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  1. Where would be the fun in that? We're british and therefore we like nowt better than a good whinge..
  2. Sod santa, gimme a yodel driver any day....
  3. Cowards the lot of you! Well you did say the loo wasn't working....
  4. Did he change anything inside other than updating the windows version? With the loss of photos I'd have replaced the hdd and kept the old one separate for potential data recovery, you can get a SSD (quicker than HDD) for around £30 now and use the pc knowing you are not losing more info than you already have, cloning a drive is not hard. Where are you based?
  5. Search "classic shell" online, it gives the old type start menu, it's one of the first things I've done to all my win10 upgrades.
  6. There's good people in suffolk??????
  7. And certainly never to be done with a macerator...
  8. I never did understand the "all electric" idea, gas has worked so well for so long and you can run out of power and still get a cuppa and hot food, as for electric loos my old RM69 has never blocked or run out of power, if you can't use a simple hand pump loo you probably should not be in charge of a boat. I don't know if it's to get shot the landlords cert bit or just a bid to claim green kudos, either way it just don't seem to work.
  9. About as well as asking the waves to keep it down a bit.
  10. I get the same as MM in chrome but just a soundtrack in firefox.
  11. I am guessing Carole used a camera for her old photos not a typewriter...
  12. I've used software called "getdataback for ntfs" before with good results, normall you can scan to see what it finds before buying. https://www.runtime.org/data-recovery-software.htm As said the less you use the pc the more will be recoverable as files are only lost when the storage space is overwritten, untill then it's just not indexed in the file allocation table unless of course the initial recovery actively cleared the whole HDD before recovering.
  13. I've never had an issue with my eberspacher firing up with no engine running.
  14. Generally 1/2" or 3/4" bsp threads on the taps, a lot of hoselock fittings come with adaptors to fit either
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