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  1. I suspect short breaks will be in short supply if the bookings on the Broads are anything to go by, but a site worth checking is Latelink https://www.latelink.com/ . Alternatively you suggested a day boat. Two companies I have hired from and can recommend - although I did do weekly hire and not day boats - are: Union Canal Carriers at Braunston https://unioncanalcarriers.co.uk/property/ouzel-ii/ Kris Cruisers on the Thames at Datchet https://www.kriscruisers.co.uk/day-boats/
  2. Do you know what they are planning to build?
  3. I think the point is the boats (with very few exceptions) are designed to go through the bridge. It's just that someone adds a few inches to the height of the boat before publishing it's details and then someone else adds a few inches to the gauge and all of a sudden they look like they are too big. Imagine the same principle applied to the narrow canals. You build a boat which is actually 6'10" and then add a few inches so you say it's 7'4". The CRT then say we don't want any one trying to get through our narrow locks in a boat that's too wide so just to be safe we'll take a few inches off and call them 6'8" wide. All of a sudden you have potential hirers wondering where they can actually cruise.
  4. Problem is the gauges treat people like idiots so they act like idiots. You quickly realise the gauges are so inaccurate you have no choice but to chance getting through. If you knew the gauge was accurate you would know not to chance it. The pilots at Potter don't rely on an inaccurate gauge do they. Problem is now if you did make them accurate they've been so bad for so long no one would believe them... I suspect most newcomers don't realise Ludham Bridge exists until after they've booked. I didn't.
  5. This is exactly why adding a few inches to the gauge and to the height of the boat is a bad idea. Customer's don't have the correct information to know they can get through Ludham the majority of the time. You come on holiday to relax and even before you arrive you are worried by misleading information. Regulars know the information is misleading and adjust for it. Newcomers can't. I suspect Many a booking has been lost and many a customer disappointed because of this. As oldgregg says all the boat at Stalham do, so why give customers misleading information. Richardson's even operate boats from Stalham with a quoted airdraft of 9 ft - but they still go through Ludham regularly.
  6. Richardson's would base it at Horning and not Stalham if Ludham was a problem
  7. RS2021

    Irons On Board

    Does the boat have shore power? If it does then as long as you are plugged in (certain moorings only) you should be OK. You will also need to buy a card for the electric.
  8. Interestingly if you search Hoseasons for 4 July, the few boats you do get are some of Richardson's largest. If you were going to lay up any boats it would make sense to lay these up as you can still only go away as a single household, or bubble.
  9. My guess is that boatyards will offer 6 night holidays for all their regular Friday start boats for the first week, but start in the morning before the Saturday start boats in the afternoon.
  10. P and O website says operations suspended until 15 October. Cunard - November. Don't expect a cruise anytime soon, especially one which visits multiple ports/countries!
  11. I see on NBDs website they are taking bookings from early July (Hopefully Boris will confirm later), but this caught my eye. "We are producing safety videos for hirers to download and view before they arrive at the boatyard; as well as information to keep you safe on the water, the films provide a comprehensive “virtual handover” for your cruiser." So it looks like they they will be doing virtual handovers. Seems OK for how everything works on a boat and for those who have boated before, and I guess you can keep a copy on your phone for reference. I'd be interested to know their plans for handling tuition for first timers.
  12. You'll probably end up with a mist/fog sanitiser, either as an aerosol similar to used on some international flights or a special machine. However, these are likely to be in short supply as airlines stock up.
  13. Only if they take the canvas hood off, and take a chainsaw to the solid roofing bits.. You'll be allowed to sit in an enclosed tin box and drive at 6mph along a narrow tarmac strip in line and look out of the windows at animals either side of you.
  14. Most dual steer boats have direct access from the saloon to the flybridge which is certainly much safer. A few e.g. Polaris from WRC don't and I've always wondered how safe I'd feel carrying a couple of mugs of tea up to the flybridge. It does put me off this type of boat. I've also noticed BB's latest Barnes Tempo built on the old Alpha 35 moulds don't have direct access like the older models. A step backwards?
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