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    Week On Fair Entreprenuer

    Beautiful boat!

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    People who book these boats are wanting an experience. They expect to see all the extras that will enhance their stay onboard. You have a microwave at home - why would you not expect to see one on a boat? Also the 240v thing is not just to power the microwave, it's so people can take their gadgets with them - just like they would if staying in a cottage.

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    I could never understand why the Brooms and now this new boat do not have 240 volts and a microwave. It/they are top end boats and their contemporaries, in general, do have them. Tablets, phone charging, game consoles etc accompany the average holidaymaker so it feels like a miss.

    St Olaves Moorings

    St Olaves moorings OK - stayed there last week

    Neatishead, Officially Full

    Room for more on-top
  6. Just added the last update for the season for the Live Music guide. The Norada in Potter Heigham is hosting live music most weekends throughout October. There are quite a few Halloween themed parties and the White Horse in Loddon/Chedgrave is hosting a live music and fireworks party on the 25th October. Full listing HERE

    Oulton Broad Video

    Just found this taken from the same drone which i have. (Not mine unfortunately). Beautiful sunny day.

    Brundall From The Air

    I considered the Spark as it has a good pedigree and the video would be better - though my Hubsan is 1080p. What put me off was that it is so small it would be difficult to see it when it's not that far away. The new regulations say you have to have "line of sight" at all times. Plus, the cost was around 3 x what I paid (around £180). I am reluctant to spend over £500 for a piece of kit which is as prone as any to flyaways (possibly never to be seen again) and where I believe their use will become severely restricted once the present consultation finishes and new rules for flying are adopted. Back to the video quality, yes it would be better as the one I use has a rolling shutter which can cause a slight shimmering effect when moving forward. The still images are unaffected however as you can see from above. Hope this helps.

    Brundall From The Air

    It was a Friday evening - around 6pm
  10. DAVIDH


    This is a really nice one overlooking Hong Kong Island. It can be put to full screen in Chrome. For some reason (on my machine) it stops streaming on Edge after a few seconds. Remember that HK is 7 hours in front so though it is light at the time of writing it may not be later. Plenty of floodlit buildings when it's dark though! https://www.earthtv.com/en/webcam/hong-kong-victoria-harbor
  11. DAVIDH

    Brundall From The Air

    Yes, not a hotel. I had a meal in the Yare on the Friday evening and had been speaking to one of the staff who told me originally it was a hotel and showed me a photo of it on one of the walls. All many years ago but it stuck in my mind when typing the descriptions. I first went there in 1973 on our first Broads holiday from Sandersons in Reedham and remember at one time it had a stage and entertainment (a band?). Thought i had been dreaming it but the waitress confirmed it was like that until around 1980 when the present owners took over. Still my most favourite pub on the Broads.
  12. DAVIDH

    Brundall From The Air

    Taken from the Broads Authority page on drone flying: Be legal Whether you want to fly your drone or report the misuse of a drone here are some things to be aware of: The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) specify that unless permission has been granted by them that you must not: Fly above 120m (400ft) Fly within 150m of a built-up or congested areas or crowds. Fly closer than 50m to people or property. See the full page here: http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/visiting/drone-use I would challenge that a marina of boats could be described as a built up area.
  13. DAVIDH

    Brundall From The Air

    Betty1, it was a Hubsan H501SS and it was replaced with the same model - so still a H501SS following problems with the original - it became faulty showing an error message which would not clear on my last Broads trip.
  14. DAVIDH

    Brundall From The Air

    I stayed in Norwich for a couple of nights last weekend whilst attending the Goosander AGM in Horning on the Saturday. I have a new drone, though the same model as the one which failed, and took it with me. I had time to fly it on the Friday evening so I took the train to Brundall and took the following images: Silverline's base with Swancraft just infront. Part of Brooms More Brooms (I think) Brooms with the Yare Hotel in right bottom corner. Looking across the estate.
  15. DAVIDH

    Talking Point

    No Stumpy, I was there just for the meeting, though I spent two nights in Norwich. My first week ever on Goosander is in just under two weeks time - Sat 6th Octoberso if you are about then and see me, please do say hello - or anyone else for that matter!

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