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  1. RS2021

    Hoveton Little Broad

    I've just spoken to Broads Control, who have spoken to the Ranger who unlocks/locks the Broad. Officially the last day its open is the Sunday after Easter, but as Marshman says actually when it gets locked does depend on when the Ranger is passing which could be Monday morning.
  2. RS2021

    Hoveton Little Broad

    Thanks AEJB, but what does that actually mean in practice? It opens on Easter Saturday, but does it close on Friday 26th (1 week = 7 days), Saturday 27th (1 week = 7 nights) or on Sunday 28th (might as well include the weekend)? This sort of makes sense, but does anyone know for sure? Is the BA responsible for its opening and closing? I think I will give them a call and ask.
  3. RS2021

    Hoveton Little Broad

    I believe that Hoveton Little Broad is open to boats for one week after Easter and then from Spring Bank Holiday until the end of October. Can anyone tell me exactly when it closes after Easter? Easter Sunday this year is 21st April, so the following weekend is 27th & 28th April. Will the broad be open both days?
  4. RS2021

    Hoseasons 83 Brochure Wanted

    My first boating holiday was in the mid '70s on the Thames on a Caribbean - considered very new and modern then. The toilet, however, was still a 'bucket & chuck-it'. A year later we hired another Caribbean, this time from Bert Bushnell and it had a pump out toilet - luxury...
  5. RS2021

    Hoseasons 83 Brochure Wanted

    The hire fleet at Benson was Swancraft for a while and then a few Le Boat boats arrived and gradually more. So I'm not sure if the base was/is a franchise arrangement for Le Boat. I hired from Benson in 1977 when it was Benson Cruiser Station which we were told was owned by a Japanese Investment Company. As Vaughan says the mid 70s was a boom time for the hire industry, I think they had 6 Bounty/Buccaneer 37s and something like 19 Hampton Safaris.
  6. RS2021

    Bb Webcam

    Mmm. I usually use Microsoft Edge, so I've just tried Chrome instead and it works OK there. So you're right its my end. Any tech savvy people know how to adjust settings in Edge, or will I have to use Chrome.
  7. RS2021

    Bb Webcam

    When I look at the BB webcab, the image looks like its a 16:9 format squashed to 4:3 format. Is this how BB send it out, or is it a setting on my computer? Good to have it back though and great views.
  8. RS2021

    Waveney River Centre Hire Cruisers

    Prices and availability now appear on the WRC website below their canoes and day boats. But photos and layouts are not there. https://www.waveneyrivercentre.co.uk/stays-and-boat-hire/day-cruiser-canoe-hire/
  9. RS2021

    Eastick Falcon 26

    I started my boating on the Thames in the late '70s. Registration numbers don't have the same significance as on the Broads. They are not displayed on a boat (apart perhaps on the paper registration document). At the time (I'm not sure if it has changed), every boat registered on the Thames must have a unique name (hence 1,2,3 etc for a class is always displayed) and the name must be displayed on both sides at the bow and across the stern. The fact you have found a name on the bottom of a draw and not any Broads registration numbers does lend weight to your boat being delivered straight to the Thames and never being used on the Broads. Was this boat ever produced in models other than the 26? Did builders build various moulds all around the same length? I suspect not. I suspect the 25ft variant was Swan Fiesta (Hampton Safari) and the 27ft is just measuring error. As you say it might be worth measuring yours. Maybe they are 26ft 6 in and some people round up? I've had another look at my old brochures and found the following examples of the Eastick Falcon 26 on the Thames in the late '70s early '80s. Swan Harmony class: This is in Hoseasons1976 brochure and is described as newly built. I've already posted this and the photo appears to be a library photo. I don't have the 1975 brochure, so don't know if it appeared earlier. The photo changes to what appears to be an actual Thames photo of Swan Harmony 2 in 1982 The photo I posted was from Hoseasons' 1983 brochure. Sovereign Janet, Consort Cruisers, Datchet: This appears in Blakes 1977 brochure and is described as new in 1977. The photo looks like a library photo, so I've not reproduced it. Blue Gem class, Bushnells, Maidenhead: This appears in Hoseasons' 1981 Brochure. The photo is clearly the Broads and I suspect this is a broads import. Hope this info helps.
  10. RS2021

    Eastick Falcon 26

    The 1976 Brochure picture looks like the broads and does not match - I suspect this was a library photo. The later photo which is actually Swan Harmony 2 - so name and number match shows a short strake part way down and a complete one at the bottom. A much better match.
  11. RS2021

    Eastick Falcon 26

    From a slightly later brochure... A photo of Swan Harmony 2
  12. RS2021

    Eastick Falcon 26

    From Hoseasons 1976 brochure. Fits with the Harmony name. But was it always on the Thames or moved from the Broads.
  13. The wording to me does not appear to give the BA any ability to extinguish any existing right of navigation, merely limit their obligation to maintain it. What this means if the BA deems it not reasonable to maintain the navigation, then who would have that obligation is unclear – but the right to navigate would remain. Also introduced and hidden in the main clause so your eyes are not drawn to it is the principle to do so to the ‘principles of sustainable development’. So how would the BA interpret this in terms of navigation? (E.g. wood is considered a sustainable material, but plastic isn’t...) It also seems to me from the comments in this thread and others that the question of who people are answerable to is also key and many people believe is not working at the moment. Does the Glover Report seek to change this? If not is it an area worth commenting on in any reply to the consultation.
  14. RS2021

    Boats For Couples

    We hired from NBD who have quite a few boats aimed at couples, but are more expensive than Richardsons. We had Fair Executive which is a sedan cruiser. It would fail your desire to get under certain bridges, but I found it easy to handle. For stern mooring simply walk from the steering position to the stern - easy. For side on mooring, similar to a suggestion above, I laid the ropes along the side deck, so exit the rear doors, pick up stern rope, take a couple of steps along the side deck and pick up front rope. Then step off with both. A useful option found on most canal boats today is a centre rope, but I suspect most broads boats are a little short for it to be effective. Fair Executive was very spacious for two and gave great views of the broads in both good and wet weather. NBD looked after us well as first time visitors.
  15. RS2021

    Wintertime Cooking

    Thanks for the pointer Jayfire. Their Moon Gazer Ruby and Dark Mild look very tempting to drink in front of that open fire in the pub.

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