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  1. I have a feeling most people that flock to Mediterranean beach resorts every summer will find a broads boating holiday disappointing specially when they buy the idea of idly cruising from pub mooring to pub mooring at leisure, it just isn't like that in summer.
  2. How about paddleboard bowling, 10 paddleboards in the proper formation and a stella fuelled hireboat? A bit of side windage and it would be a strike every go.
  3. Smoggy


    With all the extra rain there's a very good chance the rivers will be much wetter in the future, probably the broads and puddles too.
  4. Fit the hull to superstructure using a zip and all airdraft issues solved, first big hire boat to clear PH bridge has got to be a winner. Gonna need a bloody good user manual to reassemble though.
  5. Most times I plug in there's enough left on a post to last me all night anyway as it's usually just to keep the batteries topped up and fridge on higher power setting (goes on boost when volts are up).
  6. So most will just delete the app, it's not compulsory to have it. People need a security net or they will just ignore it.
  7. I'm with you MM, at one point itv1 and itv4 were showing the same footy game at the same time, why ffs????? Footy final night we were in wells and chuffed to first hear the council had banned the pubs from showing it due to the average iq number dipping below the R number only to find out all the pubs decided to shut entirely (except the globe which had a crap qr code thing on the outside tables) as well as both chippies closing, it was like a ghost town on a summer weekend night, we ended up back on the boat watching a crap film we had recorded for just such an emergency. And I CBA with the olympics either.......
  8. It runs under haven pretty damn quick Griff, I've seen a 12" (ish, you know how blokes measure) level drop through the bridge before, luckily approaching against the tide on the way in so plenty of oomph kept it centred going under, much slower either side though. Those bridge piers are pretty restrictive, also seen a standing wave under there. With the bridge out of action so often I usually end up going under near half tide when it's running hardest, half tide on the ebb makes good timing for wells early entry for me without faffing about with the anchor.
  9. Craftinsure are always well worth a quote, I had a claim with them once and they were very good and quick.
  10. There's not many that would have issues against the flow other than taking longer and more fuel, engine failures are very rare and proper marine engines should be able to lose all electrical power and keep going as long as they get air and fuel. If really worried have the coastgaurd number in your phone and you won't get past the lifeboat station whatever goes wrong.
  11. Smoggy


    Slight drizzle a couple of times briefly in south cambs but mostly sod all, not enough to bother bringing the washing in.
  12. If you fit a bleed screw or two in convenient places you could suck the coolant through with an oil sucker (pela type) and be fully mess free as all the coolant will be in the oil sucker ready to be tipped straight back into header. I use one for bleeding my diesel system at filter changes, makes the job an absolute doddle.
  13. Now were back home I have to get the cycles out of the garage for the trip to the pub and back tonight, be ready for the next updates to this thread.....
  14. The hot water circuit should really be on a bypass of the thermostat so the water gets heat long before the keel cooler gets any hot water, while the engine is under temp no hot coolant shoud flow through the keel cooler or it would take forever to warm up.
  15. Sod the food, try the stout! Mr winters vanilla latte stout is bloody lovely and probably counts as a meal anyway, we had to go back and double check it was still good.
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