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  1. It's now owned by kingfisher not the marina, not sure whats going on at the marina as theres fences missing and only 13 boats, they may have bought out the lot.
  2. A big thumbs up for the fishermans this season, it's a pub again! Joe that ran the berney before has a 6 year lease and is running as a proper pub all year round, beer is nicely priced, grub is cheap and cheerful but I was very happy with what I got for the price. Beer served till sensible times unlike the last lot that wanted to be at home by 10.00. Worthy of support, a much needed pub by breydon.
  3. Smoggy


    But as it is the staff are free for other stuff for most of the year.
  4. Smoggy


    No different if you buy a boat from another waterway, I had to toll mine in september for a full year when I got it.
  5. Smoggy


    I thought boats under brokerage were exempt from tolls.
  6. I'd go along with most of what ECIPA says, too many are scared of the tides and not many mobo's can't make headway against the worst of it, just takes more time and diesel as long as you have the headroom. Avoid the may bank holiday weekend for returning over high water as you may encounter an idiot doing 20 knots heading for a bridge lift at haven, I often head for breydon at high just for a play with less chance of hire boats.
  7. As long as you use good spring lines the tide shouldn't be any worry once you are moored.
  8. That is always the best plan but I think this is more about when it's gone pear shaped due to lack of forward planning, or more likely another boat appearing through a bridge at last moment.
  9. Smoggy

    River Bure

    The local version may change with which part of the river, the river nene is pronounced nen above thrapston bridge and neen below.
  10. Lots of throttle is usually the answer, so many get in trouble because they panic and slow right down where a good fistful of throttle would have regained some control. Hard reversing is rarely a good way out of trouble as it takes so long to have any effect.
  11. Good to hear all is ok at BBC, back off thread why the heck were you at the waters edge??? You were a couple of miles too far upstream for a proper pub, maybe chaos at the ferry but always friendly!
  12. Smoggy


    I know few potential spots on southern rivers but not northern.
  13. Smoggy


    3RR, it's the day when loads of wafi's get in the way of normal folk, someone else can explain wafi! At £20 I guess they are trying to say they don't really want private visitors.
  14. A lot of older diesels need a bit of sulphur and other stuff as part of the lubrication, how will gtl fare in older higher stressed engines? I doubt my old volvos would be over happy with it long term at higher speed use or do they add other additives to it?
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