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  1. I had my first Broads holiday in 1958 on the boat she was based on; the slightly smaller Vestella. Must do the lottery this week.
  2. Just seen a post in the other place saying WRC are moving their boats to NBD Wroxham for next season.
  3. Don't know which hire boat is the oldest but I think I hired it once.
  4. Hi Addicted, I presume that you are using a PC with Windows, but just in case you are on a Mac you can back up regularly in future to an external drive using Time Machine, which is part of a Macs in-built software. I do hope you manage to recover your files.
  5. The OP on the No Fish thread has asked the same question about fishing from Ranworth Island this morning. Could it be that both places are pretty shallow water and the recent very cold nights may have stopped the fish feeding?
  6. Given that the boat is a 1984 build it is possible that there isn't a shore hook up and the 240v refers to the inverter's output. From January 2003 mains electricity has been "nominally" 230v so if there was a shore hook up they should really list it as 230v. I say "nominally" as in reality there has been little or no change in supply voltage, as in the UK it can be between: 230V –6% and +10% (i.e. 216.2 V – 253.0 V). If I've got it completely wrong I'm sure a certain member of the forum will be along to put me right.
  7. Don't worry about not getting mooring spot on . . . my first one was something like this.
  8. How does the quiz work please? Is it multiple choice questions; or first to answer; or how many correct in a set time; or something else?
  9. If you are thinking of going down the extra duvet route, you can get a train from Acle that will drop you off outside Asda in Gt Yarmouth. Probably be able to get hot water bottle and possibly warm pyjamas there too.
  10. The Challenger MK II with the front cockpit from Blakes 1963. They are listed as numbers 2 & 3 while in the 1947 catalogue they are listed as 1 & 2 – was there another one or have they listed them in the later catalogue as 2 & 3 to separate them from the Mark I ? I still find it hard to believe that a boat of that modern a design was in the 1947 catalogue.
  11. Is that Challenger Mark One?
  12. Oops . . . forgot the original Challenger which wasn't as streamlined looking as the MkIIs.
  13. I can only recollect there being one. Can't find it in Blakes 63 so I presume Craig's build date of 1965 is correct. There were two Challenger MkII 34s which were very modern looking for their build time; both being listed in Blakes 1947 catalogue along with the bigger Challenger 39.
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