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  1. So sorry to read this Griff, The final act of kindness we can give to our furry companions is to make sure they don't suffer. Thoughts with you at this time. Macie will go to sleep peacefully having only known unconditional love.
  2. It was a reconditioned turbo from French Marine with an exchange for the old one .
  3. For the fuel on the day or the turbo replacement?
  4. I was being a good boy as had to drive home later that day. I can say that the draft Ghost Ship alcohol free beer is a very nice thirst quencher
  5. Did we wave? I guess it's easy to mistake the two boats. Both lovely sedan cruisers.
  6. After watching those videos back.....Time to scrub down those decks me thinks
  7. Were you the Haines that was moored there ?
  8. We hit the giddy heights of 24mph
  9. Went out early doors Tuesday to catch low water at Great Yarmouth for a run over Breydon. We are 10' airdraft with the navigation mast and VHF whips lowered. There was about 9" to spare. My brother was out on the deck just to keep an eye on the clearance. I won't mention the fact he forgot to put his life jacket on Slightly dodgy phone footage from a Facebook live video I took on our run back over Breydon towards Great Yarmouth. We were doing a speed run to test the newly fitted turbo on the port engine. Everything spun up nicely so all is good....
  10. Finally got a chance to take Lady Emma out this Tuesday for a speed run. The good news is that all is working well and the turbo is kicking in nicely. Was an early start to make low water at Great Yarmouth. After all that, it was time for lunch at the Acle Bridge Inn ...
  11. Another championship richly deserved...........Well done Lewis
  12. The thinking at the moment is maybe just have a blast across Breydon and back again the Sunday after next and then back to the Marina. I'll put off a weekend over to the South till we have a few more hours of daylight available to us. Edit.... Having said all that.....We will be on Neaps then.Any idea what sort of bridge clearance at low water you would expect to see at Yarmouth on Neaps?
  13. I wish......The pleasures of work get in the way though
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