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  1. New turbo all installed. All being well we should be on for our run across Breydon and stop over on the southside on the 2nd/3rd November. Will wait until next week just to make sure all is good and then hopefully book Surlingham Ferry up for the Saturday evenings mooring and grub :)
  2. Slight delay in the turbo fitting so unfortunately won’t be out on the water this weekend. Looking at tide times it will be the 2nd/3rd November when the water levels are in our favour for a weekend jolly across to the South side. Hopefully turbo will be all fitted early next week so will keep you all posted on the progress.
  3. Cheers Jay, There will be a pint with your name on it when we do get to meet Sir. Forgot to mention......I Will be in the White Horse at Upton Friday night
  4. Looks like a beer or two will be in order then
  5. Hi All, Update......A replacement reconditioned turbo is being fitted this Friday. Also having new clear Vetus raw water strainers to replace the original black Volvo ones. Going to have this weekend out to check all is okay and will do some running over Breydon to giver her a blast. Saturday afternoon/evening we shall be moored up for the night at the Surlingham Ferry to take on provisions.....Food and Beer If any of you guys/gals happen to be there on Saturday be sure to say Hello. Weather doesn't look very promising for the weekend but I will try and get some photos/Videos of the weekend.
  6. Best thing to do on threads like this is put ‘Spoiler Alerts’ in the thread title and maybe a title such as Japanese Grand Prix . I won’t mention how the BTCC is progressing
  7. Welcome First Mate Tina to the Snowbird Crew
  8. Hi Mel, Welcome to the forum. We are also moored at Acle Marina with our boat Lady Emma. It's our third year moored at Acle and we love it there also. Be sure to say hello if you see us on board..........The kettle is always ready for a brew.
  9. I might be missing something but the engines have just been serviced last week including new oil filters and oil replaced?
  10. The engines have just been serviced including all filters, impellers, oil etc. This was when the turbo problem was discovered
  11. What..............Get my hands dirty No No No.......I shall be getting someone in to do the dirty work lol. I shall mention this to him though so many thanks for the advice. P.s. Engines run every week and goes out of the marina for a run at least once a fortnight
  12. Thanks for all the advice folks. I shall keep you all posted on how I get on.
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