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  1. Another NP with boating is the Brecon Beacons. I've hired many times from a boatyard and marina within the NP at Cambrian Cruisers on the Mon & Brec canal. Another company - Beacon Park Boats - outgrew it's traditional base and managed to get permission to build a new one within the NP. OK, in terms of fleet size they are tiny compared to the Broads, but it does show boating can be compatible with NP status.
  2. As it appears to be the lady in question, a closer view for you.
  3. Can't get back to the '60s, but Ludham Bridge Boatyard appears in Hoseasons in 1971. No Nice 'n' Easy, but there is a Free 'n' Easy. Interesting crew on a 2 berth boat...
  4. First rule of marketing and branding. Check your acronym. Broads National Park = BNP = politically toxic. For that reason alone the BNP will never exist in Norfolk. If JP really wants National Park status he will need a new name.
  5. I believe the Parry People Moved used to connect Stourbridge Junction to Stourbridge Town uses this technology, although from a small motor rather than electric.
  6. I've heard it suggested for HGVs. Electrify certain stretches of motorways. Lorries can then charge their batteries as they go along and have enough charge to reach an off motorway destination. The extension to the Midland metro works on this basis. The extension up Broad Street in Birmingham has no overhead wires. Trams are expected to charge batteries on the rest of the line.
  7. How are you finding OS maps since they updated to version 2? I can only see the maps I've bought if I zoom in so close as to make them fairly useless. OS seem to be taking a long time to sort out the bugs with version 2.
  8. RS2021

    Bb Webcam

    The BB webcam is now back online, although it does need some setting up. You now get a close up of the side of a building instead of Wroxham Bridge. Some views of the new basin though.
  9. Assuming you are logged into both with the same Google account you can go to My Apps and Games in Play Store. Found under the menu button - three horizontal lines. This can take you quickly to all the apps you have on one device and download them onto the other.
  10. One way hire could be done, there are issues to be resolved which can be overcome, but the most important one is - is there a market for it. All the debate on here has been around how it could be done, what problems need to be resolved for it to happen. No one has said 'please can we have it because I want it'. Until people start saying that in numbers it won't happen.
  11. Not sure if you need more basics. On your 'home' screen you can with a swipe action from right to left on the screen reveal more icons (if any) on a page to the right. Do it again for even more (if any) and reverse swipe to go back. Alternatively if you swipe with an action from the lower part of the screen upwards, as Jay suggests, you get to a list of all the apps on your phone. Again, once here, swipe right/left to reveal more. A simple tap on an icon opens it. Or, if you press and hold on an icon a little menu comes up with an option to 'add to home' if required. On you 'home' screen a similar press and hold gives the options to remove from the home screen, or to drag the icon to the position you want it on your home screen. Go off the edge and you can move which page its on.
  12. Aweigh will tell you how fast you are going along with other useful Broads info
  13. You should have a magic button labelled Play Store. Click on this and you should find all the apps available for your phone. iTunes or Apple Music should be here if you search. Can also get loads of other useful and not so useful apps.
  14. Anglo Welsh also did Great Haywood to Trevor and Shire Cruisers still do one way trips between Sowerby Bridge and Barnoldswick. I've done both in the past. I think the other big problem for an operator with one way cruises is that you have to allocate specific boats for it. If you look at NBD they have something like 26 different classes to choose from so a hirer can pick the boat they want. Put, say, 2 classes on one way hire and the choice is limited. I think that being able to choose a boat you like is a much bigger factor in choosing a holiday than the option to go one way.
  15. The scam is aimed at those who don't use Amazon prime. 'it must be a mistake I don't have a subscription, please cancel it for me'. I've also heard of these scammers sometimes calling early in the morning at weekend. Hoping to catch someone still half asleep and not thinking fully.
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