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  1. Don't think I've seen it earlier. The Norada at Potter Heigham is back open for outdoor food and drink. Also the Dog at Ludham Bridge posted on it's Facebook page that it would open on the 13th April, so I guess that is now trading again.
  2. The fuel deposit is the same for 7 nights. I've noticed Barnes Brinkcraft and Bridgecraft have the same model, where the fuel deposit is fixed irrespective of the number of nights booked. Seems crazy to me when customers are comparing prices of boats, perhaps with a reduced fuel deposit required elsewhere. If I put my cynical hat on, maybe I would think it's an attempt to get a sizeable chunk of money upfront.
  3. That's about the size of it. Despite all the hype about this being a staycation year - and most dates from Spring Bank are well booked now, there's still a surprising amount of availability up until then, including for the May Day holiday.
  4. They're not available. They come up as a general search as the enquiry date - 17th April, has already passed. When you go to look for availability, there is none. In fairness to The Soaraway Sun, It's Hoseasons that should have removed them from their database. The boats which show up for the May dates are the same as if you go direct to the Hoseasons site.
  5. The dates they are highlighting are April, May and June. There's still lots to sell in April and May (apart from Spring Bank), but June is very limited now. It's an affiliate site (like mine). Anyone who books through it, generates a commission for The Sun. https://www.thesun.co.uk/travel/14659988/norfolk-broads-boating-holidays-boats/
  6. The pubs open page is here if you haven't already come across it (scroll towards the bottom of the page for the latest updates):
  7. So sad for the Queen. They were married for over 70 years, and now he's no longer by her side.. She must be devastated.
  8. This is very tongue in cheek, but you can see Christopher Cockerill's brainchild, the hovercraft (invented in Somerleyton?) on the beach at Ryde on the Isle of Wight. The service to Southsea is at 15 minutes past the hour if you want to see it go.
  9. More like surf boards
  10. Great idea. Can actually see such a map help newcomers to the Broads work out "the lie of the land".
  11. The news is not that the company was taken over. It's that the website has ceased operating and as such, the Blakes name looks like it will not be marketed again.
  12. I've just noticed that the Blakes website (blakes.co.uk) is no more. It now redirects to Hoseasons. So it seems, the name will be disappearing from the Norfolk Broads. How sad, if inevitable, considering the cost of marketing two separate brands.
  13. Yes, this is what fascinates me Simon. I would imagine many boaters would have looked at it and discounted it's plastic looks for the wonder of the woody. But as soon as they saw their modern interiors things would change.
  14. Keep posting the images webntweb. They are fascinating. I had a play around with this free online colorizer on some of your black and white images, which you might want to use: https://playback.fm/colorize-photo
  15. DAVIDH


    And so noisy first thing in the morning. I've been woken up several times by their honking outside the boat first thing. I can remember getting up at 4.30am!!! one June holiday, and herding a gang of them off the walkway of what was Topcraft's moorings opposite Oulton Broad Yacht Station, before going back inside and back to bed.
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