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  1. Anglo Welsh also did Great Haywood to Trevor and Shire Cruisers still do one way trips between Sowerby Bridge and Barnoldswick. I've done both in the past. I think the other big problem for an operator with one way cruises is that you have to allocate specific boats for it. If you look at NBD they have something like 26 different classes to choose from so a hirer can pick the boat they want. Put, say, 2 classes on one way hire and the choice is limited. I think that being able to choose a boat you like is a much bigger factor in choosing a holiday than the option to go one way.
  2. The scam is aimed at those who don't use Amazon prime. 'it must be a mistake I don't have a subscription, please cancel it for me'. I've also heard of these scammers sometimes calling early in the morning at weekend. Hoping to catch someone still half asleep and not thinking fully.
  3. Or maybe a trade off. I believe he's been trying to get permission to redevelop the old Windboats site with housing, but falling foul of BA planning. Owning both, maybe demolish the sheds by the trip boats, widen the dyke to accommodate end on moorings at that point for additional boats - include some DP16 moorings and get permission to build the housing on the Windboats site... Barbara and Paul Greasley have run the yard well for 16 years and Len Funnell has a reputation for making a success of his businesses, so hopefully it will be a case of NBD continuing to build the business. Most large yards today seem to work with a mix of boating (hire/trip) and property - cottages/lodges etc, so its likely to continue to develop in this way.
  4. People who shop at Waitrose... Now, where is my car. I must pop the boot open...
  5. I seem to remember seeing a photo of a new hull being towed by a Silverline Boat earlier this year. This is now on the Hoseasons site. https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/silverline-marine-silv/silver-solitaire-bh2657 Its always good to see new investment in hire fleets.
  6. Some sad news, but very entertaining over many years. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-50431493
  7. Maybe it is, but when customers are hiring boats which WILL go through Ludham Bridge, but turn round at the sight of the gauge believing they can't because the information is inaccurate and those customers then leave negative reviews which are read by other who then don't book - its lost revenue for the boat hire companies. Exactly - so why publish inaccurate information which suggests they can't!
  8. Yes I think many people do. I'll put my hand up and say I didn't know about Ludham bridge when I booked my first broads holiday. If I had I probably wouldn't have booked the boat I did. However, in practice I had no problems with Ludham and it was a great boat and a great river. However, if I had believed the information provided I would not have attempted Ludham and clearly many hirers of the boat didn't. If you try and do any research you find: A: Bridge height information is inaccurate B: Bridge gauges (with the exception of the pilots private one at Potter) are inaccurate C: Boat airdrafts quoted are inaccurate So its not really worth doing research unless good information is provided. I have never bought this we don't really trust our customers, so we'll give them duff information. However, I think its gone on so long that customers don't really trust the boatyards or BA so we have to guess. Is the information 6in or a foot out? I'll just have to try and find out... Sadly, I suspect you are right, customers have got so used to duff information from boatyards and the BA that if they suddenly started providing accurate information it would take us by surprise... Sale of Goods Act. Are the goods as described. Its nothing to do with the tides. If the boat is described as having one airdraft when infact it has a completely different one, it is not as described.
  9. I visited Berlin not long after the wall came down. The areas where the wall had been had yet to be redeveloped, but you could go freely anywhere and the old East side still felt like a different world. I remember going to the museum at Checkpoint Charlie and reading of the impact of the wall going up and the lengths people went to to reunite with family or loved ones.
  10. No, not a misprint, but just a figure with a bit of margin of error in it. 'Just to be on the safe side'. Why can't boatyards and the BA give us accurate figures. On the boat I've hired - also a sedan style boat, which I do like, there is a full 10in difference between the quoted airdraft of the boat and the reading needed on the gauge at Ludham to get through. I've read numerous reviews of the boat where hirers have expressed disappointment at not being able to get under Ludham and enjoy the Ant. I suspect they took one look at the gauge and turned round when in most cases they could have got through. Do boatyards like these reviews, or would they rather have ones extolling the beauty of the Ant and a holiday well worth the money. I'm sure one day a hirer is going to realise after their holiday that if they had been given accurate information they could have got through and enjoyed the holiday they had planned and ask for a refund.
  11. Richardson's run some boats out of Stalham with quoted aircraft of 9ft! Not sure I always believe what is quoted.
  12. Agreed. If you want the exact boat/week you need to book in advance. If you are flexible - or prepared to risk it you can get a good deal. I used to work with someone who went to Greece for their holidays. They always booked the flight, but not the accommodation. Simply got some transport at the airport and drove round until they found somewhere. Out of the high season its virtually unheard of for yards not to have many boats in, so if you are not bothered which boat you get, book your week off work and your train and wait until the day before to book your boat! I suspect not may people would risk it, but if you are prepared to do so... One large canal hire company used to offer a 'bouncer' discount. Basically you booked a week and number of crew and the company gave you whichever boat it had left from any of its bases. I think it was something like 20-30% off. Strangely they don't do this now, so perhaps there wasn't much take up. But, companies do offer discounts for booking early. I've already booked for next year and got an early booking discount, a loyalty discount and an affinity discount - in my case as a member of CAMRA I get 10% off if I book through Hoseasons. Many employers/unions/clubs offer such affinity deals, so its always worth looking at member benefits of any organisation you are a part of.
  13. RS2021

    Bb Webcam

    Yes the new HW one in clearly a newer generation camera much better resolution, clarity and crispness in the picture. I suppose its just the technology getting better as time goes by.
  14. RS2021

    Bb Webcam

    For those of us who get part of our Broads Fix through the various webcams, I've just seen that the Barnes Brinkcraft one is now offline until Christmas due to scaffolding and work on the building its fixed to.
  15. Thought this thread was going to be for fishermen...
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