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  1. Wonderful topic but do difficult to choose due to the many different reasons why a mooring is good, but here goes Coltishall as I just love the run up there Salhouse as the place is idyllic Cockshoot is s wonderful spot which is quiet but close to so much Ludham Bridge due to the walks and area Neastished as this part of the broads is just stunning and the White horse brilliant Dilham..small, but worth it! Sutton Staithe as the green and pub is a must visit Acle as the Bridge Inn, Pedro's and the walks are well worth a visit Oulton Broad as the park is exceptional and the racing a great spectacle Ferry House, Surlingham as it's one of the very best Loddon, beautiful surroundings and village Beccles, great Suffolk Town
  2. Thanks Helen Really looking forward to the week First time taking my dad and I have no doubt he will love it
  3. Roxy is getting in the mood for Moonlight Shadow tomorrow!! 😂🤣😂🤣🙈
  4. Reading this thread really does get me down. I love the broads, the boats, the people, the area and most importantly those who wish to discuss or post photos or videos I subscribe to a number of forums, Facebook groups, websites and YouTube channels run by Captains, Admirals and Whitworths! I do it because it keeps me close to the place I love. I used to post regularly to what some call "the other forum" but stopped because it became nothing more than a site full of the same people bickering and regurgitating the same arguments until people sided with them or turned off. I turned off myself and stayed away from forums dropping into this one to read up on items of interest, and more recently dipping my toe in to add the odd comment again, but I now see this also going the same way with bickering being the norm and turning the likes of me away from what should be a site full of interesting articles, adventures and opinion. I therefore welcome moderators, administrators or whoever trying to take the forum back to some semblance of order before it's too late and it becomes a forum only used by a small group of members bickering with each other, oblivious to the world around them. This is my final comment on this particular thread and look forward to reading and adding value to many more threads in the future.
  5. Thanks for the update, which I personally don't think it was required, but understand why you felt it necessary in this scrutinised world we now live in.
  6. Get it sorted before we take her out.... 😉 Please! 🙏🙏
  7. I was going to say, you will have to move up to make room for Calypso... But looking at the pictures she may already be there. 😉
  8. Definitely wont and likewise! The humans are a bit ropy, but the dogs dont bite!! Will be really nice to meet up with you and Moonlight Shadow, whilst we are on another boat. Keep in touch and we will certainly look to have a meet
  9. Thanks Helen, I hope you are nice and safe tucked up in the mooring, but soon be able to venture out I have no doubt it will help Dad immensely We have lots of trips this year to look forward to as we had already booked a hire boat before we bought our shares, so thought we may as well keep the hire boat as well So lots of opportunities and really looking forward to 2020 as out trips are currently as follows and there may be more! Moonlight Shadow 22nd Feb (7 days) Crystal Horizon from Richardsons 6th April (11 days) Moonlight Shadow 27th June (7 days) Moonlight Shadow 12th Sept (7 days) Moonlight Shadow 21st Nov (7 days) Our Newfies will be with us on each trip and Dad has agreed to come in Feb and I hope he comes later in the year, and my son and his girlfriend will be with us in September as we bring the Broads to the next generation You take care and all the very best.
  10. Its looking South down the Bure from Grebe Island at Horning towards the moorings opposite the TFI (The Ferry Inn, Horning)
  11. I recently lost my mum to cancer (november) and my parents introduced us to the broads when we were very young and they have been coming to the area, as have I and my brother since then. I do recall we used to use Ernest Collins and Jack Powles at Wroxham to hire our boats back then. (late 70s and early 80s) Well after much encouragement, we have got my dad to agree to come with us on Moonlight Shadow for the week on 22nd Feb, and as he generally has been a Northern Broads dweller, we have decided to give him a bit of a tour of the Southern Broads so our loose plans are as follows: Saturday - Rockland St Mary Sunday - Reedham Monday - Beccles Tuesday - Oulton Broad Wednesday - Loddon Thursday - Surlingham Ferry Inn Friday - back to base We will have lots of stop offs in between and it is all weather dependant, but this is what we have planned for the week and I will try and post some photos and give an update as we go, but hopefully Dad will enjoy the experience and it will help to get him out of the house for a week and to an area which has been much loved by us all and holds many fond memories as a family, as individuals and with my mother.
  12. Hope so, in order to allow all persons irrespective of their mobility to access this beautiful area
  13. Great work I look forward to seeing the finished article as I do think there is a gap in the market here Thanks again
  14. Just a query as I have been looking around for an online definitive map with mooring locations and facilities I note the forum lists moorings https://forum.norfolkbroadsnetwork.com/handy-information/moorings/ As do the Broads Authority https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/facilities/moorings But I would find it useful to see them on a map and look at walks and surrounding facilities that may be by the river or a stroll away Do any members know if an online resource is available and if so do you have a link to it? I have many paper maps, but again they dont appear to have the detail I would seek to have as I was thinking of something more broads specific
  15. Tom, Great credit to you for the manner in which you deal with some of the negative comments directed at the BA. Professional and informative as always Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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