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  1. Did your uncle take the shrews back to the pet shop afterwards?
  2. Captains rule no.1 The sun is always over the yard arm somewhere. Captains rule no.2 If rule no.1 does not apply fit a lower yard arm and check again.
  3. If you have the virus but are not ill from it you will spread it far less than someone that is reproducing vastly higher numbers of the virus and coughing all over the place so the R number will fall just from that surely. Dislaimer: Greasemonkey not a virologist.....
  4. There is a very easy solution for that one, take the boat out and relax on the river like they are made for, in a marina I expect to hear the sound of boat maintenance, it's part of boating.
  5. It's ok for small jobs that no-one will notice you doing.... This one was quite noisy and messy!
  6. I've done that a few times via download/itunes and not even bothered downloading them as they were crap, just wanted to stuff the opposition, done the same with the odd charity song even though I hated it just to support it.
  7. Oi! That's sexist! What about when the washing up needs doing.....
  8. Most marinas are fine about diy as long as it's not annoying others or covering everything else in crud, I do a lot of my jobs moored outside a pub as I don't have power at my home mooring, it's usually the ferryhouse and I aim to be at the far end for noisy/messy jobs, always ask the pub first though.
  9. Far better to use it than let it go to waste, "sorry you're not on the list so we'll bin it" would be so wrong.
  10. Could be convenient for the owners...
  11. The most vulnerable already get an annual flu jab so done at the same time is no extra logistical issue just a supply issue maybe.
  12. If it was a pub I could get my boat to fairly often or local to me I would certainly be buying in without worrying about the return but as it is it's not for me, I can't get under the old beccles bridge and rarely venture down that way. I can see a few more pubs going this way after covid and may well chip in on the right ones but not this one thanks, I'll leave it for the locals.
  13. I'm planning nowt till April but should have a delivery/collection run right past the boat next week so have a new bilge pump coming as I know one is not working, no way I'm driving 100 miles to not do the last 5 mins in to sort it, will be happy to leave it till April then, probably give the stern glands an extra nip too.
  14. May depend on the flood bank level, north tides are not as big as south tides. I was going by info from the old boy at hardley that does the tours, well worthwhile if you get the chance, he's very knowledgeable.
  15. As it is I don't think the windpumps are even allowed to pump water these days except for show, hardley mill when it runs just pumps from the marsh dykes up into a ditch where it ends up back in the marsh dykes, they are not allowed an opening through the floodbanks, the electric pumps have pipework over the banks with anti-syphon loops so failures don't cause flooding.
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