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  1. coolcat

    Nav Lights Not Working

    You're probably right (haven't checked) but having them working ain't a bad thing I guess
  2. coolcat

    England V Tunisia

    I'm easy, I don't mind who posts what so long as we can all be nice with each other
  3. coolcat

    Nav Lights Not Working

    We have the Boat Safety certificate coming up so want to make sure everything is ship shape and Bristol Fashion. We have ordered new Stern, Port and Starboard lights plus new LED lamps for them and also for the bow Steaming light and Anchor light. If they arrive in time may well pop up this weekend and install them .
  4. coolcat

    Nav Lights Not Working

    Hi Guys, Sorry for late reply.....footie and food took over from boat stuff Fuse for lights was located directly behind the switch panel, all other fuses under the helm. Lighting fuse was gone and looks like water ingress in the stern light had caused the problem. Fuse replaced, lamp contacts cleaned up and pool of water in offending light drained and sealed as best I can. New stern light will be ordered in due course. Thanks for all the replies
  5. coolcat

    England V Tunisia

    England rode their luck a bit but had a great evening at the Bridge anyhow Untitled by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
  6. Hi all, I noticed the starboard and stern navigation lamps on our Shetland 27i were not working the other day when out on the boat in the evening. Come back today with the intention of changing the internal lamps but when removed they looked fine and metered out working. There is no obvious corrosion in the fitting themselves but when putting my multimeter on the contacts and the lights switched on there is no voltage present. It was at this point I noticed that my port light and also my anchor light and steaming light were also not illuminated although these were working the other day. The Anchor light is on a separate switch to the other lights but none are working. I'm going to guess there is a fuse that has blown but I'm not sure where the fuses are located on our boat and none of the paperwork that came with our boat alludes to where they are hidden! Any ideas as to whereabouts the fuse panel is on a Shetland 27i or anything else I should be looking at? P.s. The deck lights and internal lights are all working normally. P.p.s. trying to get through to Shetland is proving rather difficult lol! Cheers in advance, Jeff.
  7. coolcat

    England V Tunisia

    Finished work and having a little rest on the boat whilst trying to work out why my Nav lights have decided to give up the ghost. Will wander down to the pub around 17.00 and get a nice cold Shandy in
  8. coolcat

    England V Tunisia

    I shall be enjoying dinner followed by the football at the Acle Bridge Inn tomorrow should anyone wish to say hello and share a pint or two
  9. coolcat

    A Few Photos From The Weekend

    Thanks all, Had a lovely weekend on Riverlight and enjoyed lunch on Saturday at my 'local' The Acle Bridge Inn then on Sunday at the New Inn Horning.......hard life ain't it
  10. CC9J7174 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7174 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7186 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7174 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr Untitled by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7459 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7413-Edit by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7391-Edit by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7174 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7174 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7325-Edit by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr CC9J7174 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
  11. coolcat

    Afternoon All

    Hello and welcome aboard Matt
  12. coolcat

    Gathering Gazebos Appeal

    Didn't have many miles to travel I'm up to Knockhill on the August Bank Holiday for the British Touring Car Championship so sadly will miss the South side meet. Will deffo get to both fingers crossed next year though......Was great fun and a lovely crowd. Hoping we may be able to make all three days as well .
  13. coolcat

    Gathering Gazebos Appeal

    Which would be great if it were not for the fact that I'll be in Scotland in August On another note.......My window stickers arrived today, all the way from Holland On Sea, could have saved you the stamp lol
  14. coolcat

    Gathering Gazebos Appeal

    Donation sent ............Looking forward to frequenting the gazebo next year
  15. coolcat

    Vhf, Useful Or Not?

    When we purchased Riverlight she had a DSC VHF radio already on board so we got the relevant OFCOM licence for the equipment and I took my VHF Operators course. That was a year and a half ago and I have never used the radio once on the Broads. Still, better to have than have not I guess and when(if) we do decide to venture off the inland waterways we are covered.

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