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  1. I think if you were going to brave the elements on any boat in December, a Broom boat would be your safest bet.
  2. Lots of cancellations coming in for the October Half Term next week (for the Broads) if anyone is still looking. I've counted 17 for that week since Monday. Sure there will be more now that South Yorkshire has been added to Tier 3.
  3. It look like Richardsons have changed their mind(s) about hiring into November. All boat removed from Hoseasons and their own website now. Can't say I'm too surprised. November brings shorter days and can be really cold at night. It doesn't really capture the hirer's attention. Perhaps the areas of the country moving into Tier 3 was the straw that broke the camel's back. Other operators are still hiring at the moment though - Faircraft, Summercraft, Brooms and NYA Private Charter.
  4. I'm guessing they will reappear under Faircraft in Wroxham in time. It will be the physical time required to reprogram and ammend the databases at Hoseasons.
  5. Many first time boaters (of which there are many each season) won't venture from North to South, especially if on for less than a week. The decline has happened over many years, probably without being noticed. The South needs more infrastructure to be attractive, but the infrastructure will only come with the crowds. I often tell people one of the main differences between the North and South is that you can usually cruise to a new village in less than an hour in the North, but less than 2 hours in the South. Plus.... the tides!
  6. Carole, if you did take some photos on your phone, it's worth logging into Google Photos just to see if any of them have been uploaded automatically. If you already have a Google account like Gmail for instance, just use the same passwords. It's an outside chance, but you never know. Here is the Google Photos log-in page: https://www.google.com/photos/about/ Just click on the blue "Go to Google Photos" button, then enter your passwords and see what happens. If it's an IPhone you have, I believe they have their own similar storage site with auto-uploading, but can't tell you where the site i
  7. Just wondering if you had set up and used Google Photos? If so, you're phone might already be syncing with that and may have uploaded any of the photos you took. Microsoft offer free storage on One Drive through Windows, and again, I'm wondering if you had set that up, as if so, many of your docs and images could be on that. These are what "Meantime" is referring to as The Cloud. I would take the computer a technician. My fears are that they may charge a fortune to restore what they can. If that happens, you can use free software called Recuva - more info here https://www.ccleaner.com/recu
  8. The earlier the better Ian. Stops you worrying so much, which you are bound to do until the op date. In the interim, do everything you can to build yourself up. Best foods, vitamins, that sort of thing, and of course, keep away from people with infections, be that colds, flu, anything. Best wishes, David
  9. Hi Andrew, i think the yards started hiring out from about the third week of March in 2018, when Easter was on the 1st April. This has continued since then, though I notice 2021 starts around the third week in February, for some (not all) boats. This is no doubt in response to demand from those people who couldn't get afloat this year, and of course, it helps offset the losses incurred between March and July this year. It's apparent on the various Broads social media sites, that many people are booking February and March breaks.
  10. Just clarifying that the starboard side is the right bank as you head towards the bridge. Not everyone is an old sea dog Jay!
  11. Much too clever for me Peter. I'm sure someone on here pointed it out about 18 months ago. I have looked at it occasionally over the intervening period, and it has operated throughout, but sadly does not seem to have been expanded. No idea who's site it is though.
  12. The answer to your question is almost certainly yes. The average high water headroom at Yarmouth Vauxhall bridge is 6ft 9inches. Given that there is a normal tidal drop of anything up to 6ft at low water, it is inconceivable that you wouldn't get under at slack. Even better, here is a digital report of the height under Yarmouth Vauxhall bridge, updated every few minutes. Check it at slack water time and you'll get a good indication. https://broads.bridgeheight.com/ Edited to add that you click on the downward arrow on the "Please choose" line, then select Yarmouth Vauxhall.
  13. Yes, definitely worth the effort. My wife was a non-swimmer and therefore afraid of the gap that would sometimes develop as the boat drifted out. The spring line helped to keep the back alongside the quay. Less thumping of the boat against the quay at night too, when you're mid-sleep. Funnily enough, I first learned that from one of those Hoseasons handbooks back in the 70s, which recommended it.
  14. I think I would re-book too. The chances of a lockdown working enough over the next few weeks to effect a release, really are not that high. That means you will probably be forced into a change. You say that the boat you want is available for next year, and may be snapped up by someone else over the next three weeks. If it helps, I was only thinking yesterday looking at my sales data, that it's striking how many bookings are coming in for next year - way more than normal. Currently there are 580 boat classes remaining to be hired over the 4 weeks of August 2021. I don't record the coming years
  15. Absolutely. I did say "generally", and it's borne out of experience with customers over may years. We had many aged clients who had previously cancelled holidays due to pre-existing illnesses, who couldn't get cover, but their bank policies were far less restrictive and allowed them to continue travelling. I should clarify, I was talking about Gold credit card accounts. But yes, always check the cover offered. I was trying to write a general piece of advice, pointing out the sort of restrictions you come up against, depending on the policy. Those policy documents are not thousands and thousand
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