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  1. It's the description of the switch that makes me think 240v, sounds like the classic table lamp type bulb holder. If you check with a multimeter check for 240v first and remember it needs to be set to AC as it's the one you need to be more wary of, just because there isn't shore power plugged in doesn't mean there isn't an inverter tucked away somewhere if you don't know the boat very well. If it is a 240v light it definately needs rewiring via plug and socket and should certainly be fused somewhere along the line whatever voltage. Sorry if we're treating you like an electrical idiot but the question comes across as if you are not to knowledgable in this area, better to feel insulted than cooked.
  2. Those screwdrivers work for 240v but not for 12v, throw it in the bin anyway. Are you sure it's not a 240v shore power light? Patchy knowledge is scary with electrics.
  3. Smoggy

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    Are these pristine and untouched fenland areas the bits that look to have lots of straight lined drainage ditches on the os map?
  4. Smoggy

    Build A 12v Drawer Fridge

    The components for a compressor fridge are not much cheaper than buying a complete fridge, the advantage of a homebuilt fridge is that you can usually mount the compressor unit up to 1.5 metres away so if you bulid the fridge in the right place the compressor can be outside the cabin area, when it's hot and the fridge works hardest it pumps out heat into the cabin otherwise and makes the fridge have to work harder. Years ago I had one of the waeco drwer fridges under the dinette seat on a norman 25 and although it was dear it was a great fridge, the drawer design means all the cold air doesn't drop out when you open it unlike a normal fridge. Isotherm do the kits and you can take the rivets out of the evaporator plate and carefully (VERY carefully) straighten them out to a flat plate if needed, on my last boat I did this and used the plate as an L shape up the back and top of my homemade fridge cupboard.
  5. Smoggy

    Why Is It?

    I've done it on my present and last boat, escort matrix and inline bilge blower plumbed into calorifier take offs, works well and cheap.
  6. Very sad to hear, condolences from us indeed. Dave & Ali
  7. Smoggy

    Steering Question

    And very close to where a plane crashed on the motorway many years ago if memory serves me rightly.
  8. Smoggy

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    If you did that on my local river (gt.ouse) the EA would stop you as the sediment is hazardous waste (that's their excuse for not doing it) and can't possibly be used on the land, especially the bits like floodbanks and flood plains where it could wash into the river..... They dig bits out of lock approaches and leave it in the river nearby and guess what, it ends up back where it started.
  9. Smoggy

    Steering Question

    What's a kegworth? Less than a full barrel's worth.
  10. Smoggy

    Jabsco Hand Pump Toilet

    Put the seat down then!
  11. Smoggy

    Jabsco Hand Pump Toilet

    That don't mean much unfortunately, I had a suzuki agent put my suzuki outboard together with the cam timing a mile out and try telling me it may need piston rings as it had no compression, took me less than 5 mins to work out what he had done wrong, what a plonker, don't worry he's not based on the broads he's safely in cambs. Should really do a full write up on the experience seeing as he swore on the phone at me and hung up, may get round to it.
  12. You must be going mad, you're here!
  13. Smoggy

    Boat Names

    Being too lazy to sift all the way through this thread has any one mentioned the boat called "Moist Beaver II" around on the broads? The bit that surprises me most is that they must have had 2 boats called moist beaver.
  14. Smoggy

    Sealant For Boat Windows

    Why not use rubber U section as it'll make it a lot easier if you have to do it again. I've used self adhesive closed cell neoprene tape (hatchseal) before for between frames and boat with good results and a doddle to remove if you need to. I'm always wary of sealant from a tube around windows and such, it's great stuff in the right place but in the wrong place it looks bodgy and doesn't work very well.
  15. Smoggy

    Britain By Boat.

    I was looking forward to this as it's a lot of the bits I've cruised but as soon as I heard about a 70+ mile tow from within a harbour I lost interest, surely the nature of what they are trying to do must mean a lot of spare time factored into the schedule for breakdowns and weather problems onlt to start with a very long tow, I guess the towing vessel must have been quite taken aback by the request but chuffed with the earnings from it. A tow in from sea is no problem to accept, and what is the flappy thing on the stick for? Poor show I recon.

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