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  1. <lie mode> of course we do <\lie mode>
  2. My thoughts entirely, the signs have not been hidden from public view so neither should the discussion, come on mods stop stiffleing genuine concerns of broads users, it looks cowardly.
  3. Just watched it on catchup and quite liked it, definately like that bridge!
  4. The vast majority of the time there is no sound output at all so hopefully should prevent any damage to the radio, I did find a couple of radios with bluetooth function but they were stupidly expensive. Next question is how do I manipulate the audio signal to make the scouser on the radio at gt.yarmouth understandable? Are babel fish available?
  5. I hope it didn't have the annoyingly quiet low voiced narrator that Guy Martins progs seem to use, why they chose someone that can barely be heard by lots of people is beyond me.
  6. Thanks for the input and assistance chaps, this little beastie may well be what I'm looking for: Line converter Cheap enough to give it a go and see what goes bang.....
  7. All I can get from standard horizon is the 4.5w 4 ohm figure, the settings in the menu is just to turn off the internal speaker, the standard horizon ext speakers are not amplified just passive so I assume it's quite a high level output.
  8. Radio is a standard horizon GX1500E, more than that I don't know, specs says audio power 4.5W 4 ohm and that's it, I may be able to get more info from standard horizon as their service bunch are very good. I've seen a few examples online but mostly for much higher speaker levels than a vhf external jobbie.
  9. One for the geeks and audiophiles, I get very lost on speaker impedances and db's. I want to take the external speaker output on my vhf radio to a bluetooth transmitter for streaming to hearing aids but assume it will overload the transmitter fed direct, how do I work out what resistances to use to cut the signal? I believe the output is 4.5w max and 4 ohm and assume the transmitter will need line level in, any ideas?
  10. Nothing to do with taste, he was just warning the others to keep going....
  11. Should have changed it to read "Broads National Porky".
  12. My evenings in the pub are always fully risk assessed beforehand and I go in the safe knowledge that IT WILL GO WRONG! Safeguarding is when the landlord/landlady says "no mate you've had enough already".
  13. Maybe better with something like National Association of Zooilogical Interests, hmmm no maybe not.....
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