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  1. Had the AstraZeneca one on Thursday. Arm a little sore but no other side effects so far.
  2. Couldn't work out which of Richardson's was next to Shining Light – it looked like something 7. Mirroring the pic and it looks like one of the Tranquil class.
  3. I've checked my 72 and 74 Hoseasons and plenty of houseboats but no chalets. If Arden was with Hoseasons I presume by that date they were listing them in their separate Cottages brochure.
  4. The single storey building has a signboard with Aston Boats on it in your 68/69 postcard. Here's a pic I took in 66 with Princess Cruisers on the signboard - as AdnamsGirl says.
  5. River frontage so second keep net for wine and beer.
  6. Hi Chris, Earlscroft from 63 Hoseasons. Unfortunately the other one isn't in that year.
  7. A Premier League footballer broke the lockdown rules on New Year's Eve by having a party at his home with more than the allowed amount of people plus he had some "models" from an agency at the party. His manager/coach (or whatever you call them these days) defended him in the press - his reason being that other people will have been doing the same. This was after the player had also previously breached the rules last summer. A few days after New Year he did it again flying a woman in from Greece for four days for a "romp". All this on top of his being caught speeding four times
  8. Think this may be a Navigator. Crusader 1 from Richardson's in 1963. The lad with the cigarette was an apprentice motor mechanic !
  9. 10th January 1959 I travelled on a football special to watch Norwich City thrash us (Man U) 3-0 in the FA cup third round. The weather was bitter and the train had no heating which really compounded the misery of the seven hour journey home. The only consolation was that we were knocked out by a team that reached the semis and who only lost out on going to Wembley by one goal in a replay, whereas Man City were knocked out by Grimsby in the same round.
  10. Seem to remember there being a Bounty 40 for hire with that layout some years ago. I'll have a root through some old brochures to see if I can find it. According to the website for Daily Boats there is a Bounty 40 for sale in Brighton. Looks more like a Caribbean to me.
  11. Netgear switch stopped working a few months ago. On Monday Broadband Hub gave up so they replaced it this morning with a new one that didn't have a separate router. Was supposed to throw obsolete router in bin but had a look at power supply plug - turned out to be same fitting, same output 12v 1.25amp as the Netgear one. Good job I didn't throw the switch away. Mind you I have a drawer full of old power supply plugs that will probably never be of use again.
  12. Perfick - except for the pub being closed of course.
  13. We had a gearbox heat exchanger fail on Swan Raider 2 (Alpha 32 F/D) and it did indeed look like mayonnaise. Had to chase ducks off as they were eating it.
  14. Here is a Nanni 5 cylinder as fitted to a 49ft Connoisseur Magnifique. Presume it's the same engine as those Vaughan fitted to the Grand Classiques. A couple of pics of the Magnifique which was a similar size and layout as the Grand Classique. We had two holidays on a Magnifique on the Canal du Midi and the Canal du Rhône a Sète. A total of 21 days and didn't use the inner helm once - seems a waste of all those lovely dials.
  15. One did, the other went to Bridgecraft
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