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  1. I think Tranquilla is expensive for such a "short" six berth cruiser. It's just 31ft in length, which means it's going to be crowded on there with six people. it's actually a glammed up version of this boat, but nearly twice the cost - though Fair Ambassador is marketed for four people.
  2. Saturday 10th July. Not that much to say, other than I was up at 7am grafting! By 8.30am, I was out of the moorings and making my way to Boulters for the pump out and refuel. I kinda like that as it gives that last bit of intricate navigating before i have to leave Goosander behind until November. Back in her home mooring, I finished the inside and outside cleans, loaded the car, and had vacated by 11am. My final meal on the Broads, is always at the Yare, in Brundall, and I was in their car park by 11.45am. The meal disn't disappoint. I had the battered chicken with sweet and sour sauce. All too soon it was time to be on my way home. Just to say, if anyone is wondering how busy the Southern rivers are at a time when all the hire boats are out, my experience was that it's a world away from the north. I was passing very few craft. I had no difficulty finding a mooring, and though I was usually tied up by 3pm, I'm sure you could have cruised through to 6pm and still had no trouble. Well worth the detour. Just a few final images, which I managed to miss out from earlier. The new stretch of moorings at Burgh Castle. Anybody know where this is? This was from my drive down to Norfolk. I passed Norwich Airport and was surprised to see so many aircraft mothballed there. The dashcam only picked up a few of them, but there were also British Airways, Easyjet and other aircraft just sitting there. I would guess around 30 to 40 just parked on the apron.
  3. Tesoro has now become Tranquilla.
  4. Yes that's right. I have fond memories of it being Hoseasons. On only our second trip on the Broads in November of 1974 I think(on a leaky roofed, condensation forming Safari from Harvey Eastwoods in Brundall). We were moored at Oulton Broad Yacht station, and remember walking up to their offices to obtain one of the first issues of the new season's brochure. The receptionist, who was busy stuffing envelopes with them, diverted a copy from an envelope, to me.
  5. Does anyone know the significance of this building to the Norfolk Broads? I'm sure Vaughan will know.
  6. Yes it is. I though that would be tough, as not many people would stumble upon it while on holiday. Did the single track working give it away?
  7. Images for Tesoro and Amore are now available on Hoseasons. Both start hire from September, though Amore seems to have had a number of prebookings. https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/hickling-stalham?adult=2&child=0&infant=0&nights=4&range=3&pets=0&start=14-09-2021
  8. Friday 9th July Last full day on Goosander, and I need to get back to Horning this evening, so I was looking at at quite a journey. The timing of the tides wasn't that great so I just had to go with it or not get back in time. The tide was ebbing, having reached high water in Yarmouth around an hour before I set off. Goosander is a low, single level cruiser and will pass under the bridges at all but extreme states of the tide, and as we were close to "neaps", I wasn't that concerned. The current was ebbing slowly, so I didn't require the aid of the quay attendant to get underway. The sun was out and the top was back, and within 1 hour 45 mins, I was turning around the yellow post and hitting the current coming down the Bure, which was there but not over-strong. The bridges gauge read 10ft, so no problem there. Passing the Yacht Station, I was amazed to see just 5 (five) boats moored along the length of the moorings. That wasn't what I was expecting at a time all the hire boats were out. It illuminates that "probably" Sundays and Fridays (and probably Saturdays), are good days to stay over, as the hire-craft are too far from Yarmouth, most having come out on the previous Saturday. Further, if you can get there within a couple of hours of the 10am "throw out", you can almost choose your mooring spot. It would be interesting to know if that's other people's observation? Anyway, onwards to my mid-journey stop at Stokesby. I wondered if I would get in, arriving as I would, at around 2pm. On the way down the moorings were full when I passed mid-morning. I wasn't seeing many passing craft, and sure enough, on approaching the Ferry Inn at Stokesby, there was lots of room. I came alongside without any fuss, more or less in the last mooring before the pub gardens. I'm starting to think it's a bit of a science to hazzard a guess as to where the masses are likely to be on a given day. Those hiring on a Friday wouldn't even be out at that time. Those returning to their base for Saturday 9am, would most likely be much further up the system. After about an hour's lunch break, I was on my way again, noting that the Bridge Inn and BA moorings at Acle were mostly taken at 4pm. I think I arrived at the home mooring around 5.30pm. Just need to reverse in to the mooring and then start the job of cleaning the boat for the next owners. Definitely, the bit I dislike the most. I had intended to eat at the Clubhouse, which is a stones throw from the moorings, but they weren't serving food after 5pm, so I went instead, to the Ferry Inn. They don't take reservations so it was a case of chance it at 7pm. There was lots of space inside, and the Hunters Chicken was really nice. I've noticed that nearly all of the pubs I've visited, are operating much reduced menus, which was a little disappointing, and unexpected now that they had been opened up fully. For instance, I don't think I came across a single place which was offering steaks of one form or another, other than gammon. I got back to the boat around 9pm, and after doing some more "chores", I settled in for the evening. Skyway at Stokesby Deliberately out of sequence. Where is this Broads station? I took this on leaving Stokesby, as I remember this boat being green topside and cream hulled. They've repainted it and in my opinion, it now looks the business!
  9. Welcome from me too. Swan Rapture is a great boat - good choice!
  10. Gosh, I missed my best image of the whole trip:
  11. Thursday 8th July Well, after yesterday's dash, today was promising to be more sedate. The plan was to head back down the Yare to Reedham quay, and moor there for the rest of the day and overnight. So after bidding a fond farewell to the geese, I cast off and made my way back past Brundall. I had plenty of time, so I decided to make the detour through the dykes to Rockland Broad, which I think is such a scenic place. As you cruise as sub 3mph, it always seems so peaceful. The sun was out and the top was back. It was idyllic. Back out onto the Yare, I continued on. Cantley was on the horizon, or should I say, the Sugar Factory. I didn't want to arrive at Reedham until at least 1.30pm, as by that time I reasoned those people who had stopped for lunch, would have moved on. (still thinking about available mooring space with all the hire boats out). So I decided to make a stop at Cantley for a spot of lunch, a place I hadn't stopped at for many years. It was a lovely day. Plenty of cloud in the sky, but sunny spells too. I moved on again at 12.30pm, and headed towards Reedham. By the time i arrived, I had a choice of three moorings, and chose the one at the extreme end, facing Sanderson's boatyard. A turn into the incoming tide, made the approach and subsequent coming alongside easy. I do enjoy all the comings and goings at Reedham, and sat on the boat for a while just watching. I'd read that the riverside path to Reedham Ferry was now open, so I stepped ashore, in what was now hot sun, and made my way towards it. It had been many years since I last walked it, and it was good that it was open to the public again. By the time I reached the Ferry Inn, the clouds had started to increase and a few spots of rain started to fall. I had no raincoat, just an umbrella, but it looked so threatening, I thought I should continue on the road back to the boat. It's actually much longer that way. I should have just retraced my steps back along the riverside pathway. By the time I got back to the boat, the rain was steadily falling, and I was relieved to be under cover. Not long after, there was a crack of thunder and it appears God had decided to open the lock gates, as it started raining cats, dogs, hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. You get the idea. I was pleased I wasn't still out in it or I would have been washed to a whiter shade of pale. By time it ended, there were pools of water all along the quayside. I had booked a table at the Lord Nelson for 6.30pm, more in resignation than choice, as the Ship Inn was still closed. I was warmly greeted on entry and shown to my table. The hosts were very warm and the food was excellent, right down to the best presented cheesecake and ice cream I have ever tasted. I would heartily recommend the place and will definitely return. Suitably stuffed, I returned to Goosander and settled for the night. First, some images of Rockland Broad Sure most people will know this place. How incongruous to have such a monstrosity in the middle of such a beautiful landscape. On to Reedham, and the newly re-opened pathway to the Ferry Inn This guy refused to move when I passed him by. Think he preferred it when the path was shut. On the way back to the boat You can tell I had more time to dwell today. Lots of images of Reedham Thiis is how the Ship looks at the moment. Still ready to go at a moments notice by the looks of it.
  12. Great memories you have there Paul. I was only 21 when Clarksons went under. It was like nothing i had experienced before in my, at that time, short career as a travel agency manager. ILG was a great friend to the retail travel agent, and we were often grateful for their support when their rival Thomson, was doing it's best to run the independent travel agent out of town! Attached is a memory from the past, a 1969 Clarksons brochure.
  13. I was often finding that the best place for the unit was where there was nothing high up to place it on. So I bought one of these for £1 from Poundstretcher, and with the aid of the sucker, it can now be placed high up on any window. If it needed to be plugged in, then at least I could ensure it was as high as the cable would allow.
  14. I've had the Three card working in the Ferry Marina at Horning, though have to say, it's a bit up and down. Smarty should be the same.
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