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  1. I sincerely hope not! I am very sorry but I am afraid it does.
  2. I guess that tells me where to get off, then.
  3. I thoroughly agree. In which case, they have been moderated! This must be why the rest of us are left wondering who did what, who called who a liar, etc., but it also leaves no reason in my view, why these threads should have been shifted to members only. So now we have a new Speakers' Corner, which I can only assume means "If you are bashing the BA then put your comments here". And since we are told there is an "important difference", we need a forum definition, please, between freedom of speech and freedom of expression, as I for one, don't know the difference. I do know, that I have suggested more than once on this forum that there is a difference between moderation and the suppression of free speech.
  4. Like Paladin, I am not willing to contribute to this discussion in members only. I have explained why on the Acle Bnp thread.
  5. So yet another important subject concerning the future of the Broads is now to be held behind closed doors. Surely the whole point of discussions like this is that we would hope to get our voice heard where it matters? This forum is supposed to have about 3000 members if I remember rightly, but now it is to be restricted to an audience of about 40. I too, will not bother to make contributions to a subject that cannot be seen by the membership as a whole. Personally I have no fear of stating my honest opinion but I fear this forum has become rather too risk averse.
  6. And this is exactly why you are asked to fill in a questionnaire of satisfaction when you have taken a holiday, booked a cottage, taken a ferry journey, etc. Yes, sure, they want to know whether you were happy, or if you have any complaints about your "experience" but there is a hidden agenda! Notice the number of questions which say "How did you hear about us?". They want to know why you booked with them, so that they can estimate where to target their marketing in future.
  7. I may be confusing Highways England with the Local Highways Authority. One has to be so careful these days, when talking of all these official bodies (elected or otherwise) who purport to tell us what to do with our lives.
  8. As a Richardson's customer I have often noticed that Broads National Park is emblazoned all over their publicity and I believe Hoseasons do the same. I don't like to see this but it is clearly in line with the spirit of "marketing purposes only" since they are trying to sell Broads holidays. On land as well as on water, don't forget. Whether they think they actually get any additional customers by using the NP brand, is up to them! Maybe just a small point but I understand the road over Acle bridge (an A road) comes under the Highways agency as I know they raised a strong objection to what I call the "Pedro's" development because of road access in a place with a 60MPH speed limit. The BA must have ignored this objection when they granted permission.
  9. Still doesn't add anything to this debate though. By the way, we can now see why my post at the very start of this thread suggested that the placing of those signs was a red rag to a bull!
  10. He is not a woman and that is not my opinion, but a fact. I went to school with him. He uses the name of the vane of a Norfolk Wherry as his avatar on this forum.
  11. But surely that is you putting your own spin on what Paladin has said.
  12. So here's another true comparison. The Canal du Midi in south France, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is accepted by all the local and national authorities, that it would never have achieved that status if it were not for the success of the boat hiring industry and all the tourism revenue that it brings to the area. Historically that success is put down to Blue Line, who introduced boat hiring to the French Canals in the late 60s and who came from The Norfolk Broads, where F.B. Wilds built all their boats. If it were not for that, then when the commercial barge traffic stopped, the canal would have become disused, dried up and grown over.
  13. "You can't baffle me with long words!" Peter Sellers.
  14. Going back to local culture, it is perhaps worth remembering that local boatyards such as Jack Broome in Brundall Gardens, Pete Sabberton, Leslie Landamore and Don Hagenbach of Windboats, were building and selling very successful - and powerful - speedboats for use on the Broads, in the 60s.
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