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  1. I always thought the Hampton Safari was a GRP boat and yours looks like a wooden cabin. Is it an early version?
  2. I agree its old fashioned and I actually like it that way. I like to be able to see what a price should be and what discount I'm getting. If hire companies can continue to sell holidays, then there is no need to change, but if the market changes and they are struggling to fill capacity, then they will look at other pricing strategies. I don't expect we will see the sort of pricing airlines use, but I can see some elements of dynamic pricing becoming increasingly popular the market. Now where can I get that voucher code for the discount on my holiday...
  3. The hire boat industry is now unusual in the holiday sector in that it still publishes prices. Most hotels/flights etc use some form of dynamic pricing which can change daily or even more frequently online. When you check into a hotel you have no idea whether the person checking in next to you is paying the same as you. But as you don't know it doesn't worry you. In Hoseasons brochure there is now a price guide rather than fixed A, B, C etc period prices. The Broads Boating Company at Acle don't publish prices, but use Air BnB - is this to allow dynamic pricing. How long before other companies follow and cease to publish prices. You only get to see the price for the holiday when you enquire. It is always annoying to find out you could have got a holiday cheaper if you had waited, but I suspect the way we are going pricing will be such that you won't know unless you happen to log on a website at just the right time.
  4. I understand that NBDs new boat(s) for 2020 are to be similar to Fair Prince.
  5. Generally electric motors have greater torque than an equivalent internal combustion engines. Just think how much faster an electric train can accelerate compared to diesel, or Tesla's 'Ludicrous Speed' mode. It is possible because of this that a smaller electric motor is used than the equivalent diesel so may have less torque as installed. Alternatively as it would use more power, it could be restricted.
  6. Its chicken & egg. There aren't enough charging points for most people to justify an all electric boat. There aren't enough all electric boats on the broads to justify installing lots of charging points. However, that's where shore power comes in. There are enough people wanting shore power to install electric points and as they grow in number some people will be tempted to go all electric, which will put pressure on the electric posts which in turn will encourage more to be installed and before you know it electric becomes the norm.
  7. Surely the natural hybrid for the peace and quiet of the Broads is sail/electric.
  8. Just been on and the storms are in action. Great light show.
  9. Whilst I echo it's good to book direct. It's also worth checking if you have any 'member benefits' with any club/society/union you are a member of - or even employer. Hoseasons often appear with a 10% discount.
  10. Maybe someone could adapt this concept to the broads. The front portion could be made low enough to get under Potter and the rear portion could have your flying bridge controls, sun deck, drinks cabinet, BBQ etc. All you'd have to do was leave the rear portion on a suitable mooring near Potter. I'm sure Herbert Woods wouldn't mind...
  11. Next time you go through the bridge, note the clearance and time. Then the next day check what the gauge said https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/6204?direction=u (there is usually 5 days worth data - but sometimes its missing). You can then work out what level on the gauge you need to get through. If you are thinking of going through its then easy to look at what the river has actually been doing over the last five days. Allow for whether you are heading for springs or neaps and what rainfall is doing and you can have a good guess on what will happen over the next few days.
  12. I think there is often a perception that when asking this type of question, that the questioner wants a certain answer in an uncertain world. Often what is needed is an understanding of the facts of a situation and then and understanding of the variables, the likelihood of them occurring and the likely impact. So, bridge heights are quoted as at Average High Water. Whilst this is a notional value it must be based on an actual value. So it would help to understand that Average High Water is x.xm AOD at y location. Assuming that y location has data published) or better still live values available on line you can very easily have information as accurate as the tide tables themselves assuming the location is close to the bridge. We happily accept the variability of the tide tables, so why not this information. Where bridges are further inland, would it not be better to publish bridge heights, not in relation to Average High Water, but in relation to specific values on the nearest gauge? A further thought is what do you want to use the information for? If it is to see if your boat will go under the bridge, well there is no substitute for physically comparing the boat to the bridge height in real time (carefully, or with a tape measure of course). However, many people, especially hirers will be booking a boat sometimes 12m in advance and want at least some idea of the likelihood of navigating a bridge. So the boat I've hired is Fair Executive. When I first booked it my knowledge of the broads was such that I hadn't heard of Ludham Bridge. With a quoted air draft of 8'10" once I did become aware of Ludham I was unsure whether we would get under. A quick google and I discovered both bridge gauges and quoted boat height are widely unreliable. Not very helpful! The best info I found was a video by Kevnheidi taking a similar boat (Fair Jubilee) through with the gauge on 8'. Having done the bridge, I set about some research. I measured the actual height of the boat, I know the clearance on the day we went through. Also there are online river level gauges at Ranworth Broad and Barton Broad. It is possible to look at current (last 5 days) data on line and also down load the last few years worth of data for these sites. From this I know that I could get Fair Executive through Ludham Bridge when these gauges are below roughly 0.5m. Analyse the data and if you are hiring between 1 April and 31 October, there is a 90% chance you will get this boat through Ludham. For me I'm prepared to take the chance at those risks of hiring that boat. Look at the last five days date just before and once I'm aboard and I can plan which day to head up the Ant. To have similar information on other bridges. e.g. when the nearest gauge is reading x.xm there is y.ym clearance on the bridge should be relatively simple. Boatyards could then quote a % likelihood of getting under certain bridges - particularly Potter Heigham. This would allow people to make much more informed decisions rather than the vague 'will only pass at extreme low tide...'
  13. I think when we find wildlife (or farm/domestic animals) in distress we will try and do what we can for them, especially when the cause of the distress is man made. But how should we deal with wildlife being... well wild? This year we spent our first night in the usually peaceful Salhouse Broad. Not long after we arrived I could see a commotion amongst the ducks. Getting closer I could see about 4-5 male mallards ferociously attacking and seemingly drowning a female mallard. I tried to break them up with a pole from the boat, but the males seemed intent on 'finishing off' the female. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has seen this type of behaviour and indeed what it was. Was it simply one group of ducks attacking another either a turf war of over mating? Or was the female sick and this is what ducks do to prevent suffering? In the end I could not break them up and had to let nature take its course and having watched Springwatch this is something you sometimes have to do, however distressing it may be.
  14. BT uses the EE mobile network and BT have recently bought EE.
  15. First time I did the Broads (last year) I was concerned about Ludham Bridge. But on the day no problem. Official air draft of boat 8ft 10in: Gauge down stream of the bridge as we approached 8ft 6in: Actual clearance under the bridge 6in. As they say. You do the maths...
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