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  1. webntweb

    A Winters Tale

    I worked with a guy whose wife's name was Liz. Everybody called her Stella though because of the amount of the stuff she drank.
  2. Alan, please accept my heartfelt sympathies on the loss of your loved one. I will be thinking of you. Roy
  3. At the junction of the Bure and Yare August 82. My wife was at the helm of Admiral 7 through Yarmouth. Immediately after I took the first pic I saw the bow of another coaster appear in front of the moored boat. I said to my wife, are you OK with the other boat. She replied what boat - Oh I thought it was a wall. She handed the wheel to me and I headed for the stern of the second boat (in the second pic). As we passed through it was obvious the second boat was aground (third pic). Since then, whenever the subject of the Broads comes up in family conversations, the usual comment is "Do you remember when mum ran that ship aground".
  4. First time I met a coaster was above Trowse railway bridge. We were on Richardson's Crusader 1 in July 63, going upstream and the coaster was coming down. My cousin and I were sat on the cabin roof at the rear of the cockpit. At the last minute the lad at the helm panicked and headed for the bank which was steel piling. The boat sideswiped the bank (fortunately not going very fast), my cousin and I landed in a heap in the cockpit and as I looked up the other three lads had jumped for the bank which was above head height. Two of them made it but the one who had been at the helm was left hanging down on a chain attached to the piling. When I got up the boat was headed for the coaster. I grabbed the wheel and steered away and alongside the ship. There was a guy on the coaster's deck looking down at us and shaking his head. I looked back and two of my mates were pulling the other lad up the piling. When they caught us up and asked me to come alongside, I thought I'd teach them a lesson and told them I'd see them at the Yacht Station - which took them ages as in those days there was no direct route alongside the river.
  5. webntweb

    Old Broads Boats

    One of Southgates? yachts being passed by a Hearts? cruiser. Potter Heigham Sept 66.
  6. webntweb

    A (sort Of) Voyage Of Discovery

    Tried the Brundall chippy about 7 years ago and was disappointed. Since then have always used the one at Blofield (5 minute drive). Last time we were on the boat the Blofield chippy was closed for holidays. Tried the Brundall one again - it was still a disappointment.
  7. webntweb

    Boat Archive

    When I try and log into 'the other place' I get a message "the domain name has expired".
  8. webntweb

    Boat Archive

    Nor me.
  9. webntweb

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    Hired an electric powered narrowboat on the Mon and Brec canal some years ago. Could just about make 2mph; the slightest bit faster and the whine from then engine was intolerable. Fortunately on the Mon & Brec, 2mph is plenty fast enough for a return trip of the whole length of the canal with very few locks and a few lift bridges. The canal really is a 'must do', running along the edge of the Brecon Beacons and for a lot of its length on a hillside above the river Usk.
  10. webntweb

    Is The Tipping Point Approaching?

    After 60 years of coming to the Broads in a variety of hire craft and latterly a share in Moonlight Shadow and then Lightning, sadly we have had to sell our share because of infirmity. I can still get around but do have balance issues, unfortunately my wife now struggles to get on and off the boat, which has been causing us real problems when mooring especially on the faster flowing southern rivers. We are hoping to maybe rent a riverside cottage for a holiday in the Potter area and possibly hire an electric day boat for a day or two. I will still hang around here and put my tuppence worth in occasionally (for what its worth). Carry on enjoying the Broads everybody. Lots have things have changed in 60 years - not always for the better - but its still one of the loveliest places to holiday. Roy
  11. webntweb

    Old Broads Boats

    Sept 66, River Thurne with Easticks' Royal Oak moored.
  12. webntweb

    Pacific Cruisers Fleet Updates

    The two 50 years plus locos don't look too bad either. Mind you they were refurbished 30 years ago.
  13. webntweb

    Let's Try Sailing - What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

    Had a go myself quite a few years ago (1964) - never tried it since. We were moored just upstream from the entrance to Black Horse. Three of us managed to get the dinghy's sail up and after a bit of faffing around the wind took us quite sedately up to Swan Corner. Easy this, we thought. Then we tried to turn round. About 30 minutes later we decided the sail wasn't working properly and rowing back was probably the best option.
  14. webntweb


    I think Eastick's had four of them on hire. Never seen one with that bit on the rear of the roof though. Seem to remember that they wouldn't pass under Potter even without that extra bit.
  15. webntweb

    Unplug Then Cast Off!

    The wind took ours at Frontignan on the Canal du Rhone a Sete while waiting for the railway bridge to lift. Hope it didn't end up round one of your props Vaughan.

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