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  1. Do you think it's private or has someone found the mystical Barnes Brinkcraft public mooring?
  2. Can't help but think what a great marketing ploy to attract people from the LGBT community (and those affected by racism) to your products, irrespective of how it can be policed.
  3. This was an excellent series last year. The ingenuity, imagination and creativity of the contestants made for compulsive viewing.
  4. Doreen had COPD and though it was by no means a medication, she (and others with the condition) used to find those Potters Menthol Throat and Chest sweets were a great help. Sucking on one of them would usually settle her cough.
  5. It looks similar to Gala Girl at Summercraft, though not quite the same - doesn't seem to have the scrolly bits (technical term) on the roof. Maybe it's just the angle i'm looking at.
  6. Yes, that irritates me as well. I guess it's just marketing. They can then use the word "discount" and hope it's picked up by the search engines and social media. And of course, everyone loves a discount - however sneakily applied.
  7. Fluid pricing is indeed widespead in the greater travel industry. I think the problem with that position for the Broads is that unlike the airlines and tour operators who own or contract the stock, you are dealing with many independent owners and would need agreement from them for a dynamic system to price according to market demand. That might mean occasions where their price drops very low, at times of low demand. I can see many owners not liking the lack of control. Even the hotel bed banks such as Bookings.com don't have this freedom. They negotiate differential rates with the hotels so they might have 5 rooms at one rate and 5 rooms at a higher rate. That's why you sometimes see both rates listed at the same time.
  8. Jean, it's just that if the boat goes out say, Friday to Monday, then immediately Monday to Friday, the yard gets 140% of the weekly hire charge. For a long time it was 60% which I think is fair. Just noticed that September has less availability generally than the remaining weeks of August. Mostly less than 50 on each week for 7 nights. 24/8 (bank holiday) has 71 available, 31/8 has 142. Appears that pricing is playing a part, whether that is families holding onto their money this year not sure. September always sells well though.
  9. I agree with that Jean, but I still think the boatyards are being greedy!
  10. He definitely says Beam of Light 1 - just watched again. I suppose that must have been some time ago as it then became Sand Beam. The Facebook link is:
  11. You are right, they have raised the short-break price to 70% of the full week cost. It always used to be 60% and the best deal was midweek because you got 4 nights as opposed to 3 nights at the weekend. Why would anyone want to pay 70% of the cost to get less than half the duration?
  12. I have just had a look at the video on which Andrew was talking about it's refurbishment and he mentions it used to be Beam of Light, before being put into service by Sandersons as Sand Beam. I think he acquired it to refit it again for his fleet.
  13. The boat in question (pictured below) was never actually in the hire fleet. Freedom had been working on it's refurbishment with the intention of adding it to the fleet, but now, probably because they have added Commanding Freedom, have decided to put it up for sale.
  14. They are spending, but on social media and Google Adwords. See the image below. Each time somebody clicks on the advert, Hoseasons pay anything upwards of £1, depending on how much more the competition wants the top spots. It's a very expensive game, but more relevant now than newspaper/TV advertising.
  15. I received an email from Barnes Brinkcraft yesterday offering up to 25% off remaining August availability. I think it's a real worry. The Broads needs the hire boatyards to be successful in so many ways. Most obviously, it expands the choice for us holidaymakers. If they can see a return on their investment, they will build more boats, expensive to hire start with but putting more money into the local economy. These new boats will of course over time, become old affordable boats, but raising standards at the same time. Less people coming to the Broads means less money going into the local economy. Less money being spent in shops, pubs restaurants etc. General facilities/services for the holidaymaker become tired and perhaps abandoned in places. It can be a downward spiral. Interestingly, a quick scan of the next couple of weeks shows most of the high-end boats are already booked. Nothing showing for Faircraft Loynes for example. Holidays abroad are selling well at the moment, partly because of the "changeable" weather, but with heavily discounted prices. Hotels/apartments are contracted in advance and it's better to have some money than none. The airlines are heavily discounting for the same reason. Ryanair and Easyjet are both suffering. So it's not just the Broads. From what I can see, I do think many people are trading down from 7 to 3 or 4 night Broads bookings. I see many go through without knowing much detail, but from the values, it's clear they are not 7 night holidays. Perhaps Vaughan has it when he says it's OK selling short breaks but if the other end of the 3 or 4 night part of the week, the boat is sitting on the moorings, it's not good. Having said that, I like to monitor on Hoseasons, how many boat classes are left to hire (7 nights) on the Friday before each Saturday of the Summer School Holidays. It shows more boats available for this summer, but not a catastrophic rise. For what it's worth, I have copied these figures below. Notice how things started slipping last year after 3 years of near sell-outs for the early weeks. None of this is definitive - just anecdotal as has been said. Boats still available over the last 6 years (2014 to 2019) 1st week 3/0/1/0/10/20 2nd week 19/1/1/2/13/48 3rd week 27/2/1/1/6 (6th week still to come) 4th week 34/5/1/1/0 (6th week still to come)
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