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  1. Fair Aristocrat now on NBD website. A Funnell 37 Sundeck - 2 berth. So are these all ex WRC, or is Fair Explorer new?
  2. Fair Crusader, Courier and Explorer now all on NBD website. All are Funnell 37 Sundecks. Crusader and Courier the 4/6 berth version and Explorer the 2 berth version, so look like ex WRC. Although interestingly Explorer is listed as New for 2021.
  3. I like the extra wide Hampton Safari! Anyone know where I can get one...
  4. Fair Aristocrat and Fair Courier now appear on Hoseasons website. No plan and the pictures seem a medley of stock NBD photos, so don't know what these boats are.
  5. Interestingly Horning Pleasurecraft Limited and Broads Holidays Limited are completely new companies established in March this year - using names previously used by other Richardsons companies. Also at the same time a new company Richardsons Leisure (Holdings) Limited was established. Looks like Richardsons are having a big restructure and splitting the business. Looking at the dates it must have been planned pre COVID.
  6. It says they design and build boats from scratch. Clive's exciting new venture?
  7. They're moving to Acle Bridge. Hope that's secure from coastal erosion!
  8. Fair Senator has also gone from both Hoseasons and NBD site. Silver Serenade is listed as sold on NBS site - not sure about Hoseasons. Also some other Silverline boats listed for sale, although I think some yards put boats up for sale and if they don't sell keep them in the fleet another year. Thanks for the website link. Do you know what the 'partners' bit means. Whenever I google Hoseasons I just get www.hoseasons On the Broads are yards contractually obliged to list all their boats with Hoseasons if they are with them? On the canals I've known yards not list all their fleet. Often
  9. It's also listed as a houseboat! Where do you look to see the other two WRC boats you mention, they don't come up when I look on Hoseasons site.
  10. I suspect Fair Explorer is an ex WRC boat, but the listing uses NBD images of a similar boat e.g. Fair Marques
  11. I thought Fair Consort was a 2020 introduction.
  12. Fair Explorer and Fair Crusader now appear on Hoseasons at Faircraft Loynes, so that's two of the WRC boats. Wonder if the others will appear or not.
  13. As well as checking coverage where you go. Also check coverage at home. I've heard of people who have changed networks only to find they can't use their phone at home.
  14. Kris Cruisers on the Thames had a new 2 berth this year built by Haines in Norfolk. Looks like the old Alpha mould (but I'm not an expert). Looks like a very nice single level 2 berth, not as compact as the HW boats.
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