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  1. In my eleven years with Moonlight and Lightning I had the third or fourth week in March four or five times. It was really cold everytime - a lot colder than when I was there for New Year one year. Still you'll have the rivers pretty much to yourself and its a gorgeous time of the year on the Broads (but when isn't). Not just the Broads though I can remember a couple of weeks on the canals in March when it snowed. One year myself and the boat were completely covered in snow when out of the blizzard another boat appeared - the other steerer and my self looked like snowmen.
  2. May 86. First pic: Connoisseur 37 superstructure being lifted of a delivery lorry - would have been interesting to see that lorry going over the bridge. Second pic: same superstructure being married to its hull. Were the superstructures moulded somewhere else and the hulls on site?
  3. Here's another one of the quay heading and Admiral Seven a year earlier August 82.
  4. Here's one in the other direction.
  5. Yes Simon its Salhouse. I think it was just that short length of quay heading, the rest coming some time later.
  6. It was cold. Below freezing most nights. Woke up with ice on the inside of the windows most mornings. A 42 ft boat with warm air unit right at the back - the heat only just reached the middle cabin, so it was sleeping in wooly hats in the saloon. But the Broads are gorgeous at that time of the year.
  7. Porter & Haylett's Sunline 2 in late October 83. It had a split sliding canopy - possibly the first bathtub with that feature; Sunline 1's canopy wasn't split.
  8. Don't suppose these are much use to you as they show a Nanni installed in a Connoisseur Magnifique. I presume its hydraulic as the engine is transverse. Maybe a similar sort of set up?
  9. A Powles 40? at Ratcliffe on Soar on 25th June 2013.
  10. This one was on the Trent just above the junction with the Soar on 25th June 2013. May be ex-Broads but suppose could be ex-Thames.
  11. What was the point of the exercise when 48% voted for a closed season and 49.8% voted to scrap it with 2.2% don't knows etc. What percentage did they want for them to scrap the closed season - 100. Bit like the remainers with Brexit.
  12. webntweb

    Sad Sight

    That's what I was thinking. If it was wide enough boats could get to and from the end of the moorings. Although what you suggest may possibly be a better idea. If the bank on the right (looking downstream) was made no mooring and on the bank on the left extend the length of the moorings downstream.
  13. webntweb

    Sad Sight

    May be an opportunity to widen the mooring.
  14. Hi Chris, I had a CPAP machine for sleep apnoea which was manufactured in Australia. The 12volt feed's polarity was opposite to UK. I had to have a cable made up that reversed the polarity. Roy
  15. Moorings were a bit messy when we were there on Little Gem 4 in May 86 - did manage to get to the Lion for a pint though. Our trip a year later on Star Monarch 1 (August 87) and the moorings were a bit overgrown.
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