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  1. I think it may be a combination of both factors. Everywhere is expensive in August so if you are stuck to the school holidays, moving away from the Broads will just take you to somewhere equally expensive. I noticed that the August weeks did not sell out, though not to a disasterous level. September up to week commencing 21st is selling well, with in some cases, less available at this stage than what was left in the August weeks. So perhaps those that can, have deferred their plans until September and others have decided not to holiday at all not knowing what might happen to jobs etc. Interestingly though, I remember seeing an image on here of someone passing through Yarmouth recently and the Yacht Station was lined with double moored boats. Hope YnysMon (Helen) doesn't mind me copying the image below
  2. Oh dear Fred, I seem to have upset you. Can you please explain what you mean by :
  3. Thanks Timbo. If you take this to it's logical conclusion, we might as well all stop videoing/photographing anything unless you are sure you don't accidentally capture a human being, or at least, ask their permission to include them. As Jaws says, the multitude of CCTV cameras filming anyone and everyone passing by, seems to make a mockery of all this. Also, images on social media. Try telling Facebook that the image you uploaded is your property and cannot be flashed around the world.
  4. Yes, all of this is common sense and the average drone flier is not going to want to infringe on someones privacy. Your link : https://ico.org.uk/your-data-matters/drones/ does reference letting people know you are recording, but if you read on, in certain circumstances, where that might not be possible, it advises you to use common sense. I take that to mean, don't deliberately get up someones nose with it (figurativey and literally). "Let people know before you start recording. In some scenarios this is going to be quite easy because you will know everyone within close view (for example, if you are taking a group photo at a family barbeque). In other scenarios, for example at the beach or the park, this is going to be much more difficult so you’ll need to apply some common sense before you start." To be honest, if it were the case that you are not allowed to video - at any distance - without permissions, even commercial pilots might as well throw their drones in the bin come 30th November!
  5. Can you provide a link to this information please. I have looked at the new regulations but cannot see this. The rest of what your guy says is well reported but I can see no reference to permissions. https://www.heliguy.com/blog/2019/01/08/new-uk-drone-legislation-announced/ https://www.trustedreviews.com/news/uk-drone-laws-2019-3146402
  6. Sorry Gregg, I think you are misunderstanding me. I can see you need permission to launch from somebody's land. But you said permission was needed from the people on the boats. That is what I am querying.
  7. Where is this permission thing coming from. I don't see anything in the regulations for that, as (one would guess) the drone would not have taken off from the top of their boat? Sure it might be good practice in the conditions you set out, but cannot see it as compulsory.
  8. There is no need to overfly anyone. The regulations say that you must not be within 50mtrs of people or buildings or within 150mtrs of a built up area. Yes, the height limit is 120mtrs but the drone can be at that height and still over 150mtrs from you. To illustrate, if the guy (who I am not condoning in any way, he should not be launching near people) chose to launch his drone at Salhouse, at 6am on a sunny morning, when nobody was about, he flew it over the water to a distance of 150mtrs but at a height of just 50mtrs, then a member of the public came past, he is not doing anything wrong. The graphic below is from the drone code, referenced by Oldgregg, and it states not to overfly. You could still be just over 150mtrs from a crowd at a height of 50mtrs and still be within the regulations. (I think)
  9. It's well know I own one. I too have public liability insurance.
  10. I have just updated the "Live Music & Other Events" page for the last time this year, which covers from now to the end of October. The Yarmouth Folk Group are returning to the Dog at Ludham Bridge in October, and The Norada at Potter Heigham is hosting another Comedy Night, for which tickets are available now. So as the boating season starts to draw to a close this year, these months may represent your last chance to take in some live entertainment. Its all listed HERE
  11. Agree with all of that. The owners of the land have every right to restrict flying from there. I don't think however, unless I'm mistaken, that permission from the boat owners needs to be sought. The regulations just say not within 150 feet of people or within 150 metres of a built up area. (Again, just in the interests of accuracy)
  12. Just in the interests of keeping this debate accurate, Salhouse is not in the no-fly zone.
  13. I can remember mooring at Yarmouth between the bridge and the actual Yacht Station - the part that's now reserved for yachts, many years ago. We would always aim for a mooring there as it avoided paying the £10 charge to overnight. Of course, there were no rangers to tie the ropes for you so you had to guess the right amount of slack on your ropes. This particular night, I awoke and distinctly felt as though I was leaning to one side. I poured a glass of water and stood it on the table to see if it was my imagination - I had after all just awoken in the middle of the night. The spirit level glass told me it was not my imagination. I quickly got dressed and expected to see one of the ropes holding the boat tight against the mooring post. It certainly was. The boat wasn't out of the water but it had tightened the rope so much, it was difficult to untie. When I did eventually manage to loosen it, the boat dropped down about a foot, then bounced back up again, which must have been a shock for Doreen inside. I had to tell her all was OK and not to worry. I retied the rope appropriately, and retired back to bed, heart thumping and vowing not to make the same mistake again. I often think now that the £13 I pay to overnight at the Yacht Station, is the best value mooring on the Broads because of the expert rope tieing!
  14. Do you think it's private or has someone found the mystical Barnes Brinkcraft public mooring?
  15. Can't help but think what a great marketing ploy to attract people from the LGBT community (and those affected by racism) to your products, irrespective of how it can be policed.
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