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  1. Could be the call charge or perhaps the "form" was to ask your log-in credentials?
  2. Sure Sure that's correct, otherwise it would be a breach of contract, which says the start and end point is WRC
  3. Because i was vacating on Friday this time, I could be a little more leisurely about the cleaning. It was still hard work and I prayed for rain so I wouldn't have to spend long on the outside windows. As it was, even after all the rain I had experienced since last Sunday, it was bone dry. So there was no way out of polishing them both inside and out. I finally got away around 12.30pm which made 4 hours of packing, cleaning, refueling and polishing. What made it worse was that due to the water being over the boardwalks, the only dry route I had to the car, added about 200 metres to the "journey" each time I took something to load. My car was stood in about 3 inches of water so I ended up with soddened plimsoles and wet socks for my troubles. Thankfully, I was able to change before I set off. As usual, my plan was to call at The Yare in Brundall, for lunch before setting off home. Below are the final photos of the day: Lovely sky this morning You can see the problems loading up the car (the red Clio) I had the chicken in batter with sweet and sour sauce and chips at the Yare. It was delicious!
  4. I have one too Jean. Unfortunately, I left it at home as I never thought the rivers would be so high. Lesson learned!
  5. Thursday 28th November It had rained all night again, and it's a wonder where all this water was coming from. You will see from the photos below, where it was all going! I planned a short cruise up to Wroxham this morning, before returning to Goosander's home base in the afternoon, as I would be leaving for home tomorrow (Friday). As such, there was no need to leave until late in the morning so I decided to go for a walk along the Ranworth nature boardwalk (or whatever it's called). It was all still accessible despite the amount of rain that had fallen. I was hoping perhaps to stumble upon the odd furry animal or feathered creature, but alas it seems Lathams had ran out of umbrellas and they all stayed home out of the rain. I made my way back to Goosander and cast off around 11am. On the way to Wroxham I passed Thunder and what looked like the ex-Grande Girl from Summercraft. It was still in it's distinctive colours but all hints of a name or owner had been removed. On the way into Wroxham, there were fishing boats out every few hundred yards, so I ended up weaving from side to side to avoid their lines. Is that really why yachts behave in this way. Are they avoiding imaginary fishing boats? Moving on quickly. I moored at the pilot's square adjacent to the Wroxham Hotel. It's free and unused between November and April. I stayed for around 1.5 hours before setting off back to Boulters. This would be the third time this break. I think Goosander knew the way and could have berthed herself by now. I decided to walk to the New Inn for my evening meal, arriving around 6.30pm. It was already quite full, but I was able to bag a table near to the fireplace. Within 30 minutes the place was buzzing with people. I had Spaghetti Bolognese, which made a change from the mostly everything with chips you see in the riverside pubs. By 8pm, I was ready to return to the boat so I surrendered my table to some late comers and head off back to Goosander for the last night aboard. It was noticeable chillier than of late, so I was glad of the electric hook up. That's all for now. Just a little more tomorrow! All by myself, We're all alone, Alone again naturally, and many other songs which would fit it! On the way to the boardwalk Along the nature trail Look how wet it is! The mooring in Wroxham. Very high to get off again All lit up, the Ferry at Horning
  6. Me too. The water was high all week. When I came to packing up to go home yesterday, the water was over the walkways at Boulters and flooded all the way to the car park behind the buildings
  7. Hi John, and "welcome back!" I think around the time you visited last, there would have been significantly more hire boats than now and especially if arriving in April, you should not have to put up with too much "hullabaloo" . However, Easter next year (2020) is in April and though not every hire boat will be out, the numbers will spike over that week. I'm just wondering if that''s why you're having trouble booking for next year? Certainly, if you can avoid Good Friday and Easter Monday, there should still be a good choice of boats available to you for next year.
  8. Sorry Vetchugger. Might not mean much nowadays but it's been top of the charts for weeks and weeks now!
  9. Wednesday 27th November It had been very mild overnight, but still thick cloud up above this morning. I've forgotten what the sun looks like! I wanted to get to Potter Heigham and back to Ranworth today, so I set off from Boulters around 10am, after filling up with water. I've got into a routine of listening to 5 Live in the morning, with Emma Barnett, who is like a Rottweiler, getting her teeth into some of the things the politicians say. She never lets an untruth pass by without challenge. In the afternoon, I listen to music from my phone, which is channeled through the radio speakers on Goosander. I can't get "Dance Monkey" by Tones and I out of my head at the moment. If you haven't heard it yest, just enter the name into Youtube and prepare to be surprised! I arrived at Potter and found I had to share the moorings with just one other boat. The water was very high, making the jump off Goosander, a little precarious. Bridgestones was calling, so after walking around Lathams to see what I didn't need to buy, I arrived in my favourite cake shop, spied the "cake showroom" and chose a dark chocolate fudge cake to accompany my latte. It was around 1.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon and the place was packed. You have to admire the operation. The owners have made a great business from a standing start just a few years ago. By 2pm, I was on my way again, heading from Ranworth. The rain had started to fall again, but the sounds from my phone were distracting enough to ignore it. It was just starting to get dark when I arrived at Ranworth. I moored on the front, with just one other boat in close proximity. The Maltsters provided my evening meal, where I had a sort of beef stew, followed by a dark chocolate and raspberry torte, with ice cream on the side. Very nice! By 9pm, I was suitable stuffed and heading back to Goosander for the night. Thurne Windpump Potter Heigham You can see how high the water was below. The task of getting from the moorings to the main road, was not easy. What can I say? It wasn't my fault guv, they forced me to eat it! Boats everywhere in Herbert Woods yard A hint of the weather to come, on the horizon Safely tucked up at Ranworth , with a lovely view of the Broad
  10. Cockatoo, I must have been in the Yare at the same time as you. That's my red Clio in the car park. I was sat next to the window which overlooks that flooded bit!
  11. Tuesday 26th Nov It's still very mild, if very dull. I am making my way back to Goosander's home base in Horning, as my team, Leeds United, are playing Reading tonight and the game is on Sky. I will take the car back to Wroxham and hopefully watch the match at The Kings Head. So after a cereal breakfast, I disconnected the 240v line and turned Goosander around at the space just before the Sutton Staithe boatyard. It's amazing how easy these manoeuvres are when nobody is watching! I decided to stop for lunch at How Hill, where the moorings were deserted apart from one other boat. The rain was keeping away so i decided to go walk around the trail. Sadly, much of it is closed off in winter, so i had to make do with a walk up to the house and then around the Secret Garden. The only people I met were what looked like a classroom of kids, who gushed passed me at "max" on the decibel scale, notebooks in hand. So back to the boat for lunch and then on past Ludham Bridge before tunning into teh Bure. By 3.30pm I was tied up and electrically connencted at Boulters, so time to relax before setting off for the match. I arrived Wroxham around 15 minutes before it started. Entering The Kings Head I could see the Leeds match was on the screen in the pool room so i headed there. I ended up watching the match with another Leeds United fan, a chap who was currently working in Wroxham. We won 1.0 with almost a last minute goal. How Hill, The Marshman's Cottage (He wasn't home!) Overflow car park at Horning
  12. Monday morning. So it was time to leave Boulter's haven and out into the mighty Bure. Of course, there were no other boats out so I had the river to myself. The rain, which had fallen overnight had thankfully ceased. It really was quite mild but very grey. Lunchtime stop was Neatishead. There was just one other boat about half way down the dyke, so I opted to reverse in (much easier when nobody is watching). It was quite easy as the thrusters kept the stern alongside the moorings. I had planned to overnight at Sutton Staithe and have a meal at the hotel, so I did'nt go down to the White Horse. I stayed there until around 2pm. Whilst there a kingfisher perched on one of the escape ladders at the end of the quay. The image which follows is the nearest I could get to it. Still, it was a first for me to get one on film. Approaching Sutton Staithe, I was amazed to see 3 other boats on the moorings outside the Hotel. Thankfully, there was still room for one more, next to one of the electric posts, which I gratefully snaffled. I had a walk into Sutton whilst it was like and stumbled on the garden centre. It must have been 20 years ago since i was last there. They didn't remember me. Poor service nowadays. I was back at the boat by 4pm, as it was getting dark. The meal at the Sutton Staithe Hotel was good. I had liver, bacon and onions, with mash and veg. Then back to Goosander for the rest of the evening. Lots of cormorants around Neatishead staithe Sutton Staithe
  13. I am currently on Goosander, so i thought I would try writing a true blog, rather than a recap when I get home. (it's Wednesday as I write) I arrived on Sunday around midday after the most traffic free journey i can remember. From Leeds. my fastest time was 4.5 hours, with a 20 minute stop en-route. This time, just 4 hours, I set off at 8am, but what with no holiday traffic, no tractors and perhaps many people still in bed, it was bliss. It took me an hour to unload the car and then load up the boat. Less choice of clothing for all weathers needed in winter, but more seasonal equpiment, such as a convection heater for use at moorings with electric posts. I had a meal at the Ferry, mainly because I didn't feel like trudging in the rain to The New Inn. Wasn't expecting much as the Sunday carvery was coming to a close, but was pleasantly surprised. The roast beef was tender, plentiful and not dried out as I had feared. Back to Goosander for the rest of the night. A few images of Wroxham, which I visited in he afternoon. Sure you will guess the location.
  14. This is true to an extent. It's coming out now that Thomas Cook were inviting people to pay in full at the time of booking in return for a 5% discount. This was not just on their own holidays, but also on the holidays of other operators sold through their shops. Many of these operators are finding to their horror that though a 5K holiday had been paid for in full by the customers, only a deposit had been paid to them. It seems the money is not recoverable through the ATOL scheme and they are having to stand the losses. Most charter airlines have gone now - there are only a few European ones left. Jet2, Tui, Ryanair, Easyjet (who are about to re-enter the market as a holiday operator) are all low cost airlines which sell seats with or without accommodation. As such, their yield management systems set the prices, which as is patently obvious, are all over the place at any given time. So it's not possible to know if you got the best price without asking the person next to you. That probably happens on a tiny scale but I think generally, people have got used to the fact that prices fluctuate. It will probably work its way through boating as well, if they keep on discounting. I do think that some of the yards inflate their prices just to drop them. Brooms and Bridgecraft spring to mind. In the end, it has to be said that there are so many competing industries for your money, and everyone is looking for best value nowadays. Loyalty to a brand comes second to price in most cases nowadays. The boatyards are probably seeing these multi-thousand pound craft lying unused and thinking what can they do to entice the consumer away from the cheap deals overseas.
  15. I think it may be a combination of both factors. Everywhere is expensive in August so if you are stuck to the school holidays, moving away from the Broads will just take you to somewhere equally expensive. I noticed that the August weeks did not sell out, though not to a disasterous level. September up to week commencing 21st is selling well, with in some cases, less available at this stage than what was left in the August weeks. So perhaps those that can, have deferred their plans until September and others have decided not to holiday at all not knowing what might happen to jobs etc. Interestingly though, I remember seeing an image on here of someone passing through Yarmouth recently and the Yacht Station was lined with double moored boats. Hope YnysMon (Helen) doesn't mind me copying the image below
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