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  1. webntweb


    Robin says: "but where they are connected you are basically sucking out waste and putting it down a pipe into the sewage system." I don't know if any Water Authorities allow this. At more that one boatyard we were based at when we had a share in a narrowboat the Water Authority didn't allow it because of the "blue" that the sewage contained. Roy
  2. webntweb

    Where Might 2?

    When they demolished the two old cottages Utopia and Arcadia in Stalham, they replaced them with a single house; is that called Utopia.
  3. webntweb

    Pubs On The River With Garden

    Rushcutters at Thorpe.
  4. webntweb

    Where Might?

    Marsh Farm, near Berney Arms
  5. webntweb

    Where Might?

    The little thatched cottage at the BA works at Postwick.
  6. webntweb

    Old Broads Boats

    Just remembered, after Foxglove had left one of Fletcher's Westering Homes moored a little nearer. It came in too fast and hit us in the stern causing a foot long split in the transom.
  7. webntweb

    Old Broads Boats

    Aft cockpit of Constellation 2 in July 1964. One of Eastick's Foxglove class is moored a little close.
  8. At their peak in the 80s the Broads had getting on for 100 hire yards. Now there are about 15. Similarly the Thames had almost 40 yards hiring cruisers. Now I don't think there are even a handful. List of Thames yards attached taken from The Thames Book 1982.
  9. webntweb

    What's Makes You Support Your Team And Why?

    When I was about 10 or 11 my dad took me to see Man C a few times. Then a family friend took me to see Man U. I think it was the fact that Man C had quite a few older players and Man U were a very young team that swayed me towards Man U.
  10. webntweb

    A Summer's Tale

    Wyndham said "BTW....did you know your boat has a song?" I left a CD with several different versions on board MS when I was an owner - suppose that's long gone.
  11. webntweb

    Now And Then

    Robin says "Pubs would be full of families" Don't know about that. I can remember in the 80s only being allowed in small, souless rooms usually at the back of the pub. One in particular I remember was the Bridge Inn at Potter: Freezing October school holiday week the only room you could go in with children was the barrel store; a long narrow passage, no heating and sat on a bench facing the rows of barrels.
  12. webntweb

    Can Anyone Recommend A Good B&b?

    Spent a night August 2017 prior to our boating holiday at The Stables, Horsefen Road, Womack Water. Lovely clean accommodation in a bed sitting room with separate small kitchen and bathroom. You have use of the owner's courtyard to sit out when the weather is fine. Included in price was supplies to make yourself a continental breakfast. Off road parking. Two minutes walk from Womack Staithe and five minutes from the pub and village shops in Ludham. Our host Rupert was friendly and very helpful. You can find The Stables on airbnb. It is normally a minimum of two nights but we were lucky as they had a single night available. An added bonus is that Rupert is a member of a family that used to own a very well respected boatyard in Wroxham so plenty to talk about with him. Don't know if they are still on airbnb but worth a look.
  13. webntweb

    Going Under Ph Bridge Next Week

    Expilot, it's interesting that you mention Little Gem as it explains something to me that happened when we hired one. After many years of hiring larger family boats and not being able to get through Potter my wife and I hired Little Gem 4 in May 1986. We turned up at Potter full of confidence that the pilot would whiz us under. Can't remember the available clearance but the pilot said it would be fairly tight but we would get through. At the time he was training a younger guy who he asked if he wanted to have a go. The younger chap lined the boat up but a little over a boat's length from the bridge he decided it wasn't for him and the pilot quickly took over, so we got to enjoy the delights of Hickling, Horsey and West Somerton and the associated pleasures of the Lion, Pleasure Boat and If I remember correctly the Lord Nelson. I've always hoped that young chap went on to be a successful pilot.
  14. webntweb

    'what's The Point Of Wasps?'

    Wildfuzz, sat outside today and put out a small dish with a little orange juice plus some jam round the rim. A couple of wasps turned up and seemed to be enjoying themselves with the jam. While this was happening a smaller wasp landed on a plate with some tiny pieces of chicken and after playing around with it for a bit flew off, presumably to feed the larvae. It returned (or one of its pals did) another couple of times and took some more chicken.
  15. Hired from Clifton 3 or 4 times. Good Company.

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