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  1. The moral of the story is always have a toolkit on board so you can go through the basics before having to call someone. Also spare fuel filters and impellors.
  2. Crap in the fuel? How often do I need to do that?
  3. In winter you get a bit longer either side of sunrise/sunset as long as the sky is clear as the sun is moving at a shallower angle to the horizon.
  4. I'm looking for any real world experiences of semi flexible solar panels from photonic universe, I'm considering going for a 130w panel (space issues) with dual battery controller (including remote monitor), I know they are rated with pefect sun in mind but what to expect at 52 degrees north in normal uk weather? I do have a 12v compressor fridge but don't use an inverter if that is any use.
  5. May not work the same with modern waterproof membranes inside.
  6. Don't let the hangover subside till it's warmed up.
  7. If this is any use to you let me know before 12.00 tomorrow and I'll bring it to the boat with me, I'll be at surlingham ferryhouse most of the weekend. There's no W terminal but the green and yellow wire is the same as I had to fit a phase tap for tacho, it was working ok when removed, originally off peugeot xud9 engine.
  8. Looks like a valeo, I may have one in my shed but would be micro vee so pulley would need swapping.
  9. I assume the seacock on the bog inlet is open, that would cause the issue. As for the fridge issue, just change your name to warmcat.
  10. Not as wild now as MM is now at stalham.... Weed shouldn't be too bad this early in the season.
  11. We've used them, great for towels and spare clothes as you can leave them onboard for ages with no damp worries, you could probably use a 12v dinghy pump much quicker than the supplied pump. Just stop trying to store the cats in them.
  12. We're booked in to surling ferryhouse next weekend, gotta keep up the habits.
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