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  1. He's trying to entice a welshman.......
  2. Nah, get the top level managers to do the crossings, they have sod all else they can do.
  3. You're not alone thinking that, I thought it slightly less politely so didn't post it.
  4. Can't take any credit, suffolk gazette, where else.
  5. I've known people that worked for amazon and as far as I'm concerned their vhf callsign is Go Away, fleabay I use through sheer convenience and laziness but I take the reviews with a huge pinch of salt. BUT you have to compare any prices before buying as often normal shops are as cheap, don't get stung by lazyness!
  6. I'd have thought anything with the right thread (or an adaptor) that is long enough should do the job. Are they directly in the combustion chamber on the bmc's or do they have a swirl chamber?
  7. At least if you have an engine problem those dogs will tow you home, just got to keep them to the speed limits though....
  8. Being a tidal river if the fish stocks can't take a salt influx they can't be the natural fish for the river surely??? If a polar bear can't take the cold it's probably just a bleached bear not a polar bear.
  9. Dig the bridge up and put it on a raft so it can float up and down with the tides, just needs a sliding ramp for traffic.
  10. That was my take on it, I'm all for making something myself if I can save a few quid but not a bubble tester or any other gas fitting. A manometer on the other hand, no problem......
  11. The only good thing about cricket was way back in time when the commentator announced " the bowler's holding, the batsman's willy", must be 70's at a guess. Can't stay, I have paint to watch dry......
  12. Ah the home made bubble tester diagram! Anyone here fancy a homemade bubble tester on their gas system in their boat with sealed hull and a heavier than air fuel? Would go really well with a gas fridge..........
  13. At least you've still got your elf!
  14. Copper has the advantage of killing bugs where stainless doesn't, the victorians didn't use bronze door fittings in hospitals for fun....(now we use stainless and have mrsa problems) The one with the thermostatic link sounds like the sure-cal one I had on my last boat (I think they are the same as asap call hot-pot) which was a good well insulated calorifier, had a blue skin over the insulation with stainless mounting bands if that sounds familiar, I'd go for another if I need one (I will sometime as mine has flipped the base inside out due to heftier pump).
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