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  1. What was the point of the exercise when 48% voted for a closed season and 49.8% voted to scrap it with 2.2% don't knows etc. What percentage did they want for them to scrap the closed season - 100. Bit like the remainers with Brexit.
  2. webntweb

    Sad Sight

    That's what I was thinking. If it was wide enough boats could get to and from the end of the moorings. Although what you suggest may possibly be a better idea. If the bank on the right (looking downstream) was made no mooring and on the bank on the left extend the length of the moorings downstream.
  3. webntweb

    Sad Sight

    May be an opportunity to widen the mooring.
  4. Hi Chris, I had a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea which was manufactured in Australia. The 12volt feed's polarity was opposite to UK. I had to have a cable made up that reversed the polarity. Roy
  5. Moorings were a bit messy when we were there on Little Gem 4 in May 86 - did manage to get to the Lion for a pint though. Our trip a year later on Star Monarch 1 (August 87) and the moorings were a bit overgrown.
  6. Woods had two AF33 Ruby's called Beam of Light 1 & 2 (this boat was one of them), which they sold in the mid 90s. When Brooms finished hiring about 2005 Woods bought two of their AF43 Diamonds and named them Beam of Light 1 & 2. Brooms other two AF43s are now Lightning and Thunder.
  7. With it being grey coloured, is it ex Pacific Cruisers?
  8. Unfortunately Vaughan back in 1963 I missed the golden opportunity of a photo. Five 17 and 18 year old lads on their first holiday away from their parents. We had hired Crusader 1 from Richardson's and after overnighting at Yarmouth YS we headed for Norwich. I had my precious (and expensive for a second year apprentice on 30% of a journeyman's wage) Hamilton's, from which I had read to my friends the bit about making sure rope's didn't dangle in the water behind the boat. We left GY and were running against a slight flow across Breydon. About halfway across the engine note changed and we found one of the stern ropes was round the prop. One of the lads spotted a buoy (in place of a missing channel post?) and as we drifted past he managed to loop a rope round it. A passing boat took a message to the YS and a boat came out and towed us back. We had no idea who the boat belonged to and the helmsman's parting words were just for us to phone our boatyard. Next morning a couple of Richardson's engineers came, had a look down the weed hatch and decided it was a lifting out job. Shortly another launch (can't remember if it was the same one) towed us under Haven Bridge to the quay on the left where a crane lifted our boat high enough for them to cut the rope off the prop. It wasn't until they were lifting the boat that I realised I had left my camera on board. When one of the Richardson's guys asked how the rope came to be round the prop, with true comradeship we all pointed at the lad responsible. At least I can say that I'm in a probably rare group of people who have been through Haven Bridge on a hire craft.
  9. I think the bottom photo was taken from just below the bridge looking downstream - isn't the wind pump where the BA moorings are now?
  10. Is the launch possibly W155 making it a Waveney registered craft? So I'll have another guess at St Olaves just downstream of the bridge.
  11. Does seem a bit too wide for the Ant, but I'll go along with DavidH and say just upstream of Ludham Bridge.
  12. Hi Expilot, According to Craig, SYS had a couple of Alpha 31s - River Lark 1 & 2
  13. I did go for a paddle in the sea on Christmas morning a couple of years ago with my two 4 year old granddaughters . . . mind you it was in Fuerteventura.
  14. My only experience of electric cruising was on a hired narrowboat on the Mon & Brec canal. The company had had installed their own electric points at various points along the canal. The Mon & Brec is a very shallow, 'V' sided canal and I doubt you could attain 3 miles an hour. The canal is of a length that you can comfortably do an end to end return trip in a week at about 2mph. Unfortunately the motor on our boat had a really annoying whine at 2mph so 1.5 mph was our usual cruising speed. It is a really beautiful contour canal which for most of its route is on a hillside above the Usk valley. Fair amount of pubs on the way and a few, but not many, lift bridges and locks. I don't think the motor set up would really suit the Broads though:
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