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  1. We did on Richardson's Crusader 1 (petrol) in 1963. Self inflicted of course, trying to cover as much of the Broads as we could in one week. No idea of tides etc so were probably pushing against it everywhere. We worked out we averaged about 4 mph and 4mpg. Running out of fuel must have been fairly common in those days as a lot of hire boats carried a spare gallon in a heavy duty red petrol can. We swapped our empty one for a full one from another hire cruiser (at considerable cost) mid river below Wroxham. We pulled into Sabberton's for fuel but they were closed. The chap eventually took pity on us and filled us up.
  2. Oops . . . forgot Brister Craft.
  3. Landamore, Richardsons (3 times), Chumley & Hawke (twice), Porter & Haylett (twice), Brooms, Beaver Fleet, Alan Johnson (twice), Horizon Craft, Southgates Lower, Powles, Swancraft (twice), Colin Facey, Willow Cruisers. Still a couple of them hiring.
  4. Haven't Brinkcraft got one - Royall Stuart, or is that a different model?
  5. Woods have discounted their Marsh View bungalow by 40% for weeks beginning tomorrow and 27th April. £444 for a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom that sleeps 9.
  6. I used a cpap regularly on Lightning. I had to use the humidifier as I have extreme problems with dry mouth and throat - using a chin strap didn't really alleviate the problem. If you can warm the cabin with an oil heater it should help with "rainout" (condensation build up in the cpap to mask tube). Also a cpap tube cover may help. You can also buy a heated hose for some cpaps which should help. Of course all this uses battery power and if you can't get a hook up you are going to need a good size battery bank if you want to use the humidifier. I used a lower humidifier setting than normal, with a tube cover and made sure the cpap was lower than my sleeping position with the tube rising up from the cpap to just about head height. I still got the occasional "shower" - but my wife was usually asleep so wasn't troubled by the odd obscenity.
  7. Extra care has to be taken if the patient has a pacemaker. I presume there will be some instructions with the defibrillator with regard to that situation.
  8. I remember one buoy (possibly a temporary replacement for a missing post) in 1963. My cousin managed to lasso it as we drifted past with a rope round out prop.
  9. Are they the same Lewis who had Coral Craft (Lewis & Hughes) at Acle for a few years in the early 90s?
  10. I remember visiting the prefab pub on 2nd Sept 1983 when we were on Sunset Six 1 (an AF42 Mk 1 centre cockpit - ex short lived King of Light 1).
  11. Don't remember a pub called the Bridge, but I remember sitting on the step outside the Queens Head next to Haddiscoe lift bridge in 1958 (probably had a bottle of pop and packet of crisps, which was standard fare for children who weren't allowed in pubs in those days).
  12. Would think it would be worth them looking at David.
  13. Don't know about that. For 7 days from 15th June Richardson's Mermaid is £681 while Mayfair is £445. Richardson's other Hampton, Capri from 17th June is £817.
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