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  1. Tideway out of Horning has now been added on Hoseasons. https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/tideway-bh2685
  2. Oh I wasn't knocking the efforts going in to the vaccine programme. I think the results to date are heartwarming. I was just casting doubt on the accuracy of the Omni Calculator, as it doesn't take into account the day to day problems which will arise with delivery.
  3. The Omni Calculator is providing its estimates on 2 million jabs a week, That equates to 285,700 per day. Sadly, for the last three days, the UK has been vaccinating well under that. Something to do with supplies from the manufacturers. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9163257/No10-told-ensure-Covid-vaccine-uptake-stays-high-seven-days-week.html
  4. I've seen photos of boats three abreast at Yarmouth but never four. Can you imagine the chaos and danger involved when it became time for that little boat to leave the moorings, especially say around 10am in the morning - changeover time, and the tide is ebbing fast? With the sad deaths at or around Yarmouth last summer, it make you wonder what it must have been like back in the 50s and 60s. Probably just not widely reported as now.
  5. As a pure guess (Boris isn't in touch), I would think late March to beginning of April is when the season will be able to get underway again. Depending on vaccine supplies and delivery to people's arms continuing as planned, we've already been told that the 50 plus age groups should have been offered an inoculation by Easter. At the rate it's currently moving. it could be earlier, especially if more companies have their versions of the vaccine approved for use over the coming weeks. That must represent around half of the population of the UK. The pressure should have lifted somewhat from the h
  6. Looks like 2021 is going to be another sell-out for public holidays and peak dates, and a really good year for other dates. Bookings for 2021 are well ahead of this time last year. At this time last year, 63% of boats were still available to book, compared to 39% this year, across the dates I monitor. Spring-Bank in particular, has just 40 (13%) boats remaining. A proportion of the bookings will be down to people transferring from last year. Nevertheless, it shows the Broads will be very busy again in 2021. Just as an add on, bookings have virtually stopped (apart from Easter and Spring-Ban


    Still snowing in Wroxham
  8. In fairness to him, he would have been instructed to go there by his boss, and actually he wouldn't have had to walk far - 6 mins according to Google from the BBC to Oxford Circus.
  9. It's been snowing for around 5 hours here in Leeds, and it's only forecast to turn to light snow around 3pm this afternoon. We haven't had snow like this in Leeds for many years.
  10. It's a Virtual private Network. Instead of browsing on Chrome (for instance), which notes you IP address and therefore your location, you use a VPN service to choose where the site in question thinks you're based. So The VPN service will have locations across the world. If you're based in France, then you choose a UK location, and any content available to us in UK, will be viewable. Normally, you will pay around £35 to £45 per annum to access a VPN's services. Vaughan might want to try Opera - just another browser like Chrome - which comes with a free limited VPN. Not sure if it will work,
  11. It struck me, how well finished the boats were. So well varnished. Stainless steel plating around the gear and throttle levers, and the wheel itself was a work of art. I liked the curve of the wheelhouse sides, and the aft roof too.
  12. That's not strictly fair Simon. The booking season doesn't really get going until into the New Year, so the time to judge is in a week or so. Fair Courier and Fair Aristocrat do not have the correct images yet....but neither does Norfolk Broads Direct on their site. I guess they don't exist yet. Both do not have a deckplan showing, so I wouldn't think anyone would try to book either. The image for Swiftway which was incorrect, has now been replaced. You are not able to book a boat which has long since disappeared, as all dates are blanked off. I do agree that they shouldn't be there, and i
  13. Yes, they've been there for a week. I keep watching them for the correct images, but I suppose Christmas has stopped work. The medley of images is what Hoseasons provide as the boatyard identity, rather than the individual boat. I think they are way behind this year, probably because some staff are or have been furloughed, and the pressure of sorting out masses of booked and then cancelled holidays due to the tier movements. I noticed that though 2022 is on sale, they still only have 94 of the 148 Richardsons boats listed, though his has more than doubled in the last day. Sure the rest wi
  14. Just seen Dunkirk. What a film. It must have been the epitome of hell for those servicemen waiting to be rescued from the beaches. This was not a triumphalist war film. Far from it. Churchill's speech at the end of the film sounded hollow, when you saw what these poor guys had to go through. I've often thought about The Book of Revelations in the Bible (I'm not a bible basher), which prophesizes a hell to come. It was written a long time ago, but after the death of Jesus. Was it referring to these manmade tragedies where our humanity disappeared? Think of the inhumane treatment and murder of p
  15. Hoseasons new image of Swiftway https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/swiftway-bh2679
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