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  1. Back in the 60s when we returned to Richardsons at the end of our holiday there was a board with photos of a lot of their boats with hirers on board, that had been taken that week. Didn't buy ours (Crusader 1) as we were all skint by the end of the holiday. I presume the photographer took pics of boats from other boatyards as well. I wonder if all those negs are still around in somebody's attic - what a piece of history they would be.
  2. I have been holidaying on the Broads for over 60 years both as a hirer and syndicate boat owner. Unfortunately health issues mean I probably won't be able to visit as a boater again. I would just like to thank Jenny Morgan and others who over the years have worked to keep the Broads the special place it is for future generations to enjoy. There is no doubt in my mind that if full National Park status ever happened it would be, because of the Sanford Principle, to the detriment of navigation. I don't know how long, and by who, attempts have been made to make the Broads a National Park but the page attached from a 1989 Hoseasons brochure appears to say that the Broads was a National Park at that time.
  3. webntweb

    Sad News

    So sad to hear about Craig's death. My condolences to his family and friends. I never met him but corresponded with him via the forum. He was always polite and helpful. I hope his family can in time find some comfort from the help and pleasure he gave so many people, many who he didn't know, through his unique database.
  4. While most of the Broads is little changed from my first holiday over 60 years ago, I do miss all those tumble down corrugated boatsheds which made up a lot of the riverfront in Wroxham, Horning, Oulton etc. Also all the wooden boats: all different (even differences in the same class), some absolutely immaculate, most presentable, some tired looking and others you wondered how they were still afloat.
  5. Just to confuse matters. 1981 shows three classes at Brooms: 3 + 1 berth Cadet (2 singles in front cabin). 4 berth Matelot (Double in front cabin). 4 berth Skipper (2 singles in front cabin). 1982 four classes: 2 + 2 berth Wren (2 singles in front cabin). 3 + 1 berth Cadet (2 singles in front cabin). 4 berth Matelot (Double in front cabin). 4 berth Skipper (2 singles in front cabin). 83 four classes 2/3 berth Wren (2 singles in front cabin). 3/4 berth Cadet (2 singles in front cabin). 4 berth Matelot (Double in front cabin). 4 berth Skipper (2 singles in front cabin). Haven't got the 84 brochure 85 brochure back to three classes. Wren seems to have gone. The remaining three classes are now all listed under Skipper (although still individually named) and can all be hired as two, three or four berths - the listing has the same prices for all three classes.
  6. Mum made really nice sandwiches. One of my classmates mum also made really nice sandwiches but he rarely would eat them so I used to eat them for him. Then I would swap mine for half of someones dinner money and off to the local corner shop and buy a ciggy or two.
  7. All the extras when you hired a boat. 1993 New Horizon: Parking £5, Under cover parking £12, Lead for mobile phone £2.50, Hairdryer £2.50, Iron £2.50, Highchairs £5, Travel Cots £5. If you went from their Thames yards even more expensive: outdoor parking £8, TV Black & White £8, Colour £16. Can't work out why it would be more expensive to not be able to get a picture in colour as against black and white.
  8. A remember a mate saying when beer gets to 2/6d he would give it up. Didn't understood why he said that because he never bought a round anyway. A sixpenny mixture: chips, mushy peas and scrapings.
  9. They finished hiring at the end of the 90s. A lot of their boats were quite new and beautifully fitted out at the time and some of those went to Kris Cruisers on the Thames. One of them - Charisma an Aquafibre Diamond 43ft came back to the Broads as Endeavour; I think it's the one that had been refitted with white leather upholstery and was offered for shared ownership a few years ago. Possibly some of the others have come back to the Broads too.
  10. One of our favourite overnight moorings. Always offered Gus a drink but he usually declined.. My first experience of the New Inn was on 4th of July 64. On a beautiful summer morning we had arrived by overnight Robinson's coach from Manchester, six 19 year old lads on our second broads holiday. The coach dropped us off at about 7.30 am where Lower Street meets the main road and we walked down to Chumley & Hawkes at the other end of the village. Chap there had just started work and said your boat will be ready in a couple of hours, then told us the New Inn would do us breakfast at 5 bob each and he would ring and tell them we were coming. The landlord said that as we were eating he could serve us with beer. We didn't need asking twice so we were sat outside in the glorious summer morning sunshine having a full English and liquid refreshment, looking over the lawn, that went down to the river in those days, watching a stream of boats passing both ways, probably on their way back to their boatyards at the end of their holiday. . . . for us, paradise.
  11. Not pure guess work. Our mooring was on the fuel quay and I was there when the boat turned up at 6.15 pm, and as it is only moored a 10 minute cruise away it doesn't take much to work out that the timing was intentional. I didn't say that Brooms charged for water. What I said was that as moorers at Brooms the cost of water would be built into everybody's mooring fees. With regard to you statement re fuel discount - that is totally irrelevant to what I was posting about. As for your last paragraph I was there so I am 100% sure of what happened.
  12. When we moored at Brundall the boat in the pic turned up at Brooms service point after the staff had finished at 6 pm to fill up with free water. Well it was free to them; the rest of us paid for it in our mooring fees.
  13. 40% off some boats at Woods in March.
  14. We have eaten there quite a few times over recent years and have only been disappointed once. On a slight aside (as usual) I can't quite work out the model of boat in the edp pic; my guess being a DC30 with modified cockpit/saloon. It appears to be in an old Woods livery - except appearing dark blue, rather than black.
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