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  1. I agree with that Cheesey. Can't see the boom continuing unless something blocks the mass exodus to the Continent. The weather this summer has been unremarkable at least, and the prices being charged make overseas travel atractive again. Of course, Richardsons "retiring" so many of their larger boats, will likely put a squeeze on high season availability.
  2. Wouldn't like to meet it under the Yarmouth Bridges either.
  3. Maybe going back to their villa in Spain now.
  4. It's interesting how the steering position seems to have been moved depending on who's mould was used. We were on Silver Harmony a few years ago, and on that you were positioned forward of the sliding wheelhouse sides, under the canopy. I didn't like it as you were effectively seated in a greenhouse, with non-opening windows. On Goosander, the helm is set further back.
  5. Is it the Yare in Brundall? They use those barrels cut away as seats since the "recent" refurbishment.
  6. Is it the bar at Fawlty Towers. I can see Basil clearly standing at the bar.
  7. I remember i was moored at Yarmouth Yacht Station one night, and was awoken by the slap of the boat swinging into the quayside every so often. It wasn't particularly windy, but the tide was ebbing out quite fast. I wondered if I should go outside to see if I could adjust the ropes somehow to stop it, but I suddenly remembered (in the haze of a disturbed sleep), that just repositioning the rudder/steering wheel can sometimes change the attitude of the boat. I wound it the opposite direction to what it was, and as if by magic, the swinging stopped and the boat laid comfortably away from the quayside. I can't tell you how smug I felt (well before I fell back to sleep that is).
  8. Ah yes, it's a Caracruiser. I was scoffing, but just look at this one. Scrubs up nicely! https://www.jonesboatyard.co.uk/boat-sales/caracruiser-boats-for-sale.html
  9. Was there a deck plan? Would love to see how they cram the beds, cooker and portable toilet in.
  10. I think it's pretty good that they give you £90 if you stay on it from Friday to Sunday! Almost as good as leaving your body to medical science...which you might end up doing looking at how stable it looks.
  11. Not mine. These are from someone's recent holiday. Features Stalham, Ludham Bridge, Ranwoth, Horning and Potter Heigham.
  12. Just for balance, not just Hoseasons. Richardsons are "marginally" more compliant as they mention the two DW options in their booking conditions - which I say again, most people will not look at. However, they do not offer the option to change over to a cash deposit at the booking stage, so in the main, the customer will not know it exists. In fairness, Richardsons do show an all inclusive price on their availability listing page. I had a look at Barnes Brinkcraft, but couldn't make head not tail of it as the website doesn't seem to work very well (for me?) I'm confused by the obfuscation. What chance does a customer have?
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