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  1. The nut option has already put me in hospital with sod all blood pressure and rapidly decreasing so I stand by that last remark, my chances with covid are far higher.
  2. If I had a positive antibody test I'd not worry about the distancing so much but still take the same measures for stuff I'm touching that someone else is likely to touch, I'm not particularly worried about catching it myself despite asthma and auto-immune issues, I rather do a round of covid than munch a pistachio or cashew nut.
  3. Surely the very presence of antibodies indicates a degree of protection or at least the knowledge your immune system is on the case much sooner next time, which would mean less replication has taken place = less virus to deal with.
  4. There's no reason to think it can't be spread by the use of the same seat if not wiped down between people, most will touch a seat with hands when sitting down/standing up, they probably all used the same door handles on the way in/out as well.
  5. You could wear gloves and carry a tin of ipa solvent (contact cleaner) and spray your gloves down after you've put them on and before you take them off, it won't hurt your skin as you only spray the gloves but it will hurt any nasties on the gloves. I got change from a garage yesterday while I was wearing gloves so I took the glove off in the van and flipped inside out with the change still inside it then washed it when I got home while I washed my hands, a lot of this stuff is easy if you think it out before hand, and with the right spray you don't even use many gloves.
  6. My steering system is very simple, just bumble along the river and the boat just finds pubs.
  7. Smoggy

    Post Covid...

    I hope they've got some smaller stuff, I've gone the other way.
  8. Copper does not kill viruses in the same way it does with bacteria, maybe your risk assessment is flawed.
  9. I did exactly that when I last visited my boat, was in works van and had gloves with me so used them to do the gate and gave them a squirt of brake cleaner afterwards before taking them off, I defy any lipid enveloped virus to survive brake cleaner.(don't use it on your skin!) I will do what I can to minimise risk of me catching or spreading but we do have to carry on at some stage and I probably put my life at far bigger risk everytime I take my motorbike out and I never wear a lifejacket inland and rarely wear it at sea unless going out on deck for any reason.
  10. If someone has navlights they have a valid excuse to out till 11.59pm under the present rules. As long as folk are keeping their social distancing I don't see the problem, yes it's against the rules but it's not likely to spread anything. Before anyone jumps down my throat I have not seen my boat since may 12th and that was for 10 minutes as I was in the area for work, it has not been moved or slept on since march 20th.
  11. You won't be able to join the canal system there as the northampton arm is narrowbeam.
  12. I know a few folk that must come from here... https://www.google.com/maps/place/Bell+End,+Stourbridge/@52.3916428,-2.0951209,15z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x4870939b3dd44a55:0x54244a0b4b609660!8m2!3d52.3925649!4d-2.0899722
  13. But they have bird flu, they should keep their greedy mits off our flu!
  14. "You would think the Ferry at Surlingham would be ideally placed for some sort of takeaway." I think that is planned as soon as admiralty's legal bunch say yes, till then the moorings and garden are out of bounds.
  15. At home relining a pond, like what we're told to.
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