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  1. I have just flashed my Samsung with a debloated and rooted version of the stock firmware and it's so much cleaner, battery also seems to be lasting longer. Admittedly during the process I have started looking at new phones several times as I thought I'd killed it beyond repair, still good though.
  2. I'm too poor to afford a triumph but if anyone fancies a fazer thou I have a hankering for a change, as much as I like the triumphs though I can't justify it to myself.
  3. I have stopped to help out the rspca catching an injured swan so they are also worth a call for wildlife issues. I'm impressed that so many have shown concern and no-one has posted links to cheap orange sauce.
  4. So how many have a good vindaloo the night before just in case???
  5. Sob won't be catching anything anytime soon.....
  6. Is that the boat that was outside the nelson at reedham?
  7. If anyone wants a giffgaff sim (o2 network and cheap) I have a load with a free £5 airtime when activated, I ordered 3 and they sent me 12 for some reason, I must declare the interest of me also getting £5 airtime when they are activated. I've been finding giffgaff very good and very cheap too, it's either payg airtime or monthly goodybags (with auto renew enabled it works like a contract but only 30 days at a time). I'm happy to pass on free.
  8. Take a walk along the riverbank downstream of norwich at somewhere like surlingham after a big tide and the lower bits of ground are covered in small plastic tubes, they are the stick of cotton buds, the sooner the ban on cotton buds/straws/stirrers in plastic come in the better as far as I'm concerned.
  9. Check to see what references are on the bss cert as if you change the name before registering with the BA they may not accept it, call them first if you are not sure, once they are happy with the bss being for the boat just tell them of the change. I'm sure some piccies of old name along with any old reg numbers will help.
  10. Smoggy

    Rockland Staithe

    A good pub that won't shut on you too early (if at all ), proper food and local customers.
  11. Smoggy

    Locks Pub

    Out of my two locals one does no food at all and the other does sausage rolls and pork pies on certail days only and they are both thriving but they are in a town, the one with no food doesn't even have a warm welcome to strangers as the landlord is the most miserable git I've ever known (if he smiles we put down to wind) but still thrives. On the broads or out in the villages I doubt many pubs would survive without food these days as it's the one bit the pubcos/breweries/taxman doesn't hammer.
  12. Smoggy

    Locks Pub

    That menu has put me off not that I can get under beccles old bridge anyway. Curried codswallop is missing! Sounds like prentious crap to me.
  13. Sold as a freehold with no ties is the best thing that could happen to it, hopefully someone will take it on and make a good go of it. There's lots of moaning that taxation and supermarkets has killed off pubs but I recon breweries and pubcos have done most of themselves.
  14. I am assuming this is into grp here! Before using mastic I would be tempted to clean the holes with a drill marginally bigger than the existing hole and run epoxy down first making sure there are no air bubbles underneath the epoxy (poke a thin wire into it a few times to get any air out), allow to cure then drill smaller and use self tappers. A bit of neat epoxy first to 'wet up' then a bit of thinly bulked epoxy to give a bit more structure for the screw to bite into. Once you go down the mastic route it will need to be thoroughly cleaned out before you can fill the hole, not an easy task with mastic, by all means use a little bit on the thread once the hole is filled and drilled to seal.
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