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  1. the private sector has every right to question the largess that has been presented to the hire industry. Both these comments imply that payment is being made from one to support the other, which is not the case. The hire fleets have not received largesse, from the BA or the private owners. All that the BA have done is to alter the dates on which stage payments are made, to allow for better cash flow towards the latter half of the season. Let's look at the small print of that e-mail again : Once a hire boat is put into commission for hire, rather than mothballed, it will pay the full toll for the year, which has always been the case and could I please mention, I have been saying that all through the last 3 months! There will be a review in September to try and see whether yards will have enough income to survive the winter and that is when the BA may well lobby for them to have government assistance. For the moment they are not being paid anything by anyone, except by whatever customers they can manage to retrieve from this crisis. I would guess that any boats that remain mothballed will be put up for sale (if they are not already) and then we shall start to see the real effects of the recession.
  2. During our natural pre-occupation with the virus there are still other matters, (such as Brexit ) waiting "in the wings". As one of the "usual suspects" where national park status is concerned, I take especial note, and encouragement, from what Dr Packman states in that opening paragraph. This is what my father's generation had been saying about the Broads ever since the War and I have always believed it myself. It makes the Broads unique and it also makes navigation indivisible from any other NP priorities. I am very glad to see him state this and I will not forget, in future, that he did so!
  3. If you want peace, prepare for war. It is attributed to Plato as well as assorted Roman Generals and was the accepted motto of those of us who served in the Forces during the Cold War. Still appropriate in this case, I thought.
  4. And please don't let's think it would be the first time that old trick has been played! Many a cruiser, over the years, has left Wroxham, Potter or Stalham with 4 people on board, only to moor that evening and meet the rest of the party off the train at Acle. Or Yarmouth, or Reedham. And from July 4th onwards, day boat parties will be able to meet up in pub car parks again. They often get caught though, as the rangers, apart from their other skills, know how to count heads! Personally, I think we should all calm down a bit and see how this season develops. I was most impressed with the e-mail as it demonstrates a level of understanding and interaction between the authority and the tourist businesses which I don't think I have seen stated as meaningfully as that since the days of the River Commissioners. Coming directly from the pen of Dr Packman himself, I find that heartening and most encouraging. I could quote several parts, but this one is most significant : "at this point the prospects for the remainder of the boating season are unclear". I think I would be more inclined to believe that, from him, than I would all the marketing claims of how the bookings are flooding in!
  5. Oh dear. I feel a bit guilty about this as it seems to be me who first put his foot in this particular ant - heap and stirred it up! I agree with everything Andy says as I have been through all these experiences myself - including the stress medication. It is a way of life which can sometimes seem like a thankless task, especially as a small business will naturally take a great deal more personal pride in its boats and its customer service than the large ones (although they would wish to) ever can. I don't know anyone who took more pride than my father, and it showed! But then his standards were so high that he never made a profit and decided to sell and retire at an early age. Let's look back to the OP's original post on this thread. It was only one line : I'd have been straight on the phone to the yard. It is this immediate assumption that the boatyard should do something, that I was reacting to, since the fact still remains, like it or not, that a yard cannot - ever - be held to account for the anti-social behaviour of holidaymakers just because they have hired one of their boats. I was speaking, as I always do, on the side of the boatyards, whose position is so often mis-understood but I had not realised that my support would get such a strong reaction, indeed contradiction, from Andy or I honestly would not have started this. This subject has been raised many times before on the forum - sometimes it seems to happen every time someone pukes outside a pub - and it always seems to cause strong feelings that get no-one any satisfaction. To those of a neighbour-hood watch disposition who wish to do their duty as they see it, could I just suggest three things : 1/. The Broads depends, now as always, on tourists having fun on holiday. Without them, your private river toll would be eye-watering. 2/. There has always been an element of rowdyism, ever since the days of the Midland and Gt. Northern railway. It comes with the territory. Doesn't anyone remember Yarmouth Yacht Station in the 60s? 3/. Please understand who is responsible for what. If you want to complain of uncivil behaviour then complain to the authorities, who are there to police it.
  6. That is perceptive of you. Whether it is true or not, I couldn't say!
  7. Perhaps I am getting out of my area of knowledge here but the source was quite clearly a smartphone video, taken on another day launch and then posted to the EDP, but not, it seems, to the appropriate authorities. The EDP then added their own, ill - informed opinion to it.
  8. I would also like to add some comments to that, from a hire fleet manager. What do we suppose the boatyard should be "made aware of" by these phone calls and videos? There are companies on the Broads such as John Loynes (Broads Tours) who have been letting day launches ever since the petrol engine was invented. They are very well aware of what their customers get up to, thank you! Their staff are also most adept at checking their boats for damage when suspicious looking lads bring them back in again. But they are NOT, never have been and please God, never will be responsible for the civil behaviour of members of the public, in public. The behaviour of yobs on Bournemouth beach is a public order matter for the police but NOT for the coach tour company that brought them there. And what is all this about with-holding security deposits when bad behaviour is reported? That, itself, would be blatantly illegal! You can't even with-hold a hirer's deposit for damage to another boat : that is for third party insurance cover. You can't extract money out of people just because some member of the boating fraternity (who probably posts under a synonym) says they saw them pee-ing in the reeds! I am sad, honestly, that we now live in a dash-cam age where the slightest incident can be uploaded in seconds and dissected at will on the internet. I repeat, I am not condoning this although I am not in the least shocked by it either. Could those who wish to report these things please report matters of civil behaviour to the civil authorities? Meantime, if this is a sign of what is going to be happening on this forum during this season, then I for one will prefer to stick to railway modelling.
  9. "You and me both" old chap. I am well retired, these days. You just end up with hassle from every angle. Despite trying to survive in a local business and trying to bring a bit of tourist revenue to the Broads at a time when it needs it more than ever.
  10. Then it should be mentioned to the authorities and not to the boatyard. That is my point. If you hire a car from Hertz, they are not responsible for how you behave in it, or even how you drive it. We have had this same discussion so often on the forum, and here we go again!
  11. And my question is the same. What do you expect the boatyard to do about it?
  12. To tell them what, exactly? What offence would you have them charged with? There was no traffic in the other direction and following traffic was clearly not involved. The video is entitled "Group nearly roll boat on river" but anyone who knows anything about boats can see that it was very well within the limits of its stability even with seven clowns on board. There is no obligation to wear lifejackets but you can bet they were provided on board. I am not condoning this, of course but I have seen it happening all my life and it is one of the main reasons I have always avoided hiring out day boats. Same applied to my father. Sorry folks, but the high season has started. The Broads are not exclusively private any more. Better get used to it.
  13. I don't think that is at all a fair comparison as "our generation" has a great deal to be ashamed of. My argument, however, would be off topic, so I will leave it there!
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