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  1. Yes, it's sometimes easy to think we leave in a "couldn't care less" society, but that's because usually it's the idiots who make the most noise. There are many many more people out there with good hearts, who don't feel the need to trumpet their compassion. Sadly, social media is a gift to the loud- mouths, who would not be heard in normal circumstances. as such, I feel strongly that these large, billion dollar making companies, have a responsibility to police the chat more effectively. They have the expertise, resources and the talent to build algorithms to get on top of this, but as it's unlikely to enhance their bottom line, it's not a priority for them. We have the hand-wringing and denouncing of social media every time a tragedy like this unfolds. We might hear how the Facebook Corporation regrets what happened, but it still occurs with unending regularity. We all want free speech, and this is not about that. Facebook etc, can build intelligent systems which fish out your commercial likes, to sell on at a later date. There is no reason, it would appear, why they cannot fish out harmful/hateful posts. Posted images may need to be looked at by human eyes at some stage in the review cycle. They make the money from your content. They should be regulated to spend some of it on ensuring this avenue of abuse is closed off.
  2. Absolutely agree about Cockshoot Dyke, and the walk down to the Broad. I was there on a hot June day and the view through the hatch onto the Broad, was enchanting. I photographed these two beasties, perched quite close to the window.
  3. Well, mostly people have gone for the idyllic countryside moorings, which I also love, but I'm going to choose an "in town" mooring we came across. We were cruising up to the bridge at Wroxham to see if we could moor outside the Wroxham Hotel. On the way up I noticed there was just one space left, on the quay at Barnes Brinkcraft, and almost sailing past it, had to do a sudden stop and reverse to get in. This is the mooring I thought so good, I didn't want to leave the next morning. It was mid June, and so many boats, hire and private, were cruising past, looking for space. It was a boat spotters delight! We were facing the bridge too, so had a great view of the Shenanigans there. Never got back to it unfortunately. That's us in the little Silver Symphony.
  4. Am I the only one who, even after being on the boat for a week, still insists on squinting over Wroxham Bridge as I drive home, as if I'd never seen the place before?
  5. Looking inside, it looks like Yare Supreme from, as you say, Bristercraft. A favourite yard of mine, before they closed.
  6. I know some people are interested in collecting old boating brochures, so this is just a heads-up that I have put a 1977 Hoseasons boating brochure on Ebay for auction. You can see it here: http://ebay.us/Rq8fgf?cmpnId=5338273189 It's currently on a 10 day auction. If you go on to purchase it, and you let me know you're a member on here, I'll put 10% (minimum £2) towards the forum funds.
  7. Very impressive. I could do all that though....but someone always puts me off taking pictures as I moor.
  8. Just a recommendation for Google Photos, if you want a "cloud" backup solution. It's FREE, unlimited in space as long as you don't want to store poster sized images, and easy to use. You store your images in albums, which makes them easy to find. You can download them again easily if needed, and opening an account is as easy, as you can use your gmail or other Google logins. You can also store unlimited video too up to 1080p quality, which is the standard for most cameras.
  9. I find the subject so moving. I have read books about the brutality, the inhumanity, meted out to the inmates of Auschwitz. The Tattooist of Auschwitz chronicles one man's time in the camps. It's the total disregard for human life which is so astonishing. It wasn't just the Germans, it was the prisoners and the local populations who were also guilty. Prisoners were appointed by the Germans to brutalize, even to kill, the people in their huts, to keep them in check. The local populations helped with construction of the camps, banks loaned the money out to the Germans for the construction. Insurance companies indemnifying the buildings. Architects, joiners, bricklayers would all enter the camps in the day to work, witness what was happening but still turn up the next day for another days pay. Stories of the selection on arrival, following perhaps a three day train journey, without water or toilets. It was the ramp prisoner's job to swill the human waste and dead bodies out once the inmates had disembarked. Women holding babies sent to the gas chambers because separation would have caused a fracas on the ramp. Apparently, only 25% of each train load were spared death. The remaining 75% marched to the doors of the chambers, followed by a red cross van, which made it look as though they would be cared for, but was actually carrying the tins of Zyclon B pellets which would kill them. The Jews and Romany people were not treated as animals. It was much worse than that. They were disregarded as a species even. A race of people so worthless that they could be removed from the face of the earth without a second thought. Like stepping on a beetle. Truly, as human beings, this part of our history is shaming. We cannot just put it down to evil people, many were normal everyday people, who somehow had become desensitized to other's suffering. It's frightening that it could happen again. Antisemitism is alive and well across Europe, and even in our country.
  10. DAVIDH

    Broom Boats

    Aerial view of Swancraft and Silverline Helen.
  11. More comedy genius for a Sunday morning.
  12. Had food there three times last year at varying states of the season, and without exception, the staff were always "on it". The food was always good enough to consider returning, without being exceptional. The myriad of little rooms, I think adds to it's charm. I dined once in the restaurant, which as no atmosphere though. It feels what it is, just an extension with a carpet, table and chairs in. It has a large expanse of moorings close by, but it was noticeable that this did not reflect the numbers in the pub. Two large Richardson's Commanders arrived one evening in July, right outside the pub, but nobody walked over for drinks or food. Is it just the accepted thing that many people visit pubs less while on holiday, as used to be the case? I hope the place finds a successful strategy and survives. The likes of The Bridge at Acle,, The Recruiting Sergeant in Coltishall and the White Horse at Neatishead, all thrive, having aimed at the top end of the market. The converse can be true too, when you look at how popular Wetherspoons places are, which I guess, are known for quality at a reasonable price. The Yare at Brundall and the Kings Arms close to the Yacht Station in Yarmouth seem to do well, and is probably nearest to this market.
  13. DAVIDH

    Bb Webcam

    Google recognises all the visits from search. Adds to the site's popularity and therefore pushes it further up the search page.
  14. Happened to me a few years ago. Thankfully, no damage as I didn't go right over. I think it's because they are so low, you forget they are there!
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