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  1. Here is the Wilds Caribbean as advertised in Hoseasons brochure of 1971. Unfortunately someone seems to have cut out the bit with an interior plan! So here is another Caribbean, from Blakes brochure of 1976. These boats must have been bought by Hearts in the days of Jenners and I remember that they were then re-engined with a Perkins 4107 engine (under the bed amidships) on a shaft drive with a Borg Warner gearbox. If one of those came up for sale, it would be worth having! Notice that the layout is predominantly single beds, to satisfy the needs of the market in those days. There was, however, a very convenient double bed in the saloon, which folded up into the bulkhead and so could be left made up during the day. I believe this was a "Wilds" invention. As for the one advertised, personally, I wouldn't go near it! It obviously hasn't been out of the water for quite a while, so will need a full hull re-fit. All the DIY conversion work for living aboard would, in my view, decrease the value rather than enhance it and you might spend several thousands stripping it all out again! Getting the engine running, or replacing it, is not a major problem but the hydraulic drives in those boats were an early design which was never too reliable and lost a lot of power through the hydraulics. It would by now be highly suspect and very costly to replace. By the way, were they still building Caribbeans in 1979? If so, they were the ones exported to France by Blue Line.
  2. Vaughan


    This is why a brokerage will have trade plates, so that they can take un-tolled boats out on the river to demonstrate or test them.
  3. Vaughan

    River Bure

    Or Wymondham. . . . .or Stiffkey.
  4. Vaughan

    River Bure

    Posh holidaymakers up from London call it the Bure (like pure) cos they know how to talk English like how it ought to be spoke. The Norfolk dialect would certainly call it the Burr. It doesn't quite sound like that but I can't think how to spell it phonetically! There is also a dispute about Potter Hey-am or Potter High-am. It is generally held that the bridge is at Potter High-am (in the Norfolk dialect) but in Norwich (with its own dialect) is a road called Hey-am Street. The spelling is the same.
  5. Perhaps I read too much into photos, but this looks a little strange to me. A total lack of company logos or boat names on the cabin sides and there are no Broads numbers on the bows. One would hardly know that they were hire boats.
  6. I read last night, again this morning, that the NNDC in a meeting with RSPB have agreed to remove the netting, or at least some of it. I always believe what I read in the EDP.
  7. I have a word for this but the forum swear filter just calls it DAFFODILS! Let's just say it's "a load of old squit!" This is reclaimed land, for goodness sake! It has been drained deliberately for hundreds of years. What do they think all the old windmills were for?? One minute we can't get under Potter Bridge because the sea levels are rising, etc., etc., and now the EA claim the bird reserves are drying out. Let some water in from the river then! I think if there is a problem here, it has been caused by all the flood alleviation schemes that have been the bane of our existence for some time now.
  8. Notice on ECIPA's photo that "your" pressure cap has been replaced by a threaded plug, as the pressure cap is not necessary and tends to dribble, as you can see! The main pressure cap is on the heat exchanger, where you also top up the system. On the permanent plug is a smaller nut, used for bleeding air when topping up with coolant. Peachments will supply you with one of these plugs, or another solution is simply to buy a pressure cap of a higher setting (perhaps 10lb instead of 7lb, in the hope of stopping the dribble. These early Nanni engines will always run cool unless they are running under a load. If you are just running it in neutral on the quay, then a temperature of 50 is no surprise.
  9. It also has a bad effect on the sugar beet harvest. The date of Easter this year would normally have been the second Sunday after muck-spreading.
  10. You would, if you had to run a seasonal tourist business!
  11. It is a well proven fact in this business that the bookings that you lose, owing to an early or late Easter, will never be caught up again later in the season. They are just lost. At the risk of sounding agnostic I think it has been high time (for a long time) that we stopped basing our seasonal calendar, and our business planning, on the religious folklore of 2000 years ago. Christmas is on the same day every year so why does Easter still have to depend on the phases of the moon? Discuss.
  12. Gosh, it's very quiet, isn't it? You wouldn't believe that we are now in April. This just shows what an effect a late Easter can have. A very bad start to the tourist season, I fear.
  13. Looks as though it did. When I saw it, I wasn't quite sure what to say in reply. You were not complimentary about them, so I imagine someone considered the TOS but then again, you are someone with many years experience of Broads holidays, as are many other members here. Maybe it is reasonable that you should speak as you find? A boatyard depends very much on its reputation and if that starts to slip for some reason then a forum such as this will surely pick it up. I have known the Sandersons, both Colin and Steve, since many years ago and I also knew their parents when they ran the yard. The site itself goes back hundreds of years, to Halls of Reedham, who built some of the most famous wherries on the Broads. Running a small boatyard can be a great strain, especially in difficult economic times. It certainly was for me, in my time! I sense that better times may be coming for tourism on the Broads and I hope that Sandersons will be able to profit from that. I wish them well for the future.
  14. At a guess, I would say that is down the bottom of Marsh Rd in Hoveton, near where the Bure Court used to be. Most of the houses and bungalows around there are constantly sinking into the marsh and have been jacked up again several times during their lives!
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