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  1. The butchers in Acle (Carters) is highly recommended as well.
  2. My youngest Nephew (Ozzy) had his 7th Birthday yesterday. My Brother, Sis in Law, Ozzy and his older Brother (Ben) came along for a cruise yesterday after they had been to Dinosaur Adventure park for the day
  3. Traffic signs and car/van removed. Also cloned a few bits of litter on the ground around the bench. Oh, the bench brass plaque as well as it was a distracting highlight
  4. I edited out the traffic lights but forgot the car and signpost on the far side........That will receive my attention later
  5. This is another photo merge from the 'proper' camera and edited in Lightroom and Photoshop for the look/feel I wanted.
  6. A BTS (behind the scenes) quick video of the photo shoot IMG_1203.mov
  7. This is a bracketed shot(s) with the proper camera taken at the same time. Three RAW images merged using Lightroom and adjusted for white balance, contrast and HSL. 1/30th second, F11 and ISO100 for the metered exposure, then two stops under and two stops over for the bracketed exposures. Camera Canon EOS 1DX, Lens Sigma 12-24mm F4 Art at a focal length of 19mm. Camera on tripod. You can now compare the relative differences between a smartphone (most halfway decent phones will give similar results) and a top of the line Dslr and good quality glass....
  8. That was at around 05.30hrs. So I left Acle around 05.00hrs to set up. I took photos with my ‘proper’ camera and I will edit them and post later. I left for work shortly after sunrise and didn’t get home till about 20.00hrs so not had time to upload and edit images yet. The cameras on the newer iPhones are pretty impressive within their limitations. I’m happy to share images taken with it. It can be quite liberating compared to chugging my 1DX, various lenses and a tripod around with me
  9. iPhone shot taken this morning ......
  10. Taken at sunrise on Monday at 05.30am with an iPhone 11 and a little bit of editing in Lightroom/Photoshop.
  11. Doh........Sorry, it was answered/guessed on the NBN Facebook page and my brain forgot to update on here.....It's an age thing The image was captured at Ormesby Little Broad A
  12. Taken this morning.........But where?
  13. Absolutely love winter on our boat. Stunning morning light when cruising and so peaceful and quiet. We use an oil filled radiator when on shore power and just use the diesel fired heating when on the move. We also use those 'stones' you heat up in the microwave and then put in the bed.....Stay warm all through the night and much safer than water bottles .
  14. There's a bleedin' great cobweb outside Lady Emma's Heads port hole
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