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  1. RS2021

    Boats For Couples

    We hired from NBD who have quite a few boats aimed at couples, but are more expensive than Richardsons. We had Fair Executive which is a sedan cruiser. It would fail your desire to get under certain bridges, but I found it easy to handle. For stern mooring simply walk from the steering position to the stern - easy. For side on mooring, similar to a suggestion above, I laid the ropes along the side deck, so exit the rear doors, pick up stern rope, take a couple of steps along the side deck and pick up front rope. Then step off with both. A useful option found on most canal boats today is a centre rope, but I suspect most broads boats are a little short for it to be effective. Fair Executive was very spacious for two and gave great views of the broads in both good and wet weather. NBD looked after us well as first time visitors.
  2. RS2021

    Wintertime Cooking

    Thanks for the pointer Jayfire. Their Moon Gazer Ruby and Dark Mild look very tempting to drink in front of that open fire in the pub.
  3. Sometimes words aren't able to say. Deepest condolences to you and your family for your loss. I'm new around here but I can already feel the support you have from your friends on this forum.
  4. RS2021

    Wintertime Cooking

    Why all this talk of summer drinks in a winter thread? It's got to be a good winter warmer ale for me to go with good winter comfort food. Just drinking a pint of Bathams XXX. What would be a good Norfolk winter warmer?
  5. RS2021

    Bb Webcam

    It's back online.
  6. RS2021

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    I didn't get one last year, but did this. Like you I normally book direct with boat yards, but my current employer offers discounts with various companies to shop with. So this year and next I've used Hoseasons to book our Broads holidays and get a 10% discount.
  7. RS2021

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Looks like I have a rare commodity. I'll have to see if I can fire up that old steam printer...
  8. RS2021

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Arrived in the post about a month ago...
  9. RS2021


    Many thanks to you all for the welcome.
  10. RS2021


    Hi I've just joined the forum so thought I'd say Hi. I've been boating for many years, but on the canals and other rivers. Somehow manged to miss the Broads until this year... So finally earlier this year we came to the Broads and loved it. Already booked for next year. I've been visiting this forum for a while so thought it was about time to join in.

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