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  1. Wroxham Friday evening in early September 81 - mixed bag of weather the last couple of days. Some of Loynes fleet of woodies. Can see a couple of Lock Ness class; maybe a Loch Tulla or Arron class. Is the nearest one Loch Sandy?. The nearest boat sheds are Loynes - can't remember if the newer sheds next to them are Loynes as well. Would the sheds in the distance on the left of pic still have been Ernest Collins at this date? Pic is very grainy as scanned from a slide that has deteriorated.
  2. Yes Neil, there were still plenty of wild moorings in those days,
  3. Golden Emblem 4 at Thurne in September 81
  4. If you put 631W (on her stern in pic) in Craig's Database the listing shown is for 84D. If you then go to the Listings tab there is no 84D but there is 631W - both listings have the same ownership details, and the same name Marie Luise. I wouldn't doubt any of Craig's listings but I am confused as to why it would carry two different registrations with the same name,
  5. Just looked at Coryton's map link and it is shown as a tram way which does cross a road about where the Yacht Station entrance is. Now I'll probably have to spend lots of time looking for the photo of a steam shunter that I thought I could remember.
  6. It may be but I seem to remember it further back, nearer the entrance to the Yacht Station. Could be my memory playing tricks.
  7. As Howard says the line from Vauxhall over the Bure to the docks were a tram way. But I do seem to remember seeing a picture of a steam shunting engine emerging from between two buildings roughly opposite where the main entrance to the yacht station is. This would have been along the route of the old Yarmouth Union Railway which left the main line just outside Beach Station and ran past the Swan before joining the tramway just before Vauxhall bridge. Perhaps the line over the Bure in the middle of the Yacht Station followed some of the same route? I definitely remember in the late 50s/early 60s, a level crossing gate between two buildings roughly opposite the Yacht Station main entrance. I would imagine the line would have been out of use by then.
  8. Just logged on to an orange bathtub emerging from the bridge.
  9. Walked alongside the canal for about half a mile on the Wayford Inn side in the late 80s.Water was gin clear and I remember thinking it wasn't deep enough for a cruiser - but obviously I was wrong seeing Trambo's post.
  10. We went on a coach trip from Fort William to Oban and the road follows the coast most of the way. One of the bridges we crossed seemed a little unusual and as we exited it the road turned sharp right, but before we turned I got a glimpse of a gap cut between some rocky land which was wide enough for a single track railway. On the return journey after crossing the bridge I could see for quite a few miles that a railway had followed the road, and in some parts actually run along the road, in other parts I noticed the remains of iron/steelwork where the railway had hung out over the sea.
  11. The Alpha centres were 29, 32, 35 & 42. One thing that puzzled me was that one boatyard (Anchor Craft I think) advertised theirs as 34ft. Possibly length at waterline rather than length overall, but I would have thought there would have been more than one foot difference.
  12. Taken in 2017, not much to see but the bump in the road is the site of a level crossing on a minor road between California and Hemsby with the line of the railway going towards Hemsby. Second pic is the line going the other way.
  13. Smuggler 5 - Originally Sirdar.
  14. When we holidayed on Vestella 4 in 1958 there was a gangplank on the boat. We used it a few times as there were a lot more casual than made up moorings then.
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