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  1. Duckhams used to produce water pump grease, which you also use on old fashioned stern glands which have a grease cap. Peachments sell a grease called Morris (I forget the number) and I am sure Brian Ward or other chandlers sell something similar. The thrust bearing on the hydraulic motor takes any normal grease, that you would use on roller bearings.
  2. The best dictionary I know of is Harraps. It has never failed me, in 30 odd years!
  3. Dew they'll just hatta dew loik wot we allus dew with our doo doos, out along the river bank. Oi say ter ol' Wussername oi say, woss all this hare about dewing with their do-ins at the Berney Arms? All these forriners in their noice noo town houses, they'll just hatta larn not ter pull the chairne until the tide is running out onter Breydon. Them grit ol' catfish, they don't dew so badly on it, dew the now? Old boy Jack, the river inspector, he never say nuthin dew he? Oi 'spose he just hatta hold it, till he git hoom of a night. Old wossnairme he say, thass just another load of
  4. Oi reckun with all them noo town houses, that'll need one o' them there masturbatin' pumps, an all.
  5. Oi reckun that'll hev one 'er them there sceptical tanks.
  6. So if the pubs are closed, you will have to bring one with you! These were regular customers, from Germany, who had measured up the situation the year before so that they could get under the bridges. But only just! They managed to cruise all of the Camargue as far as Agde, on the Canal du Midi, and back again without lowering the tent. That's not a barbecue on the saloon roof - it's live keyboard music!
  7. The boat was built by Crown Cruisers in Somerleyton (not Le Boat) and the year 1996 would be about right. Some of the photos in the brokerage description, including the main one, are of a Classique, not a Crusader but this is not mis-leading as the Crusader is simply a smaller version of the Classique. These boats are very well built and the interior should be pretty much as good as the day she was built. The only place to look for rot might be at the bottom of the shower bulkheads where they join the shower tray, which may have rotted part of the floor in the front cabin. If you find
  8. And I agree with it, where the Thames is concerned. It is a river steeped in history, with historic pubs and restaurants, for which my mother had most fond memories, before and during the War, and without which the cruise would not have the same atmosphere, or style. The Rose Revived, at Sonning. The Angel on the Bridge at Henley. Skindles in Maidenhead. The Bells of Ouzeley at Runnymede. The Waterside Inn at Bray. The Swan at Pangbourne. The Swan at Streatley, once owned by Danny La Rue. The Miller of Mansfield at Goring. The Beetle and Wedge at Moulsford. The Compleat Angler a
  9. Do you think you are the first one to have thought of that? Or do you not think the boatyard might notice, at the end of the week?
  10. I can think of better places for that, than the Whitlingham gravel pits! Postwick Grove for instance. Happy memories. . . .
  11. I would think £1.40 per litre is reasonable, as it may also involve the consumption of the diesel heating system. I am basing this on 3 litres per hour for a Nanni engine, having to push against the current on the Thames. In fact they do less than 2,5 litres per hour when driven a bit more slowly. I know this, because to charge by the hour you have to have an hour metre fitted and this gives you a lot of other useful information, such as the interval for oil changes. If they are charging £12 per hour however, then I think they are just biting the hand that feeds them.
  12. The first company to start boat hiring in France was Blue Line, with all their boats built for them by Wilds, although I didn't know they had any of this design. The Beaver Fleet started in the early 80s with a mixture of boats from Norfolk, mostly having been on hire on the Broads first. The first French builder and hirer was Locaboat, which was just starting when I was first there in 1983. Connoisseur came a bit later, in the mid to late 80s (I think). Blue Line used to have a base in the Loire region, to the south of Auxerre, so the photo could be of that cathedral.
  13. You've got me going on Camargue photos now! Here are some more : Les Cabanes du Roc, near La Grande Motte. Montpellier airport, in the distance! The port of Marseillan, Etang de Thau Les Onglous, Etang de Thau. The bottom end of the Canal du Midi. The round lock at Agde in the distance. We won't see this again in our lifetimes, as they have cut all the plane trees down. The lifting bridge at Frontignan, Canal du Rhone à Séte. The only interruption to the navigation, all the way to St Gil
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