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  1. Not ex-Broads but Broads built by Porter & Haylett at Wroxham . . . a Connoisseur Elegance in Venice.
  2. I've just had two days in hospital monitoring my heart rate which has been very low, rarely above 42 bpm and as low as 35 bpm. I have a pacemaker set at a base rate of 60 bpm so it appears even the pacemaker is struggling to keep up. They have stopped my angina medication (which I have been on for more than 20 years) and I am self monitoring at home to see if it makes any difference. Before I left hospital they did a blood test to check if I had any Covid-19 antibodies in my blood. They gave me a FAQ sheet about the virus and here are a couple of points the NHS make: "The blood test is about 80% effective, so for 20% it will not show if you have had the virus or not." "Although a positive test will show you have had the virus, we do not know yet whether you will be immune or whether you can catch the virus again." I don't think it is wise to think that the virus will burn itself out and I would definitely take with a pinch of salt anything that is attributed as to coming out of China.
  3. I presume you mean under Le Boat's ownership. We hired Magnifique's from Connoisseur in 2004 & 2005 and they were immaculate. I suppose the difference being, in Connoisseur's days there was pride in building and hiring their own boats, where as with Le Boat it's just a business. When we hired they were very reasonably priced for the location – canal du Midi – and the quality of the boat and service. Comparing Le Boat's prices, even allowing for inflation, I think they are very poor value.
  4. Fogging has only been proven to work against covid-19 if the agent contains the correct percentage of sodium hypochlorite. Even then it will only be effective if all surfaces that can be have been cleaned thoroughly with detergent beforehand. Areas that would normally be cleaned with disinfectant would still need to be cleaned the same way before fogging.
  5. I think Vaughan was talking about their French fleets.
  6. This one isn't ex broads but I think it is an Aquafibre mould, possibly a Crown Classique, that has wandered a little far from home.
  7. Some boatyards even put the helm on the right hand side to allow for this. One example being Sunline 2 from Porter & Haylett back in the 70s.
  8. Superb photo. Brings back memories of my transpotting days. I remember leaving a train in Liverpool in about 1954 (nine years old) at about 10.30 pm, heading for dockside for the midnight boat to the Isle of Man. As I passed the engine it was leaking steam from just about everywhere it could leak steam from; that, combined with the glow from the firebox, the noises and the heat, I can remember thinking of a slumbering dragon. At the opposite end of the scale: in August 1960, my family were holidaying in Brixham and my brother, my cousin and I had a visitors' permit for Exeter St Davids engine shed. We left Brixham early in the morning on the single coach push-pull train to the main line at Churston where we changed to a local to Newton Abbot, where we waited for an express using the costal route to Exeter rather than the inland route. Travelling between Teignmouth and Dawlish behind a Castle class with the morning sun reflecting off the sandstone cliffs on our left, with my head out of the window to get the number of a Hall class coming the other way, which usually came complete with a bit of grit in your eye if not a cinder - bliss. Apologies for wandering off a bit Vaughan. Waiting for your next instalment.
  9. Doesn't surprise me, most people under 60 seem to know very little about British geography - they've mostly been abroad for their holidays. Just watch quizzes like the Chase, Eggheads etc and you'll see what I mean.
  10. Bachmann made a weathered model of the exact loco (43014) in your pic. I'm still trying to work out if yours is a photo or a painting.
  11. Have you tried phoning Brooms, I've always found them very helpful. Or nip back to the 60's and C & G Press of Wroxham will let you have a clip-on rear view mirror - aa a chargeable extra. I think Brinks (who seemed to have close associations with Press) did as well.
  12. Speaking about difference in expectations, Happy Wanderer's blurb states "Convenient separate toilet with WC and washbasin". Perhaps harking back to when some smaller yachts had a washbasin in the saloon under a lift up worktop and if I remember rightly some had the same arrangement for the toilet!
  13. According to Craig's lists the Roach class (without Dace) ended up at Southgate's but nothing shown after 1970.
  14. I remember the River class but was surprised when I found them in the 1963 brochure - I would have said more late 60s early 70s.
  15. A couple of unusual looking boats from Blakes 63 brochure - copyright Blakes. Also one from Hoseasons 63 - copyright Hoseasons
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