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  1. If you have to bite the bullet and get a survey then GJW only want it doing every 10 years now.
  2. Craftinsure will insure boats up to a certain age and size without survey.
  3. That piccie certainly looks like a recommendation to me, very nicely done.
  4. The best option pretty much boils down to the available space and how many twists and turns, there is rarely a single answer to fit all boats (probably never), everything on a boat is a compromise somewhere and no boat will do everything well.
  5. Most villages are doing well to keep one pub going these days, you must be the most alcoholic village in UK. Sounds like heaven, any properties going cheap?
  6. I used well lagged copper (with plastic pushfit elbows) for the longer straight runs on mine purely because it keeps water nicer if it's standing in it, copper is a natural bactericide, once into the twisty bits of the cabin/bog it's the regular red/blue plastic flexi stuff.
  7. For small gaps in headlinings the foil backed bubblewrap for behind radiators makes a difference.
  8. If you have any vent fittings on the other side of the boat you could swap one over so the holding tank has a vent each side, this would always give a slight flow through of air in even low winds. Not worth having more holes though if no fittings already there.
  9. What is this food waste I keep hearing of? Very little gets thrown out of our house unless it crawls out on it's own.
  10. My tank basically prolapsed when I upgraded my pump, it flipped the concave base outwards, I keep expecting it to appears on the list of expense and despair but it's not leaked yet, I'll replace when it does, about 4 years so far.
  11. Soon to be updated to "barely seen under river".
  12. We have just had a new washing machine delivered, went for an Ebac on the grounds of mostly UK made components and UK built and repairable, the old one has shot bearings and a sealed drum my plan is to have a damn good go at splitting the drum and leaving it bolted and selling with new bearings if I can, just didn't want to be without for the time it takes to do the job.
  13. Surely just above pump cut off pressure but below prv pressure otherwise it would leak out the prv before filling the expansion tank.
  14. I've had it a couple of times, I can normally tell by the dripping from the overflow outside when the tank is heating up, mine has expansion tank on it's side which stresses the bladder I think. If expansion tank is knackered on a boat the calorifier prv will generally dump hot water into the bilge when heating, once up to temp it will stop dripping as the expansion is done and excess got rid of. If accumulator tank is knackered see Griff's description, you won't have an accumulator at home as mains supplies the pressure and you won't drain the local water tower brushing your teeth (Rob Beckett might...).
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