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  1. I think that's my point. At the moment if there is nothing else to do, you either pay staff to do nothing, furlough them, or - if you can afford it - invest in the capital base of your business.
  2. My guess is that may be the retail price for a new boat, but the large yards build their own and I suspect a significant part of the cost is labour. Now if a yard goes into this crisis in a healthy position, does it furlough its staff and save costs, or does it keep the staff on, build new boats and then sell the odd old one off to balance the books on the material costs?
  3. It's the wrong height though. Also there is a gable in the building to the left in the original which doesn't appear in the other photo. But... there are lots more similarities between the two and buildings do get altered. I'd say they are a good match and no one has come up with a better alternative suggestion...
  4. The original photographer must be stood on something. Dry land? If the current mooring basin follows the original plan, then it does fit.
  5. The next boat to the left clearly has Hoseasons bluebirds on the bow
  6. I agree if you are in a position to do so. We've got a holiday booked in April and my first choice is to change the date, if available, if not, then a voucher would be OK. As you say we've already spent the money. However, there are people at the moment either not covered by the governments generous schemes, or who won't get any cash for a few months and they may need cash now to feed themselves, pay the utility bills etc. So I think the schemes should be optional. Those of us who can support the businesses to get through this do, but not at the expense of individuals or families.
  7. Not just because of self isolation. One team leader was saying some of their normal members have regular jobs as key workers, some in the NHS, so are unable to join the volunteer rescue teams at the moment.
  8. I you read Richardson's notice to the bottom, they are also asking private berth holders to not visit the yard. Will other yards follow on this?
  9. Not sure if anyone has posted this, but NBD are closing too https://www.broads.co.uk/escape-to-the-broads/ Appears to be have announced on 20 March, but I think they've just updated an old piece where they said they were open, please come.
  10. Correction, it does appear in the 1995 Blakes brochure
  11. Having a look through old brochures. B90 (which appears to be the registration number appears as Hoseasons, Stalham Pleasurecraft in 1991 as San Fernando. Craig's data base suggests it got there through fleet mergers. The San prefix seems to originate with Johnsons Yacht Station, St Olaves which was Blakes but didn't have an Aquafibre 33. The Stalham Pleasurecraft fleet also seems to have boats from Ferry Boatyard, Horning which was in Blakes and did have an Aquafibre 33 - Ferry Buccaneer, but it doesn't appear in the 1995 brochure and Craig's database list different numbers. Don't know if this helps or jogs any memories.
  12. I suppose its the Broads equivalent of Triggers broom. This boat has had three registration numbers and four different names, but apart from that its the same boat...
  13. Many thanks. I think it might be a browser thing. It doesn't display on my computer in Edge, or my phone in chrome. But, if I try on the computer on chrome it does. Don't know why, but I think companies need to be more careful how they present information on websites to ensure all customers can actually read it! The new video on the first page of the NBD website is similar. Sometimes it opens properly and gives you a great experience. Sometimes it doesn't and the whole page looks a complete mess of text. Not related to browsers either, just seems random whether it works or not.
  14. Where did you get this information? We are due to hire in the next few weeks. Hoseasons have sent us as e.mail saying they are only dealing with people due to start their holiday in the next week which is fair enough. But they also provide a link for further information which just leads to a blank page. I can't see anything improving in the next few weeks and suspect we will see even more restrictions than now, so the option to re-book is starting to look like an attractive option, but then so is self isolating on the broads...
  15. Check the properties of the e.mail. What you see is sometimes just a display so can say anything and look sensible. Properties will show up if that actually is the e.mail. If the actual e.mail looks dodgy then definitely a scam. If real, then possibly a mistake. Is your e.mail easy to misstype?
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