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  1. I think when we find wildlife (or farm/domestic animals) in distress we will try and do what we can for them, especially when the cause of the distress is man made. But how should we deal with wildlife being... well wild? This year we spent our first night in the usually peaceful Salhouse Broad. Not long after we arrived I could see a commotion amongst the ducks. Getting closer I could see about 4-5 male mallards ferociously attacking and seemingly drowning a female mallard. I tried to break them up with a pole from the boat, but the males seemed intent on 'finishing off' the female. I'd be interested to know if anyone else has seen this type of behaviour and indeed what it was. Was it simply one group of ducks attacking another either a turf war of over mating? Or was the female sick and this is what ducks do to prevent suffering? In the end I could not break them up and had to let nature take its course and having watched Springwatch this is something you sometimes have to do, however distressing it may be.
  2. BT uses the EE mobile network and BT have recently bought EE.
  3. First time I did the Broads (last year) I was concerned about Ludham Bridge. But on the day no problem. Official air draft of boat 8ft 10in: Gauge down stream of the bridge as we approached 8ft 6in: Actual clearance under the bridge 6in. As they say. You do the maths...
  4. Broads Boating Company - "New Website Coming Soon". Let's hope it's a positive development for the company.
  5. I'm fairly new to the Broads, but I love the history. This thread has lots of great photos of old boats, but its also really fascinating to see a photo of an old hire yard in its heyday. Any one got any more? Loads of yards are now gone although some fleets live on under new owners at their yards.
  6. Just looked on the Secret Escapes website. Plenty of discounts 50% and some even more. Couldn't find any Broads cruisers. It can only be a matter of time...
  7. The current registration mark issued by the authority. The authority only came into existence in 1988 so any registration marks issued before then don't apply.... Historic craft sorted...
  8. Behind the Barton Broad Boardwalk car park?
  9. As you cross Barton Broad heading south you will see a small island towards the bottom if the broad. This island is a nature reserve. Keep to the right of this island and follow the channel markers on your right. Shortly after the island these markers make a right hand turn. Follow this. The wide channel narrows gradually. You reach a point which at first looks like a dead end. Gays staithe is now on your left and to the right the narrow Lime Kiln Dyke which takes you to Neatishead Staithe. Was there and at the White Horse pub last week and can recomend both.
  10. Moored at How Hill. Spotted an otter, but it dived and disappeared before we got a good look...
  11. GTL - What's that? Apparently its Gas to Liquid fuel. I've just looked at NBD's website and they are moving their hire fleet from diesel to GTL. Its supposed to be greener, cleaner etc. I'd never heard of it before. Has anyone else? Does it do what is claimed? Any down side? or just hype?
  12. Hoseasons are advertising 10% discount for Easter and May 1/2 term. Seems to cover Bridge Craft, Silverline, Summercraft and Brooms. Looks like a tough market out there.
  13. I've just spoken to Broads Control, who have spoken to the Ranger who unlocks/locks the Broad. Officially the last day its open is the Sunday after Easter, but as Marshman says actually when it gets locked does depend on when the Ranger is passing which could be Monday morning.
  14. Thanks AEJB, but what does that actually mean in practice? It opens on Easter Saturday, but does it close on Friday 26th (1 week = 7 days), Saturday 27th (1 week = 7 nights) or on Sunday 28th (might as well include the weekend)? This sort of makes sense, but does anyone know for sure? Is the BA responsible for its opening and closing? I think I will give them a call and ask.
  15. I believe that Hoveton Little Broad is open to boats for one week after Easter and then from Spring Bank Holiday until the end of October. Can anyone tell me exactly when it closes after Easter? Easter Sunday this year is 21st April, so the following weekend is 27th & 28th April. Will the broad be open both days?
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