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  1. Well the Germans have one up on the French. We were moored for the night in the centre of Narbonne and I spied a McDonalds - not a float though, but close enough. I knew the crew weren't ready to cast off so I headed for a McD's breakfast - only I was disappointed as they didn't do breakfast, just burgers etc all day and I couldn't face one of those at eight in the morning. Mind you it was 15 years ago so things may have changed now.
  2. Last lot from 66.
  3. Probably count on one hand the amount of Macdonald's burgers i've had, but I did try the breakfast at the one in Roy's when early morning shopping from the moorings in Hoveton. It did the trick even if it didn't in any way really resemble the real thing - I did struggle to work out the difference between the hash brown and the sausage pattie. When, many years ago, I used to work late into the evening I would pop to Macdonald's which was the only place open within a reasonable distance and have their veggie burger, which was quite tasty. Many years later a Macdonald's opened near to where
  4. I seem to remember the first one I ever saw was at Stokesby on that same holiday. As we approached the one in the pic I suppose we would have looked at it and obviously thought it wasn't worth wasting film on. Funny thing is that about 20 years later we looked at the Caribbean's because the single floor level, side passage layout was ideal for our fishing holidays, as we could leave the rods made up in the passage overnight on a rack I had made and transfer them to the roof in the day. In the end we went for the Horizon 42's and similar because of the sliding canopy.
  5. Few more from 1966 holiday.
  6. Constellation 2 again. This time in September 66. The first pic shows how frightening it is to cross Breydon
  7. 1964 Constellation 2. Unfortunately most pics from this holiday were lost in a house move. First one is my first ever stern on mooring at Ranworth . . . only we got it the wrong way round. We saw the yacht moored bow on and did the same . . and a couple of pics at YYS that i've posted before.
  8. I've posted these from 1958 before but for those who haven't seen them . . .
  9. Thanks for that David. I'll give that software a try.
  10. A few more from our 1963 holiday on Crusader 1 from Richardson's. I have posted a couple of these before. Didn't have a flash so the interior shots are dark.
  11. Went up to New Mills twice on Moonlight and twice on Lightning. Had no problem with depth even though one trip on Lightning was at low tide, but did keep to centre of the channel. Some low res pics of a few of the bridges above the yacht station. Bishop's Bridge from upstream; Whitefriars Bridge; Fye Bridge; Head of navigation at New Mills; St Miles Coslony Bridge; Thomas More's 'Utopia' on the old Eastern Electric building. I do have some movie clips from above Bishop's Bridge on SVHS-C which I was about to take to have converted so I can edit them in iMovie, but first lockdown came
  12. I don't know but I'm sure someone else on here will. I have a picture taken in 1964 and it was still there then.
  13. Yes we had a fortnight on Sunset Six 1 in August 83. They were originally King of Light from Woods who only kept them for about three years. They all went to Beaver Fleet who we hired that one from. The external colour scheme was horrible and they weren't much better inside - very dark wood. The main reason we hired one was it was one of the first years that discounts for children were introduced. The one we had was hired out as a 4 to 8 berth - we paid the basic price for five adults and the three children went free. Probably well fitted out originally but considering they were
  14. There were many woodies in immaculate condition in the 50s & 60s. Brooms, Moores, Ernest Collins, Hearts, Landamores, Chumley & Hawke and many others.
  15. 1963 now and Crusader 1 from Richardson's. The M&GN railway bridge over the Bure at the Yacht Station. It had been disused for at least four years by then. There are cars on it in the pic but I don't know if it was used as a road or just for parking.
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