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  1. webntweb

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    It's funny how exceptions have changed. A large portion of the hire fleets from the late 60s were made up of boats based on the Bourne 35 hull, built by some of the Broads' finest boatbuilders. Most of these were hired out as 4 to 6 berths and customers were happy with them, even with a beam 1ft 6ins narrower than Gleaming Light. I do agree with Hylander in that I wouldn't be comfortable on that boat with more than four people though. We often had 6 people on Lightning which is 43ft x 12ft 3ins and one of the other owners asked didn't we feel overcrowded - I wondered how they would have gone on on an AF42 centre cockpit when hired out as a 12 berth.
  2. webntweb

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    I think Hylander was saying that really it is only suitable for two because of the one toilet. Presumably its an electric freshwater flush, which use a lot of water, and appears not too have too large a holding tank because previous hirers have complained about having to have pump outs mid holiday when a full crew is aboard .
  3. webntweb

    Is It Too Early To Mention The 'c' Word Yet?

    Spent Boxing day to 2nd of January a few years ago on Moonlight. The weather was very good, blue skies nearly every day; 45 minutes light rain in the whole week. Clear skies meant cold nights but we were comfortable enough without having to leave the heating on all night. Enjoy Moonlight, she's a lovely boat. Roy ps we had a real bonus; we spotted a bittern moving slowly through the reeds on the Buckenham side of the Yare.
  4. webntweb

    St Olaves Moorings

    Can't see the pub being happy with a bbq on their mooring. You could go just round the corner there should be plenty of moorings above the Berney Arms.
  5. webntweb

    St Olaves Moorings

    I don't know about the BA moorings at St Olaves, but they were OK when I moored there last year. You are right, the Burgh Castle moorings are closed. You can moor at the Fisherman's though.
  6. webntweb

    Old Broads Boats

    Hippersons' original boatyard at Puddingmoor, Beccles in Sept 66. One of their craft moored outside and a couple of their houseboats on the left behind a Ripplecraft.
  7. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    Here's one of the cockpit.
  8. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    I don't think there was much difference in the layouts of the Constellations but the Caravelles definitely had two different layouts; one of them having an extra single cabin in the bow. Interestingly although the Caravelles were a couple of feet shorter than the Constellations they were 6 inches wider.
  9. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    A couple of interior shots of how they were as built in the mid 60s.
  10. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    Constellation 2's was a bit more basic . . .
  11. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    I don't remember posting that back in 2016, but I don't remember a lot these days.
  12. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    Apologies Regulo beat me to it.
  13. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    Sorry, no idea how to do that. Nearest I can get is this: https://motorboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boats-for-sale/motor-boats/classic When I cut and paste this into Google and open the first result its the 10th ad down. Hope this helps.
  14. webntweb

    Constellation 3?

    There's an ex-Chumley & Hawke Constellation for sale on Apollo Duck. Based in Cambridgeshire. Internally doesn't look much like the Constellation I hired a couple of times in the 60s. Think it must be No 3 as the build date is stated as 1965. Asking price £55,000. I suppose for about the same again you could restore her to her former interior. Grown a bit as well. Back in the day Constellation's were 36ft - this one is 38ft. Roy
  15. webntweb

    Solo Cruising

    On Lightning we have a cleat half way down each side. When coming in to moor we have a shorter than normal rope fastened to it. Normal procedure is to pull alongside and my wife steps off with the short rope and wraps it round a post tightly to hold the boat while I go and pick up the bow rope, temporarily tie that and then do the same with the stern rope and then both springs. Chris then unties the centre rope while I adjust all the others. Lightning is 43ft and we are both in our 70s and not too steady on our feet, but this system has worked well for us. Roy

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