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  1. Waveney River Centre boats have gone "Fuel Inclusive" on Hoseasons now for their hire craft. https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/the-broads?page=1&region=23895
  2. Thanks to everyone who has commented or liked the carousel - even if it has been over a 3 month span! Just thinking now about applying to the EU for a further extension until the end of October so more people can see it.
  3. As has been said, all three models appear on the Hoseasons site under separate booking numbers: Commander (Built 2017) BH2417 Commander A (New for 2019) BH2544 Commander P (P for pets allowed - built 2017) BH2470 Commander A is showing availability for 3 nights from the 13th April so it sounds like it's already/about to be in service. Can't say I remember a Commander B.
  4. And these two. The DC30 was the model all the boatyards seemed to be buying in the late 60s/early 70s. Maybe not as prolific but built like a tank and virtually indestructible is the Calypso. We had one from King Line when it was just a few weeks old. Believe me, it turned heads when we passed. Both are still in service today.
  5. Actually Sandersons boats were always discounted on the Hoseasons site - no matter what time of year. I think they used to inflate the headline price so it could be discounted. ..... I have also just noticed that they have nicked one of my drone images for their Facebook profile!
  6. Yes I know but they may not even be on that boat if they see a lower deposit takes the overall cost down at a competitor - such as Faircraft Loynes.
  7. I think some of the yards shoot themselves in the foot with fuel deposits. I have noticed that Barnes Brinkcraft and Bridgecraft both charge hefty fuel deposits even for short breaks which makes them uncompetitive, especially to first time cruisers who will have no idea how much of a refund they will be due at the end of a cruise. Look at these deposits for instance, which are all for similar sized upmarket boats for 4 nights: Brinks Concerto from Barnes Brinkcraft. Fuel deposit £200 https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/summary/?adult=2&over55=0&child=0&infant=0&under5=0&pets=0&acode=bba82&start=16-07-2019&nights=4&ucode=002 Conway Bridge from Bridgecraft. Fuel deposit £120 https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/summary/?adult=2&over55=0&child=0&infant=0&under5=0&pets=0&acode=bh1119&start=13-07-2019&nights=3&ucode=002 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Compare those deposits with this from Faircraft Loynes: Fair Executive from Faircraft Loynes. Fuel deposit £65 https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/summary/?adult=2&over55=0&child=0&infant=0&under5=0&pets=0&acode=hbb1065&start=08-07-2019&nights=4&ucode=001
  8. I think that is more likely the situation. It should logically have no bearing on what we plan and do as a Broadland holiday is in the UK. No passports, no green-card insurance, no wondering how your reciprocal health rights abroad will be affected, yet historically these events do seem to affect sentiment. Nobody in the travel trade likes a World Cup summer as people forget about booking until it's over - even though you can watch any match in almost any pub across the country and abroad. General Election times are also a problem. It's as though the mind gets concentrated on something to exclusion of anything else. As far as the Broads are concerned, I can see (according to my rough and ready figures) that bookings appear to be around 20% down for Spring Bank and around 10% down for the summer school holidays compared to last year.
  9. I have just loaded the new season's listing of Live Music and other events to my site. Currently it lists April and May and includes all the usual gigs, quizzes etc and during May we have a Spiritualist Medium event at the Norada in Potter Heigham and a Comedy and Magic Show at the Lady of the Lake at Oulton Broad. If you are out on the Broads over this period take a look at what's on HERE
  10. Just read on Norfolk Broads Forum that Sandersons are no longer being marketed by Hoseasons. Apparently, a post on Facebook from Sandersons says Hoseasons have said their boats no longer meet their standards (I have looked but cannot find it). As such they are now running as an independent yard. I worry for them. Their website is not phone-friendly so around half of their audience cannot engage and it has no booking facility. Perhaps they may consider Waterways Holidays as marketing agent in the future - they are not listed on there at the moment. I have a soft spot for them. As I have already said, they were the first hire yard we used.
  11. I remember the disco. The room had egg box trays painted black stuck to the ceiling for effect.
  12. I understood the boats were leased and if that's so it does not make sense that they don't go back in the water.
  13. Hoseasons have updated the listing for Arabella with new images and amendments to the cruising range: https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/nya-private-charter-nyap/arabella-bh2604
  14. Just noticed that the Waveney River Centre cruisers are on sale through Hoseasons https://www.hoseasons.co.uk/boat-holidays/the-broads?page=1&region=23895 Curious that the owners of WRC have chosen Hoseasons as sales agents when they jettisoned them when in charge of Ferry Boatyard. Guess it's because they are trading from a standing start.
  15. I had trouble getting it to load on Chrome so if anyone else is struggling, try Edge. It loaded OK on that. Also another film ilinked to on the page shows views of shipwrecks in/around Lowestoft. If interested it's here: https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/news/drone-video-of-the-broads-at-the-still-waters-norwich-exhibition-1-5967289
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