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    Marina Quays

    I am fully in favour of the development of this eyesore and wish the development all the very best. This again could be a beautiful area in close proximity to Great Yarmouth, the races and the gateway to the southern broads. Cant wait to see the development get started and it bringing this area back to life
  2. Thanks all for the feedback Must admit, never even considered a life jacket for my Newfie before, as being bringing Newfies on the Broads for around 20 years, but certainly got me thinking now. To be honest I have rarely worn one myself until latter years when the lightweight inflatable jacket was started to be issued. The big bright orange ones would go straight in the storage! As for mooring against the tide, yes I am aware of the power of the flow which can catch out the most experienced and would only moor with the tide if conditions allow me to drop the stern in first and allow the tide to push the bow in with the help of the bow thrusters if required Cooking should be fun, as I do tend to like at least one evening on board where I prepare a meal for the crew with a nice bottle (or two) of wine I tend to go for something simple like a spaghetti bolognese with pasta and the trusty garlic bread Even in the smallest kitchen, that's usually quite simple to rustle up. If anyone has any experience of handling Commander or Commodore or has any further information about the vessel itself, please drop a note Thanks again Yours Newfoundly Warren
  3. We have hired Richardsons Commander from Saturday 29th September for 1 week this year and its the first time we have had this boat so any inside knowledge would be greatly appreciated It is a high boat for us with an air draft of 8` 6" listed and I note for example that the height at high water at Ludham Bridge is also 8` 6" meaning for the first time in a long while, I really do need to take this into consideration (For example we have already hired Crystal Horizon for early 2019) There are 4 of us on board and as we have hired the Commander - P version so we will have our Newfoundland Dog "Roxy" with us which will be the first time she has been on a broads cruiser, although she has been on day boats and loved it. I do though note that getting on and off may be a challenge for Roxy as side on moorings on the port side should be fine as she doesnt mind clambering up and down steps and no doubt if the weather is fair (or not) she will love watching the surroundings from the ample sun deck (weather deck!!!) but the steepness of the steps to the sun deck may be another challenge.. It may go against the advice but due to the port side access, if I am at a side on mooring, irrespective of the tide, I will "attempt" to moor on this side just to make it easier for Roxy I read Robins comments about the doorways being narrow and a little tight due to the stair cases and interior design features, which give more room in the bedrooms but then have a knock on affect in other areas such as the galley Some might say, why have we gone for such a boat, but we have seen it on the water a few times and just felt, what the heck lets give it a go as many years ago we hired Moon Enterprise from Moonfleet Marina and we loved the view from the sundeck helm over the reed beds and wanted to give it a go again with a modern boat Thanks in advance
  4. In awe at what you and Team Indy have just completed in the most challenging circumstances Indy and you guys stood up to the challenge like true champions Yes, Robin that includes your personal challenges and the honesty and manner in which you have dealt with it You are all inspiring! Forever in the memory banks of many who have followed this adventure Broad Ambition, Captains Blogs, Royal Flotilla and now Independance!! Whatever next? Can I suggest that you enjoy the beauty of the Norfolk Broads and if you do venture beyond the sea walls, it is on the most gorgeous days only!! Well done to you all Yours Newfoundly Warren, Julie, Gigi and Cooper
  5. Thats not a bail, thats an informed and professional decision Another great day guys Now have a well earned beer or 3!!
  6. If they do, they do.. If not, its not a big issue as its all about the safety of the crew No doubt the guys have plans A,B and C available if required As could be seen by todays trip to Dover
  7. Right choice guys as the darkness hits you and the sea and weather is against you Have a shower, hot meal and well deserved beverage Love following your trip!
  8. Safe journey all Look forward to the updates throughout the day and tracking your progress Yours Newfoundly Warren, Julie, Gigi and Cooper
  9. Absolutely loving this thread, your whole journey, including Facebook updates and YouTube video's You are living the dream Robin and for that I applaud you Looking forward to the next and many more updates Yours Newfoundly Warren, Julie, Gigi and Cooper
  10. There are 6 humans and with our 2 Newfoundlands going to Salhouse on Saturday 26th August and mooring overnight on Moon Voyager so hope to see some of you there
  11. Friday 25th Julie and I pick up Moon Voyager from Richardsons at Stalham for another week on the broads with our 2 Newfoundlands Cooper and Gigi, together with my brother and sister in law who have never been before, but seem more excited about it than us and that is saying something!! In addition my 25 year old son and his mate are on board also which will make it for a bit of a boisterous occasion at times!! So I apologise now if you unfortunately end up moored near us!! So 6 adults and 2 Newfoundlands for what will no doubt be another wonderful week on the broads Our loose plan now is to head for Wroxham on Friday evening as the lads want to catch a train into Norwich...............................yes to go clubbing!!! They have been before and last time they got back on the boat at 4.30am and slept most of the following day!! Saturday its a relax day at Salhouse and a friend of ours lives in the village of Little Plumstead near Salhouse and the 4 oldies are going there for a birthday party whilst the lads take care of the dogs and recover from the night before!! Sunday we have booked a table at Pedro`s at Acle and we havent done that before so really looking forward to that, and yes we will still call in the Bridge and have a few drinks as it is one of our favourites Monday we intended making our way to Oulton Broad to watch the Powerboat racing but having discussed it with the crew we have decided to make our way to Coltishall instead as we fancy an evening on the boat and an Ali Spice meal for 6!! Tuesday we intend heading for Ranworth and Wednesday we have booked a mooring and a table at the New Inn at Horning Our last night we are leaning towards Neatishead, but Sutton Staithe may be our final destination Why choose these locations? Just to maximise the northern broads for my brother and sister in law as the 3 hours of reads and mud flats to Oulton Broad and then the return didnt seem too appealing I put this on here, because if you are around, by all means say hello and if you know of any events we may be interested in going on or things to avoid, by all means drop us a line Enjoy your boating Warren and Julie
  12. Not long now! The dogs have been bathed, Julie is putting her Tesco, Stalham shopping list together and me............ well I am the driver!!! The only real definitive plans we have now is Good Friday we want to meet 2 friends from Norwich for a few drinks and a meal at the Bridge Inn, Acle We will probably be moored for around 3pm, so wondered if it was OK just to turn up or book a meal for the evening with it being Good Friday? Cant wait for Monday morning now and our journey which we are quite used to by now along the A1, A47 and A17 Think it might be Ludham Bridge for the first night after a couple of stops at Barton Turf and How Hill and still want an evening at Coltishall, and now we are leaning towards an evening at Salhouse as its so quiet and the dogs do love a good swim, but other than that no real plans, just fun! Ohh yes and we will look out for the cakes!!!
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