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  1. Just the usual note that I have updated the "what's on" guide to include July now. Events to look out for are the Great Yarmouth Folk Group at the Dog at Ludham Bridge from the 21st to 23rd June (not just folk music - great night out!), a comedy night at the White Horse in Chedgrave on the 28th June. In July there's the opportunity to catch the Water Rats Jazz Band also at the White Horse on the 21st July, and there is a beer festival taking place between the 5th and 7th July at the White Horse in Upton. Five bands are booked to appear over the weekend. For more details on these and other events click HERE
  2. Thanks for this. Very interesting and very well produced.
  3. Waveney River Centre are with Hoseasons. Wonder if you need to pay if you get on the moorings reserved for their boats?
  4. In that grey colour, it looks like a giant Airfix model. Take a lot of Humbro paint to finish that!
  5. The railway line heading into the sun and the Oulton Broad night images are outstanding.
  6. The inside of the Norada doesn't look as dark as I remember it. Have they done something to brighten it up or is it just that it's daytime "lighting"?
  7. Thank you Jeff. This is destined to be the webcam favourite of all locations on the Broads: https://www.herbertwoods.co.uk/norfolk-broads/webcam/
  8. i agree with all of the above. I too found it disconcerting that you could not really see behind you when steering from the inside and I only ever tried to walk down half the length of the deck when disembarking, so narrow was the "pathway". Having said that, I think the boat is excellent value and the positives you mention, for me far outway the negatives. I think the fact that some people find the look of Jazz to be less than "beautiful" (even Barnes refer to it as not one of their prettiest boats) keeps the price down making it a lot of boat for your money.
  9. For us solo hirers, I think Jazz is a good design. It's not so large that it would make it difficult to handle single handed whilst mooring, but still affords the upper deck view which you get with the larger more swish dual steers. I must say, I liked it when I hired it last year and am watching for a special offer on it for late September, when I need to come down for the Goosander AGM weekend.
  10. Especially like the last shot of Jazz, dappled in the sunlight.
  11. It looks as though prospective holidaymakers are holding back on booking anything at the moment. The overseas market (Thomas Cook for example) says Brexit has caused many people to either delay booking or switch to a staycation. As such you would have expected the UK market to be booming this year but this is not evidenced by "up to 50%" off deals we are seeing at the moment. My own rough & ready figures show there to be around 18% more boats still available this year compared to last year at this time.
  12. Their website hasn't caught up with it yet then - still showing 25%
  13. Yes I see now. They are still manufactured. Here is a used one on Ebay : https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wireless-Phone-Jack-Rtx-3120-Base-Unit-And-Rtx-3121-Ext-Unit-/163677442227 - also on the page further down, are alternative new options. though alot more expensive. By the looks of it, you just plug the phone line into the master unit, which transmits to the slave unit.
  14. I guess PS is referring to these type of phones: https://www.argos.co.uk/search/telephones/category:33016860/ I have the same setup with the master phone in the living room and the other one in the bedroom. They are indeed wireless and all you need for the second handset is a suitable electric socket to plug it into.
  15. Doro phones are marketed for the elderly. Take a look at the Amazon offerings - look down the list - not just smartphones sold. https://www.amazon.co.uk/SIM-Free-Mobile-Phones-Smartphones-Doro/s?rh=n%3A356496011%2Cp_89%3ADoro
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