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  1. I would imagine the side arches are pretty clogged too, I have to admit I can't remember what the bridge looks like now as I never go up that way anymore (I'm never going to get 8'8" under at anytime, ever), most bridges in a flowing river have a bit of height difference if they restrict the flow in anyway. Haven is pretty impressive for it's level change in a good flow, often with a standing wave underneath which is pretty nerve wracking when you are bit close on clearance.
  2. Nah, just too many overweight Scots moving down here.....
  3. Not if the road has also sunk, what vertical datum were they measuring from?
  4. "As they already have responsibility for flooding and experience in running other river systems hand the navigation over to the EA." Nooooooo! You'd never see a dredger again!
  5. In white stilettos dancing around a handbag..... There you go Marshy, I'd hate to disappoint.
  6. I thought we took turns! It's like village idiot surely, it's the only reason moved my boat to norfolk, the cambs. village idiots just don't sink to my level! I must point out that I am actually very well behaved on here, I generally sink to a much better level of 'wrong' in everyday life, but everyday life doesn't have moderators.
  7. Never did understand clay pidgeon shooting, that's got to be the worst pie ever! (I've probably cooked tougher meals)
  8. Have to say no, it was just a light hearted Mickey take with emoji to show it as such. You can't deny it about the old ones though.
  9. Smoggy

    Just A Dream

    CG would be the best call in that situation, there is a lifeboat station down near the entrance with proper offshore boat. A mudweight would probably not even slow your progress in that situation just give you more chance of losing what manouverability you do have when it gets in the prop. Grendels comment is good but there's a lot of hazards at the side down there in the way of shipping not to mention the sides of haven bridge, get between a ship and the quay and you are in serious trouble, or in tritons case you could get under it.
  10. Good job you're not into nortons right now..... I prefer Yamaha, like a triumph but without the oil tray underneath.
  11. Smoggy

    High Water

    With enough throttle and a good run up you never know, you might get through..... Well bits might get through.
  12. That is only because 'the other place' got there first. It feels so pathetic having to refer to 'the other place', most forums don't have a problem with other forums being mentioned.
  13. And don't post after too much beer! I'm not saying that their is such thing as too much beer, it's currently just a theory that needs further research.......
  14. Lift your head out of the sand !
  15. It's working fine for me, are you sure you've not been banned?
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