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  1. coolcat

    Here's To Boating!

    All year round when we get the chance . I'm up at the boat every week as I work nearby two days a week so stay on the boat overnight. If time/weather allows I like to get out of the marina and on to the rivers but even if not, love just spending time on board.
  2. coolcat

    Window Fittings

    Just for information this is the email reply I got back from the company that now owns Skilso. Nice to have that information if ever needed in the future. ...................... "Hi Jeff, Viknes bought Skilsø in 2011. Unfortunately we do not have any historical information. However I know the supplier of those parts. Ertec AS www.ertec.no If you send them an email I am sure they can help you. Have a nice day. Med hilsen Viknes Båt og Service AS | www.viknes.no"
  3. Another vote for Tim Waters here as well.
  4. coolcat

    Window Fittings

    Cheers everyone. Will be up to the boat Monday after work and will remove one ( I have obtained an anti tamper screw driver set) and get the size from it. Then order replacements from which ever of those companies that have the closest or same replacements. Cheers once again to you all for the help
  5. coolcat

    Window Fittings

    Cheers Alan, Have saved those companies as well in my favourites. I think I need to get one out when I'm next up at the boat so I can take some measurements etc and see what I can come up with. Will need to find or make a suitable anti tamper screw driver to undo one though! Of course I could always drop an email to Skilso as well and see if they keep spares or if they can let me know where to obtain them from. Should keep me out of mischief for a few days anyhow
  6. coolcat

    Window Fittings

    Have zipped an email over to the company. I'll let you know if they can help. Cheers Ray
  7. coolcat

    Window Fittings

    Cheers Ray, I'm off to take a look now
  8. Evening all, Do any of you recognise these fittings? They are what holds the glass to the runner on the top of my sliding windows. The two external ones on my starboard window have totally corroded and the window is only held in place by the locking mechanism. The photos are from the port side window which are okay. The boat was previously owned and kept up on the North East Coast and I'm guessing the Starboard side was exposed to the elements as only that side have corroded. I would ideally like to replace them for the same but have no idea what they are called and where to acquire them, also the tool to enable their replacement. Any help greatly appreciated. P.s. the boat they come from is a Skilso 975 of the year 2000 vintage. External part. Untitled by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr Internal part. Untitled by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr.
  9. coolcat

    A Winters Tale

    Have a lovely evening
  10. coolcat

    Happy New Year

    It's a lovely sunny morning here in Clacton to start off 2019. Hope its a lovely day for you all on the Broads or wherever you are today.
  11. coolcat

    Happy New Year

    Have a great evening
  12. coolcat

    Happy New Year

    I'm sure he will share with you
  13. coolcat

    Happy New Year

    Don't ditch the gin.......have both, it would be rude not too
  14. coolcat

    Happy New Year

    Post Brexit.....or maybe not
  15. coolcat

    Happy New Year

    A Happy New Year to you all from Ros and myself. I'm just giving this cheeky little number a try Untitled by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr

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