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  1. Planning to make a day trip to our boat on or just after 29th March. Will be doing some maintenance checks ready for when we can once again 'overnight' on her from the 12th April onwards (fingers crossed). It will have been a long four months that have passed but let us hope things start to improve for everyone, health wise, financially and for the economy to start to recover.
  2. I'll be glad to get back on Lady Emma when the time comes. Would love to support the local Pubs as well and will do so as and when we can
  3. Got a text from my Doctors surgery yesterday inviting me to book my jab. All booked and having it this coming Saturday evening. I'm only 50 but am classed as clinically vulnerable as I am diabetic.
  4. Many thanks to the team and a Happy New Year to all .
  5. Got up early hoping to catch a nice sunrise at Thurne wind pump. The sun didn't really play ball but got a few reasonable shots anyhow. Now back on board Lady Emma drying my shoes and socks off on the oil filled radiator, ground was a bit err..........damp
  6. Always worth putting 'Spoiler Alerts' in the thread title.......Then anyone will know not to open it if they don't want to see what has happened
  7. I love cooking (it's a means to an end. The end being.... filling my belly) So any tips, new recipes to try etc would be very greatly received Ian.
  8. Good to see you back posting on here Robin 😊
  9. One more from yesterday morning......Someone was trying to get to their pub mooring early
  10. Typically......It is now raining ! The saying “Red sky in the morning, Shepherds warning” has come true😳
  11. Was worth getting out of bed for
  12. A couple of iPhone photos from the entrance to Acle Dyke this morning...
  13. Glad to read things are going well. Speedy recovery from your op Ian.
  14. All working using Safari on my Mac
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