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  1. Well that's me proved well and truly wrong then...... How about going for something smaller that can still do the salty stuff and get under the bridges when needed for the best of both worlds, my 30DS with twin 150hp's does pretty well and still gets under most of the bridges (except PH,wroxham,wayford, beccles old) which leaves plenty of inland cruising for when the weather is bad but will cruise at a comfy 16knots when the wind is kind, southwold is only 1.25 hours from yarmouth mouth, and 4.5 hours will get you from southwold to ramsgate, 3.5 hours to wells. Salty sea dog and ditch crawling all in one package.
  2. Should be a few takers from here, it has a "Grumpy old git on board" badge in the window. Very pretty but not for me.
  3. Cutting the filter open is the easier way to check for shiny bits of doom, we use a can cutter at work after testing rebuilt engines for those sparkly signs of despair.
  4. I've not had any issues at yarmouth haven bridge yet but I only get lifts half the time as I can get under on the lower half of the tide (I can fold to 8'8" if needed) so my view is slightly biased but generally I find good service through there. I do think my 30' is a more useful size for a broads/sea boat though than the big gin palaces, it also means most of the time I get put on a private pontoon at southwold when the biggies have to raft on the old staging.
  5. I think burgh castle have moorings available in an off the river marina, I think it's Jay you need to speak to at the fishermans inn for that. 12' should get under yarmouth and acle at the right tide but close so you can still do some of the northern rivers but better based south. Big engines are ok on the rivers but do need a good run up from time to time.
  6. If it helps I'm off for two weeks as of friday lunchtime, weather depends if it's broads or coastal. Hope you save me plenty of ice cream!
  7. Best post the pictures you took here first so we can help your decision.
  8. My side saloon windows have a slight tint to them and I'd get them done without if I replaced them, not a big fan at all. How are you meant to buy good drugs when you look like a rival dealer?
  9. The flappies have one of those too, normally holding the tiller.....
  10. 40' isn't a narrowboat, it's a stubbyboat! Welcome to the forum, enjoy your new boat, do you have a residential mooring sorted? The BA are more picky than the EA on the Gt.Ouse, I think WRC have some now.
  11. Anyway, back in the rational world of daylight and maybe even sobriety, why the **** did you need a cauliflower?
  12. It sounds like you have vegetated enough. Will this do?
  13. I'm sure you can still have a 3 way if you have diesel engine as long as the ventilation is up to it, petrol engine is another matter.
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