnt mine!!
  11. No doubt the boatyards will have contingencies in place for this and even the best can be caught out by the UK weather
  12. We have had a similar experience and didnt feel at all welcome, so we have never been back since, albeit we do stop at the common regularly, and we have walked our dogs past umpteen times since as there is a great circular loop for dogs, whilst others have reported a wonderful time their so maybe it was just an off day for us My father was in the licenced trade and would always say, it can take years to build a good reputation and with it the clientele, but it can take minutes to loose it They lost it for me on that day and I do feel slightly guilty I never gave them a second chance.
  13. To be fair it was that hot this week, we never thought of them, but come to think of it, I didn't see them either
  14. I never knew!! We learn so much from current users You have a wonderful evening and a great break Look forward to reading your blog as you make your travels x
  15. Ohh you have missed out! Check our Mama Mia for starters.................but just dont listen to Piers Brosnan singing!!
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